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SearchThisVideo: Le Mans Or Bust – Project Cars 2 Career Mode | EP1

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time to get bent over by protect cars to





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I didn't hear any hard bass what took my

reaction to that hello chat it's me

jumble and today why second

we're playing project cars 2 on stream

what Juhi

Are you ill yes wait Haggar am i oh yes

always ill diseased in fact I thought

this would be a good thing to tide us

over until we get back into f1 2017 and

maybe 18 even [ __ ] half forget that

years past that time progresses and

worst case scenario it's bad we don't do

it again

best case scenario we get a nice new

series different game and gives me

something I like doing varied things I

don't like I like do I don't do the same

thing over and over again so this is new

to me I've done a bit of testing so I

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

sort of know what to expect

AI strength I think is OK where it is

but we will see thank you all so much

for joining us joining me I think a lot

of you I think a lot of you seem to be

digging the idea of this hopefully is

good if not then we will just wank on

stream and start a nice chat about

account so here we are new driver

you got making you driver so here we are

jumble dongle bought the initials are

going to be jump so you don't know who

he is

and he's from the United Kingdom very

badly named unfortunately I've already

decided what we're doing in terms of

Series but we'll have to have to wait

until the well thank you Alejandro for

the five Fiat Multipla for life

there is no Fiat more Baroness

unfortunately so you are wrecked in that

so I want to be a lmp1 driver so as you

can see we start here we start back in

the formula

Renault and then we go from there we can

do investors but the thing is we can't

then go up to this this is the ladder

right here or is it wait a minute

do i if I do six right if I do six can I

then pick anything after that it looks

like these are all that''s but these

aren't actually connected cuz I want to

do genetics I really do but I thought I

had on your formula rookie we can do


oh [ __ ]

