Johnny vs. Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

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In today’s episode, Bubsy is back. Holy fuck.

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  1. Jim Cummings was an okay voice for Bubsy, but Vic Mingona (bless his heart) is probably the best voice for him. Also, Bubsy: Paws on Fire is actually a pretty good game.

    WOW!!!! I said that?

  2. If it's only 5$ then just wait for portal 1 and 2 to gave a sale it usually goes on sale and goes down to 2$, and (in my opinion)are much better games even though there pretty short

  3. I actually kinda like Bubsy. He's like one of those weird fucking characters that you just enjoy for some reason but you have no idea why. I wish there was a really good game of him

  4. If the first game he had played like this and they improved upon it… maybe things would have been different.

    But, this character is still one of the biggest laughingstocks of gaming and still has the nerve to take a crack at sonic…. when Sonic Forces and ESPECIALLY Sonic Mania are both better than this game..

  5. Hi and greetings from the composer of this game! I don't know why some people hate on the Bubsy series. I liked the games on the SNES, and the music is great on those games. I worked hard on the Woolies Strike Back soundtrack to make it sound good. The game itself isn't as bad as some people say. Yes Bubsy 3D is bad I give you that 😀 But I enjoyed playing Bubsy on the Super Nintendo in the 90s although I preferred Sonic 1 and 2 on the Mega Drive! Musical greetings, Fabian aka Rapture


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