Let's Play Edge Of Eternity – Part 1 – Seriously Dark Juju Magumbo!

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music] we play welcome to the freak show i'm your host bumpy mcsquiggles today we're diving in we're checking out the freshly minted newly released edge of eternity is by midgar studio dear villagers and again today june 8th 2021 is the official release day of a said game edge of eternity gonna have one of those epic voices going into it so that being said a ladies and a gentleman i have actually gone through and i did a i think uh a few episodes of like a early first look at the game and it's been quite some time it's finally out i've been waiting for this for quite a while and it's time to dive in and begin our journey anew and in earnest let's get into it we're not gonna go with easy we'll probably go with normal difficulty because you know it's what we do and i think everything else is fine let's go [Music] uh x x's are our go thirty years ago strange metal airships appeared in our skies we didn't know who it was or what they wanted friendly at first they shared their extraordinary technology with us harry and prospered for a time but one day they simply decided we weren't worthy of their favors anymore they dealt the first strike and junor was obliterated overnight against such tremendous power we realized how powerless we were [Music] the remaining nations formed an alliance under the banner of the consort one that might stand a chance against them after years of countless sacrifices and senseless slaughter the tide began to turn we began to hope again little did we know that our enemies were about to unleash their most terrible weapon is it the corrosion uh i thought maybe it was me i'd be like ah hey what's up all right so i remember this being a pretty serious and kind of disappointing that's kind of par for the course for most games uh pretty disappointing and sad start to a game a various continent the beyond 400 year 460 of the cyrus era this is not how we started before very interesting we started trudging through the snow let's see how this all plays out i i've been pretty excited to dive into this you know from beginning to end i had just a taste and that was enough it left me wanting more but not wanting to dive in too deep so we can enjoy the you know the entirety of the game once it was time oversized two-handed swords right who in their right mind would use such a stupid weapon exactly some kind of insecure kid with a hero complex no doubt or maybe some other kind of complex uh if you catch my drift now really you can barely lift it off the ground and by the time you haul it to your shoulder your opponent's blade is already running through your chest ordo if we put your theory to the test will that make you shut up i thought you'd never ask all right let's take him down oh sure i put my mouse in the middle screen there welcome to the battle system of edge of eternity when you come to contact with monsters on the field you will enter this battle phase in a battle your goal is to defeat your opponent by reducing their hp to zero remember folks hp above one equals or above zero equals win the status of your own characters comprises of three gauges hp is green mp is blue and ad white and red if your characters are reduced to zero hp you'll lose the battle number hp above zero is the goal during the battle the ad bar loads when one of your characters or one of your enemies reaches 100 percent in the atomic bar it is their turn and yes i like to say it that way during each turn the ataba bar stops loading until the end of the turn okay i i don't i think that's fine so historically me as a content creator me as young bumpy playing rpgs and so on and so forth always been a massive fan of tactical turn-based strategy games turn-based games the emphasis is on turn base when the activa bar the atb the active time battle whatever you want to call it that bar showed up i did not like it i bounced off of every game that had it few games i could tolerate it a few games do it well i mean don't get me wrong and it's definitely a thing that adds a different level different feel to a game and i know people really enjoy that people don't really like turn-based games often times some do some don't anyway different different flavors for different people right so this seems like your atb bar [Music] is kind of like an initiative bar more than an active time battle bar so when you fill up then you actually get to take your turn and while that's happening everything stops you take your turn and then it continues i'm okay with that if that's how this is done so we'll we'll see i don't really remember exactly how this works but that's what it sounds like based off what we just read here when it's your turn you can choose an action use the left click on the attack button and press a to start an attack action i'm using a playstation 4 controller so it's all good oh uh well i thought it was apparently it is forcing me to use my mouse that's okay now select a target using this this left click okay when you damage an enemy the damage is displayed on the screen the status of your enemies displayed above and comprises two gauges hp green and atb white and red when the enemy has a zero hp they are defeated so we can see how fast their oh when your atb when your enemy's atp is now full it is their turn to choose an action yeah the enemy is damaged to you now to future enemy using the attack action so it looks like we are slightly quicker and it truly is okay okay i'm allowed to use my uh i'm allowed to use my controller now uh i didn't i set it to auto and the option so maybe set that way and it's causing me issues i should have said it's a probably controller it's uh not wanting to all right it's fine yeah that's fine i'll play with the settings uh after we get through this uh tutorial area victory it is good to know that the game works just as well with the keyboard mouse as it does with the controller that is a big thing so once we get into the ability for me to use the controller we'll see how it works you won your first battle after winning the battle the victory reward interface appears okay after winning the battle your character gains experience when the xp white bar is full your character levels up becoming stronger your weapon also gains experience and levels up independently from characters nice you earn hair years from battles here's our the currency of hey ron make sense uh that