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SearchThisVideo: Let's Play Disco Elysium – The Final Cut | PS4 Pro Console Walkthrough Gameplay Episode 1 (P+J)

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Watch video at 00:00
hey what's up guys i'm frank taurean and
jinx here and welcome to disco elysium
on the playstation 4 pro so i am super
excited to show you guys this game if
you haven't seen it already
i played it back on pc when it came out
i think it was
late 2019 and man i absolutely loved it
this is now
one of my all-time favorite games like
ever that consumed him
yeah i played all the way through it and
uh pretty quickly within a few days
but i really really like the game and uh
jinx has not experienced the game yet
i heard about it well yeah the reviews
are absolutely fantastic for it
uh everybody who plays it seems to enjoy
it talking about you
i talked about a lot too yeah it's a
it's an rpg game
and you play as a detective trying to
solve a murder
and it's very unique the way they do it
and what makes it so special in my
opinion is something you're going to see
here right in the beginning
is the way the skills are done so let's
just go ahead and start
the new game uh this did come out for
on tuesday recording this like late
tuesday night so you probably won't see
episode one until wednesday
we'll have the link to the playstation
uh for the for the game the entry for
the game uh in the description
of this video if you want to check it
out yourself uh so
we can start by creating architect which
you know they have three architects here
the thinkers
the sensitive cop or a physical cop
you can always start with one of these i
don't know that they're uh
i don't know if they're the best
honestly from what i see on the stats
here right now i think you should create
your own
it's really the best way to play this
game and really any rpg probably
we're going to set them all down to one
so you can see exactly how many skills
and everything it'll be terrible at
everything and you see how many points
we start with here
i feel like you need to have all of them
at two particularly
uh the physique and the psyche and i'll
tell you guys why here in a little bit
but i think you have to have
at least those two on two but you should
probably keep all of them at least on
two honestly
and then go from there on how you want
to design your character and
this game does not penalize you for
doing a jack of all trades
i did that on my first time i was kind
of more jack ball trades
and uh it didn't feel like i was
penalized for it at all that's good
because so many times in games
it's like you feel like you're missing
out yeah if you do that
you can also be focused on a certain uh
certain one of these as well and i feel
like you can play it that way too
so we're going to go with uh kind of i'm
going to kind of play this
the way that i am uh so we're gonna go
with intellect
four because i'm pretty intelligent guy
good at being smart and then uh with
these two the the physical ones
we're gonna put them on three and then
i've never been very emotionally
intelligent i'd say so we're gonna have
that at week
uh these two will be at average
so you're pretty strong guy yeah yeah
i'd say that

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

you know we're able to get this up to uh
yeah because i've i've been working out
quite a bit lately guys i've added a lot
of weight
i just went to the doctor today i'm like
at 218 pounds now
uh so quite a bit bigger so with
the uh next thing here is we have to
pick a
signature skill but the the two key ones
here are
volition and endurance so these control
the two
health pools in the game so voilation is
for the willpower and endurance is for
your health
and if you only have like one point in
then you only have like one point of
willpower one point of health which
means you
die immediately uh so with the one point
of health if any if you lose any health
you die right away
yeah so if you don't have at least one
in physique then you can't take
anything yeah if anything happens if
anything happens you die
i must have a physique of one and then
same thing here with the volition
if it's a willpower check and you fail
you die right away
so you gotta have at least two i feel
like in these two here
you gots too uh so with the um
you know the signature skill this will
give us a point
in whichever one we set it also i can
just show you this
now like we were to put it in logic
which is what i picked on my
my first playthrough you notice it also
increases the maximum
amount that we can increase these by so
that you know we can get up to
five here for these
so we're going to set
one of these so that we can get these up
to three because last time i played i
felt like i couldn't get enough into
psyche because i also had psyche on two
so we're gonna go with authority and
that's going to be our signature skill
i love the art style yeah the art style
is really cool
so what this is is you shouldn't look at
these as
as skills and you would as you would in
a regular rpg guys
this you should kind of look at this as
like your your party
like you if you got a party of 24
characters i know that's a huge massive
of yourself yeah these are all like well
they're like characters
uh you can kind of like click on these
you know by going through
you know r1l1 to go to the info and it
kind of tells you
you know what this this trait represents
and and uh
you know that high levels and low levels
how it'll affect your character
though yeah the text is really small if
it's like this in the game we can't
increase the size which we might do that
if we find that it's too small
i can read it all right but jinx is
saying she's happy she's blind
so uh basically these are like
you'll see as we play but they're like
characters they talk to you
like they talk to your character and
each one has different personalities
and they kind of control who your
character is so like if you're a really
logical person
it seems like it's a we'll just read
here it says that high levels logical to
solve even the most complicated puzzles
you'll be very proud and thus
susceptible to intellectual flattery for
those blinded by their own brilliance
often miss important clues with low
levels of logic you're going to have a

