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    SearchThisVideo: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 19 – ATTUMA

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    Watch video at 00:00

    our jobs not over yet

    Thor strange holton take a breather

    Captain Marvel and I will scout ahead

    sniff out any more traps well rendezvous

    back in lumeria

    good luck be careful my friends it seems

    that attuma is more slippery than the

    serpent of Midgard

    it's almost a shame I dispatched them

    with such yes they never got to meet you

    my abominable friend you two need to

    make up and shake hands the two captains

    will have had more than enough time get

    the lay of the land we need to make a


    all right well Michael a gentleman steak

    as always and cannot surrender when you

    want to get back playing some Lego

    Marvel superheroes - we're gonna

    continue with the team for the war

    storyline because they don't want to

    jump in back reporting Jesus or lives

    because things get a little bit

    confusing so we picked up our buddy Hulk

    here we made friends after the last

    battle arena encounter yeah let's see

    where this tour takes us we're going

    back deep underwater to a cool again I

    think now that we finished with our

    detour we should head back to room area

    to get that Nexus fragment all right let

    us remain on guard this time let's be

    fooled into another trap not to worry

    now we have Hulk with us to plug up any

    tunnels we get flushed down way too much


    okay whatever all right the last time we

    came here pretty much walked into a trap

    so it's not what that happened again

    oh yeah poster throw in the background



    we got a mouth-breather piece I think

    now remember if you hear a flushing

    sound swim away I will not be fooled a

    second time a tumor you not fool me

    continue the store land

    keep talking as long as there's someone

    left to listen still on the trail of the

    Nexus fragments

    how many found them all yet our heroes

    hope its second time lucky getting into

    the merrier this time they're out for

    payback and the Hulk is just the game

    changer they need that green guy wipe

    the grin off of Touma's fishy face

    things are looking up for the heroes but

    if they retrieve all the fragments and

    bring nowhere to kanopolis what then

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    will the head of a giant Celeste you'll

    actually be of use at a fight with a

    megalomaniac Kang Ironman thinks it will

    what does that genius know he seems to

    think loud spider-man to stay part of

    the team is okay well it ain't bias much

    Jade Jolla


    ding ready the good news is stingray was

    in Liberia when King took it the bad

    news is that the tumors managed to

    supercharge a control pearl using a

    nexus chart so watch your backs last

    talk you fool of all the times they get

    frozen in ice and when he breaks free

    you will know the reason why

    haha Sonne you will be free my pet and

    then no one will be able to stop us okay

    everyone let's get that mine and stop at

    uma before it's too late getting kind of

    shot here already feed up these guys


    right we need to find a way to cut it

    loose anyone got any ideas guard Zhu

    hey I can tell you were you know

    underneath water me any sort of


    no I mean Ironman how new into oblivion



    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    be some dude now oh come on really

    so stupid

    oh we have we have dr. strange no team

    and always not now okay now what you

    need to have Iron Man so silly see the

    Iron Man and Doctor Strange of this game

    what's writing a crap gonna do for me Oh

    all right everyone here it comes

    ah what was that yes that's it slowing


    stalagmites you were saying yes that one

    backfired on us let's take him down


    hello I'm sure I can put this to good



    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    right we need to find a way to cut it

    loose anyone got any ideas the airlocks

    open now let's get moving



    I've actually started because we I have

    to redo that fight some reason the Hulk

    thing would initiate for me with a two









    that should do it

    good work doctor



    good go to the store again

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    oh oh I have to get the match to the one

    outside this is blue





    he's awake again what hey what's

    happening to me huh

    no matter time for a little wake-up call


    he follows us in Oh money you can't

    escape from the abominable snow king

    maybe you should be trying to escape

    from us oh this thing isn't gonna let up

    there's got to be a way to distract it

    should have thought that through

    a lot of money

    let's go around breaking things first

    you don't worry

    your mouth

    daren't you

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    when you need them got create a platform

    to build captain well move or didn't

    work you Oh what's wrong with this thing

    attack I say attack




    time out for you sir not your monkey

    what no let me out of here I hope that

    will hold him get it better come on

    let's put a stop to attuma's evil

    schemes buddies outside how are we gonna

    get him from here I'm sure a solution

    will present itself alright push the

    thing I was looking at door more than

    lightning we got a B summon lightning

    over water without frying all of us


    lady the lady is a smart one of the

    group bite nom-nom-nom-nom-nom no no I

    am the master of the ocean stop that no

    can't tell me how to live my life

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    unusual it's like the cream from Finding

    Nemo terrify hi I'm the master of the

    ocean stop don't get stung by jellyfish

    back up doctor


    the doors on a timer everyone inside

    quick sure hope there's a way out of


    there is but I don't think all of us are

    going to like it was it going

    well discombobulated here this isn't the

    kind of thing I normally deal with

    anyone else want to try

    that's all you lady it's all you sista



    swim doctor swim yeah any what got three

    who has cloths 40 guys has claws no


    cabin is having a fit down there


    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00


    those jellyfish can't pal


    dr. strange still mystical he phased

    through a rock and a coral reef or the

    game just quickie


    I'll take the latter rather than the


    again there

    get stung remember go over top of the

    castle it's awfully hello

    I'll see you mine who can hide from me I

    see it dude

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Guardians of the Galaxy (Let's Play Commentary)

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gameplay Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 with Live Gameplay and Commentary in 1080p high definition at 60 fps. This LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gameplay walkthrough will be completed showcasing every level, mission, boss, and story ending.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective. The game features a similar gameplay to its predecessors and other Lego video games, alternating between various action-adventure sequences and puzzle-solving scenarios. The ability to manipulate time is allowed to players directly from the new open world of Chronopolis, which is a myriad of 18 different Marvel locations (including K'un-L'un, Attilan, a Hydra empire, a Marvel Noir version of New York City, Knowhere, an alternate medieval time, and several other places) linked through time and space. The game also introduces a new four-player competitive super hero battling mode, allowing players to fight each other cooperatively in battle arenas.

    Review copy provided by Warner Brothers. No compensation was provided for the creation of this content.

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    Developer: Traveller's Tales
    Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    Release: November 14, 2017
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC

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    Comment (27)

    1. Jeez..I wish the ending of this game is like the 1st one..where is the other iconic heroes…..like Miles Moralis,Hawkeye,Black Widow and others like they even said there is a champion Dlc pack

    2. None of the enemies spawn for me in the Atlantis level. I can't get past the first room. I’v tried restarting the game but I think the save file is corrupt. Does anyone have any tips?


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