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SearchThisVideo: Let's Play Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind BLIND [Part 1] MORROWINDS BACK!

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it is written my God Himself my paradise

a place of ancient mystery but something

evil creeps through my realm

hiding among the great houses

with the ash man


threatening to destroy all we happened


my legacy must ensure


welcome tomorrow winds alert one how's

it going - welcome back the Elder

Scrolls online now I'm actually very

excited because the morrowind deal will

see a massive expansion thing came out

today for this and I don't know a lot of

ballot to be perfectly honest with you I

know they have apparently recreated the

land of morrowind sort of to scale one

for one in obviously Elder Scrolls

online now I know obviously this is an

MMO however I'm going to treat it like a

single-player game so we aren't going to

be coughing with anyone and got to treat

this as if I was recording Skyrim or

something of that nature and we're just

going to play through the story of the

dlc and you know any side quests and

things that look interesting as we go

along it's going to adventure to have

fun like I say I'm actually genuinely

excited I hope this isn't just you know

a cash grab and sort of taking a bunch

of people's nostalgia of morrowind I've

recently finished Moreau in myself

others that don't know for the first

time ever on the channel and yeah I

really like morrowind it's just kind of

super shitty combat now obviously the

combat and this isn't great but it is

certainly better so without further ado

we're going to jump into creating a

character here I'm gonna go with the new

class the ward and I want to say it's

called I'm not entirely sure we're not

going to be a CAD man the first will be

all over that so give me a second here

gonna make my character not going to put

too much work into this but long enough

that I am going to cut out most of this

so BRB and I'll show you what I've done

okay some goddamn time later this is the

ugly bastard of a dark elf that I've

made yeah not exactly the most

imaginative design I could have made him

look a lot weirder but I like to make my

characters look you know somewhat

realistic quote-unquote considering it's

a dark elf and there's the fantasy

character with red eyes but you get my

point like I don't want to be wearing

like a clown nose or anything like that

so anyway I did pick the water and

here's the description wardens are

defenders of the green monster story

tell us whose nature tells our become a

magic reality they will frost spells

against enemies and summon animals to

eat them

I like AI spells if I was a superhero

that's probably the power I pick so I

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

like that it's like the idea of

summoning [ __ ] five for me

I don't know if this is a good class it

could be in bounced could be horrible

could be Opie could be terrible I really

have no idea but all I know is this is

the class that came with the Morrowind

expansion thingamajigger so now I'm

going to pick a name let's see if Jason

McGriddle by spell gristle correctly is

taken or not you have played through a

tutorial with a previous character may

choose to play through it again with

Jason McGrath or skip it I'm going to

say we skip it because we have seen it

before he wants through the previous

videos where I played elder scrolls

online I will link those in the video

description if again you really want to

see the tutorial it's pretty cool I do

recommend it I'm going to vote to get

that now I hope this doesn't mess up us

playing the marooned expansion because I

want to go straight to that obviously so

scared I'm already in use by me I'm

pretty sure what about Jason the gristle

how about that create skip

okay we are Jason the grizzled I'm going

to count the load screens is usually

these things as long as bowls even

though I have this on an SSD alright

welcome back I did see something pop up

saying that waste ran to see Dineen

discovered I know say the Nina Zamora

win so I'm assuming we have to go to a

waste shrine and travel there to begin

it I don't really know what's the sign I

have mail so let's press the page up I

think it is yes maybe this here we go

invitation to morrowind this letter from

Canon Lagoon of the tribunal implant you

to come to the island of Aden fell

immoral in to meet Lord Vivek you can

find Kenan levira

outside the town to say to Nate right so

again how does one travel there let's

just head outside until we can find

first of all I'm going to rock this man

of the soldier

was my hand I'll take that we can hide

our shame and the dagger okay why is the

the what's the huh to the filter view

seems tiny let me see if I could change

that give me a second

okay here we go I found field of view

parents on a hundred I'm not sure

believe that let's put it to like 120

that seems that seems a lot better

alright so we're just going to treat

this like we're playing the game

normally I guess until we figure out how

to get to I get to see Denning so I'm

going to rub these holes I don't

remember sonic well obviously I want to

