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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20in this video we played the whole pj masks video game from start to finish whoa this is our longest video of all time so make sure to grab some snacks grab your plushies get cozy because this is a legendary video with all sorts of secrets and surprises hidden along the way yo this is liz i don't even know how to describe it's just crazy we fight against romeo night ninja and luna girl and save the city from evil villains no way no way what is this oh are you ready let's go [Music] what is up guys welcome to this episode of ladybug today we are playing pj masks heroes of the night hey guys something weird happened to me this morning i was sure he had taken my homework to school but when i arrived it wasn't there yes my homework wasn't in my backpack either and i know i put it there me too so i'm kind of happy it happened cause i had some trouble with the exercise something fishy is going on we better investigate something's flashy romeo do the cat cars romeo stole their homework bro oh all right guys so this game is brand new it's so cool and we gotta make the first mission which is getting our homework bro in the in the pj masks rory wow guys this is so exciting get some popcorn this is gonna be a fun video guys this is about to be an absolute movie dude because there's like a bunch of different games that are in this game bro we gotta get our homework back from romeo bro yeah and justin i actually got a pj masks surprise for you at the end of the video are you serious 100 yes okay we can press the spacebar to accelerate whoa put it overdrive wow we get a reward if i get all the jabs i gotta get all the jabs oh i wonder what the reward is bro we gotta find out what it is it's probably a max level pj masks romeo overdrive hyperloop uh a reward problem yeah oh rams wow wow we're going so fast this game is lit bro all right get them all get them all bro i'm in the cat mobile yeah we're going so fast i'm zooming oh watch out watch out watch out there was a roadblock oh you got it dude i gotta make sure i get all the jabs up dude the ramps are so fun to go off of dude this game is sick bro look at the graphics bro yeah and guys this is a special video because we're gonna try and make it as far as we can in the game dude we're gonna try and beat the whole game bro yeah and i don't think anyone's ever actually beaten the entire game because it's such a new game you really think so you really think that if you really okay we got 100 jabs nice whoa what is this whoa all right romeo is hiding in a rooftop not far from here we need to catch him okay we gotta catch up jump button to jump over the obstacles yo this game is sick oh a special amulet an ammo lit an omelette what i think it's like a special like necklace or something bro i love omelets bro oh super cat jump do a super cat jump press the jump button once and press i've been doing that this whole time bro double jump wow dude i'm gonna speedrun this game guys i gotta see more of those cutscenes those cut scenes feel like a movie bro yeah how will i know which way to go catboy quick here's your cat ears to find out which way romeo went bro bro we got so many powers bro whoa you're gonna use your cat ears yeah whoa oh cool this game is lit bro this is like when i watch pj masks or paw patrol they asked me which way the villains went and i help them yeah that's true you know what i mean yeah let's go all right we gotta catch up to romeo and get that homework back give me back my homework romeow you got it dude and like we said guys we're trying to beat as much of the game as possible for you guys because i know this game is new and super crazy dude i'm going 100 i'm gonna get every single gem bro so we get those rewards because they said we got a secret reward if we get every gem yeah your turn owlette your turn let's go owlette oh we can probably fly as her no way we gotta get the amulet though we don't have her power yet ah that's true that's true bro this is too crazy bro yeah whoa this is too long to jump you need to use your flight powers to continue that's what i'm saying hold the jump button hold it to jump let's go yo this is lit make sure you get them all this [Music] this power halloween use owl wing with a yo wow great now i can finally continue dude i'm addicted bro hey adam if you need me later i'll be playing this game are you serious are you serious bro come on out let's go we gotta go save the world bro nearby make sure you find it oh we gotta find the amulet bro oh and the gems are moving now wait is there a gem down here no that's a street light all right i got the amulets [Music] one more we just gotta get one more amulet one more bro this game is too crazy bro i feel like i'm in a movie right now bro yeah you're right we're gekko oh it's gekko you can climb down the building with your gekko powers just get close to the edge to stick to it and start climbing we got gekko powers no way you can climb on the walls hey yo oh that's so cool i could do that real life yeah adam mom gets real mad at me when i do it keep an eye out for it amulet it's another amulet bro all right we gotta get these gems though you got it dude yeah sometimes justin puts like tape on his hands and tries to climb the walls i don't try i succeed [Applause] where's the amulet bro where's the amulet it could be anywhere i don't see the amoled bro i don't see it bro where's the amoled bro maybe we gotta get all the gems and it'll unlock it for us bro where's the omelette bro i'm hungry bro where's the envelope it's gotta be close are you serious wait was it back there i thought i saw something nah we can't go wait what i'm going back wait where bro i s i could have made sure that i saw something i could have made sure you didn't see nothing bro just check go backwards i think there was something glowing and green you got to be trolling me bro you're trolling me bro why would you do it wow [Music] i'm a rookie pj masks bruh i really almost let the pj masks down bro wow that would have been bad are you serious good job angel thank [Music] select your super gekko camouflage power to continue this is in real life too wow what a cool power that's why i put the lucky box blanket over me and i crawl around and nobody can see me because i'm invisible yeah cause if i can't see them they can't see me that's how that works let's go that's true yo we're gekko all right we're gonna get that homework dude we gotta get all the gems bro i'm not gonna miss a single gem bro yeah that gives you a special bonus we gotta see what the special bonus is bro we gotta get that gem bonus you know what i mean yeah and you gotta see what your surprise is at the end of the video that's what i'm saying bro yo this is too crazy man i really can't even process how crazy this game is bro yeah dude i feel like i'm playing the craziest video game of all time bro honestly if you beat enough of this game they might justin let you into pj masks are you serious yes p just the masks bro exactly pj j for justin bro p justin asks yeah they've been needing a new hero and you would be perfect bro i'll be thick collect instead of owlette you know what i mean i could be milko yeah you be milk more milk boy we're here to stop you well hello pj masks i thought you might come we know what you've been doing romeo hand over the homework now oh you mean these papers i'll give them back after robot has read them all he'll become so smart i'll finally be able to take over the world now do something you be tin can oh no way owlette is crazy oh super cat speed that's me when i'm on the playground oh no no you box of bolts we worked really hard on these assignments romeo you have to give them back fine take them i'll think of a better plan anyway i'm sure you will romeo and we'll be here to stop it i'll get you next time pj masks well it seems you got all the homework back oh don't worry gekko we'll help you with yours thanks guys pj masks i'll shout hooray cuz in the night we save the day hooray wow so that was the first level guys did we get a hundred tips no way no way please i didn't i don't think i missed any did i yes 200 and we got all the amulets yeah dude we're gonna get a super big reward bro oh here we go nobody's done this bro we unlocked your reward wait what's it gonna be wait what is that like a little trophy it's a trophy bro that's lit we got broad silver and gold wow art bro are you serious right now romeo oh that's so cool [Music] that's lit that's so cool bro yeah hey next mission balloons in the city we can do it i right i saw a car tied up to a balloon flying past the rooftops that's impossible cars can't fly owlette yeah owlette i don't think that's possible either what's that pj robot the ninjalino if one of them is here i'm sure night ninja can't be far away not night ninja no [Applause] what's funny right now bro what's funny no guys night ninja is scary not night ninja bro no i miss jabs oh no i gotta restart i gotta restart level i gotta restart level we gotta get perfect every time bro are you serious bro that i think i got hacked right there by night ninja yeah i think the spy hacker night ninjas hacked me i mean that's what you got to expect if you're gonna be part of the pj masks bro nobody said being part of the pj masks would be easy bro nobody said it's it's hard guys nobody said it would be easy bro oh you got it dude bro this is so difficult bro whoa i missed the jabba it's okay we're gonna miss some of them bro all right guys i'm just gonna try to speed around this game dude getting all the gems really difficult especially in this level it's hard to see like how high to go yeah you'll unlock a reward if you get them i'll rub it in cat boy i missed a few i'm sorry i let you down it's okay it's okay just like everything else in my life i let you down oh this is so cool i'm sorry bro this is so crazy bro i feel like i'm actually flying right now i missed about four jams whoa okay now we're owlette bro all the ninjalinos are going to a rooftop not far from here not the ninjalinos bro i'm gonna eat some totino's pizza rolls bro that's a good idea they'll give me more uh gaming power bro yeah i need to eat the totinos to beat the ninjalinos bro yeah good idea justin bro this game is so crazy man you got it peter shows an amulet nearby there's an amulet bro it's probably down here uh it's probably a little bit further ahead i will find it you'll unlock a reward if you get them all there it is all right well that was really tough dude that was i almost missed that one bro yeah this is gonna be all you i cannot help you like i did on the gecko level okay i got it fly up and use your owl eyes that will let owl eyes and use your powers to get a better view [Music] oh owl eyes whoa there goes the ninjalinos whoa they can see through the wall all right it's all up to justin can he bring himself to victory impossible nothing's impossible we're the pj masks yeah yeah bro it was so funny and it was so fun no you got it dude you got it i'm gonna join the pj masks they're gonna see this game play and recruit me i only miss four gems yeah exactly you go catboy oh swap into catboy all right catboy's really quick guys catboy's quick wit it good job good job double jump use your super cat go i know super cat jump i oh we need we need the wind wings bro oh man we used owlette to get through this last time let's go owlette let's go let's go wait i gotta call oh you gotta swap oh this game is getting too difficult there's too many buttons bro owl wing-winged what is your owl wing-wing come on damn let's go we got the ambulance bro nice all right one more just gekko's going we need next find nightmares now remember you had a tough time on this one last time don't mess up again you guys i won't let the pj masks down and yourself down and your mother yeah she's watching let's go gekko all right you got it dude all right time to slither around here we go we might get to go camouflage slytherin around town all right where would they hide the amulet bro where'd they put the omelet bro probably near the chickens it literally could be anywhere dude bro where is it bro i'm looking i got my eyes peeled like some bananas bro i got my eyes peeled bro come on get go time to make like a banana and split right now don't be so short why are they taping all the cars to balloons bro yeah i don't know night ninja is really mean that's some really evil ninjalino stuff right there bro yeah don't ever do that guys like why would you do that bro all right you gotta do something's blocking the way but it can't go back now okay use your super gecko muscles you should be in he can move that way you can do this gekko use your super strength this guy's jacked whoa this guy's jacked easy peasy lizard squeezy a what the computer shows an amulet nearby oh here's the ambulance i can't mess this up dude it's nearby i can't okay so weird like i feel like i i feel like i passed it bro i think it's so weird that's so weird hold on let me get lovely let me double check so weird justin it's right there my gecko chances are tingling you found it no it's right there that's so weird it's probably ahead of us dude no no no no no no go back go back go back i'm going back bro what you saw it yeah to the left yeah bro dude you almost missed it again you think you were here adam because i think my brain is too excited by this game bro like i couldn't even think properly bro it's okay man we all make small