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    hey guys welcome to the Final Fantasy 7
    remake I'm super super excited to get
    into this game to get my hands on to it
    I do want to say a huge thank you to
    Square Enix for the early access key so
    we can actually get sneak peeks of what
    this is ahead of time I'm I'm just I'm
    like really excited guys basically ever
    since we played the demo on the channel
    I have been itching to play this game
    especially since the characters seem to
    have so much depth and there's going to
    be such an intricate story
    I'm really excited it's been a while
    since we had a game that is going to be
    so immersive I also can tell it's gonna
    be challenging in a totally different
    way than I've ever experienced before as
    some of you know I have not actually
    played the original of this game so this
    is going to be a totally blind
    playthrough I am experiencing it for the
    first time so hopefully it will bring
    back some nostalgia for you guys because
    I know a lot of you have already
    probably played the first version of it
    so expect some feels you know like I'm
    going to feel all of this fresh before
    we get into it I do want to shout out
    some new legendary contributors taliano
    mark walter houssam kay and lance thank
    you so much for the donation to the
    channel you helped me continue to do
    something I'm extremely passionate about
    and something I love doing everyday are
    you all ready do you have your popcorn
    do you have the comfy blanket I know
    you're excited because you guys have
    been asking for this like crazy let's
    just get into it guys all right it's
    camera controls what camera controls
    would you like to use just default
    difficulty let's do normal oh so there
    is a classic will attack and defend
    automatically allowing you to focus on
    executing commands
    Oh weird okay classic is recommended you
    wanna focus on using commands in battle
    we're gonna go to normal for now fully
    experienced files as well as the story
    yeah and then go from there I think
    classic mode is kind of like the
    old-school way to play it I'm just
    screaming at you guys sorry just really
    god the music's gonna be so good and the
    graphics I'm pumped

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    so industrialized guys
    poor papa
    oh the plants look there's no greenery
    I think I need to turn the volume up
    just a bit after we watch this yeah that
    City is like fully industrialized
    there's no greenery no plants nothing
    she's so cute guys I'm trying to stay
    quiet so I don't talk too much in the
    just a huge city [ __ ] huge
    and there's just no plans anywhere so
    I'm wondering if this is gonna be kind
    of like the demo starting out but with
    more stuff on this
    Oh God
    yeah so far I think it's right along
    with the demo I'm wondering if I can do
    better this time you know

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    Mako reactor one submitted my lip yeah
    hopefully I can do better this time
    honestly last time I didn't realize some
    oh good god oh is Jessie
    I love him so much I honestly I [ __ ]
    and love Barrett hope you down humor
    that entrance doh that entrance though
    alright alright alright let me mess with
    this down real quick ok so you can I
    forgot you have to go to the main menu
    let me see if can i remark whatever done
    oh okay who goes there you uh yes sir
    and use square to attack with cloth
    sword hold square to unleash an attack
    capable of hitting multiple nearby
    enemies all right you're coming with us
    no I don't think so
    yeah yeah he's so cool
    oh yeah the commands yeah I [ __ ] those
    up last time when we were playing so who
    wanna help hands where I can see them
    nope don't think I will
    see she loves us all right the ATB gauge
    fills as time passes and by attacking
    with square once a bar is full your
    character can perform special actions
    charges can be used immediately or saved
    try attacking the enemy to fill the
    gauge I can't remember where's the damn
    thing I think oh okay it's underneath
    this menu all right
    using the A to B gauge you can expend
    ATP gauge charges to perform battle
    commands such as using abilities magic
    or items press square and try using one
    of the commands okey-dokey let's go
    ahead and braver what's that one let's
    get this dude oh can I do another one I
    don't have enough now I need the first

