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SearchThisVideo: JUST DANCE 2021 FULL GAME REACTION (new Quick Play mode + last unknown songs 😱) w/ littlesiha

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Hello everybody! Welcome on this new reaction video.It's the reaction video of the year becauseit's there, it's there, it's Just Dance 2021!It's real, it's happening!Courtesy of Ubisoft that I want to thank because I'm in partnership with them on this videoso thank you for your trust Ubisoft.And today, I’m gonna react and discover for the first time everything I still don't know about the gamenew mode, new menu, new map, new everythingWe're currently a few days before the release of the gamebut you're seeing this video on the day of the release of the game.It's November 12th, go out and buy Just Dance 2021!And to do this reaction video, this yearI'm gonna have not a guest next to mebecause it wouldn't be very Covid-friendlybut I'm having a guest that I've been wanting to do videos with since a lot of timeand actually we had a video together on the channel previouslyand my guest is nobody else then Littlesiha: Avery!Hi! that's so sweet, I feel so introducedso honouredI'm honoured to have you, for sureHow are you doing?I'm good! I'm so excited to see Just Dance 2021!The new game feels like Christmas's Christmas day!So, Avery your channel is Littlesiha.Yes, I stream Just Dance on TwitchI have a Youtube channel for Just Dance.I've been making Just Dance videos for almost six years.Six years!Yeah it's been a long time. I know it's gone by so long.Yeah I don't realise, but we've been knowing each other for six years as well, right?Yeah a long time.We met at Paris! For the World Cup.Yeah, yeah, that's how I got started making videos.We both competed in the Just Dance World Cup, years agoand once we were there was a little Twitch boothand I was like: "what's Twitch"and then I started streaming, and I started making content and...So it all started in Paris didn't it?Yeah, I know, it's so special.It was a big change in my lifebecause now it's my job to dance to silly Just Dance videosso best happening ever going to the world cupAnd since you've been doing Youtube videos for six years nowI was wondering, for some of the viewers that may not know youI don't know who's not knowing Avery here, butwhat's your favourite video of yours that people should watch, first thing?I have to say my favourite is "No Tears Left To Cry"because I had a whole cosplay commissionedand I hired someone to edit the video.It wasn't just like I'm dancing in a t-shirt and shortsand it wasn't my own simple editingit was like a very nice professional videoso I think it's probably my favourite: "No Tears Left To Cry".Go check it out if you still haven't and keep that in mindbecause it's gonna be a useful information for later.I'm not gonna give away what we're gonna dobut you want to stay and you want to remember that information.Are you ready?Yes I'm so excited! I'm ready to see it!I'm soo excited too! I'm so excited!

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I'm gonna click in three... two... one...Dina: It's drawings!
Avery: That's pretty!
Avery: It's like a mural!
Dina: You could see the face of the coach.
Yeah! It reminds me of Just Dance 3how they used to like draw their faces.Yeah I could see the face of the parrotit was really disturbing.We need to see all the details!Hold on and warm upwell this menu, the "warm up" thing was there last year.This mural is so cool!oh yeah you can't see the face of the parrot!Yeah look at the face of the parrot!I can really see the Juice guy as well.His muscles are so defined...Yeah I know! But, I mean, he's working hard.I like this startup screen a lot more than the last one.It's really original!It's really pretty it looks like a murallike I'd want to see this on a wall or something, it's so beautiful.You could print it and it could be something different than just an image of the game.The "Señorita" one looks cute.She doesI love her face. I don't like her choreography that much but I love her face.yeah I'm there with you, I'm not a fan of the choreography either.It's good to have this video together because I know we have some common tastesbut I know as well that you, maybe, like maps that I don'tand the contrary as well.I think you like a lot "Say So"?Yeah I like "Say So"I don't think it's as big of a map as I was hopingbecause I watched your review video on it tooand you were like: "this is a AAA song"saying how this should have had better costumes and better background and stuffAnd I kind of agree because it's fun and it's happy, it's got all the flashy colours and stuffbut I was expecting it to be more retro looking.Ah yeah? You were expecting retro, I was expecting modernSee? A different point of view.What I know as well from you is that your most expected song is my most expected song as well.It's "Rain On Me" right?Yeah it's "Rain On Me"So let's see, let's see what we haveLet's see, I'm clicking.There was like a charging screen with little squares.Yeah, it's all pixelated.We still have mobile device optionWe're playing on Xbox One so we still have Kinect.Which is not going to be the case on the Xbox Series X, if I understood correctly.Dina: Challenges for today.
Avery: The challenges!
Does it look different to you?It doesn't look different to me but I want to know what Quick Play is.It's new, right? What is this?I don't know what Quick Play is.The only difference I am seeing here, at the bottom of the screenyou can see squares, like pixelated squares.I think that's what's new, it goes with the blocksI guess?Dina's having a big brain moment, I didn't even put that together.Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm wrong. I'm just guessing here.

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Oh I like these colours.Wow okay, Señorita is like "I'm here!".It looks like the same coaches from the mural.Yeah it does.I'm kind of surprised they didn't put other coaches here.So wait, "Kids" is on the left that's usualon the right there's no "All Stars" mode it's "Quick Play"!Yeah, I want to know what "Quick Play" is I feel like it's something to quickly launch a song.Maybe like a non-stop shuffle...You know what? I'll clickI'm adventurous.I like this screenI think I like this screen better even than the previous oneThat's cool that new way of, you know, having a mural.I think it looks way better than last year's to be honestwhere all the coaches were sprouting out from the same spot I like this a lot I think it's prettyDo you hear?Yeah the little like "whoosh"Fireworks! Oh that does sound like a firework!I thought it was like a balloon deflating and just doing...I hear fireworks, you hear balloons.Okay I say we clickwe see what happens and we decide what we do.It says start dancing right now.Oh it literally is quick play, it just starts a random song.Oh it does just start a song!What song is this?Isn't that the background of uh "Sucker"?I don't know if I recognise it.I'm good at this!Okay so it automatically launches a songlet's see if it's randomI'm clicking, backwe're obviously not gonna dance "Sucker" when we have a full new game!Yeah I'm okay with that.Isn't that supposed to be random?Yeah, I feel like it should be like a random shuffle.Okay I'll give it one last try.This is the "Sucker" mode.You have "Kids", "Just Dance" and "Sucker".So for those of you who don't know, "Sucker" is the title of the songWe're not insulting the thing. It's literally the title!Just to make sure.I say we'll come back on the Kids mode a bit later, I want to launch the main game first.Me too.Welcome back to Ubisoft Connect.Discover Ubisoft connect benefits for Just Dance 2021and unlock your free 30-day trial for Just Dance UnlimitedJoin the community of passionate players of Ubisoft Connect.That's us!Unlock your free trial, 30-day trial. Yeah.Maybe not last year but the year beforewe had three months of Unlimited for free?Oh they had like the gold edition thing.You could buy the gold edition of Just Dance and get an extra two months on top of the other month, or something like that.Nowadays it's just: you have the game, you have a 30-day trial, and that's it.