mistakes everybody make mistakes everybody has those dates but you know like do you know what i mean yeah not everyone can be perfect all the time that's what i'm saying bro but then i think to myself you know i mean right nobody's perfect bro i gotta work it you know what i mean yeah a hundred percent oh i gotta work it bro i'm working so i could join the pj masks bro yeah and it's working well dude i think they're gonna let you on i hope so adam i hope they see this as my recruitment tape and they let me on do you know that we paid 40 for this game what yeah guys that's a fun fact this game is brand new and it's like a crazy popular game but it's pretty expensive you mean we spent 40 of your mom's dollars on this game i use my own credit card for this game you don't have a credit card and why you make stuff up you have the same credit card i do it's just a piece of cardboard your mom drew on we're allowed to use money on it wow ah that's it keep at it the pj masks ninjalinos which one of you goofs led them here this is public property you've taken night ninja you must return it right now ninjalinos get rid of these pests oh [Music] super gekko all right then i'll do it myself ninjalinos [Music] you had to come and ruin the fun didn't you pj masks you win for now but you won't be so lucky next time you'll see sorry for not believing you earlier yeah i'm sorry too owlette we should have known you were right that's okay guys the important thing is that we stop night ninja and now we can return the stolen property pj masks saw shout hooray because in the night we saved the day we did it bro i wasn't ready for this bro like i was not ready to be a superhero bro yeah but you're gonna turn into one by the end of this game i'm already transforming i'm leveling up i only missed four gems that's really good i would say so oh well we'll tank say well we'll tanks i think we might get another trophy i think we need to get all 200 to get the trophy oh man but we tried our best oh we got a reward we got silver so you got to get everything to get gold ah that makes sense but i'll take silver stealing stuff from the city with balloons we got there just in time to stop let's go dude let's go all right what's next bro this is all the levels whoa we gotta make it to the max level bro are we actually gonna beat the entire game we're gonna beat the entire bro distinct gas bro it's the stink gasket are you serious bro yes yeah what is that smell it wasn't me i swear echo what did you do nothing i just said it wasn't me what's that it's coming from under the city i don't know but we'll find out to the gekko mobile bra all right we're in the gekko-mobile this is so late what are all these pipes we're into sewage come on we need to go faster press this button to accelerate we're in the sewage right now bro oh i think there's gonna be a monster that comes dude why they got the stinky gas down here bro i don't know it's like penny wise you'll get a special reward if you get them all i will get them all this time i won't mess up all right we cannot let catboy down all right i won't let any of them down adam let's go wow those ramps are so cool let's go dude let's go are we actually gonna go to the last level of this game why would you even ask that obviously bro obviously we gotta see the whole game all right all right i'm addicted wow we're almost at the end of this obstacle course guys look at it look at how slick i be bro we're underwater in the gekko gekko-mobile bro this is so cool okay this is where i get confused how high i should be to get the gems okay all right you got them oh no it's all right it's all right okay you know what guys we're just gonna finish the game forget the gems the jabs are too hard yeah it's a really tough game guys that's what i'm saying it's too difficult okay oh oops you got it don't worry i know i got it oops they look like the cheese balls you always eat yeah i love cheese puffs yeah dude this is crazy bro i didn't know the gecko mobile could go under water do you think that in this game because so few people have made it to the very end they might have put like a leak at the very end bro like what if there's a new pj mask character what that they hid in this game and you could only see them if you beat all the levels are you serious i don't know guys we might be unveiling the new pj masks member that would be life-changing bro what's funny about that bro i would cry i know you cry at most things though yeah that's true that's nothing special yeah this game is two it's too late bro oh where are we at now oh we're crawling we're crawling can you smell it robot the sweet smell of success i have no sense of spell master but i'm sure it's delicious huh would they cook it up in here uh i don't know some stinky stuff nearby keep an eye out for it that's if we have that then it gets stinky after right oh there's a there's an amulet dude why is justin what where's the amoled bro do it entirely what i picked the wrong power oh no dude we're letting them down no i picked the right one bradley i did it i did it bro all right you get it all right let's go let's go bruh oh there's the hamlet bro i'm not missing this one you see all right we got it this time bro tell me romeo's not cooking adam's favorite bean soup tell me bro oh boy oh boy don't do it romeo don't do it to him that's interesting this whole level is just gekko yeah maybe as we keep going like there's going to be character specific levels guess what i'm saying bro man the owlette levels are going to be my favorite why because i love the flying oh yeah but i like all of them okay okay let's go gekko let's get it all right let's get it oh we're almost at the end guys [Music] oh owlette switched in oh nice yeah if you guys played this game let us know if you were able to get more gems than justin because i think getting the gems is really hard yeah they'll unlock a reward if you get them all yeah because that would be a flex like if someone got more gems than you like that that's a huge flex well yeah but i'm trying to speed run right but you're also like an elite gamer so like if anyone's yeah sports team so yeah yeah i play esports out of just drinking soup with his super gekko muscles talk to him all right let's go let's go gekko all right he's super strong move move the stuff [Music] this guy's ripped yeah it really teaches you that you got to rely on other people sometimes in life how do you get so ripped probably from eating i don't know a lot of uh gekko green food or something oh now we're owlette guys let's see if we can beat this level i'm getting out of here bro oh okay amulet nearby there's omelette nearby bro don't let it pass you where the eggs at there they are we're so funny what do you think the last level of this game is going to be probably some bean soup fried to drake you know what i mean i don't know maybe it's like an epic romeo battle oh really yeah you'll need some bean soup i don't think so no i think it's what we're battling against right now good job there's a gem over here i almost missed it oh no way they put an amulet back here right no way i got bamboo oh it's all right yeah we're doing good that would be a good hiding spot though go cowboy go dude adam wants to see me lose bro like i guess rooting for you i want you to do so well that you joined the pj masks i i'm already part that's every time i watch their show they say thank you for helping you're part of the pj masks they say that bro i'm already a part of it bro okay more gems now i mean guys they obviously already have blue for catboy green for gekko and owlette but like they have a lot of colors they haven't used i think a purple justin pj masks would be great or maybe like uh like a yellow like macaroni boy or an orange cheese boy like i ate him i bet there's a hidden amulet down here bro no way bro this game's getting too difficult man how am i supposed to keep track of everything bro i'm not a calculator we're looking for that amulet there it is it's nearby bro it's going too fast i can't go this way what should i do should i do do this what is that super speed super cat that's smart oh nice he can run through electricity because he's fast yeah i don't see the emily bro all right we'll keep an eye out it's all good do you see it i do not see it no i'm on the move well done i found it i probably didn't even see that one nice job justin that was a great find he's too busy thinking about being soup trying to create as many gems as you can let's go all right let's go we need to catch romeo yeah let's get him dude i bet he's up here i bet he's close by yup oh yup time's up romeo jj masks how did you find me here what did you do this time romeo the whole city smells horrible i was pumping stink gas into the city before you so rudely interrupted me stink ass why would you do that why to empty the city of course and once everyone has escaped i'll come out of the cave and take over the city that's actually really smart though to camouflage no to empty the city and take over see no no no no [Music] cue super cat speed let's go that was an a by the way all right let's go catboy let's go sweet let's go bro your plans have failed nice we stopped him from the stinky guests i had it all figured out before you showed up you'll pay for this no we won't romeo we did it seems the smell was romeo's fault all along yeah but not anymore pj masks i'll shout her right in the night we're saying i say that at the end of the episodes too nice what's so funny bro all right guys that's three levels down i had to run around the whole city cleaning up your best aim what's so funny bro the stinky gas bro let's go oh indeed let's move on next level i'm so sleepy me you're getting tired it's the moon it's impossible to sleep when the moon is so bright huh this tastes [Music] no not luna girl bro all right guys it's luna girl it doesn't look like night time at all the gameplay is getting really different and writer writer i need to make her even brighter swerve okay so luna girl is making the city really bright and that means no one can sleep yeah bro but that's like adam has a night light you know i mean same thing but that would be like if our nightlight was turned up to like a thousand why you say r i don't have one only you have one bro all right you turn yourself to max brightness yeah to get away the monsters yeah all right guys we're in the cat mobile let's go i'm gonna can't rory we gotta stop luna girl dude we're gonna stop luna girl bro no question about it yeah we might actually leak the new pj masks character are you serious bro oh this looks different yeah the gameplay looks completely like a different game right press the jump button to jump over the obstacles [Music] will be able to stop me now i'm so focused don't even laugh on us stop they probably remind you of the instructions every level because most people are probably not as smart or like huge triple brain as you but like yeah yeah yeah yeah well tanks yeah like most people just have one brain but justin literally has three in his head yeah yeah yeah because like i would need the instructions every level because i would just forget yeah but justin does not know the pats listen too super cat hearing bro boom cat ears boom [Music] oh smart i know where he went smart smart bro we're gonna get luna girl bro wow yeah she's gotta make the city dark again that's so mean dude that's messed up bro nobody can sleep bro [Music] yeah that one would have gone right over my head but not me because i watch pj masks ouch all right this game is too crazy bro whoa a ferris wheel of tokens we're so funny yeah you're right it is the ferris wheel of token that's cool but i'm not even pick them all up cause i already missed a few so it doesn't even matter oh well it's still a flex if you get like close to 200. yeah all right time for gekko bro all right here we go do it get go do it do it oh in here you got it you got it nice we're doing good all right we cannot miss the amulet well i won't miss the ambulance bro man there could be so many cool new characters for pj masks honestly like bro there's so many powers they haven't used yet like they have climbing they have running fast and flying but yeah there's a lot of powers that they could have right i've been um sending a mail to the um to the pj masks every day trying to give them new power ideas oh yeah i remember you were right [ __ ] crap yeah and i mailed them to pj masks headquarters right what's so funny bro like you think that's funny no i i think that maybe one day they'll reply to us that's what i'm saying bro it's only been about five years yeah i'll keep trying bro yeah just never give up uh that's what i'm saying bro i don't give up on anything in life man i thought they might have hit an amulet there nope adam doesn't know where the omelets are i know where is it it's coming up it's not here yet they didn't say it was here oh luna girl's up ahead wait we're luna girl we didn't find the amulet oh oh spaghettios [Music] where's the hamlet that would be pretty embarrassing that would be so embarrassing that's not going to happen though keep collecting gems no problem i got it i got an owlette i know the gems are getting harder and like more tricky to get for sure the gem bonus what's even the point getting the gems if i missed a bunch already just to flex on people i guess the flex yeah likes and jams and maybe the gems might have something to do with the surprise that i have for you at the end of the video dude we had to