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SearchThisVideo: Let's Play Cyber Knights RPG Elite Episode 1

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I welcome this is the Lord of sin

I was suggested by J Krishnan I hope I

did not mangle your name too badly there

J of gamers heaven to also do another

Treacy brothers

game when it's incredibly near and dear

to my heart I do apologize I've tried to

keep this as quiet as possible somebody

told me about a fan that I had going

last time that it was louder than was

annoying I cannot do it much about my

recording situation and therefore the

little scooter that wants to drive by

but without further ado I'm gonna do

this slightly different than I did for

the other game this game that we're

gonna cover today is cyber Knights now

of course just like any other Treacy

Brothers game there is a cyber Knights

free and a cyber Knights elite this is

same basic premise before we're gonna go

through the settings really fast I

disabled animated walking I'm gonna turn

this down it's a little loud - alright I

disabled the animated walking not

because I have any issue with how it

looks just because I think it boosts

faster without it for this instance I

think I'll actually leave it on for

right now just so you guys can see it

and I've actually put on where you can

see my touches as well I'm not gonna

disable I don't know why that's on

disable all on screen game toasts I want

the the notifications on in fact longer

notifications for combat and not that I

really necessarily need to have it but

I'm putting the aggressive memory

manager on same basic premises before

with the other one is that there are in

app purchases that are one-time in

purchases and in this case every time I

log in it shows that I've already I've

already got it so I've purchased this

hunter and we may eventually get into

that later on but this is a you know a

cyberpunk ask a game you'll notice the

hundred here that's what a hundred is

it's a it's a hund and the hunter is the

one who's takes care of the hunt or

or trains the hunt basically we're gonna

jump right into the play at the story

which is the made not born game tutorial

before we do that though I want you to

look around that the there is a female

sandbox Knight a male sandbox Knight in

the elite version which I currently have

just like I did with the other one with

star traders RPG is that I played this

for a little while and it wasn't very

long because I prefer cyberpunk does

genre a lot better than I like then the

stars even for that matter and there are

two obviously of 2 or 3 elites yeah

there's 2 or 3 elite onlys that are

available there and of course elite only

and hunt and it's a hundred unlock as is

needed for grim and again most of these

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

are just sandbox so you do not have a

set story you know going in this case

for the let's play and that's what this

is this is episode 1 of a series we're

gonna do let's play for cyber Knights

we're gonna play is you know witty made

not born I'm gonna change the name from

Joshua to sin sins let's play just like

it did with the other one let's play and

then we're gonna leave it like that

the difficulty we're going to leave I

think it's on easy right yeah it's

uneasy and you can see here what easy

does it's all right here for you evens

the odds with monsters runners and

allies to not die permanently and you

can see there's other higher

difficulties as well normal hard crazy

maximum which is brutal and then you

have an even a custom difficulty so

we're gonna leave it on easy we're gonna

you have gunslinger and I'm going to

show you the different professions that

are there the sniper is up top and then

you obviously get as well what the the

merits and flaw is so to speak for each

of these these classes get you I'm

probably going to leave this as a as a


because in the made not born you can

only choose apparently these three and

there are additional ones as well that

you can choose so for example if we were

to go back and go to new night and go to

the the mail or even the female for them

for that matter I'm not one of those

people who who feels that just because I

am a male that I can I should only play

male characters that's just absent

it's just absent thinking all the way

around that's horrible a whole idea

behind the roleplay is that you roleplay

as anything else especially if we can

get further away from who you currently

are then you can bro play to your

heart's content

so obviously in here you've got hackers

snipers gunslingers cyber swords agent

extremes face and hunter and obviously

this is for a lead only and you have to

have the unlock open again we're gonna

go back though like I mentioned before

and plays they may not born we are gonna

change the name again just to the one

other same page but I just wanted to be

able to show you that so you know that

there are other options available to you

as well alright so this and then we're

gonna go right into it and I'm just

gonna leave it exactly as is like I did


I know why I know what I'm getting into

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

I'll be a cyber night I can come in on

foot which Mars clinic in the New Boston

zone will do the operation I am sorry

guys I forgot honestly I forgot to turn

the blocking mode on I apologize I'm not

gonna start the recording over just for


I honestly completely spaced that I did

everything but that I apologized


when it's over what will happen next