well then chat what do you reckon I

guess how are we gonna do this in them

in the most damning way possible I'm not

doing cards because they can [ __ ] off

press 1 for formula rookie and press 2

for Ginetta dunas my vote is to letter

so 1 the formula rookie into virginity

juniors and we'll see if we go I totally

regret this - 2 - a lot of teams coming

in seeing a lot of twos coming in 1 I

mean I'm seeing a lot more twos than one

at the moment what do to

hello small boys we Mike Chanel now boys

I'm never happy kicks you know that so

luckily we only have one option and that

is to do the UK because he's only really

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

exist so we're gonna be doing the full

full series length

how long are geneticists usually four

months we are here now my friend can

tell Wang on this oh thank you heavies

are the two 68% low dimmer thank thank

you very much I appreciate it man

20 minutes how much is that it's

actually a time race or is it laps let's

took a car first we get into that which

car do I like is there a mint one here

no that's a horribly yellow though this

one that's pretty cool please no pun

Torito jimmer

thank you Lachlan for the five hi Timur

in racing of brown GP this weekend in f2

Oh awesome you've been racing since you

were six that's really cool man twenty

minutes okay so shall we say 15 minutes

display minutes is a bit long I think

Nikolaj for the sex also this is all the

awesome soundtrack but I'm getting

copyrighted I go this boy I'm 20 the

jumbled wrangle bought here at mature

racing call there guys in the background

we would be honored if you would accept

an offer to come and drive for us next

year Macau racing has been competing

Dannette at juniors challenge for many

years now we believe heritage and

reputation speak for themselves

nope we're not engineering team already

hard at work on further improvements to

our genetic 40 jr. we have a strong

belief that your expertise is all that

standing between us and a championship

win your believes our fault as my

friends sign the contract Bronco port is

in Hogwarts racing all this stuff but I

apparently have already purchased so

here we are now we have to

messages right do I do this oh now I

don't wanna do it right now what

okay stream over guys we've done it

stream over with them

Thank You radical Larry dippers stream

the over dere later there's easy swing

over yeah we're doing that Thank You Man

okay well do that so practice I want to

see please no bannerino doom oh I guess

thank you Mike for the ten down right

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

after the shout out I hope you finished

higher than the temperature pin I did oh

thanks man good to see you hopefully are

better than you that sounds really

horrible thank you Mike I'm gonna wreck

it mate I'm gonna wreck it wreck-it

Ralph I get to choose the time don't I

forget why am i turning them down

because I want to live

is that so so wrong well the maximum we

can do is 15 I guess we'll do 10 minute

race is then that's all them between

trying to do ten there you go that'd be

ten qualifying on practice on good

Fosters Alton Park this is gonna be fun

I like the jet is that some of the best

cars in this game so we're gonna start

well then probably go downhill I did

drive some of the cars in the ladder for

this yeah

Stan's take a moment to make any final

adjustments to your vehicle's setup

change tires and finalize any pit

strategies wait I got a pit in this race

thank you friend

I'm taking my deep breath doesn't say

that there is a mandrel pit stop that's


now the difficulty and the aggression

are very much whip if we want to change

him we will I went on my own time mate

them oh yeah it's not Auto pit lane is


by a Dwight is my pedometer working yes


lets-a-go was he where's the exit here


oh it's fast come on small boy it sounds


or steer


how's that they go it's trying so hard

isn't it got a two-handed gearshift

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

there gotta have it

I don't know Mike is it sequential I got

the impression it was h-pattern

oh I forget how this goes I said that

that's intentional I'm getting the right

apex there on the end the fov that's

pretty wank in there I might changing

them with it


do you like my car

if those lights look so much more in it

but it hasn't it sounds a lot of faster

there's oh I'll sort the fov in a second


is actually sequential in which case

what we do is we will do this

I've never sought these wage batteries

other things Oh


it tries so hard leave it alone

it is definitely trying its best so what

I'm doing right now is I'm just going to

get a feel for how far CAIR if that's

you fast we'll turn them down a bit

there guys if you're enjoying this

concept remember to hit the like button

this is definitely a pilot episode so

we're using this to sort of decide

whether we continue it or not just

because project cars - can't do some

interesting things at points

the handling is fine in this it's pretty

much what I expect it to be slow


also all the park fosters is a great

layout right how far down the way please

Thank You Bretton saying he loves older

me too man okay I'm last by 1.5 seconds

nice my hearing karma Dickens of five



Thank You Brendan pretty sure that mate


the Revit gear keep it flat panic panic

over Oh eat


oh the he'll bless it bless it up the



make it oh that was wide


Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

back to the outside got the fro so early

just doesn't care that you so I think we

have to know a little bit


so I just [ __ ] the field in the second


you want more laughing sellers


night-night whatever whatever whatever

whatever Hawkley

I guess we've got to may I have bet

can I do that in between sections in



streamers in YouTube gaming it's also

streamed it simultaneously so guys if

you're if you just come in basics when

we tell you the premise of this series

essentially the idea as in title is to

get to them on and be an LMP one driver

that the career system in this has a

ladder ladder system so I'm starting off

starting from the bottom no woohoo

starting off Internet is and my goal is

to become a driver probably for how at

the end everyone I'm very now thank you

chopper chunk for the - I'm ready for

the windscreen wipers so that's good but

yeah we have we have some speed there do

want to exit the session though so I can

maybe jank up the jank is that a word

not for what I think is yank yank no


I'm gonna do something with AI please no

punter Reno Jimmer let's try one

let's try one 10 and see how that is and

I'll do that boy

Thank You Sonic love for the 5 what

would we do to that block have some

money thanks man I appreciate that

doesn't look smooth mmm probably because

usually just waiting coding in the

bottom jumble Braun will bought to sign

the contract for the next season shall

we also sort out the fov while we're

here right now I'm doing a career how

does one now move into qualifying I

guess I turn it off

aggression on 80 iíve had some of the

aggressive AI and I have I still have

PTSD about it

right camera review Copic oh what the

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

[ __ ]

okay that'll be a bit better

don't wanna see the wheel really

it's a qualifying time Oh


their way to turn off the wheel


oh my god it's so slow the pitlane


I forgot how pretty project cars to can



if it's something this game just better

than any other any other similar market

as its atmosphere and actually like

feeling like it's gonna rain or feel

like something's gonna happen you know

that something you don't get in other

sims really and the low arrow says

cheeki breeki

no cheeki breeki for you or too young


this is older yes so we just don't

qualify now

County without the will let's see what

it is that's not the right button oh

hello I found like this better

he ascended thing there and I want these

bugs does what I want does it see

partners to you that's a proper view

no girls way on this

Oh whoopee

you want Thank You that assassin I think

of the five mate he's got [ __ ] route

by race control sorry I missed a lot of

that message I have to read that in a



eating not allowed apparently oh yeah

guys we do have a sort of thing in this

in this chat that we don't really debate

what sim is best I was just giving an

opinion on the atmosphere in this game

just because he's done a very nasty

rabbit all that we don't like to be in

oh well that allows a one 13.5 it's a

lot faster me Thank You Javed ghost


you know send it but don't need it awful

is it gonna send it to Lyle the way it's

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

sending it

Thank You char okay here it is it comes

the best lap in a seizure


I found about who we are but I don't



more really interested in it at all got

my own direct rival you know


do not 5th downhill don't touch the curb

to March Wow

that was very close to a gargantuan


what was that the corner Jimmy why you

gotta be so [ __ ]

please know aunt Arina do man thank you

Miss man says this is podracing as it is

my friend

and that you realize thank you for the

donation man

I'll go wide


so right now we're gonna be still be

behind the leader by quite a bit


so about a second behind 1.5 seconds

there's a bit of time in the first



don't want to be getting the rear end

sliding like that little Menton


a bit too wide [ __ ] it it's so difficult

to carry momentum through there got

enough fuel for another we do okay I'll

just roll it around then

well good session so far down 11th

raise the pressures maybe therefore the

right heart let me do anything I'll are

they I don't really know how that works

in PCT I saying you might think I'll but

it's the same in every game

unfortunately isn't some things in the

other games are more what's the words

exaggerated than they are in other bits

hope you guys are enjoying this concept

by the way if you are think about

hitting the old white button I would

appreciate that the amount of support in

the town recently has been [ __ ]