are used to buy equipment and items you can also see your battle time here the battle time is the number of seconds the time is counted only during atb loading that the battle lasts makes sense all right you can loot up to two different items in battle your rewards are affected by your battle rating and by completing optional battle objectives alright i'm tracking everything so far couldn't he just stab you bravo really nice gentlemen thank you now that you are properly warmed up will you guys help us tidy up the storage room i didn't enlist to stack crates come on the punishment was for the whole platoon face up to itself we're here because you questioned the commander's orders in front of everyone don't be like that darian one day you and i will share everything as husband and wife oh she's getting crazy still doing the clingy girlfriend routine sill i thought darian told you he wasn't interested oh oh but things have changed buddy would you mind getting back to work we're supposed to be doing this together huh things have changed what what changed and here i go ignore it as usual darian has agreed to go on a date with me this again wait what when she got me i lost a bet and she chose my punishment it's not a punishment ouch spend one hour on a date with me and you'll realize i'm a keeper i like you you'll be begging me for a second one like yeah i will i guess congratulations are in order i'll play the game but don't get your hopes up too high sil oh so this is where you guys are what's up hey kino i've got mail for you i've got you've got did you bring sandwiches too you wish fatso choke on your mother's ashes letter for you ordo nice and one for you darion your sister as always oh the sister thanks he were together sorry nothing for you guys nobody loves you deal with it the usual it's cold out there i'm gonna take five man i'm in no rush to go back to hq so tense over there right now everyone's on tender hooks why why's that don't know maybe they're getting worried too many people are deserting these days nonsense they know how to deal with deserters i always have i heard something about mounting a large-scale counterattack i don't know when it's supposed to happen but hey darian what's with the long face yeah mama's sick it's my mother i remember she caught the corrosion oh no oh man that's rough i'm sorry i shut up in a situation like this it's better not to say anything it's fair what are you gonna do ask for leave mate go to her commander cora likes you he might just let you it's been months since they gave anyone leave cora needs me he won't let me go like that but it's your mother i know but what choice do i have eh awol oh that's not a good sound what's happening the arcolites how do they find us the cavern's collapsing hi taylor folks i like to start a lot actually what the hell happened here oh nobody called out or said to move did everyone survive keno no no no no no kino did not make it above the arcolites what are they doing here how did they find us i thought the crystals were supposed to protect us uh oh oh no oh my god this is what we're fighting how are we supposed to take this on they're sending the stalkers to finish the job it's over not yet it's not no we're not done we're not anywhere near done yeah stay close remember your training and we'll make it out the usual formation sandra you cover us from the back we'll shield sandra and make sure nothing gets through ready pretty epic all right ordo close the gap all right looks like we're gonna have to move oh this is interesting i don't remember this part of it but i'm sure it was there select the case in front of the character and press left mouse button move there directly or hold and select the final destination of the character good that should keep it off sandra's face we turned away sandra you can focus on your casting now that's not good i did something wrong there that was a mistake select the fire rift action all right launch it toward the target while the characters are casting spells atb a bar turns red when the red atv bar is full the character will launch the spell makes sense magic come to our aid magic is coming nice nice it's working sandra keep it up yes all right what are we gonna do stand around so it's targeting you brace yourself select defensive skip turn action okay and i suppose we're gonna want to do something like hamstring it lightning strike uninterruptible element thunder instant attack inflict a two-hit combo on enemy seems legit does it have any uh any kind of like slowing effect no it really doesn't all right well i'm gonna hit him with lightning he is a robot takes this maybe i should try to go behind him i'm not real sure fusion cannon all right we'll try it again i don't like that the fireball is going directly through your head though dude can i change my facing it doesn't look like i can so let's hit him with a chained attack quick attack there shrapnel missile she's not oh make it she's okay that wasn't too bad it did interrupt her though normal attacks and interrupt skills can damage your power of concentration when casting a spell when the concentration bar is empty any attacks underway is canceled and your character loses their turn ah it's messing with my casting we'll stop it happening again okay we'll try it again oh what do we got doesn't look like we have anything fancy so we're gonna go lightning strike again very nice game looks real good by the way all right what is this a taunt a shield bash how are we gonna have it focus on us when the red atb bar does not contain a padlock it means the spell is interruptable you could use a normal attack or an interrupt skill to damage the enemy's power of concentration use a normal attack to interrupt the boss all right there's no padlock the boss's action has been interrupted all right that's cool magic fire rift one very nice we're out of mp we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna hit him with some knowledge another quick attack all right it is padlocked now shrapnel missiles coming out she was not oh it was him she wasn't casting in the back ah i'm wounded you're fine potion coming up are you gonna chuck a potion at him all right select the potion action now select the target by using that that or that confirm okay got it oh my man thank you you're welcome all right attack again my friend all right how about we hit him with a thunder rift this time see if it does more damage i guess i have no choice but to let time