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

hard time
solving and building the simplest
puzzles even if you find the pieces good
luck putting them together
so it's it's obvious what a low skill
would you know make you terrible at that
however even high skills have penalties
i put my logic
super high and then i i did have some
negative effects
from being super super logical you're
arrogant yeah the character is really
arrogant and could be uh
it was really easy for people to as they
say flatter you and and you know because
you just
assume you're great oh you're so smart
yeah and
also the logic the the character trait
like takes over sometimes and forces you
to do or
say certain things it's really
interesting guys it's really the
the thing that makes this game so
special uh so you'll see as we play it
and we'll talk about it more
uh but let's finally jump into this i
think we talked enough and so that's
gonna be our setup
that'll let us have like up to the level
three you know for all
uh the other the other categories there
now i think we're gonna have a little
bit of dialogue here in the beginning
jinx and i will shut up for these parts
now one of the great things about this
final cut here
is that the whole game is voiced
it all has voice dialogue uh when i
played it that was not the case it was
kind of like that uh
the hybrid version where you had like
some of it voiced and other parts you
had to read
and i never really liked the hybrid i
wish it's kind of like just one of the
honestly uh but yeah that was fully
voiced so jinx and i can just be quiet
for these
these sections there is nothing
only warm primordial blackness
your conscious for mancini
no larger than a single grain of malt
you don't have to do anything anymore
never ever
never ever ever baby
an inaudible
void of struggle no ex-wives are
contained within it
an awareness creeps up on you a mass
lies hidden in your dead angle
soaking in some gloried acidic sauce
bloated and shameful of all of meat
surrounding you
this is a terrible line of questioning
and it will only lead to more awareness
of the meat thing
ex-love ex-tenderness
it is foolish of you to resurface to the
not after all the damage you've suffered
to get here
some of it irreversible
stay sail with me through the abyss of
pelagic zone
a fiery streak penetrates your skull

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

trying to force your eyes open
somehow you know what it is
i gotta say it looks amazing on the uh
big 4k tv
yeah yeah we know we played it on our
smaller monitor
obviously before and uh that's that's
the system you guys kind of saw
those are not our traits those are two
of the other parts of our body that
talks to us
parts of our mind i suppose i feel like
me and the reptile brain would get along
and uh you saw that last part the
encyclopedia picking up and that's part
of the intellect there
uh but yeah i really really like that
part of the game it's really what makes
the game
uh fantastic in my eyes but yeah you can
see we're waking up here
uh we got a slamming headache you can
use some new under drawers
yeah um these are pretty filthy so we
need to
collect all of our stuff around the room
all the little green things we can
interact with you can also hold l1
to see more stuff to interact with
so i'm not sure exactly how to interact
with it on the
on the uh controller here all right so
that's zoom out for r2 and l2 and so you
zoom in and out
and you'll see our little bars over
you see that we have the the three red
health bars
and the two blue bars that's what i was
talking about that's the willpower and
the endurance there in the health
so you don't want those to be one point
because then you're screwed if if you
fail anything
okay so you got to use the right stick i
got it because normally on the pc
you use the mouse to hover over that all
right i just thought you'd walk over it
that's not the case
all right so that's our commodore red
it's empty empty that's the worst part
we got our tape player we had a good
time last night if you can't tell
we had a really good time last night
uh so you can take this and empty
cassette case
hey what'd you do to your door we should
probably put our pants on first
who needs pants jump through that okay
that's how i get through doors jinx you
know how i get through doors
i'm trying to pick up these khakis here
we go i can say this is probably not
gonna be as easy
to play you hear a jingle keys are
clinking in the pocket of your
flea cut pants it says
whirling in rags on the aluminium key