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00
    I'm still alive
    oh he's still alive now I can do it
    let's do do we have more spells knowing
    still have only fire do it focus the
    rust drive it
    Oh ooh you dead dead
    alright checking data out of battle main
    menu and map when not in battle you can
    check the map open menus and view
    various kinds of information use options
    to open the main menu press the pad to
    access the map and check your various
    objectives gotcha auto actions when yeah
    yeah if basically we're automatically
    gonna jump over when you see an icon or
    like automatically do something from the
    main menu you can view your inventory
    and gameplay status as well as save and
    load your game alright
    we're level 7 HP what's battle settings
    Oh braver focus thrust potion select a
    character whose settings you wish to
    oh that's interesting I didn't know
    anything about that huh okay enemy Intel
    spells we didn't have any of this
    information before so I'm quickly like
    looking through it party it's just him
    oh look it even tells all of his
    attributes attack 54 magic attack 52
    dams okay
    all right so that's new info and that's
    just the options on the map screen you
    can check your current scenario
    objective and view the lay of the land
    we can run is there anything over here
    wherever more penis
    drop the weapon so we're just a hired
    mercenary essential aims to get these
    guys inside to the Mako reactor all
    right Guardian evading you can defend
    against enemy attacks by pressing r1 to
    guard or circle to evade a successful
    guard reduces the amount of damage
    suffered and also charges your atv gauge
    gosh you're coming with us get
    surrounded try harder
    there we go
    so how does this okay there we go Oh
    interesting so it seems like yo guard no
    matter if you're facing them or not so
    let's see what is the quick way to do it

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    I miss ok missed so yeah you can press I
    didn't know this when I play the demo
    you can press l1 like say you go into
    commands I mean I don't know maybe you
    can just do l1 in general and then press
    whatever it says let's go into where was
    it battle settings so like l1 and square
    was braver l1 triangle focus thrust l1
    in circle I really need to remember that
    so I might not even have to go into the
    commands menu you know is there anything
    else I'm talking a lot sorry I'm just
    analyzing interacting with the world use
    triangle to open chests or doors or to
    talk to people you see the word hold
    then you need to hold it
    obviously gotcha gotcha gotcha
    we've got potions we really need all the
    potions for real
    I remember this [ __ ] two grenades
    I don't see anything else destroying
    objects if you find boxes with the
    Shinra logo press squared to smash them
    with your sword they may contain useful
    items such as potions or restore HP or
    Mako shards to restore MP okay I know
    there's some over here we're gonna get
    those give me that wait did I not pick
    it up
    so what's soldier boy steel is he one of
    us now
    he's kept balls this what was his name
    again cloud that's right right and he
    isn't a soldier anymore still he's a
    professional unlike the rest of us I'm
    glad to have him this is a one-time gig
    when it's done we're done I love it
    so last time I played this I recognized
    this guy's voice ting in front of me I
    forget his name but yeah he's from
    Breaking Bad he's one of the dudes I
    think in Breaking Bad the voice actor
    I know you like me Jesse let's see if we
    can talk to him wedge they've almost got
    the door okay Barrett how are you doing
    so unnecessary though come on nobody do
    something this crazy just for money they

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    may not think you're a true believer but
    you know what I think that interested I
    love the wedge
    yes you better be worth the money Merc
    every last gear oh don't you worry I'm
    worth it believe me
    see how we're going inside of there
    this music is epic alright locking onto
    targets you can press r3 to lock onto a
    specific target press r3 again to unlock
    while locked onto a target you can use R
    and switch between them got a boy guess
    your first
    I died I know I man this dog is [ __ ]
    insane oh yeah so let me try um there we
    go so that's like a quick way to do it
    is it just this guy not bad
    so then I should be able to do I have to
    have to be in battle maybe I do I'm
    messing with the quick access guys I
    need to nail that down you know don't
    see any boxes let's just go
    I love the group of people Jessie loves
    us too though
    a lot quite a lot a lot like she what
    she wants something more she want
    something more
    okay quick coffee break room boxes yes
    is this
    oh my god he grunts just happy to go
    through there
    not so fast we've got company I love who
    they like they don't do anything you

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    know alright let's test this out for a
    think you could stop me oh I don't okay
    gotcha gotcha gotcha
    oh oh oh so did I do it I didn't do it
    you've been messing up quick accessing
    oh yeah I think punish your mode you go
    like extra intense anytime now oh my god
    what just what is going on
    I don't even know what I just did I was
    going in between the two modes but
    honestly I shouldn't do that yet they
    haven't taught us how to do that yet so
    one thing I'm definitely gonna have to
    get used to playing this game is all the
    different buttons you know getting where
    I need to be bring it so let's see let's
    see how this works
    oh wait I guess it would be what's your
    yeah um I'm about to die be sure to use
    potions and heal and stuff it's because
    I'm [ __ ] with the quickest vengeance
    got a pencil let's try it
    took you long enough so now can I use a
    potion yes I can I was brought to die
    yes to new potions let's go
    they left me they should have left me
    so oh yeah they leave when I'm sorry
    take care of yourself don't get hurt
    don't do anything stupid
    oh okay I got scared for a second there
    I was like it's what's gonna die like I
    played the demo but I still I don't know
    just may attack honk man but I hear they
    make good guard dogs too that you've
    seen a few reactors why are you like
    what a we get to the bridge both Makos
    storage oh it's ma cronut Miko ain't
    holding out on me are you stamps scared

