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    hello and welcome to cook serve

    delicious three this game comes out to

    steam early access on January 29th and

    we're gonna be playing some co-op aren't

    we yeah it's fantastic it's a really

    really fun game and we are going to be

    trying a little bit of cooking we have

    played so much cook serve delicious - it

    was an addiction wasn't it oh yeah yeah

    we absolutely went crazy with that game

    and loved it to no end

    so we are very excited to be playing the

    third edition and the Creator is great I

    think that they have done a fantastic

    job already and this is early access as

    you can see in the bottom left corner of

    the screen there it's so satisfying for

    some reason I find the sound design of

    this game incredibly satisfying the

    music the sounds when you buy things

    everything absolutely because that's the

    thing when we're actually serving things

    in the food truck because if you know

    anything about cooks have delicious then

    you'll know that cooks so delicious -

    you were kind of more stationary in your

    own restaurant or you know doing a

    little bit of freelancing but in cook

    serve delicious three you're actually in

    a food truck traveling across

    post-apocalyptic United States as far as

    I'm aware yes so let's go and we have

    some dango here so I'm gonna be making

    some of that in the holding station and

    OH toss and mix that's a new thing that

    we haven't made before yeah I thought we

    would it's hard to count to three

    apparently because I just had to pause

    there but I thought we would add in some

    new stuff that we haven't tried in cook

    serve delicious - yeah that is really

    really cool actually as well because

    every single dish just looks so good as

    well and even just the I don't know just

    the presentation everything as you said

    the sound design is really really good

    to just wait for the the indicator the

    indicator sound is very nice we are

    nearing the next

    there it is and and and we have this

    thing now where you can just lick the

    stick to serve all the orders that are

    ready yeah exactly that is extremely

    helpful but also tremendously fun

    mr. reformist the holding stations

    please oh yeah I know I'm a little bit


    technically I'm always the one that does

    the as the holding stations at the top

    and V Kerry is the one that does more of

    the server standing orders as far as I'm

    aware right thank you they're standing

    orders here

    so yeah generally that's something you

    do the cooking and then we do the

    delicious yes you should never play this

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    when you're hungry oh yeah he actually

    says it actually says that's a tip

    that's a tip in one of the loading

    screens it's like you probably should

    never play cook serve delicious when

    you're hungry and if you are then you

    definitely need to go and get something

    because it is criminal to play this

    while you're hungry gotta admit though

    even when you're not hungry you're

    probably gonna be hungry afterwards yes


    here it comes here it comes the very

    satisfying sound wait wait we should I

    wanted to wait until all of them already

    would that was close there oh really

    where we almost running out of time

    there yeah

    oh that's place okay yeah sorry about

    the tandoori chicken it seems to be a

    little bit running late

    Wow there's not that much in a stack is

    there okay yeah I'm gonna have to make

    another batch straightaway everyone

    wants chicken huh yeah that's not very

    good no it's not very good I mean I

    don't mind taking the monies but that's

    it's it's kind of a long thing to cook

    it takes a long while


    maybe we are going to increase our young

    level soon oh yeah yeah because we gain

    cash and we also gain great we gain cash

    and we also gain experience in the form

    of young levels and we unlock various

    other things while while we do that yeah

    I'm very coherent right now because I'm

    concentrating very good yeah and also

    this I'm kind of with cryptocurrency

    from coin

    oh yeah it's yeah it's called Chrome

    coin yeah for every $20 you make you get

    one Crum coin and chrome coins are used

    to purchase new recipes for your food

    truck and yeah let's just say that

    there's an insane amount of different

    food that you will be able to make and

    they range in different difficulties

    from I think it's zero to five and the

    obviously zero is very easy and five is

    very difficult so no oh what happened I

    just randomly press and it was luckily

    the right thing uh-huh

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    nice nice good I mean that was