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

there is a single key on the ring the
number one is etched on it
it should open the door it's
it's crazy seeing you're hearing uh all
the different characters now
uh because you know when i played it
before a lot and not all the characters
were voice acted
quite a few of them weren't actually so
we got our pants on so if we go into
here i don't think we have access to
anything just yet yeah here we go we got
the inventory
so all the the clothes are incredibly
important and i'm having a lot of
difficulty figuring out how to move
in the menus and stuff i'm not sure how
to get over to the
to our uh stuff that we have equipped
all right so moving around here requires
the directional pad again i feel like
the the optimal experience is on the pc
just because it's easier to do this all
with the mouse
but clothes are super important in this
game that's one way how you get
get the skills uh and so you're
constantly going to want
to be changing your clothes out based on
the situation so you want to have
a wide variety of clothes i find you
notice our flare cut trousers here
they're increasing one skill while
decreasing the other one
because they're tight around the thighs
and tight around the crotch
but yeah the the clothes are super
important guys which is difficult
because you want to like
look good but at the same time you want
to have the good stats
do you look good though look as best as
you can look
uh you also uh might have saw that that
little yellow icon
popped up there that's like to access
your thoughts and stuff
you always want to do that when that
pops up not because it's
uh overall i'm going to get you
experience and you're going to learn
different things we're going to try and
find our shirt here first
he's over here got the sink running i'll
get it eventually jinx
there we go so we got our shirt we're
all dressed for work
so next we'll get our tie that's on the
the fan up there i thought that was a
bra this fan has two chain pull switches
one ends in a tiny fan the other in a
light bulb
a truly horrific neck tire somehow
attached itself
to one of the blades somehow attached
that was a game we chucked it up there
so this is another part of the game
skill checks i guess is what they're
called here you have different types of
skill checks
and so there's white checks and then
there's another one the white checks are
ones that you can do again uh so you'll
be able to do it again if you like
increase your skill and that you can you
can try doing it again
we do not have a very good chance to
succeed on this
uh to grab the tie while it's spinning
well you're terribly hungover
so we should probably turn the van off
if not
still a little bit drunk so yeah turning
off the
the fan you'll notice is now increasing
the chance you get the plus three for
fan is turned off
uh so now we want to do this you swoop
up and catch the tie snap it's released

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

from the blade
what you have in your hand is a truly
hideous thick tie
with four or five different patterns the
knot reminds you of a noose
a terrible mistake turn the lights off
immediately you can practically feel the
photons burn in a hole in your brain
the lights are off
probably shouldn't turn those lights on
yeah why would you turn the lights on
that was foolish
very silly all right so we need to get
our shoes
there's one right here we are missing a
shoe though all right so it's going to
get that
we'll see what else we can interact with
can you wear different shoes on each one
in this case you can normally you can't
but in this
this instance we can
we got our jacket it's a disco
ass blazer
i love me some disco all right so let's
go into the bathroom now
i don't think he's gonna make it he's
struggling i felt like this before
i'll tell you what when you get older
hangovers are completely different ball
game guys
yeah they're serious once you get into
your 30s which is what we're
we're in our mid 30s now and it's uh
yeah the hangovers are rough they last a
lot longer
i've noticed yeah they last longer and
they just they're
they're difficult to get through
a mirror hangs above a bent and broken
in a fierce discharge of masculine
energy someone has ripped half the
off hot water sprays from the base and
covers the mirror you cannot see
just the outline of a man suddenly you
realize you have no memory of the face
that awaits you there
underneath the soft vapor
as you slowly reach your hand towards
the surface of the mirror
abort you clearly have not thought this
you won't like what you see there and
you will never unbecome it
yeah there is definitely something wrong
with it
where to even begin there is the
then the swollenness it's like there's
an upholstery of alcohol
underneath your skin
it's not your nose feels like a small
balloon in the middle of your face
it hurts when you honk it it doesn't
appear to be a particularly tiny nose
not with all the drinks it's absorbed
for you
it's not it's swollen and snail-like
wriggling between your fingers
you have no idea who this thing is

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

do you
too late you clearly have rigor mortis
on your face
oh wait is that an expression are you
trying to make an expression with that
why please stop
it's horrible you're scaring yourself
oh my god you can't stop
it's like it's not even voluntary
anymore you have worn that grin into
your face and now it won't come off
what does it even mean what is the
emotion you're trying to convey
all right so what should we say here so
this is you know you get to shape your
on what type of person you want them to
be one thing you can do with your cop is
like make him into like a superstar cop
where he thinks he's the greatest cop
ever and
like an action star superhero so we
could go that route and start out by
going that route
uh immediately here so we can say god i
don't know it's in describable
that's what i would do i think it's
supposed to look suggestive
i'm afraid it's meant for millennials
i'm insinuating that i'm vaguely
sympathetic i think i'm sort of pulling
it off too in a sad has-been kind of way
there is some charm to it or we say and
it's an expression of pain
i really feel like it's supposed to be
suggestive for the ladies or the ladies
doesn't it look like yours yeah yeah i'm
gonna go with that guys
please promise yourself you are not
going to try it on any of the ladies
whatever happens that's right
not even yourself go ahead try something
it's not an order uh so
here we have two different skill checks
one is with encyclopedia
and we have a 28 chance of success here
the other option is the electro
it's almost impossible and this is
attempt to stop the expression from
or we can dig deep into your mind and
locate the source of the expression
you can't stop it yeah i don't know that
we'll be able to
do either one of these this is a white
skill checkmate that we could retry it
once we
increase our skill 28 chance isn't
i think we're gonna try yeah let's try
with this one uh we won't do this one
because three percent is pretty bad
like the rest of you it comes from a bad
somewhere in the past that's all you
for now
so we need to scroll down some here
all right so now it's locked as you see
we can't do it again until we increase
our skill
in that so let's let the mirror be for
leave the mirror alone yeah we couldn't
done enough harm now you can change
if you come back and and and try and
figure this out
you can like change the way your