insane twin near the out 130 case of

scribers I'm fairly sure I like it was

just last week we got 120 K so thank you

so much for that


maybe two years ago over still is it



Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

returning early telling soft soft now go

that's much better

what's that relative go


so I kept it in for wine on this

Thank You Howard look Falcon China

we loved your video thank you very much

man thank you for watching called away

from China it's pretty rad

I should probe ins know if the second is

good okay I mean improvement it's not

going to be pole

there's are some p5 not bad can we go

one better

that's doing our first qualifying

session for our first race I'm kinda

looking I hope we do well on our first

race it's only a 10-minute raise so it's

gonna be quite elbows out now the AI I

hear on the first lap are pretty bad so

I'm going to not try and take massive

Vantage of that well you would argue you

sort of would but I'm gonna try and play

it not just like diamo be inside

aggressive et1 and take them all and

then lead because that would be the easy

thing to do I'm going to try and make it

a bit more difficult for herself I want

to have this sort of competition where

I'm not quite at the front that know the

time is just there if I get everything

right right for through here I look at

the improvement of fourth


thank you awesome dude for the team you

are awesome dude thank you very much



but at a last corner no should it be in

a second we've what's all that time

pretty much


up to third nice okay I'm actually

pretty happy of that I'm actually happy

of that for now look at that look at

that jump jumbled bungle but well then

what a [ __ ] man that guy's right can

I go to the end of the session I don't

have to wait for like time to go by I

skipped in there you go so in the end we

are third nice for temps off a leader

Sonny Curtis you little [ __ ] so you

do get a point for polar things and

there's a point for us you know you man

Thank You custard uh-huh Thank You Man

III help fund project cut the first

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

project cars but back in dear

I still get money from that occasionally

it's that's nice thank you very much

like custard there we are our first race

ten minutes here at one Park I'm

actually gonna keep the setup as it is

just because it's what I'm used to now

well maybe tweak it a bit in the next

race thank you then in lemon raid a

linen rider Lenin further five such a

nice guy Jimmy I don't know about that

man but I appreciate the sentiment thank

you for the five dude I'd be having a

good day right one oh shifter because

I've got it mouth to hear for now and

thank you Aaron for the ten being some

sunny California awesome man hope you

having fun there in California just for

the template lot so something here right

now is sort of evening it's been solvent

off a day it rained it's been like

really British day today no Jim Oh oh

[ __ ] thank you thank you bye room for

the two as well I again here's the usual

- Thank You Man

there haven't got to be usual thing but

yeah again very much appreciated tracked

quite cold as well so there should be

quite nice for us out here

Christ so Thank You Ben for the five

what do you think of doc r18 I'm gonna

definitely be streaming it I'll do a

stream on it it doesn't look great right

now I'm hoping that they fix the issues

before launch but I've been hurt before

anyway race time

make me I want to bring it home


the stars

the actual legitimate star

please no Antonina demon

Thank You Harry for the two


wait and I feel gonna last here's hoping

run away


Ron come on small boy I'll God the guy

behind this quick small Ginetta boy

tries his best I think the field is

going to be enough it doesn't think

really to be going down that fast

all right second gear conquer my mom is


Thank You bluemax [ __ ] off really

hopefully that guy might class this

that's pretty good wasn't it I'm slowing

down come on

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00


keep them there keeping things on the

outside say goodbye say to resync I have

no idea where he is there is



come on slow boy give me the draft


thank you Oh mr. gbr 8gb red Thank You

GP very sorry for the ten thank you very

much man that's right kind of um I'm

glad you found the chance to it's great

to have you here I'm very fortunate to

have so many people interested in

watching sim racing that was the goal

from beginning to get people into sim

racing I think we've done fairly well in

that are we gonna send it lads

don't work we work

my contact

we elbows out boys now


all right


Oh oh come on I nearly died

thank you Mark for the - oh no he comes

friend over Danny Rick denied to the

inside come on


I think the small boy can do it chat if

we do win the first race I'll turn

difficulty out by two or something


on the run the router live corner now he

sits on the [ __ ] line how dare he

come on boy


I'm not gonna make it he sticks to the

outside no wonder going boy he's been

taken by the fella behind hey Ginetta

how about giving me her scholarship yeah

how's he deserve it give it to someone


oh [ __ ] actually no 27 is a primary to

starting a motor racing career

okay so we've actually got a bit of a

lead now seven will lead 7/10 p2 is

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

Greco I can confirm that is David

Graeber behind 100%


we've finally feel don't worry about it

it's a bit of a slide abou around there


of [ __ ] wide Oh


my that guy was angery greco obviously

not not happy

yo Jim Carrey and second girl


some say that he's a sweet transvestite


oh no oh come on I knew he died


Tim Kirino


writings not allowed


right in his band

please no I'm sorry no humor Thank You

Benjamin saying maybe freak a watching

wow thanks guys for all tuning in if you

are enjoying the stream then I guess

yeah consider the old white button the

great to get to above a thousand likes

and maybe go for the 2k but later on and

of course if you are undoing the content

I want to see more hits up I know I'm

not really sure about the series yet so

people enjoy it will continue it I've

been doing it right now is the do net is

fun that's left for her this time


still Navy died


I'm a-goin


I think the small boy can do it that we

have the pace I am going to turn

difficulty up a little bit half this

race I think

oh [ __ ] one character already Jesus

thanks guys

that's pretty nuts

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00


don't give me a slow down you little

[ __ ] good

I can still do this why Matthew even so

I can definitely do this oh that was a

[ __ ] sweet see one yet [ __ ] Tim Curry


don't spin


please no hunter we know Jimmer thank

you John for the to push a man Tim

curries that can feisty though


to say sorry I missed that my my view

record is just over 5k it happened

during them on actually why I have more

viewers doing them on Twitter for hours

previously just didn't show up at the

end please no pun Torino Jimmy thank you

Japanese writing for to this a fungal

lap come on

first race first women to be [ __ ]


