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    alright hey everyone one bite here and

    welcome to loot Rascals it's a

    turn-based roguelike sought at PAX South

    met the developers and they're very nice

    and forgot to give me a key now they

    were very nice , but they also forgot to

    give me a key so here we are a day late

    but not a dollar short let's play the

    game we only have subtitles on let's

    play looks like you use a controller for

    this I guess that's fair let's play

    standard game see what happens actually

    you know what uh there's a short

    tutorial which explains the basics we

    really recommend it as things will make

    a lot more sense want to try it sure so

    from what I saw this game is super

    confusing and we should probably do the

    tutorial ok so we can have this chick or

    this guy I like the chick honestly so

    let's let's be her she seems like she's

    functional this guy seems like he's

    going to die horribly constantly she

    looks like she can take on the world or

    at least half of it cuz peripheral

    vision is not her strong suit anyway

    stretch her legs use the left stick to

    run around the see the turn reader up

    there on the top right this is actually

    a turn-based game run around and watch

    the turn counter change the as you move

    tiles so it's the day-night thing day

    and night are only a few turns apart

    this is important because you'll get the

    first hit on some baddies a day and

    others at night okay


    hey go and loot these okay so we've got

    some shorts I don't know what this is I

    don't know what any of these things are

    great no let's equip them press Y to

    open up your HUD move the cursor of the

    cards with the left stick and press a to

    equip them so we've got a hold to grab

    press to quit so we got space shorts

    card to write plus to self throw disc

    and column one plus two so it's shield

    damage top row plus one even slot okay

    orange cards increase your attack

    strength blue cards increase your

    defense attack and defense are displayed

    at the top try moving them around a bit

    okay so my defense so card to the right

    plus to top row plus one this is an

    attack card adds plus one to itself if

    it's placed in the top row okay even

    slot so they're in column one okay hold

    on so we're gonna put this here this

    here this here and this there okay

    that's probably the best I can do

    I can maybe get a little bit more

    defense if I really wanted to

    alternatively there we go

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    five attack five defense that should be

    good great job okay close lahood with B

    okay run down let's we'll go crush crush

    some biscuits combat starts when you

    share tile with a baddie it's automatic

    you take turns attacking one another

    okay so we just got a new card what's

    this help this is a tech card a higher

    your tech more damage you'll two of

    combat has no special properties be nice

    if we could actually see what it does

    but whatever okay so it's just the hydro

    putter not particularly amazing okay so

    we want to attack an avoid oh I see

    somebody's attack first and others

    defend first this changes between day

    and night okay so we might as well just

    fight everything we've got stats to just

    destroy them okay let's grab some stuff

    though so we got a spike pan and a self

    throw disc which I'm gonna toss there

    for even more damage okay well I got

    plenty of defense

    oh no we did take damage there you know

    whether or bad who's gonna attack or

    defend by looking at the badge above

    their head okay


    so despite the fact that I had a decent

    defense it wasn't enough okay so you

    want to go after this guy next

    oh it will tell me attack me or avoid me

    based on if it's going to be day or

    night next okay so let's pick up cards

    so we've got meteor ball only one and Oh

    press to rotate oh so we could have boot

    helmet or meteor ball let's go with boot

    helmet we need some more defense and

    call them 5-0 bottom row two okay and

    I'm gonna put spike pan their self throw

    disc will switch okay cool I love this

    bonus system it's neat

    all right let's keep fighting folks and

    see what we can do there we go

    works out we're getting a fair bit

    stronger let's keep it

    let's keep it venturing oh wait it's

    attacking first but we blocked it okay

    let's try something else head back to

    where we started

    it's a bit confusing at first but once

    we get the hang of it this should be

    good okay there's a special type of

    baddie in here called a burden bunny go

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    kill it okay marvelous now collect that

