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SearchThisVideo: LEARNING THE BASICS! – Dyson Sphere Program – Let's Play Tutorial Gameplay DSP Ep 01

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Watch video at 00:00
greetings and welcome to
dyson severe program i'm dre
and today we start a brand new let's
play on this channel
i've been going for a few months had a
bit of a wild race but
now we're back we're back into the
factory building
so um a bit about dyson sphere program
is a mix of factorio and satisfactory
two games i very much enjoy
so um yeah the goal from what i
is to build a dyson sphere and for
people that don't understand what a
dyson sphere is
it's a shoot structure that captures all
the energy
from a nearby star so
it's pretty much what you see here so um
let's jump into the game
and i'll start to explain a bit about
the premise
so we'll go with a normal seat right
here completely random you guys can take
it from here if you want to
play along and yeah
let's not change anything else and let's
just jump directly
into this and see what we have going on
okay welcome to the actual universe
you may find it's different from our
homeland should you be able to adapt to
the laws of physics in a short time
i am your advisor and will help you
through this mission
pretty cool guys everything here is
yours as one of cosmo
and the pioneer of the dyson sphere
program you will explore this cluster
step by step
by using the resources here to construct
the dyson sphere to provide energy
for the center brain to maintain
homeland starting from scratch
i have chosen a designated planet for
you to start the mission
which has necessary resources for
initial development
now please drive the space capsule to
the planet
okay so uh this seems to be our home
in this galaxy or this
solar system if it's the solar system
so there's a star we have before so
let's see if we can find a good place to
maybe just let's go to the sunny side
about to reach the designated planet
oh okay
here we go guys

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

so dyson sphere program is a game where
you build a massive factory
to launch solar panels into the air to
build a dyson sphere
at least that is the gist of it you are
a mcrobot here that will uh
that will be used as a character in this
to control its movement so it's it's
first person
we can move around we can't middle mouse
buttons move left and right
right click to move right click to
interact with the environment
as it says and right click to pick up
minerals we can also
recycle it seams
at least this one
and you can use the same operation
so as you might see here at the bottom
something very
very important compared to uh victoria
and satisfactory that is your mech has
power several items after recycling
you'll need to
be able to use that to keep the robot
powers forever whatever we do
takes energy so standing still does
still holds steady but moving around
uses energy so we have to power
our little thing for that we just got a
bit of hydrogen fuel
we can also power it with plant-based
logs for example plant fuel only 500
it will power us giving us a bit of
energy back so we can perform more
the crafting menu you press f here you
can see all the components we can build
iron copper stone magnet
magnets and that's a coil gear
and circuit board so very factorial like
with a building menu next to it so far
we can't build anything
but we'll be able to do that very very
as you can see there's also a technology
that is going to be very important for
when we start to uh
expand into this world so um yeah let's
let's have a look
like the little guy tells us
this is the research tree look at that
look at all the cool things we can make
mission complete all the way out here
universe matrix
whatever it is with five different kinds
let's call them science uh red green
blue and such
same colors as factorio in a different
order so
that's always nice and other than that
we start here the next one we have to
move is electromagnetic magnetism and

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

that will give us
wind turbines tesla towers and
mining machines that'll enable us to get
pretty much free power green efficient
power from the wind
and mine things and expand out with
tesla towers if we need a bigger supply
to do research you activate and then it
will take things from
inventory if you have it so right now we
so let's craft these
to craft you click on it you decide how
do we want and each time you click it'll
produce as many as says down here
up to a maximum what you can craft up
here on the right so this will produce
seven for us this also requires a bit of
it always produces all the things you
need to make things
this would give us more than enough for
this one
since it produces two at a time
so researcher going we are slowly
getting our first things we need
for automation so that's gonna be very
very nice
and there we are electromagnetism
you have unlocked a new automatic mining
machine which will automatically collect
all for you
of course this capacity is limited you
may wish to transfer these murals to a
smelting facility
automatically i will probably do
to that so now we got our first mining
here we can see how many holes it will
mine at a time
and the more it hits from my
understanding the faster it will
mine them
so if you do it right
here that seems oh we're not quite
snapping that means we can do
that seems quite massive
and compared to the other things for
example factorio
and satisfactory things don't just get
automatically built we have little
drones in our little neck that flies out
and puts it down on the ground so that
is a nice little thing
that both yeah changes up the gameplay a
the grit you can see is the crits of the
world so um
further go each direction they will
maybe shift a bit because they go by the
curvature of the earth
so we'll use that later when building
rotate the angle of view
and hold down the right mouse button
let's see let's start by setting up some
basic automation
we have that we can now have a bit of
let's just build the wind turbine right
next to it that should power our mining
machine and now you can see
it's slowly producing
wind turbines produce 300 kilowatts
right now
we have a combined consumption demand of