beat every level to get that surprise bro yeah i need help from my teammate oh we gotta turn to cat boy yeah and run fast let's go gotta go fast yeah and you guys should go fast to and get yourself some blanky box merch like the brand new mystery scented squishies rocky smells like rocky road ice cream boxy smells like a tropical paradise and foxy actually smells like donuts bro she smells like jellyfish donuts especially oh the amulet's nearby amla it's right there bro i found i found the hamlet yeah and you guys can also get the new lanky box thick adventure book which is a super cool book it shows you the story of how all these guys got so thick and it has us in it it has boxy foxy rocky ghosty stinky candy thick shark everyone it's such a cool book so make sure to get it bro this game is getting really stressful i don't know how much longer i can keep playing well that's why you need a lanky box squishy to get rid of your straps yup i got squishy foxy here yep okay we're doing good we're doing good all right we're owlette i'm outlet i'm outlet all right we're flying now oh there's obstacles now it's an evil robot oh that was actually kind of scary i i got spooked all right you guys wheel ferris wheel got them all nice no i don't i don't care all right i'm a bad boy i'm a speed run here we go let's go come on owlette you can do it all right where are they hiding that amulet pj masks they will reply to win-win win-win easy yeah now we know how to beat this level i already know let's go all right let's go great now i can finally continue nice good job outlet roger over watch out owlette jump okay if you if you could one thing right now what would you tell them i'm telling you right now that's what you're listening jump out let jump fly nice whoa big jump okay fly down okay fly up there's ambulant around us owlette there it is pick it up thanks fly good awesome nice okay go lower go higher okay nice buy you owlette oh boy oh boy we did it we made it bro it's time to stop luna girl cold in her tracks yeah we have to we got you bro do it for everyone in the city yeah because everyone's probably really cranky right now because they can't get to sleep that's what i'm saying bro that's what i'm saying that's messed up luna girl yeah i don't like being cranky that's messed up bro luna girl what did you do this time kitty cat you've come what's the problem couldn't sleep you know we couldn't you made the moon brighter you noticed isn't it great my moon powers are stronger than ever even the moths are more powerful check it out moss attack no don't attack us q q q q q qq this is so intense bro oh all right luna's girl is going to attack you x x x take the hoverboard huh he didn't even do anything okay g super cat speed yes awesome zomano oh [Music] much better no you've ruined it it's not over pj masks that's what they always say finally we'll be able to sleep yes but let's go back home first don't you think pj masks i'll shout hooray nice all right we're so funny now we stopped luna grog if i go sleep yeah time to get some shut eye [Music] wait justin you can't sleep while you're filming what we're not filming i'm helping pj masks oh gotcha gotcha observe it i'm absolutely zooming trophy get another trophy silver [Music] luna girl loaded girl trophy silver we got four of the trophies only 12 more to go okay adam now it's time for the key to the museum wow the keys to the museum what's the matter gekko everything all right yeah it's just that i really wanted to visit the museum today but it was closed again it's been closed all week romeo still hasn't left the underwater cave hmm suspicious isn't it [Music] robot is in the museum this can't be a coincidence he went underground to the gekko-mobile we gotta open up the museum bro so we can all go there and learn all right so we're in the gekkomobile here we go guys our goal in this video is to beat the entire game so i'm not even gonna worry about the jams it doesn't matter we're just trying to speed run bro yeah this might be the only video on youtube that has the entire game on it for real guys because there's gonna be a huge secret at the end i bet bro well not only do i have a surprise for justin but there might actually be some huge pj masks surprise secrets that we're gonna reveal i think i think it's gonna be a pj masks great yeah a pj league a leak j mass bro you name it yeah i think it's on its way bro [Music] [Applause] [Music] yeah what's your favorite vehicle to drive so far i like this one i like um i like owlettes because you get to see the city i like get goes though cause you go underwater yeah geckos is cool the cat rory you know is very similar to my real life probably so you know it's fun to drive it all but i get to do that normally that's true yeah in the backyard yeah on the sidewalk okay here we go here we go nice nice nice nice nice girl jab i don't even care about the jab let's get out of here whoa oh all right guys we're gonna go to the museum bro this thing be so fast bro this thing be zooming all right let's go all right guys we're gonna speedrun this game dude that kind of looked like squidward's house at the start what yeah see that in the back a squain word oh we died yeah what they got squidward in here people follow us this time oh i don't know something about the robots you're talking the robot was talking to romeo and they they don't think that we can actually beat them on this level you guys doubt us don't don't ever count us out they said that you and the pj masks were a bunch of weenie babies nah i'm not nah bro no chance they said that right i'm not a weenie bro yeah so now you gotta oof that's what we're gonna do romeo you you've had enough romeo i'ma turn you into oreo i'ma dunk on you is what i mean yeah guys we're gonna go through this game super speed like catboy when he runs that's what i'm doing bro i'm speedrunning this game nobody probably has ever gotten the high score max level high speed like me bro no one we got camouflage villains up ahead gekko you need to sneak past them with your super gekko camouflage yup that's what i'm doing super gekko camouflage super gang camouflage all right nice gekko really good guys leave a comment letting us know which super power in this game you like the best the the owl wind wings the camouflage the catboy speed there's a lot of good ones in this game i would choose to camouflage what about you adam i would probably choose the catboy speed why uh because he can run through electricity that's so cool that's what you want to do you what you do you do that often no but i wish i could run as fast as catboy oh yeah i'm not as fast as him or you don't worry adam i've been training though on the playground yeah every time we play tag i tag adam and he never able to take me back that's true comes so fast oh speaking of cat boy we swapped in the cat boy with the double jump well yeah the double jump is so cool because there's like electricity when he jumps i would say out of all the characters my favorite to play as is catboy oh he's fun he's double jump is really fun to play okay it's getting more difficult bro oh oh oh oh oh oh good thing i'm a pro gamer yeah you got it dude don't worry you're a pro esports gamer i know gekko i know i know i've been training yeah like i said guys this game it reminds you of the instructions but that's just because i don't know maybe it thinks we forgot it thinks we forgot but i'll never forget bro what's a pj mask always a pj mask that's true i pressed the wrong button that's okay super gekko bustles yes thanks gekko see you guys the pj masks teach you an important lesson teamwork makes the dream work bro right like if we were just alone we probably couldn't do as much as when we're together that's what i'm saying bro yeah that's what i'm saying check it out hamlet i don't even care about the ambulance anymore oh it said it was nearby all i care about is speedrunning this game dude do you think we're gonna like do worse or like romeo is gonna oof us if we don't find amulets no i don't think so i think we'll be all right guys all right i'm just gonna forget about the amulets and the gems guys i'm trying to speedrun this game yeah i just wanna see what the last level is when they reveal the new character okay me too whoops you got tricks come on catboy you can do it man i think it'd be so cool if they made a rainbow pj masks character bro they might bro they really might that could have the powers of all the other pj masks are you serious what that would be too powerful bro like they could have like super strength and then all of a sudden just have like the ability to fly dude that would be too powerful bro that would be the epic pj masks rainbow character that would be like me if i had powers that's true yeah you are very good thanks aunt thanks you're welcome well thanks good job thanks gekko wow everyone's saying how good you are i'm doing my best dude these levels i will say these levels are pretty long yeah it's a lot of high level skill platforming yeah a lot of ways you can do i need catboy bro what happens if you pick the wrong thing that's what i did before just nothing happens so you basically can't fail okay that's good i'll press this one see it doesn't work try again there you go that's like to test your iq basically because oh yeah it's not that simple of a game got it yeah it's not a game for babies because otherwise i would i would you know because i've i've missed a couple amulets and stuff so that's definitely definitely a very difficult game thanks catboy thanks wow everyone's so supportive of you can i try my best to add that's all you can do in life we all want to see justin what's cowboy wow oh god i'm so excited to see the cut scene with romeo in the museum at the end of this level bro we're going to eat on him bro we're going to more like a dumb bro yeah it's literally like we're going to watch the show but we're playing the game that's why i feel like i've been saying i feel like i'm in a movie right now bro like it's crazy yeah like when you look in the mirror it's like catboy's looking back at you what it's like you are turning into one of the pj masks because deep down i always been a cat you again i thought i'd gotten rid of you when i ordered robot to close the museum wait you did that of course i did it has a direct connection to this cave but i love going to the museum not my problem get them robot no oh no stop him oh dude this is crazy let's go good timing good timing nice all right don't mess up the next one romeo hand over the keys to the museum i won't never i'll never give them to you give them all over give it to us romeo [Music] all right you got it just remember d is the one next to the uh the s key justin c a b c d bro you don't even know d there we go let's go you try to trick me [Music] huh fine take them i didn't need them anyway see you later how about a visit to the museum tomorrow yes pj masks i'll show her ready tonight what's so fun what's so funny huh what happened responding to you no it's not jessica it's funny to you i'm getting invited to join the pj masks and your band no i just want to see the next level that's funny to me bro now the next one called moon fizzle balls in the park that's funny too you see you don't take it seriously man no it's luna school today i know right i swear they were all saying something like moo what hmm wait a second what if they were saying moon luna girl to the owl glider nice we get to drive the the owl glider i love this yeah this is one of the best vehicles in the game bro top three they were saying move like adam when he was hey yo yeah i didn't really be doing that guys see now we have proof yeah he'd be crawling around the house on all fours just doing that bro dude can you actually beat luna girl his mom says bro you need to stop bro you need to go and get a job he just keeps doing it bro like hey yo she's gonna be going around the house and he learned that for moon yeah you do that i learned i love my animals i learned my animals in the picture books you say what no i don't you lying i learned the picture books i learned the picture book you said cows going and now i have learned and now he doesn't but he does it crawling around all fours and stuff i don't do that so because i don't want to forget oh i see yeah if you don't constantly remind yourself of stuff guys you might forget don't want to forget your roots yeah we're zooming we're absolutely zooming we gotta stop the moon fizzle balls all right we're gonna stop luna here guys let's go we just have to follow the trail until we find luna girl you got it catboy for moon fizzleball i will nicely done yup i don't take this game seriously but i do it's like a real you'll job a reward if you get them all i know gekko oh you almost ran into one of the best no i didn't know everyone joined the race oh look at how big the moon is oh look how much i don't care because i bit i got my eyes on the prize i'm watching luna girl what's that song you always saying the the ocean eyes i think you're on luna girl's side bro you try to distract me bro okay cuz i got those oh [ __ ] eyes you know what i mean but in this game you got the owl eyes i got those oh can you open this game i don't think so all right that was a close one it might seem like they made it so that it's impossible to lose this game but i think the stakes are very high actually yeah i would say there's a real chance we might oof in real life playing this game well that might be part of the surprise that i