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Yeah, unlock now, why not! Give me my 30 days!I successfully activated my 30 day trial for 550+ songs.That's so many songs!It starts to be a lot, right?Oh my god.What?
Oh excuse me!
Who's the coaches in the middle?I don't know but it looks like a guy and a lady.Yeah if the lady isn't "Rain on Me", I'm gonna punch a hole in my screen.If it's not "Rain On Me", I'm gonna... I'm gonna cry.Literally you have two girls, two youtubersthat are only waiting for one thing for months!it's not the game, it's "Rain On Me"!No, I just want "Rain On Me"!I don't know who the other male coach is though, in the middle.I have no idea. He looks like he could be a guy coming from an extreme map.He has a mask on.Oh he does have a mask on.It's "Paca Dance", it's "Magenta Riddim" and...It does look like "Rain On Me". Oh my god, let's see. I think...Why is it the first song in my menu though?Why not?Is it not in alphabetical order?I thought it was. Let me change the sorting.So when you open the game it's sorted by catalog.What does this catalog mean?Just Dance 2021 and Just Dance Unlimited?it's just 2021 and then Unlimited, that's weird.Usually in the game, by catalog means by alphabetical order.That's weird. Because last year we had "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life"which is an "A" letter title. Yeah it's in order that's... weirdI'll change the sorting.Number of coaches: solo, duets... that makes sense we already had that as well.Difficultybut then on the alphabetical order, you have 2021 mixed with Unlimited.Yeah that's weirdwhy isn't it in order?Then it's sorted by scorewhich uh "Kulikitaka", I already danced it, because we had a preview on it for a week for free on Unlimited.The catalog is for 2021 not in the alphabetical order, unlike last years.I don't like that.This is the way it used to be with on older Just Danceslike Just Dance 2014 and 2015none of them were in order eitherand I was just like "I don't know how to find any of these songs"I just got to remember the placement of it. I wish it was in orderHere.. it feels like on the top line we have the four songs we already had access to in Just Dance Unlimited.But then there's "Buscando" and here "You’ve Got A Friend In Me"so it doesn't make any sense.If I want to search for "Rain On Me", I don't even know where to search.Do you agree we should go on that first? On "Rain On Me"?To see if it's there and what it looks like?Please! I feel like that coach has to be "Rain On Me"I can't imagine what other song it would be for.

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Okay let's have a quick look on the menu.So there's songs we already know here. There's one on the right "Kick It"?I have no idea what this is.Oh, that's an extreme versionokay we'll look at it, we'll look at it.Where's "Rain On Me"? Where can I find "Rain On Me" without spoiling myself to so many other things?Is that?
It's here!
Oh thank god!!Oh thank god!!It's a trio! It is a trio!I thought it would be a duo, I thought it'd be two girls!Oh I love these backup dancers! They look so cool!I mean I like them all but the backup dancers look so cool!oh I'm so happy.Yeah I love the style already, I love the style of the middle coachShe looks like she can kick some ass, that's so cool!Oh it looks stunningI said this on one of my streams, we were talking about how the Britney Spears song is a cover"Till The World Ends"and I was like the only way I'll forgive them for this is if they put "Rain On Me" in the game.So all is forgiven, I feel happy now!It's here
I got my "Rain On Me", so I'm happy!
I'm so happy too, I'm just surprised it's a trio and not duet.On the same reflection, I was imagining "Say So" to be a solo and not a duet.So everything is different than what we thought.It's all different. I wonder if they'll keep a lot of the same dance moves or if they'll simplify it.What I only want from the original choreography is the moment where Gaga, in the beginning, is doing like thisthat that stuffif they put that I'm okay
it's fine
I want my life to be slayed when looking at thisIt's the song we've been hoping for months!My performance on each move will be displayed below my nickname, yes okay.Oh it's a tutorial! Have you ever played Just Dance before, Dina?or is this brand new information to you?I'm not sure... Pictograms will help you anticipate the next movesWhat's a pictogram?oh it looks like a euro-glyph..How do you say that? I don't know even.A hieroglyph?hieroglyph... say it again?hieroglyph? Yeah whatever she says that's what it is.I don't even know if I'm right.I launched, sorry! I launched!Definitely getting Gaga vibes. Oh there you go, you got it!Yes! Oh my god, it's so cool!

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00
Yes it's the official choreography!okay so it's a little simplified, but I still love it.Simplified but it's very inspired.Oh and coming back on the Gaga outfit, it went to the Ariana outfit.Oh yeah cause she's got her... she's got her high pony tail.oh that giant coach in the background looks cool toooh that move as well!
I love this move
Oh I love it! Oh I love it so much!Yes!
That is so good!
I'm very happy with the costumes, the changes, the background, the choreographyI'm just I'm very happy with it.Oh my god me too, me too! I was so scared to be disappointedbecause when you have high hopes that's the best way to be disappointed. And I was not disappointed!Yeah! It was definitely simple. I don't know what level was written at the beginningbut it was definitely easy I think.Now that we're here I want to see the special effects, if they're the same or not.It's the balls from the machine.It looks like you're in a ball pit.Ah this one is cute.
Oh that one's pretty.
I'm not really using them every year so...I feel bad but every year I just turn off auto-dancebecause it just is the same every time, so I'm like... I don't need to have it on.My thoughts on the problem with the auto-dances, is that you cannot share them anywhere else than in the game.I feel like, in 2020, a way of making these interesting would be if the players could export them to their social networks.Yeah. I feel like you used to be able to do that, it's weird that you can't anymore.You used to be able to do it on Facebook and that's it.But it was years ago.Imagine if it was easily shareable on your Instagram storiesor I don't know, your TikTok or anythingit would be really niceIf they even made an auto dance where the format was flipped so it was in the format of like a phoneand then put it on TikTok, yeah that makes complete sense.We still have that screen: the related songs.Medium, it's written medium.That makes sense. It didn't seem too easy to me, like "Say So" was pretty simplebut this one didn't seem too simplified to the point where you're doing the same two moves over and over again.No, and what I loved about it is that they got inspired by the original choreography and turn it into Just Dance.I'm relieved, you're relieved, we can go on to discover the rest of the game.I'm good now that I've seen "Rain On Me", everything else will be fine.Everything else will be fine.What I do usually, because it's like the third year in a row where I'm doing the full game reactionI want to say hi to Hugo and Rosalia, that were my first two guests by the way.

