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SearchThisVideo: Layton's Mystery Journey (Part 14): The Missing Ending

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hello madam mayor how's it going oh

you've got a puzzle for me oh I suppose

that means things are going well mm-hmm

she's not a crazy millionaire she's just

a friendly mayor hmm Phineas T bar known

it's a real pleasure to meet you

so you're like a Trinidadian I've been

hearing about ha ha ha Fitness send me

all the stories about you all the ones

that I just been dying to meet you

I I don't like this guy he seems creepy


yeah why are you here okay I'm guessing

he's a movie producer or something 31

play York right yeah we have five

playing cards certain number of them are

missing a section at the top right this

is the same shape of the whites okay so

they're missing missing a section there

okay it's possible to arrange them

without fully overlapping them so none

of the missing areas are visible I guess

all rights like that how many cards with

missing pieces could there be what is

the maximum number no idea how you would

solve this puzzle what even is this

okay so there's a little hole in the

upper right-hand corner you can arrange

them without fully overlapping them sort

of like we have here like this

the ace is covering the King so we can't

see the hole in the king okay so I'm

going with oh I was gonna say 52 but I

am incorrect there because if it was 52

if you could arrange them all nice like

nice little circle like that but

apparently it's a single-digit number so

we have five playing cards well let's go

with five I think maybe we could arrange

it so so all five are overlapping and

you don't see the holes yep like that is

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something like that that's wouldn't

that's not what I was having in mind but

circular that's close enough to the

circular thing I described

okay sure who are you oh wow I I got

some stuff I got stuff for some that



now he's the manager of this theater aha

well that explains why he's here he owns

the place how many people go to the

movies just to get popcorn you know you

can get popcorn in other places right


you can just buy popcorn Wow free

popcorn Madame du Bellay business owner

breathing money


hmm so she's the leader of these dragons


okay well I think the important thing is

getting the popcorn but the game seems

to want us to introduce ourselves to the

venerable Madame du Bellay okay where is

she where is she oh I see the popcorn

let's get that popcorn Oh No what's

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wrong nobody's here to sell popcorn that

could pass the time before the vendor

shows up


which lady we only have one lady here

it's gotta be her I solved a mystery for

the mayor and yeah I'm the daughter of

Professor Layton hmm

catch real what's going on with your dad

where is he

that's you've really gone missing hmm I

don't know I'm starting to feel like

Professor Layton is like disappeared

I don't know well we met her I guess it

was a nice introduction and we still

don't have any popcorn oh my gosh

maverick yeah


that's pretty cool Oh My giddy aunt I

can't believe it's real maverick direct

also I've never seen him before then how

do you recognize him yeah I gotta get

the popcorn oh great okay great Greg

you're great we're gonna get the popcorn

and then we're gonna see the movie if

you're that worried Ernest you can go in

and get us a seat geez anyway I want my

popcorn let's get my popcorn but no the

popcorn oh come on this is the one thing

katrell wants in her life and you're

just you're totally taking it away from

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I heard show business types are awful

people but now I know for sure oh wow

look those fancy seeds can you really

see this screen if you're like in one of

those areas that seems like it'd be a

really bad angle for seeing the screen


okay you don't need to explain the plot

of the movie we are going to see the

movie Oh No okay well sounds like this

guy is really enthusiastic about the

movies he makes that's good I'm glad

he's passionate


whoo okay let's see this movie


of light

the giant ship is a transformer are you

serious right now movie







it transforms into a submarine okay




what oh come on you interrupted the

movie how do I know what happens next

were they going to kiss was that man

going to say actual lines

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

oh no somebody stole the ending to the

movie oh no it's a such a tragedy

because as you know movies today are

produced on film nope there's no digital

involved in any movies whatsoever



hey this is cat reals dog her talking

dog he's pretty amazing but did catriel

get her popcorn

be nice to my doggy good doggy yeah I

guess the two of us could team up and

solve the mystery and he's very very

very rich so he can pay us well when we

solve the mystery

I could actually afford my rent this




no poor mr. rector sounds like he was

misdirected okay whereas the poor guy

here is the best film of his life and

obviously they only had one copy of the

entire movie in existence they don't

like spread out multiple copies to

multiple theaters



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oh you're not able to pay the people who

worked on the film how did you get

people to work on your film if you

weren't paying them yeah he's really

taking it hard yeah I mean if this

movie's the failure your theater might

not be so good yeah also he likes movies



all right we get free reign of the

theater with a projection box yeah let's

actually see the crime scene that would

be useful yeah I'm talking to your dog


okay so she doesn't phone investigate

with us so she's just gonna investigate

a totally different area okay okay that

sounds like a weird excuse to avoid us

but sure let's go yeah I'm looking

forward to it

we should be friends good friends maybe

I know

Part 14 of 73, of a walkthrough for "Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy" (3DS). In this part, Katrielle meets Phineas, the manager of the theatre. The movie screening takes place, but the final part of the movie has been stolen. Oh no! Katrielle is hired to find it.

Watch the Source Video Here!

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