    burning card and open your HUD with why

    this burning augment gives any card the

    burn ability drop it on one of your

    equipped cards put it on okay to give

    you the fire ability when charged up you

    will be able to do fire attacks okay so

    I'll put it on the spike ban for the

    time being okay you have a burning card

    close your head and we'll go use it yeah

    it looks like so burning is temporary

    salt to pay attention to that okay but

    let's select the burning ability first

    and the ability selector in the bottom

    right corner of the screen hold l1 and

    press press the right stick up okay

    now let's head back to those biscuits

    okay so I should be able to burn some

    toasters okay the ability is recharged

    by revealing tiles in combat or by

    stepping on a charged style oh so we

    don't burn through things okay looks

    like they're also attacking more often

    okay so we've got to worry about our HP

    a bit glad we got some defense though so

    where's the charge tile is this a

    charged tile

    I'm dying here cuz I'm not paying

    attention cuz I'm trying to figure out

    new things okay so it looks like if

    we're in proximity they will attack me

    how do we get over here oh we can

    explore this way unfortunately this

    whole area is done okay you're stepping

    on a charged tile where is it charged

    tile is this a charge tile oh we want to

    avoid that okay yeah so if we end up

    directly next to them they'll start

    attacking us down where is this charged

    tile they keep talking about how do I

    get to these guys I don't know maybe

    this is a charged tile

    Oh use your right stick to move over a

    baddy and press R want to use my burn

    ability I've been doing it wrong okay so

    that's the charge style okay to kill

    biscuits behind the wall to your right

    you needed a right stick and burn them

    let's charge it up okay interesting so

    we only had like a certain amount of

    charge there alright and I'm getting it

    now sorry a little bit slow right now

    brain is working in different different

    directions right now

    okay the objective is to find the exit

    portal in each area and use it to warp

    out find it use it now to escape this

    tutorial yeah let's go try and die I

    thought we were actually gonna be

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    consuming cards here but no that's not

    the case well that's nice start a

    standard game it's better to be busy

    than bored

    wake up Guney week all right

    well nearly there so I'm just gonna talk

    you through the Machine again okay right

    get on your way to the say of a new

    outer space holiday camp where the

    medical substance liquid anything has

    already been transported and a bag by

    the unit which is a nickname is Thor

    technical name the make party should

    have by now prepared the finest office

    for then the liquid anything and

    initiate in the 3d rendering process

    however we've lost contact the most

    likely scenario as the flying space

    debris is snapped off the back bodies

    aerial the which case you should load

    the appropriate chap and here lag mental

    chat be done and use your helmet to Rend

    another place to park before returning


    you should inspect the camp in case

    there's anything else we need to repair

    or replace and remember ensure that an

    area is clear before rendering in case

    you accidentally have someone in the

    face which Pinkham that concludes the

    mission of oh sorry till they put you

    back the hypersleep there oh here's the

    planet coming into view now look so I'll

    get the spaceship down to this office

    and you just



    okay well the new mission is wait I just

    realized my mouse there I'm sorry guys

    well that was goofy I dig it

    all right let's try entering the dome

    hello you can do compiled any unwanted

    cards to produce tokens open your HUD

    move over a card and hold the right

    trigger to destroy it and earn a token

    you can spend tokens on the healing

    machine you're the dough would you like

    to set your practice deck for this area

    is your current deck does it allow you

    to start a new practice game from this

    area of the current set of cards now

    okay mailbox this mailbox is where cards

    were turned by other players or your

    hologram will arrive it's empty right

    now he'll fully for two tokens don't

    have any this guy has spatulas on his

    head his hands his feet and he's got

    three moves here chef slows rotten Leon

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    stole my vendor goon plush returned it