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

so we are actually not producing enough
it means we should probably make a few
and as you can see we can make two
and it'll slowly produce all the things
we need so let's let's stay with that
and let's start automating our
so in case we need some research to get
smelting we also have the science right
the blue cubes in a matrix lab
and we have basic assembly for uh
assembly machines if you know that
from factorio as well
so let's start by getting ourselves this
to get smelting up and running so 10
metal coils or magnetic coils
and 10 circuit boards
that should be doable
circuit boards i've not just produced 10
at a time but we can only produce that
so we need to start to take some of this
and just smelt it by hand for a little
while let's see
copper as well so maybe let's get
another miner
we have to get some by hand let's see
can we see any copper anywhere
and that is coals not what we need right
see no copper nearby
let's just take a little robot jogging
maybe we can do it from this view that
is the north pole in the south pole
slide the mouse wheel so look at that
there are some copper so we have copper
iron and coal
in here might actually be good air to
set up our base we'll just keep this for
so let's move over this way i think we
saw it over here
there we are copper vane
right in the middle of the forest
so that's nice compared to factorial
there is
no enemies from what i understand at
least not in this
point in the game so right now
things are still relatively safe
let's just pick up some of this so we
can craft one of these
you'll be able to double click down here
to open the replicator to craft things
as you can see now you can craft a few
let's just craft two so we have one in
storage in case we need
of course that does mean it will craft
all the required materials before it
goes to that one
so here we go we'll get our copper miner
up and running
i'll wait i'll just grab a few things
if you hold down shift and right click
you can
tell it to take more things at a time or
little robots
which is very very nice

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

that also makes a bit of the process and
it is quite important since as you can
see our fuel
goes down quite quickly when performing
actions and if that runs out
we'll be extremely slow so let's give it
some wood to burn
140 mega joules
pretty much and let's set up a little
mining machine more uh
let's see how many can we hit i think
that'll be fine for now
so here we are let's craft or use the
second wind turbine
now we'll slowly grab all the things we
a thing to notice about wind turbines
is that you can't place them next to
each other they need to have a bit of
room in between
so um let's just place one
over here as well they'll connect up
supply to the same power grid
so now this one will have enough to be
fully saturated saturated as you can see
100 certification satisfaction
satisfaction even
and we have about 180 in surplus so wind
turbines extremely powerful
but you need to have a bit of room in
between them
not the worst to be honest
so let's craft these two at a time so
i'd like to get
i'll give me six more didn't like to get
let's give me five view could probably
do a bit more just to have it
in storage since we can easily make it
and then we don't have to worry about
that in the future if
needed it also shows some of the things
that can be used for on the side
which is is very handy if you don't
really know what they
are used for at least some of them
don't have all of them are shown here
but it could be cool if it was
we'll probably figure that out as we go
along so let's grab all of this
we could have some mining for coal as
well and
maybe for stone just so we have it up
and running
i think that'll future proof ourselves a
bit with lacking materials
so yeah
so let's start with this automatic
metallurgy you have unlocked the smelter
automatic smelt based materials such as
iron and copper ingot for you
to achieve full automation you'll need
to need a salt to automatically put the
oils in the conveyor belt
into our smelter
so we need to get a sorter that's
on the probably basic logistics system
somewhat easy to do that'll give us
conveyors sources and storage so let's
activate that
we're just missing a few gear wheels so
that should be
quite easy to do they already been

