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SearchThisVideo: Let's Play Gundam Versus – PS4 Gameplay Part 1 – It's Stuck In My Head!

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Watch video at 00:00

everyone what about here and welcome to

I guess the end result of Namco Bandai a

kind of joke ish event thing that I

decided to throw so if you didn't see my

my wand robot IRL video where I talked

about this I went to go see Namco Bandai

their American office in San Francisco

last week and that was fun it was really

fun they were very nice to me

I got to meet with the the guy in charge

of the Digimon games and we got to talk

about the future of Digimon and feedback

on stuff and I'll talk about that more

later when the non-existent NDA drops

mainly I just don't want to be rude to

them anymore than I am just by you know

being flippant over video games but you

know I want to respect the fact that

they have surprises to show to show

later on and I don't want to be the one

to do you know spoil things anyway so

while I was there they gave me a bunch

of Namco Bandai Games including SAO

fatal bullet gun of vs. seven deadly

sins Knights of Britannia and dot hack

gu last recode and so for this event I

decided hey let's just play all of them

I only ended up playing Sao Gundam and

dot hack I didn't get too nice of

Britannia but whatever nope not that

interested in that one anyway just

because but so I tried ball and I'm not

sure if I'm ever gonna finish any of

them they're fairly long games in and of

their own rights and you guys will get

to see my impressions on them as we go

along so instead of just talking over

this for a while you get to listen to

another intro of mind yeah enjoy okay

watch this ponder has to deal with

another tutorial thing now dad you lose

all the EULA's

send this stream to the guy I talked to

no I'm actually not sure uh uh why is

this the fastest it Scrolls why is this

menu music what is going on what's my

life do I agree yes I know yes I agree

oh hi

well this is fast how do I play how do I

play this game is so Square to shoot oh

my god I can play a game what is this

feeling I don't understand it I've a gun

I'm a shooting I've got some really

ridiculous as music going onto the

background but I'm just going to pew pew

this oh I'm out of ammo well I can smack

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

them with my shield I guess oh I see did

I think I'm dying

well no I'm just kind of flipping

through the world I guess

come back I wish to beat beat you up I

have no idea what controls are oh I can

I can I can well I don't think that's

gonna hit anything

we'll see nope miss completely oh good

well I'm almost captain anime what died

there we go

I don't know what I'm supposed to be

doing here

oh geez these Spears are no slouch I'm

not sure how I jumped there okay so

that's how I jump that's that's I can

keep jumping

I don't unfortunately I don't know if I

have any other buttons other than these

things oh I have a - oh I'm also dead

alright well I learned how to play I

know how bottom light whereby what are

we doing here

is this the game just really goofy as

music + + Gundams this is actually kind

of refreshing compared to the rest of

the night oh how how why wait I'm like I

haven't thing how do i how do I switch

targets I don't know but this is how i

zoom at them I've been hitting it with

my ball get back here I want to smack

you with my ball it's spiky Oh what

where'd you gonna tent from what

how do i how do I do this

I got a Morningstar I've got a I've

apparently got a hell of a lot more guns

than I thought I had

well I'm not doing so hot

I gotta get some homing missiles or

something are we done how do we stop

doing whatever this is


I'm honestly not sure actually how I'm

supposed to stop this but this is fine I

just the music man I am just confused

are we supposed to be like filling a

meter or anything I don't know oh that

will actually uh that'll actually home

not very well but it will unfortunately

I don't know how to move like these guys

at all how many weapons do I even have

oh okay so so it's just X to dodge

well that works

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

I guess I can just shield slamming a

bunch so it's triangle - it's true it

seems like it's triangle to just jam

into enemies how do I pack it really

doesn't feel like there's much of an

active dodge here however it looks like

I can beat the [ __ ] out of them if I

just mash triangle


let me smack you with my ball oh I can

beat the [ __ ] out of him with my ball

alright he's not dead how is he not dead

yet I don't know now he's dead

all right I'm actually kind of sort of

learning how to play without a tutorial

how about that only the rest of Namco

Bandai can figure that one out

oh wait - might do my giant spiky bulb

block the shot in my toe okay how do I

know he got me oh geez that hit me hard

I'm not entirely sure either past the

tutorial or you die I mean it feels like

oh great side of ammo

what how do i how do I know if it's out

of ammo or not I don't know spiky ball

alright he's dead

the worst part is there's like no

indication of there's no indication of