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

character looks down there yeah
all right so we'll come back to it uh
later see if there's anything else left
to interact
with here there's a door oh i thought
that was
just a mirror nope that's like oh you're
gonna go look at your body now too
he's got a full body mirror i think we
gotta avoid doing that
i think they should avoid putting full
body mirrors in bathrooms honestly
all right so we still haven't found our
other shoe there's nothing else to
interact with here guys
so let's interact with the the window
see what happened here
the window stands broken in its frame
cold wind blows in
the morning light hurts your eyes it's
but you see the ocean and some war-torn
alright so because we have very deep
pretty decent intellect here from the
beginning we can do this right away with
a good chance
hopefully succeed because i really like
the visual calculus stuff
it's pretty cool it's very like a
detective view type of thing
the shard's face outward whatever broke
this window
came from the inside a fine web of
covers the back of your right hand but
none of it is recent
more likely a projectile than a held
object there are no fragments on the
from pulling a tool back in after impact
it is too large for a bullet yet too
small for a piece of furniture
you're looking for something heavy and
larger than your fist
the single green shoe you found fits the
hole almost as well as your foot
it would have also been heavy enough if
thrown with force
congratulations you smashed the window
with your own shoe
now you only have one if you're lucky
you could still find the other one on
the balcony outside
the door to it should be outside your
room a cool wind gushes in
your toes curl up from the cold
okay so because of that success there we
now know that
we threw our shoe out the window
yeah we could have asked that it could
have been somebody else wouldn't really
know what's going on here but we do know
that it was us jinx don't admit fault so
you notice when we getting experience
points we've gotten five two times so
far so we have a total of ten once we
get to 100
we're about to upgrade one of our skills
let's go through the door here
maybe if he can he's having some
difficulties hard
all right now he can run yep now we can
do a little jog here
a little grainy shuffle yeah uh so
it's kind of constantly hitting the l1
here so we can
not miss anything found some money
i found myself with like plenty of money
in the game
yeah because you went around taking

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

waiters tips
yeah i took everybody's tips i stole
everybody i could find
i also picked up a lot of trash and you
guys will see that later
he can recycle stuff cleaning the
streets cleaning the streets carrying
around a little bag like a like a bum
really yeah yep you carry you gotta
equip the bag
to build a pickup trash when i was a kid
we used to pick up cans to recycle them
and get money
smell of the sea makes you dizzy i want
to smell the sea
a gust of rainy wind washes over you
so we found our shoe so we knew it was
out here of course
because of i'm having trouble accessing
it though
yeah i feel like this is not gonna be as
easy to play
as it was on on pc they both are two
identical shoes both copiously green
and indiscriminately snake skin reunited
on your feet
like two baby crocodiles
good they're balanced comfy feels like
the only good thing about you right now
truth be told we've got good shoes guys
yeah because they're baby crocodiles
yeah exactly
uh so just showing you guys all the
stuff that we got here
yeah these are green snakeskin shoes
they're giving us some composure
i don't know how to say that that's
skill there
jinx might be able to be better at
pronouncing that oh i can't even
you can't even read it i can take a look
it is pretty small something like that
yeah that sounds about right
yeah that's why i got jinxy uh so we're
gonna try increasing the text size guys
text size because it is tiny
that might help i can see it all right
it didn't seem like it did no that might
just be for like uh
like the actual like conversation yeah
that's what it seems like because all
this is still pretty tiny
uh so those are our green snakeskin
we have a horrific necktie giving us
plus one inland empire
and we have our shirt
negative one to suggestion because of
the unsavory odor
and a plus one conceptualization for a
real statement to wear
and then the disco blazer gives a plus
one to a spirit esperet
dear decor uh which is i think the the
cop one
because it's a cop shirt a cop jacket i
think that's the cop
skill all right so let's go and get
back inside there's a sign on our back
it might have something yeah patch i
think this is our cop
jacket no okay so yeah probably has
something uh
indicates that we are a police officer
though i don't think our character knows