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

so quite lucky that we started crafting
on those
let's see we have iron here i'll
probably set up different iron vein
right here just because it's it's a bit
easier to get to
so let's go and grab the other one is it
over here
that's right there and then let's set it
up a bit closer so we don't have to run
this far
maybe just drag belts
so now we can start to automate things
let's get these out the way
and let's start to make some belts we
have 20 at the moment we have some
sorters we have some smelters here and
to be honest
yeah let's let's move this one i want a
bit closer
if you press x that will save up this
man sync facility
and dismantling experiments clicking it
building require you to um
what's it called get the drones to build
it but you can just pick it up
if it's uh
if it's dismantling so that's that's
quite quite nifty
that is quite easy to tear things down
so let's set up our first bit of
automation right here
i might want to drag it a bit over here
so we have it in the same area
or we can maybe just store it here for
as you can see it doesn't snap correctly
and that's because of the curve that you
have the earth
it's not a big deal but it is something
you have to worry about when building
look here is our little drones they are
building they are outputting to the belt
and what i want to do is set up a bit of
smelting right here
let's do we can do
two for now to be honest so let's do two
um i normally do two three or four at a
time because
going from one to two is a hundred
percent increase going for two to four
is 100 increase but then you need to go
to eight
after that and that takes a lot more
room for
a lot less productivity
so the snapping of the buildings is
quite easy to do so
if you go in here go into this one take
our sorter
you click the belt you click where you
want to go in
you click the belt say where it wants to
go in
and then it works what it needs right
now is a bit of power
so we could put a wind turbine down here
as you can see we can't do that that's
close to all the turbines so that's an
issue that's where the tesla power
at a tesla thing goes into play so right
that's done and then we can
say i want you then and i can copy it

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

and paste it here there we are look at
that we have automated or
copper ingots so let's go and do the
same with our ion that's right next to
oh and we have a bit of oil here as well
for the future
so let's see here miner
right here i'd like for you to grab all
the ore in the world
if you can please thank you maybe this
way is the best to grab a ton
let's see it's not the best grabbing
let's do it there that's fine let's give
it a little
wind turbine for power and let's set up
the same thing as we have over here
we'll have some belts going out
you can just go to here and as you can
see the ground
just flattens itself it's a very nice
so um things will just flow
during the smelters we'll have two again
i'm lacking one so let's just craft
let's craft three oh well let's craft
one because
they will have much of this automated to
probably get all the basic ones up and
running so stone and such
and some coal because coal is quite good
early game to
uh to power mech if you run
run this so um yeah let's just burn all
the things we don't need so that's just
this one matte view let's set
you to iron
and if you shift click you can take a
copy of it
and it'll retain the information hat
it has a bit like a pipette tool from
factorial if any of you remember that
that is is very very nice
so f4 you can go in you can go in you
require a bit of power
i can supply that to you quite easily
let's do five of those let's do a few
more wind turbines
we have a bit and
automated here just requires a bit more
since it is quite quite starved
without satisfaction it needs 1.7
megawatts was playing 300 kilowatts so
yeah it's not gonna be super happy until
we get a few more of these down
but of course it is still running just
extremely slowly
so time to pick up a bit of this we can
also do this
to share the nip now these two are
connected up
and they split the load that almost

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

fixed it
but not quite so let's place down a few
more wind turbines
to power a world let's take it over here
so it doesn't take up too much room
i like to put them just inside these
squares if i can
because i noticed just enough room for
it there so that's actually
very nice and look at that a ton of
and a ton of iron very
very nice
so now that we have this we have a nice
basis for uh
doing these and as i said i want to set
up a few more of the basic resources
here in episode one
i think that'll be quite cool so let's
just craft two more
and maybe just set this one up to craft
in a view
10 of that
and these are individual per item so
that's actually quite nice it's in a
turn up that and that will give us a bit
of things for when we need to build more
so we have stone oh wow that's a lot of
stone we have some coal
i can't remember do we have it anywhere
else morbid
we have coal stone stone
stone coal
also have that's where we had it before
so let's go down here and grab this coal
and this stone i know we have a huge
lake in the middle
but there we can land fill that i'll
foundation it i'll lay down foundations
in the future so it's not that big of a
so let's start by the stone
right there let's give you a few wind
turbines this should be a lot easier to
craft now
let's give me five at a time
that will slowly produce so six as you
can see up here about 70 seconds for it
to be done
so while that is waiting we can go and
place down
some miners over here
a bit of coal mining please
you can go this way instead not the best
angle it seems to get a lot
but maybe just as you probably supply
our coal needs for
a little bit that's what i'm hoping
so here goes our wind turbines in a
and then we're quite good in terms of
basic resources
one understands so far we have coal
stone iron and copper
that is the base materials then we have
as the fluid one and i think that is all
of our basic
materials so uh if we have all these it
will be a good
foundation for our future builds

