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    SearchThisVideo: Let's Play DOOM VFR – Epic 2 hour DOOM PSVR stream!

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    preteen school fans welcome to Eurogamer
    my name's Ian hickton and this this is
    doomed VR I'm playing doom VR today on a
    special lunchtime livestream here on
    Eurogamer if you'd have said to me back
    in the 90s when I was a wee young
    Knepper getting my mind blown by the
    original doom if you just said to me he
    and one day you're gonna be able to play
    doom in VR I'd have been like whatever
    what kind of space magic are you talking
    about but I can today I will be playing
    doom VFR on the PlayStation VR headset
    and I'm gonna also be using one of these
    an aim controller now doom VFR doom
    [ __ ] reality can use move controllers
    it can use a standard controller but I'm
    gonna try and do the whole stream using
    this for added effing immersion this was
    the aim controller that came with
    Farpoint it is a very good controller it
    helps make shooting games a lot more
    immersive because it feels like you're
    actually holding a gun I'm hoping that
    it's gonna make holding things like The
    BFG in the plasma cannon even more
    amazing so yeah that's what I'm gonna
    try and do with this today I've been in
    the settings I haven't played this game
    yet but I have been into the settings
    and fiddled around with the comfort
    settings as you might know if you watch
    my Skyrim stream I'm pretty good with VR
    so I'll turn most of the comfort
    settings off you I think a lot of the
    trailers in this game show you
    teleporting around I've turned that off
    I've given it free movement I think I've
    given it free turning as well we we
    shall see once I jump in this is gonna
    be the first time I play it so I'm going
    and going to go in blind I may need to
    fiddle with the controls a bit like I
    did with Skyrim via one last thing
    before I put on the helmet please be
    aware I got lots of like mony comments
    in the Skyrim vr1 saying all the
    graphics have rubbish or vias dead
    traffic's chug well just please bear in
    mind that what you are seeing behind me
    is a direct feed from the PlayStation VR
    share screen which it displays in a lot
    lower resolution than what I see in the
    VR headset basically speaking the the
    the psvr has two eyepieces sends a
    separate video feed to each eyepiece so
    you get the 3d effects what this does
    and what this screen is doing is taking
    one of those video screen feet
    stretching out a little bit and enabling
    you to see what I'm seeing which means
    that you don't get the vertical you
    don't get to see the full length of what
    I'm seeing you don't get to see the full

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    width of what I'm saying because it's
    kind of like peripheral vision and you
    don't get to see in quite as high
    resolution as what I'm seeing psvr still
    isn't great when it comes to resolution
    but it is a lot better than what you'll
    be seeing in the feed so just you know
    bear that in mind before you say oh it's
    rubbish Pierce we are sraight it's much
    better in the headset hopefully this
    will give you an idea of how this plays
    though I've been looking forward to this
    for a long time the only VR game I'm
    looking forward to more than this is
    fallout VR and that's not coming to
    PlayStation VR as far as I know
    unfortunately so I'm donning my headset
    let's do a couple of shout outs quickly
    to people a tornado sent Frederick your
    Hansen part sound crazy deanna k
    Frederick Nelson and Martyn Williams
    Willie Hale Wally hell even spider-man
    versus Batman to leap honour and lots
    lots of other people yes free movement
    gameplay right leave on it so yeah I
    think hopefully we're okay with Skyrim I
    can't see the comments I will lift up my
    headset a coup a couple of times in the
    first 10 minutes or so just to make sure
    that everything's cool in the comments
    to make sure everything can be seen
    alright and everything's working and
    then I'm just gonna I'm just going to
    dive in and get lost in the hell so um
    enjoy also a Mike's a little bit further
    away I knocked over quite a few times
    during my Skyrim let's play so I've
    moved it backwards a little bit so
    hopefully I won't sir hopefully I won't
    smack into my mic this time and I'm
    swinging my main control around so I'm
    gonna start the campaign I'm gonna go
    hunt me plenty for the difficulty I
    don't want to go too much harder than
    that because I'm terrified
    so this sex this screen here is just is
    2d for me Kalle fragging I think is the
    new way to glory kill people and I hate
    le frag with free movement but we'll
    find out I guess hopefully there'll be
    some kind of opening section tutorial
    section that teaches you how to use the
    controls properly like said going in
    completely blind here oh that's very
    that's all I don't know how much you can
    see about let me so my hands are
    attached to my hair it's like hands are
    growing out of my heads like ears but
    this this lift is a very big presence
    Oh someone's going nuts with a chainsaw

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    I was called Umatilla noise
    ah okay that was pretty crazy
    oh I completed that level that was nice
    and easy okay
    where are my indeed and my cat oh my god
    I'm dead but not dead but no it's very
    something must have activated the
    cognitive Transfer Protocol this hasn't
    been done since Hayden okay so it looks
    like I'm not playing as doom guy
    powers down we'll start there you just
    pause that quickly see how dark it is
    for you lot it's quite it's quite dark
    on the screen as well what I'm gonna do
    is just I'm just gonna bring up the
    gamma a little bit cuz that was very
    dark for me video will be in gamma
    and points
    okay let me see things a little better
    back back oh yeah so there has to be a
    combat chassis somewhere that would work
    okay so we got smooth turning good
    timing see what this thing can do doom
    VFR movement the combat chassis moves
    primarily with teleportation when aiming
    your teleportation destination time
    briefly slows down well I've got free
    moving but also also teleporting so I
    think you have to combine free move with
    teleporting okay so that is a 180 turn
    that was something was so yeah it looks
    like you still have to tell you pour
    into people or tele frag into people
    which is kind of like the the VR version
    of the glory kills and you still need to
    teleport to get up to high places but
    movement isn't just restricted to
    teleporting which I'm happy about
    because I'm not not massive fan of
    teleporting in VR I find it pain in the
    ass in addition to teleporting the

