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    so guys are all professor layton games

    like this

    and by this I mean feature talking dogs

    with amnesia running around London

    employing Young Investigator children to

    solve the mystery of whether they are a

    thoroughbred because if they are then

    I'm in a well for this so this is

    Professor Layton game on iOS iPhone iPad

    Layton's mystery journey is the name

    it's causing a little bit of a stir at

    the minute because a it's attached to

    the Layton franchise and that's a very

    popular thing I'm led to believe I've

    always heard about it but I haven't

    played them because I didn't have a DES

    back in the day when these games were

    super popular the other reason it's

    causing us tears because it's quite

    expensive about 16 pounds or 18 dollars

    and of course but it gets people in a

    right after all because pay money for

    games on mobile I'm not doing that I

    wasn't everything just given to me for

    free for nothing

    and so people are trying to work out

    whether it's worth the money now the

    argument that's being made by the

    developers is this is the same game that

    is appearing on like the 3ds and whatnot

    it's like no different and because of

    the way the iPads laid out and because

    of the way that other games like for

    example the Phoenix Wright series and

    Ace Attorney have been put onto iOS

    because you've got that portrait screen

    in slightly bigger on the iPad but still

    you've got the ability to divide it in

    two and basically it turns it into a 3d

    s only much much bigger so they say will

    you get in the same game pay the same

    money and people are going making other

    like appalled noises now I think you

    should be able to charge whatever they

    want for a game whether that makes it

    successful as another issue but I'm more

    interested in the actual game itself

    only done one of the puzzles so far

    we've just downloaded it today man

    giving it a look the presentation is

    just lovely and I've seen a lot of

    pictures from friends of mine on Twitter

    and the office showing us stuff from

    later on in the game and it looks like

    the way that the game has been localized

    is great from the glove real sense of


    this is level 5 the guys behind it so

    the first investigation if you like is

    the fact that this dog has turned up is

    a talking dog who's got amnesia right

    and we've got to try and find out who

    the dog is as he says there his true

    identity and we're all treating this

    seriously apparently but what it is

    really and I've seen people play the

    game so I'm you know familiar with what

    they do is it's a collection of little

    mini games essentially so a little

    puzzles and whatnot that you have to

    solve logical puzzles and natural

    thinking puzzles and that sort of thing

    all of which is grand because I quite

    enjoy those so let's jump into the queue

    if we have to good that settled then

    let's get to the scene and start

    investigating where are we going

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    inspector just down the road

