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    SearchThisVideo: Let’s Play Halo Wars 2 Awakening The Nightmare Part 1 Scouting The Wreckage

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    hey everybody hesitate Escobedo Quebec

    some more let's play Halo Wars - so yes

    we are back to playing Halo Wars - once

    again man when I first played this game

    you know I remember thinking aw man this

    games could be fun you know I hope that

    the story is way better than Halo 5

    story and what do you know I mean sure

    there are some good parts and bad parts

    to this story but overall I think this

    story was a bit actually not bit

    actually way better than halo 5 story so

    yeah but unfortunately this game was

    left up to cliffhanger which was kind of

    disappointing it sucked but frankly

    there's some new DLC that was released

    as you could probably tell by tell this

    video we're replaying

    awakening in that mare so yes we're

    playing this DLC at last all man I

    cannot wait to play this DLC because why

    well not only do we get to play as the

    banished but also a certain enemy is

    coming back to the Halo universe an

    enemy that we all know and fear yep

    that's right the flood our back oh yes

    the flood are coming back once again oh

    man I just this is really good because

    bringing the flood back has so many

    story possibilities for Halo 6 you know

    it's just oh man but unfortunately I

    don't know if they got to do another

    cliffhanger I like to do it with the

    original story but I don't know I'll

    have to see

    so anyway let's get started yes yes I

    already have it

    yes yes whatever oh yeah so these two

    leaders here that Persia we can play

    from the campaign or the DLC now before

    we start I gotta say it's been a while

    since I last played it's actually not a

    little while it's more like a couple

    months or something since the last play

    Halo Wars too so I might be a bit rusty

    at first just because I haven't played

    this game and quite a long time but oh

    don't worry I'll I'll get the hang of it

    eventually oh yeah also with this dlc

    there's also the terminus firefight mode

    which i can't wait to play off my

    friends and xbox but first for her to

    play the campaign and maybe also maybe

    one day I might do a stream of me my

    friends playing terminus firefight I

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    mean I'll be pretty fun all right

    to the campaign okay aux herbes wanna

    make sure subtitles are on okay they're

    on good all right just want to make sure

    all right let's do it

    so yes we have the original missions

    also I'll also have operation speed

    breaker as well now I also plan to do

    this game as well after I finish waking

    a nightmare so don't worry I'll play

    this DLC after I finish waking the

    nightmare but that's not what we're

    doing are we doing this one yes and as

    you can see there's only five missions

    unfortunately which is kind of

    unfortunate I was hoping it'll be more

    missions but you know what I'm fine with

    it I'm fine with just five missions you

    know what because I'm fine with it

    oh I cannot wait I just this is what

    we've been waiting for the hype man I'm

    sorry I'm just

    if you tell by the sound of my voice I'm

    just so excited to play this I just been

    waiting for this moment so it's finally

    here in my hands all right so our first

    mission is awaking the nightmare is that

    the name of the mission actually no

    that's the name of DLC my mistake

    okay so what do we got oh here we go

    what could go wrong why do people always

    say that when someone says that of

    course something's gonna go wrong okay

    so let's see Fortius launches a scare up

    assault through Sentinel heavy territory

    to break it to high charity high charity

    uh we're going there and that's when

    they're gonna meet the account of the

    flood ah doesn't mean we get to control

    scare up in this mission oh please let

    me control scarib please

    Sicard drives actually already did in

    the original game what am I talking

    about of course that was only one of the

    Spartans hijacked it but just to scare

    up unit alone this one I want to control

    all right I'm pretty sure we're you know

    delaying long enough I apologize I'm

    just so excited I hope you understand

    that alright enough standing around and

    talking let's just get right into it

    shall we alright let us begin

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    yes let's do it well I'm probably I do

    you Normal difficulty just like that the

    original when I first played this game

    just because I want to know what the

    missions are gonna be like and then

    maybe in the future I might do higher

    difficulties but for now at the moment

    we're stick with Normal difficulty

    alright let's do it

    oh there's a tree Ox stop the show

    salvage the ships that is it ET ox was

    clear I'll look around and if we find

    fries right back

    how could that go wrong for this listen

    you've failed him one more time trying

    to prove yourself and I will not be able

    to save you and it will be both our

    skulls beneath his mace relax brother

    pervious we are ready to move to high

    charity my men are impatient for glory

    put unleash on them for this the terrain

    here is unsuitable for our power

    extractors I am still working on a

    solution and your men would do well to

    remember that whatever we find here

    belongs to e three outs this war is

    tamed e brother where is your drill had

    a lust for adventure that relic is ripe

    for plunder this war has taught me for

    this stay your hand once we reach high

    charity we need to move quickly to avoid

    the wrath of the sense of those

    defending it yes yes I am well aware of

    what we face here hurry your

    preparations old one I already have

    troops on the ground or it is out hmm


    now get really treat by these two

    characters right here very interesting

    and also I'm kind of curious if we're

    also encountering to counter Captain

    cutter and the spirit fire in this DLC

    hmm I don't know I highly doubt it but

    it'll be kind of coolest see at least

    see them in his cutscene or I don't know

    some gameplay I'll be kind of cool if I

    T when I see is the banished that'll be

    pretty cool but what's not to see all

    right mission summary Jordan's support

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    war dis assault on high charity scared