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    combat chassis can also make short
    dashes in one of four directions
    that's the d-pad so that's dash dash
    dash dash dash dash dash dash dash dash
    simple enough weapons this is this is
    what I want to play with if not not
    moving and things boring okay hold
    this button on the side for the weapon
    well release select highlighted weapon
    fire weather about okay oh hello so get
    hey that was easy enough doing VFR tele
    frag when a demon is staggered from
    taking up damage you can teleport into
    it simultaneously
    I'll iterate against all right let's
    stagger this fool okay so you tell if I
    get a block and that is that's the VR
    version of a glory Cal right there and
    then that will earn you an ammo etc how
    like it does in in the normal game
    grenades the Chicago chess is equipped
    with grenades press l1 which is just
    here it's a primer grenade when ready
    throw your target and you were great
    grenade will load up the current one
    explodes so
    oh we got held down up for too long bad
    my my hands aren't stuck to my ears
    anymore but now they have a temp you can
    see that my hands are got like rocket
    packs this spaceship
    pulse it the USS hand the prize off to
    the moon have a grenade for you okay so
    far so good the controls are pretty
    responsive they're doing all right use
    shield burst ability to push back demons
    that are surrounding you which is that
    one it's like a fuss wrodar what's wrong

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    arjen's cache the Argent cache can
    upgrade one of three abilities chassis
    integrity ammo capacity a length of time
    dilation when selecting teleportation
    destinations as my uh my best doom voice
    press are three kind of punch that route
    power to subsystem sub chassis integrity
    let's upgrade my health basically that's
    very cool looking at the video to look
    at the gun close up like that see the
    proper modeling of it it's very shiny
    very chrome
    okay and then there's this one weapon
    upgrades the upgrade station allows you
    to upgrade aim i've grade one of your
    weapons with a pre-selected new mod okay
    weapon mod is left in my face that
    shotgun charge burst well
    it's a upgrade to shotgun about have it
    or do I have it what was weapon well
    weapon was that one yes there we go you
    should to hold the shotgun with two
    hands tbh congratulations on completing
    the combat chassis tutorial feel free to
    practice and experiment with your
    abilities in this room when you're ready
    to return to reality stand on its
    application give me some give me some
    beasts to shoot
    very speedy move an action like very
    much like to 2016 them even is nice and
    fast dodging the fireball is pretty cool
    not liking it then I'm actually telling
    fragging into into bad guys feels very
    good a bit like bit like doing the glory
    kills us a bit like worried about you
    know how much of a gimmick it would be
    but that's actually quite satisfying

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    that and it's very easy to pull up with
    that front trigger at the front of the
    aim controller so now of course I don't
    have two hands on my gun I've got a
    throw got a freaking eight at one hand
    okay so that grenade was never gonna go
    is there a melee yeah I think I think
    I've got the hang of the controls so I'm
    gonna step back into reality
    and get this get this VR show on the
    road restore main power insert Power
    Cell all right let's just have a little
    look at the comments just quickly
    okay let's get looks good now on saying
    that there's problem with the thing or
    anything people just arguing about what
    virtual reality is best I only have psvr
    I did have an oculus dev kit a while
    back that I borrowed from digital
    foundry but yeah no no nothing else
    anymore I had to give it back
    unfortunately it's that it's not a thing
    that Co playback echo recording
    initialized can i is that a thing I can
    interact to it does it like it so just a
    quick look around this start room
    graphics again you you you have a kind
    oh you can see more jaggies and things
    in in PS via the resolution is not super
    great it's obviously better than what
    you're seeing on the screen as I said
    but it's quite cool being in this
    futuristic lab thinnest fox fly down the
    ceiling looks rather high it's it's
    spacious these beds these hospital beds
    who are they hospital beds they're
    autopsy beds or whatever they look
    pretty big it's quite cool seeing a dead
    body up there and the screens flickering
    and stuff so far so good for just
    general presentation it looks nice it
    looks very good indeed on par with resi
    7 I'd say for like level detail that's
    I'm oh don't need any of it yet so it's
    not picking it up automatically this is

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    a level that has been lifted straight
    from gay the game this is like midway
    through the game this level I think
    there's a server room
    it definitely moves really quickly I
    think if you're not used to VR this this
    this left/right term movement would very
    easily make you feel a little bit look
    right move l4 I didn't how to make that
    that's a shame
    okay lights are on and hello so down is
    secret passage fun demonic breach
    detected huh
    no in this area how do we open doors
    I don't is there a crowd sure I'd like
    that sorry good night that's teleport
    I don't know how we get in there I don't
    think there's a Crouch I mean I could
    physically crouch maybe that's something
    I need to come back to I instantly just
    want to go on the hunt for loot I'm so
    we're para limpiar come on yeah oh oh he
    went all floppy
    another grenade should have cook that
    they take a long time to explode and
    don't cook them nice this is going to be
    epic when the music kicks in I mean if
    it does kick in at this point whoop
    so I think when you tell me fried things
    you get a little bit of Splash Damage
    around you
    epic dodge shows face-off
    can't be a little bit don't be a little
    bit easy to miss the tele 4x perhaps
    that's just my sausage aim my telly
    frank sausage eh while we're in the

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    light let's take a moment to to admire
    the shotgun here that's a pretty piece
    of work isn't it very nice
    my rocket hands are very much enjoying
    looking at that patrol over the moon
    okay this is where I started so it's not
    in there this isn't your room this is
    this is interesting need to see facility
    status three that's odd an orange energy
    transfer station has been activated
    whoever attempts that argit reserve
    station created a new portal halgate
    that portal isn't closed this facility
    will be overrun
    that teleporter is broken you need that
    to get around oh you can okay so you can
    check out the different Holograms
    there's doom guy never really get to see
    the top of doom guy's head there it is
    this is the teleport I need to fix I
    guess this vague oh that's the voice I
    was trying to do Vega that's that's
    that's me oh oh I've been in better
    shape and that's dr. evil Vaughn evil
    face Cameron oh okay oh we got a we got
    a three deflating map here as well can I
    interact that I can't but it's showing
    me that that's me and I've been in here
    woops hit my mic even when it's far away
    now I've got like a big long gun thing
    to product with uh yeah I think I was
    there and there was a secret passage
    there it's not really telling you where
    I need to go but I need to find the
    power for that transporter so let's have
    a little little explore just to double
    check the comments again quickly okay
    Oh looks good hello tall 344 people
    watching I am playing doom VFR doom foot
    virtual [ __ ] reality and so far it's
    pretty [ __ ] good I am I playing this
    early I'm playing this a day before
    release I've sent review code streaming

