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    SearchThisVideo: Let's Play Rogue Trooper [SA] Bonus 5: Fun With Cheats, Final Info!

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    hello everybody and welcome to the final

    rogue trooper bonus update where we will

    be looking at the encyclopedia entries

    yes we got them all we will be looking

    at the cheats and that will be the end

    of the LP I'd like to thank everyone who

    has turned up commented etc and I would

    especially like to thank you Joe - and

    lox for joining in on the multiplayer so

    right let's get on with the encyclopedia

    entries we missed part 4 the traitor

    general god-awful

    comics the trades general now that's how

    we looked in the comic this is not a

    hell of a lot better

    despite the tear there Venus blue jeans

    of course who is not normally yeah she

    turned out twice in the original comics

    nuff said yes three agents this

    interesting one basically they are the

    big boys of Confederate Army and they

    are well they don't actually turn up in

    the comic until very late in the

    original broke run as far as I'm aware

    South troops

    we've already had them but here's the

    concept art for the troops

    yes all right now boy hoppers we had a

    comic of those that's from

    for orders

    Alpana we had a common to them see the

    difference it's basically a big fuck-off

    plasma fire up or plays are all things

    okay art for the whole betrayed I

    actually like the arbitrate I mean look

    at that picture that is pretty damn good

    for a monorail that is sweet design say

    what he like the design is actually

    quite good for the most part they look

    at that it's simple but it works it does

    however add fuel to the whole 40k and

    2080 thing

    not heavy sport armor did not appear in

    the comic as far as I'm aware tactical

    armor appeared during the fried era but

    support Armour as far as I'm aware did

    not turn up now the art of the south are

    offer some interesting difference is

    there in the VTOL systems and there's

    the original which is pretty late in the

    rogue era as far as I'm aware submarines

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    yes there were gnawed submarines and

    they were pretty early in the comic too

    we have the base commander Oh

    my stash is so powerful snipers now

    thing is these are actually canonical

    that's Morgan the East nine kills snipe

    two thousand soldiers stamens which

    again are canonical in comic now one

    interesting thing that was noted was the

    apparently the stammel riders and female

    I'm not certain of that but well right

    now that we've got the encyclopedia out

    of the way let's look at the cheats so

    first off we got a level select that is

    how I got the 100% quite quickly because

    yeh doesn't well it just mindlessly adds

    the the salvage you get from the level

    to the camp

    so hey well done so let's turn on low

    gravity ragdoll select the level and

    let's see what the low gravity ragdoll

    is like the boy micronized next to that

    door they'll suppress any noise that

    come on now this should be interesting I

    was incredibly pretty

    there we go two tank shots at once

    bloody hell he went a long way right

    let's go back to the let's go the cheats

    to an all flow gravity rag doll to a non

    extreme rag doll and let's retain

    okay nothing amazing that


    did you see that

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    oh yes right and the final cheat would

    be hippy blood I have no idea what this

    one does

    but we'll find out

    Oh God extreme practical I was



    now the beautiful thing about level

    select is that you have all the weapons

    you've unlocked right well one thing I

    forgot was what about extreme and low


    that's kind of pretty let's see if we

    can juggle it another one now

    oh well he went a long way yeah that was

    a bit underwhelming but hey at least it

    happened anyway so let's find out what

    the Hickey blood means we're not worried

    about Salvage anymore we're just worried

    about having a good tan okay all right

    let's stand next to a wall Oh

    flowery flowery blood that is a really

    cool sheet

    yeah cutscene right let's let's get some

    flowery flowery blood going

    what shooting

    oh well right that's the end of the LP

    it's been wonderful to have you all it's

    been wonderful to play the game and I

    hope you all have a wonderful week this

    has been Jay and this has been rogue


    Yes, that's the end, that's all of it, It's all done! I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the thread, aridge02 and Loxbourne for their valuable Multiplayer assistance, the LP Sandcastle for making sure my quality was at least okay, and you, the viewers! Hope you enjoyed it as miuch as I did playing it!

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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