have for you what you're gonna oof in real life bro maybe evil pj masks 3am will come an ophea no dude yep catboy's gonna turn into oak boy no yep oof boy at 3 a.m oof happy meal no you better you better you turn into cowboy and then you get nine lives like a cat bro i don't want him to give me the mick ufo with the oof sauce bro yeah don't stop i will okay okay fine justin i won't don't i won't you're all right i know i'm all right i know how to do it gekko i know look how good i am dude nice platforming yeah oh good use of the double jump yeah there's an ambulance how do you get in there how do i get up there oh you have to like make your way back ready how do i get up there how are you there i think what you do is you jump on the box you jump on that platform then you go back oh i don't care all right all right all right all right i do my own thing yeah we got romeo to stop dude that's what i'm saying bro forget it again i know gekko i know yes i know yeah gekko's your friend yeah one of my only friends right yep me and gekko and owlette yeah sad though when the tv turns off three of my friends disappear yeah that's true what did they're back the next day at the same time yeah i don't know how that works i owe gekko i know you already told me that's like a hacker move can you jump on top of the things oh yeah oh yeah wow we're breaking the game oh yeah i know all the hacks bro all right okay cool oh yeah it's a real pj mask yeah i'll be at pj masks and then maybe i can ask my mom to make his pbs yep i'll have a one after this video in your pjs yep while you're from james do what i'll be right in the pjs man that stands for private jelly i get my own jelly cups has to share his jello pudding cups with his mom right now yeah because you eat them all no no because i'm a good boy and i know what i'm doing see i'm saving the world i'm just sitting there watching that's true that's true all right we've seen this before oh that was a tough one that almost got me down you gotta do it i know owlette all right keep jumping you got it that's what i'm doing what i'm doing see this game is really it's teaches you a lot of good lessons in life like you don't want to give up too early like have we have given up maybe on the first level or the second level we never would have been able to actually stop luna girl or stop romeo that's what i'm saying bro we gotta stop them all yeah and so the really the only way to do that is to actually beat the whole game that's what we have to do bro and we have to find out the secret new character yeah yep that's what if they actually added uh like paw patrol or ladybug as a pj masks character like hear me out i'm sure paw patrol or ladybug love having sleepovers and wearing pjs when they go to bed why couldn't they be in the pj masks that's not how that works adam how does it work you love wearing your pjs and having sleepovers but that doesn't make you a pj mask that's true but i'm not a hero like paw patrol or ladybug that's true bro yeah you wouldn't understand adam one day when you're older we'll explain it to you who's we me and your mother oh okay i got you i thought it was you in the pj masks well yeah too all right cool yep oh there's amulet i don't even care yeah we don't even need those guys we don't we don't we just want to get to the end and beat the game i got to get to nc to see granny bro let's go we'll cut scene pj masks nice of you to join in are you ready to be moon fizzled no no we've got to stop you luna girl huh you're welcome to try take this oh super cat jump [Music] [Music] how dare you oh no oh no wake up owlette gekko luna girl get her owl feathers that's enough little girl you failed you always spoiled the fun pj masks i'll shout [Music] i was so invested in that story i almost forgot to say the catchphrase bro are you serious she almost oop luna girl bro yeah she did she almost drew up owlette that's what i mean bro yeah dude that was a close one wow bro oh the secrets of the pj maxx are they gonna leak the new pj masks no way hey they have a book uh nothing like ours a new book from the library uh no it's just my journal i didn't know you kept a journal well it's private you know i just like to write down my thoughts every now and then sticky splat that can only mean sticky ninja we better see what he's up to to the cat car nah don't sticky splat on on oh oh man all right guys we're back to trying to oh night ninja bro night ninja came in with this sticky splat bro oh boy are you serious with the ninjalinos bro ninjalino sticky splat on them bro dude they're trying to splat all over the city they're trying to sticky splat on them bro ninjalinos i won't let you get away with this though make sure to collect all the gems i know i know adam and gekko i'm not going to tell you guys again i know hey gekko i know i know dude i think you missed one that's all right though stop actually gaming i'm playing see that good job oh nice how many times i tell you i don't care about the gems i don't care i i just want to make sure you understood what gekko is saying though thanks gekko gekko said good job i wonder what happens if you did hit an obstacle i'm not going to do it yeah see i take this job seriously adam just try to mess around you take it serious bro and that's why you can get sticky splattered on uh oh i don't want that to happen trust me you don't want to get sticky splatted on yeah the only thing that i want that's sticky is the stinky plushie from yeah that's what i'm saying bro yeah sticky's cool but not we're going into the ninja headquarters bro oh boy back to the ninja headquarters the ninjalinos ninjalino's getting to eat these totinos uh oh oh it's kind of difficult okay yeah guys the levels are getting much harder and i heard some of the last levels in this game are like basically impossible to win on your first try i heard you basically have to be a pro fortnite gamer to beat him which justin is i'm trying all right um um [Music] this super hearing which is uh letter c nice nice supersonic heroes [Music] nice i see the ninjalinos all right track them down justin i'm tracking them down bro you will never get away with this bro you and your sticky splats bro that's so rude that they think they could just come into the city sticky splat and then just leave that's what i'm saying bro like they really think they could just show up in sticky splat and dip no no no no it would be all right if they lanky box squishy squished which is uh what you could do with the lanky box squishies because they're super squishy but not sticky yeah check this out that was catboy's fault are you there gekko go get go go [Music] [Music] you got it dude i know i got it and i know all right i am your number one fan okay no that's actually your mother guys if you are watching at this point first off thank you you guys are great second of all make sure you are subscribed to the channel and leave a like because we are really trying our best here if you are still watching this point please leave a like comment something because right now you're seeing my brain on max overdrive this would be like if you got a car and you fill it with gas and then you drive it real fast yeah justin's going like super speed that's like my brain right now yeah i don't think it's ever been exercised this much and they keep throwing curve balls at you with the levels i i just never know what to expect like first you're gekko and then you guys i know yeah i know everyone keeps reminding me to get jammed i know you're collecting gems i know owlette i know nice i'm zooming oh how are we gonna get past this the super muscles oh see i know [Music] that's what i'm saying easy peasy lizard squeezy easy peasy with the lizard squeezy yeah go and justin likes his macaroni very very cheesy good one ate him all right here we go dude this part let's go dude let's go all right my brain is being taxed bro it's all right just be like it's me like if you imagine like being on a treadmill like my brain is on a treadmill right now yeah because it's like your brain has to lift like a thousand pounds that's what i'm saying bro that's what i'm saying because think about all the computations that are required for your brain to even understand you don't even want to understand adam how much calculus i'm doing right now oh and then you got to totally change up the algorithm because now it's owlette because that's what i'm saying bro man guys that's why you guys got to make sure to leave a like and subscribe i just get to sit here and just kind of you know laugh at justin and have fun justin is actually trying his very best and this is very very tricky for him so this is like second grade puzzles like i am not allowed to do this stuff usually yeah so please please please subscribe and leave a like guys because justin deserves it we'll take chad oh there's the amulet i don't care all right i'm just trying to beat this game bro cool i'm trying to speed run but i can't go any faster than how oh they get our content in the back more like speed fly what speed run more like speed flies the wave ranks nice yeah wing win wing wing wing what your phone does all the time banana phone yeah yeah justin's phone literally never stops ringing because he's got so many friends calling us because i downloaded the pj masks app where they call you oh i thought it was because you had friends calling you those are my friends oh right right right right right right yeah got it must be nice and it must be nice not having your phone blow up all the time good job my phone they just be calling me on the daily outlet be calling me all the time bruh yeah it's it's missions and stuff ask me yeah and i got the paw patrol app they call me too oh nice marshall says we gotta go rescue the city let's go huh back so soon but we were just making ourselves at home right ninjalinos i found some very interesting things is this your journal lizard boy hey that's private you want it come get it [Music] super cat speed let's go nice this is our hq night ninja how'd you get in here that's right and don't even think of taking my journal again [Music] ninjalinos run pj masks good job justin let's go we cousin the day the secrets to the pj masks we rescued the diary just like every day he'd be writing in his diary no justin i said don't say that camera he got a diary and he calls it his dairy diary bro let me in what's this luna girl what are you doing i'll tell you if you let me in don't let her in all right why are you planning anything luna girl it's romeo he stole my luna magnet and fled to the moon i need your help to get back and recover it to the moon i don't know you guys to the hq rocket oh we're gonna help luna girl why would we do that though yo this game is too late bro guys this level's insane we went to space bro i'm blasting off to nassau what a plot twist dude this is what uh the new elon musk rocket looks like yeah yeah i've seen it in person because i helped build it that's true yeah yeah jessa works at tesla oh yeah wow so now okay so guys now we're gonna team up with luna girl who was actually our enemy before but now she's our friend and we're gonna team up and try to stop romeo bro you think we're gonna become friends with everyone by the end of the video yeah maybe we're going to become friends with the ninjalinos and all of us have to work together to stop romeo i gotta hang out with the ninjalinos bro yeah are you serious bro that's so cool this is such a cool level man thanks dude this is sick yeah wow good flying thanks well thanks adam we're going to the moon no way go to the moon [Music] whoa we're on the moon oh this is cool wait are your jumps higher let's go get romeo i'm still not sure we can trust her because i think gravity um it doesn't uh work that way for cats oh right right right right yeah you're right yeah now wait a minute justin do you trust luna girl dude i didn't even think about that bro no i don't what if she brought us here just to trick us wow she's luring us into the cave of romeo that that's a real possibility bro take over the world he said that he just said it romeo romeo i'm not a pj pest i'm a pj best yeah you are [Music] i know how to jump again no the pack splits in two how will i know which way to go the cat ears yup see i'm a real pj mask yeah you are i know where he went this way nice job yep i think it's always to the right what like every time i think we've gone to the right all right well look at the craters i used my cat ears [Music] wow okay this is so far my favorite level guys this is pretty crazy i like the way the level looks yeah you really do feel like you're on the moon i am on the moon i've been to the moon yeah that's a that's a deep lesson like if you're trying anything you should always shoot for the moon and at the very worst you'll land in the stars okay your turn owlette cool story bro all right now you're outlet i'm out i know i'm focused on the game i am focused on i don't even know what inspiring people he said if you shoot for the move you're landing that's what he said bro that's what he said well you can see the earth in the background you guys see that no oh i know i know i've seen it the whole time i got my eye on it oh i didn't see that make sure it doesn't go anywhere yeah your glasses are way better than me these levels are so sick most things i do are better yeah you're better at dancing you're better at seeing stuff you're better at eating i'm not good at anything don't say that adam you're getting a lot of things i guess i'm good