start here because I did the tutorial

last time

Newman's doing ingredients for crafting

in the Khajiit style common counter

design sure I think there is housing

this game now last time I played it I

don't think there was I know they've

done like a lot of updates to make the

game feel more you know more Elder

Scrolls II since I last played hunters

prior recipe and nickel alright sweet so

where does a brother girl so how do I

run let me check the controls again one

second and user interface book huh

alright I want to know I want to know

how to run secondary action is

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

waitthat's housing there you go there is

housing you know give me a second cuz

clearly I can't find it okay sir oh man

that I had to rebind some of the

controls I figured it remembered what I

had before but I guess cuz on his story

it didn't so let's carry on I think I

can somewhat control my character now I

think still seem really zoomed in even

though I put the filter view to 120 yeah


although I will cover this for now until

it makes me you know nauseous mag

manganese sure Negrito crafting in the

orc star going on style or I see Twix

evening what

this is super me Marlene I'm pretty this

looks like Morrowind to me maybe they

start us in more what the hell is this

justice dudes mounts and stuff who the

hell are you hello you look kind of cool

you look like a witch doctor I want to

be a witch doctor

ain't no Klan fear that the clans here

what system it's a nice [ __ ] you got


alright umm so I think we're morrowind

what if i open up the map yeah vivix

down okay so we are in more okay cool

well that works yeah yeah alright oh

[ __ ] what was that he had never won a

flaming horse was badass you're none of

your NPCs right so always put the meet

with a dude what's on him let's check

the mail okay so invite you so we're

looking for cannon davood I'd like to

hand increase what what I do outside the

town if they'd mean say they don't sign

up the town is evening it's probably

this quest marker yeah that person has a

scamp I'm adorable

the uau Levu plea know someone we need

help well hang on I'm looking for the

doodle supposed to be speaking to maybe

it's this guy over here or find them

eventually I sweat a lot of people seem

to be going in this building maybe

that's important do they show up on the

map bear with me bear with me I remember

and in fact learn how to contact horse

looks so cool and learn how to play the

game I think I have a mounts what fun

was it on H uh they call my mouth hello


I mean whistling I think I should have a

horse at least a basic [ __ ] horse

stress to this person now there's an

armature injured on the road outside say

they mean so much blood they need help

all right calm down

Ellen tell me what happened I'm not

exactly sure the buoyant armature was

accompanying cannon ballast on on

mission four Lords avec but something

terrible must have happened canon valise

has sent me to find help she's on the

road just outside of say Dineen will you

help them is that not the person I'm

supposed to be looking for yeah yeah oh

yeah I need to double-check that was

their name right yeah no cannon Lou

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00


okay so this took cannon but different

kind of cannon well let's go help this

person they will find out what the other

one is you sweet baby you sweet cap with

you your mind the guar is in country

life grand

it's like I'm right back at home in

serie dill aside from the giant fungi

and adorable lizard chickens of course

cyrodiil majors guild

what's an imperial like you doing this

what's down like rotten film that's not

small that's not a town god damn i son

of a [ __ ] tried again running away from

the war on the mainland of course more

and more arrived each season the new

blood send some Dark Elves into fits but

they agreed on shared borders when they

sign the pact fair enough then alright

let's go help this person

now obviously I'm level 1 or 0 whatever

how is the Great Houses in they use

there you go you want to read that be my


I will go through the pages for you

really use a whole hole through pages to

write in that's a waste of paper as my

maths teacher would say the tweezer

groaning in the Wayne forest she can

pronounce her a lesson

alright so hello forgive me Outlander

but I have enough to deal with I'm just

a simple tribunal priest

and the trouble at the ancestral tomb

was too much for even orient Armiger to

deal with I have failed Lord vivec and

left a colleague alone at the

some what you have yeah what happened to

the ancestral tomb Lord Ravech sent the

three of us to seek guidance at the

Unruh no ancestral tomb we were attacked

when we got there and our God was

seriously hurt

I barely got her to safety but we failed

to complete the mission Lord vivec

bestowed upon us three of you you

mentioned another priest cannon level he

remained behind after we retreated from

the tomb I know he wants to get back

inside and ask Lord his ex questions but

there's no way he can get past the

Daedra or ask the questions on his own

may the three grant him wisdom you're

not going to believe this I still can't

remember if love rule is the person