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    code by Bethesda they've allowed me to
    play it early to demo it off show you
    all how it goes and how it controls and
    I'm playing specifically with the aim
    controller right now not everyone has
    the aim controller but I thought on the
    key this would probably be the most
    interesting way to display it with free
    move and with an aim controller so I
    need to find a yellow cue card to access
    that section so I'm already stuck
    definitely can't go in there yeah
    I'll bet one of those cleaning BOTS
    could get through we're cleaning lot
    does that activate cleaning box there we
    go back to keep a key to clean but I'm
    not sure her heads supposed to be that
    color I wonder if that's the graphical
    glitch she's got like green screen head
    doesn't it right that cleaner but just
    went through there I think was I
    supposed to follow it
    I probably should have watched where
    that one
    where'd you go cleaning droid
    oh no there's a there is a checkpoint
    marker What's it saying
    ah okay so it went in and it cleaned up
    and it got me the yellow key card thank
    you very much
    cleaning bot now interacting with things
    is a little bit weird on the aim control
    you have to click in the thumbstick here
    the right thumbstick but I'm sure I'll
    get used to it just granted in a sec so
    we've got another dead body here that
    one's hair cuts alright it's not like
    bright green oh this is just back to the
    teleporter okay so far so good
    less shiny blood on the floor I do like
    a good shiny texture and that is shiny
    shiny shiny blood okay here's the
    teleporter we want to yonk that bit onto
    fur okay
    repair teleporter completed now what I
    get into that transfer station an argent

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    accumulator could overload the systems
    and destroy the portal
    we only built a few of the accumulators
    back into Hayden's computers Hayden
    alright teleport to the administration
    area to get to Hayden Samuels office
    there we go alright so that started off
    all right it was a nice bit of combat to
    ease myself into the into the old
    shooting there was a little bit of
    exploration puzzle-solving I guess is
    quite basic puzzles seems pretty easy to
    pick up and play so far I got the
    controls for moving down pretty quickly
    like like I was saying I'm not a nice
    it's fun and telephone I find it like
    him really fiddly to do I think it's
    probably going to be easier to move with
    free move in the end god I love the feel
    of the aim control that really just
    matches the grip that this hand has on
    the gun so you can really kind of
    imagine that it's your hand holding the
    gun probably don't wanna waste my ammo
    so again with VI you get this feeling
    like when it's the game you've played
    before in TD you get a different sense
    of scale and size just what I guess he
    just walked over guns to pick them up
    I've got the machine gun that was lovely
    so the machine guns massive there's a
    big whopper another look at the bullets
    there do they they do move as well
    they're animated when you shoot that
    school and our vamo ready whoops as a
    Robel that Zombo behind me so no that
    was behind me that did
    what's that ah fire extinguishers ohms
    we've got a power great certainly in a
    normal game you reaching and grabbing
    you smash it and this you just press r3
    and kind of rocket fists it time
    dilation increases slow motion during
    teleportation all sake so I do keep

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    forgetting about that if you're
    teleporting it slows down time which is
    a bit like its size down time in normal
    diamond in 2016 when you you're
    selecting guns from the weapon we love
    that reflection in the floor there
    that's really nice looks lovely in VR
    that it's a bit you know bit blurry bit
    blocky but that's great
    hello mate you're right
    definitely not doctor so I've got to go
    through the elevator I think guns
    the camera was having a bit of trouble
    track in there the gunman okay what do
    we got here is a rocket launcher now yes
    it doesn't
    doesn't hang around we've given you
    weapons is this it was going straight in
    with the big guns and I get into Blair
    it's like a doorway through that's not
    where I came from is that where I stayed
    no I don't think it is
    oh no there's a big open area outside I
    was gonna be a gun fly going on out
    there in a bit
    feels like the guns drifted the aim
    control is drifting a little bit I'm
    gonna try and reset my it could just be
    the way I'm holding it I'm holding the
    the aim control are quite close to me
    and it's making the rocket launcher
    disappear inside myself
    okay cold the elevator
    stand to you like it fixes you to the
    spot when the elevators moving
    we got a weird bit of drift with this
    hold it with two hands
    because cuz I'm holding it with two
    hands that it feels like it's more I
    guess that's accurate to my body I'll
    tell you what it is that's how it is
    it's this is accurate to how I'm holding
    it like having it on the left hand side
    screen but because I'm holding the two
    hands and I have this extra hand here
    holding a grenade just out of shock I
    don't know if you can even see that it
    might be out of shot view but it feels a
    bit weird almost like three arms and my
    arms cross like that again I don't know
    if you can see that because the grenade
    hand holding the grenade is quite low

