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    Let's Play Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind BLIND [Part 1] MORROWINDS BACK!

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    I do not have a Facebook, and if you see anyone claiming to be me under any other name (anywhere) then it's 99% likely not me.

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    Comment (40)

    1. Let me tell you a story of a distant land, a land of fire and ash, of the dark-skinned elves, a land delving its strength from their ancestors, a land of conflict, tragedy and hope…

    2. I can’t stand that damn outline they give people it makes the game look fucking dumb I’ll buy it when I find it for 15 bucks I don’t buy high price games

    3. Couldn't make it past 6 minutes. I remember why I stopped watching youtube gamers. You guys seriously need to get your sh*t together, I'm not watching a video of you trying to figure out how to use your keyboard and mouse. Jesus christ wtaf!!

    4. This is the first time seeing one of your videos you are really good narrator like literally on an expert level when in comes to gaming I really like watching you
      You make me laugh bro and you are very entertaining ¡subscribe!

    5. One of the things that I really like about the chapters in Elder Scrolls Online is that they still create a fun single player experience. The crafting and housing and other extras just put it over the top.


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