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    Let's Play Impact Winter | PS4 Pro Walkthrough Gameplay | Episode 1 St. Clarence Park (P+J)

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    Join Praetorian & Jynx in their PS4 Pro playthrough of Impact Winter, a top down survival, crafting RPG.

    You can purchase the game on the Playstation Store
    It's also available on Xbox One and PC.

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    Console | episode 1 | ep. 1 | ep 1 | part 1 | pt. 1 | pt 1

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    Comment (13)

    1. Should check out Titan Quest some time. It came out last month. It's an old PC ARPG like Diablo that came out on console. Hardly any big Youtube site even mentioned it. Kind of slipped under the radar.

    2. New PJ, nice. Time to crack open a bottle of Pennzoil and take a nap. Seriously though, your voices are too soothing, needs intermittent randomly timed screaming. I might have to pick this one up.

    3. Are you going to make a hoi4 video and can you make a Mexican Empire take over all South America and then take over Africa you can first attack Belgium and take the Congo

    4. Hints: (ill try to keep this spoiler free & just talk mechanics). SEEDS is Cash & take up no space. Make sure to grab all seeds. Dont be unhappy if you loose your first game, lots of ways to die in this game. There is no melee weapons, so a bat is only for fuel or crafing. Stay clear of wolves at all costs early on. Even with a weapon use caution. I think you clicked out of the"radar search"-tutorial. Robot can scan a area for buried items, make sure to use that. Beginner tips: probably should follow Blane's (the hunters) quest line. Also get you mindset into survival mode: make sure to check the stats of items vs their space size etc. Like can eat toothpaste? How much does a little spray can burn for? 😉


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