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We dance the first song we would dance when getting the gamebecause actually it's the first time we're dancing the game.So, I have an idea about what's going to be your reply on what you want to dance first but maybe I am wrongso, except for, maybe, "Rain On Me", what would be your first song to dance to?I think "Say So"? just because it's two girls, so, and it's a fun song.I was like: "I'm pretty sure she's gonna say either "Say So", either "Don't Start Now".I feel like "Say So" is the perfect one to do with youbecause it's two girls and it's a super popular song that I like a lot, so..I want to see the full gameplay as well, so I wanna dance it with you for the first time!Oh what's that?This is really cool. I love this, I feel like such a nerd being like "Oh my god I love seeing all the statistics"We're in aww in front of a score screen.I love this, it even tells you how many X's you got.It's like on the World Dance Floor, when you play you get these kind of...It's exactly what was in my mind, you get the statistics but you used to only get them on the World Dance Floorand players have been asking for this for years, and they did it!I'm so happy with this. This would have been so useful for the Just Dance World Cup training and stuff

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00
to see what you messed up, yeah.It even gives you the number of moves total there's in the choreography.At the bottom!
Like it says 139 moves
so I got 118 perfect, 12 Supers, 5 Good, 1 Okay and 1 X. 2/2 gold movesLongest streak of "Perfect". It gives you the exact same info as on the World Dance Floor but in a different presentation.It's perfect, we've been asking for this for so long! I can't believe...
Thank you Just Dance team!Seriously thank you! This is so helpful to people who are trying to train to get everything perfect.I'm really curious to see how it looks with two people.It was exactly what I was gonna say: "How what does it look like with two dancers?"Because there's no space to put all this information with two dancers.Maybe it just reverts back to what it was before where it's just the two. Unfortunately you cannot come in front of the Kinect with me, but we'll have Drey to replace youjust for the second of the launchingso you're a player.This is seriously so cool!This is a big deal I think.I'm so happy with this, because once we put up the game, I was like "okay it's the same, it looks the same as last year"like there's really nothing different.But seeing this is like a huge game changer for me.I like to know if I've gotten a full perfect or what I missed or whatever and how many X's I got.It can even explain you your score, because from what I know the longest perfect streak kind of counts in your score.So maybe when somebody does almost a full perfect but then you can see that your longest perfect streak is not that longit can maybe help you understand better why you have such a score.For me this is a huge improvementeven if it may not be a lot for people not playing just dance a lotbut we played just that so much, and scoring is a part of Just Danceit's not the most important part, except when you're in the World Cupbut when you play so much you go into scoring, and I think that's the point of a video gameit's to make you want to do betterand scoring, in a way, illustrates how you can do better.And I know how, for some people for example, getting their first Megastar is very important.For this to help you get better it's huge, it's really huge.It's a big deal yeah.It's so nice to see this not just on the World Dance Floorbecause the World Dance Floor is the only place that you could have seen this before.And they even made it look differentit doesn't look like the one on the World Dance Floor so...maybe the one on the World Dance Floor looks different now?Oh okay so score Megastar on "Say So", golden avatar.So it's just the same as last yearwe have golden avatars for each song where we do a Megastarwhat else is there?It's a cheetah print!I wonder why a cheetah print?I have no idea! It comes as a surprise to me, why cheetah print?It doesn't really fit the colours of the balls on the inside.

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00
I would have expected a machine with blocks of colours, you know, like in the main game. Maybe that's something we can personalise.That's a good point, I didn't think about that. Maybe you can unlock skins for it.So we can unlock avatar, stickers, aliases... am I saying it correctly?Aliases.
How do you say it Avery?
Aliases.This whole video is just us trying to pronounce different words.Okay so no songs anymore in the machine.And 308 balls. That's a lot. Do you remember how many were in the last year?No… I think it was...I think it was less...As we said in the beginning of the video, I was medium disappointed by "Say So"and dancing it full, I was happily surprised.Yeah I've noticed that too, that some dances I watch them and I'm like: "this looks really like kind of boring"but then you actually do it and you're like "oh this is kind of fun though".And there was a lot of moves in the choreography that were not in the preview, like a lot.Yeah I was happy about that too because I feel like some of the previews show the whole dance.Exactly! And that's exactly what I was scared with "Say So", it's that I already saw everything in the previewand that's not at all the case. Like not at all.Okay so the menu on the left looks exactly the same, just the colour changedI don't think it was blueand there's the pixels in the background too.Welcome to the home-tab, find news tips and featured content, or dance online on the World Dance Floor.Can I join it?maybe we canI just want to see if it changed, if anything changed.Your current room: Chill Panda.Current room?Top left do you see that? Yeah, wait do we have private rooms this year?So wait, current room, then it's my Dancer Card and then it's written "10 matches left to unlock Online Dancer"is that an alias?Yeah is it?
I want to know what the room is.
Welcome to the World Dance Floor. Here you will be competing in tournament matches against other players.Based on your performance you will be placed in a room with players of your own level.That's awesome!Is Chill Panda like "beginner"?I think Chill Panda is like the newbie, the beginner yeah.But wait does it mean that you cannot choose your room?Oh yeah you're placed in a room on your own.It reminds me of when you play Overwatch ranked matches, and it ranks you based on how good you arehow many wins you get, or whatever.I think performance is gonna be based on the number of songs you're playing and not exactly on your score though.I think I can win this. I think I'm the only one in the room.Oh my god.
Oh no I'm not.
Wait is he gonna go on the ground?I never saw that part!I'm cheering you on from my chair.