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    down oh you can't see it it's weird does
    this weird crossover of the arms which I
    prefer it I think it would be I think it
    would be better if you had two hands on
    the gun at all time when you're using
    aim and then maybe when you're not when
    you want to throw a grenade he just
    takes his hand off the gun throws
    because having just a hand all the time
    does yeah
    does make things feel a bit weird when
    the hand passes through the gun I sped a
    scenery lovely view out of the Mars
    window any worse enough Sykes and let's
    go fight some water so fight some more
    beasts with my rocket launcher we just
    leave accumulators lying around Vegas
    miss Vega is in
    that's oh I'm over we've got full ammo
    for the machine gun now let's try the
    weapon wheel again now I've got a heavy
    assault rifles got loads of em oh no
    it's my only for the shotgun last time I
    was in this office I was doomed I okay
    was this cursor who's back the fourth
    over rotla I stuck the cursor by
    pressing r2 button when I flashes green
    over a letter and the cursor proceeds to
    make sure I complete all the rows when
    the mini-game some minigames the hacking
    minigame in VR nah okay so but but the
    bit class code
    boo-boo the last accumulator is in that
    prototype cyberdemon they lost fright I
    typed side of the map awesome fire
    no it's
    so the old two moment
    oh no that's a rocket launcher or poor
    hand oh you nearly made a big mistake
    nerds earlier
    can I read that
    okay omelets today vengeance or
    shouldn't be too far okay but the
    budgets are there is that the gain goes
    down on the lift okay we got we've got
    Psalms that's moving it's haunted

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    I'm trying on a rocket launcher cabral
    [ __ ] what I explosion came right at me
    maybe I'll save that for some some
    bigger monsters
    I think now then I can use this door to
    go through the airlock yes open a lock
    here we go oh yes the first of a gun
    ah a haunted hollow bottom so they've
    recreated wildebeest locations from the
    2016 game for this which is fair enough
    let's just try some lip so that's the
    tongue slowing down doesn't last forever
    you can how do i okay I've got I've got
    berserk I should bloody I should have
    punched her elbow like and activated the
    demons horns with herded there's a ton
    of injured as well alright well nice
    it's big
    your next night Oh shooting these things
    with a shotgun and VR is pretty awesome
    okay they're really turned that the
    mid-tier bad guys ugly now
    shimming with the pain controller really
    does feel cool even though the
    graphically it's a little bit glitchy to

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    see clicking into my vision
    every so often with the heavy rock and
    the free movement
    lay out ever whoa that's pretty
    oh [ __ ]
    this is it so downtime when I weapon
    wheel as well I tell you what weapon
    wheeling can get a little bit fiddly it
    doesn't really slow down time too much
    guys that's pretty awesome
    no I know it's something else what
    beside an incubus
    so it's telling whoa
    your ice that's pre epic so cuz these
    guns are so huge they do kind of clip
    into your vision a little bit but the
    feel of light dance around dodging like
    actually dodging bullets it feels it
    felt very do it did it felt like doom in
    VR I didn't know what else I can say it
    was it was a good dance of death are
    goods you got I got my adrenaline up the
    rock music and the explosions and the
    the roars of the monsters was just it's
    quite absorbing I just I wish there was
    a different way to have done the hands
    it's my name my name is she
    having this left hand sticking out your
    head like a horn and just tree [ __ ]
    30 no I think this is 19 pounds this
    gain value good value for money I reckon
    if you if you're a VR enthusiastic me

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    this is I'd say this is definitely well
    worth picking up especially if you've
    got you spent money on a name control
    and haven't been out to use it on much I
    wonder I'm wondering if this game is
    better played stood up rather than like
    comfy down like this
    I like this what I really like about the
    aim controller is the ability to like
    look down sights so in that room that I
    saw earlier with the upgrade I don't
    know how long this game is it's it's
    throwing stuff at me so fast and there's
    only three upgrades it's a suit so
    perhaps this game isn't that long which
    critics could explain the the lower
    price point but I hope there's some kind
    I do have this some kind of like a Rina
    our player game the super turbo turkey
    punch of three I bet I was behind those
    boxes done a revelant in there oh damn
    we should have thought to look super
    turbo technique venture
    yeah I hope this some kind of was arena
    mode horde mode or something
    just that in that training mission it
    was just quite good fun to run around
    and shoot a constant constantly spawning
    swarm of enemies with like infinite ammo
    so I don't know maybe something like
    that will unlock at the end or maybe I
    missed it I don't think I saw anything
    like that in the menu at the beginning
    it was pretty much just campaign and
    nothing else
    oh it's pretty dark portal is expanding
    he just shut down that station portal is
    expanding and this will work unless I
    clear those fires fire extinguisher
    around here
    stinger sure
    so we're back here again are we
    extinguish it here surely there would be
    an extinguisher in here
    they've been here
    beating up here now on the shots oh here
    we go
    it's just shotgun on my more health and

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    armor shards oh it's the same same room
    is the other bit okay so there's the
    fire extinguisher late huh
    nice VR fire extinguisher and [ __ ] most
    place to jump down here I guess I could
    teleport right it makes sense there we
    go haha that's one thing I didn't expect
    to be doing in Doom and we'll be putting
    out fires I thought I'd be causing the
    fires prepare the antechamber summon
    repair droids droids droids is it adds
    up to do anything with that
    back up again
    Oh jump out that was bizarre request
    repair drone request sent get back to
    okay back to operations I go
    so I haven't used any of this this stuff
    maybe that's more for if you're not
    using free move because don't you have
    to take your finger off the thumb stick
    to do that and it's just much quicker
    just to dodge it myself okay what I was
    like a demon was lost on an expedition
    screw yo cyberdemon was the only person
    who knew the location to first
    expedition the only place those
    coordinates would be is on her private
    archive okay
    okay through the teleporter we go again
    okay reach Olivia's office you're a very

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    big hologram
    oh yes oh yes
    super shotgun oh now I'm livin nineties
    Ian's virtual reality dream oh you
    she'll be busted
    lovely tell me some more shotgun shells
    pink what damage oh my God why did I
    click on that before I need it too it's
    just I'm just too curious sure no he was
    quite damaged one of the purple pickups
    are there it was Samuel he led them to
    his tomb please we can overcome this the
    gate will be opened as planned
    rich live is oh my god until welding my
    grenades have somehow turned into a
    grenade launcher again it makes things a
    little bit weird with the crossover of
    guns because I've got independent
    movement of this hand but not this hand
    I wonder if that would be different like
    if in a way like I do love using the aim
    controller but oh it's tricky
    like if I have if I was using move
    controllers I'd have like I'd be able to
    dual wield with both guns but I wouldn't
    have the thumbsticks for the smooth
    movement I'd have to rely on that
    pain-in-the-ass move controller moving I
    really need to make move controllers
    with thumb sticks on this sucker
    it's kind of like you've got to choose
    the lesser of two evils I think