we're supposed to be speaking to do to

stop its main quest I think it is right

yeah cuz your cannon Drella sir so this

is the guy we're looking for sure I can

go to the tomb and help can Levu well

I'm saying correctly you're the rule

okay how why what a3 caused a wounded

armature now this by dawn and dusk evil

creeps through the banners of Meinzer on

the garden spell but an outlander

arrives to aid my people just as I have

foreseen there's lads what do they mean

what what happened nothing she was

possessed by her mother so spoke through

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

you it's a miracle

hmm indeed it appears to be alright that

was very cool did everyone around see

that I don't know difference gathering

kids all those people yeah I guess the

deal seized did just come out alright

secluded I need to find something real

quick so that we can actually interact

with other players not I really care

that much but let me do that cuz it's

going to bug me just seeing like it not

bound pop up on the screen going to fix

that really quick then we will carry on

also might turn down the voice volume

because it was blowing out my eardrums

alright has been fixed I keep thinking I

you know I keep forgetting that playing

an image you look so cool look at you

and your Daedric I keep forgetting that

playing it in my mana keep going to

press f5 to quick save

I think of no quicksaving in this game

I still wish I knew how to like get my

horse walking alright first can you do

for her weight and everything it's out

there and if you happen and then why do

we have to met Marcus by the way what's

up with that uh kick cannon Dallas are

is that the tomb that we're going and

Juran Oh ancestor to I think I remember

the name of that from you know obviously

for morrowind well okay ham so there's

just more stuff I could say to you

because if so I guess we may as well

yeah yeah you're highlighted

okay what else you got the same l'ordre

that protects me

that was a szura the queen of the night

sky and you she spoke directly to you

Outlander well I am qualified the

Daedric Prince would risk Lord vivex

wrath to proclaim a prophecy but she did

say you were here to aid us it's right

baby I'm the main character one of many

pleased to meet you what just happened

here the Daedric Prince's aura possessed

that woman and spoke through her I've

heard of such occurrences of course but

to witness such an event

she said evil creeps through the land I

wonder if it has anything to do with

what we saw the tool eevr tell me about

your mission at the doom we sought

guidance in a matter that concerns Lord

vivec I received specific questions to

ask well live rule concentrated on

summoning his ancestor the Daedra ruined

those plans when they fell upon one see

and we were forced to flee those MC

Daedra what are those hurt dr. Gerber

vile creatures from oblivion great game

here about an odd ghost or a nest of

vampires but never Daedra please if

they're still there they'll rip cannon

the rural part yeah we should all

recklessly not to warrior just look at

what they did to the buoyant armature

you cook buoyant because you're like a

lizard person

if so Touche what's a point armature the

boy until nominal comprise what are you

military orders of the tribunal ten

they seek to emulate Lord vivex deeds

through actions and words poor Odyssey

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

those monsters went straight for her her

blood flowed like lava from Red Mountain

what's Red Mountain it's the giant

mountain in the middle of morrowind

where are you from children learn of Red

Mountain before they even taste Flynn

the mountain sits under a trident fell

periodically rumbling like a sleeping

mix shaking its leg lately however it

seems to be waking from its long slumber

and an ex is an enemy an ex hound I'm

gonna keep doing that be really annoying

no no all right so tell me about zero

authorize the cool that wise Daedric

prince of dawn and dusk she's one of the

good Dedra for what that's worth

but for her to speak through an innocent

means something terrible is about to

happen why else would she dare lords of

X wrath lovely reckon Azura don't get

along what do they teach you where you

come from periyavar lords is axel living


Asura is merely the anticipation of sofa

feel his expands as the present and the


while Azeroth clearly represents Vardhan

sails past so no they don't get along

there's a lot there you see the the

board God dude who you know resides in

the whatever the hell it's called some

kind of chamber in Vivek itself the city

you don't know Lord the deck once the

living gods of the dunmer tribunal you

must be new to our land Outlander but

there's no time cannon live will remain


he needs help if he's going to get

inside the tomb and ask the vex

questions I will try and explain as

we're going along little bits about the

morrowind lore and the game itself and

how this relates and blah blah blah if

the game isn't all that clear where I

can because again I did very recently

I'm talking like a couple of months ago

finish the entirety of morrowind again

for the first time great game though

combat [ __ ] they make somebody good

yes one of the god monarchs of