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

so here's some power for you
here is some power for you and we could
probably just
hook him up somewhere here in the middle
let's remove this a bit like that
here is better yeah
so that is good now we can check this
if there's anything we can produce at
the current tip as you can see we can
fly over water
that drains up power very very quickly
so that is not always an optimal thing
to do
so let's grab this as you can see these
can only store
100 in time but that we can solve
rather easily with some storage
and i kind of want to set up a bit of
storage and on these
and in true factorial style we can do it
this way please craft
10 of those at a time please and thank
so instead of storing 200 which
is a bit uh it's not that much
we can also do outputs like this let's
do it to here for now
we'll have to grab a few more view
please craft 10 of those
they're pretty much the inserters from
but they have a bit
different functionality which is quite
nice and we'll get to that
in the near future so
now we have that we can have these two
we must just click it and somewhere
there we go
and then we'll have a little storage
we won't have enough for one because
we're missing the stone but that will
solve very soon
but look at this now we have a storage
if you place this next to a belt for
example right here
and then
we can now store 630 stacks
instead of 100 we can now store 3 000
and it takes
1.5 trips per second this one produces
a full part probably one
per second so you can't quite keep up
but it's a good start i just want to
have a bit of storage going
and since power is free it's not really
that big of a deal
so that is working we should probably do
the same for
our iron and then go to save
the same stone and cold
we have a nice nice nice buffer
there we are so oh we need the stone

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00
let's go and grab that
more still stone cross picked up from
the ground
for now oh and apparently we have
something else here
is that quartz oh titanium oh
that's something i haven't seen before
that's going to be nice to figuring out
what what that is used for
but for now let's do this please take
out we'll go in the water
and i think for now i think just one i'm
maybe turning it
doing it this way to future-proof it a
little bit
let's manches u plays you up this way
so lacking items that is fine
you can just produce a bits
so that will be our smelters right here
one two three four we'll be fine
wait for those
oh and look at that we are out of power
that's what i was fearing and look how
slow we are now
it's a good result we have a bit of wood
to burn to get up speed but then we
just go and grab some coal
look at the fuel value one and a half
tune 2.7 and it has no
full chamber
surplus or decrease so that's that's way
better than these
so now we're finally going in let's
produce 180 per minutes
not bad there we are
time to let's get one more
that's fine and let's set up a bit of
let's see one two
let's do the output as well into storage
let's craft
ufu and since we're missing stone it's
good we're getting this up and running
stone please and stone
no power that i can easily solve
power goes there
and we are oh easy supplying since uh
everything is probably full at the
moment so they're not producing anymore
we need to connect this one up again
all right let's just remove that so
that's a bit wonky
look at that we have stone flowing
four in and to automate the start of a
production line
i'll put a bit this way get some storage
thank you and

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

let's take a few things out as soon as
it's built
there and and let's just take
i think maybe one in for now is good
if not we can always increase it a bit
so those and let's get
a lot more of this up and running
that's lacking things that's fine let's
get some more view
so there we are things are going very
nicely we have some production we are
making stone so we don't have to craft
that by hand
which is uh very nice so you can please
take stone back i don't need it
then the coal i don't think coal is used
for anything at the moment if you look
here in our little foundry
we can make these
so yeah stone to glass stone to
stone and iron ore to
magnets as well so that's a few things
we'll have to work on
very very soon first let's get some
storage over here
and the reason for that is i just want
to get some so we can always
refill or little
robots or neck even
yeah and you'll just start grabbing that
i don't think it needs to be faster than
and maybe just give ourselves
one row of coal i think that might be
let's set up second one
go double speed double inputs
there we are so that's a stone
that's a coal that's going
should we also set up glass while we're
at it pretty much as i had
glass on the opposite side
why not i think it would be cool to have
set up
one two glass
and output here that means we have at
the basics of everything running glass
glass out
out let's make a few more
i give this 50 that should be more than
enough and that is the power of having
all the basic materials made it's a lot
easier just to craft up a ton of these
so my goal is to go for automating
all the basic components and then
we can have what's it called