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    great me help so that's just like food
    very good so I think yeah I'm just gonna
    ignore the fact that you can do this
    weird crazy arm crossover weapon upgrade
    they always come through so great super
    shock had Boyd's weapon upgraded this
    has only one weapon upgrade per gun
    instead of like was it three or four per
    gun in the in the main game it's quite a
    cool area like the and I like the layout
    oh can I use that
    it's cuz I got full it's cuz I got full
    health that I can't use that for
    grenades - oh wait what's this
    doom what's this this is little match
    three game
    well there's a little weird retro do
    match three game oh oh so the red
    barrels explode nice I like that bar and
    I think you can unlock classic doom
    levels in this
    but I haven't found any yet
    this is that's quite this is quite
    interesting it seems kind of easy
    so you can only move things if they're
    gonna make something happen that was
    nice mmm match for
    how odd I will leave that challenge
    complete killing time there we go
    what is it I'm supposed to be doing in
    then something to do this wait

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    I've already upgraded my weapon ah there
    we go ah this again food food food food
    the system override okay you might be
    able to find that info on Olivia's
    personal data pad okay where's Olivia's
    personal data pad it's not that must be
    back this way yep I love distance meter
    okay what's this laser control align the
    lasers by rotating the hollow handle
    until the laser hits the target and
    turns green align all of the lasers to
    complete them anyway there's a lot of
    minigames in this
    to be honest I'd rather be I'd rather be
    shooting [ __ ]
    there we go this is more like it
    come on they're little chumps won't [ __ ]
    right so you got your cut you don't get
    much chance to chip into the wood
    no bacon castle dirt whoa
    not stay back
    love this shotgun

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    whoo-hoo cake a demon daddy
    as long as I go name is like huge oh
    nice mid splatter
    that's a bit of fun
    nice oh [ __ ]
    those Keiko demons are pretty [ __ ]
    freaky in in Sufi are they huge very
    like came to eat me it smells like that
    cuz I'm [ __ ] it's definitely this is
    games definitely gonna benefit on uh
    from playthroughs on harder difficulty
    levels having really brutal shootouts in
    VR can be good I think I don't know
    whether the the the difficulty level I'm
    playing on is tuned down a little bit
    for VR or I'm just like well good at the
    Albert that's that felt pretty easy it's
    not felt pretty scary it was a point
    where I thought I was getting
    Lieut I probably should have he nice
    what is this it's a big bed of armor
    hey there are some classic doom levels
    you can play in VR and I hope I work out
    how to find one that would be the way up
    oh I got that guy

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    all right come to my party it is the
    best time this is quite nice corridor
    Oh Oh messy
    so employers activate it found the date
    too bad no I just like it down the
    teleporter do I
    I guess so what a rule so I didn't find
    any dude guy collectibles so there are
    some collectibles in there finally
    killed five demon to the quads damage
    powerup that but you get the weapon
    upgrades and the argent cells found zero
    secrets oh my god I'm not looking for
    secrets good enough for that says
    challenge could be a player game of
    diamond destruction so at least didn't
    one of the challenges
    hmm lovely drinks why hope everyone's
    well anyway just to recap I'm playing
    doom VFR I'm playing it using a pain
    controller on the PlayStation VR awesome
    it has it has its up sights like the
    background I can require exact freak
    moves with free movement easing the
    thumbsticks makes moving around very
    good the facility teleporters aren't
    powerful enough to create a dimension
    you can look down the site you spin it
    feels like you're holding a gun which is
    very good the bad points is you can't
    dual wield it that means you have like
    at this weird thing gun this way grenade
    launcher or just a grenade sticking out
    your ear all the time which clips
    through your other gun can be a bit
    you could to do I'm sure I presume you
    could duel wield them if you use the
    Move controllers but then you wouldn't
    get the Allen ours
    so yeah a little bit give-and-take there
    patek still a bit early days I suppose
    visually it looks really nice
    the resolution is slightly lower than
    you know it would be on oculus I guess
    because the V the the PlayStation VR

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    headsets not brilliant but it looks nice
    still I'm playing this by the way I'm
    playing this on a standard base ps4 one
    of the launched ps4 is I'm not a ps4 Pro
    so ah this could look a lot crisper or
    on PlayStation Pro you never know I've
    that guide I couldn't tell you for sure
    like I didn't listen to our supposed to
    be doing
    not going there that's that's me that
    I'll just kill myself
    ah okay so this was a secret in the in
    the original game
    can I get up there I can get up here
    eze Dean guy down with a dead guy
    press r3
    a little team guy dull secret fine yeah
    Oh back here oh all right
    so that was a secret found sure we I'm
    sure we'll all be glad about that
    ha ha ha
    Eric at the FG scene I guess energy
    it's like
    chuckles shells will yawn I'm gonna have
    another secret barrier in this room
    that one's locked up

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    now what's the power conditioner oh I
    need a replacement
    oh now to get back to operations thanks
    operations from power conditioner my
    lips that just hadn't shoulders other
    conditioners are available a lot of
    spare parts and that ravine substructure
    and I'm just start there
    stop in about an hour and six minutes
    into VR so far no sign of fatigue for me
    know sort of nausea either but again I'm
    quite accustomed to VR I definitely
    think free mode free movement and
    shooting in doom VR might be a bit too
    much for beginners is it's very speedy
    that the turning and the movement is
    very very speedy but the people who are
    accustomed to vi like me and single by
    that's it rocket launcher already got
    rocket launcher night
    oh hey guy so makes it like a very noise
    out oh well back is on to fire makes a
    bizarre noise when you successfully
    hahahaha success oh [ __ ] me
    those things are terrifying in VR
    oh it's the railing thing well that's
    just that's just ridiculously big how
    BIG's the BFG gonna be thus insane
    oh [ __ ] huh is there a secret down there
    I'm looking at a secret room

