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SearchThisVideo: LEAKED by Nintendo: Samus Returns… Returns! to Switch – PapaGenos

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hey guys just a quick video here so

forgive the sound or video quality on

this one

just wanted to get this information out

to everyone as quickly as possible here

so nintendo may have leaked an upcoming

nintendo switch game

on their official website this wouldn't

be the first time this has happened in

recent history

they showed off kirby fighters 2

prematurely a few months ago before that

game was officially announced

okay so this is on the official nintendo

website and i'll leave a link to this in

the description below so you can check

it out for yourself

so it's a page for a new metroid themed

skin for the nintendo switch

basically decal stickers you can add to

your switch they look pretty cool but

these are nothing new

what's really interesting though is one

of the images they have showing off this

new skin

if you look closely one of the images

has a game being played on the nintendo


and if you look really closely the

images of a metroid game

specifically this appears to be metroid

samus returns

which was a nintendo 3ds game it was

actually a remaster of metroid 2 for the

game boy

so samus returns coming to the nintendo

switch has not been officially announced


and i will say the game seems to be

resized to fit the switch screen

perfectly in this image

so i'd be pretty surprised if someone

went to all the trouble of resizing a

3ds game to fit the nintendo switch to

make this mock-up image just to show off

these metroid skins

seems more likely to me that once again

like with kirby fighters 2

nintendo may have accidentally just

leaked a future switch title early

there were some talks about a possible

2d metroid

game floating around certain leaker

circles so if this is true

and samus returns really is being ported

to the nintendo switch that would fit

the bill for those 2d metroid game

rumors we were hearing about

so what do you guys think about this one

what do you make of all this do you

think nintendo

is goofed again and actually leaked a

switch game early

or do you think someone making the

mock-up image to show off the metroid


just went overboard and photoshopped in

samus returns to show off those skins

let me know what you think in the

comments below so once again

thank you guys for all the subscribes

all the likes uh

really helps out the channel so if you

haven't subscribed yet

go ahead and do so or like the video or

leave a comment whatever you want

until next time have a good one

Nintendo might have just LEAKED a future game on their official website!!! A possible port of the Nintendo 3DS game "Metroid Samus Returns" coming to the Nintendo Switch!!!


PapaGeno's Forest Maze Discord:

Intro animation by: DiegoPuente
Intro Icon and Outro Icon by: @SeanHicksART on twitter or
Outro Song by: Tekrom0

Watch the Source Video Here!

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Comment (0)

  1. Sorry to debunk this, I really would want this game on my switch. But the same retailer, that is selling this also has another metroid skin for the switch. Only this time with the same picture, but metroid prime: echoes as the screenshot..

  2. Stop spreading this stuff, you only need to see the product is from Controller Gear to know it's not a leak, they made the pictures not Nintendo, is illogical to assume Nintendo gave them access to a game that hasn't even be announced for their own console. If it was a product made directly by Nintendo it could be the case but it's not, it's literally a few clicks just to see the company behind this product, please don't spread misinformation.

  3. I think it's just marketing people using a random Metroid screenshot. The skins and screen in that image are obviously edited to be there

  4. If this is real and the sequel to Prime 3, then Sylux confirmed for Smash? He was following Samus at the end of Prime 3 inferring he's the villain in the next Metroid game and there's no Sylux spirit yet….
    I could see Nintendo advertising this in Smash by including him

  5. lol, said it before and I'll say it again. Nintendo are the only leakers that can be trusted. Half the time I wonder if it was actually just an accident. XD

    I distinctly remember a Switch Advert when they accidently leaked the stage creation feature for Smash on it. I wonder what happened to the guy/or people who worked on that advert and didn't realize their mistake until it was too late? XD

  6. Nintendo Direct E3 2021
    Rabbids Go Home Remastered
    Mario Strikers
    Plants Vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville
    Sonic Adventure HD (Sonic 30th Anniversary)
    DLC Updated Super Mario 3D All-Stars: Super Mario Galaxy 2
    Metroid Prime 4
    Bayonetta 3
    Killer Instict Definitive Edition (New Guest Samus & Fox Mccloud)
    Resident Evil 7
    Dark Deception
    Destroy All Humans
    Kingdom Hearts 3
    Fall Guys
    Banjo Kazooie HD
    Rayman For DLC Smash Bros Ultimate: Challenger Pack 8
    & Crash Bandicoot For DLC Smash Bros Ultimate: Challenger Pack 9

  7. If anyone here played Metroid samus returns 3DS how was it? I enjoyed playing metroid prime series and metroid other m was okay, but the story felt a little short in my opinion. I'm just curious if this game is worth it or not while we wait for metroid prime 4.

  8. Does anyone remember that logo leak from all the way back when? They got steves logo right so maybe it has some credibility. The other logos were a dog a dinosaur and a sword. Dont know if its legit or if it guessed. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

  9. We need a New Mii Game like Tomodachi Life, Miitopia, Nintendo Land, and Wii Sports but called Mii Sports, Wii Party but renamed ad Mii Party, Literally I can take any Mii game

  10. This would be a little disappointing. In fact, of the 2D Metroid options, this is the most disappointing. Zero Mission on Switch, Super Metroid Remake, Metroid Fusion Remake, and of course Metroid 5 would all be preferable to the most recent entry.

  11. This same image is on the Controller Gear website in HQ, looks like a quick and dirty photoshop, and is unlikely a Nintendo created/sanctioned piece of art anyways.


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