at sleeping yeah you're getting drinking better than you at drinking milk that's for sure you know what i mean bro a lot of things you're good at yeah i guess when you put it that way i that really cheers me up that's good adam that's what i hear nearby make sure you find it i won't find the catboy [Music] wow you missed it on purpose i kept speed running this the optimal path was to go above it oh i did the calculation in my head physics i got it power yeah just justin's really good at math yep and physics in math i made it all the way to the number pi and apple pie right after uh yep but then you got really tired from the sugar crash i don't get tired never in my life whoa gekko's actually gonna get to climb on the moon rock go gekko that's so cool dude gekko can moon rock bro just like rocky [Music] yeah it doesn't flush he always moonwalk too yeah so does rocky yeah bro watch out for the crystals bro watch out for the crystals bro watch out for the crystals bro we're still fine all right you got it dude we're almost at the end of this level guys we gotta get to the end bro this like i think this might be the hardest video game i've ever played bro guys if you watched the whole video let us know in the comments because i'd love to know like what snacks did you eat during watching this video because i would probably i think if i were watching you play this game i would love a big thing of popcorn um but i want to know like what people are eating when they watch this video for some fruit snacks fruit snacks for the pj masks bro if you made it to this point in the video i want you just to comment more it's just so we did so we know you made it this far all right that'll be the secret comment that justin reads for it that's the secret code bro yeah we'll be looking at your guys's comments pj masks more like pj murrah easy peasy lemony [Music] yeah catboy oh yeah huh catboy catboy catboy and adam's and mama's bowl keep going i know climbing up and down the wall i know owlette i've been on this mission many times yeah they probably remind you of the instructions because probably most people would never dare challenge themselves mentally to beat this game in one sitting but that's why we do things different here lanky box like i challenge myself mentally every day we're really trying our best to like push ourselves in every way in every way yeah that's what i'm saying bro all right guys here's the next cutscene is she gonna betray us romeo give me my luna magnet back pj masks and luna girl my my my it's getting crowded in here yes my luna magnet i don't think so i need it to mind these wonderful lunar crystals let's make this quick [Music] oh no okay some tentacles oh no not the tentacles brown owl feathers okay and then here's gekko got your magnet back luna girl now let's store the crystals and go back home [Music] store them i don't think so she betrayed us in fact i think i'll keep them for myself it's only right after all the trouble romeo went to harvest them but if you want to go back home so much let me give you a hand what no no no no no no no no you serious shout hooray cause on the moon what that's not the phrase what what a twist i cannot believe luna girl just betrayed us bro whoa man i did not see that coming for a mile away dude that's what they're saying we should never have trusted her it's too late for that now we need to recover the lunar crystals or she'll become too powerful for us to stop her [Music] does this mean we need to go to the moon again to the hq rocket bro we're going back to the to the rocket all right we're back here bro this is crazy bro i can't believe luna girl tricked this bro we got to get revenge bro yeah we never should have trusted luna girl bro how were we supposed to know that luna girl would do this to us bro honestly luna girl is a loser girl yeah guys if you ever do this type of stuff in real life to be or you trick them just to like help yourself you're a loser i know hey be nice to luna girl [Music] she's still in pj masks one of my favorite shows okay i know i'm getting the jams i know i know i know what to do thanks gekko thanks try to find as well as you can you'll get a special reward if you get them all okay let's go nice thanks man i i had a funny feeling about luna girl and it was just deep in my tummy i could just feel something was off about her and i knew we shouldn't have trusted her bro it was in my tummy too bro luna girl was uh i'll see ya see you later girl go catboy go all right guys i am super motivated bro i'm gonna beat the rest of this game so fast bro no one will ever have beaten the game this fast yeah bro i know i know how to jump gekko i know trust me i'm a pro i'm a pro gamer dude i hope the ninjas are not going to try to like trick us as well oh no wait luna girl's talking no we will stop you [Music] [Music] this is how i get when me and justin play sports and then i lose i just get so upset don't get upset it's only a game dude why you have to be upset bro what should i do we got calling gekko once again the gameplay really it really is always changing so i never know what to expect super gekko muscles yeah yeah one day i hope i have one of those you'll have super gekko muscles in no time adam she goes man keep going keep working out i have been yeah yeah yeah and it works out with his mom in the living room yeah we do jumping jacks yep i know real nice huh yeah and you do somersaults yeah i tumble around i'm really good at it yeah i'm very good at it trust me oh good jumping yeah i know do you see i tumble like in real life bro wow it's like you're a real life kitty cat what yeah i'm a real life right here you know yeah coughing up hair balls what i don't do that you do that what are you talking about [Music] you do that all the time all right so if you could pick to be one of the animals in real life either a gecko a cat or an owl which would you choose i would lock in penguin for sure that was not one of the options i'd be penguin boy justin i said owl penguin penguin justin that's pj pj masks penguin justin all right i'll be a penguin so i could slide on my belly nice although i do that anyways right now right that's true yeah do that all the time around the house guys it's real fun yeah yeah pj masks [Music] let's go she's nearby i can sense it all right don't stop now i could sense the trickery that she does man i i there's nothing worse than someone that thinks that you're friends with them and they end up lying to you that's what i'm saying bro she lied on us bro like for a second i was gonna be nice to luna girl and like welcome her into the friend group but now she would she wouldn't want to be our friend anyways though yeah she's probably too cool for her she's too cool i know what to do catboy nice i've never played a game that was this difficult ever no my brain just hurts now well it could have been the slurpee you drank before we started this library don't say it otherwise rubble buy more slurpees yeah make sure you find it once i got brain freeze mom says we're not buying you any more slurpees then i i was real tough and i didn't even cry and then she kept buying me slurpees yeah and you had to take a nice warm shower to warm up your brain freeze what no i didn't have to do that what are you talking about bro oh how do you get rid of brain freezes when you get them i hung out with candy and i drank some warm soup oh okay yeah adam just wanted a bubble bath anyways he said mommy justin got break free so i would take a bubble bath i said hey i thought you're related right yeah really weird dude gekko zooming man we're absolutely zooming yeah he's really quick on the ice i love this game bro i love it i'm a [Music] we're flying we're zombies man i wonder what the next cut scene's gonna be like i wonder if luna girl is gonna be like you know hey guys i'm sorry i shouldn't have lied or if she's gonna continue to be evil bro i i guess we'll have to see her because i think everyone in life deserves a second chance but if she lies again to us then that's where i'm gonna draw the line treat us like the ground because she walked all over us yeah that's not cool at all that's why adam always says he says don't don't say don't walk on my heart that's what he says yeah i only have one heart and i don't want it to get all trampled that's what i'm saying bro that's why adam got to stay guarded yeah i keep my circle small yeah but not my choice but because no one will talk to us right well maybe we'll have better life making friends if we don't spend all of our time playing pj masks no i will i love pj masks i love pj masks these are my friends adam i talk to them on the tv every day at the same time every day i know you do yeah these levels are really long yeah these levels feel like i'm taking an iq test which i'm really good at what do you want to have for dinner tonight maybe some spaghetti chili dogs do you want to have chili dogs chili you again i thought i sent you back home we've come back to stop you boring get rid of the crystals and come back with us why would i do that when i can just do this we got no attacks whoa don't make this difficult pj pests [Music] super cat speed okay that's the same as before [Music] it's over luna girl we've won let's all go back home yes with you [Music] not in a million years catch me if you can good job guys i think luna girl's mood adventures are over for now awesome i'll be happy if we can stay away from the moon from now on well never say never pj masks i'll shout hooray we saved the night because we saved the day yeah let's go dude uh luna girl think twice for messing with us in the future huh yeah she's gonna think three times oh yeah guys these games getting crazy we only have a few levels before we beat the whole game lately there's no way to catch up with romeo i know right it's like he knows what we're going to do before we even do it pj robot any sign of romeo in the city [Music] there let's go before he disappears again to the owl glider [Music] okay we're in the hour glider zoom zoom dude i i'm actually starting to sweat because i'm so stressed about what the ending of this game is gonna be bro don't stress don't sweat adam don't sweat i'm just so excited like look at how sick this game is that's what i'm saying don't sweat though all right all right you're right i'm sorry i can't talk i'm focusing my brain it just hurts all right well i'll just sing instead no don't do that oh okay don't do that my brain i just i'm just focusing so hard because i want to help the pj masks bro i'll just sing a little bit don't milky milky milk milky milky [Applause] i'll turn this off adam i'll turn this i really will i'll turn this off don't don't wouldn't it be so cool to have a plushie that like plays our songs when you squeeze it it would be cool if that happened because then you wouldn't sing them exactly i never need to sing again i'm javed yeah you're quick zubin is owlette the cameras are watching us yeah the security cameras are watching your every move yeah adam yeah see i'm focused you're not all right i'll let you focus hocus focus where'd you now i can't see anyone from here fly up and use your owl eye that will let use your allies owl eyes [Music] there there nice go get them two double atoms this game real fun and it's real fun it's real satisfying getting all these gems yeah i wonder why all the cameras are spying on you do you think maybe luna and romeo like set up the security cameras to spy you i think they're spy i think they sent out to spy me that's so crazy that is messed bro we can do whatever we want [Music] oh and romeo's taunting you stop taunting me man hey adam spy spy these cool moves man oh hey i heard a joke the other day i wanted to tell you don't what do you call a alligator that uh is wearing a vest [Music] you call them an investigator okay what's the joke what do you call an age of hugging his mom i don't know what a mama gator [Applause] [Laughter] that was a pretty good one foxy foxy came out of nowhere with that joke bro yeah that caught me off guard bro it's because adam loves giving huggy wuggies bro huggy wuggy yeah oh i think we're close to the end i think we're at 118 gems so i would say we're nowhere close that there's two paths which one should i take gecko if you don't know which way to go ask halfway to help you because pat is yeah let's call him back up bro we need cat boy bro yeah that's smart right we need a cat boy [Music] you went this way wow wait but if catboy has the ability to like see in the past or the future or whatever why couldn't he have used his powers to understand that luna was going to trick us right he can't see the future he just heard he used cat ears oh see him you're not a real pj masks fan bro like you you should know that bro but wouldn't he be able to hear that luna is deceiving us in the future here trickery bro oh all right all right you can't hear trickery bro man that's deep that is deep you never see trickery coming until it comes and gets you it bites you in the booty man i your gameplay right now is superb d yeah i'm truly truly superb i'm a superb human being [Music] yeah where's albert sometimes i wish what it would be like if i was actually gekko no need i think they've already given up on finding me like imagine if you wish you could climb walls like me huh yeah like imagine you were at mcdonald's and you could just climb on top of the mcdonald's why would i want to do that because maybe they have like the secret menu items up there no i know where the