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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20currently health 3 can be pretty busy so people are saying that you can go to hell 2 and compare it against the gear that would drop in hill 3 and it's the same gear so why not go to hell 2 difficulty to farm your favorite areas where there's not as much people today what i'm going to be doing is showing that this is factually disinformation as well as the youtubers who are spreading this baby is doing nothing but hurting the people so what i want to show you here is that it is in fact statistically worse to farm the previous difficulty uh both because the gear is quite literally not the same and because if you do farm it it's going to affect all of the stats that are affected by resonance which means it is twice as bad in order to prove this what i need to do for you is get a legendary item from hell too so we can compare it against the items from l3 so give me just a moment while i do this here we have an orange kill the orange and there is our held to legendary now we're going to go ahead and identify this hell2 legendary okay here we go we're going to go ahead and id this bad boy this is a legendary we found within hell too there it is now look at the life 6342 life the score is lower the stats are lower look at this 94 paragon now you could say well the attributes low the rollo you know and these are a higher roll and that's why they're lower okay sure but these life stats the life and the damage meaning like the weapons where it's damaged the shoulders where it's damaged the helmets where it's damaged as well as the pieces here that are life these are actually lower stats in the other difficulties this is higher paragon and if it was the exact same thing this item right here let me move my camera look is 85 paragon this item is nine paragon levels lower why would they have higher life if they were the exact same kind these stats don't roll higher look at they row the same okay 603 603 this is a triple row there this is a double row they're both 603 okay so just kind of a heads up here take a look you can realize that the base stats and the base stats are what's affected by resonance so it's even doubly as important to have the life and damage stats as high as possible so if you are in fact going and farming this gear you're doing yourself a massive disservice so there is a couple youtubers who are just going to remain nameless out there there's that constantly like i just go farmhou too they're just wrong factually wrong if you appreciate the testing and the correct information consider a thumbing up the video spread this information love you all and we will see you on the next videoWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00

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  1. i know my voice is little low, watch this short video, i show the exact reason other youtubers are wrong about farming gear. New Game same stuff lol.
    some people are not understanding. Your drops from overworld will be worse because of the main stats. aka life and damage. a high roll h2 can be higher then a low roll h3 in terms of attributes, but you're chopping off the balls on the overall top potential of the item. the only time this would make any sense to do is if the only thing you're trying to do is farm bestiary orange essence, but then any items you get while you're doing this is still worse. you'd also have to clear challenge rift 60 for this to make sense, and would still be just a worse overall strat.

  2. I got better items on Hell 2 been Paragon 103 now . Tried today and played Hell 3 worse items are droping . I am not trolling this is the game works . Drop rate is sure strange thing here in Diablo.

  3. I don't see the point in continuous monster slaughtering, i bet you have many young viewers. Why are you encouraging this type of casino scam time wasting meaningless game?

  4. hey Darth, I hope you like Diablo Immortal related drama.. a lot of players in our country (I will just say SEA region) are banned "randomly" by Blizzard saying they haven't done anything wrong but Blizzard banned them and NOT responding to their appeal.. what made them highly frustrated is that they like the game and they even purchased battlepass… Assuming they haven't done anything wrong and they still got banned, looks like it is going to be another bad image for the game and Blizzard….

  5. What i don't understand about this game is the power doesn't matter if you go from h2 to h1. I don't see any difference. You should kill easier when you go back to h1. I don't understand this.

  6. Don't have a choice my CR is way too low.
    I was 200 CR below H2 farming H2 for 3 weeks, nothing dropped and my kill speed was bad.
    So this time i will stay in my difficulty until I'm very close to the CR.

  7. I cannot get any helmets to drop, so I can’t play pvp as a necromancer. Is there anything specific I can do for a helmet? I’m already paragon 60 but bored of pointless grinding

  8. Yep, Granted ive been using the same h2 tripple roll since the begining of h2 xD im no in h3 amd so far no drops have compared to it. Idk.. its weird.

  9. I feel likethis video is for p2w not f2p players. All f2p cares about is trying to get more combat rating, aka not life/damage but the stats. Whereas p2w players care about the life damage stats much more because their resonance +% boost is so high, and they don't need the CR from the other stats because they have more then they need anyway.

  10. So getting challenge rift level 60 is kinda worthless? It won't give real Hell 3 items? I would have hoped video would explain little bit about this as I think this is the start of whole thing. Game giving false information. Thank you.

  11. 1900 main hand. Shiet. Resonance is the reason why you have 600 more dmg on your weapon over me? I'm p100 and 735 res with a 1338 dmg main. Didn't realize how much p2w the resonance stat was

  12. Hey mate, you are a fast talker I can't keep up. And not really understand the content as a beginner player. You meant higher difficulty legendary is better compare to lower difficulty though the higher difficulty item has lower Score? I don't get it why it has lower Score if that item is from higher difficulty, right? Is it a bug? I usually chose the Higher Score doesn't matter if I got it in lower level. Please enlighten me 🙂

  13. The problem is that being currently a Wizzard paragon 94 with CR 1700 I'm absolutely destroyed in Hell3., One hit and dead, killing a monster in 20 hits.
    In Hell2 I'm absolutely fine, I can survive 10 or more hits and I kill monsters in 2-3 hits.
    So farming in hell3 just to get 10% better equipment is an absolute nightmare and I don't recommend it to anyone with low CR. Better continue to farm in hell2 until paragon 130, because is no fun to be 1 hit dead and to attack 20 times to kill la mob.
    While you dear streamer, have much better equipment and have an easy time farming in hell 3.


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