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00
slow.Oh, I don't know that part.oh my god he's so fastBravo Dina!Oh it doesn't show your X's.It changed a bit.Yeah it's different, it's way different.I thought it would look the same as the single player song.It doesn't look the same as last year.It looks the same and different at the same time, you know what I mean?Yeah I think every year they tweak something different.I think it's more transparent and more simple looking this year.It's easier to read but the presentation looks very simple.I can already say, because we went on the World Dance Floor right now: there's already the extremes on the World Dance Floor.Yeah they're not going to add it later.No they're not gonna add it later.Yeah I'm glad they added them right away, I didn't like that we had to wait so long last year.It took like two or three months last year.9 matches left to unlock, so it's not based on my performancebecause my performance was like 4000.I think it's really gonna be based on the number of songs you did on the World Dance Floor.I'm kind of nervous about the rooms.I think it's a good idea to split them up based on your level of scoring or whateverbut, I mean, what happens if you want to play online with your friend who's new to the gameand you've been playing it for a while and you're not in the same room?That's exactly my thoughts. Maybe in the options I can change that.Let's go in the options, you know what.So this is the page of my profileso I'll start with the settings. Please give us dark modeThere's no dark mode, no.Ah I hate how like bright the menu is.You don't like this menu, the white one?It's so bright!Previous Just Dances were purples and oranges, so they were very nice to look atbut this game you start it up, and it's just like...And there's no "tweak the World Dance Floor to be with your friends" or whatever.So I really feel like we're not gonna be able to choose our room.I'm like happy about the rooms but then it can be messy.Because I understand the point of not playing with players that have less than 10 songs playedbecause it's like you're a very beginner so why not.But I wonder how many levels is there gonna be, you know?because if there's like a lot, like 10, nobody's gonna be in the same room.My guess is maybe it's three, like maybe, it's beginner, intermediate, advanced.I don't know I'm kind of concerned about it. I thought it was really cool at first, then I was like: "Well how am I gonna play with my friends that have never played before?"

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00
Yeah and with the viewers for example on our streams.From what we see, the main info is that you cannot create your private room.Let's continue on the menu that now that we're hereSo, daily challenge don't look so different.The stats look the same as well.I'm glad we got a sticker album again, I really liked going through the sticker album last year, I thought it was cute.Yeah I liked it as well in the Just Dance 2020, but it was based on the gamelike there was one page per gameso I wonder what they did this year.It all looks like a comic book.Yeah right?Yeah it looks like a whole comic bookit's like it goes on the theme of "Without Me", you know? The comic theme.Yeah...And that's why Avery, that's why the beginning screen is drawings!The mural is all drawn, oh my god!Because of this!Because it's all a comic book!It's the theme of the year, we didn't know but now we know!Now we know, we have the information.I like it but I'm eager to see if the coaches, imagine there's some coaches thereI really want to see if they are going to be coach from 2021, but drawn differentlyor if they're going to be something elseBecause look at the thumbnail of that page for example, it's not a coach, what is it?No, there are a couple coaches in hereI wonder if it's meant to be like a story, like maybe every page is a story.Oh I think it may be like the comic book of "Without Me". Because everything looks like "Without Me".Yeah I think so too! That's a cool idea.That's new! I like it yeah!Okay, I have no sticker unfortunately so no other clues than thatIn my video gallery, there must be nothingI have my videos from 2020.Okay gift machine!We can play a bit of the gift machine and I can check if we can skip the animation.I could.
Oh good.
Yeah because for 300 balls it can be a bit long.It will last forever.It will be a movie.
We have a skin
oh so there's skins again.Dancer-card: let's see what's new here.Okay "choose nickname" is just to choose your nickname, nothing new. Avatarsoh so basically we have, what? "Señorita", "Que Tire Pa Lante".I think so yeah."The Weekend", "Without me"...Every year I love their voices."The Weekend"'s voice is so funny. I already have two golden ones.Apparently when we started the game it gave us some automatically, that must be these two.Oh maybe from playing previous games?Dance to "Lacrimosa", then score Megastar on "Lacrimosa"so they're all in doublePlay the gift machine to... Okay, there's some in the gift machinesome = a lotUsually there's Ubisoft exclusive ones, I don't see that here.There's a lot though.I'll keep on this one because it's the one we had together. Awwww...Dina stop...Oh and you got a new skin too.I don't have a lot of choice.Some look cool but, all of them are in the gift machine.
I think so

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00
I think they're all gift machine yeah.Okay what do we have here? "Future star" "Here I come""Promising beginner", "The new dancer", "Remember me".Oh here we are:"Online dancer": dance to 10 songs in the World Dance Floor"Chill panda": dance to 20 songs.Let's see what would I choose? "Fabulous hippo""Dancing among stars", that's cute.I like their play of words usually.Yeah they're cute.Does the top say feminine aliases?Oh yeah I can switch the alias gender.So masculine, and then feminine.I think it was the same last year.
Oh there’s dancing cowgirl
Really? I don't remember seeing this.
Yes, I think so.
You never noticed?No!this is brand new information to me.That's weird, look. Ah, that's the alias, that's what it is.It's just question marks? Yeah because then the other ones are "play the gift machine", and you can still read them. My favourite alias from last year was just the smiley facebecause it looked so condescending.Mine was "Mermaids do it better"."God is a spoon!"That's so good. I can't believe they added it.Oh my god, that's one of my favourite Just Dance memes. I can't believe they added that, that's so funny.They added "God is a spoon".I don't know if we really started it, but I remember the release of Just Dance 2020, on the E3 nightI was doing a stream to react to the dancesand on "God Is A Woman" somebody on my chat said: "oh my god, god is a spoon.The coach of "God Is A Woman" is a spoonAnd since then we've been saying it and it's all over the place.It's everywhere, I can't talk about "God Is A Woman" without someone being like "God is a Spoon"Yeah, I used to dance the map with a spoon.That's so funny.I feel like we're in the game, you know.Yeah.
Our community is in the game
that's the best thing everI want that! Give it to me!
Let me have it!
Let me have it!Let me in! Let me in!Well since you have to unlock it through the gift machine and you really want itit will probably be the last gift machine thing you unlock.Probably you're right and it pisses me off already.Stop me on something if it calls you."No thoughts, just dance".So I think we're finished with that part.Let's go on the rest of the menu. So, searchI hate this search page so much.
You don't like it?
No because the scrolling takes foreverand if you make a mistake then you have to go back and go all the way down againand I just wish they would just give us the keyboard back, it's so much easier.

