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SearchThisVideo: Kingdom Hearts 2 HD – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue (PS4 PRO) KH 1.5 + 2.5

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a scattered dream that's like a far-off

memory a far-off memory that's like a

scattered dream I want to line the

pieces up yours and mine


another dream about him





man does that tick you off yeah that's

just wrong

ciphers gone too far this time


I mean it's true that stuff's been

strolling around town and we've got a

score to settle a cipher and everything

so if he wants to think we did it can't

really blame him

see that's not what really bugs me what

really bugs me is that he's going around

telling everybody where the thieves now

the whole town and their mothers are

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treating us like the klepto Club have

you ever been this ticked off before in

your life

because I haven't nuh-uh never know what

to do



we could find the real thieves that

would set the record straight hey that

sounds fun

what about the cipher first we got to

clear our names once we find the real

culprit everyone will get off our backs

Oh No they're gone

our are gone all are gone huh you can't

see why not but you do understand what

I'm saying right

our are gone stolen and not just the the

word they stole it - what kind of thief

is that cipher could never have pulled

that off yeah alright time for some

recon huh his heart is returning

doubtless he'll awaken very soon

huh knock this come on


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he's that was low you know oh yeah nice

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

comeback there blondie what'd you say


you can give us back the now yeah you're

the only ones who would take it you know

that was undeniable proof that we

totally owned you Lamers so what did you

do burn it

not that we need some to prove that

you're losers replay now you're talking

I guess if you get on your knees and beg

maybe I'll let it slide Roxas



roxas focus



come on we're playing around and fight



huh ciphers not feeling so hot you know

tournament decides whoa what was that

the thief


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yeah yeah yeah


it's no use



what what is this thing




what's this I was his first customer

after he took over the shop so we took a

picture together it's a really nice

photo oh hey you just said photo so

Roxas tell us about the picture thief

not much to say pictures were just lying

there how do we prove we weren't the

ones who took him he hits a girl you

look at the Iraq says do not so like

anybody else noticed that all the stolen

pictures are of Roxas oh so that's why

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everyone thought it was us in cipher

didn't go on accusing us after all are

they really all of me yep


look right

every single one wouldn't it be weird if

the thief wanted to steal the real Roxas

or something come on it's serious why

would anyone want to steal a bonehead

like Roxas

oh thanks





where am I

who's there who are you

restoration organization miscreants they

fund us but why would the nobody steal

photographs both are nothing but data to

them the fools could never tell the

difference we are running out of time

now I mean a must make haste


oh where am i what happened to my home

my Island Riku Kuip who are you they

will come at you out of nowhere as long

as you continue to wield the Keyblade


hey why don't you come with us we can go

to other worlds on our vessel Sora go

with them especially if you want to find

your friends


Williams goofy I'm Sora I'll go with you


the Heartless have great fear of the

Keyblade that's right the Keyblade so

this is the key but the boy is a problem

he found one of the keyholes

a keyblade

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a keyblade


what was that about


sorry about that



do you guys think we'll always be

together like this

I sure hope so huh what did that come

from well we you know just thinking out

loud well I doubt we could be together

forever but isn't that what growing ups

all about what's important isn't how

often we see each other but how often we

think about each other right

get that off a fortune cookie that's it

no more ice cream for you man

Stace turning out to be a drag maybe

because of yesterday's memory thief nah

you know what it is

we don't want summer vacation to be over

that's all so how about this we all go

to the beach why do we go to the beach

because haven't gone once this entire

vacation who sees blue skies let's just

get on the train and go


oh come on maybe you forgot we're broke

maybe you forgot I'm smart


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just two days to go

you and I have to make the finals that

way no matter who wins four of us split

the prize okay you're on you two are

gonna clean up go get him

it's a promise




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Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

nice work everyone added to what we

started with we now have 10 uh 5000

money suite

let's get tickets we can't be together

forever so we'd better make the time we

do have something to remember huh gotcha


huh what roxas three minutes okay

for students roxas the money wait

no huh he took it where are you going

remember when I fell I had the money

before that I bet that guy took it guy

he couldn't have gotten too far what are

you talking about there was no guy huh

what he there wasn't really ah boy there

wasn't anyone there


it's nothing sorry

cheer up already that was definitely

weird though

strange you said it

can you feel Sora

can you feel Sora restoration of 28% na

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hurry is it really that hard to make a

