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    L Tips:How to demolish Has Been Heroes (Also I'm a Ghost)

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    Last video promise. But this handy dandy guide should help anyone understand how to play and beat the game

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    Comment (6)

    1. Great tips! Was a little confused about the spell slots. So the slot bonus only applies to the specific spell that is in the slot? Not all of the spells for the character?

    2. I absolutely love this game and have beat it 6 or 7 times. However since then I can't seem to get past the last guy no matter what I do. I am hoping what you said about ice and wind becomes the piece of the puzzle I need. Great video keep it up.

    3. Hey is there anyway you could do a complete match from to start to finish and stream it or even put it on here. Are you on twitch. Seriously this would help me a ton and be much appreciated.

    4. never seen this much stuff in one run
      i won like 3 times
      every 8 hours a good combination
      im currently farming for more items and spells and hoping to catch a good run for new heroes
      kinda soul crushing
      wish there was an easy mode


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