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00
Yeah it's true we still don't have the option for the keyboard.If I write 2020, they still present just Just Dance 2020, it still works.That's good.
That I like
but I understand your point of view, it's really long to write.So the search is basically the same thing as last yearI don't think anything changed.Then we have playlists"Recommended for you", "Top Country", "Discovery", nothing new here.There's something I wish they would do: transfer my playlists from last year to this yearbecause every year I create playlist starting with A,B,C,D,every year I need to create itIf there was an option for me to import my playlist it would be so awesome.If they can synchronise scores and stuff with your Ubisoft connect account, then why can't they synchronise the playlist?Every year it takes me like 2 hours, and I'm like uh..I have to keep the truth: every year I'm not the one doing it, usually I do it with Hugoso Hugo, you're gonna have to do it this year.There's not the section where it gives you tips.I remember last year there were tips and that was useful for mebecause I didn't know the signification of each badge on each songand it was given to me by the tips and it's not there anymore.I hope they still put the updates on there toobecause whenever there's a new season, they put up updates, but I don't see any text.Okay so what do you want to do?I want to discover songs we don't know yetbecause there's a few I thinkLet's go in order because it's not in the alphabetical order anyway so...So on the first line we know everything"Feel Special" Extreme is lockedand we have to score Superstar on "Feel Special" to unlock it.It sounds fair, I guess.I really like this one.Me too.I like the fact that it's the official choreography.Yeah, it looks so hard.At the same time it's like: it looks so hard!I know, I was really disappointed with how little female extremes there are, with female coachesI wish there were more.I feel the same as you, and at the same time, I know that in 2020 it was the exact contraryso I'm like "it's fair in a way".Uh yeah, we had more female ones okay that's fair.Okay "Temperature" extreme is locked as well, we have to score Superstar on "Temperature".The preview here is the same as the one we had on social medias. There's an extreme version here but we don't know the normal songso I would wish we watch the normal song first, before going on the extremeif you agree."Paca Dance" I like it! I love "Paca Dance", I don't know why but every... yeah... all of the Ubisoft made songs are so goodthey're so much fun.When I was listening to the song at the end of videosI was like "oh it's too much in my ears"but then when it's the individual song, just by itself it looks cool.I love this danceI love this dance so much.

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00
The random chicken noisesOkay, "Without Me" extreme. I think I like her too.I want to see this one entirely because this one is like my favourite extreme so far I think.Oh really? Yeah I think so.I like "Feel Special" but this one is so bossy and sassyand those are my favourite extremes.So what I propose: first we watch the songs we don't knowand then maybe we can unlock one or two extremes we really want to see."Kick It"!It looks like K-pop, right?
Yeah it does.
I love that they're all masked, like is it a fashion choice or is it for safety?I don't know
Which one is it?
from when is that song, did they make it after Covid or before Covid?What I suggest is we dance itand then we will have access to watch the extreme.
We're gonna discover it as we're gonna dance it
but I guess it's a normal version so it should be fine.I think it'll be okay, I'm not scared of it.Let's go. Drey is going join in at the beginning, to see the end screen with the scores of two players.It looks like it’s going to be coolI don't know how I did a 13K, because genuinely...I mean you know! You were there! I discovered it with you.that kick caught me by surprise, but you got it!I love the choreography. I loved it, I love the music
So did I.
I love the energy of it, and the choreography reminded me of the good quartets we had back in Just Dance 2015-2016, you know?

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00
Yeah yeah yeah yeah, it reminds me of uh "#ThatPower" a little bit."Best Song Ever, as well, in the way how the players are interacting with each otherand like the poses.Yeah I wasn't expecting the kick, it came out of nowhere."It was awesome, I loved it!I really liked it too, but it makes me scared for the extreme songbecause that one was pretty difficultso now the extreme is just gonna be like...You instantly scared me! As we said before, they're really keeping the best songs for the last announcements.No, there's no breaking of the score, I cannot see what I did.I thought maybe I was gonna be able to select the player and go check his stats, but I cannot.I think maybe it's just for people at home who are trying to get better at their scoring on their ownbecause I feel like if you're playing with other people then maybe it's just for more fun and less for trying to score well.I feel like it makes sense that they would condense it.It's fine with me that it's not on the two-player screen, because of the reason you just saidI'm good with it. I'm totally good with it.There's a "Bangarang" extreme vibe to it.
Yeah I'm getting that too.
And I'm sure it's gonna kick ass. It's gonna be awesomeIt's so weird to me that in the menu, the extreme is here and the normal is here.I don't know why it looks like thisI don't know if it's something they're gonna fix or if it's just because the game isn't out yet, or...Oh he's on his toes. I'm glad we're just watching this one and not dancing this one.Yeah no...I'm scared, I'm scared of this one a little bit. The music is really something.Oh I like it a lot...
I like it a lot too.
Wow that switch of colour is something...It's not the same thing as the first one.
I love it.
Oh, I liked it! it's hard!It's so hardIt looks so hard!So you said something in one of your reaction videos for the previewswhere you were like "I feel like some of the extremes features just really hard moves, but don't match the songand I feel like that one perfectly matches the song

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00
he slows down with the song, and the colour changes depending on what the mood of the song isand i'm so happy about that because i don't want them to make extreme songs and just to make them super hard just to be hardI want them to make senseI just feel like they're putting moves just to put movesand on this one i didn't have the impression at allI don't know, it may be again the official choreographyoh yeah
I feel like this is a K-pop song, no?
yeah I think so too. It might beunfortunately dear viewers you don't have two Kpop expertsyeah sorry, we're not Kpop stans, I have no ideamaybe this is the official choreography, or looking like the official choreographywe don't know but you guys watching this video, you're probably knowingat least some of you knowso put that in the comments. Let us know, please give us the informationI love it but I've never seen it before so...Oh I love this song!Really?Yes!It’s Justin Timberlake!We finally have Justin Timberlake in Just Dance!
oh my god, it's his first timethis song is so much fun!I didn't watch "Trolls World Tour" or whatever, I know it's like a kid's movie that the song is inbut I heard it on Spotify once, and I was like: "this song is so happy"!It makes my soul happyThe choreography looks nicethe dance, yeah The coach looks so happy! I love when you can tell the coach is smiling!Yes, even the coach is smiling!They really saved all the best songs for the endThis whole announcement cycle I've been disappointed by a lot of the songsbut all the best songs are the ones they haven't announced yetThe choreography looks really nice"medium" it sayswell to me it's hard
It looks hard on the shoulders
there's just shoulder movements every two seconds I think it's validated!So we have three alternates next to each otherWe have to dance three times to "Samba de Janeiro" normal to unlock itoh three times!but we're definitely not gonna do it now!no!Who are you gonna dance it with?Nobody!I dance to these alone, have you seen me do "Havana" tango?it's just so awkwardI love this version
"yummy version", that’s the name!
yummy version!I think it's so funI know it's a little childish, but...
I know I like it a lot, did you try dancing it?
No, I just watched the previewit's a little childish but it still looks fun anywayit looks like a lot of funI danced both the middle coach and one of the juiceand the juices are more sillybut the coach in the middle, she's really cute and the way she's dancing, it's really mixing fun and sassy, and I really liked"Yameen Yasar" extreme versionI think it's my least favourite to dance toI don't think I've seen this preview beforeYou never watched it? I don't think so