don't you give me a pallet in on this

thank you we have Russian guy

I'll go why do I do that every lap the

thing is they're still there in the



come on

that's more aggression here maybe I mean

one did go into my door earlier so


of [ __ ] price control

thank you raise control well come on

let's go beer last that

we're one more rude way on this oh okay

it's tract dependent all right what we

do is we'll test the next race and see

how we do there or just we'll just test

it in practice each time and see how we

are in qualifying etc look at that win

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

the thing is like the best lap best lap

was by this person here too like I

didn't even do the fastest lap god damn

it Rodney Rodney Oh Blanca there we are

junk jumbled Bronco ball leading the

championship after the round 1 where are

we in the and we're second in the points

in the championship with Maya was my boy

with mother boy yeah oh good good job

young yang thank you for carrying the

team boy

Oh give me a second lads

the mottos mottos are best boys I have

to be nicer there's a lot of you here

right now and I really appreciate you

all being here we're going to pop on

slowmode only does does M it used to

chat a little bit less just animals can

deal with it

well over 3,000 people watching that

ridiculous thank you guys for being here

so what we do next is we have where we

next oh [ __ ] not kill Michael ferny

intensifies right here we are great wait

out there today it was well deserved

from gratulations that was definitely

worth reading on this Oh

Thank You Leon for the 447 I like career

mode in general career modes in general

are but they can be really good they can

be good if they're done right now

someone said not kill AI were weird so

we're gonna just start it off I'm gonna

pop into practice and we're gonna see

just saw what a lap times are doing

actually know what I'm going to do is

whip up a burr don't want to streamline

this a bit and so qualifying them race

practicing qualify or not

okay a new that's where that's really


your dad hey Ben good to see you man

please no aunt Arina do you man oh thank

you wick for the dolly oh I do

Elgar's raining as well that is absolute

buggers that's good see how we do

dang ow go oh wait I've got wipers

mapped here in fact I need a wiper bun

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

custom vehicle only hey I terrible and

work in the rain so pressing on what

button it does nothing


why is it one wiper button doing


I just wants a goddamn lever bun girl

said something else I guess

oh that was a headlights you [ __ ]

degenerate you've got an idiot Jimmy why

are you so bad at life that's the same

but my good there you go

I've worked out technology that's don't

worry we're all good now


all the fast boys


professional streamer damn right I am


the real question of guys is this faster

than the right of the gap


oh my go where is the speed there is


winter was bad that's all right last man

who tries hard to do that well that's

our idea but hastily it was sooo bad

hey I see you there

no no eh I know ruin


while minutes


thank you Jeff tip of the pound

almost all


please no pun Torino Jim


Thank You fasting at track days of the

five Weinstein frames our best dreams


it's just putting away in a three-line


first of nothing

oh my god second is even less


Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

so it sounds like a class ticket


he's slow for the first section it holds

me up go you that will [ __ ]


please no hunter even a girl


since then sense and send an ID

I just moved another way no I'm Torino

good man

Thank You captain capper and Thank You

donors as well thank you guys sorry if

I'm missing stuff I don't mean to

yeah it's just awful to stay in second



my legs excuse not to finished eating

food you're damn right


okay where are we going knowing our way

now don't throw wine on this


thank you Michael tell you what his flat


you little love a [ __ ]


the mother of all [ __ ] the [ __ ]