secret menu is adam where with ronald mcdonald and grimace oh but where are they hiding with me in the thickness hideout watch out gekko top secret hideout come on gekko keep going you got it dude these levels are so difficult guys if you have made it this far uh we really enjoy hanging out with you and just let us know how you're doing how they're doing [Music] use your super cat jump to jump i know how to do it gekko i've been doing it for about three hours by now maybe maybe because like basically no one would ever try to beat this game in one run so maybe like they remind us so that way if people like go to sleep or they take a break to play it and they forget how to play the game then they have to get reminded yeah but not me yeah because we don't need breaks yeah not me let's go i can't go there all right what are you going to do here go super speed [Music] shovers bay super cat speed let's go super speed man i love the way catboy just maneuvers around the obstacles like their butter i love super speed i go fast [Music] i love turtles too isn't that crazy that a turtle shell is actually part of its body i like going fast turtles like going slow yeah that's true you gotta catch romeo i wonder if romeo is just so mean to all the pj masks because maybe he was like i don't know maybe he didn't have a lot of friends at school maybe because romeo was rejected by juliette yeah you know what i mean that could be it or maybe i don't know like romeo why is he so evil like why does he feel the need to build all these robot you know sidekicks that are meant you finally caught up with me it's been very lonely since i set up all the spy cameras what what are you talking about oh nothing just the spy cameras i've set all over the city so i can stay one step ahead of you slithering serpents you can't do that oh i think i can take this not so fast oh [Music] take this [Music] a button a for adam remember hey justin it's the a button we're still working on the alphabet with justin he's learning his best i pressed all the buttons w that's what you get remember justin w [Music] i get it [Music] [Music] we've won romeo will you just stay below the spy cameras fine now get up you big box of bolts i'll be back pj masks i don't think we'll be seeing romeo for a while i wouldn't be so sure gekko but for now pj masks i'll shout hooray all right yeah we did it okay guys now i'm going to try playing the next couple levels and then before the big finale justin's going to play because he he thinks he thinks he's a real hero let's see [Music] did you guys see that they've got a mystery mountain that's never a good sign we should investigate to the geckomobile okay now i'm a little bit nervous guys i've like i said justin's been playing this whole time i'm not playing time and you got the mouse on the screen remember it's a hard game [Music] he missed about 40 jabs already look what are you doing what oh at least i i'm trying my best guys catboy said i was doing a good job [Music] oh okay guys now we're on land and it looks like there's some like cookies here maybe there's like a squid game honeycomb on the ground he's collecting oh it might be the splat the split splash hey all right we're jumping on the sticky sticky splats on him bro i don't know dude they might have the squid honeycombs on the ground careful there's an obstacle oh no hey yo you took a little bit of damage there i'm trying my best and all the obstacles bro i've never had an obstacle my whole time driving did i hit a single obstacle no no no yeah but i'm holding space bar so i'm going to do that whole time too oh no oh nice all right all right okay like the the the farther levels that we're playing right now are like the max no they're not the same i don't know you're making stuff up you're losing look at this maneuvering this is pretty good i see no maneuvering you got you missed 30 gems my friend yeah but i got 70. keep an eye out for it wow look at this level it's so pretty all right you good luck i all right it's me and rocky against the ninjalinos as justin takes a little cat nap [Music] all right here we go now like i said guys i'm new to this game so i'm going to try my best but i can't promise i'm going to be as good as justin because justin's really good at this like you you you try your best it's just not good enough like i don't know what to say bro [Music] well as long as i'm trying my best that's all that matters it's not what matters what matters is that you try hard so that i get to join the pj masks oh boxing boys and the squishy boxy the mo i got the mystery squishies over here mystery rocky smells like rocky road it's a good life yeah it's a good life yeah see guys i'm at justin's camera right now so he has like some extra chicken right here he has some doughnuts like this is pretty dope i might have to i might have to come in there well whatever you do just don't take the gallon of milk that's next to my camera drink okay milk is for cows silly yeah yeah and for growing boys all right here we go we're almost at the end you know we're closely you have 87 gems my friend i missed a lot of the gems oh all right builds up ahead see if that knows what to do [Music] i think it's super strong [Applause] [Music] all right i got it now don't worry it's a pretty cool level that looks really different yeah it's really [Applause] what is so funny [Music] hey boxy don't tell him that what is he saying oh boxy oh boxing bones you know he takes big box he he uses by the pillow he snuggles and he tells him all of his deepest darkest secrets box in the boat you're gonna tell me wait okay tell me the secret that he told you at the end don't leak them yet i'll i'll leave him at the end bro all right bro wait is it the really bad secret that i said to never say on camera yeah bro yeah boxing no don't all right i'm using owlette to get rid of this smoke all right bro you're doing great bro all right bro dude adam's no is that a real cozy dude i can just sit here i can chill i chill i post up chill it yeah you could literally just fall asleep there right sometimes i take naps right there i got boxy and big foxy i got a double pillow yeah that's what's so great about the thick plushies guys is they're literally so soft and thick you can use them literally as a pillow right now i got both of them behind me in the pillow i'm sleeping i'm snoozing i'll see you later yeah good night justin we say tonight because we say today man now i kind of regret telling boxy all my secrets don't worry adam bucks you will never tell them to anyone except me and then you're gonna say them on camera and then everyone will know that [Applause] okay you're missing all kinds of gems you don't even have you have almost half the gems right now you have 100 gems out of 200. well says the guy that hasn't gotten an amulet since level one i've got what haven't gotten the ambulance since level one what [Music] let's keep going we need to fight i'm sorry that was a little bit mean hey adam you need to focus on the gameplay because you're you're straining right now is straight yeah i should have realized my actions were not that nice that i should be nice to you hey we gotta be nice for you that that's part of being a pj mask man he's always being nice to everyone but i mean we're nice to luna and look where that ended up true so you say we should be mean to everyone well i'm just saying you should be nice bro you bad example bro don't be mean to anybody guys don't listen to him hate him come on man yeah you always want to make sure you're a good role model just because somebody betrayed us doesn't mean we should be mean to everybody you should know better than that that's true yeah she's not better than that bro for that i don't see the ball he's gonna have to tell me another secret wait what tell me no boxy don't tell justin my secret boxy oh really boxy today's world well that wasn't even one of my deep dark secrets so that doesn't matter okay you're still on your first level how you doing i mean i feel like i'm going as fast as i can you do it good even good yeah this game is pretty stressful that's what i've been saying the whole time you didn't believe me you just laughed [Music] it's overnight ninja stop whatever it is you're doing welcome pj masks i'm afraid you're too late to stop me ninjalinos now [Music] yes i can feel the power oh no he's absorbing the power from the stones not if i can help it press a button super cat speed i would [Music] aren't we supposed to be a team justin [Music] no the stones of power you're gonna regret this pj masks come on ninjalinos well done owlette for a moment there i thought he was going to win it was a team effort guys i couldn't have done it without your help pj masks i'll shout hurray because in the night let's see what grade adam gets he got one ammo i got two amulets two ambulances he couldn't even find all three what would great adam get yeah but on all of your previous levels you didn't even find any here oh i'm trying to i was trying to well i wasn't trying to either i know you were hey guys i heard some weird sounds when i was walking by the park today you mean like birds or like tigers ooh maybe like lions no no we're like people people exercising but the park is closed for renovation isn't it i didn't know about that neither did i [Music] a ninjalino that could only mean one thing to the cat cars oh wow okay so this is another new vehicle that i'm trying out this is crazy dude it's the cat mobile something is going on i'm sure all right i'm gonna get all the gems here don't hit any obstacles and i'm holding space the whole time so i'm boosting him i always held space [Music] i mean i'm gonna get an award when i get max level on this level all right let's see if you can get every single jab as well all right and all the bats all right cool here we go okay i'm going so fast the screen is literally glitching no you're not you're just holding this face right all right here we go i am not allowed to play the computer games because his brain starts to fry all right guys 100 gems easy peasy gecko squeezy let's start catboy okay all right she's with me i'm real cozy i'll take it once i don't worry guys i will get every gem in this level i am so determined and i'm going to show you i can super cat jump see i didn't see it because my eyes were closed because i'm taking a nap well whose fault is that are you sure you lock the gate ninjalinos oh all right okay we're gonna sneak up on the ninjalinas who are all exercising apparently i'm detecting especially nearby keep an eye out for it all right no one should disturb us now all right they're really confident they don't think that anyone can disturb them except for i'm about to reign on their parade i'm gonna get the amulets too bro i literally fell asleep there for a second bro did you have any sweet dreams yeah what are you doing why are you going back why are you going backwards uh to get the amulet are you serious bro you're gonna try and get everything bro i just want to see if i can challenge myself to do it that's gonna make this level take about four times longer right no see now i got a good job all the way back very good job very good yeah gekko was proud of me yeah not many people have ever said they're proud of me but i know when gekko says it he really means it literally only yourself yeah i'm proud of myself especially when me and you make orange juice together from from from scratch i do all the work adam just sits there and says i wish i could make moo juice i'll buy a bunch of oranges from the store and then you'll just sit on them and then make orange juice yep and then yeah maybe licking it off the tables i prefer just like a big tall glass of milk all right here we go i thought you were taking a nap my eyes are still closed responding in real time well you always say never sleep on me oh there's a gem up there that's crazy this level gets taken for four hours i'm going to sleep guys wow okay so this might be one of the first videos that you actually get to see justin from lanky box asleep guys on this level only i'm gonna try and get 200 gems just so i can unlock the gold trophy you can't do it i'm trying my best we can't do it i got a super cat jump you can't do it see that was pretty good you can't do it well i have rocky here to help me all right 33 133 here we go and there might even be some like secret ninja gems that i have to collect near the ninjalinos all right we're up on the wall here we go all right so far so good wow when i was watching just into this it feel it felt a lot easier but this is actually pretty hard in real life i'm sorry forever doubting you justin [Music] guys i was thinking last night when i was trying to sleep it was like six am or six pm and i was trying to fall asleep and i just got to thinking about like how lucky i am not only to have such awesome subscribers that watch our videos but also to have like a friend like justin in my life that i can just like that i can just like play video games with and he'll always just be there for me and always be listening to what i'm saying and like you know like not many people probably get that type of opportunity in real life to have like a friend that's there for them all the time and i feel like i really had that with justin like if i ever need to tell him like you know some deep dark secrets about like some of the thoughts i have or if i ever want to like practice singing and i need a friendly ear to listen to i can always just count on justin to be there for