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SearchThisVideo: IT BEGINS, AGAIN! The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

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what is up guys and welcome back to the

channel so I can't believe that we are

here again it has been two years I think

since I played the evil with him 1 when

it first came out I remember the day I

came out I got a brand new lace top I

had my xbox 360 I was so nervous I had

like no subscribers or anything like

that and I played it on my channel and

two years later and here we are it's

just it blows my mind I was in such a

different place back then to where I am

just now on the channel and in my life

as well so much has changed so I'm

really excited to finally get into the

evil within - thank you so much for the

code as you forget who gave it to me I

guess I'll just thank Bethesda it's to

do with Bethesda so thank you so much I

actually also have a copy of this game

to give away for the PlayStation 4 so if

you want to win the copy of the game all

you need to do is comment on the video

probably the easiest thing to do is

comment how you found my channel I'm

always curious to know how you guys

found me anyway there's a lot of videos

on the channel so I'm not gonna talk


well I am I'm gonna talk all the way

through this video and throughout the

entire series but ok so casual survival

and nightmare now I can't remember what

I played the first game on I did

struggle with it though home engulfed in

flames tragic fire kills child I know a

lot about the evil within one so I'm

hoping that I can remember everything

that has happened recently and how it's

going to connect to this game so casual

for those who want to experience this

story without a struggle you can take

many more hits before you die

those who want the basics of a survival

horror experience recommend for players

to enjoy the difficult of the previous

game never played Akuma I think so

gonna go for a survival aim-assist will

automatically log your target and two

enemies decreasing the difficulty oh

this will one not he's not using a

controller so I'm guessing I can turn it

off if I don't like it I'll put it on

for just now and see home engulfed in

flames tragic fire kills child on nanny


no no no this is not happening

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

okay I don't want to complain already

but the the framerate on that starting

bit was a little bit of an issue but I

want to go this way I want to go into

the darkness actually you know what no I

don't okay so I'm hoping Sebastian as

she has a little bit more of a

personality in this game that's

something he was definitely missing in

the last one Oh God

Tom will save you through the front door

hey that's not gonna work hey that's a

nice chair but this is not the time

Terrance willing I'm here where are you

got a few stairs

ain't going that way we is not going

that way whoo I'm nervous you go a

little bit faster than this would you

know how did this happen

turns out she's a teenager smokin

I'm I'm fine yeah okay I'm looking

around I'm coming slowly hold on give me

a minute

dear Lily I'm here and we gotta go under


oh that's a weird control for crouch

what don't know how I feel about that

and so get used to it Lily come on out

Lily where are you I'm here

dad's here you weren't here for me Dad


okay I pooped my pants oh my god you

want finances at the bottom of a glass

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


hello Sebastian it's been a long time

three years I've been trying to track

you down for three years and you thought

you'd find me at the bottom of an empty

bottle is that it and why are you here

now damn it you didn't find me because

they didn't want you to calm down

Sebastian you knew what was gonna happen

in that hospital didn't you what

happened at vegan is in the past you

need to forget it you sound just like

that psychologist that forced shove down

my throat but he didn't have answers you

do you're gonna tell me about Mobius

I'm here because of this where did you

get this Lily's still alive

Lily is dead I read the police report I

was at her funeral we can rewrite

history if we want to staging a death is

child's play

why would I come out of the shadows just

to lie to you

lily is alive and she's with us but

she's in danger we need you to help save

her save her what have you done to her

get your hands off me

I was hoping you'd come willingly

Sebastian oh we don't have time for this

[ __ ] we need you Lily needs you

oh you son of a [ __ ] this entire time

you're awake good yeah

great where are we you're in one of our

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

facilities so this is the Almighty

Mobius huh

be careful about what you say you don't

know how powerful they are right so

powerful they have to kidnap a washed-up

ex-cop to help them at least your

terrible sense of humor is still intact

enough of this [ __ ]