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

the rest made by handle the buildings
and such since that is a bit more
complicated to set up
let's take you over here winter wine
but now we can just directly produce
these perfect
components i have to probably go set up
the magnet as well magnet as well
since that is one of the basic ones
so that is going
please make one of you take those
please store that over here for now
there we are let's just limit it to one
row since i just want some place that i
can pick things up
i don't want to have too much just
idling here that stone is coming along
very nicely as well
so last thing i'll set up here in
episode one where we actually have a
very very nice
setup is the magnets over here
and then we'll start to look at
different things uh
two comments um when the episode's over
if you want to uh
to see me do a main bus build and such
and remember to like subscribe as well
if you want to see more of this kind of
let's play i'm doing it as a tutorial
let's play so you guys can
can follow along and learn as i learn as
at least the more advanced things
so since this one is running please go
down here we need the output as well
you can go this way as you can see we
can easily build over
trees at least and stone that will just
get deconstructed
which is very nice so we don't have to
chop down every tree
that's a nice little feature
here we are here is some storage for you
and in we go
and you can just go with one row as well
so 10 stacks and over here
we will set up all magnets
let's see here let's create the last one
we just have enough
and then we have pretty much all the
basic things
we can make before fluids
so please make magnets
and magnets and you can go into a little
test as well
so i think this is a pretty nice start
of a little base we have here

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

it gives us all the components we need
to uh to continue along
we can always go around and pick up
uh resources if we need to craft it
since all of our basic needs has been
taken care of
so there we are
not bad not bad
let's limit you as well to just a row
row might be overkill that's fine
let me see the outputs over here
there and we have powerhouse power
consumption demands not very good so as
the last thing this episode
i'll just put down a lot more power and
if you want you can use this time to
like or dislike this video
comment as well if you want to see me do
something differently
or if you're just enjoying it everything
helps me out so uh
so yeah that will be very very cool
let's go ahead and grab some iron
not bad at all
so i'll end the episode here on a high
us being right here in our base in our
beam looks
very very nice so um thank you so much
for watching guys
hopefully enjoying this hopefully
enjoying me being back on youtube
in a different format than a victorian
but the same kind of style
the building games that i do love and
enjoy and i hope you guys do as well
so thank you so much for watching guys
come join us on discord as well we are
having a blast there it's
always good having more people talk
about factorio and
that's their program and such all dp
dsp yeah psp so uh
thanks for watching guys i've been
degree and i'll see you next episode
bye guys

DYSON SPHERE PROGRAM Build the most efficient intergalactic factory in space simulation strategy game Dyson Sphere Program! Harness the power of stars, ...


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  1. Pretty interesting. I bought this game on a whim yesterday (never played any automation type game before) so I looked up tutorials. Good starter material.

  2. I love that your playing this! Im about 30% through the entire tech tree and just started sending out solar swarms. Got about 20 hrs into this save already. Im loving it!

  3. This is really helpful to see, between watching you and KatherineOfSky and playing myself I'm starting to figure out my own style since this is the first game of this type I've really played. I guess Satisfactory counts but it's different enough that not much carries over I think.

  4. I have never played a game like this before. I couldn't figure out the smelting/storage/belts so I just gave up on the game after so much frustration. This video helped me figure out how easy it was and how dumb I was. I am now REALLY enjoying the game because of this video!! Thank you!

  5. Stealing my logo…. not cool. I'm still not using it much yet, even so a friend of mine designed it for me it about 8 years ago already and I will stick to it. You are using the DG in black & white just since two weeks. Your orange D is not good enough for you anymore?


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