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    to bite the hand that fed him or is he a
    loyal little dog have it your way mutt
    we can do this with you or we can do
    this without you yeah it's a real our
    different layout depends when it was
    definitely has PTSD of some sort
    marriage is what it feels like
    Barret is just super aggressive about
    everything Oh watching you why are you
    like this to me
    I just love you too damn I'm good wait
    no I want to talk Jessie
    hmm he showed a little bit of a sign of
    like that's why I'm wanting to help
    alright switching modes unique ability
    every characters unique ability which
    you can activate with triangle with
    class mode shift ability you can switch
    between his balance operator mode and
    his attack oriented Punisher mode press
    triangle to try it out alright and
    punished remote cloud moves more slowly
    but Square and leashes a more powerful
    attack than usual in addition cloud
    launches a counter blow every time he
    guards against an enemy's melee attack
    he cannot however guard against range
    attacks are magic when you evade such
    attacks he will switch back to operator
    mode gotcha okay
    I tried to guard against that melee
    attack but I failed I failed soon a
    Marxist nope no boxes did you miss me
    you missed me don't lie don't you tell
    me to simmer down I'm a [ __ ] boil
    over here I don't care it's a good thing
    I know someone who can get us the pass
    codes we were the other guy go petty no
    one else that command will debrief us
    but what can you do though then we're
    I like fur in there Oh Biggs
    that's his name Biggs I got this please
    go right I think he's staying behind
    she's so nice can I talk to him though
    real quick what never what are you
    waiting for
    oh no he doesn't want me to talk to him
    I said quit messing around
    oh we got something here you obtained a
    tuft of Phoenix Down hmmm interesting
    let's talk to her like the elevators on
    another floor mind pushing that button
    um yeah hold on security is only gonna
    get tighter so be ready we can't afford

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    any more mistakes I didn't make a
    mistake okay I went in the room and the
    door closed I love how he backs away
    from me like I have a plague or
    something Barrett why do you hate me I
    just love you
    you know Tifa right it's not really my
    business but are you guys close
    I've not seen this before
    oh so that's Tifa annoying me
    huh t-phone hi interesting so they knew
    each other as little kids and she's like
    are you guys dating cuz I'm really
    interested I'm coming on super strong
    hey more power to Jessie for coming on
    strong like that she wants what she
    so that was cool cuz we've not seen that
    with these sewer rats appear to call
    themselves avalanche sir we are
    currently investigating whether they
    belong to the same group that made the
    attempt on your life
    he looks so evil rest assured our
    enquiries will not take much longer
    oh that guy looks familiar like a famous
    this pump sole purpose is to drain the
    planet drop behind a cherry
    why are you wee while you sit it's his
    sucking up lock oh it doesn't rest and
    it doesn't care you do realize what my
    careers don't you tell me Michael is the
    lifeblood of our world the planet bleeds
    green like you and me bleed red there
    you thinks gonna happen when it's all
    gone huh answer me oh my goodness you
    gonna stay same passion and pretend you
    can't hear the planet crying out in pain
    oh no you can I like his cars though you
    hear that
    damn straight I do get help
    Wow cloud
    say that icky I'd worry less about the
    planet and more about the next 5 seconds
    save the screaming for later oh look
    that chest hair doe that's Jessie or doe
    this is when things start to pick up
    like combat wise it gets intricate
    I know I was doing all wrong before now
    you listening Merc