me so justin i just really want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being my best friend [Music] justin you okay wow that was a nice nap bro you still on the same level bro yeah i'm i'm almost done though i think i'm almost done you're 55 you're you're 45 gems away and it's going to take you another hour no don't worry i'm over i'm over 75 of the way done that's not how that works and i got the amulet he's still missing one [Music] yeah but that's gonna be later in the video that's for the outlet i'll show you don't worry you can just nap [Music] and this is why you guys should get the new merch it's because like not only can you play and like hang out with and talk with the thick plushies but you can also literally you know use them as a pillow or you know they can just always be there watching you eat or stuff like that like there's so many ways that you could use the thick plushies in your real life that's why you love them so much okay guys now i'm owlette [Music] collect as many gems as you can you'll unlock the reward if you get them all right so far so good oh all right i'm flying done i hope i don't miss any gems here i'm just gonna try to go a little bit faster guys but as long as i get anything over 195 gems i'll be happy but i am a little bit worried that i might have missed one when i was gekko but that's okay we'll try we'll just see what happens hey dude if you go through all this and don't get all the gems you're banned from playing this game i hope i don't get banned you're my best friend you're gonna get banned because you spent so much time playing this one level because you want to get all the jams if you don't get all the gems you're banned oh okay there's the amulet i'm gonna get all the gems here [Music] okay flying up nice okay all right yeah eleven more jams one two three [Music] guys if i missed any i'm actually gonna start crying 195 196. i hope he gets them all this would be so sad 197 198 199 200. yeah i got them all we know you're here night ninja come out and face us the pj masks we weren't even trying to hide you know if we were really trying you would have never found us okay what you don't believe me ninjalinos show them the kind of ninjas we are super muscles [Music] super cat jump ah this is not what we practiced at all owl feather have you had enough yes fine we'll leave but this isn't over pj masks come on ninjalinos wow good job guys the park will be open again i can't wait to come tomorrow morning i'll come with you me too pj masks i'll shout hooray because in the night we save the day you forgot to say it bruh [Music] wow see guys now i'm not a loser anymore all right and i got all three amulets so i'm gonna get a gold trophy here i never get gold night ninja wanted to keep the park for himself so he locks the gate nothing we could admit that's awesome all right guys we have four more levels to go this one's called moss and hq what's that pj robot luna girl is causing trouble guys this is strange even for luna girl i think it might be a trap a trap no way we need to go and stop her now [Music] okay guys i'm not gonna worry about gems i'm not gonna worry about amulets the only thing that i care about right now is having fun and i'm gonna just hold space bar and go through this level as fast as i can okay where's luna girl she was just here hello pj pass did i ever tell you how much i like your hq huh what's going on luna girl oh nothing except you just fell into my truck i made you leave your hq so i could come here and take it for myself oh no we need to go back now it's very cozy in here pj pets i hope you don't mind if i make myself at home okay so apparently guys we have fallen into yet another of luna's trap she has lured us here in order to get us away from the hq so she can oof all of us man that's what i was saying earlier like fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you luna the first time that was our bad for trusting her now we can't trust her anymore she's proven to her to us that she's actually evil she's shown her true colors to us all right man i really hope justin's getting some good [Applause] sleep keep an eye out for it [Music] oh man everyone in the comments have you made it this far in addition to adding the secret code bruh also add um a thing that says night night justin to make sure that he has some good zzz sleep all right oh i gotta call him uh catboy [Music] yeah like i said guys they always go to the right all right all right all right all right i'm gonna skip the amulet i think this way is faster yeah i'm not gonna worry too much about the amulets or the power-ups guys i'm just gonna focus on having fun and getting to the end like i said guys we still have that surprise the pj masks surprise that i'm gonna surprise justin with at the end hopefully he's asleep so he can't even hear what i'm saying right now and we might actually be able to leak the pgms character so we're going to see but right now we're just going to focus on beating the game to do a super cat jump press the jump button once and press it again in the air there's some crinkling sounds justin are you okay [Music] dustin all right well maybe maybe he's eating i don't know some pizza rolls or something right all right guys so far i have 113 gems the weight is blocked what should i do oh hi justin guys justin's back over here now did you beat the game no i'm in the middle of it i thought you were asleep [Music] i was eating the whole time do i get the other half oh i thought you were sleeping no i was eating you didn't fall asleep in the middle no i put the plushies in charge over there oh you wanna sit on the ground next to me [Music] no you you see all the ground okay sure don't mess with the plushies on the ground sit back out [Music] [Music] guys get one bite [Music] [Music] [Music] we're almost there [Music] i think i'm gonna go back to my room now no you can't the plushies are over there which ones boxy my boxy boy goodbye boxy who told you all my secrets which you're going to keep a secret right yes no everybody's thinking [Music] i'm going to stand up hey [Applause] hey i can't reach it just did it it's on my back [Music] oh i got it guys i'll give it to rocky [Music] go away i see it pj masks okay don't mess with the pudgies well it was fun playing while i played guys [Music] i'm back to the real gamers back to the real gamers all right guys i'm doing it that's why i turned owlette the plushies are gaming guys the plushies are having a great time over the other room plushies were doing everything for me and thought i was sleeping nope i was just eating nicely i was eating i had the plushies on the microphone yeah no idea what hit him i have dial snoozing but you snooze you lose and i wasn't serious plushies were sitting there doing all the work and i was i was pretending to sleep i was really just eating okay guys i'm back over on this side and luckily i the little break i was able to pick up some almond milk from the fridge we ran out of dairy milk i'm gonna drink milk and give me some milk and you'll need some milk and you need some milk guys listen to the milk i can't hear anything i'll hold it up to here yeah yeah what are you doing [Music] milk break okay okay anyways head back over there with the big punchies i'm here working i'm here to show you a pro game i had no idea how to be a pj mask he got no idea how to drink milk he'd be slurping that milk you'd be spilling that slurping that milk he only united [Music] yeah see he can't handle too much he get too excited he'd be slurping it i'm all right guys you better not have spilled any other plushies adam what a girl what are you doing in our hq you finally arrived i was starting to get bored i figured while you were all busy outside you wouldn't mind if i let myself in to take a look at your toys this is she's on our base girl hq is our base of operations it was your base of operations but i decided that it's my base now now stay still [Music] [Applause] ugh super cat speed [Music] let me out we will but you have to promise that you won't try to take over our hq again all right all right i promise it turned out it was a trap after all it's okay gekko we just have to make sure to remember to think things through before we act okay i will pj masks oh shout out because in the night today wow nice let's go i'm drinking that meal i drink i drink my power i got my orange powder i drink power and adam drinks orange juice that i make by sitting down with my baby [Music] yeah i always wondered how they made almond milk i guess maybe like feed a cow a bunch of almonds and then the cow makes almond milk or something [Music] i'm playing mystical style hey guys i found the most amazing squirrel in the library today it tells the legend of the dragon king the what the dragon king a powerful ancient dragon that used to rule the world a dragon and what happened to it the scroll says he was tricked by a young girl who imprisoned him in a mystical staff and has never been seen again oh come on gekko it's just a story it's true though it says the staff was lost for thousands of years until it reappears wait that can't be right what why what does it say it says the staff is kept hidden on mystery mountain mystery mountain but night ninja was just there we need to investigate all right yeah for sure yeah i'm the dragon king king of dragon adam up the stairs when he's had too much oh you're spinning out and why you roast me you spun out like nine times bro i think i only spun out once you literally spread out like ten times i got the footage to prove it too i'm trying to speedrun i'm trying to get to in the game adam wasted a bunch of time trying to get all the gems and stuff bro who cares if you spit out bro look at me i'm pro driver let's go wow cool pro gaming skills bro let's go let's go let's go yeah i know i know adam it's lit man you're so cool [Music] nice [Music] it's your turn catboy let's get to the top before night ninja summons the night ninjas are gonna summon the dragon king oh boy all right guys wow look at the environment it looks like um man i don't even know how to describe it it's just crazy bring me the language we're doing it man oh boy use your super cat call it owlette for the win win whoa this smoke wait wait i can't go through wait [Music] wait wait [Music] it's pretty good i think i'd be a lot more stressed out at this point because we're so close to the end and i'm a little bit nervous that box is going to spoil some really big secrets but luckily you already told me all the secrets yeah but you haven't said anything yet which i'm happy about i haven't said anything yet about why our toilet broke that one day [Music] oops to do a super cat joke press the jump button once and press it again in the air [Music] wow so now we're going downstairs [Music] good job does boxy need to be over with you you're there she says stay stay rocks on [Music] all right guys wait is this the second to last level item um i think so are you serious yeah we're about to beat the whole game bro this is gonna be life-changing yeah we're getting out of here okay cool yeah absolutely pj masks assemble who do you tell your secrets to i i don't keep secrets you let it all out there just air it out yeah yeah oh yeah something's walking the way i got gecko straight back now i already know easy-peasy lizard squeezy easy-peasy laser squeezy true yeah i like it when he says that yeah true go go gekko man i wonder if luna ever has problems sleeping at night knowing that she's such a liar what like how could you sleep at night and be okay with yourself knowing that you lied to the pj masks how can you sleep at night know what you did adam with that [Music] yeah but i didn't do anything to the pj masks the pj masks are so cool you really just sometimes [Applause] you're just getting a little giggle fan i'm all laughed out i can't keep laughing justin's got the giggles i can't laugh anymore bro boxing do i need to bring boxy over to you boxy demo all right i'll go bring boxy over i'll offer you some milk too boxy the bowling teach me all the secrets gives me all the secrets boxing devoe oh my oh ho boxing you wanna sip can i have my milk bag there's milk all over the outside of this yeah i choked [Music] [Music] yeah foxy's gonna get a lot of hugs from me nah nah bro it says eight of you hugging someone other than me yeah foxy oh yeah [Music] i never get to hang out with normal foxy this is so rare [Music] man i'm gonna cherish every second i have with normal foxy you want to trade i mean i think normal foxy is definitely cooler than some milk but i like them still so it's okay i'm not going to cry she's going to tell us all the secrets tell foxy [Music] okay don't worry your secrets are safe with us and the pj masks thanks justin which which secret all of them oh okay good yeah don't worry the computer shows an amulet nearby make sure you find it there's a hamlet nice yeah i don't mind if you know my secrets but i just don't want you to say them while you're on camera because i would never say i would never say it bro i would never see yeah other people like watching right now would know my secrets i would never say all right thank you justin you're my best friend i know what a boxy bro boxing devotee she's worried about me he is also my best friend you can't have more than one base for him bro yeah that's like me saying what's your favorite food all of them exact [Music] that's different how is that it seems we got here before night ninja let's split up and