    for two extra spirits spirit card slots

    what's this maths of combat when you

    attack your tech number is subtracted

    from the body's power when you defend

    their power is divided by your defense

    Oh their power divided by your defense

    is subtracted from your health

    oh so defense isn't flat so okay even if

    your defense is higher than the body's

    power you might get hit their chance is

    their power divided by your defense so

    if it's 12 over 24

    we have a 50% chance of losing one

    health okay so we can't just tank

    through things good to know

    Oh see what my what's my deck right now

    we got meteor balls just interesting

    enough none of them seem to have

    anything special about them well let's

    get out of here okay so we've got

    whiskers which is worrying we might as

    well just equip the spike fan Oh build

    ease charge fast so he's on defense it

    just changed from day to night all

    baddies who are going to attack first in

    combat will not defend first and

    vice-versa the best way to survive is

    not to get hit I was attacked bad use

    with the shield symbol above the heads

    if possible oh so we do have a time

    limit something about a giant space slug

    in 240 turns is their way to past tot

    past time


    I'm just gonna run away from Luke

    oh no it's attacking me oh we attack

    first though because it just went


    okay so whiskas is gonna go after me

    next put on the shorts but let's put the

    shorts there so abilities charge fast

    and stuff like that which there's a

    button where I could just pass the time

    so that's work to dome okay so we've got

    wounds but they're on defense so I

    should be able to just murder the crap

    out of them unfortunately I'm a little

    bit worried about them all coming to it

    oh okay well that worked out we just

    barely blocked that one I think I like

    it the other ablative arm Bend let's see

    if we can start doing horrible things to

    these guys let's keep throwing a meteor

    balls on you've got plenty of whiskers

    that we can just destroy I'm worried

    about bolas girl oh okay that hurt a lot

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    more than I thought it was going to and

    we're not getting loot for every fight

    which I guess makes sense

    what's this dono


    I'm just gonna stay away from them I'm

    just gonna keep exploring we'll find out

    or we won't okay

    okay so

    oh there's rotten Leon okay so there's a

    warning that we're about to get attacks

    so that's good

    this is a weird charming weird game so

    let's go 400 grand we're good ooh what

    we just get let's grab that and toss it

    over one of these meteor balls up my

    damage a little bit okay take out the

    loop we've got another one of these yeah

    I figured we'd uh oh and top row minus

    one column one column five plus one okay

    and let's decompile nope let's decompile

    some of these I wonder if tokens stick

    with me what's this thing - oh he will

    plus one nice okay let's go for rotten

    Leon we've got a limited amount of time

    okay there we go

    take out rotten Leon and there's that

    okay let's see if I can take out Brigid

    there he goes

    alright so we've got the side quest done

    what's this do I have no idea I'm just

    gonna explore around and we'll see what

    comes across oh we've got some kind of

    weird Robo hunter type dude

    concerning now okay rats stick but

    that's fine we're good we've got wokes

    but we're fine it's this spaceship

    looking thing oh uh do we find the exit

    I think we might have found the exit

    card rocket it's the card rocket you can

    use this to launch one of your cards

    into a spacetime rift towards a parallel

    dimension version of you give it a try

    sure why not

    alright let's not launch that into space

    even though it's probably useless maybe

    I'll help I don't know I got some time

    here so let's uh go fight mr. Roboto

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    clunker had nothing fancy about him but

    that's okay

    all right so it looks like clunkers are

    kind of random I wonder if we uh we can

    run the clock here Oh horse crows are

    scary same thing with the L Bandito

    looking dude okay well we got a boot

    head so I guess that's fine there goes

    the clunker let's see if we're gonna

    take out the brick and go after the orc

    or grande and then probably just run

    away this doesn't seem quite worth it

    let's put on the boot hat no now that I

    think about it car to the right and odd

    slot so if we just grab this one and

    drag it over that should work right


    now let's see what happens when we get

    out of here so can we warp to the next

    area now can I deliver that thing to the

    chef looks like it okay enter dome and

    it looks like the turn timer is reset

    let's the disastrous Diego stole my

    pause poncho returned it for a reveal

    map card so he doesn't want this back



    that's kind of unfortunate oh let's see


    so he'll fully for two tokens sure and

    we have no mail remember you don't need

    to kill the baddies you just need to

    find the portal to escape anything from

    the mailbox I don't know what this is

    okay let's uh let's exit the dome and

    good luck me oh jeez lunk is this a guy

    that stole the thing no it ain't night

    wizard oh geez

    oh the night wizard forces it to be

    nighttime let's see if it can kill the

    web Jacque unfortunately he's dangerous

    all of this is dangerous we're going to

    die I guarantee it

    there's a Healy thing and there's

    horrors and unfortunately our cards are

    not on the greatest of sides well that's

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    okay I kind of expected death here oh I