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

that he's a cop yet
because it has a uh kind of like forgot
everything about who you are and what
you're doing type aspects i really drink
a lot
yeah yep i've had a night like that
calendar says it's march the year is 51.
the young woman raises a cigarette to
her lips
her eyes are brown and her face is
speckled with birthmarks
she can't be more than 28. right it
seems like
all the uh the characters or traits what
i've been calling the skill sets
that weren't voice acted before seem to
be all voice acted by the same
uh actor here that's kind of a bummer
because i like when they have when they
have all their own yeah
on ways of talking so we can say officer
am i military personnel
or turn your bloated face away from her
beauty and just keep on walking
uh now
because you're a police officer sir
okay cool i won't
okay sir
you've been here for three days on
official police business as you put it
i couldn't say in truth so far
mostly drinking
this is our first non-white skill check
meaning we only get one
chance to do it and it's a suggestion
try the expression on her and let her
know you want her
physically don't do it we got the plus
one on it
because we said god damn right i'm a
policeman and so i guess that was that's
confidence yeah it's confidence here uh
chance of success uh because that
expression is
is terrible so we're not going to go
with that and we can instead say
why don't i remember being a cop or
anything else who in the right mind
would let me be an officer in the law
we'll do this one which we know why it's
because we're drinking although we could
always just
yeah i want to say she has some some key
information for us
yeah we're gonna do this one could it be
because of the drinking
all right so that's all yes yeah we'll
just get going be careful officer
they don't like the police around here
something stirs in you as she's about to
go call it an
instinct a need the need to ask
questions it's like you said the words a
million times before
she looks back at you a light glimpting
her eyes
the dock workers are pretty cocky they
think they're police enough
at least here on the coast i can't say

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

about the rest of the city
you're in a hostel sir we are in
reversal is the disgraced former capital
of the world
divided into zones of control under
foreign occupation
half a century after a failed world
she is central to our moment in time
there was the usual ruckus loud disco
i couldn't say it's impossible to hear
people speaking from over here
oh yes various artists ostentatious
prime among them oh
that yeah whoa the less said about
oh oh the better oh oh we're huge where
i come from
i was very young then of course like
life gets hard but we go on
it would appear so at around two o'clock
the disco stopped and
there was a change of pace a slow sad
song started playing like organ music on
that went on for quite a while some of
the time you were yelling along to it
yes there was a church in there a really
small church
like the smallest saddest church in the
whole world
it was about that and also
that it doesn't matter anymore and that
alone now it was difficult to tell
the song itself is very quiet and soft
you sounded like a wounded boar sir it
was hot
yes it was very cool
it's impossible to say whether she's
being sarcastic
or really means it then you started
screaming and trashed the place
no it didn't sound like there was a
it sounded like someone was trashing
their room a window was smashed
the tape player probably the song
and furniture too a real destruct-a-thon
there was screaming then i think uh you
passed out
there was i think you screamed that you
didn't want to be this type of animal
i may have misheard but it was sort of
memorable i went out afterwards
everything was quiet by then around four
or five
and i'm glad to have been of assistance
so you saw there that in multiple
sections we had like our skills
talking to us and uh that that doesn't

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

happen if you don't have a high enough
so you kind of learn different things in
the game based on
the skill set that you have looks like
she left a nice long stub in the ashtray
it's still smoking
you should pick that fat juicy cigarette
butt from the tray
light it up and smoke the living [ __ ]
out of it
who knows what you are a monster
a murderer the gnome of jerome
you feel like a smoker especially when
you look at that juicy
succulent seductive cigarette stub still
smoldering deliciously how
very astute of you this renders it
you should look for a whole cigarette or
better yet
an entire pack strike that
a carton make sure they're all healthy
and able-bodied
then smoke them all good
thinking about yummy cigarettes in your
is the next best thing make sure you
think about juicy sticks of tobacco
all the time though it doesn't count if
it's not all the time
and when you're done thinking about them
graduate to
getting them plus smoking then gives
massive bonuses
am i a smoker so that's electrochemistry
he's always trying to get us to do bad
yeah me and that guy know each other
yeah he's always trying to get us to
smoke and drink and do drugs
let's just put it this way not all of
your skills have the best
interest out you know or out there for
your best interest i mean
i'm having trouble clicking on stuff
sometimes yeah not as easy to play
as on the pc it doesn't move
there we go all right so let's go ahead
and go downstairs guys finally
it's taking us the whole damn video and
do i need to yeah i need to interact
with it here
be careful yeah like the thing is is
like he needs to
you click on it first and then he gets
to his place and then you need to click
on it again so he actually interacts
with it sometimes
uh overall is much much easier with the
mouse from from
my experience guys that's often the case
with rpgs we get comfy butts on couches
yes yep you can sit on your couch
and sometimes it's nice playing with the
controller not having a mouse and
keyboard but
yeah i think this can be one of those
games it's just easier to play with the
mouse and keyboard because it was
designed for that of course
alright so let's read this sign here
summer door closed for the winter we can
sing a song
let's sing a song i don't think we're
quite ready for all that jinx