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00
look at this!oh my god!it's complicatedthanks to Internet, because people know everything, I heard that "Yameen Yasar" was not the song planned for this choreography initiallyReally?Both the normal version and the extreme version were planned on another songwhich I would be able to tell you to name of, in another lifebut in the real life, I forgotand so I don't know why, but they had to create a new song on choreographies that already existedOn the extreme, I felt like some moves were offand I understood why afterthe song was created afterwardsoh my god, that's complicated!I think the song that they made works really wellbut yeah, it's just on small details on the extreme, because it's so complicated on an extreme!That's so interesting! I knew that "Yameen Yasar" was a Ubisoft songbut I didn't know that it was made to cover up an old songthat's the little info I can give you"Señorita", anywayIt's a cool down songwhen you need to take a breaknext!I don't want to hear about "Get Get Down" it's a no, no, no, no.
Me neither.
"Buscando" extremeIt's really niceYou said your favourite extreme is "Without Me" extremeI think so, yeahMine is "Don't Start Now"oh yes, I want to learn this so bad!I think once we're done with discovering the new songs, if we watch "Without Me" for youwe'll watch "Don't Start Now" for meNo, I want to see this one! I want to see this one so bad!This is one of the extremes I watched the preview forbecause when a lot of the previews came out, I was on a Just Dance breakI needed some spaceand I watched this one and i was like: "oh, I love the way he moves"like it's ah, it's so cleanso I want to see this one really badThis is exactly what I wanted to say: I love his precision in his movementsoh that's it!
That's it?
I mean, did you see something else that I didn't see?"Rare" isn't on here, by Selena GomezTrue! It was a teaser we had yesterday
It was a teaser!
Maybe, oh maybe it's going to be the Unlimited song that comes with the game?like how "Thumbs" came?maybe it's going to be released on the day of the release of the gamebecause I'll say it again, we're recording a few days before the release of the gamemaybe it's going to be just like "Bad Guy" alt last year?lt was released a bit after.
I think so too.
So, we saw every new song we could see, I thinkWhat song do you want to see?Do you want to go for "Without Me"?Do you want to go for... I really want to see "Don't Start Now" extremeWe're gonna have to dance to the normal version!

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00
Another 13k?
Oh, I did a 13K?
I really like this oneThe parts that were new, that we discovered, I really enjoyed them as wellWhat they wished that maybe they would have changed, it's at the end of the song, where a beat is added to the chorusI wish there would be something different than just a normal chorusI kind of wish... I know that they want to make the most popular songs danceable and easier for new playersbut I wish they would throw in something more challengingWell you want difficulty, you're going to get some, because we're going to watch the extremeYes! Oh my god, I'm so excited to see this! I can't believe I forgot about the extreme!I asked the question on my Instagram, and nobody found the answerI don't know who's the coach!because I would really like to tell him: "you're awesome"amazing? Yeah!I feel like a lot of the times it's pretty easy to tell who it is, because a lot of their dancing is so distinctiveso it's easy to tell. But I have no idea who this isAnd it's always the same people more or lessIt’s like they have a batch of dancers that are, you know, making most of the choreographiesBut this one...I was having this conversation with AstyliaShe comes from England, and she had the same feeling as meThe coach has an english vibe!You know?An english vibe?
Me I had that feeling by watching the preview
but I thought I was aloneand then somebody from England actually told me the same thing!and I was like : "then I'm not crazy!"I wonder what an english vibe is, I can't tellI don't know, it's in the flair. It's in the, you know, in the attitude.Excuse me!It looks like a lyric video in the background!Yeah it's like a lyric video. There was an orthography mistake in the previewI wonder if they fixed itI'll tell you when it's supposed to happen."Survivi" in the background"Survivi" instead of "Survive"I never noticed that!New part!I’m living for this!I don't know who choreographed this dance but I want more of thisthis is so good!I love it!I'm obsessed with this

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00
That one is so good!It has the perfect balance of quick moves that also match with the dancemy biggest issue with some of the extremes, like "Blinding Lights", it's just a bunch of hard movesand it doesn't really seem to fit the danceThank you for saying this, thank you!because I saw so many people liking it, and i was like...I respect everybody's opinion and I respect everybody's tastebut for me it's a bunch of random moves added to a music where it doesn't fit, most of it doesn't. Yeah I thought the same thing in the extreme for "Till The World Ends"where he just goes on his back and jumps upand I'm like: "it feels like it's just a hard move just to be difficult"it doesn't fit with the tone of the song or anything
this one is like...It's so perfect I don't know who choreographed it but I want to know.It's a jewel! It's just so perfect!It was very good
It was definitely not disappointing
I'm gonna want to go for something where I feel like there could be some surprises, you know?like something really unexpected"Temperature" I really like the fact that in the preview, none of the moves are repeatingso I really feel like it's going to be extreme, not in the technicality and quickness of movements, but just because there's going to be a lot of movementsso I'm really wondering if, during the entire song, nothing repeats at all?that's so scary!I can just dance it quickly to unlock it.*12 seconds later*So before we go on watching "Temperature" extreme: it's giveaway time!We're really happy to have the chance to offer three winners todaya copy of Just Dance 2021!I have to give away one Xbox One copy, which works on Xbox Series X as welluh we're gonna give away a copy of the PS4 version, that, I was told, works on PS5and a Nintendo Switch version!So if you already participated in one of the giveaways of my channelyou may already know what's gonna happen.We're gonna hide three linksI say "we're gonna give away three copies" because one of the links is going to be on Avery's channelAvery where can we find the link on your channel?Well I mentioned what my favourite video was, of mineso maybe you'll find it thereOh, okay! What copy would you like to win the most?I'll take the PS4 one, I think we should put the PS4 one in minebecause I'm a huge nerd for trophiesso you can win a copy of Just Dance for PS4, that works on PS5, in the description of the video she mentionedyou're going to be able to find the link to win the Switch version on my channelin the description of the video I already have with Averyso we have a video together that we recorded a year agoI'm not going to give you the name, you're gonna have to find itand there's going to be the link in that description

