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    SearchThisVideo: Let's (blind) Play | Doom 64 (PC) | Part 1

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    Watch video at 00:00
    five minutes four minutes three minutes
    two minutes one minute almost there and
    we're here hello everybody good to see
    everybody here it's finally finally here
    I know a lot of you are probably looking
    forward to doom eternal or me playing
    doom eternal rather but we are here
    playing some doom 64 before the major
    hype begins hello everybody come come
    one come all
    take off your coats and stay a while we
    will be here for two three hours I'd say
    and yeah hello everybody well so many
    people are showing up today for doom 60
    for the blind let's play blind meaning I
    have never played this game before at
    all I have no idea what's coming up next
    so many people showing up here today the
    chat is going bananas right now I can't
    even keep up with it old man says it's
    his birthday today I caught that I see
    everybody saying I love me they love me
    hello to me everybody made it on time
    whoa of course I missed a whole bunch of
    other messages as well but dang
    everybody hello good to see everybody
    here we'll give it a couple of minutes
    for it to stay in the green yes we're in
    the green zone isn't that a shock my
    gosh usually we start in the red though
    don't we yeah yes please everybody I
    have heard through the grapevine that
    some of the secrets in this game are
    incredibly difficult to get and find so
    please if I need help please give me the
    help a lot of you have played this game
    as addenda
    a couple other people I saw in the chat
    as well who have played this Zachary a
    few others as well have played doom 64
    before and gotten a hundred percent so
    please if I need the help I am going to
    ask very politely that you give it to me
    yes my height like six foot one I think
    around there
    maybe maybe taller so yes this is a doom
    game I have not played before ever I
    have seen some gameplay videos of it but

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    not enough to really garner memorizing
    everything about where everything is I
    have no idea what's coming up so this is
    all new to me we are just gonna jump
    right in and see what we have going yes
    you're glad to hear every time I hear
    you yes yes indeed well thank you
    everybody for the positive reception so
    why don't we just go through some of the
    agenda of what we have here today and
    the upcoming streams every week as well
    just to get that out of the way all said
    and done so we can oh hey it's Matt ball
    oh man the bowl is mad thank you for the
    $5 oh my gosh hey Matt hey Big Mac how
    are you doing I just got done watching
    your newest patreon video make sure to
    go become a member everyone yes I got
    the new doom 3 video up there for early
    access for people to go watch so yeah
    minimum pledge that you have to do to
    watch exclusive content is $1.00 so you
    know it's not too bad not too bad
    thank you Matt bowl for the shout out to
    patreon and for the $5 much appreciated
    so yeah okay I notice a lot of people
    are indeed talking about the secret map
    in level 1 I know about the secret map I
    believe the way to get it is to shoot
    all the barrels not in a specific order
    but it is recommended that you save the
    first barrel you see for last I think
    I'm gonna save periodically throughout
    this playthrough because I don't want to
    mess anything up so how about we just
    get started here and see how it goes
    give me one second here let me check
    ok I'm broadcasting in 720p 60 that's
    good I'll pause that we're still in the
    green we're still in the green everybody
    it's good news
    let me know everybody if the volume
    needs to be adjusted and whatnot and I
    will do that man I'm thirsty today got a
    gatorade with me here today I may crack
    open another drink here shortly so yes
    I'll catch up on the chat once once we
    get you know a couple of minutes into
    the gameplay and think it's time we
    start this thing out huh hey Brandon be
    with another $5 donation boy my goodness
    everybody hey bmd I discovered your

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    channel with the Black Mesa walkthrough
    love your stuff oh yeah speaking of
    Black Mesa I plan to continue that
    continue into Zen as soon as possible
    not sure when but I definitely will do
    it so ok Thank You VB 1986 volume is
    oh hey be 41's w4n hey Big Mac hope
    you're doing good and are safe well I am
    safe and I'm doing good so I think that
    is very good actually thank you for the
    donation there my friend very much
    appreciate it
    much appreciated okay so very quickly
    here is the agenda of what we have going
    here for this stream and for the
    upcoming streams in the following weeks
    well today we're starting hey absorber
    with five dollars through stream labs
    hello from Russia I've been a fan of
    yours since your wolf3d videos but it's
    the first time I managed to catch you on
    stream already 10 p.m. here in Moscow so
    I won't be able to stay for long
    probably but I'm so hella happy have a
    nice ride
    thank you for that wonderful message my
    friend and yes hope you could stay for
    some of it we'll jump right in here very
    shortly thank you for the donations okay
    thank you thank you so zdenda thank you
    much appreciated
    keeping up on that um so here's the
    agenda for today today we're starting
    doom 64 we'll keep going through the
    following streams until we beat doom 64
    then I will resume playing doom 2016 I
    have to finish that game before I play
    Doom eternal and then yes
    doom eternal right after that so that's
    the agenda for that then I got a special
    livestream after that I'm not gonna say
    what game I'm gonna play but the end a
    good subscriber Janus have been talking
    about it and I think it will be a good
    game to play for the channel so I'll let
    you know
    hey FB thank you thank you so much with
    the donation you have the king of voices
    oh my gosh I'm just here in my little
    pocket of YouTube just doing my thing
    and somebody comes in and says I have
    the king of voices thank you very much
    thank you very much
    alright let's just jump right in are we
    gonna play be gentle
    bring it on I own doom watch me die yes
    you guys are gonna watch me die a lot
    probably oh nice oh oh we already have

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    enemies now what I did I have seen this
    room before because I actually went into
    new game to set up all the options here
    I think what I'm gonna do is turn up the
    volume a little bit maybe music - just a
    little just a hair
    alright hey hey hey
    lbf in the chat a celebrity YouTube
    celebrity whoa okay honestly I had no
    idea this was there I just pressed the
    use key and I got it okay so I have
    never played this game before
    predominantly for one reason I did not
    own a console that could play it and I
    did not want to port it over to the PC
    illegally so I decided to wait for an
    official release
    Thank You Alston thank you for keeping
    up on that hey Walter catheral a caraway
    with 1499 whoa
    praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
    indeed my friend we should get the
    alerts here soon oh whoa Martha what in
    the world another one 69 69 what it what
    I haven't even played the game yet and
    I'm you have the best voice best
    youtuber ever made the 69 God's be with
    you always
    oh my gosh like wow that is incredible
    okay I haven't even played the game yet
    and yet we're already having to pause so
    I can be emotional this is not an
    emotional game I'm supposed to be a
    badass playing through here thank you
    though for the donation Wow we Slayer
    thank you for the $5 man you are epic
    gamer hey Thank You Man
    thank you for the $5 donate you guys are
    amazing just incredible people I
    appreciate it
    alright okay so should I blow up this
    barrel everybody know maybe I'm gonna
    save here though just in case something
    goes awry level one skill watch me die
    what is this map called level 1 staging
    area this is played through Steam not
    through gzdoom so I don't have access to
    the kill counter but that's okay this is
    a blind playthrough Oh No