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    get down
    I don't know if there are but I'm dying
    to find out if there's like secret retro
    doom levels to play in a VR I just think
    that would be freaking amazing with Oh
    make you make me waste my ammo here [ __ ]
    Oh gettin up gettin a weapon wheel up is
    a right faff where's my super shotgun
    there you go so you get that's what you
    get you think I supposed to end up here
    listen mate
    thank you well sidestepping these guys
    oh right
    sliced up in those guys in the tight
    corridors a little bit crazy
    but less like I was punching down there
    and just just like running into them and
    touching them til they exploded
    where was the
    so it's not a minigun Oh train gun Jake
    gun okay
    how do I gain the chaingun room God dang
    it I kind of want to just quickly check

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    don't even go in that room is that so I
    came from before yeah I came from here
    on up here and I thought maybe I could
    go through that but I can't so yeah
    going this way what's the right way
    sorry sorry just trying to find secrets
    can i secret my way up there I wonder
    like what secret my way up here right
    another way in but I can upgrade my own
    the gas cannon
    upgrading my Gauss cannon somewhat a my
    way up some barrels cuz that's been
    was it
    so again is there a map button
    there must be a way to get in to get via
    the chain gun but maybe I need to double
    back and get up and set by not try
    teleporting up there can't anyway
    okay that's the route into the chain
    gunnery hey big guy it's a nice color
    pink shoes shine classic map red guy how
    do I activate classic map oh maybe this
    okay maybe that's something I do in the
    menus don't waste your ammo Ian there's
    gonna be special

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    okay excellent it's really like you hold
    it down
    I guess because he holds it down low
    because the grips on top feels like its
    first like it's compensating for
    something if you get my drift
    not that I need to come to say friendly
    moving on there's the past Road done
    this is the BFG power conditioner
    yeah boyee Jeff
    that's a shame
    have a cotton balls what
    I didn't expect that something
    it's a little team go down
    yes green beets secret found classic map
    dune by a guide command control so yeah
    I'm gonna guess I'll be right or not but

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    I'm gonna guess that perhaps I have to
    perhaps I have to quit the game and
    select these classic maps from the menu
    once I complete this level I'll quite
    quickly eject to the main menu and see
    because holy crap would I like to play
    original doom levels in there
    super shotgun what a beaut that shotgun
    game there we got in touch we'll kill it
    so I didn't do anything
    pretending these are the grant they're
    the gauss can they do that
    okay too possessive one can do that
    found the secrets but didn't do the the
    challenges let's save and exit quickly
    and see if I can play the DMV our levels
    the original VI levels from doom and the
    star or what what those secret things
    were about game slots save one classic
    maps here we go so you can select your
    missions say how many missions there are
    no it just tells you how many you've
    done but this bass classic maps play
    unlocked classic doom levels
    ahahaha this is gonna be crazy
    oh so cool this is this is why dreamed
    of back in the 90s of how the future of
    gangs would look [ __ ] you
    this comes rubbish

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    only [ __ ] I should've got I did have the
    shotgun and the chain gun machine Oh
    Sharon host button was huge
    Oh Oh
    Splash Damage therefore the barrel got
    me a bit because health is not like not
    too much going on with these levels but
    for pure nostalgia factor and just like
    holy [ __ ]
    factor if you played if you played the
    original doom games this is quite this
    is quite the experience seeing the maps
    in VR like this nobody stares our end me
    out wonderful music a gun you let me out
    I'm glad to get out
    Oh Vicki Carter

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    I got new grenades
    I'm just gonna quickly I will get back
    to the main game in a second I just I do
    want to try out doom to use opening
    level I wanna hopefully you can get the
    chainsaw with it the chain chainsaw here
    if you can't get the chainsaw with seems
    like it seems like a bigger mission not
    putting the chainsaw in this game
    so lame
    I can never remember what the right

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    order to press these buttons it is
    I think it's this one [ __ ] it wasn't if
    you press the right one
    I've door opens there and you get some
    secrets but if you press the wrong one
    closes the doors
    that's okay
    that's team two's coccyx entryway level
    done to geld secrets or anything but
    highly [ __ ] very cool
    I did I did a little bit of an
    excitement whoo
    when I when I first saw a classic team
    going in via that's very nice
    however I got left on the shoes I've got
    30 minutes left on this live stream of
    doom VFR and I've got to close that
    portal back with my weird we test them
    gun sellotape to the side of my head
    repair and test
    BFG prototype hopefully I get the BFG
    going before
    I follow the end of the string

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    it's been run the floods long way around
    they should do it fast fire the
    hey tiny stares in the whole game you
    can't get up
    well the better
    in terms of operations
    the simultaneous blast from the
    prototype should create the portal the
    safety systems are capping the energy
    output should be able to access the
    overrides from the mainframe control
    center will I be at again eight the FG
    the pulley into the stream who knows at
    this point I thought maybe I was just
    about to get one but it doesn't look so
    certain now hope all 362 of you watching
    are having a lovely time
    this is an original ps4 though I'm
    playing on super to kill America boom to
    manage the power fluctuations yes
    classic Duke Nukem VR would be amazing
    Daniel Chadwick
    I'll play this get out of that which is
    this got my grenade launchers now great
    flashy nice like a a BFG grenade
    whoa yeah in TV sound trucks oh good

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    that was lovely more of em kind of
    fights please
    feasting rock music beating metal
    and what's lots of things to shoot
    that's great the mainframe could be okay
    gank Palpatine yeah there's no wait
    yeah I can't upgrade to the other guns I
    should upgrade my pistol I guess I'll
    never use it but make it slightly less
    [ __ ] if I do have to oh wait the
    elevators already here
    right there go my guns are not glitching
    out while we go down the elevator as
    much that's I moved from my BFG grenade
    launcher [ __ ] it time dilation
    your hearts
    Paul that's our knowledge grenade going