where's Lilly patience all your answers

are right here


The Beacon mental hospital incident was

an unfortunate setback but we used a

knowledge gained to build a new and

vastly improved stem system what does

this have to do with my daughter imagine

it millions of minds connected together

happiness for one is happiness for all

this machine this miracle will allow our

species to achieve greatness we needed

to start with a mind that was pure and

clean enough to support thousands of

personalities the mind of an innocent


you connected lily to that machine your

daughter is quite special the most

stable core candidate we've ever tested

thanks to her the new stem has been a

smashing success until recently a little

over a week ago

Lily vanished just stop sending signals

then the stem environment began to

collapse we thought it was just a

technical glitch an easy fix so we sent

a team of Mobius agents inside but then

we lost contact with them and stem went

dark think about this mr. Castillo knows

I am providing you an opportunity not

only to see your daughter again but to

save her life something you thought you

failed to do before

you can save her or let her die it's

your choice

oh I hate him I hate him

good luck

Sebastian and please try to cooperate

with any team members you might find in

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

there I know you don't trust us but they

have the same goals as you do that's

alright I'm fine by myself just remember

to call me the moment you find Lilly

so that we can begin the extraction

process I'll be out here for you

and someone else will be in there for


are you ready


be careful in there Sebastian we're

counting on you


stem entry in three two one

oh is this what am I

I can't oh come on

well kiddies I'm coming I know it's hard

to accept there but she's gone our

little girl is gone no no you won't help

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

me I'll find out my truth on my own what

the hell is this place detective we've

got a call the music

okay this phone is ringing hello

Sebastian are you there Kidman what he

made it in safely how are you feeling

terrible like the worst hangover ever

don't worry it will pass once your mind

has adjusted you're in an area separate

from the main system right now that's

how we're able to maintain communication

with you this construct is called your

room it's safe zone that was formed from

your own memories my memories huh if

that's the case then where my wife and

child this place looks like my old

office at crimson city PD built it you

should ask yourself that question let's

get down to business we sent some

information into your room and what was

that Lily drew this picture of me it was

burned up along with everything else in

the house so that explains kinda the

hospital section in the first game my

first commendation feels like another

lifetime I guess because it was

because in the first game you went

through got the frame rates really

awkward you went through what's the word

like a Mitter there are photos of a

bunch of Mobius agents here your lost

team I assume that's them

let us know if you locate any of them

you're our only line of communication

into stem they're stuck in Union and

searching for Lily to use the stem

environment was designed to look and

feel like a small town called Union

great so your experts need rescuing -

thanks for the vote of confidence but

I'm only here to find Lily there's more

info there you should check it out

before you go there's a kitty cat

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

something not quite right chapter two

that was fast

oh god I don't ever remember owning a

cat yeah but Julie did well hey kitty

are you my save thing slide projector

where did my memory dig this up

elementary school

photographic slide a relic from a pre

phone camera era these are most these

are found mostly in old people's attics

and estate sales well has cut blood on


they can be viewed using the slide

projector in Sebastian's room

okey-dokey so there's one of eleven I

want to sit and pet the cat so is this

it Kidman you there you wouldn't have

told me about Lily if your damn machine

didn't go on the fritz I would have

spent the rest of my life mourning her

and you wouldn't have cared

I cared they would have killed me I'm

not sure I believe you why would I lie

about that to manipulate me to get me to

perform like a good little soldier

you've lied to me before my whole

friendship was built on a lie okay

you'll never know how I feel until

you've lost your family I never had a

family to lose just to people who

brought me into this world and treating

me like a burden none of a daughter

better to have loved and lost is that

what you're saying maybe at least you

had people who cared about you point


fair enough all right

the kitty cat what is what have you


what's the goopy goo on the floor

green gel it's gross and it usually

comes from dead enemies but if you

collect it you can use it to obtain

ability thanks Kitty Wow oh my god

I am I don't know if that's my PC or is

that Amir

just like beacon should be a way out or

if that's a memory just make regular

doors yeah why could you not just make

regular doors or that's just my PC I

don't know after this episode I'll check

everything cuz I really don't want I'm

having to move my camera really slowly

cuz like if I move too fast it seems to

freak out

save terminals beautiful create new

slots that was fast

so we haven't seen any enemies or

anything like that we're just getting

into the nitty-gritty this is the

earliest I've recorded in forever by the

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

way it's not even like the afternoon yet

I got my code assigned like 5 o'clock

this morning but I was like you know

what I am NOT getting up at that time

you will not catch me getting up at that


ok so I've looked around everything bye


see you later hold down the fort for me

ya cutie pie here we go again into the

looking glass looking at you through the

glass don't know how much time spent

oh no that feels like forever ok chapter

two something not quite right Sebastian

enter stem Kidman tells him that finding

the members of the lost search team may

be useful it wasn't finished reading


Oh No

Lily what's wrong

my dolls had his broke it's okay mom can

fix it for you she can fix anything



what's wrong are you alright I've got a

wonderful family an amazingly smart and

beautiful life why wouldn't I be alright

c'mere Meyer

you've been working too hard it's making

you delirious are you sure you're not

coming down with something


that's not good um is this the right


ah it's really dark and day hi I don't

know what's gonna happen


hello uh kind of creepy in here oh I

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

don't like it I don't like it bad

unfortunately guys it's all I got time

for in this episode of the evil within -

thank you so much for watching and I

will see you all in the next episode bye



Subscribe for daily reactions & gameplay - Finally The Evil Within 2 is here and I am beyond excited to show you the gameplay. The Evil Within 2 is set 3 years after The events of The Evil Within 1 and follows the story of Sebastian helping Mobius find his daughter. I will show the full game of The Evil Within 2, all cut scenes and The Evil Within 2 ending. I will give a full review after I complete the game!

What is The Evil Within 2?
The Evil Within 2 is an upcoming third-person survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the sequel to the 2014 video game The Evil Within.

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