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    one false move it's just fun necessary
    well so much for having the cloud do all
    the fighting there are some places a
    sword just can't reach just bear with
    them for me would you I love him so much
    I love him so much
    God cloud is ripped guys dem arms doh
    I don't blame Jessie I really don't so
    now we basically have to use Barrett to
    help us take down things we can't reach
    so ranged weapon or ranged enemies
    Barrett strength Sparrow specializes in
    ranged attacks holding down square
    releases a sustained burst of automatic
    fire when equipped with a ranged weapon
    barrack and fire from safe locations and
    hit enemies that cloud could not reach
    with his sword so holding down square
    yes man with the gun
    these kids can't they've got nothing on
    can we block I can't remember
    oh [ __ ] all right
    I should really take this one out no no
    I'm sick I'm stuck why have all one's am
    i hitting that one let's see if we can
    block it there we go
    let's do it over charge Baris unique
    ability overcharge press triangle
    uncontrolled Barrett to delivery a heavy
    hitting attack that fills a large
    portion of his ATV gauge once Unleashed
    it takes a long time to recharge this
    attack pressing triangle however will
    speed up the process
    alright that was done oh [ __ ] let's see
    what he's got what's the sealskin thing
    I don't know what that steel skin thing
    maybe it's like um let's see focus shot
    let's try that whoa that was crazy
    switching characters you can switch to
    different characters depending on the
    battle situation you can also stick with
    the same character and issue orders to
    party allies to switch characters use l2
    or r2 to issue commands to allies
    all right let's change

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    said it was never do it so there's
    definitely some new things with Barrett
    I did not explore before oh wait oh wait
    we're there any boxes did I mix nice
    boxes or something
    listen I need to know
    no I didn't okay let's go listicle hey
    we survived here did you miss me these
    are security system oh no not this will
    hurt more than your pride if you're
    careless they'll cut you down to size
    I kind of suck at these I'm not gonna
    lie I'm guessing you've done this kind
    of thing before yeah
    then make a move when they cycle off
    y'all the first nothing like a little
    danger to get them she literally just
    flies through this look at her go keep
    those baby blues of yours on me you can
    move around outside a bottom more
    quickly by holding r1 or r2 - - or you
    can press l3 wants to keep - until you
    stop moving I just use l3 guys
    personally alright I'm going
    Barrett Oh Mike so I have to protect him
    as well because so we have one I think
    it's just one come on let's go let's go
    let's go
    this is just a flash I think it is go go
    go go go go go oh wait are these boxes
    there we go
    this is where it's more intricate one
    two three and then that's it one two
    three go
    oh damn one two three four
    oh it's for
    four come on Barrett oh [ __ ] one two
    three four five
    six seven go okay
    we did it I don't know about a walk in
    the park I don't know what walk in the
    park has that but oh look there's some
    over here I don't want to miss anything
    Barrett you are in the way oh my god

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    with all the boxes at the buck I think
    very kicked one is it went down the
    not if you yeah okay
    junk is a platform if we rush in oh yeah
    I think yes maj ik okay how do I um hold
    so spells sweeper
    all right saggy enemies hitting minute
    hitting enemies to certain attacks or
    dealing large amounts of damage will
    temporarily knock them off balance and
    pressure it will appear underneath their
    gauge when this happens help them with
    spells and abilities to quickly fill
    their stagger gauge under their life bar
    once it is full you can stagger them
    alright he's pressured the gauge post
    faster depending on the abilities and
    mass used as well as the foes boner
    abilities are way way okay so what it's
    not full quite yet but so then can I use
    this again
    it's course it just had to get back up
    we knock you down again no time to
    parrot you have got to dodge he doesn't
    know how to dodge or something
    Oh staggered foes enemies who've been
    staggered are defenseless and take more
    damage using unique abilities on a
    staggered phone will quickly boost your
    ATP gauge boost your HP gauge quickly so
    you can unleash more abilities and
    spells all right using unique ones
    so let's go to punish Ramon I guess try
    that I swear it's like he doesn't even
    try to dodge
    all right
    I feel like that was significantly
    faster I didn't use spells as much as I
    probably should but let's take a potion
    please talk about you're getting a