    orys bridge just down the road is it

    eopns I'm sure that's what they're going

    for to Elizabeth Tower

    I am presume what burly Benjamin there's

    a few doors down I thought this was

    happily comparators it not are we

    actually in the UK we must be ok wicked

    case one the hamlet thieves now I'm

    playing this in portrait you can put it

    in landscape mode for the cutscene II

    bits but then you have to turn it back

    to portray when you start playing kitty

    uses that kind of dual screen

    functionality see here the lovely little

    anime bits which are done beautifully

    loads of those winter character you can

    play them by flipping them into port

    train mode if you want to I'm going to

    do it now because it'll mess with the

    capture is that famous blinking our hand

    on Big Ben so the our hand is missing

    reported missing this morning what do we

    got to do I'm sure we've got to find it

    catch the owner gonna get it and get

    back in back quick smart and I'm going

    to read it like this

    there are four faces even if this one is

    missing the other three faces will still

    show the correct time she has a point

    isn't that rather an exaggeration yeah

    my better off said the same thing but

    it's much worse than a biblically it's

    not knowing the right time from

    ambassador foof

    who defer that's a fashion Flight of the

    Conchords nice I remember reading about

    it in The Times Treaty of Rome

    ambassadors going to be receiving

    received our big venue the houses of

    parliament and they plan on giving him a


    a pendant modeled on the hands a big

    bear I'll know that's an terribly

    contrived reason we better find who done

    it to bloom in disgrace need your help

    yep all right I'm happy to help

    let's do an actual puzzle it's gone yard

    yeah yeah it's dead yep yep yep yep I do

    like the characterization by the way I'm

    just skipping parts because I do want to

    see let's play a bit of a game right

    firstly touch the magnifying glass

    investigate icon and switch navigation

    mode investigation mode the cursor on

    the upper half changes to a magnifying

    glass right on a slide on the screen as

    if you were drawing a line to move the

    magnifying around sometimes when you

    move it will turn orange when you

    identify a point of interest

    tap the lower half of the screen to find

    out what's there sweet you'll see

    anything that catches your eye I'm in


    let's do this thing right let's get the

    lamp a so I can put this on it

    here we go something that's good I like

    at lower half of the screen I found a

    hint coin

    it's my little helper dude coin drop

    down as a hint coin you can buy hints

    when you're solving puzzles I am by no

    hints I saw puzzles by myself even if it

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    does take me all night fitting there

    frustratedly refusing to look at

    gamefaqs touch the bag icon and that's

    cats journal investigative junkies

    histories 5x5 yeah yep I can change her

    wardrobe result 8 I just want to do some


    I would usually be drinking all this

    stuff in I like a well written story

    butter for the sake of the video it will

    be good if something happens come on

    right let's have a look let's get the

    cocktail so there we go tap on that zoom

    in sweet this is feeling a bit more like

    the room now so we've got the missing

    hand so hand really is missing but the

    other quacks facing so it's just one

    that we're looking for okay good

    not something that would disappear

    easily they've already searched around

    the clock face and it's just disappeared

    into thin air

    right on quarter of London doesn't know

    what time it is and you call it

    interesting I like the sassy talking dog

    okay let's have a look to see if there's

    anything else around here the other

    clock towers if you on the roofs doesn't

    seem to be anything else

    just that sort zoom out now then where

    do we start this latent I have to solve

    this before the Ambassador turns up so

    let's ask inspector Hastings team what

    what they've learnt so far and afford a

    double effort come along you two no time

    to lose right see once by tracing Zack

    to say so this is inspector Hastings

    cuff up the info dude sometimes what you

    found so far not a lot go beyond the

    beat last night you confirm nothing was

    amiss at 11:51 until 6:00 this morning

    we got a report from a stunned local who

    happen to glance at the clock we came to

    confirm the report straightaway I found

    to be true the errand was well well and

    truly gone so there is a six minute six

    hour and ten minute window there we go

    during which the crime was committed I

    like the way this girl thinks the same

    as me there wasn't anyone else who looks

    at the clock in that six hour window

    seems unlikely this is where you'll get

    to BitFenix righty no doubt if we went

    door-to-door we could find some

    witnesses but we don't have that kind of

    time and then the massive would have

    taken someone a fair old while to make

    off with it right fit the clue in the

    right place so I presume by tapping it I

    can spin it no I can't so it's going to

    go down here isn't it

    there we are magic this is a

    metaphorical clue I found for this six I

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    window okay so the key pieces of