please no pun torino Jimmer


I don't actually want to pin I didn't

mean to do that thank you

daveed as well for two


the clutch kick she does nothing



there's a rain


lightening up a little bit

oh why no miss


Thank You race control the pits lovers



how much faster this

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

why am I losing 3/10 is a slipstream

that's strong


please know Punta Arenas shimmer

Thank You Brendan


bring pit stop there thank you mate I

really appreciate that people have not

raised to mean I never do phrase I tell

them to go away because like we're doing

is the thunk so the f1 pit stop


I have one more go getting a quick lap

and then they've not we'll just go to

the to the right so that's actually a

nice place to be I don't unlike being in

the second off here you think I have to

work in the race


idea on slicks I didn't

I'm that's check the gear ratios I

thought they are thick so they I don't

think you'd change them whole point of

this series is to sort of be a driver as

opposed to like set up the car it's not

hardcore scenery so

you're repeating the background there

copyright is not enough as it is why

doesn't it do anything out there


I can send that over t1

that's gonna be a car isn't it

it's not pagas


that's gonna be a cup no it's not

how much time I lose here somewhere in

the slipstream apparently since James

Opie I lose half the second towel


hello no so much time


this is the weather or something [ __ ] it

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

let's just go to where do I end up I end

up fifth okay that's good

Bryan's definitely thick continue to

race I'm happy that difficult for now

that's frightening in the race as well

like Ryan hey guys Jimmy here welcome to

my fifth to first challenge I know that

I'm in pre-k views it's basically

because I lock the time I used to not

one that couldn't have you account

because it got me a bit nervous but now

I'm bit more and they're a bit more used

to it but thank you guys that will being

here where the teammate qualify I feel

like I'm really put in I'm really

carrying Zhong yang here now my record

is 5k viewers but it still there's still

more than normal so thank you guys that

will be in here

okay tell me I could start again


well it's a good start why when she went

there I was a great star


see one all the guys don't be taking off



Recker in front


oh my god the overspeed kind of be real

that is beautiful in the background



oh here come the boys behind Jesus


send option

[ __ ] first gear

go away Greco


Fuji lenses


okay definitely turn there no time


Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00


it was sort of a scan if it wasn't it


I mean in your own time car no one's

watching you


wife is operated out on tonight


right now that went wrong


got that t1 scary oh my god Jimmy

looks like it's more slippy that side of

the track

oh you're a bastard


this internet junior year

learn the right line doesn't matter in

this game

you won't go faster for the rent line

like this and doesn't really help you at

all in this game



can we hit 90 on the straight now 19 is

a pipe dream

no chance


near me relax


the rain line basically when it starts

to rain you want to avoid the dry line

which is the conventional racing line

because it has rubber on it

I'm rub it in the wet becomes a very

slippy so basically one trying to avoid

the dry line as much as possible a lot

of corners so for example now you're

okay probably being on a dry line now

because it wouldn't be too so behaved

like you said come over here a little

bit and whereas the dry line through the

last corners come in tight try and hit

paint that cone at the end you go very

wide in the wet line so almost out to

here really and that would be faster

they'll be more grip but doesn't a lot

of a lot of games don't really simulate


Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

the rain stopped nice

or will my using I'm using Louis W great

Drive will


please no pun Torino jimmer council -

and I'm a fan of a slow that'll be a

county simulator that simulator sorry

this this race that we're boring guys so

I shut up so it's a bit boring but uh

yeah it's a bit slow here it seems


I'm using paddles because I'm kind ofto

map it to this every time


oh my god why about white 11:00 news

first that is an absolute lie


let's just try and go as fast as



lion should be drying up a bit now

just about see it starting to form oh my

god is a big puddle of water there right

on the apex


did we hit 90 oh my god

the puddles

this is not Hill


why do I use first gear why do I not

learn ciao


you still need to map because I'm using

paddles you can only map one button to

be up down and up gear and down gear

whereas I had to map it back to that I

do need short


it's definitely getting dryer


that patter was a [ __ ] [ __ ] man


while you really can just not give the

time back has to be faster

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00


right let's not use [ __ ] first


all the clutch fast I went through that

yeah I I haven't good roundtable will

definitely be yanking up a little bit

will be yanking off AI after this




I'll [ __ ] your ass


it's still a bit sketchy out here


go away Pouncy



well I can wiggle was the Erinyes

equator drive



though the beautiful that was a good

save and you haven't done so already

maybe at the old white button

Kalama hall be great to get to 2k lights

in this room given how many people watch

and how could we got to 1k but if it

doesn't happen it doesn't happen but

it's always good goal to have understeer

happens now you could be to clip might

become to make that's kept you alive

thanks man

about to have you here as well that

puddle is the end of me


we'll see 95 miles-per-hour than ink oh

you're a [ __ ] madman you won't see it

now it gets a laugh slap the wet line it

does nothing pagas they go guys that's

been an easy one


the real question is how does our

teammate do would you reckon chat let's

take a stab and say he's lost Oh Cal

[ __ ] surprise

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00


well you gotta be that way

jumbo bronco bought taking his second

women to races look at the points leader

Ellie what'll that other team doing

missed I'm totally [ __ ] carrying the

team the other guys coming a lot in

every race and I'm carrying him right

let's try 115


where are we next to that did that save

I didn't actually see about saving on it

did good

how are we doing oh god damn it I can

yeah great work out there two wins in a


let's keep and build however this isn't

this some really grain this really great

messages here Thank You ed fill window

Tiffani Dale voiceover F teammate is the

backpack it's out the aggression I don't

know where we next please no Punta

Arenas Silverstone Thank You dragon for

the five dumb ball for with no likes rec

I don't like I don't think we've ever

hit free K on the stream

do we have rain no we don't so I like

some of the stones this could be a good

race for us we'll see




okay I'll put the aggression up after

this after qualifying then

what ms e aí aggression in project cars

too is sort of renowned for being a bit

too OB


thanks again anything Avis

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00


and low

please nerve hunter Inazuma

thank you please shoot 40/29 better or

Hamilton leave it

oh yeah guys on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

we'll be doing our first episode of the

f1 2018 career mode even if you want to

vote for a UMP you bought that guide and

if you want to vote for the team we're

going to use and go over to my Twitter

we have three choices hats Alba or



only thing someone's speed in a straight

line how



a far-off way

Oh a little way off


oh really


so I didn't lift there and the penalty

just went on its own



don't slider Timmy


I'm trying [ __ ] go 41 then every time

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

I go four there's like AI Karla


- AI now too strong here


doesn't have almost even I'm not really

lacking very well either


we're hitting it we hit 100 mile per

hour on the straight don't don't miss me



I think you feed it in with the gears at

the further


so let's try over a lap where we are

[ __ ] disturbed by the AI is so bad we



my eyes so much faster everywhere


dr. wang on this

thank you Matt for the five I prefer

preacher 18 silver style a new one 2010

silver Sun sorry I think I prefer the

older one the new ones still a nice

track though


yeah I'm I'm seven tenths of the fastest



seven so it's ten seven attempts of the

nearest geyser is what I meant to say

I think here we can even do suspension

not really this is just nothing that's

gonna find us a time

solo is it really 45 litres so going

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

around 45 years now wasn't yeh last

go back down to 110 which is where we

were before I'll turn that I have though

because you guys like some aggression to

pound Oh give us 60 but at the moment

the reason why we changed there's so

much right now so we're trying to find a

nice blend oh I know people said trap by

track they're a bit different I don't

want to be driving around the back but

yeah this time we actually start a

legitimate last so could be interesting


can you explain to me what ye tiss means

chat can you explain - Michael funny

what you just means he's only young and

doesn't know these things yes young yang

is now going to carry us

all right can we do how we can do the


we're already oh it doesn't change all

that one changes

at what


okay I can't really change them because

they just go to the one they were before

oh the fuel is lowered automatically

it's six liters for the race it's like


this is a few low for the race up here

don't worry all just race up we have

it's what everyone else has right so

here we are start last in this one

oh [ __ ]


