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SearchThisVideo: Let's Try: Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! [Early Access]

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Watch video at 00:00

hey folks queerly team here and welcome

to let's try cook serve delicious three

the early access version so cook serve

delicious is a wonderful franchise of

games that involves you cooking in

restaurants sort of a speed rhythm

pattern kind of game but with also some

some extra meta stuff about you know

decorating and upgrading restaurant and

things and it is a lovely series of

games that being said I have to say some

of the previous editions may felt a

little bit on the rough side now with

cook serve delicious three I feel even

though this is still an early access

build that there is a level of polish

that goes above and beyond the first two

editions of the game there's also quite

distinctive because unlike the first

editions in the game you are not running

in a restaurant but instead a food truck

now I want to showcase the gameplay

right away for sure but before I do that

I really want to show you the video from

the tutorial over here if we lock it in

so if you'll bear with me you can fast

forward for a minute or so if you don't

want to see it but otherwise I'm just

gonna be quiet for a second and let you

listen to the wonderful world that is

the the setting of cook serve delicious

three slightly post-apocalyptic the year

is 2040 one and the United States is

reeling from war but that hasn't stopped

business from booming welcome to taste

Ville recently opened its 1000th

restaurant Chili Bowl bought a small

island in the Pacific

and max wieners continues to be in and

out of various ventures and as for cook

serve delicious well it continues to be

regarded as the finest restaurant in the

world until it was destroyed 20 minutes


easy on the brakes whisk

sorry cleaver this old hunk of junk

needs some love and care jeez look at

this place

do you think anyone made it only one way

to find out

hey cleaver I think I found a survivor

give me a hands on my way all right

1 2 3 lift


Oh crepe is that the chef from cook

serve delicious I'm such a big fan chef

I've got some good news and some bad

news your vitals look fine

just some minor scrapes and brain

hemorrhaging but your restaurant is it's

gone I'm I'm sorry

cleaver a word with you in private

what what if I'm gonna go ahead and skip

the rest there's not much left over here

but yeah I intro caught me a wee bit off

guard but I thought that was pretty

funny interesting yeah now we're gonna

be in a truck instead so I'm the McCants

a little different so sort of mission

one here chef University well has three

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

missions in it is its kind of sort of

the tutorial one

well those will flip for one of these

others we'll try to do this three-point

menu I got a silver medal on it let's

see if we can get a gold and talk about

what's going on so yeah we're gonna be

running out I guess Easy Street here in

we're in Boise Idaho alright armonica

three stops nine point one two

kilometers so you can't play a chill

mode if you want something you know just

a bit more relaxed and let me tell you

this game is anything but relaxed so we

have to form our menu for today over

here and there's actually certain

requirements so I'm gonna have to have

five items on our menu over here three

of them at HS is a the holding station

and s o is a side order and they come

into play in a couple of different ways

basically you can sort of make these

holding station ones in bulk a little

bit ahead of time now I have unlocked a

few upgrades on my character here so I

got some extra prep stations and holding

stations as well which is going to be

kind of useful and one of the things

with the extra prep stations because

they can add a little bit extra work but

you need fewer points worth of recipes

on your menu so I still need one point

over here and some of the foods do have

things so if you take a look at the

foods that we have here the available

foods to add your menu is dependent on

what mission the the the idea the the

background they explained here is that

you you know they've scouted ahead so

they sort of know what what the

demographic is looking for and here's

probably the best choice is that in the

top right corner of each one of these

foods is basically a level so the

chicken scripts is a level zero food

where as a cook my shoot is a level two

food the higher the level the food the

more money you will make from preparing

it but the more difficult it is to do

you need a certain number of points

depending on the mission you're on we're

in a fairly early mission so yeah three

points needed or one for me because my

grades eat very much at all

there's a few extra icons I have turned

on here as an option the number on the

Left shows you how many servings you're

gonna make per few

holding thing icon a right shows that

can be auto served by your assistant

that's cleaver or yeah it doesn't say

cleaver or the other one I don't

remember their names from the start up

but we're gonna do mm-hmm what are gonna

make we're gonna make it will make the

croque monsieur we'll make some falafel

that's a level two level zero let's get

something really easy as well some

chicken strips over here I mean the

falafel and the chicken strips are both

going to be pretty easy I mean you're

basically thinking and product and throw

it into a deep fryer and that's pretty

simple for our side doors over here I

quite like to make the Bananas Foster

actually they're quite fun to make the

borscht is quite tricky the the -

they're not kind of joking around there

let's pick something easy please zero

here is japchae and i don't know if i've

ever made it but we're gonna make it

today so I got a three point menu even

though I only needed two we're gonna go

ahead and begin if I the day and so

unlike previous versions of cook serve

delicious rather than just sort of

operating at a counter and you know