    report field anti-air units to combat

    the heavy set no threat

    alright let's do it

    and I love the interaction between the

    you know enemy arguments what is this

    breaking the fourth wall what I love

    this all right move forward

    let's take cautious


    okay so they're our spin

    Thank You sentinels in the area oh I see

    him hang on we're gonna help you

    theywill stories of the parasite

    oh don't underestimate the flood

    remember what shipmaster what said one

    single flood spore can destroy a species

    so that's why you should never ever

    underestimate the flood oh man I love

    these interactions between these guys

    it's just and the conversations they

    have it's just so funny I love it

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00


    our air forces are engaging sentinels

    Nearline charity are you bug you into

    the void Reavers reactivate the light


    can you actually see how charity real

    quick I just want to see if we could see

    it at least some ruins

    hmmm I don't see anything

    alright never mind pistols loaded and

    bigger on that swagger oh there it is

    Oh No well there goes the banshee

    whoa it has a lot of sentinels

    and I guess that's how charity over

    there well obviously if the Sentinels

    are there that must be guarding

    something something important what's


    oh nothing okay

    moving to position I'm a walking barrage

    of bad news

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    like I said I love the interaction with

    my units it's perfect


    oh cool I'll take that

    these coming in supply cases on our way

    to the base the don't waste time with

    your scanning toys open fire salvage all

    covenant resources all right

    battery's ready to launch


    position your supplies here Oh

    Phoenix log I'll be sure to read those

    Phoenix logs and actually might show

    them to you guys maybe on the next video

    I guess or maybe out this mission we'll


    and they just keep on coming


    oh geez these are guys damn

    this refers our basis up ahead

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00


    meet up with the Recon teams for further

    orders all right shall we jump here

    I'm actually are miners the path they're

    never mind I thought I could use the

    reverse to jump across to here but no

    there's a path over there

    are attacking our base the orbital

    designated zones that coming from the

    nearby market they fear not avium what

    if I knew - I should handle them fire

    and destruction emitter at the launching


    oh here we go some powers here we go

    all right take this prepare the base

    alright hey get out of there

    oh cool something okay cool we can use

    that to see you 35 cool get that base

    upgraded we're going to need to build

    defenses all right

    my Allah we got harvester ok

    make sure we have rivers on the ground

    as well

    there's a freakin Santa here

    we must appeal another power extractor

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    all your Johnson

    are you

    radio sounds

    Oh better take these resources


    cícero upgrade complete


    all right listen almost close to two

    minutes okay you know what here


    hang on


    rain of fire cool also this is healing

    can't put all just increases the

    production okay

    and also builds boundary

    so anything that you asked me a war

    council and an apex

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    let's get some more reverse

    won't mr. carpenter upgrade

    ultimate extractor lovely

    for like 3 2 1

    oh hell yes

    protect the Scarab oh boy

    we need more reverse

    build turrets news will help protect our

    base as we make our way to hi Jerry


    all right what you scared going oh it's

    going this way okay


    asking more exports

    there's still so much wreckage slide

    around hi charity is going to take me a

    while to carve through it inside the

    Covenant loser war I hope they clean up

    after themselves

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    we have proceed with caution Boris there

    are strange readings from inside the


    you know the tales of the great mine and

    the corruption is spread inside I

    guarantee dignity that it could be a

    greater threat than even the covenant

    from the prophets

    oh yeah well we'll see about that you

    have no idea what's waiting for you

    I'm surprised they even they know about

    the grave mind go google what am i doing

    sit around talking I protect my scooter

    anyways ever seen like I'm surprised

    they know about the grave mind


    I thought the explosion would be bigger

    deep firing

    I'm also good yes get this

    said aramis to harass me

    and how longs it take this process to


    come on it should not take that long

    just distort the rubble

    they none of these air units pick the

    wrong target disappointed I thought the

    explosion would be bigger


    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    we have encountered a new forerunner