look for the staff oh you mean this stuff no what's the matter pj masks afraid of the dragon king yes and you should be too why when i free him he will be so grateful to me that he'll grant me any wish i want we won't let you summon him you won't be able to stop me ninjalinos attack all right you got it dude [Music] owl feathers you'll have to be quicker than that [Music] super cat speed huh what my stuff give it back no it was never yours to begin with yeah enjoy the win pj masks because it's the last time you'll beat me come on ninjalinos let's go let's go wow all right guys we're gonna look on the menu right now i honestly think we are so close to the end we're going to see no boxing mode you see it's adam you're close to yeah yeah i mean we actually are going to reveal what is at the end of this game she says i revealed that one time you covered yourself in cheese [Music] oh i thought you forgot about that boxy hold on let me see how many levels there are bro bro we're on the second to last level bro no way bro yes way man so that level to the right that's kind of like blacked out that that is the last level i think that's the last level wait all right what was that i don't know but it's happening all over the city look this can't be an accident guys look [Music] to the owl glider wait the power the power is like going out yeah the power all went out on the grid oh [Applause] don't do it romeo wait what is the evil plan he's talking about i don't know i guess we're gonna find out oh man i guess we're gonna find out all right as long as we don't find out what my secrets are okay bro i don't want anyone to find that out boxing the boat don't worry i won't have you cover yourself with cheese and call yourself a human burrito hey that was one of my secrets don't worry if i won't leak anymore oh man [ __ ] you just hate him you really should have told somebody about that well wait it's okay foxy because you can edit that part out of the video when when he says i'm not good at this video man you give this video about five hours long well who's gonna edit it then box no but nobody's gonna edit it and you did we could just go post it oh so you can't edit it out no no sorry oh well now i'm just embarrassed bro [Applause] we're gonna beat the game yeah guys this is actually so we're gonna beat this level and then the level after that is literally the final level in the game and i don't think anyone has made it to that level yet anywhere on youtube like no one's played this game all the way through so we're going to show you every secret this game has to show you you really think it's true you really do yeah [Music] yeah because you work at tesla you know how to dismantle their batteries yeah this this map looks like a tesla factory the giga machine what gigafactory why you talking about what the tesla factory you work at what are you talking about bro oh you work at the at the head office right the battery you talk about the gigabytes i work as a battery in the sky i work there real fun yeah life it up life it up laugh it up i think you're out of your mind justin i think you're out of your mind cause you gotta be out of your mind bro to take a bubble bath in some now [Applause] that's something you're boxing just boxing the boat it just leaked he says adam why'd you do it i mean you can make bubbles of milk right that's what adam was doing bro that was a tremendous waste of milk but then the grossest part he drank the milk after bruh i don't remember that part the box he says don't lie i'm not lying don't be a liar boxy says how can you sleep at night knowing you lied like luna girl what the heck i'm not luna girl gekko i might have taken one or two sips no you drank the whole thing bro don't say you wasted food bro i haven't dressed up yeah that's why i didn't do it no there was no soap in it you just sat in the mail [Music] oh boy boxy says just come clean adam i don't know if i can box villains i'm going in this i'm going to visit camouflage nice i know i'm pretty smooth with it [Music] are you still laughing about the milk bath no no no what else are you laughing at nothing nothing nothing nothing not another secret no nothing all right [Music] go gekko [Music] do it [Music] you know how um you were eating fruit by the foot earlier in the video oh yeah i forgot about that you think maybe i can have one after we finish the video yeah you guys man you can have as many as you want really sure ah thanks you mean it like there's still some that you didn't eat yep are you sure are you lying to me no i'm sure all right cool this is a tall wall i'm excited to eat that thing i'm sure even though i have a feeling you ate all of them nope i didn't we need to all right all right i trust you yeah don't worry adam we got plenty of food by the foot for you cool boxes are we hey justin are you gonna tell him about the time you convinced him fruit by the foot it was where he covered his own foot in grape jelly and try to eat it what that's icky i don't want to eat your sketcher's jelly what no i don't know what you thought once i convinced you fruit by the foot was covering your own foot and jelly and try to eat your own foot oh i thought we were talking about your new sketchers no i would never cover those in jelly they're too nice yeah they just got adjusted they're super heat really cool new sketchers shoes they're super heat i've been stalking them one stock and one to rock [Music] i think i'll be able to resell them for a lot a lot of chubby cheese tickets [Music] you gotta wait just gotta wait for the demand to go up that's enough romeo stop what you're doing [Music] the pj pissed what a surprise but i'm not doing anything you see it's all their work speaking of which drones attack [Music] owl wins [Music] try harder [Music] gekko [Music] apple feather [Music] it's over romeo surrender now i wouldn't be so sure kitty cat [Music] the robot saved them oh thank goodness now that the pj masks are gone i'll finally be able to take over the world dude that was insane bro we're on the final level bro all right guys this is what we've been working towards literally this is the last level in the game justin are you ready i'm ready for the spaghetti bro bro you guys can see there's no there's no level to the right bad guys united all the three bad guys are united we gotta fight them all all right here we go bro dj robot you saved us yeah i don't know what we would do without you thanks pj robot but romeo is still in this flying factory and not only him check this out guys [Music] luna girl and night ninja we couldn't beat romeo by himself what are we gonna do now i'll tell you what we're going to do we're going to try again and not give up to the owl glider bro this is the final level dude all the bad guys teamed up against us bro oh are you serious good job so much faster than you night ninja that's because i can't fly i bet i could beat you in a race on the ground would you stop bickering we need to follow the plan so i can finally take over the world i mean um we could take over the world of course bro [Music] this is crazy super crazy this is as crazy as my new sketcher is from those are crazy lit i mean literally crazy bit bro i took him to the skechers meetup everybody was yelling bro really yeah wow let's get your heads jealous that's awesome yeah yeah maybe next time you can bring me i i wear sketchers too no you don't you wear smokers put jelly on your feet back to there make your way back to the truth boxing says you can't handle the truth i do love those smuckers uh peanut butter and jellies with the crust cut off but sometimes when my mom's making the sandwiches she'll cut off the crust and then for lunch justin gets the sandwich so then i just get the crust yeah that happens all the time right it's all right i like the crust it's the final level all right guys the final level so okay all three of the evil people that we've been trying to beat this whole time are gonna team up against us and it's literally gonna be three versus three three pj masks versus three evil people i don't know if justin's gonna be able to beat this on the first try and he might get ooh i'm sure i could do it bro cause it's actually not three against three it's four against three because i'm a secret member of pj masks ah okay yup yup didn't think of that did you no i didn't but i guess the um romeo has his robots and stuff so that might count as extra too nope they just are not real okay gotcha yeah i'm doing tricks and stuff bro that's awesome that's really awesome all right here we go let's go owlette [Music] okay we got owlette's turn then gekko and i think guys this is the final final level like this is where it all goes down bro this is it bro i got some milk to get ready is what we've been training for for several hours now [Music] think about that yeah we'll never get our time back the hours that we've spent on these games yeah it was well worth it yeah having fun with you and playing games and i'm getting to hang out with people for so long that's priceless that is guys mostly getting hang out with our incredible viewers guys if you made this far this has been a journey of the mind this has been a mind-meant tool unless i can move this out of the way roller coaster bro yeah you know what i mean i mean i don't think many people would ever dare try and beat a game like this in one sitting but when everyone in life goes right lanky box goes left we when everybody in life is right we go wrong exactly we try and do things that no one would ever do on youtube we try to flex bro we try to just do something different bro yeah justin's different adam's different justin is literally built different adam tries to flex bro yeah sometimes he'll be flexing on me in his own mudder but he can't flex all my sketches can i have the pair that you're stalking you cannot you cannot no there's one to stop one rock okay but it's just gonna sit in your closet no no that one's dead stock you wouldn't understand right oh chad it's a sketch return i gotcha yeah still in the box and everything got the shrink wrap on it the hot wheels on the outside everything oh it came with a free toy no it has a hot wheels design on the outside the fire oh yep wow i'm pretty impressed man yeah yep so is everybody at the schedule meetup i told you who went to the sketcher meetup all the biggies sketch your heads bro name one me foxy rock yeah your mud you know she was there yep she was there yep oh yeah what was i doing was i in timeout i think you were having your milk bubble bath oh okay so i was wondering from downstairs i heard you just kept saying sheesh over and over and over i was saying [Applause] while pointing at my own shoes and i was like what's going on but i'll show you it makes sense yeah i was just playing my own shoes like this [Applause] [Music] oh it all makes sense now yeah yeah i get it yeah the computer shows an amulet nearby make sure you find it all right we're so close to the end dude dude this is the end of the game bro we actually did this bro this will probably never be done again or before by anyone because it's too crazy of a goal bro and this also will definitely take the record for longest lanky box video ever i don't know how i feel about that i'm for really happy with us yeah me too i always say we both work very hard yeah definitely didn't take a nap a little milk break oh man i definitely gained brain's house i didn't lose any yeah because you only go up you never go down that's what i'm saying this game really is pushing me to my limits we did it no way the pj masks ah you again you told us you had taken care of them romeo i thought i had no matter the drones will finish them up you got it justin d like mcdonald's i got it i got nice super cat speed they don't look finished to me romeo ninjalinos attack not the ninjalinos oh [Music] you're all useless fine i'll handle it you pj pests we're so close to taking over the city i won't let you stop us now pj masks now no way no way what is this whoa this is insane great job guys no one is taking over the city on our watch pj masks i'll shout hooray today we save the day we beat the game we beat the game guys make sure to leave a like on this video and subscribe now guys as i promised i have a secret pj masks surprise leak for justin now i actually have what might be the next pj masks character and i'm gonna unveil it on the screen in five seconds are you ready are you are you serious four three two one boom yeah it's a rainbow pj masks character that might be in it and it would have all the powers of all the pj masks bro that is so crazy we came here we beat the whole game for the pj masks so we're gonna go get some snacks [Music]Watch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00Watch at: 10:00 / 10:20Watch at: 10:20 / 10:40Watch at: 10:40 / 11:00Watch at: 11:00 / 11:20Watch at: 11:20 / 11:40Watch at: 11:40 / 12:00Watch at: 12:00 / 12:20Watch at: 12:20 / 12:40Watch at: 12:40 / 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at: 02:29:00 / 02:29:20Watch at: 02:29:20 / 02:29:40Watch at: 02:29:40 / 02:30:00Watch at: 02:30:00 / 02:30:20Watch at: 02:30:20 / 02:30:40Watch at: 02:30:40 / 02:31:00Watch at: 02:31:00 / 02:31:20Watch at: 02:31:20 / 02:31:40Watch at: 02:31:40 / 02:32:00Watch at: 02:32:00 / 02:32:20Watch at: 02:32:20 / 02:32:40Watch at: 02:32:40 / 02:33:00Watch at: 02:33:00 / 02:33:20Watch at: 02:33:20 / 02:33:40Watch at: 02:33:40 / 02:34:00Watch at: 02:34:00 / 02:34:20

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