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00
if you follow us both, it should be easy for you to remember what song it wasand then we're gonna make it easy for some peoplefor the Just Dance 2021 on Xbox, it's going to be in the description of this videoso I guess if you're an Xbox player, it's easier. It's kind of unfairThe giveaways are open starting from todayand they're going to be open for two weeksso make sure you register there, and good luck!I'm excited to see this one now! If the whole thing is different, I'm very nervoushe's got skis!
I wonder why he has ski sticks
How do you name that? Ski what?Skis!Ski sticks?Ski sticks? Ski... ski...skiDid you ever ski in your life?Did I ski? No!No, I was terrible at all sport activitiesHow do you know that you're terrible if you've never tried it?I tried snowboarding once, and I just fell over and over again.The last time I went was like 10 years agoand I was like: I'm not paying ever anymore in order to sufferI'm not paying for my tortureHe does have skis!Oh, look at that!
Oh, he's so close to the groundHe gets so close to the ground here, it freaks me out!I know! I thought he was going to fall at some point!Let's see!Oh, it repeats here, no!
It does repeat.
Now I'm pretty sure it's going to be the same until the end of the musicIt's a scam! We got scammed!It might be. It's long though, it's a long song.Yes, it is.I can't believe this!What if he didn't catch them, they'd have to do the whole thing again!He would have had to do it again entirely!oh, that one was good!I think they probably had two choruses, because he sings the chorus a lot. He sings it like five timesI think that's probably why the chorus moves are different, just because if you did the same chorus like five timesthen it just gets old super fastso I think that's probably why they changed it upbut I like it a lot! That one looks hard!I think that's the hardest one I've seenI don't know if technically this is the hardestbut this is the more diverse in terms of moves, I thinkand that's what makes it hardbut the thing with the ski poles, at the end, it's like:

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00
what if he didn't catch it?Yeah, what if he missed it!He'd have to start all over again, the poor guy!Wait, I'll open the machineWhy the first avatars I'm getting are from "Get Get Down"?This is a troll!Give us "God Is A Spoon"! We want "God Is A Spoon"Give us "God Is A Spoon"! We want "God Is A Spoon"
Give us "God Is A Spoon" instead of "Get Get Down"!
*Computer says no!*Okay, what else could be with surprises?"Boy You Can Keep It", that's really somethingI'm so glad they put that diversity in the game, I really feel like there's a diversity in terms of songs, and in terms of coachesI mean, we're having a drag queen in Just Dance!Yeah, it's a drag queen, and also uh I don't know if it's the right word, but the amputee dancer?yeah yeah yeah, in "Blinding Lights"I've never seen them have this diversity of coachesand it makes me really happy."Uno" surprised me a lot when I saw the previewI wonder how they made this mapit's very interestingI wish we had more "behind the scenes" this yearyeahbecause we've barely had one video of "behind the scenes", not evenThis one impressed me a lotMe too! I was not expecting the costume change at the beat dropit's direct!Every time I see this, I'm like "oh my god"I wonder if the lyrics are about a demon, you know?oh, maybe!That would explain why, this one. I mean I love it, I'm just wondering if there's a reasonmaybe she's the demonit feels like something I'd listen to if I was getting a massagelike background spa musicmost definitelyoh it's so cool!I love that one! the demon triumphed at the end!the demon won!you can dance to it and feel something, and you can watch it and feel somethingit's super impressive to me, coming from the Just Dance teambecause I feel like a lot of their maps are known for being silly and colourful and whateverbut to see something like this, cinematically beautiful, from Just Dance, it's shocking!I love itOh, Billie!Again I'm amazed by the backgroundEven the outfit, how did they make this outfit?It looks like it's on fire, how?yeah, it's super does.OMG, I'm surprised! I was not expecting that part of the song!

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00
Me neither!I was kind of expecting a bigger drop, it's really repetitive.But it' still such a cool bop, I was still very impressed when the preview came out, so...yeah, I think we almost saw everything from it in the previewbut it doesn't reduce the fact that it's awesomeAvery, do you want to see a magic trick?Yes!Thank you!my favourite magic trick!I'm so excited to see this onefrom the preview, it looks very silly but it also looks very sassy, and those are like my favourite kinds of dances, soI love it when they add lipstick so you can see what their mouth is doing, and you can see the expression betterI wish they did it more, because it looks really good for meshe particularly gives us a lot of things by her singing in and her expressionthat hip swinging!Let's go!Oh my god!Oh my god!This one looks hard, there's almost nothing repeatingoh she's leavingOh, she's not leavingoh my god, I love it!
I love it!I think at first, I was kind of hoping they would just pick one: pick sassy or pick silly, like one or the otherbut I kind of love her, she's got this crazy super villain kind of vibelike she's out of her mind, but she's also bossyI don't know, I love itAnd sassy, she's everything!It's even better that she's everythingIt feels like she's here and she's telling you:I do not have to choose what I want to be, so I'm going to be everything that I want to be!Yes, she's a queen!
And it's even better!
that dance though, it's hard! I didn't see almost anything repeating, except for the chorusI think except for the chorus, nothing repeats againI'm not disappointed[01:05:18.29Thank you for delivering Just Dance team!Thank you Just Dance team!Do you think it could be possible that they're going to put an extreme on this one later?I hope so!Like how they put an extreme on a "Bad Guy" last year?Yeah I hope so.I feel like they won't, because it's not easylike I've seen that when they have an easy song, the easy song usually has an alternateand because it's medium, I don't know if they will. But I really hope we get one in the futureI'm sure a lot of like their plans for this game were kind of muddied by covid and the pandemic and stuffIt's like I don't know how they put this whole thing togetheror if they were planning an extremeImagine, we have a full map for "Rain On Me" with three coaches and it looks amazing

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00
How did you guys manage?Tough question time!
You have one extreme allowedand you need to choose between "Rain On Me" and "Say So"you can only choose one!Oh, "Rain On Me" for sure!"Rain On Me" 100%I feel like a "Say So" extreme would be really coolbut "Rain On Me" is such a dance hit that this is the one that I want to domore difficult, I guess, if that makes senseI understand
"Say So" is not really one I want to do more difficult
this one I want it to be harderI understand exactly what you mean, because I'm sure we're not the only onesbut why do we insist so much on it, in my opinionIt's because that song helped me in my lockdown, and in the period where everything was hardand it gave us so much joy when everything was so wrongthe lyrics represents a lot for me, because it's like: I'd better be dry, meaning I'd better be safe, but at least I'm aliveand I think it's exactly what 2020 is aboutYeah. I think so tooespecially when it came out, at the end of march or whateverback when the first lockdown was starting here tooI feel like it's an important part of this yearso I'm just glad it's in the game, honestly I don't know how they did itMe too, I'm so happy!let's make a Top3of all the songs, extremes included?Yes, try to do a Top3You want to start first, or I start first?you should start first, because I'm thinking about itI would put in my Top3...There's one that we didn't do, and because it's a cover I like it a bit lessbut the choreography is perfectas the Britney stan that I am, I loved the choreographyand I really cannot wait to dance itthis one is definitely gonna be in my Top3, anywayI don't even need to watch it, it's in my Top3It's Britney, I do no carei will put "Don't Start Now" extreme, because I was impressed by it so muchand I mean, why am I even searching... I'll put "Rain On Me"!Why am i even searching?Just Dance is really good to discover songs that you don't knowbut in the meantime, the songs that you already love so much, you're always gonna come back to itI think so tooi was super disappointed with the cover of the Britney songbut we got "Say So" and we got "Rain On ME" and we got "Don't Start Now" so it's fineI think my Top3... "Rain On Me" is definitely in my Top3I know it's very predictable, but "Rain On Me" is just so good, and I'm so happy with the map tooI want to put "Runaway U & I" on my Top3but I'm so disappointed with the danceI haven't seen the whole thingbut this song, I've been requesting it for six yearslike such a long timeIt was like your top requested song?
I mean, mine was "Till The World Ends", and yours was "Runaway"?
and we both got it! But on both of them, there's something wrongand the dance looks kind of amateur, which is meanbut I love the song so much, so I'm hoping that when I dance to it, it'll be differentI want it to be in my Top3, but it's not...Do you feel like the dance is immature, or do you feel like it's because of the costumes?