    defense system turrets the area around

    High Charity is more fortified than

    anywhere else it is clear they want to

    destroy any of those is a tree axis rise

    not proof of this HP ox is coming as

    well as a wise warrior does not make a


    exactly need to you never know what to


    need to prepare yourself

    oh [ __ ] hang on you know what got some

    engineers for a quick


    I'm under fire take care of it now hang

    on hang on

    nice flight by forerunner turrets take

    them out

    yeah that sees this come on baby doll

    no more sentinels for you

    do I have to tell you again protect your

    leader dude I'm trying

    my target

    I guess the engineer camper tequila

    scarab that's great

    what we lose


    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    under attack quickly

    okay so I can't heal them great

    before structural integrity and 50%

    oh nevermind it can't

    some add to your church

    the wreckage is nearly destroyed the


    enjoy my plasma beam

    to keep moving



    what uh-ohhhhh UNSC

    Oh what are they doing here

    the humans are here what if they trapped

    beneath our scans the forces must be

    small simply a reconnaissance mission

    and I'll make sure they also we do need

    to fight them after all cool

    all right you know what

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    do I have to tell you again particularly

    sending in support make them regret it

    crap I'm screwed no oh my god no

    damn it is not going well at all

    I'm changing

    it appears large portions of IQ really

    remain intact which means there are more

    weapons for us to blender makes large

    water snugly into hiding Fortis focus

    amongst allergy but remains around it

    my target

    Fortis I have run into problems with the

    salvage drills the power that runs under

    the surface area surprisingly unstable

    the problem I'm not sure if our

    detractors could handle it protect your

    scarab do your duty

    I'm sure you'll figure it out brother

    that's what

    oh my god I am doing terribly right now

    I'm sorry guys like I said it's been all

    since I played this game


    no no

    pretentious Carol do your duty

    [ __ ]

    the enemy is attacking me

    okay we need engineers now

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    dude I know you think I don't know


    we nearly blasted through be ready to go


    no don't go there

    go here going


    wrong target are you blind

    the Scarab is under attack

    my breasts the enemy do we engage

    are you denied the Scarab is under

    attack I hate these things why must they

    plague me

    damn these infernal things be enemy is

    sending against

    here let me hear you quick

    air units to arrive a protector scarab

    do your duty

    the enemy's air units picked the wrong


    the Scarab is under attack

    are getting good at this

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    almost at high charity there may be more

    resistance though strong forces

    they dare attack me funky hair

    hang on

    by a spotted enemy units from above

    what are you guys doing in there idiots

    you know what forget the optional

    objectives it's just pointless

    sent air units to harass me

    and while we're here muscle upgrader

    air units real quick

    I'm under fire from air units I will

    show them

    all right right there good to go all

    right activate the bridge hello

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    there we go

    thank you

    I found some kind of forerunner

    interface and there are more systems

    nearby be careful Fortis there is still

    much we don't understand about the

    forerunners and there we protect the

    Scarab while I try and deactivate the

    Sentinel defenses all right

    every despicable

    unless you can see the whole map now

    ah some more UNSC let's give a low

    present come to seals I'm doing your


    destroy them I'm not finished here yet

    use the disruption emitters nothing must

    stop our scarab

    what are you doing there's your there

    parents to harass me


    one of our emitters has expired prepare


    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    disappointing I thought the explosion

    would be bigger

    keep that scarab moving I've reached the

    second security level I just need some

    time to deactivate it Florida's the

    sensible numbers have increased again

    that deal with them

    use everything you have oh hang on

    I thought the explosion would be bigger

    mysteries are what kept the Covenant

    bleaker and weak will smash through them

    yes they're getting desperate

    I must be close to completely shutting

    them down

    your bag is ready to transport the

    riches we find nearby

    come on

    what am i doing I'm so confused right


    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    it's time we cut it aside to take what's


    hmmm I wonder what they're gonna find I

    wouldn't be laughing if I were you

    the flood are now unleash

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    oh damn

    oh that's right the flutter back Wow I

    did terribly I'm so sorry guys I was not

    prepared at all like I said it's been

    such a long time since I played this

    game I should prepare myself before I

    did this mission

    well that was my fault

    that's not fortunate but oh well don't

    worry next time I'll be more prepared

    you know I'll do some more you know

    matches you know as plain as two

    perished and you know get some practice

    and hopefully next time I won't suck

    like I did with this mission but overall

    I had fun with this mission you know

    plays the banished you know it was fun

    although I didn't complete all the

    optional objectives but hello

    I'll do the off-screen or something but

    overall first impressions not bad not

    bad at all what's gonna happen now that

    the flutter unleashed hmm well we'll

    just have to see but anyway guys that

    think is good dude for this part right

    here so I hope you guys enjoyed this

    video and if you did be sure Lee fun

    like it coming as well and next time

    we'll continue playing this DLC and you

    know see what's gonna happen next

    now the flutter back but yeah so this is

    gonna take over here and I'll see you

    guys next time see ya

    We now play as the banished as they scourer the wreckage of the remains of high charity.

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