or let my attack off who are you it's on ordo okay it's our buddy again he should be fine he's got plenty of hp the attack is coming out all right we'll throw another attack out on them there we go magic come to our aid and boom oh that was a big hit wow we should've been doing that before my goodness well now that we've got enough to take him down but we're gonna try oh no we double missed oh no longinus i think it was scripted that we missed no that's not good you bastard i'm gonna take you down seriously i had to have been scripted it hadn't been scripted so there's no way we double missed that syndra she blood and ashes lashes as i like to call it we don't have a second to waste we have to go to headquarters what are you saying sandra is dead without her we don't stand a chance suck it up that's why we need to go to the mountain there are bound to be some priests or sorcerers alive there it's fair so we'll go there and regroup let's go and keep an eye out for survivors that sucked wow that's just right through the armor huh dammit oh what was that do i want to save my progress you better believe i want to save my progress i think this was uh way back in the day this is my original save so look 2019 uh march of 2019 was last time i played all right so give me one second guys all right i have it reset for controller only hopefully it sticks i may still have to adjust and adapt to some things game looks really nice like they've done a fantastic job the game always looked nice but it looks really really good so big shout out to kudos to them and again uh thank you to them for sending this my way a long time ago i got to do some early access first look coverage way back in the day and uh it's here now and that all kind of morphed into me being able to continue to play like i i got the full game from them so a big shout out thank you to them for that amber poison's the target all right we have a run kinda seems like a run maybe we can track quest on the screen's right panel on the quest interface against what quest you like to track the current quest objective is indicated on the compass if there is a visible objective point it will be shown in the world but not all quests have visible objective points it makes sense where's the fifth contingent what the hell are they doing you need to calm down they're not here yet no there's no way they've been wiped out no way some really bad jujube gumbo has gone down though tell you guys that much it's not great oh you heard it oh there's some more shiny bits here all right another potion i can i can get behind that i feel like by the time our adventure is over we're going to be the only one oh the thing you know please hold on that's amazing please hold out no don't look stay here stay with me and we'll make it the tower went down look at the size of these mech things out here man that is scary we are definitely at a loss right now like uh we're definitely behind the eight ball uh definitely outgunned for lack of a more accurate turn some big robots down there that's not good for us anyway it's probably good for them we are we are hustling right now all right i see some stuff over here there's a bunch more oh no no no help me somebody who's who or what is that what is this brace yourselves let's end this quick we're gonna be doing battle ah it's calling thunder get out of the target zone it's your turn to play select an action on the action bar and okay the camera is too close press the r thing to switch to tactical mode okay characters in this zone will receive damage use the tactical mode to get a better view of the battlefield move to move the camera and rotate okay it makes sense ooh it's real fast on this okay press the right trigger to open up the main menu or the main actions menu okay select move all right we have moved outside of the blast zone divine lightning is coming down that doesn't sound good oh oh oh it didn't matter dude super angry now strike the opponent is turning their back to you all right i might actually end up playing this one with the keyboard mouse i kind of like the keyboard mouse controls a little bit better i think but you know what we'll see yeah red damage means you deal extra damage with the backstab oh that's really nice yeah you or an enemy receive damage skills and actions often deal damage to entities when the entities hp reached zero the entity will be ko'd till the end of the battle or until they are resurrected with a specific item or spell all right uh i can't attack from here so i definitely have to move closer you are an enemy moved on the nexus grid during battles you can move to an unoccupied nexus use move action in the action bar each nexus can contain up to four entities okay that is fascinating all right so we're gonna try this again with another yeah he's not facing away from us again you have been interrupted or you have interrupted an enemy when a character or an enemy uses a physical attack against an entity that's casting a spell red gauge in progress and cascade the entity is interrupted and has a chance or has to choose a new action all right unfortunately i'm still not in position to do anything i'm going to move into the same hacks as she's in all right you received a critical damage from behind or inflicted it on an enemy physical damage dealt from behind yeah okay all right we all over this our hp is holding so we're okay big hit there we interrupted him he's just jumping around though i feel like interrupting him is actually worse where he's behind us okay big hit big hit cool cool cool ordo's gotta move okay now everybody's gonna move out of this which is not good actually it does that's not what that means it means we have to hit him before he casts or he's gonna come at us but that gives him a free attack we could just move out of the way wait from the cast and then attack him too so there are a few different options and ways we can go about doing what we're doing i like that i like that we have some options here yeah big hit from ordo can we get a follow-up big hit it looks like we can and will we be done before him no i i suppose i'm just gonna go for it yeah not quite enough here comes his dashboard definitely doesn't feel good but ordo's got this goodbye you done got got friend you done got got and we saved that dude that was over here pretty cool thank the gods you're safe kind of getting used to this no time to lose you must take me to the headquarters quickly they're waiting for me to