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    Le Mans Or Bust – Project Cars 2 Career Mode | EP1

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    pls no punterino PC2 AI


    FAQ - https://pastebin.com/ha9pf9tK

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    Sim Rig GT and Ultimate Pedals provided by Heusinkveld Engineering - https://heusinkveld.com/?v=79cba1185463

    Handbrake V1.5 and SQ V1.5 shifter provided by Fanatec - https://www.fanatec.com/eu-en/product/pc

    OSW MIGE available from SimRacingBay - https://www.simracingbay.com/

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    Comment (24)

    1. Mmm I loooove me some PCars2… you plan any of your "special" AC-style races vs fans? There's a few vehicles that may be juuust right for those… the trucks, that honda 2×4, all them classic vehicles (I'm a sucker for those.) And then the tracks with the various drifty and low traction (ice) ones, or the other way around – long and mostly straight…

    2. Jimmer, just a suggestion since you want this series to be more about being a driver as opposed to mechanic… use the mechanic feature! That's exactly what it's there for, you as driver come in, tell your mech what's up, he suggests a fix and you decide yay/nay.

      Because once you turn the AI up past 80 they begin to "make setup adjustments" to fit the track and conditions and you will lose a LOT of time with a weak setup versus a decent one. Take a look at time-trials, if you haven't yet, to see how much difference a good setup can make, especially against the default. But you're a much better driver than I, you may need the added difficulty for the AI to even have a chance… when I got to that first wet race I had to turn the AI waaay down (I won't tell yous how low it was that bad.)

    3. Love the PC2 videos! I love forza 6 and 7 controller or wheel but man when I gave PC2 a spin I realised what I’ve been missing it on in a good racing game. Ever since I’ve been playing that and assetto and I feel like I’m using my moneys worth in my sim racing setup.

    4. It looks like you're running on the default "Loose" setup as far as I am into the video. My question for anyone reading this is : how do you not oversteer ? In any car including the ginetta junior, I keep having massive oversteer in medium speed corners, without hitting much on the throttle or brakes. Is there anything I'm doing wrong ? It happens to me only in PC2… If it helps, I play with a G27…
      Anyways, love the content, count on me in the adventure !


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