wait overheat yeah there's no indication

of like how how I was supposed to clear

this section I'm just supposed to do

what I guess I'm not at whatever

pew pew well I'm getting a bit better at

shooting enemies it doesn't look like

sniping is much of a thing this is

supposed to be a thing that you do all

the game updates oh boy

ammo return rates over time yeah I

figured as much

I'm mostly trying to see if there's like

an active leg sprint towards enemy

because I have like up well I'm dead I

have a very good like I can go vertical

pretty quick but I can't really like

head towards my enemies at all fast

and it seems like my enemy is kind of

have a similar situation where they just

charge at me and that's about it I kind

of wish it would actually let me switch

which Gundam on playing as now there's

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

no predictive aiming you will always

chuck that directly how do you switch

targets to that's another that's another

mystery I don't have there's also all

these bombs gotcha


because I wouldn't mind if I wouldn't

mind this as much if I didn't if I

wasn't stuck in this character but how

is it that I'm hitting him with my big

spiky ball where how does he well

whatever it's done things have happened


all right so we had we had an

opportunity to mess around and kind of

learn the controls of the game but I

think I will actually go through the

tutorial just because I don't play a

whole lot of fighting games and I'm not

entirely sure if this counts as one but

this is already so much better that

we're doing okay turn up the game sound

yes I can do that I had it turned down

because sword art online was a little

bit loud this is a little bit better

anyway so I bought a couple of its gonna

tell me about all the DLC that is

available I bought a couple a couple of

my favorites and hopefully a lot of my

other favorites already in the game

so many so many thank you it'd be nice

if I could just you know press and hold

the button feel like yep I see I can see

it we're good okay let's see so briefing


the Mobile Suit trial battle tutorial

there we go

so I actually will do the tutorial on

this game just because it seems a little

bit more complex than the last game that

I played and I'd like to I'd like to see

okay thanks that is oh wait hold on

right stick boost drive good to know

jump move ranged melee sub range special

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

range special melee so melee and jump

ranged and jump no not this song again

ah okay striker Porter's palms okay so

that's word for committing the AI burst

ranged melee and jump change dark

circles change targets okay that's

really helpful close tutorial page

okay so oh its ball it's dead alright


[ __ ] off ball this song with me just

murdering balls just not okay so each

team's force gauge is set to a thousand

costs each mobile suit that is destroyed

causes that four sides force cost of

decreased women battles by defeating

enemies gotcha each mobile suits have

different costs gotcha

a mobile suit that is shot down can

redeploy as long as it you have enough

force gotcha

but that food okay that's a new one how

did i okay

oh I did like a beam saber combo there I

will have to figure that out as we go

along this is the really basic stuff

let's see after the tutorial am I gonna

play online er but myself

ah I mean if it's just random matches I

might as well play online if people want

to join me because this is more

encouraging okay so lock-on change

targets got I already figured that one


yeh ball okay so I guess sometimes I can

beam saber and sometimes a shield Sam

I'm not entirely sure

but yeah so if any of you guys actually

own Gundam versus I am NOT against

having teammates especially because like

whatever okay press X to jump press the

jump button twice quickly - ah that's

how you do it oh that's really important

that's also really cool so there's no

story mode in this game it's just

fighting things cool melee + left stick

Direction is a different melee

oh okay cool yeah I almost wish they had

me go through this first like the first

time oh well if your boost gauge runs

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

out your mobile suit will overheat it

once it's overheated you'll be able I'm

unable to do anything

that uses the boost gauge their jumping

boost dashing quick stepping until you

land in addition landing will overheat

it will leave you vulnerable for short

period of time try to land frequently so

it doesn't get too low gotcha


to some degree I like this tutorial but

I almost wish it actually had me go

through like a whole bunch of them what

the hell are these things range distance

out of range is difficult to land melee

attacks within range easy to land ranged

attacks melee range okay so out of range

within range melee range double lock you

and an ally locked on the same enemy and

down cannot damage enemy


so that's my boost gauge

on the right and it's a goof


I'm not entirely there are a couple of

like really cool special uh special

moves that I'd like to see also like as

far as mech fighter games this is pretty