oh man the start again hey aren't you

HOT for lion scenes


Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

oh hello friend

with a few weird


there we go

if it's really me


although the line change

there never knew max of Stepan Razin

Ginetta Diaz and his [ __ ] to spell be

inside hello it's me

Dahmer oh no he's really squeezing me



they might be gallons actually but we

don't want our fuel trust

a plenty of my own teammate it's funny

belongs there anyway well that's bad as





the helicopter bird who


um [ __ ] you I'm not dealing with that

never happened never happened first time



and nibble the snares bubble


ass well ago


head down head down club


Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

to the inside

Oh [ __ ] cent is that my teammate but

team eight-six




come on

they are thinking of guys on mopeds

actually but I don't seem like an icky

thing to do do you want to is flat you

say hey I know that trick to the inside

of the absolute send that to fur


I own 110 right now


they had this little rain


Oh casters know




now those days

Oh Steve so damn it it's right there Oh

Jim Carrey not allowed to send it I got

distracted a bit there by my nose sorry


don't leave the line open oh hello

friendly the friendly past


friendship chat

do they do news it's just about

friendship I'll rain


Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

as a PIN number to ship

goes to hit her light is turns on pit

limiter that you be brought well



and what's that gonna be like not the


well I have just just comes right off

the pace


oh there's nowhere to go


I don't know why here man why any of us

they're thinking emoji



I think I have all tucked off


there aren't there other wet tires less


I had given up

let's make it hard for ourselves


I can see maybe

hit for winter tires

Oh God


flat t1 all right


why is that possible


Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

now the traps control on you'd see it in

the bomb right




we fat here went for the Scandi flick

was denied the anti yoke came in there


that t1 is everywhere

let's go flat t1 one-handed why not oh

hello puddle

I've got that mahjongg apparently


the best driver ever

sit well how do that


got and now do cheek one flat no hands

that was [ __ ] do I dare go for the face

strats and in that way breaking my nose

or something


Oh No delete us so good


how much did how much oh no no no oh no


oh my bottled

did you



come on severely damaged boy

we believe


Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

a little bit tricky for something we're



[ __ ]


