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    SearchThisVideo: Let's Play Dragon Quest Heroes 2 – PC Gameplay Part 1 – Fight All The Monsters!

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    everyone want about here and welcome to
    Dragon Quest heroes - I never played the
    first one but the second room came out
    and I figured yeah let's mess around
    with it let's see if so it would venture
    log okay so you can be a chick or dude
    ah one thing I always bugged me about
    the Dragon Quest series was just how
    large the like for heads and like upper
    heads of every characters like this
    guy's head is like 50% hair
    I love the 2d art it's just it doesn't
    translate quite to 3d anyway uh I've
    actually looked at this before and I
    don't know if it's going to be too
    audible so I'm going to go quiet but her
    voice is really like deep which is super
    surprising so we're going to go with
    this guy actually I'm going to bop this
    back out can I change the audio settings
    at all I really can't I was going to see
    if I can reduce the music noise and
    increase the voice acting but it looks
    like we are completely locked in here
    whoops and I've gone back too far all
    right well I'm going to play as a the
    male character just because like deep
    voice lady is just kind of weird I mean
    nothing wrong with that it just doesn't
    quite match whatever whereas this guy
    reminds me a shulk so ah do you're gonna
    name him nah we're just going to name
    him self it might actually be the same
    voice actor like I I would not be
    surprised if it was was not actually the
    same dude
    Oh next enter the name for the hero's
    cousin who will join you on your
    adventure shoot we were going to call
    okay going with dumb naming today but
    that's okay so we've got shulk and hope
    okay are you happy to go ahead and
    create an adventure log for your two
    heroes yes
    now you can adjust various settings
    including network settings and voice
    language okay see there's online
    features okay so uh I guess I'll leave
    it on it's probably not going to force
    me to play multiplayer I'll just save on
    vibration coop DeGraw all right looks
    last of all choose your control method
    and camera settings quicker slick and
    let's go slick probably follow back it
    off a little bit there we go
    autosave feature yay got that perfect
    should ever wicked war resume a dragon
    shall the Sun consume and sibling Souls
    be born as once before but till the land
    be steeped in blood may sovereign twins

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    ever good NER hope to rule in peace for
    god I really want to like a just regular
    Dragon Quest game come out what's the
    next one coming out I think it's coming
    out on the Swit No ps4 on 3ds wasn't it
    Oh that'll be nice once upon a time many
    years ago
    okay so first and foremost I want to
    quickly pause I change volume settings
    there we go
    okay so we're going to turn music down a
    bunch voices up sound effects even down
    more and jingles down there we go
    okay then I'm going to crank the game up
    because this is really really quiet and
    I prefer you guys to bet people actually
    hear things that might be a little bit
    loud though I just I want I want player
    voices to actually be audible anyway I
    think this game might actually have some
    monster collection if that I like some
    monster collection elements which I'm
    kind of psyched more okay
    so for people that don't know the Dragon
    Quest Heroes games they are kind of the
    Kobe tekmoto offshoot of the Dragon
    Quest game obviously they've got they've
    got combat pretty close to like the
    dragon not the Dragon Quest the dynasty
    Warriors games if you've ever played if
    you've ever played those I don't think
    this guy actually attacked me back so I
    should probably stop oh he does okay
    here we go I can lock in on them wow
    they're really committed to the slime
    puns train

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    sorry sorry dreaming about the war war
    that was a million years ago yeah I know
    that's the only history I've been
    reading up on can't wait to get his
    example way I know when the war finally
    ended the people of the world made a
    solemn pact never to fight again the
    world was divided into seven realms and
    peace reigned for a thousand years late
    than never
    so you guess there was nothing eh you
    know me too well
    honestly how did I come to have such a
    lady burning for a cousin cousin never
    told me you two were related this is for
    our sins so how did you two meet
    no we got talking one day at the academy
    I did it nice to meet you like wine so
    how's everyone back home Indonesia oh
    they're fine no I hate to say you look
    like you're doing pretty well yourself
    don't complain ah almost forgot yeah
    little present from everyone you've been
    in harbor for a year now we thought you
    might be pining for a taste of home you
    can say that again
    this little you keep going into you by
    the way how are you enjoying life here
    in the
    this is a famous Cathedral it's
    incredible the pictures really don't do
    it justice should ever wicked war review
    a dragon shall the Sun consume and
    sibling souls be born and once before
    but till the land be steeped in blood my
    sovereign twin this however good Nair
    hope to rule in peace forevermore
    right isn't that how the prophecy goes
    yeah but I have a clue what it means
    maybe something like don't you dare
    fight each other again
    my best guess anyway will you stop
    waving that thing around ah I see you're
    every bit as reckless as ever
    and I see you're every bit of scared of
    a little funny right that's enough