beach we'd be giving the enemy another

entry point and this we can always buy

some sea salt ice cream objects from

that town must be kept out of the real

world you can delete it as the key

bearer you must already know one must

not meddle in the affairs of other

worlds so many places I want to see I

know I'll get there someday

thus I do hereby dub thee junior eros


you rookies still don't understand what

it takes to be a true fury Fay I wish

for your freedom



Sally why didn't I listen to you

don't feel bad jack we'll come up with

another plan for Halloween next time

we'll do it together



I have Mu Shu for are you too cool to

play them now that you have the Keyblade

Riku what are you doing here

did you find her I still can't believe

it you're really flu wait till I tell

Kai I wonder if she'll believe me

probably not I'm searching too for your

life don't lose sight of it Sora where

are you going I'm gonna go look for my

friends they're waiting for me well

where Donald and Goofy instead of

worrying about them you should be asking

about her



Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

how are you



Hey morning huh hello Roxas uh hi and

you are I wanted to meet you at least

once me yes you

oh let drag me along to go shopping hey

you want to come with us

um wait did you just see that he's

stalling very well then we'll see you

later Roxas okay yeah did she go to that

Haunted Mansion





let me go

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00


hey chicken was who's that I don't know

but they've already crossed the line

find a weapon


not good


roxas use the Keyblade









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Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00


yeah yeah




yeah yeah yeah





Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00



yep yep


Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00



my name is nomine Roxas do you remember

your true name

say no more nomine but if no one tells

him Roxas will it's best he doesn't know

the truth hey you're that pickpocket

full Seifer strike a pose you know how's


that's totally perfect you know how

about one more you know

what's that for keepsake those freaks in

the white jumpsuits are gone you know

cakewalk or those things Outsiders

that's what and if they don't wise up to

the rules around here I might have to

take disciplinary measures oh yeah

ciphers always looking after the town

you know


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we don't hae no chickening out of the

tournament tomorrow we'll be waiting you



so you hung out with ciphers gang today

no it it's not like that oh yeah how was

the beach wasn't that today we didn't go

it wouldn't be the same without you

right sorry

hey how about we go tomorrow we could

get those pretzels and I promised I'd be

somewhere oh oh you and I have to make

the finals that way no matter who wins

four of us split the prize okay you're

on you two are gonna clean up go get him

it's a promise


I'm out of here


restoration at 48% was that nominee made

of data no naminé hijacked the data

herself look what she's done now she's

totally beyond my control calm down

it doesn't matter as long as Naaman area

accomplishes her goal

we needn't worry about what the Falls



it's up to me

only the Keyblade master can open the

secret door and change the world what

I'm not gonna betray Sora either my

friends are my power so your heart ruin

this battle


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it is I and some lead me into