    information will kind of combine to form

    this clock hand and that means we'll

    have solved it

    who's may arise from statement to the

    page have nothing to do with anything

    can you use your sleuthing skills to

    piece it all together yeah so it is

    really Phoenix righty which I have

    played so we've got a six hour window

    wicked collect all your Clues necessary

    we'll do case files can enter the bag so

    exciting to be investigating a case at

    last on really first start by

    interviewing members of the public

    sounds like proper detective work let's

    find out if anyone around here needs a

    chat more people we talk to in the

    better so I presume we can use that

    magnifying glass again keep an eye on

    the magnifying glass icons yeah yeah

    yeah all right so interview some

    passers-by now we already know that

    thank you

    so can move this around so you gentlemen

    of the camera cameras good did you take

    a photo for chance use an ir a

    stereotype so the leaves if you happen

    to see anything around these parts last

    night such as for instance a personal

    person's transporting a large object

    asking the very questions we were going

    to ask him yes suspicious douglas

    everyone calls me Doug a reporter from

    the London Times oh I see

    present as I mentioned aforementioned

    Lee I investigate tink I see it's a

    British thing that's what they're trying

    to do here as it happens we're best

    getting the same thing you might want to

    share stuff

    I'm detective every of our latent agency

    of course always nice to have signed up

    with a complete unknown really inspires

    confidence says good snarky dog well I'm

    expecting to be famous soon enough right

    was at the office all evening pending

    the latest article didn't look at Big

    Ben at all afraid to say my own

    investigation just getting underway oh

    man you're useless for YouTube taking a

    cool picture or something so you're no

    good old gentleman down here what's your

    deal how long has it been would you say

    known each other in a way yes in a way

    no what what weird creepy guy people are

    like leaves washed along in a river

    sometimes meeting sometimes parting


    I'm already dreaming by nightfall I'll

    tell you what have our little puzzle to

    watch by the mind okay yeah let's do it

    the rather full of puzzles earnest

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    sometimes during the course of

    investigation people do come out with

    puzzles for you to solve all part of the

    process okay let's do a little puzzle

    before we go seeing as that is what

    these are all about I've already done

    one puzzle involving a case the clock is

    currently showing at a time at 3:30 p.m.

    it would be nice at the hands of the

    clock which show midnight what would you

    what would be the minimum number of

    places you'd need to touch on the clock

    to show the desired time touch the

    answer frame to display the letter

    number on the input screen input the

    letters you want to write

    when you write confirm the letters

    you've written they will appear on the

    answer frame if you want to change what

    you've written touch yartsa frame the

    other so the minimum number of times

    you'd have to touch so I don't

    understand what do you mean touch like

    remember the minimum number of times you

    have to touch the clock o zero

    wouldn't it be zero because you would

    just sit and wait for it to become that

    time is that right am i overthinking

    this or under thinking is because surely

    if I want the clock to show that time

    the minimum number of times I'd have to

    do it let me just check and report to

    show the desired time zero yes nailed it

    lateral thinking is no need to touch the

    clock you just wait till it turns to


    come on puzzle two and the time added to

    the puzzle index there you go so do I

    get for that strange old man will get

    props great clues nothing as me solving

    puzzles left right and center and no

    rewards whatsoever at the bottom of the

    screen investigation mode you see our

    back to the map button touching that

    switches from investigation mode to

    relocation mode so I can jump around the

    bottom of the screen cool alright I'm

    buying into this this is interesting

    well you can already see production

    values are good these 3d animations look

    lovely I'm interested in that slightly

    Ace Attorney slash mixed with puzzle

    solver business gameplay there we go

    that's the orange one and I'm I'm King I

    think this is it could be good now

    whether it actually turns out to be

    worth all of that money and if it's one

    of the better investor Professor Layton

    games remains to be seen but we will

    have a review over on Pocket Gamer in

    full so go and check that out within the

    next 24 hours or so to see if you think

    it's worth your money but in the

    meantime there you go

    Layton's mystery journey out now iPhone

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    iPad Android 17 18 quid thank you for



    It's the first Layton game exclusively (for a while at least) made for iPhone, iPad, and Android! It also costs real money - £15.99 to be precise. But is this really a proper Professor Layton game, or a substance-free spin-off?

    APP STORE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/laytons-mystery-journey/id1247112496?mt=8
    GOOGLE PLAY: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Level5.LaytonMJEU



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    Comment (7)

    1. it should also be noted that there is a £15 IAP, AFTER the £16 asking price, and a £7.99 price, so… do take that into account, sure people should be allowed to charge what they want, but that is a lot of IAP's

    2. This is a proper handheld class game, and those who complain about the price obviously are not getting any satisfaction and money worth from their collection of F2P/P4F games; and don't know anything about consoles/pc and handhelds in general.

    3. Love the fact you are arguing with Alisdair, you clearly wish to pay more for games?? There is nothing wrong in stopping IAP's. They have killed many games for many people. Just give a price for a game and leave it there. If a game is £10 plus £2 for this and £6 for that…… Just sell the product for £18 FFS!!


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