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    you can pack up okay well we'll figure
    that out later so I do blow it up okay
    no don't blow it up okay leave that one
    for last all right thank you thank you
    but I can blow this one up right I can
    blow this one up like I can blow up all
    the other barrels I come across in this
    level except the first one because I'll
    come back for the first one and then it
    will open up the secret exit not that
    you have to do them all in a certain
    order is just that the secret exit door
    is somewhere near here and it's timed so
    when you blow up all the barrels it's
    around here
    all right so blow this one off oh ouch
    those guys hurt
    I have a shotgun that I can use okay
    thank you everybody a bunch of yeses all
    right oh my gosh okay
    welcome to doom 64 everybody we're a
    demon bites you right in the butt oh my
    gosh that was unexpected this is like
    the this almost reminds me of doom three
    right off the bat I held the traps work
    okay and right in the buttocks let's
    blow you up
    64 is not a 69 doom 64 3 head teaming
    liked your juicy ass these sprites look
    odd they're different they're different
    think he wants a hug that scared the
    [ __ ] out of me oh no rest for the living
    yeah that's planned doom 3 doom on PSX
    demons are pretty scary especially with
    this creepy music and atmosphere this is
    an emotional game it's a PTSD simulator
    two barrels down eight more to go okay
    thank you for that psycho XD okay
    technically this is doom 3 right in the
    buttocks yeah
    okay secret one behind the vent looking
    wall thank you thank you so that looks
    like a vent over there I wonder if I can
    get over there's a switch can I run in
    this game do I shoot the switch like I
    don't have a look
    forgot let's see let's see if my run is
    turned on sorry about this guys I didn't
    know I would have to do any of this
    stuff bindings see what run is could I
    turn run hmm see speed now can I turn it

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    on permanent auto run okay there we go
    caps lock I don't want that to be the
    caps lock how about just shift we'll
    turn it on permanently there we go and
    I'll turn it off when I'm in like a
    smaller area here let's zip across there
    we go ah yes well oh I can go up here
    I guess I didn't have to do all that
    fancy jumping but oh well
    whoa what what is this like you like a
    double chainsaw
    I think the volume needs to be turned up
    a little bit more I can barely hear it
    in my speakers well maybe a little bit
    down there let me know how the sound
    goes guys I will adjust it accordingly
    of course I can't read the chat so you
    guys are saying he'd think about the
    sound I apologize so that was the first
    secret actually let's use the chainsaw
    the first thing I see so OH
    yeah there we go can't get in there huh
    be nice to know how many monsters there
    were but I'm playing it through Steam I
    probably should have extracted all the
    data and put it through gzdoom but I
    didn't think of it okay this is the
    start room I'm going the wrong way here
    super chainsaw is like a super shotgun
    chainsaw is actually good in this game
    oh thank you doors I do little chain saw
    the greatest communicator of them all
    welcome back forbidden the blue fan okay
    okay a blue fan where was a blue fan do
    I see a blue fan around here I see a
    little bit of blue but I'll keep my eyes
    peeled what that you need a blue key hey
    J 25:17 with a $2 donation
    you should play doom no end in sight
    I've never even heard of that I don't
    think and also Simon donated a dollar 69
    through stream labs I think it was
    stream labs greetings from York Shire
    attack those pesky tomatoes well thank

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    you everybody I shall indeed okay
    um oh my gosh what done yeah you guys
    are probably gonna see me die I better
    say I'll save under another skill unless
    because or another save slot anyone else
    I'm about ready to die you're dead
    that's used a great communicator on the
    demon up there
    oh I see more enemies no I didn't mean
    to fall down Oh more enemies woke up and
    this game is actually hard no armor
    though that's also a problem and they're
    waking up but I don't see them I just go
    up there yeah we'll just we'll just kill
    you we'll just kill you blow that up
    that's number three I think so he got
    eight barrels no no we got ten barrels
    total that was three I'll zoom Frannie
    thank you for the $2 donation through
    super chat you're awesome you're awesome
    too I left the secret with the armor
    alright alright I don't know where the
    secret is so I'm I do want armor where
    is the armor I would like to have the
    man be nice buckets I can't scroll
    through the map this is very limited I'm
    so huh like don't forget to hump the
    walls I'm looking actually that looks
    like a vent truth uh-huh
    thank you everybody I needed this armor
    thank you thank you I'm sure many people
    were telling me to go back and get the
    armor and I missed the chat I apologize
    I can't keep up with the chat I'm a slow
    I apologize everybody in advance if I
    thank you Sakura I'm sure you were
    telling me this whole time
    and I wasn't okay cool
    quick saved all right all right that's
    me we got to go got to go slow here
    otherwise I am gonna die ooh manis oh my

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    gosh these zombies are actually not like
    your traditional zombie men they hurt
    even though they just have pistols and
    do they hurt hey hey hey bollocks hey
    so how many secrets are in this map
    total like not how many I've gotten but
    like how many total are in this map I've
    gotten two secrets so far I just want to
    know that way I have a an idea rice what
    am I supposed to do here
    this is just a room obviously not for
    thank you guys thank you everybody I may
    I may call on you guys to say how many
    secrets there are since I don't have a
    counter for them going Oh duh there's a
    switch right there oh I see I see you
    picked up a blue keycard alright thank
    you for the announcement there let's go
    back a barrel in the secret area okay
    thank you thank you I must have missed
    that was it the secret area up here hmm
    how many secrets have I gotten now three
    hmm barrel in the secret area on the
    second floor all right
    boy this level is something else
    it's just level one but yet there's so
    much where I take the elevator
    yeah I got the berserk at the starting
    point all right so obviously there's
    probably a secret near the elevator
    right then I don't see a barrel let's
    just go through here and this guy's hurt
    behind the wall without the circles
    bottom floor okay
    I will keep a lookout for that slay Oh
    Slayer thank you for the dollar 69 and
    all the 69 s is thank you for that my
    friend there's another barrel y'all be
    back for that other barrel I missed I
    guess oh gosh I haven't died yet but
    that's that's that's that's gonna change

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    feza doric $5 through super chat a b & b
    I've been waiting a long time for a doom
    64 video been working on Blake stone
    lately it's definitely tougher than doom
    yeah Blake stone is a really good game I
    feel it is not rightfully praised
    there's a switch right here
    ha well I didn't want I didn't whoa
    okay maybe I did want to take the
    elevator sweet okay I didn't want to get
    hit by the barrel Oh oh nice nice I can
    get back up here then sweet so I guess
    in theory you can shoot this barrel if
    you saved the last barrel in that soul
    spear secret for last yes okay cool I'm
    glad I got a soul spear at least it's
    can't get through there and I play go to
    it without BFG again that was really
    nice it was hard though I wonder if
    there's an item counter in this game I
    am going for as many as I can
    oh gosh
    dang that just rips apart that just rips
    apart those demons man there's another
    barrel how many am i missin now one two
    alright another switch switches indoors
    that's what this game is all about look
    that I don't know if has a dork I got
    doom 64 when i pre-ordered the deluxe
    edition for doom eternal five of ten all
    right thank you for that
    everybody Oh
    elf potions take wait what what was that
    is this like a is this like a camera I
    see a switch but is that the switch I
    already I think you can get it on Steam