everlasting Jurgis forget it there's no

way you're taking kairis heart




we may never meet again but we'll never

forget each other no matter where we are

our hearts will bring us together again

take this it's my lucky charm be sure to

bring it back to me don't worry I will

promise don't ever forget wherever you

go I'm always with you



right promise what a mess



are you gonna root for don't do them



ladies and gentlemen struggle fiends of

Twilight town time for summers most

sizzling clash


that's right today's the day for the

struggle and title match

we'll be the one to break through the

ranks and take on our champion Setzer




today as our new struggle champion



yes the crowd is fired up so you know

comes left


okay now it's time to introduce today's

combatants the for bad boys who struggle

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

their way through the preliminaries

regular finalists and ahead of the

Twilight Disciplinary Committee cyber

completely out of nowhere who knew we'd

make it so far this year Vivi an

underground favorite and local attitude

problem hater it's his first trip to the

finals and struggler number four who

happens to be my absolute favorite

customer Roxas

so who will win this sweltering summer

struggle who will take home the grand

prize the summa laude of struggle

the four crystal trophy and a chance to

take on our defending champion Setzer



it won't be long now folks I suggest our

challengers go over the official

struggle rules before we begin


Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00


Hey sorry about yesterday what he's

still worried about that you need to let

that stuff go get a lot of my life

sorry man


wait what am i sorry for


our first match of today's struggle

tournament will be between Roxas and his

best friend painter






but I'll show you


and the winner is noxious not even

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

friendship you slow this kid down and

Haner put up a great fight - I lost I

can't believe it

I guess I taught you well

I had a lot of fun fighting you yeah

well I didn't wiseguy hey let's find a

way to cheer you up

no that's all right out of the way you

no rush to lose


don't mess with your elders whoa

just look at those sparks fly I guess

cipher didn't expect to fight one of his

own boys




when it really gets so tough

you're mine

i I'm not sure what just happened but

the winner is Vivi in a positively

blistering comeback


that's not Vivi thrash him it looks like

ciphers withdrawn from the struggle for

third place so I'm in third now Oh baby


Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

he put clean fellers

and now they'll match you've been

waiting for

Roxas versus Phoebe













Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

rocks us alright fight fight fight you

really don't remember it's me you know

Axl Axl talk about blank or the capital

B man oh man

even the Dusk's aren't gonna crack wait

a sec tell me what's going on

this town is his creation right which

means we don't have time for a Q&A

you're coming with me

conscious or not then you'll hear the

story what's going on number 13 Roxas

the keyblade's chosen one okay fine you

ask boy

that's more like it








that's how it was you relax us this man

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

speaks nonsense

Roxas don't let him deceive you

rooks us

neener pence oh that



what what just happened


how did I get here


ladies and gentlemen Ruxin's our new top

struggler roxas





you to play fair now you're at the top

of the bracket there's only room for one

of you well may the best man win hey

we're upset how about you throw the

match for me

gorgeous focus


let me win and I'll make it worth your


get real Roxas our underdog hero versus

Setzer our defending champion


you'll be the true champion that's

bragging rights for a whole year folks


you think is right

is a big mistake my life is shipping






Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00




are you scared of me





as promised thanks to Tom Roxas but one

more treasure for us to share

I've got a present too for all of us



hi ring wait up


hey do you feel like going out to the

island how does it walk are all wrapped

up in their ballgame and they won't go

with me not today


oh why not

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

do you remember those boys who used to

hang out with us Rico yeah I wonder

whatever happened to him I sure miss him

he's far away but I know we'll see him


sure of course we will

and the other boy what other boy the one

who is with Riku and me all the time we

played together on that Island

his voice always used to be there now

it's gone

I can't think of his face or his name I

feel awful about him so I told myself

I'm not going to the island until I

remember everything about him are you

sure you didn't make him up

now many


nominate what's happening to me

who are you and that's not my name

I'm Kyrie Kyrie I know you you're that

girl he likes who please a name

I'm Roxas okay Roxas but can you tell me

his name you don't remember my name

thanks a lot

Kyrie huh okay I guess I can give you a

hand starts with an S


are you okay





what's that a letter I wrote it

yesterday to the boy and can't remember

I said that no matter where he is I'll

find him one day when I stopped writing

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

I remembered we made a promise something


this letter is where it starts I know it

Wow I hope he gets it he will


starts with an S right surah restoration

his progress is astounding so what



na Mina's encounter with Roxas put his

heart in contact with Kylie's and that

in turn affected Sora you've seen nómine

she's a wonder she wasn't born like

other nobodies she can interfere with

the hearts and memories of Sora and

those aligned with him but who's nobody

issue I could tell you but first perhaps

you could tell me your true name


it's answer



it's an honour answer


no way it's too soon you can't seriously

get rid of him it's an order

why do you hesitate you has been

ruthless towards those who turn their

backs on the organization but it's not

like that he didn't betray us he can't

come back if he doesn't return you know

what you must do or you will face the



so you'll turn me into a dusk


alright I'll do it if that's what you

want I'm dreaming but which parts were

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

the dream



only three days left of summer vacation

so don't even mention that assignment

but we agreed we'd get it finished today

yesterday I fell off the station Tower

didn't I you wouldn't be here if you did

but man that was a close one