Morrowind he's the warrior poet who

lives in a grand palace in the vex City

Lord vivec sent us on this holy mission

to request information from Canon

liberals ancestor it breaks my heart

that I have failed him breaks my heart

to you baby you suck

alright now here's the question with all

of these people around who are clearly

real players can I teabag this person

and will this I mean I guess they should

see it right I don't know why that

amuses me so much but anyway rui-zhi a

lizard person you totally oh yeah it's

going to be why you've got like bone in

your name right so anyway we know where

we're going let's go do it shall we and

look at you and your beautiful horse

do you like my horse horse the way

that's a different song and darling can

I catch the butterfly I can yeah insect

parts bait the fish you've never

actually tried fishing last time I

played this game I really loved fishing

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

in video games

that was my favorite thing to do in

runescape RuneScape's neither in the

known can let globe to back down those

monsters it's too dangerous what am I

going to do

shon-kar is that you alright seriously

the voices are kind of loud for me learn

second audio of voices yeah I mean they

are on a hundred bed everything else is

on like 20 but now like 80 that should

be a be a lot more reasonable hello

I said hello listen to you oh she did

didn't she

that means she made it to say they need

will that be praised will you help me

complete my mission it would be

sacrilege if I don't enter my family's

to make Lord WebEx enquiries I know

you're not but you do sound a bit like

Sean Bean good old Sean Bean I love ya

the Thurman ask your questions as the

Saints declare the tribunal always

provide will negate cautious however

Daedra invaded the tumor makes it hard

to talk to one's ancestors where

monsters tried to eat you I'll also need

your help creates the summoning chamber

at sorry Ike you get distracted what can

help take this scroll with Lord of X


well I summon forth my ancestor spirit

and concentrate on maintaining the

connection you must ask the questions he

insists we use the exact four

we can go inside when you're ready I

don't know ask a few more questions I'm

going to get my guardian money's worth I

have already lost precious time due to

the buoyant armatures wounds but I

suppose a few more moments won't make

the volcano erupt or the moonlit fall

from the sky or anything what else can I

tell you my friend why does the Lord

vague want you to contact your ancestor

I'm not quite sure it wasn't my place to

ask when your Living God gives you a

task you say yes my lord

to share questions seem to involve the

time before the tribunal which I assume

is why we must ask them of my long dead

ancestor then repay your ancestor few of

my contemporaries can boast of a

luminary such as far an hour on Draenor

occupying a prime branch upon their

family tree they got remember their name

lady fairness studied at the feet of

silver seal was counted among his

companions before the tribunal rose to

power I can't remember if Elder Scrolls

online is set before or after morrowind

like I legitimately can't remember

I think it's before I think it's like

five hundred years before the events of

Skyrim or something like that so whose

so fulfil who so Fasil it's like asking

who Levesque in almalexia they are the

tribunal the living gods of the dunmer

so the seal is the architect of time and

a binder of oblivion if you want to know

more we can talk after we finished

didn't I kill almalexia I'm pretty sure

I did tell me about the creatures well I

can tell you why they weren't here the

last time I paid my respects Kennan

vilasa thinks there's some kind of

Daedra determined to keep us from

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

fulfilling laws of X we'll until you

showed up I wasn't sure what I was going

to do kick ass and chew bubblegum but

he's all out again I'm really let's do

this baby before we go in there and face

those monsters I want you to know how

much I appreciate your aid in this


just you better lose the scroll that

contains loads of X questions now come

let's call forth my ancestor I'll open

the tomb door I don't know why that

weird-looking dog thing is with the gold

plating on it but I want one

the way a black pepper follow me but

keep an eye out for those Daedra you're

not going yet okay I could face through

hello fellow dark elf how's it going I

am standing awkwardly close to you wow

you are huge

all right n we go journal ancestor tomb

the permanent I've drawn a family has

been among the leading members of house

red a ranter hunting Swimming's we

entered the hole of remembrance this age

to mount up like the other duty get out

of him there could be trusting things

how do i tank our we've got like basic

[ __ ] gear so you know I don't know how

we use our abilities

I genuinely do not wait a minute I just

do a tactical role does that just mean I

have a status effect okay well what are

we finding out what's going on

you're freaking everywhere man Bala do

you like

I think it's helmet yes again alright

how do we equip two things

good question Chris to equip the item