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    ever don't you [ __ ] oh there's a
    vulnerability power up I need it I need
    it fun ability power ups there's no
    secrets around
    energy output is locked at 25% I should
    be able to access the overrides from the
    mainframe control center oh definitely
    looks like we're getting more
    opportunities for big fight
    versus it's not like a perfect place for
    some secrets
    guess not
    the security overrides are only
    accessible from the mainframe control
    system override
    sleep blue there in the password bleep
    bleep bleep bleep dirt was Lazarus
    elevator is online

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    no time for secrets I got a B of G to
    ready try not to cook the button there
    okay Katya and Boop oh [ __ ]
    do not shoot
    so books
    this is not the end Olivia
    kiss kiss kiss
    secret found classic map pink guy so
    another classic map
    Kalani's where everywhere okay
    as a nice little secret I did like
    finding that one then we go again
    loads of ammo you know what this means
    shooting pootie monster time hey [ __ ]
    what's the scary things
    M&E until i 13 out of 20 for them you're
    in my spot challenge whoa
    right he got much whoa move

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    all right
    oh [ __ ] son
    oh all right
    that's started to get quite intense
    there I'm getting to move around a
    little bit more we
    wastin all right I mean it's
    disappointing with my diet but the same
    time means I can follow these bestows
    again come get me [ __ ]
    what's up
    there we go
    complete that challenge I can use that
    gun a bit more
    well kind of a bigot

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    was easier that time
    that's a normal person supposed to hold
    a gun like this crikey
    fully upgraded my seat right there
    elevator Lazarus elevator it's not over
    kill them in the face is a bad idea
    oh [ __ ]
    there we go last McShane gun that's the
    boy Hey
    and a few big fights in this place
    before I tell thee oh [ __ ]
    where was the quad damage there it is
    alright bring our pricks

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    and I blue
    she'll kick
    the ice
    buzykin over doesn't ask 1100 boy is
    [ __ ]
    no market
    the [ __ ] up
    is massive
    ah hard to determine how much health
    you've got left actually I thought I was
    all right there heard that wasn't I
    can't make - for this - a rice I can rip
    and tears as per drag Kelly
    doom VR multiplayer needs to be every we
    going this way there's stuff let's not
    waste all my

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    I still
    I'll tell you what I'm gonna do this
    time and a safe my what damage oh it's
    cool - egg my core damage a little bit I
    got come at me bro
    so that ammo for my BFG grenade launcher
    white until white until the manky bus
    turns up before I go grab that court
    down [ __ ] whoa guys the floor
    got they get right up in your face if
    you get stuck on a wolf

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    oh [ __ ] it's a witch
    these are the having machine gun with
    the item controllers fantastic
    before to me the first cell phone
    now you are
    come get me fatso
    ha ha he got sideswiped by some
    douchebag running up the stairs
    it's a summoner arch-vile savants pants
    that's the one all right what time is it
    I'm sure I should be finishing soon
    right why not run at this then
    teleportation sexy okay I'm like it's
    definitely I click away to zip around
    and free moving but to be if you can get
    a combination of it going makes quite an
    attractive quite attractive quite an
    effective moves you go

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    here a big last person
    find out summoner
    hey Sheriff Rick
    so there's a healthy nothing only doing
    a little bit of a health run
    all right

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    I was quite intense
    well the more intense fights bad so far
    in this game
    imagine whether psych on a harder
    difficulty level of started it felt like
    I was getting my by combining the
    teleporter and the the standard movement
    start feel like I was getting that to
    grips with that event right what if you
    could get to grip to the teleporting in
    the moving you well [ __ ] if it oh [ __ ]
    give it a whole [ __ ]
    soomi their own rings on your enemies he
    says Oh health is not good
    oh [ __ ] oh I think dying to the
    cyberdemon is probably it's probably
    fair enough
    thank you very much everybody for
    watching this has been quite the stream
    playing Doom in VR is is it's very cool
    I enjoyed it a lot there are a few
    problems where the the I guess the the
    restraints the tech have like it's a
    pity you can't like it's a pity the move
    controllers don't have thumb sticks on
    basically because I would have preferred
    dual wielding with thumb sticks then
    having to have that one attached to the
    side of my head all the time
    but in general it's really good fun that
    perhaps in the early sections of the
    game a little bit too reliant on
    minigames but once the combat kicks in
    once the music kicks in once you've got
    comfortable with the controls and the
    teleporting and the TEL affray gang it
    really it really brings across that
    feeling you got of doom 2016 of chaining
    the kills together doing like a dance of
    death it really nails that feeling but
    inside VR with the added Vantage of the
    wall I said advice dislodge of the
    monsters being [ __ ] huge and quite
    intimidating it's definitely worth
    picking up I'd say if you have a
    PlayStation VR it's only 20 quid that's
    a great price for a game that looks
    amazing sounds amazing

