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    SearchThisVideo: Layton's Mystery Journey (Part 8): Murder on the Thames

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    hello everyone and welcome back to

    Layton's mystery journeys katrell and

    the millionaire's conspiracy we have

    finished chapter number one I haven't

    started chapter number two yet we're

    still in that in-between segment where

    we've solved the case but haven't moved

    on to the next case Cottrell's

    intriguingly insightful investigation

    uncovered the truth and the first case

    has been closed well how did you like

    the basket shell was a comfortable

    sleeping in there yeah thanks earnest

    beats sleeping on the street well if

    there's anything else at all that you


    let me know I hear you're homeless at

    the moment Cheryl you can live with me

    I'll be your owner it will be fantastic

    poor Cheryl dog has no idea who he is or

    who his owners are and he's a talking

    dog that that makes life a little bit

    tougher for him

    no business what would you solve the

    mystery for Scotland Yard hmm dog eNOS

    what's that chase cats you're gonna have

    him chase you cat that doesn't make

    sense catriel Oh Oh aah

    his sense of smell uh-huh good idea

    oh yeah he'll be a great police dog you

    know considering he could talk English

    and I know never mind he can't smell at



    yeah no no that that that would make

    solving mysteries too easy

    so I guess Shirl cannot smell not unless

    he rolls around in the mud or something

    like that but that's a different kind of

    smelliness phone call let's have the dog

    to answer the phone

    no but seriously he's a dog he cannot

    talk to customers really really good

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    trills okay I can't you just be nice to

    the poor dog just be nice to the dog

    it's not his fault that EEE he can't you

    know take phone calls yeah he's gonna

    congratulate us on solving the case a

    murder what what is it is the person

    dead or not that's that that's the easy

    way to tell if it's a murder

    okay well case number two is this kind

    of a murder but maybe not a murder but

    could be

    Oh what's wrong weirdest what's what's

    wrong buddy oh he wanted to ask her out

    on a date which is not actually a date

    but maybe it is a date but maybe it

    isn't it's a lot like the murder in that

    sense banks of the tangs the show of

    devotion hmm sounds like a very romantic

    date how can they hear each other if

    they're on opposite sides of the river I

    thought it was a very very wide river at

    least wide enough for several boats


    yeah next year yeah you can fall in love

    with her next year buddy what oh no

    cancel the festival who knows oh well

    Ernests you know what I think maybe you

    should get her some delicious food and

    then she'd be more accommodating towards

    you yes but there's also the murder

    mystery so we should probably solve that

    rather than trying to create romance

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    between our two main characters



    Oh so we are starting case number two

    hmm interesting murder on the tames say

    I was told we could go back to case

    number one actually I'm told there are

    like 12 cases in all and you can revisit

    old cases for new puzzles or something

    like that so I'll keep that in mind I'll

    keep that in mind apparently we're not

    getting into it now oh they first met

    each other what a treasured memory what

    happened Ernest were you were you

    falsely accused of a crime and she

    cleared you or was that like a me and

    Layton yeah yeah anyway different game

    different game different video game I

    want a highly messed missed no net what

    is a case coda what is a case coda

    let's check this here on the bottom

    screen I want to see what these case

    Cudas are okay

    no I don't want to see whatever that was

    that the game was showing me case kotas

    are like four mini episodes you can only

    see when you saw the case you get a case

    kuda okay and I can read the case

    description once you've solved the case

    you can get two key clues review your

    case files are you can watch my video

    walkthrough okay so a short story let's

    see so what happened with all that

    missing silverware and chance are laying

    that is in fact it was like a red

    herring yeah we never resolved that

    storyline so let's resolve it now


    yeah what happened to the silverware



    come on tell us they they were simply



    what's interesting cuz the Scotland Yard

    I mean inspector Hastings said there was

    a rash of missing metal throughout the


    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    ah you thief thief why did you steal it



    all right way to go katrell forcing a

    confession perhaps in the next case

    katrell will be equally good at

    recognizing the culprit from the very



    yeah I mean that would be cool okay so

    that's the coda

    I guess I called a mini episode we've

    still got like three things here in her

    bag I don't know what that is for um

    yeah no idea what that's for

    Case Files so those are just the clues

    yeah those are just the clues alrighty

    puzzle index is gonna indicate that I

    missed puzzles nope didn't miss any

    puzzles I'm fantastic

    okay whatever whatever let's let's let's

    move on with this mystery let's enter

    Scotland Yard I forgot to mention we can

    return to the agency at any point oh is

    this what I was talking about whenever

    you'd like to go back touch the Layton

    Detective Agency icon all the details of

    all cases on the pinboard so you can

    switch to a case or play around with the

    things we if you don't like how it's

    it's decorated there we go

    there we go okay so like I said we have

    the ability to return to all previous

    cases and when we do that for every five

    puzzles you saw if you get a decoy thing

    oh that's cool we've solved ten puzzles

    we get anyway as I saying we can go back

    to previous cases go back to previous

    cases that's cool and there are new


    if you revisit a case so like there

    would be a new puzzle in a place we

    haven't seen before so that's cool

    that's something I'm gonna do not here

    in this video though not in this video

    so uh like I said there are about twelve

    cases in this game I think twelve so how

    about after every fourth case I go back

    and do a bunch of puzzle video so I'll

    just do a long video where I go back and

    solve all the puzzles that I missed and

    in the four previous cases how's that

    so I'll try to focus on the storyline

    and then just have a huge huge video

    which is nothing but puzzles oh yes and

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    you're famous Cattrall okay so um

    talking to him was you're relevant let's

    go inside Scotland Yard something's

    wrong no I guess it's a little quiet

    here but we don't know if it's a murder

    oh there's dirt okay dirt he shall give

    us the dirt okay where are you dirty

    there is hello the same trails me odd

    yes I give that about the incident the

    Riverside Festival I'm Jim medow no

    that's what a doc will believe it so it

    wasn't murder then yes probably or maybe

    not but it'll seem likely

    then again oh I thought of all people

    you know at least well the word on the

    street is there was murder but the

    police haven't made statement either way

    seems a bit odd don't you think I met at

    one of London's biggest events should be

    a front-page news article no I guess

    we're just gonna have to get the facts

    straight from the horse's mouth if by

    all she mean professor Inspector ace

    things that he passed through here not

    long since I press him to give me a

    low-down they gave me a cold shoulder I

    think he's probably stealing his all

    feces no need to thank me

    all I ask in return is dishing a debt

    you happen to pick up any Fink will do


    well I think we should not open my

    briefcase why did I open my briefcase I

    think we should go to a stings his desk

    you know I think I should stop with the

    weird accents that's what I think okay

    so where is he his face is as black as

    thunder troublesome case maybe he finds

    every case troublesome yeah gonna be

    honest that's probably true yeah cat

    waiting for you to show up see you've

    got your usual brought with you okay I

    just thing about not doing silly voices


    yeah what happened here

    Hastings oh man they can't cancel the

    festival oh it's gonna take his wife

    there so is it a murder yeah yeah you

    you told us it was a murder all right

    all right we're getting we're gonna get

    a recap of the case

    Part 8 of 73, of a walkthrough for "Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy" (3DS). In this part, Katrielle tries to find a job for Sherl, to no avail. They get a job from Scotland Yard, investigating a possible murder.

    Ernest is disappointed, because he wanted to take Katrielle to the romantic Riverside Festival tonight.

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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