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SearchThisVideo: KNACK 2 – GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH – PART 1 (HD PS4 Gameplay)

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hey guys what is going on buddy my

name's Walter ladies and gents welcome

to knack - this is the very first part

in our neck - Adventure of course the

game just got released today went to the

store managed to pick up my copy I was

actually kind of surprised but the game

was sold out so like if you didn't

pre-order the game it sold out so yes

that's a good thing for well I don't

know if that's a sign that the game is

really popular maybe just my location of

Game Stop did not get many copies but

either way that was pretty surprising to

hear nevertheless of course like always

don't forget guys if you do enjoy

today's episode and you want to see the

series on a daily basis maybe even a

couple episodes per day hit that like

button let's try to aim for 3000 likes

and let's through it saw me so here we

go the only one I've ever known

looks pretty good right that's because I

hope to save it once yep well I saved it

and I enjoyed that game I know a lot of

people absolutely despised it but I

thought it was my buns and this is my

home a beautiful place covered in

mysterious relics most think they're the

remnants of a long lost civilization

they're kind of important mostly because

they power like everything

yeah that sounds pretty pretty very very

important his whole life studying them

learning their secrets and one day he

discovered how to connect them to bring

life to create you neck and neck he can

do anything

like I said together we saved the world

and for a long time after our capital

city of New Haven thrived but now it's

being attacked I just can't help but

think things are going bad again oh wow

he's so much older I done

hardly she seems older she found I

always still will say I'm shocked by

knacks voice always cuz that like throws

me off that he's got such a deep voice

no but either way here we go alright

single player or co-op play obviously

we're gonna play single player for now

normal hard very hard uh let's play

normal cuz I remember the game being

quite difficult as it is all right think

that like if you play the game I'm like

very hard or something like that it was

like one shot and you're dead so it was

excruciating so I'm just trying to get a

garner on the controls here again wow it

looks really good I will see and it runs

very very smoothly like it has that

going for it that's for sure

oh wow look it now indicates your height

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

as you're playing how cool is that

that's neat

so we're back to 13 feet now we're

twelve point three feet so of course as

we take more and more damage we will

shrink in size so we can block attacks


how the heck could I get up there


I did not think that he was gonna go for

the double shot so quickly oh okay here

we go

and already yikes come on there we go I

was gonna say already we've got a crazy

crazy big battle coming up that was

pretty easy oh no I spoke too soon

I spoke way way way too soon oh here we


okay and here's a door of a little knack

of course our one to grow back whoa that

is really cool

okay I don't remember that being an

ability in the last game so that's

really cool to see that we can

essentially shrink and grow as the

circumstances demand ow


I like that you can like use combos now

that's pretty cool

cuz I don't remember that in the first

game you had the ability to kick and

punch with two distinct buttons I think

it was all under the same umbrella

quote-unquote so can I jump up there

what am I supposed to do here now can I

jump up here shrink back down it's just

so weird I really like the mechanic

though it is really cool so he's only

two feet tall cool said it can actually

affect the puzzling elements as well

because you can shrink and grow and then

maneuver around the environment based on

that that's cool design I like that the

world does feel a little empty still

which I know was a pretty big complaint

from several people for the first game

at least I'm actually also really

interested to see if there are any

collectibles that I should be worried

about okay so this is sort of

interesting because there's a couple

paths that I can take your one is to

carry on this way which is kind of what

you want to go to okay there we go

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

so there are collectibles here is a

relic this is the hidden treasure chest

try and find as many hidden gadgets and

crystal relics as you can there are 100

treasure chests to find in total so that

is a lot that's the Sun stone bomb part

collect the required parts and Eric will

be able to construct and use gadgets to

give him a special powers okay

interesting sounds good so I guess that

will be the sunstone bomb that he'll be

able to use there I think I can leave

all those relics back there I don't know

if I can or not like will I formulate a

peer yeah okay cool she's got like some

magnetic abilities to pull them towards

him can I go this way no I can't okay

I'll carry on this way then can't do

there can't do much there oh uh hey why

don't you mess with someone your own

size don't attack me please look we're

tiny I hope he does it attack us okay

you know what

let's see uh uh yeah yeah yeah I should

have been tiny there look at this that's


that's crazy

look how fast you response to that okay

I should probably get out of there while

I still can or else we're gonna get

knocked out this big giant neck nacked

out get it okay I should probably stop

that was a terrible terrible pun all

right I wonder do we have invasive

maneuvers is little nak okay we do it's

just like a little - though this one's a

bit more significant it seems whoa

good stuff managed to avoid oh whoa did

you just throw a car into the side of

the building yep I think you did block