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    still right you can still buy it
    hmmm yes this is the yeah it is there it
    is the official port it's not
    technically I'm not playing it on in n64
    but it is technically the same thing it
    was just ported to the PC okay that's
    the switch I got to the source okay
    and this is
    hey I don't know why my alerts aren't
    working so well gabor there we go
    Gabor Bal int I cannot pronounce that
    name I am an ignorant American I
    apologize for that but thank you for the
    690 H UF's I have no idea what currency
    that is but thank you for the 690 of
    those thank you very much man
    much appreciated oh this is a bright
    room i Huff and I puff non-secret across
    the blue door okay let's go get that
    right now before I forget
    so non-secret across the blue door where
    was the blue door right here so like
    gotcha so there's that that was this
    area I think must like right across from
    it yeah I got you I think that was what
    you're referring to
    it's Hungarian forint Wow well thank you
    600 Hungarian forint 1.85 US dollars wow
    that's some cash Thank You Man
    thank you for the 690 of those shotgun
    shells don't need those don't need the
    health ok don't go into a corner blind
    eyes you'll die
    I have I I've played a few maps of doom
    Eva turnit II I still have yet to go
    back to it's an awesome mod though
    hello half-life Alex I have yet to play
    it I've not played it yet unfortunately
    dark forces the original maybe after you
    got the blue key

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    oh yeah maybe it was on oh maybe I see
    what you mean now maybe so like
    okay gotcha so it takes you to that
    platform above at least I have a way up
    there now with that area okay let's keep
    I don't not yet no I still have yet to
    get when I meant to get one here's the
    exit I meant to get one but then I just
    I just didn't not missing much
    man I wish it would tell me stats that
    is let's just let's save let's see how
    let's see how much I've done is there an
    end screen tally I got all the kills
    can missing half the secrets all right
    that's fine
    oh it gives me a password okay can we
    get out of this thank-you note save okay
    so we're missing half the secrets we got
    everything else though so my goal is to
    get a hundred percent I am going to get
    a hundred percent I don't care how long
    it takes we are going to do it secret
    level time okay so at once again lost
    track of the barrel count how many
    barrels is that lawyers oh it takes you
    the same place oh wow more I got a
    hundred percent though okay all right I
    guess it's like Duke Nukem 3d where it
    adds enemies into the counter I don't
    like that system but it is what it is
    eight of ten so I got there's nine up
    there or ten I need to find the ninth
    barrel go back to the second floor all
    right well the second floor the first
    second floor that I came to is this one
    tanning salon for pinky's that may be
    the bright room yeah so is there
    anything in here go up the elevator for
    the third sequence there anything up
    here as where the blue key was okay near

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    where I found the blue key okay there's
    a wall that looks different okay looking
    maybe I should just press them oh this
    one looks different
    Oh oh thank you guys thank you thank you
    thank you oh my gosh that's not a
    difficult secret to find but I'm not
    observant the wall with no circles
    that's what you meant
    I think t-shirt J and a couple other
    people said the exact same thing so that
    must be 75% secrets then which means
    enemies that spawn out of thin air don't
    count as kills if they're not spawned
    okay thank you so den de for explaining
    that so that's nine of ten I think could
    I not move through there again that's
    alright if I can't it's about to do it
    the old-fashioned way
    all right let me pick up some more stuff
    if I need I don't need any of this stuff
    so far I'm really liking this game son
    it's a little confusing sometimes with
    this first level but then again every
    doom game is so I'm gonna save here it's
    a one time teleporter all right so I'm
    gonna save here I'm gonna see what this
    does I don't know where the secret is in
    the berserk is okay I was a one-time
    deal there is it in the berserk room I
    heard it's somewhere around there
    yes achievement unlocked I don't even
    know what that says congratulations you
    found hectic oh my gosh only the best
    will reap its rewards
    oh my gosh so did we just huh I didn't
    give me the tally was that all the
    secrets which is secret for okay gotcha
    Thank You Zachary we got all the secrets
    all the kills all the items cool alright
    so now what this floor lowered

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    no way
    that's mean oh heck no we're not
    starting with a pistol start we got do
    that we got do that again
    I hadn't that's that's cruel and unusual
    punishment wow that's a troll if I've
    ever seen one okay you found hectic yes
    only the best will reap its rewards so
    that's what it meant by that I should
    have known then I guess this is also a
    trap does this do now okay what is not a
    trap in this level let's just see what
    oh yeah I should have known
    I should have known I should have known
    I should have guessed everybody I should
    have known okay I wish it would reload
    my quick save there we go
    this isn't obviously gonna be a troll
    exit no that's that's the exit I'm so
    this is so weird okay let's let's catch
    our bearings here hey Martha
    for the five pounds or euros euros euros
    no pounds is pounds it is pounds I don't
    know what I'm thinking
    this maps got me all turned up upside
    down thank you for the f though I needed
    that so boy then what is not a trap
    so how might whoa my gosh what are we in
    Tomb Raider
    wow that is intense I can get the armor
    from the other side oh I gotta reload
    that from the other side huh oh I see
    what you mean ow actually I think I see
    what you mean oh wait do I just bump it
    here we go oh man but now I know how to

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    do it just you know walk in and get it
    okay wow wow well we got hey Thank You
    Mac 64 for the 50 cc cat Z C CK first
    kill the spiders to the left of spawn
    save and go forward from spawn balance
    on walkway oh I lost it in the chat here
    hold on a second hold on a second I'll
    finish with that sales I can't get out
    I can't there we go and kill the parents
    didn't go right for last key that sounds
    like my walkthrough videos now yeah and
    then knee you GMD with the $1.00 in
    seven cents through stream laps I love
    if you played some teri wads like UAC MN
    or other stuff posted frequently by
    Aquarius $1.99 it's freakin hilarious
    let something be you let's let some
    Hmong be you be with you I can't read
    today everybody I apologize but let's
    jump back in here thank you for the
    sweet messages in the donation so now I
    know how to get the armor what about the
    soul sphere yeah I'm curious about if I
    can just touch it
    I know there's a way it has to be away
    hmm no I can't okay
    yeah well you can't not unless you're
    like pixel-perfect this must be another
    exit red blue and yellow key is required
    just touch it honey
    it's very hard to do okay well then okay
    here's a yellow key but obviously it's a
    a rack Neutron oh come on what is this
    mount pain man this level is a troll not
    only do you get three Iraq neutrons
    point-blank but then you get crushed

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    just as a final fu all right well we got
    that we got the red key at least there's
    that much this I know is gonna be a trap
    yep only the best only the best can reap
    its rewards
    whoa look at that pumping heart thing
    whatever that is down there spitters
    what I can't move
    I'm dead so that's obviously a trap
    everything is a trap in this level huh
    Wow all right we'll save that for later
    then get the blue armor it will be a
    funny scene it was kind of funny I
    somehow put I tried to put it on and
    then it just ate me the blue armor ate
    me so let's see about the yellow key I
    there has to be an algorithm with this
    see if I can find the pattern here okay
    they can't get me now
    and now they can it's level two so a
    trap Dean okay I got hit that's fine
    oh don't do that Wow
    hi crack it's been Oh hahahaha oh gosh I
    wish it would I wish this would
    automatically load your quicksave I'm
    not used to that so let's let's just
    walk in so nothing hits you and on this
    platform you're actually safe on this
    platform right here okay about this one
    you're not safe okay boy this is hard
    feza dork with the $2 more money dollars
    if you talk like Shrek oh my gosh I
    cannot sound like that I don't think I
    don't think I can I never even tried nor
    do I really want to hey thank you for