come on second third even




coming up something else in chat

No forth please i want forth

now I'm not gonna restart I deserve that

result [ __ ] deleted delete its myself



so close to 2k likes so chat hey you

know Mike you know Mike Chanel he bent

his genetic on well was it was it

fraction something he got crashed his

car whilst whilst doing some testing did

he then get this afterwards it was like

the guy is [ __ ] bender

brand ambassador factory dries for them

okay back treating letter boys and I do

that how are you then

how I do that

oh here earning affinity with specific

manufacturers by driving their cars in

your career will allow you to unlock

manufacturer drives good read

we bernetta now we viennetta boys now

where are we what trackers Cadwell oh I

don't know cow well very well

I don't know CAD very well

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

okay okay I got this

gobby these plebs and those track days

as it raining it's overcast cool I've

never driven this car before



roll over I'm a brand ambassador I'm a

genetic influencer where's this track go

I'm a driven like once hello


that means got some fun that's a super

useful right now

like how that five outside and still

putting away from me


whoa it can well is not a racing track


where'd you me to finish




hello thank thank you base Bimmer for

your sacrifice


this car is not for this circuit

oh [ __ ] Andre

thank you so much for the 50


that's very cottagey man

great content as always what's the don't

Lancers mediocre content but thank you

so much for the fifty its mega generous


hope you're doing well man I'm hoping I

can come 30 and I'll be okay


thank you so much Andre


Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

no badge another friends


how was I doing that speed through there

thought I got this the line the line


I can't get to turn

oh my god listen make me ill this track


why doesn't it do anything

Wow Wow

I don't like it I don't like it


well I don't want to be I didn't drive

it anyway Tonetta is for class frankly I

can cat well like go somewhere else does

it uh I'm Ralph but cab well no still

cat well so happened every time that's

not going mean I CalPERS the plebs I've

heard that I'm talking to you down EDC

to trying too hard no I did that's that

car felt weird

I guess we'll continue here would you

say that a I setting was right in the in

the dry at least 110 was good in the dry

if friendship n do have doing that a

Porsche is now best friend

- k likes thank you very much but your

idea to learn cap well something I

should do my spare time howdy of us is

Portia I don't want to know man

Burlington bark hi Barrington please no

punter Reno Jimmer tonight for that

Thank You Benjamin

I think to to ke eatest etus increases

Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

now for 10k likes I don't want max

aggression I've been hurt before


look it up

is this every GM stream my driver tried

to coil around until around franchise

thank you nelq thing it's dark waiting

Thank You Man

in which case don't drive and learn one

eye on them on easy if you don't drive

you don't know what you're missing


[ __ ] off

Oh fair enough




our way penalty


what was that it look at it fair enough


and that was back


the giver I know this stuff already man

that point focusing right now we drive

in the Audi I've said there's no point

focusing on how quick the other car is


oh come on small boy do your best


Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

oh good

Oh Thank You Manuel for driving fast

then proceeding to eat the earth after

that's very polite of you first of all

since man

enjoy your emojis and your green texts

and your immunity to slo-moes more

importantly if everything distracted for

your Browns hat


okay I understand that I have a more

mechanical grip without some sort of

cheap but how comes that far for a

straight line that I am


there isn't any error on this

yeah but like a custom style wouldn't

make a car that much faster in a

straight line that's like a power



things that've hour a hundred that I'll

just walk all over and so


the curves are spooky man


Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

now slowly for that

and so I'm still bugging are the second

upper back


oh then you understood

like I said they're doing the rice

surfing 110% a is where we should be in

the shed banners please yeah okay maybe

we'll just go to the race and see how

they do there this will be our test


I can't let me they make it this

straight now like I haven't played it a

setup but


I shouldn't go from being a pole

position to then a second and a half

slower than pole position from track to

track you know so isn't going to do that

especially when I was in pole position

or when I was a winning races story I

had base one set up them


now right now in this


don't cover the line dammit now where

they go

come on the right somewhere


oh [ __ ] made Timmy

so stupid


let's go behind I mean I think we have

fairly good than champ [ __ ] right now

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

we can't give result here and it could

result in that spawn we're probably take

the win the championship and hopefully

get something out it's not my god it's

got driven past [ __ ] out okay



okay gaining on the elites free again


I can be quicker for this our chicane

then our hostiles cache and I think I'm

very so for the first secretary seems

compared to the AI but I can be fast

that was nice that's right on the limit


come on I don't have a speed out that I

should be in second gear I think so guys

if you didn't hear me before you weren't

here premise of a series as we start off

in the lower lower division this case

we're starting in Jeanette as we work

our way up to drive in heaven p1 at

LeMans which is the like the end the

ladder really for our for endurance

which is alway aiming for so got a long

way to go yeah it's our first series of

five I get all of six I suppose they've

got a long way to go to get there if you

are enjoying the stream like some of the

evil have you already have already if

you haven't done so maybe hit the old

web button if you want to can of course

no obligation maybe subscribe as well

getting there to 130k subscribers now is

i think we so much for that guys that's

happened to super quickly don't go up

again don't go up again good and on


what Friday okay we've got a good end of

week Friday we have the first F 1 2018

streamlet I know I have a pre

pre-release copy like and stream as well

for 17th so we're doing that on Friday

so you guys can check out f1 2018 in the

career mode see if it's worth buying or


and then on Saturday we have the 24

Hours of LeMans in iRacing


the old way button yeah I always say the

old way button don't know it's just

program to me to say that Jimmy why you

so bad at see one


I went for the random break the dream

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00


the understand for the old happen

yep the real-time 24 hours on the mall

on Saturday


from acclaims and up to coppice

the run that are there I'll take that or

will I know I worked in [ __ ] I came

back at me


we have four drivers for the 24 it's

myself Bailey give out David John

Gibbons and Adam Hoskinson or JA it's

gonna be a good race


this is this is good difficulty right

now beside

that was better 41

I've been breaking a light here my

Serbian for a long time I call it I

haven't seen her since she yeah


Thank You spike out did you preorder

that 1 2018 nice I played about two

hours of its a day


I can't really say why think about it

because of the embargo that

yeah I played two hours that's about all

I can say I think I'm looking forward to

telling about on the 17th


oh say podium


so give race moment AI you can tell

there's a little bit of hoddan's going

on but not too much


Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

we'll go in front got that wrong to the

inside give me a second

thank we have the wrongful first


don't go too wide oh I always I always

understeer there


so I send it here or not


this will be the last lap

go defensive


on the outside no not quite

that's the good race


I'm strong for the old happen

he's everywhere I want to be here comes



the room that I made

we're free

a bit wide there like


on one lash Akane


laughter first challenge absolute pagas


so I get fastest lap now I didn't

bollocks that's not by a longshot people

didn't [ __ ] 24s about they're not

last let me get some height for Zhang

shun yang for not coming last

I'm pretty sure I won't lose

Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

look at the winds there winny McGee they

call me what first time will would you

recommend the f1 2018 I mean just first

Sims in general I don't really know oh

is this Snetterton no the track is that

that's not statin it is Natan the [ __ ]

is this bit up here

kind of put Wang on this Oh that certain


Thank You team Alou it's Hamilton 44

great win that we autographed my

foreskin just post it in man

thank you

right ai difficulty Scoob where's Hank

oh I hope it wasn't reading the bit

we're [ __ ] said it and once those


tire compound yep all I get is a weather

all-terrain oh yeah

oh no that means

that's a more candle maybe

I'm not sure that's going to affect it

now mess up the balance



this rolling resistance but also less


I know using the wrong vet [ __ ] aids



well we've got so much fuel for

something oh I know why that's really


Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

try again

50 psi yeah that's not right I said

that's those scuffed set up there there

is no racing series no track series I

can think of the race is 50 psi tires


without trees giving their youth their



they eyes 112


yeah that's why I said road racing


look at that curve on the inside [ __ ] me

hit that and you're dead


that's how you do it - there


but how far am i gonna be I wonder


okay I can be faster for that


do the curbs I dunno why that's so

[ __ ] think they like they can realize


don't touch it a war of close to [ __ ]


I'm very slow here it seems

Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00


but that unreasonably big of this out

that they'll destroy your car big in



linear miles off


paint sample second distant to you on



got that understeer at me


well I know projectile skews a bit of

fun it's I find it like it's just an

interesting thing to do i like i like

doing career Moe's this one has a an

okay one so I want to try out making it

sausage touched

it's going too fast there I caught let's

put the bomb hole by the way always it's

called the bomb hole but one of these

ones called a bomb hole and of course I

something something else so it's always

very funny why here on TV I always

giggle a little bit hehehe

that's a funny


Oh No

oh you're a [ __ ] I went off I lost time





professional racing driver the mechanics

are all dead


repel he said temperature engage didn't

they say for limiter engaged we're

starting from the [ __ ] back

the double words


Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00


please don't mind Marino Jim thank each

IP for the two brand ambassador


my biggest part of the did that a pick

through my eye


but it's whoa

we just got [ __ ] sausage



the f1 Ginetta

oh yeah


it comes to

the CEO just [ __ ] ejects it go fight

off mr2 boy can you know oh my god


when you guys see this ejection oh right

okay it's still good

they're bits in midair there


cars actually fine

we're missing a few bits but Kyle's fine

let me fasten out that's a good noise

plus two positions it was just one

Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

second ago was it - now


time for world rekky that


now I'm starting 1412 drivers




I'm gonna go in front of my teammate and

then be put back again


flat [ __ ]