I used to play uh do we want to do the

other ones I'll do the other ones while

we're here

um if they're not that interesting I'll

just switch them away okay

nope this is a little bit boring

important I guess mobile suits have four

fixed attacks main range sub range

special arrangement and special melee

can all be performed with the separate

button sub range special range and

special melee activated by pressing two

buttons simultaneously


hold on uh back to battle menu I think I

forgot I forgot the other thing it might

have let me press left and right there

and I want to see how to press those

buttons nope there's not no options here

ah the SOG is back why is the song back


okay you want a new armored court game

that is true I really do want to know I

would love a new armored car game

especially so I really want to play a

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

new armored Corps game if it plays I

gotta turn this game down a little bit

I can't commentate over this this intro

it's just too much

okay melee during boost dash press the

UP button plus melee attack is blues -

gotcha um so I used to play a lot of

robot like fighting games I was really

big into them I've played Robo tech and

played armored Corps I had one I rented

a couple of Gundam games I like to like

the battle tanks game it's less mecha

fighter but still I was really into them

and it kind of feels like there was a

bit of a dirt dirt since uh you know

since kind of the mid 2000s and we might

actually we might actually get another

armored Corps game within the next

couple of years like the from software

people kind of hints about it I'm

looking really I'm really looking

forward to that because like I love the

armored Corps games I think most of all

I I think their designs are really

interesting the weapons and stuff oh

okay got a tutorial eyes since it's

difficult to land and it's not going to

moving into me and try and wait until

they land when they land they will stop

for a short period of time and less

likely to evade your attacks



jumping is stupid Daggett shot right

over his head

ah but yeah if I could play like a an

Armored Core game that place a little

closer to a Souls game but with the

customization and like type part variety

of an armored Corps game all I'd be so

happy I really like I really like you

know this kind of thing but you can't

customize gunman's often which is

unfortunate oh well Chris the same

direction on the directional buttons

twice a quick stab quick stepping can be

used to shake off homing shots and melee

attacks okay there we go

mech warrior I'm not a big fan of with

the mech warrior games generally but I'm

looking forward to battle tech the

Harebrained Schemes game even if I'm

kind of like iffy on Harebrained Schemes

just because what they did with

necropolis they know how to make good

tactical games so battle tech could

actually be really cool build Gundam in

Japan is what you're looking for there

actually have the nuam build fighters

game coming out they put out a trailer

for it I want to say like a month or two

ago it sees do you want to mix and match

parts from different mechs

yes I do I really enjoy being able to

like min/max and do weird [ __ ] I used to

have like a a hover mech in armored

Korra that I think would use

flamethrowers and just like charge

straight at enemies and burn them down

it was fun I also had like a bomber dude

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

that would fly up to the top and just

drop bombs down both were fun anyway

quickly press down the down button

followed by the up button to guard

against enemy ranged and melee attacks

Wow that's awkward

I've mostly am fighting my character

just turning around I'm not entirely

sure if blocking is going to be in the

cards it's really awkward that might

work with a d-pad stuff but it is not

going to be very easy on my sticks

especially because this is new control

it's kind of stiff well we'll see I'll

do a couple rounds with various gun

rooms we'll see how it goes do you just

have every gun to match from the

beginning or do you have to like unlock

them or something okay lightning gear

plays gear you can activate burst mode

when you're Bruce gauges at least half

way fold by pressing the ranged melee

and jump simultaneously hah

if you activate burst mode after taking

a hit when you wait if you activate

burst mode after taking an end attack

when your burst gauge is full you can

recover quickly from the attack however

doing so will reduce the amount of time

you have in burst mode

suck it char I'm back I wish to beat the

[ __ ] out of you there we go okay that's

not so bad


let's see huh looks like there that's an

interesting indie game oh it's not out

yet there's actually a build fighters

type game indeed looking game that comes

out sometimes sometime this year I'll

have to check that out that looks really


okay the tutorial is starting to bore me

we might play another one but I'm not

entirely sure okay so what can we do so

we have favorite mobile suits do we have

a whole list cuz I'm gonna look at

things okay ah 500 so night Gale is big

so it looks like some of these are