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

the speakers connect to the radio the
music is seasoned with static
i don't know if we can sing just yet
then you're like please don't we're
going to try and interact with the big
karaoke mic just waiting for someone to
sing into it
this is where the lyrics would be you
should totally sing karaoke here
the first chance you get your emotions
need to be expressed
people need to know your vast oceanic
utterly and it needs to be heard through
a pa system
by other people you should sing the sad
small church song from that tape you
thought it was obvious no no
don't sing the happy song it's stupid
sing the sad song it's profound you
would need another copy of the tape
first though
the one upstairs is destroyed
okay so inland empire wants us to sing a
song we need to find
we we need to sing a song guys
a song her of an electric juicer comes
from the kitchen
someone is working this is a water
cooler a large bubble is rising to the
menu has been white clean only word
monday is written on it
woman's hand wrote yesterday's menu
today's starts in a man's head in
why's he got a big old dead bird uh
it'll be
explained here in a minute
i don't think we can yeah we can't talk
to him i just can't seem to
move the cursor over them yeah i'm
having a lot of difficulty with that
moving the cursor around
uh garth the cafeteria manager a man in
his late 20s stands behind the counter
inspecting the stuffed seabird
as you approach he gives you a sideways
glance then looks down again
that was disdain in his eyes even now
he's purposely ignoring you
you want to read that jinx if he can a
competent work of taxidermy the white
and brown sea bird lies among piles of
coasters and drying mugs one of its
wings broken the man is trying to mend
looks like the bird was ripped off the
shield that was used to mount it most
likely on a wall
this is the great skewer the sea bird is
the symbol for the discovery of the
insalindian isola
the part of the world you are in right
look your body is over there
he looks at the door where a man of the
bomber jacket is tapping his foot on the
talk to him okay
uh what do you mean my buddy
friends pretends not to hear you
concentrating on the bird instead
ask if he's the bartender i'm not the

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

i'm the cafeteria manager he's very
animated all of a sudden
this seems like a touchy subject
all right so we're just going to leave
we got beef bro
yeah he doesn't like us uh you could
probably guess that
we might have been the one to rip that
bird off
that didn't sound like something we
would do we're quite destructive guys
let's say there's some more money over
of course oh there's a bottle
the bottle of rum has been knocked over
beautiful dark liquid is spilling out
can we lick it up not that i would want
just curious
a sleeping dock worker a man is sleeping
at the table wearing mud caked
boots and rolled down overalls the back
of the shirt reads wild pipes
encircled by a logo with
yeah i said wild pipes it's wild pines
uh so we can pick up the the pills
or we can challenge him and wake him up
we're gonna pick the pills up the man
does not mind
you probably need them more than he does
of course we do
all right let's go to leave we don't
need to wake this guy up
he probably just beat us up anyway for
real i'd beat you up
you're stealing your pills stealing my
all right we didn't interact with this
door yet i don't think we get in there
just yet yeah it's bolted
kitchen reserved first for personnel
until 1300
that's of course one o'clock p.m
sign reads mess hall reserve for union
members doors open 1600
it's 4 p.m
and this royal pinball machine is
but i wanna play all right so this is
the guy he was referring to as our buddy
so we're gonna go and chat with him
his name is kim kitsuragi a bespeckled
man in an orange bomber jacket is
stabbing his foot on the floor
looks like he's waiting for someone you
as you approach he narrows his eyes and
extends his hand and greeting
hello i'm kim kitsuragi lieutenant
prison57 you must be from the 41st
so he's waiting for our name but we
don't know our name
so because we have the conceptualization
conceptualization high enough here
we can just invent a name for ourselves
so do anything we should do here do you
think we just amend a name
uh yes all right so we'll just invent a
name and see if this works
concentration makes you squint your eyes
your name
should be deep gold and orange like a
forest fire
looming on the horizon but mixed with a
stench of liquor rising from your breath