Tijuana's Fletcher


there's a lot of noise going on in the

background we know what it is

just like crunching noises


Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00



No yeah


[ __ ] it all what is going on there

backfist well at least I got Paul on the

record right

the new strap luckily hey I can't get

off a line so we should be good


I'm still on pole

good game


good penalty your penalty in there


112 they are set to

we are being the testing


No the curb is not the eating


I'm putting away as well come on lads


profit terrible off going it


time dear the current obviously the

Stratus to a gentler who is


well give me a flat for they remember

Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

they'll be brave


just a car of a stressor


let's put it away now but

hoping that we get to go to a different

car after this start Jeanette is I think

we need more I will 12 them here don't

need art enough for my tastes

Oh God rallying uh


but right on this

thank you TB for 150 a bump listen put

it ring all over the track

oh yeah probably john-boy come get me

I'm making mistakes Oh wake up my lads


I was always going for it I'm gonna do T

one flat hotel they can't see one player


oh no I shouldn't have done that why do

I listen to chat


the fill when still leading oh come on


how's a good line though


I know



they also need the white stress

oh I will

keep it up all night


what and the low friend it's a small



I really hope that grid penalties are

applied to the final result because

that's not how grit penalties work for

Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

the inside go faster please Christ

Almighty that so 41

just [ __ ] the contacted me let's go


which the AI into sausage hmm


the dive [ __ ] route


all night


got the banker had the sausage what a

what champ


rice balls

Thank You Lewis for ascending cheers my



enjoy your emojis I mean we aren't too

far off now I think we need 350 to the

next emoji slot but we're like 330

something right now so thank you for

making this one closer man appreciate

our I call it his his ass on me that


that was that

my con is Kyle for a second


Wow the car just did not stick


I had to swerve to avoid the sausage

that would have been [ __ ] launched


out of the watching chat another ones


wait a minute the [ __ ] vole just

can't you now see you get out of it

there's a mouse room

Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00


like Leave leave adorable folks


what to go


everyone see






what the [ __ ]



I don't even know where like did I see

things I'm I swore I saw a mouse just

come in then

I swore I saw one one came in the other

day out of the rain


oh well I'll have to keep an eye out for

it it's around


Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00


on my bed now is it no I'm now really

power as a mouse somewhere oh [ __ ] now

stiff as a nation I'll be back


I swore I started going to one of my

shoe that's why I got off so quick but

it's [ __ ] bolted I've no idea where

it's gone please no pun torino Jimmer

thank you all to our thanks for the two


please no pun

Thank You sathi for the tooth will cut

down mouth

I'll find it scent

what scent


where explains why I've been waking up

with chunks of flesh wishing for her

missing from my body

hungry mice let em hang now I believe my




oh my god send an ID


if it shows up in foot count probably it

stomped so it is not good


what afraid of the mouse oh well

actively go and try and find it I was

afraid of it I just don't want it in my




Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

there you go mouse a six assisted

victory scenes


I'm gonna have to go looking for it in a


to make sure he doesn't start chewing

[ __ ] there's a PC under there well

living in the PCs it also we winner I

can now go to the next series yay UK two

more Jeanette is at least more people in

this race or not


that's not very nice mr. Harris

pick up my letter take the pick that's

funny so they piss on other songs bania

that's that that is the that's the goal

I [ __ ] it it's not qualify check

ourselves in

yeah I'm really worried this mouse is

gonna chew through something and I don't

know I'll do this race and then I'll

probably go mouse hunting

right last to first


don't have a cat avid dog at dog sir

the speed


hey I just [ __ ] sending it over the

Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00



not to us is enough Saudi against your

will in fact


Oh God


I wasn't looking where I was going I

lost a few places

nothing got very well


I'll put wine on this Thank You Roden HQ


yeah got your van


laughs to restart this someone's bit too

far by now

yeah I can restart I was so stupid just

in the grass going


the worst are all time




such a weird layout as the soil one

Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00


low [ __ ] out

not good start this race so far


come on Jimmy

Jim Carrey being me now


okay My Mind's on that Mouse I don't

want it to [ __ ] it I've got like another

PC under the bed I can't my street in

peace under the bed I don't want it

going in there and [ __ ] eating it so

I'm gonna ask you end the stream now

stream ended by mouse and all somewhere

bad driving but guys in general if you

did enjoy this it's sort of a new series

I'm trying out if you did enjoy it then

think about hanging around maybe

subscribing let me know if you did enjoy

this I mean this the stump fairly well

in terms of likes and people watching so

I do hope you enjoyed it

go hunt some mice yeah

again if you aren't around on the Friday

or if you want around on Friday I'll be

doing my first stream of f1 that 2018

and Saturday will be doing 24 hours

Lamoni racing Fulham Fresa myself boilie

kibo and Hodja

take care lads wish me luck

I'm gonna hunt some rabbit wait Mouse

man job dinner where's the outside but

here for emeritus



Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00




pls no punterino PC2 AI



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  1. Mmm I loooove me some PCars2… you plan any of your "special" AC-style races vs fans? There's a few vehicles that may be juuust right for those… the trucks, that honda 2×4, all them classic vehicles (I'm a sucker for those.) And then the tracks with the various drifty and low traction (ice) ones, or the other way around – long and mostly straight…

  2. Jimmer, just a suggestion since you want this series to be more about being a driver as opposed to mechanic… use the mechanic feature! That's exactly what it's there for, you as driver come in, tell your mech what's up, he suggests a fix and you decide yay/nay.

    Because once you turn the AI up past 80 they begin to "make setup adjustments" to fit the track and conditions and you will lose a LOT of time with a weak setup versus a decent one. Take a look at time-trials, if you haven't yet, to see how much difference a good setup can make, especially against the default. But you're a much better driver than I, you may need the added difficulty for the AI to even have a chance… when I got to that first wet race I had to turn the AI waaay down (I won't tell yous how low it was that bad.)

  3. Love the PC2 videos! I love forza 6 and 7 controller or wheel but man when I gave PC2 a spin I realised what I’ve been missing it on in a good racing game. Ever since I’ve been playing that and assetto and I feel like I’m using my moneys worth in my sim racing setup.

  4. It looks like you're running on the default "Loose" setup as far as I am into the video. My question for anyone reading this is : how do you not oversteer ? In any car including the ginetta junior, I keep having massive oversteer in medium speed corners, without hitting much on the throttle or brakes. Is there anything I'm doing wrong ? It happens to me only in PC2… If it helps, I play with a G27…
    Anyways, love the content, count on me in the adventure !


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