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    guess that'd make you a 1 oh my god he's
    so dumb dumb he's insulting me he's
    calling me a child Barrett I don't
    appreciate that
    ok I wonder how old is cloud actually
    though remember this area oh god a
    target the reactor core gotta set the
    bomb at the bottom
    okay let's get down there
    we're ready to go please don't step on
    my head
    can I go faster down I swear to god he
    just landed on my head very please
    jacket scared huh more like excited I've
    been dreaming about this I love him oh
    my god I love him Burt you're great you
    have a good heart I mean he's really
    just trying to save the environment okay
    but what's over here though I think well
    I think I did that last time too I tried
    to go the other way
    listen must explore everything jobs a
    what were you at oh [ __ ] um let's switch
    oh [ __ ] what did i do I don't even know
    what I just did to be honest
    yeah Oh Oh so it automatically goes back
    to clown when I'm done with him or when
    I'm done with the enemy
    really sure
    you're dead you're dead you're dead
    calm down clap oh sure yeah let's do it
    sorry here's going nuts
    sure you could who's going nuts all
    right we got that let's go let's do it
    come on Barrett I keep pressing I keep
    pressing X as like an action button I
    need to quit that all right let's do
    you're right we got this Barrett we got

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    all right let's see if little stamp
    really can bite the hand that feeds why
    are you calling me a stamp what does
    that even mean do the honors prove to me
    you're the man t4 says you are that
    you're one of us never said I was I'm
    just here for the Paycheck do the damn
    job wow they're really pissed him off
    cloud why are you so anxious to doe God
    I love them
    a feather what's wrong yeah here's some
    serious PTSD I'm fine of some sort about
    the timer
    you'll call Merc uh we're going thirty
    minutes huh even though I think last
    time for you last time we didn't even
    need thirty minutes we did in like less
    than twenty but
    heads up
    I love how Barrett thought that it was
    me like
    it's got reinforced armor cleaning
    overloaded lightning magic okay yep
    lightning magic it is so
    should I be worried
    yes you should
    all right let's do lightning magic this
    is what I messed up last time
    keep it up
    no no no no no no no no no no okay
    Thunder again do it do it again no I
    keep doing that
    come on old always best dismissed all
    right let's do it
    I'm hoping I can do this faster yes just
    is it exciting come at me

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    never see this defense system before
    okay to order yet so what's your
    brilliant plan genius this time
    yeah I know seriously right
    wouldn't be much of a weapon going down
    let's try Thunder again Oh field
    generator yes immune yeah okay for
    shooting oh [ __ ] I was [ __ ]
    actually let's go ahead and take a
    potion we need to heal
    we need to heal cloud though
    what is that same weak spot yeah I know
    spells I can't do any yet
    you gots to block it let this thing
    what is this restore a small amount of
    HP Oh interesting
    all right now I still don't have enough
    I produce women I did oh I think I know
    what it is guys I think I know what it
    is I need don't I have provide summer
    stores a small amount of HP there we go
    this is what I want you
    all right now can I use it yes
    weeks probably want that but is immune
    alright let's go ahead and now so give
    it everything you've got
    [ __ ]
    get ready
    oh [ __ ]
    yes I do let's go ahead and I know I
    shouldn't do this but honestly it kind
    of gives me a break
    to not do the quick access take

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    so I think we need to just pressure the
    hell out of it
    - [ __ ] go
    yeah we need to heal
    discharge this
    so huh it's on you he's got this barrier
    and I don't remember exactly how to get
    because I'm pretty sure this won't work
    yeah I did it
    [ __ ]
    they're afraid of the air
    how do you get that down I can't
    remember let's try him all right now
    yeah see that doesn't work I don't
    remember what to do is it gone now I
    think it is I think it's being broken
    I'm a [ __ ] I suck at locking that's not
    your blocking we do it now we do it now
    oh my God we're gonna die I think I
    would a tie you up and regroup
    get ready
    come on
    Oh sometime inoa fun doing okay guys I
    don't even know I feel like I'm doing it
    watch the tail
    oh yeah okay don't get gotta hide take
    cover behind that debris yep
    so something I would like to do is oh no
    no no no no no no no no he'll bear it