req cook much look down to you more okay

ads but that bad but I'm pressing cross

your gain well it's a big ass helmet

alright it's just better want to have AI

have a dishonored flavors great sword

it's marginally worse actually

alright we could put that on if you have

an iron dagger which does crap right

split the gold it's on okay

okay double clicking it works I don't

know about this whole like pressing

cross thing will look strong box why

it's your strong box for some reason

things seemed like you might never see

it again it's heavier than your River

though okay open it got a bunch of stuff

we're going to poll and some some pence

and I put pants on from here don't think


use quick slots oh Jesus Christ

I'll probably read most of my time being

Jonah yep definitely eggshell stuff the

layout the game shop

you are someone give me a hand here yeah

help me out there man

so you can mount in the tube that's so

cool thank you appreciate it

all right see if we can hide over here

for a second I'm equipping stuff leave

me alone for contact I care about

context with planets like a

single-player game and those people are

helping me

can I equip this is like you said I can

equip this like a cinch should have paid

attention should man mm-hmm yep shoulda

paid a ditch in all right we're armpits

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

yeah let's cut those bad put those bad

boys are we gonna kiss peace I don't

think she would get to the chick home we

just get an armor

yeah oh man yeah yeah that's

significantly better than what we were

wearing all right we look absolutely

terrible but damn it

this is what you get yeah I think we're

going to roll with a boat now I don't

know exactly what we're going to go with

on this character I mean obviously

summoning and ice spells Crumpton motifs

dark elf style used to learn the dark

elf crossing star requires rank one of

any other metalworking tailoring awkward

cutting passes already in your library

probably cuz I'm a dark L guess we can

sell that I do new beats the [ __ ] outta


Oh God

help me save me magical man you seem way

stronger than I am

yeah get dumped done gonna sound like

exploit or something

something [ __ ] up in me I don't know

probably all gone I strum doing like

roles I don't know how yeah I've said

really don't know how to use my other

abilities like surely I have some one

second we go check that as well yeah

it's like so it's on another case I mean

normally you think they would pay like

at the bottom rent yet I don't see it

you were trapped you can't knock it down

to probably not so that's blocking I

guess so I think right click is to block

makes sense to me

iron girdle its or the waste yeah get

out it's my girdle I'm assuming the blue

is a you know individual yeah I'll look

at that it's like a little belt buckle

skill line gained heavy ama if anyone is

actually a player of this and wants to

explain things to me as I'm going along

would be very very handy because Christ

in a handbasket this seems overly

complex like I don't know what the hell

that just meant I have no idea yeah I

think it was a tactical role at some

point I don't know how for whatever one

seems to have left without us it's not

like we're here with them anyway

yeah rawhide when it rawhide so kind of

work yeah okay so this can replace the

good old Phyllis armor increasing

inspiration gained from deconstruction

of my Seidenberg so it's not what's

wearing but you guys good to deconstruct

I don't know it's green them you're

right then but that player you did did

you're dying you suck I'll help your

body why does your scant them what I

won't help you at all if the only thing

really is um obviously being an MMO

we're going to go into tombs like this

and sometimes there's other people that

are just going to simply take care of

the the combat force at least I would

imagine so especially since it just came

out it's going to be very busy

but honestly I'm not that I'm not

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

concerned about that I got a joke in our

hand I feel like that's like a you never

mind I mean you make something very

dirty out all right so it's less Alma

and yet it feels like it should be more

what's up with that I don't even know ya

is obviously enemies seem to just

respawn unlike in the Elder Scrolls game

like you so when we're back in that main

room they just keep popping up so yeah

exactly prime example right there just

take on these [ __ ]

it's might be a horrible idea I fully

accept that but uh oh God

I'm stuck oh Jesus what the hell are you

annoying are you either dieter school

I'm Dean though oh that's actor wrong

it's pretty sweet

thank you yourself should i don't switch

weapons i mean

kodak hand oh Jesus Ryan if I press both

clubs together

neutral thank you thank you Oh

jinx is willing to read things man oh

all right thank God that guy in a handle

who gold totally worth it totally worth

it but he comes back I might need your

help not invite another dude right here

get club it's done I'm leaving yeah that

illiterate Atlanta did win it what's

happening you know but seriously what

happening in like as humble what's the

matter buddy - Franny comes on you a

[ __ ]