conduct the ritual we can fight back and smite these wretched arcolites we can win this war i can win this war but i need you to take me to the mountain right now i mean that's exactly where we're going good good good what what are you waiting for let's go i feel like if you're gonna be the one that wins the war i mean you should you should be a little bit more self-reliant a little more self-sufficient you don't need us to take you something you know it's okay it's all good this would have been a great project if uh if i could have managed to score a voice acting uh gig on this would have been great uh one day i'll pursue it a little bit more heavily but for now i've done a i've done a trailer for a game that was nice and thus far that's that's been about it uh right now though my my uh allergies are killing me folks i've been coughing a lot it's it's been a it's been a bad month for bumpy but also a really good month at different points so who knows all right let's go ahead and grab the potion here the seat of destruction reached the mountain well guys the gal's left back win the war if this is a joke supplicant it's a bad one don't doubt the words of a sanctorium priest soldier the gods punish those who lack true faith yeah buddy faith faith oh not a good time ordo now's not the time for sure anyway ladies and gentlemen i think maybe let's see here um i don't know you know what we're going to keep going until we 100 know we're at the next our next save point how about that so this might be a little bit of a longer episode that's totally okay i don't mind we got to learn the ebbs and the flows of the game we got to see the ends and the outs and like i said we changed controls midway through uh i really like the keyboard mouse approach it seemed to me a little bit more like right there available to you and you're able to just dive in understand what you're doing where you need to go what you need to do however playing around with the controller a little bit uh you know at first i was like yeah but it's not too bad it's not too bad i like the controller version too so uh if you guys decide to pick up the game you're playing yourselves or you're checking out the game for the first time what do you think of the controls which uh which one's your favorite let me know down in the comment section folks i would appreciate that all right roaming around still looking for extra treasure loots uh how are do we heal at all do we have like a a party menu that we can bring up doesn't seem like it i assume down the road will be able to bring up like look around you priest are the gods here to help us anywhere show me and i'll show you true faith or don't drop it we don't have time to argue the gods will present them the truth and the non-believers will understand too late the extent of their foolishness yeah foolishness non-believer now's not the time though he he did almost get killed i mean i don't think this dude alone is gonna win the war but maybe i'm wrong knows maybe does some sort of noble self sacrifices and nukes all of the the bad guys i have no idea i suppose we'll figure it out as we go battlefield seems a little littered with just bad stuff ooh ambrosia power the powder the fruit fruit or the food of the gods were oh we don't have time to stop keep going what's happening to him i don't think i want to know what's happening hey what's wrong stay just stay away from me is that man corroded don't let him anywhere near me we shouldn't even be breathing the same air we should be leaving him here and calm down pal it's not supposed to spread that fast maybe maybe it's not what we think it is no darien i i know this is it i can already feel it wow creeping into my mind kill him now that's an order shut up this is our comrade darion i won't be able to resist it much longer please do it quickly what a depressing start to a game i mean it's like every game these days though i guess we're doing it yeah good day all right let's let's uh let's dance the dance of life i guess uh i think we're gonna move i think that's gonna be our play we're gonna try to see if we can't get like a behind ha i'm gonna move her as well all right let's go ahead and have a basic attack on the back side there so now he kind of has to split his attention right yeah so she should have a free attack yeah on his backside i think nope still not fully behind him okay i mean technically we could even move away a little what if we moved here yeah and then what if we moved skip our turn if we moved here okay is there a way to change our facing um guess not just gonna wait for him to move a little bit closer come on gotta move at some point buddy he's just not gonna move he's waiting for us i guess all right he just does not care apparently all right i guess i'll move back in and fight him he doesn't want to be uh outplayed that's fair that's very he's no dummy he understood what i was doing he shouldn't i mean he should be like blood raged or what have you right you know with his corrosion this going on but really wants to take her down i don't like it all right well he's done i think i'm sorry buddy sorry ordo why did the priest help us that's pretty bleak it's a bit rough all right man yeah we'll save all right ladies and gentlemen that is going to be where we break off this episode i really hope you guys liked it we'll definitely be coming back to this plan a bit more for sure uh if you guys want more information about the game where to get the game information on the developer the publisher any of that wonderful fun stuff down below in the description of the video there'll be various links and things of that nature with all that information if you happen to enjoy your time make sure you give me that thumbs up leave a like you know the score subscribe to the channel until the very next episode i have been your host bumpy mcsquiggums thank you so much for stopping by the freak show and always remember we play we fight we [Music] conquer [Music] youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch 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  1. I would actually like the game the voice’s don’t sound like the person I almost thought you were doing the voice I can actually deal with that but the turn base I don’t like it I don’t mind the other turn base we’re you go from character to character but not like that omg even with Gordo it should of been one wack not all that


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