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    sightseeing for one day time to hit the
    Barrett hey wait wait for me not bad
    even got a little backyard well I say
    little but big enough to swing a sword
    in which reminds me I never asked you
    how your study the beam going you're top
    of the class
    I suppose course I am I'm the best
    swordsman in the academy by mile oh is
    that so
    hmm hey if you don't believe me I'll be
    happy to show you quick spa while the
    pot boils you're off I won't be holding
    back I hope you're all ready things are
    about to get serious
    Cyprus sticks Cyprus sticks I really
    need to actually go back and play some
    the old dragon dragon games go ahead
    show me how it's done
    I don't remember playing any other Korea
    tech no games with causing hurry baby
    please fine demonstration of offensive
    and defensive skills soldiers fashion
    abilities remember first cost magic
    points to you go ahead and try using one
    okay right bumper annex all right okay
    I'm almost impressed you've definitely
    improved who's last year I've been at
    the old rivalry between you two is hot
    enough now we finished by talking about
    tension as I'm sure you have learned
    over packing and being attached cause
    your tension to increase the bar at the
    bottom left of the screen shows your
    current tension level now let the spirit
    of cuddly competition flow free and sell
    that bar okay use the right stick to
    control the camera lock on already
    figured that out
    I'd almost kind of wish they just threw
    me into like a direct combat situation
    hook okay there we go oh now they stop

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    with the voice acting weird ah
    not too shabby you've been keeping
    yourself busy this last year I see and
    then looks like you've actually been
    doing your homework for once so we step
    things up the gear I thought you'd never
    all right I'm gonna take the gloves off
    and get serious stop stop stop someone's
    going to get hurt if you carry on like
    certainly better than you used to be not
    too bad yourself
    very good beauty recruits certainly know
    one end of a sword from the other bravo
    must be skewed to perfection by now
    should we begin
    ah I was just writing on here you go
    thanks very much well then here's the
    delicious reunion dinner it's good to
    see you
    and you explosion what's going on did
    you miss me did you miss Intertek him he
    did you decide you minions yeah
    hurry everyone inside quickly
    Lord forbidden in the seven realm were
    allowed to fight in any way Harbor
    Indonesia are supposed to be allies
    don't worry about that now the people
    are in danger let's do what we were
    trained to do
    you're right
    all things considered this is probably
    actually one of the best KOA techno
    games I think I've ever played wow
    that's a lot
    EEP what's the donation are we doing
    here with this platoon of elite monsters
    I'm scared shulk you just hang back he
    likes me and Hulk who will help harbin
    army beat back the do nazianz all right
    time for some action we have to keep
    them from getting into Harbor here we go

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    yeah this might believe our first real
    battle has to be against their own
    people me neither
    we won't be very popular in gym easier
    after this we can't afford to worry
    about that right now let's just
    concentrate on keeping the people of
    harbour safe yeah yeah so this play is a
    lot like a standard dynasty Warriors
    type games if you're used to them though
    I have to say it looks a hell of a lot
    better he's a prince of you Newseum
    we're old friends kind of I really hope
    he's not involved in any other another
    horde of monsters has appeared we didn't
    even finish the last one off oh jeez
    alright press B when your tension gauge
    is full to go into high tension mode for
    a limited amount of time here we go haha
    freakin Super Saiyan really alright I
    mean I make sense as long as you're in
    high tension mode you will be totally
    immune to damage and that's just for
    starters your attack power also increase
    in any state of the sail myths will be
    cured instantly and if that isn't enough
    you'll also be able to use spells and
    abilities without spending a single
    point of MP when you're done press B
    tamil eesha Coupe de gras and leave high
    tension mode in style
    oh don't you hack Giga gosh not so tough
    now if you fail getting past us you've
    got another thing coming hey don't get
    too carried away we're fighting our own
    here remember oh those are reviewing the
    fights don't over them the G nations are
    following and most of the townspeople
    have been evacuated to safety we should
    fall by by negates ourselves yeah that
    looks like the last of them why don't
    you pick on someone your own size
    no time to be lying around you want to
    take our don't you love but bigger than
    always better all right I actually have

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    to say I'm really digging this for a
    reason if that Club hits you it's
    night-night enormous since when did the
    duty V&R me start using names
    night covers may be big but they take a
    while to recover their after
    attacking we've been to swing his club
    and dive in and strike
    be careful even if you avoid his attack
    the shockwaves can still knock you off
    balance you need to jump at just the
    right moment looks like his water step
    out now doctor I've been doing that this
    whole time lady hey big there we go
    I don't know if I can heal myself in
    combat hopefully I can get my hand out
    this is why we need a modern don't wear
    a mic
    this is why we need a modern dragon
    warrior monsters game all I'd be so
    pretty looking like holy look at
    are we like getting knocked over by his
    bolt now okay
    fortunately this
    I'm just gonna hurt that didn't look so
    big and scary now are you here we go
    here we go let's see did helix perv I've
    wondered know helix just healed me
    occasionally I don't get cocky YouTube
    is nothing more dangerous than a corn of
    pee area hold on Jack unfortunately we
    do like no damage of the dude that it
    out well he's not done yet it's getting
    there now takes forever to fight this
    guy I guess like it was just hang out in
    the back and just do wrong like I could
    always just hang out the back and do uh
    uh and just fire myself up but that'd be
    boring quick everyone hide the cake