get jumped on thank you

oh jesus oh jesus it is person who look

like they've been made of stone is dead

can you help me yeah I think it's cousin

he's helping me I guess we might have to

kill the UH awesome do I kill this dude

he's like a boss maybe

not entirely sure though their main

services like this what are we looking

for here seems to be a dead end right

even go in another chamber or something

that I miss if all the clothes kind of


thank you about a thank you alright so

let's try switching back to all weapons

I'll go with this for now might be a bit

more effective I are new I think good no

no you don't all right we can loot this

chest oh god do that I'll go nyan snakes

on a rope

I've had it with these goddamn snakes on

this goddamn rope amethyst

clamp this when I set over again

wait a minute where the hell are we go

it's over the map I'm going over there

clearly right so that in front of us is

dead end the team centre purpose of them

come Ben and I don't see anyone around

here to help me so I'm a little worried

Munich clubbing but I say we give it a


Leroy Santa's here I come to save the


yeah yeah all right what you bought from

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

these dudes to [ __ ] me yeah yeah if I

think you might be buffing them please

do not [ __ ] people do not appreciate it

hold and shoot how do we feel as well I

must have like potions but breath I'm

taking a look

hahahaha dem Glod we had a lot of damage

this man is perpetually floating on me I

really leave over that cool ohright

eater of life here Auto revive the way

shrine recent damaged ship it's a

survived here since weekend

so I had a feeling that was going to

happen so we need to be better about

this who the hell are you hello oh

you're the ghost with me if you're

bidding as a whole time no he hasn't

or has he I don't know we this leaves

that corner for now cos we're clearly

outmatched where weekers balls on the

moment so again you see with someone

scale to your level because you know it

obviously is an endgame content so I

think you can't play as namely veteran

miss got well some of mine

we audio yeah if you could help Jason

this would really appreciate that pretty

bad a timing the blocking

I don't exactly how well you have to

time it exactly sure can't even touch it

slow me down you even dodge away from

enemies like you can in something like

Skyrim like if I back up if as she is

attacking is it still going to connect

with me at Jeff now then again it kind

of happens in Skyrim anyway the hitboxes

are janky as hell to say the least point

is we survived on wetting it well hell

he went

yeah there's something I'm doing where

I'm like yeah okay if I double tap a

direction I do a tactical role that

seems extremely handy in chamber

I'll call forth my ancestor then you can

ask the VEX questions

I don't worry we got this discount shown

being almost called your discount Sean

Connery don't tell anyone yeah that the

wrong yeah

alright so we know God deserved another

filthy Deirdre why don't you summon me

my lord the vet has inquiries that only

you can answer my lady my companion will

present them with your permission no why

everyone asks limit questions who is

your daddy and what does he do let me

very quickly make sure that there is no

way of putting on general subtitles

apparently they're off all right then

Donna why not was like that but this we

fix that

Lord Vivek asks the heart of the Wold

key to ascension should I be filled with

apprehension ah nor do that always had a

way with words

tell him to rest assured the heart

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

remains I wonder why that concerns him

ask the remaining questions

my time here is short more verax said yo

as the enemy of all returns of D listen

bolt not the one didn't reuse he also

said did surface ill and his unending

crusade no I divide our divinity would

shrivel and fade so that he'll imagined

multiple scenarios and contemplated here

the solutions

he even experimented with his divinity

drawing energy to study before returning

laughs and calmly foresaw laughed until

the collapse of the candle now to see

roses are red violets are blue I screw

you I hope that's what builds a Veck

needed let's talk outside

okay let us talk outside is this a

shortcut back I don't know it's gonna be

enemies day to beat the crap out of me

okay is a shortcut back period

booty booty and more booty yeah where

the hell am I like abilities you know

like my cooldown abilities like shooting

ice summoning up there something like

that maybe we just don't get them yet

until we do this quiz to some thing I

don't know that's another thing it would

be very handy if anyone could explain to

me exactly what LM doing wrong because

clearly I don't have any right now

because that supposed to villain you

know like 1 2 3 4 5

those keys don't do anything so and I'm

pretty sure I vaguely remember last

night's like this when I got ability it

would pop up and like you you can now do

this haven't done that

so maybe just have leveled up enough I

dare ya look at your dreamer spider

that's that's cool-looking as hell man

argument design captivity to go dive in

the water me you're mine [ __ ] currently

things are cold that's right little it's

totally Milus

haha exploit excellent get exploited son

alright we destroy it of a crap on him

that's cool okay so the combat is

actually more in-depth than isn't

scaring those hatches off saying much

but still don't you look like a badass

you yellow blind phone everything don't

you look like a planet Vlad

yeah Vlad ass hello thank you for

helping me complete my task now I need

to return to the vex city have you been


it's amazing ziggurat is rising out of

the water the moonlit hanging the sky

above there you should meet me there so

I can introduce you to blow through Veck

look al I don't know what a cigarette is

this is your game code ziggurat which is

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

kind of like a first-person sort of

meiji roguelike type of thing randomly

generated procedurally generated played

that once or twice done or what

cigarette means anyway ah did you

understand what your ancestors told us

cuz frankly I did not just between us I