locked off maybe yeah it looks like I

have to unlock some of these so what do

we what do we have exactly uh-huh okay

so we've got is this I'm trying to

figure out where the top of the list is

because this is all long-ass list oh oh

boy so they have Gundams for him every

single game sorted by game unfortunately

most of these logos are in Japanese it's

gonna be a little bit harder for me to

find the ones that I remember missing

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

links zeon ik front gundam side story

Thunderbolt Wow

they uh they did not skimp on the

options so G self perfect I'd have to

buy with money which I'm not gonna do a

number of these I'm gonna have to

purchase I'm not too interested in doing

that I liked the I Gundam from a GE but

I didn't like a GE that much it was okay

I tried liking it I did buy uh oh really

they've only got one Gundam from zero

zero wild-eyed I bought Gundam virtue it

is so thick I also bought a couple from

G Gundam oh okay then we've gone through

the list so yeah I've got burning Gundam

Master Gundam I actually need to go back

and watch G Gundam at some point well

let's let's just add the ones that I've

purchased so far and go from there


Sycho aku is tak more guns on it mac

knife masks mac divert some of these are

really weird I've never even seen them


wild okay I'm just trying to add things

so aegis where's my Quigley oh that is a

big sucker is big salmon here that's a

big dude

a lot of big Gundams in here trying to

find big Zam I assume I can't play as

big Zam though well it's at virtue to

the list I just want to be able to find

some of these unfortunately I'm not very

good at recognizing some of them by

their silhouettes goddamn there are a

lot of Gundams I've never seen comically

over large you can't play as big Zam no

the exam is a boss you have to be chosen

to play as him

oh okay well master Gundam I think these

are the four that I bought so let's just

pick a couple of goofy ones and go from

there let's see anybody have any

suggestions for particularly doofy

looking Gundam Bandai Wow

I mean I want to grab this guy whatever

the hell he is he is Matt okay and gum

tank yeah that that's it let's let's go

with that all right so now that I've

done that favourite strikers what oh

there's more okay some of these it looks

like I'm gonna have to unlock maybe but

obviously ball like you pretty much

can't play this game without you can't

play this game without ball and it looks

like the rest of these unlocks oh never

mind on that MS development tree so oh

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

extra abilities and appearances I think

title striker all we know maybe not I'm

not entirely sure I think I'm gonna just

not look at these not yet briefing room

set title set emblem battle navigator

replay room okay this is a lot of stuff

that I have to get through and I'm not

going to ultimate battle try a battle

free battle ranked match casual match

player match tutorial how do I play

online specifically I don't know

challenging mode for your defeat as many

enemies as possible under a variety of

conditions pits you against the CPU

practice mode okay

let's see somebody is suggesting I need

to go fly internet' it looks amazing

okay we'll do that casual or player

match I don't want to play against

players I just want to play against PC

okay so which one's turn a a GE I

probably it's based on the name

unfortunately this menu is very small


there's gonna be unicorn oh I hated I

hated unicorn it was really boring I

tried watching him boost like to

politics and let not enough fighting I

passed it oh goody I mean technically

you can pass it no matter what

tell me what its near so I can go

looking Wow holy crap that's big kind of

got enough shield there yeah maybe not


turn a unfortunately I don't see the

font is very small on my TV Oh turn X

turn eh

oh he does have a mustache well I might

as well turn a gundam I'd see his wings

zero here you know I don't know I I

actually uh I was a huge fan of I was a

huge fan of I'm just gonna be cycling

through these I was a huge fan of death

scythe when I was a kid uh Gundam Wing

was my was my like main series that I

watched and I watched double zero I

liked a double zero a lot Gundam Wing

deathscythe h bad wing zero Sandrock

picking sand rock I I never knew what to

think about what's-his-face

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

I guess all had death scythe just

because okay there we go that's the

that's the list oh it's you so play let

me see ranked match casual match non

ranked online versus battle mode set the

conditions and search for players let's

create a room participants don't save

rancor Jesus this is concerning is there

any way we can comp stomp two together

or should I just do that online because

like I had no way shape or form do I

want to play against other people that

is not a position that I ever want to be



okay otherwise I could just do like easy

survival wait does it not let me switch

pick which gun to my playas okay MPC is

just do a trial battle okay

sure let's do that let's just pick what

I want so this is this almost reminds me