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    the 369 rubles 369 I'm not a big dick
    money bag unfortunately but I'm still
    gonna do some Russian currency at you
    for your confusion absorber for my
    confusion huh okay thank you thank you
    for the 369 rubles man okay
    Oh Mac 64 listen to his addenda okay
    hold on Mac 64 with 50 cc K hug the
    entrance wall run in run out best way to
    do it is to just freakin do it okay us
    addenda I lost your chat there once you
    go ahead and repeat it so I read
    something about the platforms are the
    so I'm safe on the platform's actually
    as long as I don't cross them so
    not the best solution but I got it
    now can we save
    grab the yellow key
    ah neo GMD donated $1 19 through stream
    labs this level is filled with terry
    traps just add some find some Hmong
    textures nice ass written in various
    colors floating on the screen and some
    loud gorgeous noises whoo man neo the
    arrow triggers are in between the
    platforms every time you cross from a
    platform to another platform they will
    fire so okay so the triggers are not
    when you're in front of these things
    triggers when you actually cross the
    platform that makes sense now so that's
    up there now they will not fire okay
    there we go
    okay thank you thank you everybody
    probably many people were telling me the
    same thing but thank you so zdenda thank
    you everybody for helping me out here
    that was a tough trap I'm almost down I
    want that soul spear but we'll get it
    later I'm sure
    okay so we got the yellow key hey crazy

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    is donated two dollars and sixty nine
    cents through stream labs this one level
    has more traps in all the bolt emit doom
    I know right once you learn the traps I
    guess they're not too bad but oh my gosh
    now we need the blue key box of rockets
    and we need the rocket launcher I think
    guys save thank you I did save see quick
    saved thank you for telling me to save
    everybody well let's just cross the
    catwalk and let's just see what happens
    yeah a blue key is mine and
    yes I should have known better assist
    okay I got press press f9 from now on
    all right so can we walk halfway across
    berserk I don't really well yeah the
    health that's locked okay I get it now
    let's reload that now I know what to do
    can we get to their platform I wonder
    and punch him out nope okay
    I'm just learning guys I'm just learning
    learning with this what this is all
    about here controls are hard too yeah
    maybe it's best to stay at the door
    let's try that
    some damage that's fine oh shoot
    what happened no way back up of course
    hey absorber thank you for the 569
    through stream labs your videos helped
    me out so much through difficult times
    brightening my mood thanks a lot for
    everything great to be on board now and
    all is okay hope everything here is fine
    hey Thank You Man
    thank you that's that's much appreciated
    Mac 64 with 20 CZK the RL has a kick
    back when you shoot it careful oh I just
    realized that thank you
    thank you I was so close I know we'll
    get it we'll get it well I guess I
    didn't grab the blue key
    I fell off man I get so close I swear I
    will get this what is this what is a

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    guaranteed way to do this
    Thank You max 64 for that donation by
    the way and for everybody of Martha your
    donation is still up there
    oh hey this is this is hard this is hard
    this is really not easy I'll just take
    the punishment ah it's gonna say I'll
    take the punishment maybe I should try
    and dodge though
    and I did it let's get the heck out of
    here thank you for reopening so we got
    all the keys but now I want to get two
    items here let's get the armor while
    we're thinking about it at least we got
    the armor
    save yes I did save everybody
    Congrats Thank You Kirby thank you
    everybody he did it thank you pat thank
    you aegis yes I did say Thank You
    at least you can save during a
    Louisville n64 game didn't allow that oh
    my gosh I can't get them yeah that's
    mean that's just mean don't tell me I
    can't get this don't tell me I can't get
    this don't tell me that when you tell me
    that I get upset and then I end up she's
    in the game I didn't cheat at all by the
    way I just grabbed it yeah I backed up
    so maybe I can do the same thing with
    the mega armor then let's see although I
    think this is an once you grab the item
    it's not really a trigger and say yeah
    all right we all know what happens he
    tries on the armor he's too fat and he
    and it eats him we'll save the armor
    and I guess we'll exit now
    hey kak ohm
    thank you with the $2 donation there -
    is recording but shakey hungary house
    game oh yeah I eat something man game is
    going good this is a brutal level
    already so what if I move backwards yes

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    he just slowly turns around and shows
    you your jibs
    I like that for some reason one dollar
    donation do not appear in chat that is
    they should what if I can just bump it
    pump it through the corner of the wall
    that's been done before
    and the corners a little too taut a
    little too far forward
    see wonder where that trigger is
    Nega armor is impossible okay it must be
    an item trigger once you physically grab
    the item it's not really where your step
    trigger it's an item trigger meaning no
    matter no matter how clever you are to
    grab it you're dead okay we'll leave the
    mega armor at least I have the soul
    spear let's get out of here
    we'll save just in case that's not
    hope there's a tally here if not that's
    okay we'll just move on okay okay all
    the items got it everything in hectic
    that was hectic entering the terraformer
    oh man
    password there it is I guess I don't
    know why they give you a password
    all right we'll save this is map
    what map is this level 2 so Oh enemies
    let's use the pistol on them because why
    yes hectic is a secret level I can't get
    the mega armor because the item is
    basically a deathtrap once you grab the
    mega armor the game kills you
    and 64 had no memory to save
    you have now unlocked the features menu
    it will allow you to access the bonus
    fund levels like cat-and-mouse hardcore
    playground and panic really that's
    that's neat so I wonder oh cool so you

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    can work to the area without typing the
    password invulnerable health boost
    security keys weapons map everything
    that would be kind of cool I just want
    to see what that is I'll turn it off I
    know that's cheating okay that doesn't
    help me anything if I can't navigate the
    map I'll turn that feature off unless
    I'm like searching frantically for
    Oh imp
    the shotguns pretty nice a lot better
    than the shotgun in Doom 3 I will say
    the Hat although I've kind of grown to
    love the shotgun in Doom 3 to be honest
    Oh Q zoom out thank you
    why is there a scotland flag on the
    floor in spawn is there huh maybe maybe
    there is so how do I so R is zoom in I
    wonder how I can navigate the map
    you know like turn follow mode off or is
    that even a thing
    Martha thank you for the ten pounds you
    should record an audio book I would
    listen to it yeah maybe I will
    okay map zoom in map zoom ow screenshot
    there's no way to navigate the map but
    at least you can zoom out so at least
    there's that much all right cool let's
    get this map going there
    all right I'm so like I got PTSD from
    the secret map because I'm worried about
    everywhere I step will be a trap that's
    probably not the case but still Abe user
    0 the two euros finally BMD playing my
    favorite doom oh boy yes indeed I'm glad
    it's your favorite doom I'm liking it so
    far I okay guys I pressed F to turn my
    flashlight on yes I did
    hey I'm mall tiwari
    for the 100 looks like a lightning bolt
    that's kind of cool though ABM D loving
    the doom 64 stream I'm watching the
    playthrough for the first time love the
    spooky sounds and the scary sprites rip
    and tear well thank you for the donation