understood neither the questions asked

no the answers received the only about

not that I expected you some things

aren't meant for mortal minds that's

another reason for you to come to the

vex city to help me explain what my

ancestor said I can help Raquel what

happen here

excellent I just need to make a quick

stop and say Dineen to check on my

original traveling companions when you

get to the vex city head right to the

palace and I'll meet you there

I know that lord Levesque will want to

reward you for assisting me sweet I'll

meet you in there XLE I'll be along

shortly you'll get to the vex city head

directly for Lord vivexx palace once

there I'll make introductions and we can

tell the warrior-poet

everything we've learned you said I

could ask you more about

tribunal after we finished your mission

of course as I said the tribunal

consists of our three living gods vivec

almalexia and so Vasily they lead us in

spiritual matters and rule of a dummy

society as God monarchs of the Dark

Elves I serve a Veck but honor the

entire tribunal do all Dark Elves for

the tribunal I mean I'm a dark Elsa you

think I doubt but now unfortunately no

the dunmer houses bow to the tribunal

but the savage Ashland has refused to

acknowledge their divinity heretics

never allowed themselves to be

assimilated into the Great Houses

instead their hold to primitive


there is superstition and brad is

another wall oh well hello how you doing

alright let's uh go over here take it

yonk you belong to me now me so I want

to see if I could well first of all it's

mutters crap mark crap disgusting

creatures yeah

alright give me that sweet sweet one

it's not mud crab meat but raw now can I

beat you off and just I'll leave you

that way son of it no I can't okay good

it's a niche that what are you

that plot you're one of my looking at

what did you just kill if he got a

scarecrow mask from Batman dude I won

that damn mud crab Oh a shrew needle

because that mutt Fred would like

mushrooms eyes bag no that's frickin

parents the Pokemon okay anyway so it

sort of like a Vivek is here is it yes

it's the very bottom and that's Red

Mountain right there

where's that no I guess not I thought

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

that was like a key symbol at first

that's like a big-ass like hollowed-out

crab I remember that as well Oh memories

even though it wasn't that long to go so

I say yes grow this just hit to hit the

Vivek go have a chat there and I don't

know what that was but it's kind of

freaky huh Oh guys that Cliff Racer oh

Jesus um yeah anyway so we'll head to

Vivek and go have a chat with him and

we'll probably end the first episode

after that can you pick up these

mushrooms you bastard thank you

another elite achievement unlocked yeah

I uh just kind of computers on why we

don't have any abilities you think

they'd at least give us one River troll

you aren't going to be a it's a flat

aren't you yeah oh yeah yep I have maybe

made a horrible mistake

oh we don't be inside that Sarah

superstition runs on wall club it's um

yeah I won't see if I can beat him but

it's gonna be a close fight either way

oh yeah you hit so hot like genuinely so

freaking hot nope what's he doing is he

restoring HP now he eats all right I'm

outta here

apartheid see ya help me

saves me you dick and I see you over

there double tap yeah okay that's right

I forgot about a Dutch thank you for

reminding me game what is that it's a

plot okay gimme gimme I must do in Chase

less you're gonna check that well woah

you're chasing your no Humphrey here is

that drove me yeah let's take advantage

Club of Sun wait what

ah because it's out of its Agra range

lame super lame he was about dying

alright whatever I'll look at you - look

at the little children mini Gua paralia

Pony Gua ah I'm not gonna kill that

[ __ ] adorable you kidding me I'm

becoming soft in my old age was a day

when I would have murdered that thing

alright you like that's look at you

running along with you men what does

everyone have this is this like a

pre-order bonus for getting the more

window say it's a stoke those realize

it's a dog I don't know which breed a

dog that is that's a breed of dog

wearing armor it's probably some way of

me seeing what I have I don't know I so

good let me know how I check that sort

of thing it's trying some of the holes

again you guys know it's working

alright cool

Quist bloody everywhere I love it I do

want to just carry on with the main

quest a little tiny bit more before we

go searching out of the question so I

don't want my armrest off leveling up is

it just because I'm finding locations

and it's giving me a fee maybe oh no we

should probably grab this boy shrine as


rev the way shrine beautiful

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

baa-eautiful yeah wait am I on the wrong

way yes okay so all the way down there

if Vivek is the biggest city in

Morrowind I assume that's still the case

I don't see why wouldn't mean this looks

very different from the Vivek that I

remember again I think this is set like

five hundred years before or something I

mean still has these big sections or God

young they just seem it definitely

significantly different that looks very

much the same as I remember them now

yeah it's real flair okay The Music Man

so good isn't it kitty do you have a


I want a kitty Namir hold to interact

shift all right that's as a person okay

wanting to earth with his cat man okay I

think I can good i all right where's his

gun let's keep going yeah I speed up the

force resisted it yeah I guess it's got

a sprint dude this is so cool

look at that it's actually a really nice

looking game I mean it's not like

graphically demanding but the lighting

and stuff is really good like you can't

do that Alex good like if you if you say

that it doesn't your line just just get

the other one on there right how do I

leave - okey-dokey hello he doesn't want

to speak - all right then go have a chat

with Vivek himself shall we the Big

Cheese and I loved it instant

what up with that this is olive olive me

who helped me at the tomb my lord

Lord Disick we don't need the help of

this Outlander

Oh harsh arts Canon Thomas Outlanders

have their usefulness now they are my

fellow intrigues me less Seamus