having a trickle people in and then

occasionally a rush hour what's gonna

happen here is our truck is gonna be

making three stops so between stops is

time to prepare you'll also get a bit of

a notice some people have called in

their orders ahead and you know there's

a bit of a queue and you got a you'll

have sort of a basic idea about what

people might be looking for ahead of

time to help with your prep but then

when you get there the chaos begins and

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

it is - and ready to go thanks cleaver

alright so when they hit by holding

stations up here over here we're gonna

prep some work a minute prep a cook

Machir in my holding station bread white


Parmesan bread on top more sauce and

some parmesan done all right we've got a

call in that something's gonna want a

banana sponsors so we can prep that

ahead of time you for butter that's for

sugar beef a banana are for um you can

do all this with the mouse for a gamepad

as well great I don't many other

categories of stuff that's okay let me

get an extra set of ready over there you

guys are going to got to make sure these

things aren't turning we've got leads

out to whatever that is but if mates

Thank You Mona bread pepper and spinach

sure whatever that is I don't know

USTR over there and we've got another

doctor that's over here as these things

cook here and take them off you can also

serve you can serve them you can also

hit people to go ahead and take anything

in the queue that is ready to go and

that's really how you're gonna be

speeding a lot that's mortars from the

scruffy Sierra's here so we're gonna go

ahead and prep some more on mass bread

this that done lock that in we

desperately need some falafels in the

fryer as well this will reset the timers

but they know that it's cooking we

haven't ignored them to realize that

they're waiting person stuff and what is

number eight can I do anything for you

an individual chicken strip let's deal

with you right away but that's also gets

more chicken trypsin here Pet it at the

dock dunk and actually let's get another

set of those set it at it I don't know


people lovely we're almost done quick my

seriously efficient more BH our space be

WR go excellent

serve all that lovely next stops ready

to go I'm gonna clear out the one

overcooked my shirt over there and we're

gonna get another one

just so that we've got a full set of

core ready to go boom

excellent - another one the W are


oK we've got a doctor s we've got

another doctor s and a third doctor s

and number five is also doctor s number

four is a USB far and number six is also

a USB are there you go through some of

those we're seven minute doctor s number

eight is a USB far and Fox slows up


is a doctor yes you can see the more

these stations you have the motors you

can do simultaneously you're gonna have

to go we need we're gonna have a lot of

falafel orders over there let's get a

whole bunch of that going on if you've

got time you can check those numbers and

really get a lot of information about

what's coming up but I honestly don't

have much time to read most of the

screens I'm just trying to react this

stuff that's coming in here let's get

another plate of coke miss you started

be WR go we've got chicken strips we

don't need chicken some of these timers

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

let's get another tray of those going on

all right let's keep waiting for falafel


dun-dun-dun all falafel all day long

waffles all day let's do it actually

yeah it looks like a map screen

environment for both I had

and that's as far as we know we got an

order for some couple shirts coming in

HR b WR go excellent to serve some more

of those got some falafels on the go

we've got some other person's shoes

boom-boom-boom-boom all right as soon as

these deep answers are done and I think

we may have gotten a perfect eulogist

combo in this first stop over here if

you like the options well hopefully the

Sam doesn't 12 pounds all right we got a

banana sponsors us be far go these

recipes are fairly easy to do there's

not too many places where I can scrub in

the orders we're gonna do one more

mission after this where I'm gonna take

them better much much trickier I don't

know whom the manager felt talking but

I'm gonna do our best

get those bucks up before they burn

doctor mess you sbr fox you up as well

let some falafel you H bar space the W

farm go number six we looking for your

dr. s and seven is a USB are go alright

bunch of things have just finished meats

and waffles

don't we need two chicken strips chunk I

think we need as well from that number I

don't know it's hard to read you don't

have time for that this is such a

frantic game but it's very like you get

into the rhythm

it's very kind of sent all right we're

just waiting for some chicken strips of

done things doo-doo-doo

doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo and that is

going to begin with the waterfalls and

Finnish community fools will keep the

chicken strips going that's gonna be

okay all right thanks there - game all

right we're gonna pop back to the main

union I'm trying to drop the menus just

cuz it's looking like from the audio mix

that the game volume might be a little

on the high side you know I tried to

lower it first um that's the volume

let's bring you down to about there and

see how that is all right I haven't

earned any scraps upgrade well I thought

sure I could get an extra prep station

but I don't want to what I really want

to do is get another level to my heat

lamp so that my food stays fresher

longer but we'll have to wait on that


Boise there I haven't done in this

mission yet so I haven't tried it so I

got a gold star on so we're not where we

sharp cheddar in Boise only two stops

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

interesting all right all right all


ice will do will do this one here it's

got to be a five-point menu except I got

the discount to three which is gonna be

okay and you know we might try something

a little bit more intense or what tell