    completely on purpose

    there we go we put them all in to look

    really nice at all like you know keep

    warm trays or something like that so

    that they're ready for our customers

    when they come in I generally love how

    the whole how everything matches the

    food truck theme because you have all

    these little like to go bold and

    packaging like you said


    No Oh what happened there Oh the corn

    wasn't cooked yet oh no oh well not a


    you need to make some chicken oh yeah

    apparently we can actually prepare the

    corn manually well one by one when you

    orders come in so I think the chicken

    should have priority oh yeah absolutely

    I probably should have done that there

    you go and the day is complete oh my god

    I messed up now we don't have it perfect

    no it's fine because now when we

    complete a level we gain a whole bunch

    of cash which will be turned into chrome

    coins as we talked about and we also

    gain some experience as you can see

    right there we're getting Idaho potatoes

    skins that is the that is the currency

    that gets exchanged into chrome coin and

    we are now level 2 YUM mmm very nice

    once we get to yum level 5 we do get the

    opportunity to customize our truck even

    further to make things just that little

    bit more efficient and as you unlock

    more and more medals dependent on

    whether they are gold silver or bronze

    you're gonna be able to unlock at

    various roads and these roads will take

    you to other places and more more

    wonderful dishes to create as well so as

    you can see here we are currently in the

    tier 1 area so that basically means that

    that is kind of easy to make cannoli we

    should probably make cannoli that's rank

    4 oh my god I'm I'm really bad with

    cannoli do you remember that I do

    remember that we should probably make

    chicken sandwiches it's really bad as

    well oh that's fine I'll I'll just I'll

    just do those I'll do the cannoli at

    least and you can take care of the

    chicken sandwiches oh I'd love to yeah

    we should probably have yeah we should

    probably have a bunch of tier 3 stuff as

    well what about the fried seafood or

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    fried chicken either why we because the

    higher up you make your menu the higher

    the level your menu is the more

    experience and cash you gain as far as

    I'm aware all right here we go chicken


    oh do we even have it a falling stations

    yeah we do yeah we do we need to oh well

    no I did it the wrong thing there we go

    let's get the cannoli out there this is

    gonna be kind of difficult because I as

    far as I remember cannoli only comes in

    a very small stack so I'm gonna have to

    be on the ball on that and they take a

    long time to serve they do they do you

    need to fill them with some wonderful

    things oh never mind cannoli is actually

    a 16 stack Wow okay that's that's crazy

    I must be remembering something else oh

    god I think I uh I think I made a

    mistake again this no come on no I don't

    think so oh I think so I was busy

    thinking about cannoli oh yeah it was

    okay Wow okay never mind don't worry

    about it might as well fire me now

    okay cannoli vanilla nuts there you go

    deez nuts

    yeah all right so yeah we're gonna be

    laughs some more of that soon

    and you can actually make the jalebi by

    itself so I don't necessarily need to

    make those specifically gives us a bit

    more time it does that's good let's say

    a cherries chocolate sauce sugar there

    we go oh you can actually make the

    strips as well oh that's pretty

    fantastic about that what's funny

    nothing I'm not sure if you said two

    strips strips yeah strips okay yeah sure

    good there we go god I am so slow when

    it comes to the cannoli there we go okay

    fantastic Oh nicely done see there we go

    fantastic Wow hectic yeah very hectic

    but we've only got three stops it's not

    too bad I think in the in the previous

    game and cook so delicious too we only

    had to rush hours but you do have

    customers constantly coming in at that


    in comparison yeah yeah the set number

    isn't it yeah I mean that's the point it

    did I guess it yeah I guess it depends

    maybe if you're fast I'm not sure but

    yeah they've done a fantastic job I

    think it's just one guys I'm not sure

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    about whoever made the game is slinging

    fantastic yeah absolutely

    okay look at that boom yeah there we go

    the flick of the wrist

    or stick joystick who calls it a toy

    stick me I guess

    tomato pickles top bun there we go

    spicy chicken lettuce oh I made a

    mistake Oh finally I hope yeah I made it

    I made an angry angry mistake that was


    well we did choose some relatively

    difficult stuff we did we did I thought

    we could do it you know I thought we

    could do it but no we're just letting

    ourselves down right now absolutely

    pickles top bun there we go and we need

    to get some more or these things out

    there they're more at ease as well there

    we go

    you can also make those individually so

    that's great we can actually make

    everything individually by looks of

    things so that's pretty good the

    sandwich is the as the killer

    I think the cannoli are oh really no I

    think that I think that cannoli is

    pretty easy ah here we go here we go

    having some issues with those with the

    chicken sandwiches I need to get those

    made as soon as possible I'm gonna just

    get rid of those and I'm gonna make some

    more chicken sandwiches so that we can

    actually get those ready because you

    can't get those individually apparently


    you have to make them ahead of

    there we go

    chicken lettuce bacon yes

    Oh what what happened I made a mistake I

    put bacon on even though they didn't one

    bacon sorry

    customer person

    and more chicken sandwiches there we go

    remember when we tried to get every

    single shift perfect oh yeah yeah we

    cook serve delicious - yeah we actually

    did that yeah we did with almost

    everything I only have a few left yeah

    stop completed was that it no no no we

    need to do one more we need to do one

    more all right all right let's do it

    yeah I'm just getting ready with all the

    other stuff and I think these silver

    medals are five mistakes or less and

    then everything else is bronze and

    obviously no mistakes is gonna be a gold

    no pressure here yeah I mean when we're

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    not particularly used to the recipes in

