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    Let's Play Endless Space 2: Supremacy – PC Gameplay Part 1 – Blood & Honor

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    Endless Space 2: Supremacy introduces the Hissho Major Faction to the game, as well as a new massive galactic platform available to all Factions: the Behemoth Ship.

    The Hissho are a military and expansion-oriented faction whose main gameplay feature is Keii. This new resource can only be replenished through combats is used to power special abilities. It also drives their empire Obedience which replaces happiness. Crushingly strong in offence, the Hissho will only fall if you cannot sustain your war economy and let your Honor wither away.

    As a faction well versed in the art of combat, the heroes are focused on warfare and space battle. They are best suited for admiral positions thanks to strong damage and fleet upkeep bonuses but if push comes to shove, they make decent governors… as long as your goal is to make your system a manpower and spaceship factory.

    Powerful and versatile, Hissho fleets can easily switch between straightforward and devious loadouts thanks to numerous polyvalent slot modules capable of hosting both support and defense or attack modules.

    The Illo are reasoning machines whose credo is Survival of the Fittest. Their goal is to reach this Sanctified Equilibrium as quickly as possible by eliminating those species unlikely to survive in the long term.

    These gigantic ships are remnants from the mysterious Endless era. While extremely deadly and versatile in their original state, their ultimate purpose is to evolve and become specialized.

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    Comment (19)

    1. Ok, hope you dont mind but here is some small advise:

      – Early on dont waste industry on those anomalies! 😀 If you scan them with probes you level up your ships (and heros if they are in the same fleet or you equiped their ships with probes). The probes only cost cooldown turns and the industry is better used for other things at the start. You can also refresh all used probes instantly if you upgrade something on a ship! ^^

      – If you discover anomalies with your probes in the systems of minor factions it will improve your relations with them (the better the relations the more stuff they give you each turn and you can unlock the quest for assimilation)

      – you can also use the mining probe of your behemoth to mine strategic res (as long as you have the tech that unlocks the resource)

    2. I mixed up Endless Space with Dead Space. I looked at the thumb nail and went "Wait? Wanderbots is playing a Deadspace 2 mod where you get a Katana!?! Count me in!"

    3. This has to be the biggest "Not as it seems" games. When I saw the beginning and the screenshot for the video I did not expect a game that sits on one screen doing nothing but colonizing worlds that you don't actually get to see and only sit at the planet screen of Spore.


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