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    there my friend much appreciated
    don't worry this is a normal map again
    alright thank you
    hurry doom Bible as audio book the
    unmake er is good in this game I've
    heard about the unmake er in this game
    in fact the one in doom eternal shares
    pretty much the same name rubies again
    okay rubies so this is this is really
    it is pitch darkness
    we're using the chainsaw and you guys
    the double chainsaw the double great
    thank you all for joining me today for
    this stream I'm glad we can all hang out
    and just have fun together and and just
    you know for a couple hours a week just
    forget about the troubles of this world
    I know this world is troubled right now
    but this whole all that whoa look at the
    cool lights you know with the pandemic
    that's going on right now I know a lot
    of people have died because of it but uh
    we're hanging in there I mean we're
    we're human beings we will persevere
    through it but we all need to help each
    and I guess the way I help everybody is
    I just stream once a week and hope
    everyone can just forget about the virus
    just a couple hours all right now we're
    making some good progress here so okay
    let me yeah let me then ask you a
    question then Pat so map everything is a
    cheat then right I would assume I'll
    just turn it off anyway I'm not really
    going for it all the achievements but I
    don't want to cheat you
    we'll get to that area soon Robert
    Lowell jr. with the six nine day
    donation through super Chad's traps and
    traps no tricks
    okay don't use the cheats if you want to
    get achievements otherwise the
    achievements will be disabled there's a
    yellow warning message in the features
    menu that says that bummer well I use
    cheats which means I won't be able to

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    get achievements that's a bummer
    Andrew Meier with the $2 donation
    through super Chad that scared the crap
    out of me BMD LMFAO
    yeah I'm with you man I'm with you
    this must be the terraformer device
    they're gonna terraform what Mars or
    some other planet or some moon another
    berserk man they're generous with the
    berserks still have yet to use the
    berserk on an enemy
    I want that supercharged though no
    there's a way to get it oh okay you
    should be able to get them since you
    turn them off okay good
    I know there's some games out there
    where if you enabled cheats it will
    disable your ability to get achievements
    in the entire game even if you do turn
    them off that's good I already unlocked
    two achievements so far who light
    amplification pump the walls pump the
    walls supercharges not so hard to get
    okay good looks like I come around on
    the other side or maybe through the
    fence but maybe that's maybe I get the
    supercharged and then come through the
    fence on this side we'll come back to
    that we'll come back to that like blood
    all right
    that's the start I don't have any keys
    yet so let's keep our shirt on here
    wish there was more achievements in my
    opinion what are the achievements anyway
    I know there was a oh yeah I see it now
    activating cheats will disable
    achievements for the active game okay
    I see it now there was an achievements
    button but I guess that's let me save
    here I just want to see real quick quit
    the main menu yes for right now
    hey Alfa three-ish with the $2 donation
    I donated I donated three times on
    stream labs here's more my gosh alpha
    thank you where was the exterior all

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    right I don't know if you guys can see
    this screen but we got I got secret
    sleuth discover a secret area I don't
    know what that says like our VN hectic
    demo locate the secret level hectic okay
    I really don't want to read these
    there's only a few achievements okay we
    should be able to get most of them let's
    go back to the save then hey Tony an see
    you here it helps a lot my brownie Oh
    shift + tab oh yeah
    we rarely even use any of these features
    I already got 20% achievements in this
    now how do I get back in the game horse
    no well I don't want to Oh click here to
    return to the game I don't use that
    feature I don't use that feature so it's
    kind of hard to
    ah let me get my stuff back here sorry
    about this guys little pause in the
    action here here we go
    hey Cecily to see you here
    and everybody's here today it's knives
    including but not limited to bollixed
    bollixed is also here lurking around
    waiting for the right moment to pounce
    we all know we all know the story of the
    dumb potato wants to destroy the whole
    world including me I haven't found a
    single daggone secret yet nor a key
    let's go through here now
    exiled postman with the 1069
    through super chat this map this maps
    can be frustrating as hell to find your
    way around in and I know how you are
    finding all the secrets may the odds be
    ever in your favor
    well thank you I'm gonna need all the
    odds in my favor so far so good though
    the last two maps have been a hundred
    percent and pollux be creepin
    does anyone know how to solve conjugates
    uh I sure don't know 69 Jack bacon
    through stream labs $3 donation if you

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    do make an audiobook I think you should
    read the story parts of the do manuals
    you know what I think I will read
    something just one of these days just to
    read it has to be a non copyrighted
    material though like um okay I already
    grabbed it it must be a non copyrighted
    material though there's another blue key
    just taunt what that I don't have the
    blue key I don't have a blue key
    it's disappearing absorber with the 369
    through stream labs up until level 9
    this game is going to be pretty dead
    simple then it gets tough quickly though
    LOL this game is already a little bit
    tough oh my gosh this is gonna be insane
    thank you again for the donation
    absorber read your Pony fanfiction oh my
    gosh hey if you sent it to me all all
    read it that was that's mean there are
    traps in here isn't there I shoot the
    switch or do I do them in a certain
    oh okay hold on a second I think I got
    it what Doug wow they just appeared out
    of nowhere I gotta be ready for anything
    and everything in this game
    yeah I should have examined them first
    hey you send it to me I'll read it he'd
    love to do it in this game
    we got imps I just want to hear your
    voice man read anything Thank You
    Matthew wood art no I'm just talking
    normally here this is just me talking
    guys my gosh pick something up they
    appear warping items is one of the
    gimmicks of doom 64 this game is full of
    spawning enemies the MV should read in
    counter read the phonebook
    hey Sam good to see you here it's in a
    I used to spawning enemies big thing in
    doom 64 this puzzle is randomized every
    time you play the map the blue key is
    always on a different platform and you
    have to press a different switch I like
    that actually it's addenda and actually
    sounds kind of cool
    try the chain gun a little bit man yeah

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    you're right I should that one dislike
    is bollixed reading the b-movie script
    The Witcher book and Vin Diesel would be
    proud of your voice
    for the doom novels I started that but
    then my first video I posted got taken
    down by YouTube because it was
    copyrighted so I really wanted to do the
    doom novels like read them but it got
    taken down copyright claim
    but like Dracula the the book Dracula I
    really enjoyed reading when that was a
    that's not copyrighted no more it's in
    the public domain so we have the blue
    key so let's go through the blue door
    alright let's save here we haven't saved
    in a while normally not Drake the
    duelist okay I will give credit where it
    is due YouTube does not normally
    copyright it I think
    I don't know what happened but yeah I
    got a copyright claim on there now I
    could still have it up okay I guess I
    should back up and say YouTube didn't
    really take it down I took it down
    because I don't I don't want claims on
    my videos how to use the chain gun more
    I switched to it and then I switched
    back that's just what I that's what I do
    yep they copyright everything oh that
    was not hard to get at all actually
    it was simplicity whoa
    cool I just discovered something didn't
    even mean to discover it so I just
    lowers that down
    sweet sweet
    yeah drink the dualist there's been a
    lot of stuff like that going on nowadays
    yeah I love the chain gun too now I was