    this one so I blame you for kind of what

    kind of rusty I blame you because you

    said let's get these very difficult ones

    yeah I thought we could do I think we're

    doing pretty well considering you know

    yeah not too bad


    oh there we go that was close Wow yeah

    we almost I almost made a couple of

    extra mistakes there on the cannoli at

    the end but see the cannoli yeah well I

    mean we messed up on the chicken

    sandwiches the most because I was yeah I

    mean I did at least I was not expecting

    the we leveled up actually quite nicely

    so yeah I don't think that was too bad I

    mean look at that we only had three

    three major mistakes otherwise we had

    138 perfect orders pretty good not too

    bad and now we unlock an additional Road

    as far as I can see already go ahead but

    I would say we should pretty go to the

    World Tour yeah okay when you have two

    holding stations this time and I mean

    two holding station foods so that's

    really really good because that makes it

    much easier so let's go for tabulate and

    chimichangas why not I remember I

    remember having tabulate in the previous

    game and it being meat rangas weird as

    well yeah an instant instant creation so

    it there's no cooking time on the tabula

    which i think is really really good yeah

    why not why not let's have that and we

    should probably go for steam Momo's

    there we go and last thing what do you

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    want okay yes

    there we go all right I think this is

    gonna be much easier though I think more

    warming stations is easier yeah but

    we're gonna have for holding stations

    but we only have two foods so I think I

    think that's I don't know maybe it is

    okay so tabula is literally just

    couscous and then you have to create

    whatever it is from the recipe and as

    you can see it's just instant

    straightaway so you don't really need to

    worry about cooking times with that

    mmm broccoli broccoli I probably should

    have done the chimichangas first cuz

    they have a cooking time oh well I'm

    sure it will be fine


    we're almost there

    get ready mmm vegetables and wrap there

    we go

    and there's one more there we go we need

    this one that's easy you know


    this is gonna be hectic oh there's only

    seven remaining though which is exactly

    the orders that we have currently going

    on I mean getting the chimichangas

    already before the other ones bad oh

    yeah that's that's gonna be a bit

    problematic not too bad I think we did

    it there we go okay on to the next stop

    we only have two more to go

    only two yes certainly I think this is

    significantly easier than the previous

    one at least there's a lot of time to

    make mistakes


    you're like the timings really really

    well done as well like it's enough time

    in between the stops to be fun and not

    too busy but not boring

    yeah exactly oh nice and look at that

    there's another bunch ready to go

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00





    good commentary huh well we got to

    concentrate you know we got to

    concentrate I think that that's it's

    hard to delicious without focusing

    yeah it's paramount are my pictures I


    think the red sauce looks really nice

    particularly oh yeah yeah I mean

    everything looks great hungry now yeah



    nice nice one more one more then we're

    then we're done let's make mistakes I

    don't think so

    music is all tense now oh yeah


    intense food preparation

    Gordon Ramsay is going to come out soon

    and slap us yeah yes


    you do it haha nice what




    alright only eight remaining and we're

    done alright that's makes it that's

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    pretty good

    are one more it seems like they're in

    these levels there's always around 140

    orders so that's pretty good right

    that's pretty good that's nice pacing I

    mean I I'm gonna assume that there's

    gonna be differences in the amount of

    orders later on and I think there's some

    kind of battles yeah there's like gun

    battles or something like that I think

    you have to enter a certain button

    combination to defeat them like the

    robbers in the in the previous game

    that's probably what it is but there you


    we had 62 delicious orders as well

    actually gets served doesn't it yes

    we're young level 4 nice well I think

    that is actually going to be it from us

    and cook serve delicious 3 if you'd like

    to check out the game there is a link in

    the description and I highly recommend


    and I had to recommend I highly

    recommend actually playing it and then

    eating something it's it's great it

    really is


    Let's Play COOK SERVE DELICIOUS 3 Early Access Gameplay PC Part 1 - Join Reformia and receive your LOYALTY BADGE (among other perks): ...


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    Comment (7)

    1. Gotta say, having only played the first CSD, i have no idea what's going on while watching this ;-; the orders are going by so fast and i'm confused by the playstation controls since i only played on keyboard. Though after watching a bit more i'm guessing the reason why there are so many orders is because you're playing co-op 😛

    2. Y'all are such a productive duo in this game! I din't even know it was possible to play Cook Serve Delicious in co-op; it looks like a very different dynamic than single-player.

    3. Like when going to a grocery store, one needs a full stomach before watching this video.

      Wasn't sure what was going on at first, but I had a better idea near the end. It was an interesting watch.


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