training I'm ready my whole body is

killing me

I swear that bastard dr. Ram the cow

prod down my spine what did Luca tell me

to do it's it's all it's all hazy it's

been days since I was above-ground I got

in a taxi and came to this shadow clinic

damn how much cyber night it I'm holding

a cyber night's computer I wanted this

for so long why aren't I happy it must

be the drugs from surgery I've got to

survive what did Luca tell me

how does this work again this is where

the tutorial kind of kicks in so you tap

the screen to move and how do I find a

terminal well you use the touch to

scroll around the map as well and I'll

show you that how that works so I'm

gonna skip through this tiny bit here

and I'm gonna show you that you can

scroll around this this object right

around in this area right here in the

center of the screen that is actually a

data terminal but I want to scroll

around to show you now for those who are

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

complaining that you know things just

don't you know it doesn't look that good

or whatever the case might be much like

with with star traders I'm going to tell

you right now that this is a an

immensely fun game it is incredibly deep

and even if you're doing the made not


storyline there's a lot of stuff to do a

lot of stuff to see and you can see as

I'm just scrolling around this this is

one of the smaller areas to be able to

look around okay and I'll get to the

data clinic here in just a moment that

we need to go to start out but I wanted

to show you guys what it is that you're

looking at overall we're back with our

character if you actually click on the

map you'll notice that that's an

overview of what the area looks like and

you'll notice that there's other items

here these are not necessarily items

these are locations that you can go to

so for fast travel so to speak if I were

to choose this and then choose it again

I would automatically move what am I

thinking I have a cyber Knights computer

there's a map database of all the

registered buildings even underground

and I just showed you the map mininum

HUD from the map I can browse the

buildings in the area and then use the

Navi to get there which is what I've

already done to continue the little

start button is right here the play

button is what I'm gonna click click on

pardon me and then I can continue from

there from where applause my legs are

burning this body is racked I've got

almost nothing left but I made it to the

terminal I can call Luka and get some

help turn this volume down just a tiny

bit they left me without a penny and

with Luka as my only secure contact

they've really got me under their thumb

without them I had been a getter in no

time for now I have to live with that

Kaluga and do what she says about to

plug in for the first time I've seen

other Knights do this data terminals

like this have a secure port at my

quantum computer that my quantum

computer can override they're the only

way I can get a secure connection with

my contracts for a cyber night data

terminals are a critical part of getting

the work done and I'll show you how this

works it's very very simple you just

click on the data terminal itself and

it'll open up the screen you have the

different choices of I need to make a

phone call or leave the building which

clearly you're not and a building but

you know I'm saying leave that

did dad tremor so for this you just

click the little icon and then any

contacts that you gain throughout the

game you can obviously get here and

there are different types there's

connectors there's taxis data hounds

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

there's other and then you can even go

through all your contacts and scroll up

and down so for this case we're gonna

click on Porsche Lucca Porsche so he's a

pleasure night where's the underground

fixer you promised

so you're alive

about to cement out there and planning a

quantum computer isn't easier safe often

the host rejects it success rate is

lower than 40% you forgot to mention

that before you're alive aren't you

and you're jacked in weren't you I feel

half alive more half dead let's get you

moving I am obviously gonna skip through

some of this because I want you to be

able to to see this but she's gonna

basically tell you where you need to go

that you need to learn how to actually

play the game and learn the basics basic

mechanics of the game and how the job

systems and everything else work so this

is gonna tell me that I need to I need

to look for a long-term informant his

name is a haka and he runs the end of

the roads bar the end of the road pardon

me all right and he's going to holding a

V chip for me or a contact chip for max

Mercer who's gonna be my underground

contact down here we're give them a call

I'm still in the sewers basically if

you're really if you're asking or want

to know so she obviously did not give me

any money we're gonna come back and go

to the back button and we're gonna leave

the data terminal and now she told me to

go to the end of the road bar which is

right here the very bottom if I really

wanted to I could walk there myself but

I or I can just select it from here and

it'll automatically take me

now I'm doing this a little bit better

because I've been playing this game for

several years I've started it over and

over again because they update it fairly

regularly so I don't you know whenever

there's fairly large updates I tried to

restart over not because of anything