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00
I think it's both!because when I danced to the preview, it's a lot's a lot
it's just a lot of that
and it's like I want more substance to itbut the costumes look pretty like low qualitythe dance looks pretty low qualityI was just kind of disappointed in this onei love the song so much, but the dance I was like...But you're still putting it in your Top3?I'll make it four!I broke the rule"Without Me" is definitely in my TOP3the alternatebecause the alternate is so goodI think, honestly, "Don't Start Now" extremeI know it's almost the same as yours, but "Don't Start Now" extreme is just so goodWe have the same tastes, it's not a problemit's just so good! I don't know who choreographed this or who danced it, but i want more of thisit's so greatit's my TOP4it's fine, you have a TOP4, it's fineI mean, we didn't watch a lot of songs that I would really like to put a thumbs up on"Buscando" I'm pretty sure it's awesome, from the preview it was really nice"Kick It" was a really nice surprise as wellin the preview I really liked the rhythm of "Volar", so I'm eager to dance it againyeah
There's just so many, even "The Other Side" we liked it a lot
There's a lot of songs we likedand some of them, like "Bailando", in the preview, I thought it was really fun, super fun to dance toone thing we didn't watch yet is the kids modeI love chubby pandaHe's cute!So the girl is from here, of courseI saw pictures of her onlineand I was wondering when are we gonna get this coach in a previewand the answer is: never, because she's in the "Kids mode""Dance Of The Mirlitons"The Just Dance OrchestraYeah it looks cute
It sounds like the original
You know the song? I don't know. I've just heard the song everywhereit's like one of those songs you hear all the timeoh it's Jasmine!it's Jasmine on a flying carpetyeah! I love her hair!You know what? These coaches, like this one and the previous onethey remind me a lot of the Just Dance MachineOh yeah!Where you did all those different moves, and they chopped it up and stuff? Yeah!Yeah there was several topics, and the guy would try to give an interpretation on different subjectsbut he was the sameand I just feel like they've dressed up the coach, and now he has a songand he can do all these topicsso he can be a spy, he can be a firemanhe can save the planet, you know?so "You've Got A Friend In Me" is there, "Kulikitaka" as wellAnd they got the previous maps!
"Baby Shark" of course!
This is 2020

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00
It's starting to be a lot of songs with Unlimited.yeah there's a lot in hereI'm almost embarrassed how much I like the kids songs!We're big kids, it's fine!How old are you, five years old? I'm six!Yeah I'm five and a half dude!okay, so I think we went on everything, more or lessSo today we're November 12, the game is out!it's officially out, you guys can buy it on Xbox, PS4 and on Switchyou can win one copy on Switch, on PS4 and on Xbox by playing in our giveawaywhat is the giveaway about?well if you watch the entire video, you know what it's about, so you will know what to do in order to winI want to thank my guest of the day, Avery did you like it?No.No I'm kidding! I'm kidding!No, I loved it. I feel like my opinion of the game has totally turned around based on the last few songsyeah because in the beginning of the announcement cycle, we got some good songsand then for the next two months I was like: "I don't really like any of these songs that much""I don't know them, they aren't my type"and the last few ones they're announcing, I'm in love withand also l like the new scoring screen, I love that they put "God Is A Spoon", that they recognise the community meme and put it in the gameand I just think my opinions totally turned around on itso I'm very happy with the game.and I had fun experiencing it with you too! So thanks for looking at it with me for the first timeIt was my pleasure, my honour to have you as a guest today on my reaction video!It really feels like Christmas day for us Just Dancerswe're so passionate about it, and we get bored about the game after 12 monthswhich makes sense because we play it several times a week, if not every daybut now I feel like I'm playing Just Dance for the first timeI know, it feels so nice!It's really refreshing to have new choreographies to learn tooto not know everything right awaychallenge again!yeah you're getting challenged againI'm at the point where, if I dance to a song from 2020, my mind goes on autopilotI'm just like: "what do I want to have for dinner later?" because I just played it so many timesthat's why I'm always so hyped on the reveals of the next game every yearusually the reveals start in Junebut this year they started later in Augustand it was long to wait for the new revealsbecause that's why I danced the previews as well, because it gives me some news when we still have the old gameso it's a mix between new and oldand now, today, November 12th, it's all new if you have Just Dance 2021I mean I'm lucky I have it, so I can't wait to dance it more!I can't wait to play it more, I can't wait to stream it more!Maybe you want to remind them that you're streaming as well, so where can we follow you Avery?yeah, so I stream on Twitch, make Just Dance Youtube videos as well, same thing littlesiha

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00
and then I'm on all social medias: Twitter, Instagram, Myspacewell for me it's the same thing everywhere, it's thefairydinaIt was a pleasure to have you, it was a pleasure to discover Just Dance 2021 with youand to share it with you watching this video.Thank you so much for watching this video with us, for discovering the game with us. We hope you liked it, we hope you had a great timeDon't forget to subscribe to the channel, and we'll see you soon for more!Tell us in the comments if you would like to see Avery and me collab on one song maybe this year?I don't know how we could make it happen, I have no ideabut you know, we can dream!So if you guys have some dreams about it, maybe we can make it happenIf you accept of course, it would be really nice! I would love to, I love doing a collab with you, so I'm in!We'll see if we can make magic happen!In the meantime, have a good day, have a good evening, have a good whateverand we'll see you soon for more!

With 2020 forcing us to adapt social distances, this year my partner to discover the new game is not with me in the same room, neither in the same country or ...


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  1. How do you play this game with hands free? This game is not working on PS5 with PS5 OR PS4 CAMERA unless, you have a shitty adapter which you can't even buy, only request from sony…


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