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    plays good I would say it plays amazing
    because there's you know there's a few
    control issues but it it's an awesome
    first-person shooter for PlayStation VR
    and if you're looking for something a
    little bit faster paced than Resident
    Evil 7 or Skyrim then that is great and
    I hope they add some
    it may be like a hoard ma I don't know
    maybe there will be seven other unlocked
    when you can feed the game I don't know
    but like an arena mode would be great
    for that just running around shooting
    monsters running around shooting
    monsters two hardcore metal in VR it's
    [ __ ] awesome and that's on this game
    let's you do so Fair Play if you've got
    a PlayStation VR I'd say it's definite
    Buy in thumbs up I can't can't comment
    on the oculus rift version I presume
    it's identical but looks better so yeah
    if you're a PlayStation VR enthusiast
    and you want another good game to add to
    your library definitely pick up this one
    if if you are a beginner at VR I'd
    probably say steer clear until you get
    to grips with it until you get your VR
    legs because it is quite intense and I
    can imagine it making people feel quite
    sick if they're not used to it but yeah
    I really like that I really want to play
    some more so that's a good sign thank
    you very much everybody for joining
    hopefully you will you will come back
    for some more live streams there on your
    again we do live streams normally we do
    live streams every Tuesday we live
    stream pub G every Tuesday but we will
    do live streams like this when we get
    games early and we're allowed to show
    them off beforehand like like this one
    and yeah we've got plenty more videos
    coming up this week got late to the
    party coming up tomorrow I take Chris
    Pratt on an odyssey through some more of
    my xbox 360 regional Xbox titles even
    and then we've got videos for you over
    the weekend a really good one coming up
    for you on Sunday that we really enjoy
    filming actually all four of us it's
    good fun and then yeah
    continue on with the content throughout
    the week and into Christmas so thank you
    very much everybody for watching thanks
    to the mods for keeping everything under
    thanks to King Ghidorah Gaea King kinder
    King candor Gaea
    he says glad I got my VI legs I can play
    the [ __ ] out of this thanks T portrayed
    Kelly thanks to super cal-o-metric Oh
    thanks T vodka and cake thanks to Barry
    Foy thanks to iron brew boy

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    Aldrin Adrienne Baldwin night cat Kyle
    Richardson grant McCarter Tom Smith Liam
    Timmy shade 12 Josh Mandel pile of
    salvation cactus sorry III let that I've
    mispronounced your name and you said
    something very nice he said that was one
    excellent let's play dario ruolin and
    everyone else he's been watching liking
    commenting and subscribing it's been
    such good fun whoops
    it's been such good fun streaming Doom
    psvr for you let's do it again soon in
    fact I might stream some of this later
    on tonight 6:00 p.m. on my personal
    YouTube channel if a mod knows the name
    for that do put it in the comments
    apart from that yeah see you again very
    soon right here on your a game and have
    a great for this day goodbye
    tombs oh wait I press nearly press one
    button bye

    Ian Higton is back with another BFL (Big F'ing Live stream) as he descends into hell for 2 full hours with DOOM VFR on PSVR. Tune in for 2 hours of DOOM VFR ...


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    Comment (48)

    1. Downloaded this at 12am today, thought I would have a little go, a taster, headphones on …stopped playing at 2am lol.. when that music kicks in and a killing spree ensues you know your in Doom…my opinion the best fps vr title at the moment. Now bring on fallout 4.
      Graphics are at the moment a little glitchy as you say They will sort that out though. You earned a sub by the way

    2. PLEASE SONY, if you're reading this…UPDATE THE MOVE controllers!!! No one is going to be mad at you if you add analog sticks!!! That really must be the only reason why they aren't doing it. They don't want to alienate early buyers. It's like the PS2 that never got the analog sticks?! IT'S STUPID NOT TO UPDATE THE CONTROLLERS SONY

    3. im Ivthe only one who thinks vr technology is not ready for games like this?, bad graphics, weird controls, desiorenting camera I love doom , but i´m not picking this up

    4. I’ve just completed Doom VFR. It took me a few sessions as I’ve not been using my PSVR headset much over the last few months so my motion sickness tolerance was low.
      I tried the various controller options and settled on the DS4.
      The game is on the short side, ends abruptly and the end credits cannot be skipped.
      Unlocking levels of the original Doom to play in vr is a nice touch but I’d have preferred an arcade mode with leaderboards ala the 2016 game.
      I’d rate it 6/10 and probably won’t be replaying it any time soon. It has however given me the urge to play through Farpoint again which I think is a much better game.

    5. Does it affect YouTuber integrity when the YouTuber (who has been gifted a game by the developer) says how amazing the game is and recommends it the day before everyone else gets their hands on it and finds out it's shit? Or maybe the PSVR version with the Aim Controller is a much better experience than the Vive with Wands experience, which is quite possible.

    6. It disgusts me how much better the Vulcan API system is compared to directX & yet Nvidia still has power over developers to use their shit instead, you want to know what's holding visuals back? it's Nvidia.
      I mean just look at this, it's in VR on a PS4 & still looks that good.

    7. try playing with PS Move controllers. Impossible!!! no click turning, let alone smooth turning. Contacted Bethesda: reply…… please open a help ticket with our Technical Support Team by visiting http://help.bethesda.net.
      DONE. NO answer. no-one actually but yeah. Contacted them directly via mail. Reply: Bethesda Softworks Customer Support is unable to assist with third party peripherals. If you encounter an issue with your hardware while playing DOOM VFR, you should contact the manufacturer of that peripheral device. oookay, and Sony Support directs you to some tiles you can click on which are not related to your problem, but hey. Well played, you stole my money for an unplayable game. I CAN'T EVEN FUCKIN TURN WITH MY F4KKIN MOVE CONTROLLERS!!!!!!!!!!

    8. Looks awesome. Look forward returning from my travelling and turn on my PS4 pro and VR.
      Would love an Alien game in VR…really loved the Isolation game, can only imagine how freakin scary it would be to hide in a closet and hearing sounds outside.

    9. So, has anyone heard about the Omni VR treadmill? I think DOOM VFR for HTC Vive could benefit from it. Shoot demons and get a great cardio workout at the same time. The biggest problem with the HTC Vive version is that it doesn't have full locomotion like the PlayStation VR version with the proper controllers. maybe with the Omni VR treadmill, I could play the game and run about shooting demons with the luxury of full locomotion. Same could be said for Serious Sam VR.

    10. Dude use a ps4 controller its like playing doom 1 or 2 its gotsmooth turning and you can run about turn off segmented turning in options but if you suffer motion siknes turn it on and have it small turn so its likd smooth turning also find all the doom guyfigures and unlock classic doom levels from doom 2 but it has the new baddies and not the old baddies but it looks like well IS the old doom levels bud


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