else this game can be pretty brutal too

on its own but because I like to have

all those additional stuff already on it

into there if you'll notice at the very

front screen I do have a couple of other

nights that I've currently been working

on - now before we go in here I wanted

to show you some things as well you have

right next to where I did that little

play button you've got our data terminal

and you can see the amount of money that

we have which is in this case zero

dollars or zero credits Park me you've

got jobs you've got PDA via different

tabs as well the little flag is the

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

factions for the area that you're

working in or in the data terminal even

the gun is our actual equipped items and

so forth in this case I actually have

two pistols with me I have a cyber

loader with 50 rounds in it and a street

coat for some some armor I currently do

not have any implants at all and the

other ones that are in their area is

Mars and Aztec yakushima nights horizon

bravestarr Yakuza the streets lost Val

finian and blue ox I just wanted to be

able to show you these because then

you've got them here I could rename

myself if I wanted to

I've even got the team leader who has

access to all of these certain things as

well and I have my status with my hit

points and magic points in that regard

now there's no magic in this game but

we're starting mental points a part of

me it's mental points that magic points

mental I survived for so far for 27

minutes playing on easy difficulty I

have seven experience already ready that

if I when I sleep at a hotel for example

I'll be able to argue no to change in my

stats as well I'm currently a sharp and

alert and I'm gonna

than inhuman I don't have a team going

so you can already see there I'm gonna

go back to play and we're gonna actually

go in here and we're gonna speak with or

or Hakka Hakka pills and he actually

told me that it's very first time

wouldn't have been the first time that

the cyber nights come and you know was

coming and you never showed up but most

of them died on the operating table they

don't actually ever get this far in the

first place give me a drink you and Luka

both aren't helping my headache don't

think you're out of the woods just

because you survived under the knife

it's a very dangerous territory to

actually be doing this fledgling cyber

nights are extremely vulnerable lots of

hunters out there looking for such a

score to take them down then he says

he's not gonna get directly involved but

he hands you the the max Mercer contact

chip and gives you a drink obviously now

I'm gonna skip this slightly just

because I want to show you how to use

that be trip okay now we can obviously

look for some work if you really want it

to some refreshments or we can leave the

building this case we're gonna leave the

buildings I want to go back to my

equipment here and oh no sorry it's an

equipment not this this obviously gives

me my personal data assistance so you

can see that we've not stayed at any

hotels in this zone we've only got so

far one contact in her phone book we

don't have any safe houses leased and it

gives you a good run down of of the date

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

and time that did these things have

happened okay and and how you've

progressed further along and I believe

votes in equipment sorry that's right so

in order to use it you click on it and

then you use it now because we've

already done all of that before or we

know how to use those we're gonna come

over here and I'm not moving it per se

there because you know obviously you can


that he's moved over you know there's

certain exhaustion meters you can see

our heat meter rep meter the amount of

experience over here on the left we've

even got a zoom feature so we can zoom

at as far pretty much as we want or even

in as close as we want now we were told

to meant to call max so what I'm gonna

do on this one is I'm gonna call Max and

we're gonna talk to him and then as soon

as he's done actually you know what I

think I'm gonna end it here before we

actually contact max that way we're

already set up to talk to him for the

next episode I just wanted to give you

guys a good sneak peek and I wanted to

try to keep this episode shorter than

the episode one for star traders elite

this has been cyber nights RPG elite

that you can get the free version as

well as the elite version in the Google

Play Store I highly recommend this game

that is incredibly deep even if you

don't try the single-player or the story

mode and try to do is a sandbox mode

although I highly recommend you go

through the made not born storyline

first to really learn the ins and outs

of the mechanics of the game you know

and then you can actually take up a lot

of those things and have a lot more

available to you once you're playing in

the sandbox mode but again this game was

suggested to me by Jai Krishnan or

recommended that you know that I try it

because that's something that he was

really interested in one and OC so Jai I

hope you've enjoyed that thus far this

has been episode one of cyber Knights

elite and I this is Lord of sin I will

see you next time thank you

Welcome to the New Boston Zone. We start the Made, Not Born story mode in the Trese Brothers epic Cyber Knights RPG for Android.
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Asked for by Jay Krishnan of Gamers Heaven on Facebook.

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