their enemy fire double jump and hover

Wow okay so we're definitely being

taught some cool new mechanics wait can

I block while I'm gliding cuz I'm gonna

get hit

oh no okay oh darn it

oh man I really needed to be able to

close the gap there better okay either


hop up in here hey we're safe finally so

what right here we go relics are the

ancient objects from which knacks body

is assembled that grows larger by

collecting relics from boxes machines

and so on

here we go what's up folks

what's up Scissorhands you guys should

probably run good idea I like your

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

strategy I really want to test out this

attack as well that's kind of cool look

it's like a dropkick it exposes leg like

a whip that's pretty neat it doesn't

seem like there's anything else in these

boxes unfortunately I was sort of hoping

there would be something valuable there

but it was not meant to be oh okay yikes

just don't want to get high you guys

just gonna say I don't want to get hit

but still Maya has to get ahead of

course okay here we go

here's the sunstone gauge getting filled

up here that's kind of like um I would

describe it almost like as a special

move so Oh interesting

ow come on

there we go did I get any Sun stone from

that don't think I did but I wasn't too


whoa the camera angle changed with me I

thought I fell down that was crazy

okay get those few shards collected

there so I don't know if that filled it

up or not but I certainly tried okay

now prepare thyself why would I want to

jump onto here it's a little confusing

all right either way shut that thing

down and grow to a 13 foot tall knack

can even go whoa we're 15 feet now okay

here we go big and powerful knack

come on good stuff

got a smash and bash here oh hello there

we go hey that worked out pretty nicely

come on

nice dude that kick ability is awesome

it gets really really really good

alright so right now we're a 19-foot

knack already so this is the biggest

knack we've been so far I wonder how

ridiculous it will we get like will we

add ever point be the size of buildings

that'll be really interesting to see

okay hello

dodge whoa

I have to attack while he's not

attacking basically right

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

there are another one there whoa

whoa okay there we go


that not hit him

so I'm trying to close the gap here

against him right oh wait oh okay that's


yikes okay whoo that was close that was

a little bit too close for comfort so I

do need to be careful there York's come


come on on the offensive we go oh okay

good to know that that's what you do hey

back it up a little bit nak let's go

buddy come on

here we go nice finally some good damage

done all right

that was probably the most difficult

fight so far not gonna lie that was not

too easy but we got the job done relic

energy this is a mysterious light blue

energy that can be collected by

defeating enemies and opening treasure

chests you can use this energy to power

up neck in fact why don't you give it a

try press in touch the touchpad okay so

we have an upgrading system in place so

we have the ability to learn body slam I

guess that's what we have to learn

because it's not really letting me

select anything else

so we've learned the ability to body

slam now cool what are the other

abilities the way of speed has been

opened wait wasn't a body slam the name

of the move can I see the names of stuff

or no the next path will open when you

learn all basic skills keep collecting

relic energy to power up neck further it

is body slam okay cool let's see what

it's like whoa that's a cool move and

we've got dodge speed up that would be

really nice actually multi punch that

looks really cool too super duck whoa I

can dodge through enemies weight around

the enemy so that you're behind him I

thought he went through him can I see

that again yeah he went like through him

I was a little odd okay so this sounds

pretty awesome I can't wait to earn some

more power points so we can get nak

upgraded even further oh my gosh three

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

of them let's go these guys are like

Megatron wannabes we're gonna play some

bowling oh here we go time for the body


hey that works it's got a lot of Splash

Damage - oh you can deflect stuff that's

really cool all right Little Neck let's

go buddy now be careful what the heck is

shooting me

well okay careful careful take it easy

Oh every are assembled a little too

early I did not think they're all right

I'm good now

here we go so first get up there and

then reassemble

yikes okay aren't you annoying Wow

pretty good damage by them okay so what

was the plan here use the big giant

wrecking ball now

that seemed like the strategy so swing

over there perfect dude look at you you

could be the next Indiana Jones if he

needs replacing here we go

QuickTime events

oh come on get them all get the perfect

strike oh oh look at that guys it's like

a boomerang it's coming right back

around here we go

whoa that was cool look at that that's

why I like I do think it's a really

interesting gameplay mechanic like being

able to reassemble and assemble and

we'll see how extensive they get with it

because of course some of the coolest

stuff so far has happened through

cutscenes or QuickTime events

watch out

and goodbye nak wins again

oh so we're still the hero that this

place deserves right or something like

that kind of like Batman

Are you excited? Time to dive into the sequel of KNACK!

If we can get to 2000 Likes that would be absolutely awesome :-)
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Knack II is an action-platformer video game developed by SIE Japan Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. It is the sequel to the 2013 game Knack, and is scheduled to be released worldwide in September 2017.

The Game is a Playstation 4 Exclusive, at least at the time of the upload.

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