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    strike down before it fires again
    [ __ ]
    I do need a heal dog
    alright let's heal no no no
    he's jumping
    and opening
    oh okay okay then hide where it ready I
    know what are you doing oh my god I
    thought he was just committing suicide
    for a second I wonder um-hmm let's go
    ahead and do that strike now before it
    fires again I think I missed
    [ __ ] [ __ ]
    get out of this mode oh my god I'm gonna
    die Limit Breaks
    taking damage and siren enemies fills
    your limit gauge when the gauge is full
    you can use Limit Breaks which are
    extremely powerful attacks you do not
    need to spend a to be charged use these
    attacks huh
    you need to heal up Stewart yeah I do
    let's try wanna get shot
    hunger guys
    yeah this gonna take me a minute today
    used to combat pretty sure before it
    fires again
    here it comes
    [ __ ] I'm gonna die oh my god
    oh what's this got a heal up when I have
    the chance
    Oh shitty moves I'm gonna die
    I'm gonna die
    daily need to heal us to enjoy that
    laser wait maybe one for you need of

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    mark alright let's go ahead and you
    cloud from Barrett there we go
    before you miss you oh my god
    let's try to heal him again though cuz
    he's really low health
    [ __ ]
    you couldn't it's pretty hard to block
    with him along my
    find cover and hundred
    again and again
    all right
    oh [ __ ] what just happened yeah
    Oh hit me
    oh not good no not good is accurate
    alright let's block it
    what what just happened oh okay
    here comes the laser
    and you yes is do it now go
    [ __ ] I try to dodge get out of the menu
    I'm pressing the wrong button
    okay damn it I need to heal all good
    heal up in removed oh [ __ ] what just
    this is still like a super tough fight
    guys it's just so much happening I need
    to heal I need to know how to repair you
    eat damn it you got to take it out quick
    we're screwed
    Oh God I have Hirata never ething
    our attacks just right hold out a tweet
    you spotted opening oh okay
    well the nice should definitely heal
    again right so until I see an opening

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    you got to get the legs I think
    what is this we gonna let this thing
    keep pushing us around I don't think so
    all right let's do some oh [ __ ]
    I'm not doing well with timing I won't
    lie one lie advice no time to waste
    let's take it out quick
    [ __ ] [ __ ] what what oh no
    yes polka shot
    go go go go go go go go go oh yes yes
    are you dead maybe cause of late I can't
    oh my god
    the ball
    yeah now I gotta go
    it's time
    we gotta get the hell out of here I mean
    that still took a while guys that was
    done good still took a while for sure
    all right let's see how fast we can get
    out of here I definitely don't think
    it's gonna take 30 minutes though
    no way come on bear come on we got this
    so I can definitely see where I need to
    work on certain things like I need to
    work on timing no I don't need you
    listen it's not time for that we got to
    go go Barrett berry like oh my god how
    do I get up here you've left me bear it
    go up I don't understand
    how do I climb this here we go

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    no no no no no no can you just [ __ ]
    kill that thing then kill it we have a
    timer you need to grow up the ladder oh
    my god so you have to kill enemies or
    you can't go now I'm like panicking no
    okay come on Jesse we don't have time
    her phobia so broken hey we linked up
    over there look after Jessie okay no
    come this way yes what's going free to
    Barry hello she's like it'll lead us
    straight there but probably mom we gotta
    oh I'm inside of your money oh I'm
    inside of your body you're like a ghost
    this is oh that sounds foul guys listen
    I meant as like she's a ghost okay put
    it win it what is oh look there's
    well we already struggled getting up the
    ladder so this might be worse time and
    then when I play the demo
    I've got your soldier boy here who lit
    five seconds it's all we need
    let's try some of these
    I don't have any more intimate
    all right on down here Barrett he was
    taking his damn time shooting that one
    little flying thing god knows what it is

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    okay my phone is going crazy [ __ ] guys I
    can't even see what I'm doing my phone
    was like buzzing
    come on hit hard yes
    oh he's done he's dead let's go let's go
    let's go we don't have time for this
    oh there's a [ __ ] box though do we
    get it we should get it
    a bottle of ether and we got the time so
    let's go
    oh Jesus you scared me oh yeah I forget
    that you can't jump in this game it's
    like you kind of automatically jump I
    think you press T next to jump as well
    said everything no no
    that's right get yo ass out of here
    ain't got time for you let's go
    oh no this is what these stupid lasers
    right oh [ __ ] oh I don't have anything
    [ __ ] I don't even think I try to dodge
    so good take care of you before you
    bleed out I don't look so good
    okay we got one block that was better
    but yeah I'm not doing well with