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

you're two steps closer to it
but there are still many to go
okay then it looks like we had a little
scheduling error on sunday
saturday too actually have you had time
to talk to the manager here
what he means is he has been trying to
meet up with you for two days
but you have been otherwise occupied
okay so you said that we talked to him
you say no we haven't or there must be
some kind of misunderstanding you're
taking me for someone else
yeah we're gonna we're gonna say this
one here if you don't mind we should
talk to him again
ask him for a rundown of the area know
that i'm here as well
i understand the scene is out back right
it also wouldn't hurt to assure him the
police are finally here
in full force i mean have you mapped out
the initial
right and the interviews
at the 57th we like to prepare an
initial list of persons of interest
and then just skim the surface prepare
the field
get to know the players you don't do
that maybe
okay we'll have time for that after we
take a look at the coroner's case
have you removed the dead body from the
so the body is still in the tree
this is the first time you detect a
in the lieutenant's voice it is obvious
he would have preferred for the body to
no longer be in the tree
where it has been hanging for seven days
we should go there as soon as we are
done talking to the owner
after you officer if you're about to
on an investigation shouldn't you have a
you mean you don't have a badge
oh if you didn't have your badge then
that would be
very bad you would need to report it on
my shortwave
but since you do have it we can go
straight to the task at hand
yeah we don't know why there is hair
i did this before if you're curious i
went and
used his radio and reported it to my
my department that i not only didn't
have my badge but that i didn't have my
either and they made fun of me so we're
not gonna do that again
see let's go and talk to the to the
manager here guys
mr god right
you run this place yes
i am kim kitsuragi from prison 57
this is an inter-district investigation
so joining me from prison 41
are you kidding me

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

it's you it's obviously you you
smell like liquor and you're orange
see everyone agrees it's your color
we're on the right track with this name
is this what you get when you call the
police now we've been waiting for a week
sir i understand your concern but we are
here to do a job
and for us to do it i need you to stay
yes of course i know it took us a while
to arrive at the scene
but it also took you a while to call us
it was you who placed the call
correct no i only just got here it was
probably sylvie who called you she
usually works the bar here
i'm only temporarily taking over her
duties do you have her number
as a matter of fact i do
you said you just got here from where
are you a local
what of martinez no i live in jam rock
i only sometimes come here to keep an
eye on the place
this is just one of the many many
cafeterias i manage
but you still know your way around yes
in case we need directions
yes i know where some things are but as
i said
i don't live here i just used to work
and i'm not going to start working here
again if that's what you think
i didn't imply that detective
he probably means this is where you step
in and ask
your questions
she went away because none of your
have they not been telling you you're a
okay you got me she went away because of
the dead body out back
and because i asked for her number
that's why sylvie went away
i hope you appreciate that thank you
i asked an employee out she didn't want
to come but
felt obliged to it was a bad idea
now what is so goddamn fascinating about
that for you
it's got nothing to do with the lynching
good for you uh was there something else
i'd like to get back to what i was doing
i don't know who killed him i'm not the
police that's your job
behind this building there's a courtyard
they hoisted him up on a tree there
that's easy see that door there first
you exit through that
then to your right you should see a big
hole in the fence
a really big one you can get to the
courtyard through there
no need for the keys the hole is big
enough for the franco nigerian cavalry
to fit through
let's go not so fast
you owe me 130 real

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

oh you don't owe me [ __ ] well obviously
you're right
you don't owe me [ __ ] you owe me money
we do not need to assert ourselves here
we only need instructions from him this
is the proprietor
you know i get this all the time some
hobo comes in here or some
backpacking [ __ ] off the boat the
next day
when they can't make their fees they get
i just never thought i'd be in this [ __ ]
with a cop please
just give me the money let's see
three nights at a tariff of 20 royale
comes to 60 rail
then there's the window you annihilated
the hole in the window was the first
thing i saw when i came to work
so don't try to tell me you didn't that
will be 40 real in damages
another thing you've annihilated is half
the bar you've run a tab of 30 real
actually more but we'll round it down to
30 for your hard work maintaining the
stability in order of reversal
that's 60 plus 40 plus 30 equals 130
and yes real is still money
what are you brain damaged
money is what grown-up people use to pay
for things
things like this hostel room or or
eight bottles of potent blend and nine
packs of royal extra
we use
i'm sorry but he has to pay i can't let
him stay here any longer if he doesn't
if he doesn't have the money buy tonight
then officer
maybe you are better off working this
from home for now you live in jam rock
it's not that far away
i'm sorry i couldn't help more you
should take this up with your station
i have a shortwave radio in my car okay
we have to get this investigation
started now
good luck
by the way where is home the address is
coming up blank
and this place sure isn't it
but you've been at this hostel cafeteria
for only three nights
where were you before you had to be
you don't really know do you
a vague blackened image doesn't sound
like somewhere you can stay
if you run out of money
you can try run some addresses in your
head when you get the time
maybe a street or an apartment will
okay so we saw a couple different
concepts there first of all you saw the
hobo cop thing that's
another direction you can go you know
like the super cop you could be a
hobo cop yeah
so we'll actually we have have this