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    shooting at some specters I know they're
    very hard to see anything else do
    hey CAC home thank you for the donation
    through super chat $5 to publicly let
    everyone who may be interested know I
    love nice comments they so make me want
    to record hope you don't mind this
    soft-sell BMD go for it it's it's fine
    long as you don't do it too often I mean
    I'm all for people trying to share their
    stuff here no problem but you know and
    I'm not saying you are like this or
    anyone else is like this but I do know
    of some channels that people go to and
    they just will they just use someone
    else's channel as a kind of a free
    advertising place but know hey we're all
    friends here okay so what was the point
    of going through the blue door then if I
    don't have access to a key obviously I
    need to find it
    or maybe I just jumped down something
    else open up there's the red door I have
    to drop down okay so obviously there
    might be another blue door somewhere
    then or something else opened up
    somewhere that I'm not aware of
    there's the Yellow Door already been
    through there
    don't need that health so yeah I see
    with the computer panels next to the
    switches I guess you don't want to press
    the switches otherwise it will crush you
    but like you're saying like it's addenda
    and other people is that this switch on
    the far left will not always be the
    switch that you flip maybe in the next
    game I play in the next playthrough the
    switch will be right here in the third
    slot and the blue key may not be right
    here it may be on this platform up here
    I like that actually
    I like that system drop down into the
    blue pit okay that's what you men's
    addenda let's go back and see what you
    mean here gotcha
    thank you thank you so den de to put up

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    with my nonsense of not knowing where to
    go hate crushers
    this is like a safe area this does -
    we're not gonna get crush anymore uh-huh
    that's illegal
    really okay we're just gonna make a mad
    dash hey your favorite Canadian youtuber
    a the two dollar Canadian secret exits
    on maps for 12 and 18 find three demon
    keys whoa
    demon keys huh thank you this area is
    dangerous yeah blood is bland
    oh I want to play blood so bad psycho XD
    has been talking about blood a lot in
    his comments and I am looking forward to
    playing it so let's just see if we can't
    just run I shouldn't have backed up that
    was on me I shouldn't have backed up
    that was on me that's fine we'll take
    the hit
    not through okay okay could be a trap I
    go ahead give me the trap no no trap
    well maybe a little one well that's a
    slow fireball that's so cute
    demon Keys unlocks upgrades to the
    unmake er so it's like doom eternal then
    where you got to find like a slayer gate
    keys to unlock the unmake er kind of
    cool so do me turtle must have taken it
    from this game obviously hey Derek good
    to see you here well they also it'll
    stopped that was weird
    see you Zack ster thank you for stopping
    by and thank you for all the help thank
    you for all the help thank you for all
    the help my good friend hmm now where am
    I supposed to go now
    Thank You Zack sir I sure will and you
    too you have a you have a good day so
    maybe I just go back shouldn't have done
    that but I should have done that man
    they're all synched which is good and
    there's where's the wiggle room oh right
    here okay
    there's the wiggle room
    save run like a madman
    all right shells don't need them okay so
    I guess we have to just go back and then

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    through here fair enough
    okay Zach sir I will try to find your
    messages well sort of in this game when
    you find the unmake er it's kind of weak
    but once you've collected the three
    demon keys they will fully upgrade the
    unmake er oh okay you get the unmake er
    but then you find three keys to upgrade
    it okay I gotcha I gotcha
    squash doom guy is never a good thing
    that hey hey that was a quote speaking
    of which I wanted to give a shout out
    when this when I started this stream but
    I kind of forgot our very own Zed Enda
    1990 he is currently working on doom 64
    I think he just finished the game I
    think you're working on what the lost
    missions I think that's what it was
    called so anyway he has a full guide on
    this game so go check his stuff out I
    highly recommend it
    he's a no-nonsense player
    so yeah go check him out what that what
    was that oh is the terraformer it is
    working it is can't get out I just wait
    hey cat comb not trying to steal your
    channel hey no cat comb everyone go
    check out cat home - there's a lot of
    channels to go check out yes it just
    started the Lost Levels tools addenda
    cool yeah sorry I haven't been watching
    your episodes of doom 64 I just wanted
    to keep myself as blind as I could I
    watched a little bit of Ultima man toits
    playthrough of the first couple of
    missions of this game that was a while
    ago so I'm I've lost all knowledge let's
    use the chain gun here it's kind of dark
    and the chainguns nice cuz it shakes
    your screen to smashy smashy smashy
    that's what the terraformers doing
    I want those clips but I guess maybe
    they're locked
    somebody somebody broke through here
    already and put the switch here oh here
    comes his corpse yes and I don't have to

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    collect all the coins though I've washed
    a little bit of alien vendetta I got to
    I think map eight of your playthroughs
    addenda I have not watched yeah I know
    what that map is though it is my
    favorite map or at least one of them I
    mean alien vendetta as a whole is
    obviously how do I explain this
    ever since alien vendetta came out I
    think alien vendetta was the
    game-changer for doom wads it set doom
    wads at a standard I guess is what I
    should say it is the original fan-made
    doom wad that set the future of doom
    mods at a certain level of expectation
    not only that but alien vendetta is
    incredibly balanced in health and ammo I
    it's not a chore to play it
    die let's use the chain gun here
    you're dead
    yeah I'm glad I was able to improve the
    brightness on this game I mean I don't
    mind playing dark games I just don't
    want my viewers to be in the dark like
    doom 3 is really hard to manage
    sometimes because some levels are really
    dark and some levels are really bright
    it just depends on where in the facility
    you are well this is kind of like a box
    area early they're not really boxes but
    it's like alright Kirby you have to go
    make dinner shrimp tacos oh wow hey I I
    might come over then after my stream
    then I might come over if you're having
    that that is a nice chain gun Sun lust I
    played some of Sun lust and got burned
    out by it because it's yeah it's it's
    hard I'm just not used to it so what did
    that do I want the yellow key I haven't
    found any secrets yet but I will I'll
    find them
    so teleporter

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    can i retake there we go
    yellow keycard is mine
    a room opens up revealing some boxes of
    rockets after I grabbed the yellow key
    does it stay open permanently or did I
    do myself looking for the room is it
    this one yes thank you thank you very
    much a secret area has been revealed
    thank you thank you thank you
    t-shirt Jay hey Heather Collins good to
    see you here
    welcome welcome the bottom right corner
    thank you everybody
    permanently thank you yep opens forever
    thank you everybody for the helpful
    information all right we lost our
    supercharge that's all right
    so we need to go through the Yellow Door
    now probably missing a bunch of other
    secrets I got all the secrets all right
    cool cool oh where am I going now I
    guess I figured I could write that up
    but I can't
    hmm wait what was that sound or
    something but I guess maybe it was
    oh here we go
    no I'm back
    where was there's the yellow door man
    this map is kind of big
    not really big but lots of turns kakum
    one with the five dollar donation
    through super chat hope I don't think I
    was trying to over promo
    no no no no no that's fine man that's
    fine just once opps no hey go for it man
    thank you thank you for the five dollars
    nope I never assumed that oh these
    enemies are already dead because we shot
    them from right here so that must be it
    I see we got all the kills and items and
    secrets so then it says we have all the
    secrets yay
    30 35 that's a long map main engineering