    guess we're fighting shark fans oh

    that's fine

    now do we go after monk I guess we're

    going after lunch and we're dead well

    never mind

    he stole my orbital bowls all right so

    now what happens


    appreciate it if you could keep we can't

    have those oh and don't worry about

    dying it's just a simple matter of

    reshuffling time now

    back you go berry has so much to teach

    me right well I thank you but a dead

    body for most of us so I'll give you the

    upshot and there's a there's a thing

    below or somewhere who's gonna keep

    bringing us back to life as long as we

    kill the aliens alone to you what I'm

    thinking is we fainted back body heads

    then fly home ourselves without that

    thing below obviously so let's get

    looking well that was interesting

    you're alive again unfortunately the

    thing below can't preserve your cards

    when you read incarnates you so you'll

    have to go out there and collect a new

    set let's eat

    ah looks like our tokens got reset chess

    was spectral destabilizer returning for

    two extra spare card slots massive

    combat so there's no real like

    progressive system here it's just a

    matter of getting the run to work right

    I guess I don't know some amount of rng

    it's kind of hoping that we'd be able to

    like slowly expand our like starting

    prowess or something like that because I

    don't think we start with anything new

    what's what's journal okay so journal is


    completion okay that's kind of neat I

    don't know this games this game is kind

    of fun it's a bit traditional roguelike

    II and I'm not entirely sure how far you

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    can get without just getting your ass

    kicked repeatedly which I don't know the

    appeal disappeared on that one a while

    ago but maybe that's just me I don't

    know I like it though it's really

    stylish the characters are weird the

    enemies are interesting the card

    slotting system seems really fun I just

    kind of want to see if there's like an

    upper limit or if

    it's like really repetitive and that's

    the the only way we can find that out I

    guess is with more time so I guess we'll

    see about that anyway I guess yeah this

    is a good stopping point mainly because

    doing another run would probably take a

    fair a while so I will see you guys on

    the next episode of loot Rascals ah but

    before I forget if you guys liked this

    impressions video slash first episode of

    let's play in any way shape or form

    leave me a like helps more than you know

    and if you want to see more hit

    subscribe because I'm probably gonna

    play a fair amount of this at least to

    see like how deep the rabbit-hole goes

    I like the fact that there are cutscenes

    and stuff I just don't know what the

    axis is for them and stuff like that no

    it's fun so I guess with that see you

    guys next time and as always thanks for



    Only you can rescue Big Barry - your huge robot head pal - from a space theme park that’s been invaded by a tentacled pan-dimensional godbeast.

    Explore an alien planet, beat a menagerie of strange baddies and win Loot Cards which give you special abilities. Choosing which to equip requires strategic thinking - the way you lay them out is crucial, and some must be sacrificed because cards are also the precious resources you need to heal and use powerful abilities.

    Careful though because baddies can loot you! The cards they steal drop into other players’ games. When you defeat an Elite Baddie you’ll get another player’s card: will you return it or keep it for yourself?

    Either way, prepare for a visit from that player's Holographic Helper to shower you with thanks or terrible vengeance - Loot Rascals is a tale of friendship, loss, and redemption!

    Every game is different in this procedurally generated roguelike: gather Loot Cards, show the Thing Below who’s boss, and fly Big Barry to victory!

    Get Loot Rascals on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/443880/

    Back Me On Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/wanderbot

    My Twitter: twitter.com/wanderbots

    Watch Me Live: twitch.tv/wanderbot

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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