I said Sheamus from w/e I'll be in my

office if you need me

the so called friend of the boo and let

us speak ahoy matey cannon level says

you helped him in his mission as I have

written the one who helps my ally

becomes my friend this might be our

cannons concerns I greet you with

sincerity and pose a simple question

will you assist us further Outlander

good boy no I bought DLC came all the

way here just to be like Nath

[ __ ] what kind of help you need body

I have or donators in our murders of my

disposal dance armies of followers and

dedicated priests what I don't have

however is a fresh perspective when you

set aside your personal goals for a time

and become the eyes and ears of a god

hell yes good I need assistance to

investigate a strange phenomenon that

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

the ancestor confirms may indeed be a

problem we'll start with a simple

divination richer heart Canon Thomas can

tell you what we need to delve into this

mystery but why don't I think he wants

my help the situation that troubles me

has taken a toll on my art canon well

the guy next day Lafayette Travis will

do as I say and I say we need your


I'm the arch cannon in his office and

he'll tell you how to proceed I know why

I completely spaced just then I forgot

that it was the guy right next to me I'm

there with names when I first arrived I

saw a vision of Azura she liked pretty

good the danger Prince just saying I

tapped that as opposed the same events


me might interest a surah though she

could just as easily be the source of

these troubles red mountain strange

Daedra and then there's well we'll talk

more about that when you return was what

the ancestor said helpful might early

observe the levels ancestor assured me

that a source of power remains safe as

for the rest yet the guests ripen in the

mind and only speak when the fruit grows

certain I require more information on

these matters hence the need for the

divination ritual goodbye so what do we

do now that is a great ask question the

journal I know blah blah talk to arch

Kenneth solace alright we're gonna speak

to Chavez wasn't you like Rennicks this

guy it's pointing me outside I guess

he's outside now let's go Mike what is

that the monkey all right it's gone a

lot of cool pets in this game what can I

say I'm a sucker for pets and cosmetic

things like I really am

where are we going it's just down there

alright let's go chat with him we'll

probably nd after that so how long is

god sake I'm trying up to make these

episodes too too long I want to keep

them sort of around the 45 minute month

we're an hour right now but I did spend

about 15 minutes making the character so

we're probably closing in on an hour

after this which is still over too long

but the first step so what do you want

from me I just and the future I'm got to

try and keep them till about 45 minutes

but a company promises hello ah

Outlander Lord the deck trusts too much

to put his faith in one such as you but

who am I to question my god I suppose he

said you to me so I could put you to

work did he say which task he wants us

to accomplish first no but let me just

point out you sound evil as [ __ ] and you

don't want me to help him you are

clearly working with a bad guys love it

I said he needed to perform a divination

ritual ah

we do need to perform a ritual to reveal

the nature of the phenomenon that vexes

lured back now listen closely I hate to

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

repeat myself I'm listenin despite my

objections Vivek believes you were sent

to help so I'll do my best to assist you

go to the ziggurat but still under

construction until the overseer that

Lord Disick requires the blessing stone

then bring it to me in the palace I'll

go to the unfinished cigarette get a

blessing stone and make you a very

expensive a simple errand in the service

of Lord Vivek and countless questions

form unbidden in your mind very well go

ahead ask your questions it's not like

I'm the busy arch cannon of a living God

or anything until the L square so what

is this blessing stone exactly I'd like

to know are the ignorance of Outlanders

how refreshing

I like the blessing stone serve as

repositories for small amounts of Lord

give X power they allow his favour to

permeate sanctified locations we need

such a stone the power of divination

ritual way repositories see does he like

stick and stick them up his ass that

were you mean I know I think it's really

means can't do it it's probably

suppository not repository anyway can't

they like perform the ritual without my

blessing stone if you haven't guessed

yet the phenomenon interferes with Lord

vivex power in unusual ways it will be

safer for everyone if I perform the

ritual by using the blessing stone

instead of drawing and my Lords personal

store of energy what does the law of

ethic hope to learn from the divination

ritual that's a bloody good question

even if I told you you wouldn't

comprehend it then what was X X's

eclipse those of mere mortals suffice it

to say he feels a disturbance and a flow

of energy throughout Vardhan cell

disturbance already here to discover the

source of that disturbance alright I

will probably ask these questions next

time for now I am gonna end

episode Charlotte's a bloody Fox what

does this crack sing anyway I have

really enjoyed the so far I mean you

know it's an MMO of what I prefer this

wasn't yes probably but has it really

affected us not really that a couple of

people helped us with a bit of combat

who really cares anyway thank you all

for watching especially since this is

the first episode of a new series if you

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tips and whatnot

thank you everybody and good night

outro hello everyone thank you for

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though to billy 9 dr. pepper penguin

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grandpa gusts social success hitbox

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Rasmus chronics and KP shadows squirrel

again thinking it all of those and

figure to everybody else it means a

great deal it really does and I will see

you next time goodbye


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