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    is next all right oh boy am i drink in
    my hand
    woah they shoot purple I'd never noticed
    oh I have the SSG yeah baby there's new
    imps I guess
    SSG baby
    as well just snipe them off from here
    since they can't get me but I can get
    them that's my motto everybody shoot
    them before they shoot you a nightmare
    imp oh my gosh
    hey discord Lord of Chaos good to see
    you here welcome welcome
    nightmare imps a new enemy the nightmare
    imp oh my gosh I have been live for
    about 90 minutes now
    boy nightmare imps that sounds scary
    doom 64 exclusive Thank You lbf hundred
    percent yes hundred percent hype we are
    going for a hundred percent I don't care
    if I have to wade through hell to get to
    it we are getting 100% dang it
    nightmare imps oh he almost got me as
    long as they don't pounce on me like in
    Doom 3 I'll be okay oh cool lowers into
    stairs as awesome I like that about this
    side oh it's already lowered into stairs
    or they were stairs already I don't know
    some games don't get bad in years
    that is true ninety minutes in three
    levels yeah that's it just three levels
    this is gonna be a long stream I think
    like total stream our lengths but that's
    okay we're here to play the game and
    that's what we're gonna do
    Martha my gosh girl another 10 69 SSG
    one sexy gun I appreciate those
    donations my gosh
    you are insane thank you thank you so
    and yes the SSG let's let's use it
    another crusher we love crushers oh cool
    that was awesome that is really cool
    I like that clicking noise that he
    reloads Oh somebody's down below and

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    he's dead
    took some damage but that's alright I
    wonder if I can jump let's grab the blue
    key though
    first could I lower these down no oh
    okay it just takes me back here I got it
    I get it I get what is trying to make me
    let's get this chaingun yellow key is
    needed for that war items doom 64 what a
    throwback oh these staircases both
    contain secrets okay
    secrets one and two are in behind the
    fake walls at the staircases in central
    room with the blue key one in each
    revealing partial invisibility and
    invincibility whoa
    so let's I got the invisibility fake
    wall okay now we'll do the same for the
    other side
    oh we're still roaming around maybe I
    want to save the invincibility huh maybe
    like where there it is yeah I don't want
    to grab it yet so it's right here
    but me maybe I'll save it for the yellow
    door when I come back you know I think
    I'll save it because I already cleared
    this area out I mean I might as well
    save it so let's go back we have the
    blue key that was the whole point of
    coming here
    all right where am I going through here
    this is a really well designed game
    backpack it will take that
    yeah the cool effects this game has like
    how the crushing ceiling put a new
    bridge there I know right like those
    kinds of things you would never think of
    it normal do a tap in the middle or a
    Cacodemons let's see oh it's a
    you know what that means
    Wow that is a powerful chainsaw look at
    that he's just gone hey run chic skeet

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    with the donation through super Chad I
    can't wait for you to read all the doom
    eternal codex to me praise the 69 gods
    oh yes the doom eternal codices they are
    some of them can be rather lengthy but
    I'm looking forward to reading them in
    my reading voice of course another one
    let's do it oh I like how that I mean
    yeah three skins of these guys are okay
    I guess but
    wow that is crazy fast
    it's crazy
    okay not the wisest idea let's get you
    out here
    I hate squish them
    that's right baby we use the chainsaw on
    those guys PM DS voice in general is
    like a scented candle
    I'm just here being me but if it's a
    scented candle it's a scented candle
    brush your teeth brush your teeth with
    chainsaw that is copyrighted by the way
    by Altima man Toit that's his
    catchphrase not mine but I'm stealing it
    because it's so good and so appropriate
    you brush your teeth with chainsaw brand
    I guess this opened up maybe there's a
    switch more ammo which I don't need
    I like how they give you lots of ammo
    you'll never run out at least early on
    a lot of people say that this game is
    easy early on but then gets very hard
    after map 9 hey absorber with another
    369 in stream labs when this game
    implements a new monster it usually
    gives a full room of them for you to get
    the taste right sometimes it gets

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    ridiculous but it's funny nonetheless
    thank you again absorber so many
    Cacodemons rotten tomatoes tomatoes yeah
    chainsaw for brutal doom 64 is even
    stronger but consumes ammo
    not a fan of the kakko design he could
    be better I like the change though
    getting some TNT open season vibes with
    that walkway you're on hey yeah
    and the start of open season doesn't it
    remind you lbf you said of Star Wars
    what was that game Jedi Knight dark
    forces - I think that's what you said
    could be wrong though oh my gosh all
    all right now one thing I do know is
    that lost souls I've heard from people
    are insane in this game we'll just snipe
    you from up here he did say that oh hi
    he's nice LPF it still does it still
    reminds you of that that's great man
    that's great all right let's see so
    there's the yellow key I need to get in
    whoa nope I knew I wouldn't make it no
    hurt in trying though the lost souls in
    pain elemental are way worse here oh
    gosh Charles lost souls attacked twice
    as fast in this than they did in classic
    doom my gosh if I thought lost souls in
    classic Doom were horrific oh man I
    can't wait to get to more pain bring it
    on baby bring it on what that a caki
    demon his his hitbox must be like right
    he must be one pixel from falling down
    isn't that cute he's just up and up in
    the air so we have the yellow key which
    means we can find the Yellow Door
    wherever she may be
    yes colored doors are our she that's
    right it was this room I wanted to use

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    as we got more enemies and a new weapon
    Oh rocket launcher okay okay oh right my
    dear chaps we're doing good so far oh
    one more emmalin you little sneaker
    trying to take away another one another
    another imp i hate pain elemental I hate
    lost soul yes I did Chucky I did unlock
    hectic I got the achievement for it too
    hey al free Ireland good to see you here
    yes I am on the watch me die difficulty
    setting a nether
    yeah Janus yep invulnerability secret
    I'm gonna use it for the Yellow Door now
    watch there'll be nothing behind there
    but hey at least I saved it I already
    got that secret I think it was right
    here at the top of the stairs yeah grab
    that let's just use the chainsaw
    I mean we're invulnerable right can't
    get through I'm wasting my
    invulnerability spear
    that was a place for rockets my sphere
    was running out and I had to act fast I
    love the design of these potions they
    look more like alchemy potions than like
    like normal potions like I know them all
    I don't know what I'm trying to say they
    look more like potions you'd see in like
    a alchemy sort of game d Moeller hello
    there with the 690 euros good to see you
    knotty molar thank you for the donation
    of six nine zero you joined the 69 gang
    not that you already weren't a part of
    the gang already but you're here now
    again hey Dexter
    good to see you back glad you're back
    welcome back so what did that do what do
    these switches do
    Oh duh wide open door and I'm looking
    right at it it's not a secret but it is

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    nice to have all right so it's a red
    door can't go through there yet did this
    do anything else
    yes doom guy you groan you groan like
    that buddy
    let's see oh my gosh Martha my goodness
    my goodness I must go now but be ready
    for that Pony fanfic hey send it on over
    send it on over I'll read it
    I don't mind reading you know something
    like that every now and again if it's
    from you I will read it thank you for
    the 6969 again holy crapola that's a lot
    of cash
    I appreciate it Martha have a good day
    have a great day hmm I'm wondering what
    these switches do
    here's oh wait a minute wait a minute
    does that open up no it must open up
    when I go in the room okay I want a
    second here
    there we go got it secret area revealed
    so this is must be a little area where I
    can snipe off the enemies and they can't
    get me sweetness must don't sir a
    trigger must have pressed okay I still
    don't have the red key yet I want to
    know where I get that
    let's go through here again maybe I go
    through here let me figure this out and