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    so he means to make us barge our way in
    you can't hide forever Oh noble King
    sooner or later justice will be done
    fall back I was Cesare wasn't it yeah no
    doubt about it if the prince himself
    would leading the attack then something
    terrible must have happened well that's
    not bad at all
    you two did well out there today to you
    hope you hadn't stepped him and you did
    well we'd I mean who are you anyway
    you're not from around these parts
    that's for certain
    honestly you can't just go asking who
    she is like that you haven't even
    introduced yourself yes you're right we
    haven't made our introductions happening
    but I fear that we'll have to wait it
    looks like these gentlemen are keen to
    have a little word with us on the forum
    circumstances have yet to be established
    but it has been confirmed beyond acts
    that the gymnasium where indeed behind
    this attack the question of why however
    what does it matter why we were attacked
    without warning or provocation firm and
    decisive retaliation is the only
    possible response but your majesty
    to do so would be to abandoned a
    thousand years of peace and risk the
    fulfillment of the prophecy a thousand
    pardons your majesty
    if you'll forget the intrusion we bring
    the Warriors who repelled the donations
    at for your command ah so it was you who
    delivered the citizens of armor from
    peril you have my heartfelt thanks ah
    don't mention it big man all in a day's
    work I like the very top the king you're
    talking to you idiot and who exactly you
    might ask
    oh one sorry but I'm a student here in
    harbour I came from Tunisia to study at
    the academy
    and it was my cousin she's just going
    from Tunisia today she come for a visit
    you mean to tell us that Jun is Ian
    citizens were present in the capital
    prior to the assault admit it you are
    agents of the enemy sent here to lay the
    groundwork for this cowardly attack true
    we just heard a commotion and came
    running they were only trying to show
    off of your lies do you take us for
    friend enough think a moment why would
    spy sent by Jun Lizzy and fight against
    their own army it doesn't make sense
    these are not spies they are heroes I
    will gladly vouch for them and who are
    you exactly

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    forgive my rudeness I am desam owner and
    boy of the high king of accordion huh I
    come up with the head of your radiance
    himself Your Majesty my master long may
    he reign made me make haste to harbor
    the moment unity and forces were
    observed crossing the border my orders
    are simple do everything in my power to
    support you in preventing the ravages of
    war from blighting these land again is
    that so
    we Harvin's have no desire to take up
    arms against unity er we are more
    inclined to seek counsel with our former
    allies and find a means of restoring
    peace these hostilities must not
    continue to this end we hereby call upon
    the aid of the High King we humbly
    request that he act as intermediary
    between us and the people of dunya
    very good Your Majesty I will return to
    a cordial right away your words all
    greatly pleased his radiance wait you
    have to let me come with you I can't
    just stand by and do nothing while
    Geneva and Harvard tear each other apart
    me neither
    I'm coming too well Your Majesty do we
    have your blessing
    very well lady desdemona your two young
    friends may accompany you when you're
    missing your majesty
    I solemnly swear we'll do everything in
    our power right now we're talking leave
    it to us
    creak man will get that I can to help
    even if I have to twisted armor
    consignee these brave warriors your
    majesty okay huh you should be serious
    for just one second don't say yes your
    this game is painfully campy not bad
    but painfully can't be hopefully the
    writing gets better but I get the
    feeling I get the feeling the writing is
    just going to be as goofy as as that
    and now we've got this like random the
    music does not fit it's like the classic
    Dragon Quest music that's still but like
    I'm going to be totally honest like yeah
    the writing is kind of like bad cringe
    but I actually do like this game
    the gameplay was good fighting the
    monster is a little bit lame but like I
    don't think I've ever actually fought

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    something in a dragon you know like a
    dynasty warriors like game that actually
    doesn't suck usually it's just like oh
    goodie you've uh you've uh I want to
    plays this guy
    Chuck's mountains not this guy this guy
    seems lame or maybe I want to play as
    this guy suddenly I want to play his
    mustache man um I don't know I just it
    it looks actually like kind of decent
    just also like stupid campy but then
    again like playing Dragon Quest heroes
    good not Dragon Quest Heroes Dragon
    Quest builders like it probably would
    have been just as just as a cringy oh it
    had they had they actually voice acted
    it as well
    I really want to see if moustache man
    does not suck

    DRAGON QUEST HEROES II is a hack-and-slash, field-roaming Action RPG that sends players on a new adventure to restore order to a once peaceful world ...


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    1. your game is not in VO, japanese voice is so far better because they train a lot for their voice acting, i don't understand people who choose another language than the original one… for me stupid person


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