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

unlocked now
this is of course our journal we haven't
looked at this at all it shows uh
things that we can do here on monday uh
so pay for the damages
find out who made the call report in the
crime report your badge missing
inspect the victim's body sing karaoke
find smokes and smoke them
well sing karaoke seems to be the most
yeah of all these tasks or maybe finding
the cigarettes we could smoke while we
sing karaoke
that's using your noggin jinx uh let's
kill two birds one stone oh yeah we can
also see the skill checks
that we can do on the map and then we'll
go to the
thought cabinet here and the thought
it's it's kind of hard to explain
but essentially it's like you spend time
to think about certain things
and then you add them to your cabinet
here and it kind of makes up
who your character is so
for instance the one that we have right
now is a lonesome
a long way home which i did not mean to
to to do that
but you see we're researching it right
now um
and that is taking
where is that six hours and five minutes
so that's like the real time in the
in the game we're just dwelling on being
like where the [ __ ] do we live yeah
trying to figure out where we live here
uh while we're doing it we get a plus
one two encyclopedia so it does have
that bonus and then when we finish
conceptualizing it finished up thinking
about it here
then we'll uh we'll we can like put it
in our thought cabinet and it'll give us
like different bonuses or negatives
but these are all the different ones
here so you see hobokops in there
there's a lot of different things in the
thought cabinet apricot chewing gum
now so you gotta do certain things to
get them get them unlocked here
but i didn't mean to to start
researching that one i want to say it
might take experience to do that
i don't know hopefully i didn't just
spend experience on that
uh so we didn't really get very far here
guys not very far at all uh that thing
we picked up by the way over here
that was our uh the way we heal our
willpower unless we have like a one
there now
yeah we don't have any health packs or
anything uh but that's how we'd heal our
our health if we if we needed to only
use the left and
right directional pad to to do that uh
i think we're actually gonna have to end
the episode here guys uh we did not make
it very far we're gonna pause it because
time is actually important in this game
uh you only have them
still running yeah you only have a
certain amount of time each day
so you want to like make use of your
time wisely
and it does impact the story as well
what you can get
get done each day so we're going to keep
it paused here so we don't waste any
we'll go ahead and save it but yeah
that's unfortunately gonna have to be
the end of
the first episode it feels like we made
no progress at all

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00
here uh we haven't even really started
our investigation yet so we'll have to
do that
in episode two unfortunately uh it's a
it's a long game guys
if we play it all the way through it
probably gonna take us quite a few
uh i don't know man 40 videos or
something like that so
so we'll see because again it is like 20
something hours i think it's how long it
took me to
to beat it but i was also pretty
thorough with everything i'm
digging it so far yeah i really like
this game it's one of my favorite
all-time games i like the mood it's very
it's just dark and gloomy and i like the
the way you get to customize your
and you know determine like what type of
person they are i thought that was
pretty cool
and what you expect from from rpg and i
really like the
uh all the different uh you know
personalities that are kind of inside
you or whatever and we'll see more of
as we play uh so in the next episode
we'll actually go out and do
an investigation we'll go look at that
yeah we'll do some cop work we'll look
at the
the body and prolly grab a donut
and hopefully learn a little bit more
about who our character is because
we seem to have some serious brain
damage that's how you know you had a
good time
so we're going to end the episode here
hope you guys did enjoy it if you did
make sure you leave a like on the video
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on there now we'll have our next episode
on thursday that's when we'll have
episode two since this one's coming out
so late again i don't think it'll be out
to wednesday uh considering how late
we're recording this
so the next video will be out on
thursday if you're looking for something
to watch while you wait for that video
go check out the front page of our
channel we have three thousand something
videos all sorted by genre
we've played a few rpgs on the channel
typically we play like other
types of games we don't often play rpgs
we have played a few though we have a
section for that
we do play a lot of like uh survival
games simulator games
action games pretty much uh any genre
looks fun we'll check it out also play a
lot of strategy if you're into that
though typically jinx doesn't join us on
the strategy games
so yeah hopefully you can find something
to watch while wait for
episode two i do hope to see you on that
next video
and thanks for watching guys

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  1. Didn't expect you to cover this. It's great that CPRG's like Divinity Sin 2 and this can make it to console. Decided not to pick this up right away so I'll use your vids as a tutorial.

  2. I'm enjoying the hell out of this game but you don't always hear dialogue unfortunately, bit buggy in places. Awkward to highlight items and interact. It froze on me and I lost an hour of gameplay, I reccomend manual saving. Needs patching.

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