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    then I'll may have to ask for some help
    sounds like something else is opening
    though let me go through here
    anything else has opened
    I hear a door closing but that could be
    this door though - let me try it again
    I'm curious and then I look at the chat
    all right let's see oh okay
    red key is back at the rocket launcher
    hey I've been doing this whole thing and
    little did I know that the red key is
    right here okay thank you everybody I am
    not very good at this but hey at least
    we played around a little bit so someone
    said there's a secret area near where I
    got the yellow key from that I missed so
    maybe we'll go back and do that you know
    assuming I find where I got it from
    through the blue door so someone said
    there's a secret nearby here I'm not
    sure where that would be oh there it is
    okay I know the ambient music is
    actually a neat touch for a game like
    this do you think it'd be all metal or
    synth music but no it's ambient music
    it's really nice I gotta check something
    real quick guys give me one second here
    one second Oh reload that okay there we
    some reason my stream labs froze there
    for a second but we're good we're good
    are we still in the green zone we're
    still in the green zone this is
    my computer has not I did reset my
    internet before I streamed I think I'm
    gonna happen to do that from now on it
    seems to be working wonderfully when I

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    do that when I reset my internet my
    router so I will start doing that from
    now on if it's gonna continue being nice
    to me okay so let's go back the red door
    was through this area yeah this game is
    long this game is gonna take probably
    five or six streams to do I did not and
    realize it was this long but we're here
    we might as well you might as well play
    it I have never played it Oh the exit
    switch well let's see if we got
    everything first and foremost Oh all
    all items oh we're missing one secret
    okay we'll go back and get it I want a
    hundred percent we are going to get a
    hundred percent I don't care so oh yeah
    don't worry Daniel I I say before I
    exited I always will do that because I
    had no idea this was here I just hey
    Armando Schneider good to see you here
    I had no idea that was there I just
    pressed the wall randomly and it opened
    up and so yeah we were expecting some
    technical difficulties before the stream
    started a Big Mac Davis I know Janice
    but usually we usually pick Mac wanker
    how are you
    gosh Armando I love your comments man I
    know usually we have technical
    difficulties but not today
    I'm thankful for that great now exit
    100% holding area is next
    I have a oculus rift and VR that do not
    use and can send you it I heard earlier
    you wanted a VR and I do not use mine
    artha that is generous of you
    Wow I will let you know all right that I
    now is mighty generous of you old holy I
    will definitely let you know my goodness
    oh barrel blow up the barrel kill the
    enemies it's all right arm and oh I know
    it's all good
    actually it's kind of funny your little
    nicknames there
    but no you're right you're absolutely
    correct to see know is absolutely
    the de'cine o is a gift to mankind

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    like I've been playing doom for 20-plus
    years all right hear me out I've been
    playing doom for 20-plus years yet I
    have learned more in the last year then
    I've learned about doom in the past 19
    just thanks to de'cine oh so I am really
    thankful I mainly watch his analysis
    videos how do I get down Oh
    switch uh-huh duh there's a big old
    switch right in front of me yeah I will
    let you know Martha thank you aye aye
    that's a generosity that's just beyond
    my scope of understanding I appreciate
    it but no Manta scene Oh is just a real
    chill dude but yet his brain is so full
    of doom that it's almost scary it is
    all right hmm
    the return of the health vials so open
    up the door
    also woken up
    that's the start so that's that's if you
    want to get back to the start I guess
    supercharge that will not be free I
    guarantee you it yadus Ino is a beast
    he's just come around like in the last
    couple years I don't know how many
    subscribers he has but he's got over
    70,000 I think by now he is just
    incredible beast and he's like one of
    the best doom players like top 5% I'd
    say let's flip switches you had a hard
    time finding the last item in the map
    but you just tested a dead cat go
    covered it hahaha I hate that when that
    happens - yeah cat comb I feel you there
    I feel you oh gosh mouthful of Spectre
    let's use the double barrel that may be
    better absorber another 369 when you see
    four switches in the end of this level
    save first and follow chats advices if

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    you click them in the wrong order you
    won't be able to get to the secret level
    by any means oh well I just flipped
    three switches back here hope that
    wasn't the one
    there's only three switches there so I
    think we're good
    he'll night
    we only saw those briefly I love their
    death animation and their yells it's one
    of my favorite sounds of the entire game
    here's three more switches the end of
    the level that's all good for now all
    right thank you psycho XD a real a
    really good subscriber by the way psycho
    XD lots of blood on his channel like the
    game blood I recommend going to go see
    him but definitely recommend his channel
    alright souls
    and we don't appear to be very fast but
    maybe that's because they haven't
    charged yet let's see that's gonna test
    it oh gosh oh gosh um okay yes they are
    much faster oh my gosh who they are top
    they will date charge man they charge it
    add a gear lost soul oh hell night
    we'll take care of you now so you don't
    bother us later there we go
    you're dead box of bullets my cat
    sleeping on my bed right now next to me
    he just woke up it's been sleeping there
    all stream
    oh I thought that was a live demon cuz
    look he like disappears that's weird
    okay anyways there is a weapon up there
    I am liking doom 64 a lot I imagine once

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    I familiarized myself with these
    missions and memorized where the secrets
    are all that kind of stuff which will
    take you know a few playthroughs I will
    enjoy it
    hey the mighty low good to see you here
    buddy how you doing such a chill cat yep
    kitty I will say hi to my cat Janice
    indeed I will
    oh we have four switches here is this
    the area with the four switches hello
    Simeon yes my cat's name is Simeon hello
    Simeon from Janus and all the rest of
    the chat I heard an enemy down here
    secret one used the computer Thank You
    Zachary and other people I heard someone
    awake down here but I guess not maybe
    I'm mistaken
    did I miss that other supercharged that
    was down there I must have but I got
    another one okay not press these
    switches right now 3 1 2 4 so 3 1 2 4 is
    that what it means I'll do it again 3
    and then 1 2 and then 4 3 1 2 4 ok 3 1 2
    4 yes ok I will remember that thank you
    everybody thank you big cheer in the
    chat for everybody who's helping me I
    would never figure this out on my own
    and I want the help I was through here
    I'll come back to those switches when I
    get everything
    got ten ten three two one all right so
    three one two four 3124 there's a blue I
    don't have the blue key yet though
    we will find the blue key
    someone is groaning I don't know if you
    guys can hear it I know the game sound
    is probably low but someone is still
    alive yes but in fighting well nope

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    they're not it were
    there we go
    didn't mean to hit that but I did make
    him cease to exist whoa trying to see
    how many can die at the hands of the
    bear of the hell night people save right
    here actually wait a second yes
    oh he barely missed him
    there we go hit somebody
    one more come on he'll night one more
    one more that's all you need to do is
    just one more yeah whatever hey MK
    spokes with the 669 through super chat
    whoa thank you man again shot from
    behind Thank You Man for the donation
    that's much appreciated holy moly
    those guys are top priority oh there's a
    it's it's a no it's a it's there's a lot
    of lost souls coming from me now
    oh my gosh that was scary to look down
    there and see is this a pacifist
    gameplay just for that area just for
    that area I promise
    let's just use the regular shotgun on
    the barrels faster
    gee these things are