stop changing the subject okay already

you win to do the homework stupid

independent study so anybody got any

bright ideas for a topic maybe we could

study the stuff that's happening to me

you know the dreams the guys in white

forget it what

you know things have been weird with you

in the town since the photos were stolen

right well tomorrow we're all gonna

search the town and find out what's been

going on lots of people are helping out

all that for me

I'll go get some ice cream


Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

the time has come our hunt for the seven

wonders begins

well finding rumors already nothing on

Market Street

you twerps are gonna scoop us

tears with you

it's not a race well it is now

come on we can all go



let hurry


aren't these the steps you talked about

the ones that count different going up

and down hmm actually it's the stupidest

thing ever but what

Rize the one who counted he's like every

time I count it's different you know

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

so he just counted wrong


a no words











Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00







Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00









Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

you know that last wonder wasn't exactly

wonderful I understand

say no more but this next one's gonna be

really great wonder number six


we've got another lead


the ghost tree mystery everybody knows

about wander number six

yeah will I didn't

did you find out where the train runs

you can see it from Sunset Hill


if the rumors are true it will be here

any minute or they say the Train is

empty no driver no conductor no

passengers no return

we've got to make it to the beach next


yeah you've got to get jobs the second

vacation starts good afternoon

slackers what are you doing out here

what do you care I don't tell me anyway

we're waiting for the ghost train

waiting for the ghost train


what is looking at you always tick me


I don't know maybe it's destiny destiny

in that case let's be friends


I don't feel like cooperating with

destiny when have you ever cooperated

with anything

Seifer I know tomorrow look


Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

it's really true and there's really no

one aboard what's the catch

there's got to be a catch right then

it's real let's go to the station


let's go in

what you get hurt huh the train will be

arriving shortly


come on a train came from the beach

there was no driver right let's go right

let's go home and work on the paper the

rumors were bogus the end we can still

make it sound good if we write about all

the work we did but what about the last

one the seventh wonder who cares I do

come on pence whatever rock this it's at

that haunted mansion



Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00



you know something well we were gonna

check the mansion out tomorrow it is the

most suspicious place right even ciphers

gang was gonna help cypher yeah painter

ask him to so what are we looking for

well they say there's a girl who appears

the second-floor window even though no

one's lived here for years

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

roxas dominate

this is me and Axel's here - you are

best friends

very funny don't you want to know the

truth about who you really are

no one knows me better than me of course

but I don't get what's been happening

lately you know these three don't you


Sora Donald and Goofy they're from the

dreams about a year ago some things

happened and I had to take apart the

memories chained together and Sora's

heart but now I'm putting them all back

exactly the way they were it's taken me

a long time but pretty soon Sora will be

his old self again the process has been

affecting you too Roxas

you mean the dreams yes you and Sora are

connected and in order for Sora to

become completely whole again he needs

you me what for you hold half of what he

is he needs you Roxas nómine dómini

who are you I'm a witch with power over

Sora's memories and those around him a


that's what did called me but I don't

know why I have this power I just do I'm

not even sure there's a right way for me

to use it hmm I can't help you there

it's funny suddenly I feel like I don't

know myself at all

I guess I would like to know what do you

know about me that I don't you you were

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

never supposed to exist

praxis what how could you even say such

a thing even if it were true I'm sorry I

guess some things really are better left



Roxas Roxas huh did you see her yeah

watch the window closely no lame that's

just the curtains moving there must be a

draft somewhere I'm surprised this old

place even as curtains yeah well let's

head back to the usual spot painter and

a letter waiting hey guys how'd it go

the girl in the window turned out to be

a curtain flapping in the wind I figured

as much

the reports already done all right so

you want to go find Hina he's probably

at the station

you know we only have two more days

together Oh summer vacation remember oh



tomorrow we search the town next day's

the fair the last day of summer don't

say that give me an ulcer not a huge

blow from all that ice cream first




why did you show him the Train because

he missed the trip to the beach hmm

that's almost kind of you know what

about you

are the holes in your memory is starting

to fill the in yes the haze is clearing

the same thing is happening to everyone

who had ties to Sora very soon to them

he'd be like a good friend who's gone

away for a year

I've waited and now I want to know what

Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

is it that you want revenge revenge now

for the finishing touches

first we must dispose of naminé she did

a splendid job was sort of it it's high

time she disappeared

Roxas isn't the only one who was never

meant to exist take care of it Ansan

galoshes the hell that's left of the

world's taken by the Heartless those

worlds will be restored if we dance em

right but if we do feed him and all

these rules become restored and

disconnected what's gonna happen to this

place and to us all worlds begin and

darkness and all so end the heart is no


you see darkness is the heart's true

essence that's not true the heart may be

weak and sometimes it may even give in

but I've learned but deep down there's a

light that never goes out Kingdom Hearts


you're wrong I know now without a doubt

Kingdom Hearts is light now Sora let's

call this door for good


take care of her



Zoara ah

Kyrie remember what you said before I'm

always with you too I'll come back to

you I promise I know you will