of like a smash bros stages just kick

them whatever select mobile suit so I I

don't want to be this guy let's see back

to favorites there we go burning burning

Adam oh I see so it just has my six

favorites in here

perfect which do I start with I guess

let's go with my favorite when I was a

kid and go from that I guess we just are

stuck with two of Maxwell and ball cuz

why not play is some lightning let's go


and I don't I don't know what I'm

getting into

thanks I thought I picked okay how do i

okay battle start that's how we do


so they have an intro for each of the


teams what okay I guess I'm being joined

by him I was kind of confused for a

second and rub begins chat char aznable

oh I forgot about the balls those balls

hurt not my favorite

oh he just died Wow okay

I'm back nope

okay they can do that that is really

annoying the fact that they can just uh


okay how much I don't have much HP see

what else do I have I can help

well I can just fire a play admit them

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

and just cool you can swap out Haro for

another navigator if you want I will do

that when I get the chance

okay so I got some exp cool I'm learning

the fact that the dude just turn like

was running away from me turns around

and shoots me in the face that is oh

that is dirty well I'm up to level 2

note is my HP carried over oh I guess

I'm being joined by char's zaku and he's

got a man I'm terrible with names

did I miss the ball I miss the ball I

gotta get better at dodging those okay

that's cool looking damn it no not this


okay do we have anybody else okay

so I have guns I've got that what else

do I have

I've got like a charge I've got ball Oh

nope I don't have a stealth mode I

thought I had a stealth mode I got

excited for a second I don't have the

stealth mode it's a it's a something


unfortunately like I'm so used to that

what am i doing I'm so used to the dark

soul style of like dodging and stuff

that side you know this kind of system

is a little bit much well I got them as

I take the shot straight to the face

well that's fine I'm kind of getting a

hang of this not really I'll have to

switch to a garden specifically designed

around shooting and stuff as I think

that would make my life a little bit

easier all right

is that what is this big monster that

I'm fighting I don't know target is gah


but did he talk he did talk okay can't

hit him like that but I can't hit him

like that

there goes okay it looks like the

enemies don't do that much damage like

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

that tutorial thing that I was dealing

with was that pregame to top whathe

that's not a gun though that's a plane

it's a very big plane oh that's the

plane that fights back and I don't know

how I did that but apparently I can fire

my sight that thing's no it's bad

what is it back what is the song back


okay okay do not show that guy your hind


it is not worth it's sublime

shoot him ball you oh he's got more

suckers wait did ball kill him nope ball

pissed him off

well I'm overheating good stuff that

will just awkwardly kind of thing at

this guy I guess it's probably best that

I just fired my gun I'm not sure how to

fire my scythe but apparently I can do

it I apparently I can do it not

infrequently either and it moves out of

existence Oh

note there goes if while it wobbles to

the ground written Wow wait do I am I in

control of the song can I change the

song wait the song is there because of

char no can I change him can I get rid

of him

okay the song play is depending who

you're fighting so if I only ever fight

char we only have my yeah I'm gonna head

it I I can't I can't

like actually well at least the site is

pretty ridiculous for just wrecking

things hello guy that looks like dead

weight is he just chucking rocks at me

he's just chucking rocks at me how did

he do that how do you do these things

well oh did I die no he died okay I was

like I'm dying what's going on here I'm


Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

well we're getting points for something

I'm not entirely sure with levels up to

level level ups - yeah doesn't matter

that much okay so what are we up what

are we up against it's not a child

they just do they just put a child in a

tank thing and we're up against add Zim

are we up against the UFO I

unfortunately a lot of these enemies

seem to be like unfortunately it seems

like a lot of the a lot of the enemies

that were nope well yep it's a UFO it

really is a UFO but yeah a lot of this

media that we're encountering here you

know stories story stuff music it's very

much like a it's very much like base

around like old content which is

necessarily bad my bullets okay I'm not

entirely sure but yeah it's uh it's a

lot of stuff from like really old

seasons and I'm like completely out of

out of the loop on those things

you know one thing I can check his

command list what do we have cuz I

actually haven't thought about this

Oh charge rain twin twin beam size throw

so if I hold down square that's how we

throw it buster shield hyper jammer

active cloak or burst really I thought

there would be like special moves or