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    now I don't have anything
    ever been sprayed
    [ __ ] I don't look lighting it up yes
    all right
    brace yourself
    but he knocked me down what I am so
    confused how did he do that
    get him
    oh I think you said I'm almost dead
    don't overdo it
    yes I do we're gonna go
    I am definitely taking way longer this
    I feel like or did we do it
    we barely did it guys
    we barely did it
    that's right sure we destroyed your maka
    reactor how you feel about it yeah I
    forgot that they did this
    it's like they finish the job for us
    which is very strange maybe in an
    attempt to blow us up inside
    so bizarre come on come on come on come
    he's so calm bear it's kind of like okay
    I need to take after him a little bit
    we're here
    oh my god

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    if I couldn't believe me you'd be the
    first to know don't think that is a yes
    a case she'd be asking him to carry her
    such a badass okay that was pretty cool
    all right come on
    I love his expressions you know they're
    just so well done
    god that was cool everything is so
    it's so beautiful I'm pumped I'm so
    pumped but I have a lot to learn guys I
    have a lot to learn looks like we made
    it and with nothing but a few scratches
    good I think you might overdone it I
    follow the instructions to the letter
    o million triggered a reaction with the
    monk oh it was her well let's hope the
    city's doing more okay but the plan is
    what matters right now it all makes
    this must have helped son after all that
    half the [ __ ] tree is collapsing only
    we in sector eight
    that Beach is down there all right then
    lead the way
    you got it huh oh I love them so much
    all right guys it's gonna be it for
    today so basically we just got through
    the first hour of the game there are
    definitely some small details that were
    left out from the demo like his
    flashback in particular I don't recall
    that being in the demo and it was really
    interesting kind of showed you that him
    and Tifa have known each other for quite
    a while
    yeah I definitely think I have a lot to
    work on when it comes to like getting
    used to how to play a game like this
    I've never played a game like this
    before in my life so it's it's gonna be
    a little bit more intricate something
    that I'm gonna have to learn that being
    said I [ __ ] love it it's so much fun
    to play this game it's absolute chaos
    24/7 like half the time I don't even
    know what I'm looking at I just feel
    like I'm like doing [ __ ] and people are
    dying and I'm just like this is just
    crazy but my favorite part of all is
    definitely the characters themselves
    something about cloud being so troubled
    it makes you want to know why he is the
    way he is what is this weird PTSD that
    he seems to have these little flashbacks
    or these memories what does the feather
    actually insinuate then we have Barrett
    who is just really caring about the
    environment and
    to get rid of obviously all these mock
    Oh reactors and I think in a way just

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    restore the planet to what it was a bit
    which is which is really cool in and of
    itself especially when you see the very
    beginning of this and you get the
    snippets of the streets and just how
    little greenery there is there's just no
    nature left really they have just sucked
    the planet dry but yeah I hope you guys
    are ready for this journey I'm super
    pumped for it remember this is blind so
    please please no spoilers in the
    comments section I know that they're
    bound to happen so I'm probably gonna
    avoid it like the plague but try your
    best not to let on to what is going to
    happen in this I really really want to
    remain you know totally oblivious in
    another huge thank you to Square Enix
    for the key to play this and giving us
    some early access footage which is
    [ __ ] awesome for everybody I know
    everyone is gonna be stoked about this
    make sure to check out the links in
    description leave a like if you enjoyed
    and thanks for watching guys

    A huge thank you to Square Enix for gifting us a key and allowing me and the community to play the game early! In part 1, we work our way through the tutorial ...


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    1. Funny how the guards just let the huge guy with a Gatling gun for an arm just run past them. They're like, ''nope, we want nothing to do with that guy."'

    2. Don't know if someone pointed it out before, but the initial explosion (by Jessie) only did superficial damage. Shinra made their lasers and units to finish the job… no spoilers, but why would a governement want to make their own stuff blow up and then tell everyone it was this terrorist group that did it? Hmmm…

    3. Never played the original? I do plan on watching your playthrough of this and look forward. However, I would love to watch you play the original. The Midgar section is fairly short (especially by the rest of the game’s standards) and you’ll actually get the real story.

      And you can use the cheats to make it go faster if you don’t wanna play a turn based game.

      (Thinking about the ending to Remake *eye twitch*)

    4. and also just because this is a remake doesnt mean it is exactly the same story it could be an entirely different story just with the final fantasy 7 characters in it you know what im saying


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