one kills we've got to find Riku and

King Mickey look though where do we

start looking for that there don't work

of the white yeah the orange that's the

game sale hey have you seen King Mickey

let's go


Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00


I've been to see him

he looks a lot like you who are you


why why do you have the Keyblade shut up






man I could not sleep last night guys

Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

look at what it's come to

I've been given these icky orders to

destroy you if you refuse to come back

with me

we're best friends right sure

but I'm not getting turned into a dusk

for wait a sec you remember now

ye yeah great but you know got to make

sure and also uh what's our boss's name

yeah can't believe this





rooks us to the mansion

the time is coming hater pence oh let's

the roxas that I know is long gone

fine I see how it is





Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

don't call me and then lock me out





Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00


your mind's made up why did the Keyblade

choose me I have to know you can't turn

on the organization organization 13

they're a bad group bad or good I don't

know their group of incomplete people

who wish to be whole

to that end they're desperately

searching for something what Kingdom

Hearts funny it's just I think I've been

running away from the question I really

want to ask what's gonna happen to me


just tell me that nothing else really

matters anymore you are nominated


there's no knowledge that has the power

to change your fate even if it doesn't I

want to know I have the right to know a

nobody doesn't have a right to know nor

does it even have the right to be but

what is a nobody it is we're out of time

too many nobodies

roxas nobody's like us are only half a


you won't disappear you'll be home I'll

disappear no further outbursts

no you won't disappear no wait Roxas we

will meet again and then we could talk

about everything I may not know it's you

and you may not know it's me but we will

meet again someday soon I promise

Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00










Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

why why do you have the Keyblade shut up


will it work if we can maintain the

simulated town until Namine finishes

chaining together Sora's memories what

will happen to Roxas he holds half of

swords power within him in the end

you'll have to give it back until then

you'll need another personality to throw

off his pursuers poor thing it's the

fate of him nobody




yeah yeah


Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00


simply amazing roxas Axl you really do

remember me this time I'm so flattered

but you're too late


come here I'll make it all stop







you get on their bad side and they'll

destroy you no one would miss me that's

not true I would

axel let's meet again in the next life

yeah I'll be waiting silly just because

you have a next life

Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

Donald goofy at last the keyblade's

chosen one who are you talking to me or

Sora to half of Sora of course you

reside in darkness what I need is

someone who can move about the realm of

light and destroy organization thirteen

why who are you I am a servant of the

world and if I'm a servant then you

should consider yourself a tool at best

was that was that supposed to be a joke

cause I'm not laughing

my apologies this is only a data based



over here

I hate you so much you should share some

of that hatred with Sora he's far too

nice his own good no my heart belongs to





Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

you're lucky

looks like my summer vacations







soyah who's there sweetie

swirl wake up



Donald goofy

that was um

you mean we were asleep I guess we must

have inner eye

rafi so Rosie when do you think we went

to sleep let's see we defeated Ansem you

restored peace to the world found Kyrie

oh yeah and knowing what to look for


I think that's right so far when right

what is your journal say jiminy G

there's only one sentence bank nominate

hmm I wonder who that is


slapping wha wha wha wha what what do

you say we find out where we are

Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00










you know I think I've been to this town

what for hmm

yes I must have imagined it


what do you want oh nothing just

wondering what was back here now you

know this is our spot


what you're new around here right I'm

pence Haner

nice to meet you but we got stuff to do

so catch you later

my name is Alette hey did you finish up

the summer homework yet independent

studies are the worst huh homework hey

what are your names

oh sorry oh we're Sora Donald I am Gopi

hey there

Sora Donald goofy we've just met someone

who was looking for you sure seemed in a

hurry he had a black coat on so I

Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

couldn't see his face but he had these

big round ears


where'd you see them at the station the

station Thanks well you better get back

to that assignment


well close Prime girlfriend once

yeah let's get to the station









Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00







you gotta board the train and leave town

the Train knows the way here the king

was that really him it couldn't be him

yep I know it was wrong

the king was locked in the realm of

darkness right oh ho but we just saw him

yeah and if the king is here that means

Rico's here he's flammable well I'm

gonna go look for Riku then he and I can

go back to the islands together kairi's

they're waiting for us what are you two

gonna do worse the world we have to ask


her face

what do you say guys let's stick

together for one more journey to where

again we have to board the train oh yeah

come on



wait up

hey Sora what nothing but we came to see

you off it just seemed like something we

ought to do oh really



Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

you should hurry and get your tickets



huh y11

varible same


three tickets please



I can't help feeling like we won't see

this town again


Brown when you're thinking too much

yeah you're right










Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remaster Full Game Walkthrough 1080P 60FPS PS4 PRO English DUb Version.
Showcasing all cutscenes movie, all boss fights, all roxas scenes, final boss and the full ending of the game.

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  1. Bro que juegazo hay gente que no lo juega porque aparecen personajes disney la vd no entiendo a la gente, y que si aparecen personajes de disney el juego reluce asi tambien


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