something but I guess we don't have

anything well that's fine

well fire my thing at him again and it

kills him nope does guilt pisses him off

and of course I'm gonna overheat just

trying to get to at least it looks like

uh it looks like now

wait no did he not hit me I'm very

confused about these bosses were

fighting are just like weird airborne


it doesn't even animate you just kind of

flies around oh okay I can't throw

myself at him that which does plenty of

damage oh I did that whatever anyway

yeah I think I'm gonna try gonna virtue

next and just try full range cuz it

seems like half the bosses we're

fighting here are just giant flying

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

nothingness and I want like homing

missiles or whatever I am enjoying this

though this is not this is not a bad gun

of game and so I guess we will have to

wait until we find the exam as a boss

that is the goal for tonight

wait really congratulations you win yay

all right so I got SS ranked not knowing

what I was doing button mashing four

days cool ah MS development tree

currently I'm on death's with test site


so we pretty much just unlocked

everything sort of not really so oh we

can have

so I can spend GP to unlock Sandrock as

a as like a companion character or

partner let's spend this to unlock a

death scythe as a partner at the very

least and we're not a high enough level

this is actually I like this unlock

system it's kind of interesting


Arcade smash hit, GUNDAM VERSUS, is coming to Americas for the first time, this time built from the ground up exclusively for PlayStation®4! Featuring Mobile Suits from all across the series history and brand new features exclusive to the home console release, fans finally have a chance to take 2 vs 2 combat to the next level!

Coordinate and lay waste to your rivals in fierce PVP fighting combat iconic to the GUNDAM VERSUS series. Go all out with guns blazing and lightning fast melee in a robust selection of Offline and Online game modes, featuring classic arcade 2 vs 2 battles and console exclusive 3 vs 3 and Boss Hunter modes supporting up to 6 players. With new moves Boost Dash, Boost Step and Boost Dive, players can master more technical combat strategies that help you avoid attacks or cancel actions to surprise your opponent. Call upon Striker support characters to assist you in the heat of battle.

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  1. We now have about 10 minutes of wander not knowing what he's supposed to do. Lovely.

    I remember watching this 7 months ago and it bringing me into the Gundam franchise, thanks for that wander, it kinda changed my life in a way.

  2. Good day!
    I just bought Gundam versus and went to all sites, Reddit, game faqs, forums, even YouTube, that can possibly provide information on dlc issue..
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    Im hoping this page dedicated to Gundam versus can help me.

    For Info: Purchased DLC units are still locked..
    -region 3 Asia, Singapore.
    -I can log in and play online
    -I bought dlc Gundam units through psn store because add on menu in game doesn’t work
    -I checked library>purchased> the dlc’s including the free navis character is installed.
    -already restore license and even went to restarting my ps4.. but the dlc units are still locked..

    I would greatly appreciate if

  3. 4:35 – Its in-universe name is The Hammer, or the Gundam Hammer.  If I remember right, it was essentially the anti-Gouf weapon, since those Mobile Suits were actually a real threat to Gundams.  Even in Journey to Jaburo, you learned to use that against Goufs, rather than your other weapons, because otherwise they could end you really fast.

  4. The fact that he figured out double tapping x makes you move fast SIDEWAYS about 5 minutes in is already insanely bad enough, but not only is he that bad it took him 5 minutes to figure out a core mechanic, he didnt even attempt or try to double tap x to advance forward quickly till the tutorial told him.

  5. That EULA XD

    I feel bad for people who live in countries that allow that type of stuff. Luckily those type of "agreements" tend to be unenforceable in most places because for one there is no "consideration" for one of the parties which is just a legal way of saying only Bandai gets anything out of it since you already paid for the game and two, it's under duress if you agree to the EULA AFTER shelling out money for the product. Basically "agree or you can't use the game YOU bought, hurhurhur!" isn't actually legal in any sense…still a good laugh at least 😀

  6. gundam is a very successful franchise, its just a shame that it doesn't translate to its games. this game could've been better but its camera angles suck. camera is much too zoomed in, and gundams move too fast for the camera to keep up. Imo gundam battle assault 2 remains the best gundam game ever made, I recommend that game to anybody. just get a ps1 emulator on your phone and play it, trust me its very fun.

  7. I love gundam wing. Hope I’m not offending anyone when I say this but this game looks boring. I was looking forward to getting this. Just recently got a ps4.


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