you what I'll do

just give me an excuse to use the higher

end stuff and then come over here I'm

gonna close the prep stations I think

the extra holding stations is okay so

now we need a full five points and

that's gonna be fine let's unlock a food

I haven't done before kind of cannoli to

level four that's gonna be crazy just

and worth a lot of money I could

practice it first but let's just go in

blind it's gonna be fine so I'm gonna go

ahead and purchase the cannoli

take the cannoli leave the gun or the

other way around no take the gun

we'll grab will grab fried fish as well

that'll bring us up to five points in

total and then this will get slightly

confusing chicken strips and chicken

nuggets no I'll get the chicken strips

and churros that's gonna be okay all

right side dishes we're gonna stick to

some zeros puta kimchi crab legs

marshmallow squares and okay

tonkatsu that does bring me up to six

but that's gonna be okay oh is that the

tonkatsu over here pork chunks go pork

don't go

another one what don't you go is all

prep work there's nothing for the

holding station oh that's what happened

it was like loaded right away - I went

to the practice mode instead of purchase

there you'll purchase done begin day ah

it's confused so I think that's probably

more than just frying that one piece of

pork okay here we go

that's good some cannolis we're gonna

throw them in here get them dumped into

the okay we're getting fried fish I'll

do all fishes books a cod I don't I'm

different from this with white fish

chicken strips get in there and dunk

okay let's get crab legs and lemon juice

let's get the pay and P over there

you're going to walk and dunk you're

gonna crab leg and lemon and six is

gonna be marshmallow crispy bits and mix

together and be done like fives got to

be forth and dunked ready

sevens got to be marshmallow crispy

mixed okay that's coming together

check the four over here we need some

churros desperately I think we're gonna

need two rounds of that from what I can


churros tres restaurants go I mean at

least the to start off with

I can't automate this what do you need

you need the fried corn this cucumber

lettuce tomato done

number five same thing okay point is

what I'm looking for next week we're

gonna turn those in get the cannolis

cannoli cake frosting gummies second

page caramel and sugar and enter alright

we'll go some Newsom blaze ok these

cannolis is gonna kill me

what do you think you need Sherry's on

next page

Cherry's on a/c chocolate sprinkles no

chocolate sauce oh and then powdered

sugar is an S god I'm never gonna do

these some time what do you want you

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

want to fish dump that okay this finale

is going away cannoli with chocolate is

H peppermints is M chocolate sauce

powdered sugar and go oh my God we're

gonna get this right here cannoli pink

orange rinds candle sauce sugar go

number three I got you

cannoli vanilla nuts go number four is

about to go okay we're gonna get you

shinola chocolate from here then

peppermint is M Oh s go chicken strips

up okay what I need to do is actually

restart some chicken strips over here we

also need fried fish we're gonna go cut

cut cut cut

Duncan it's not quite right though and

it gets trashed this is no good cuz

they're doing exactly what they want

they want okay now it's all Cod don't

that excellent we're gonna prep some

chicken strips because we need a bunch

of that or gonna dunk those we're gonna

turn in anything we can we're gonna go

to number six over here who's kind of

crank you're gonna do this we're gonna

go vanilla we're no nuts we're gonna

turn you in

we're gonna do this one we're gonna take

this one here we're gonna go there we're

gonna go the chocolate is H over here

caramel is

oh we need sprinkles first or the

sprinkles s for sprinkles hay for

caramel sugar go number two almost lost

you cannoli vanilla e cherries chocolate

sauce sugar go okay um have you whatever

- no we H for chocolate s for sprinkles

a for caramel s for sugar okay I've got


we need a churro dump right open you

know what we need means we need churros

over here come come come come come and

we'll get another round of them going

Turo okay number three is about to lose

this into that into this into a into S

into go

number seven is about to go we're gonna

go cannoli into H into S into a into S

okay we've got five this is gonna be

cannoli into a chocolate chip that's in

you into me isn't it I don't H again

chocolate sauce is an O sugar is go

alright turn that in grab you cannoli

chocolate this page chocolate chips

chocolate sauce okay I like this person

safe and some sugar like there's no such

thing as too much right don't you wanted

Cod and a dunk last two customers in the

site looks like we've got some foods

it's gonna be taken away maybe what I'll

clear out this guy as well too just

because we don't want things to start

rotting halfway through where we're

going that's you and that's you over

there back on the road all right stop

the sleet far from perfect let's get

some cannolis in here

once in the deep fryer I think okay

right fish we're gonna go talk to Trish

Trish don't then we're gonna go chicken

scripts scrip scrip scrip scrip stuff

and then we're gonna go churros CCC dump

and if I don't and f5 what we want a lot

of there we'll need some more penalties

so you know Li dump and go and key is

another and he urw cm3 SW c m5 is dunk

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

six is seven is dumb stuff in all right

circle and cannolis we've got chocolate

peppermint sauce sugar okay cannoli

chocolate nuts caramel sauce and sugar

okay we've got cannoli vanilla nuts and

go we've got cannoli chocolate chocolate

chips chocolate sauce trigger and go

seven you're waiting for me you need to

do a pulp that's right we've done

oh [ __ ] something just burned over here

that was shame no Lee pink gummies

caramel sugar

mr. thunks six cannoli chocolate


airmail sugar we clearly need some more

chicken strips start off with cannoli

cannoli pink sherries chocolate sauce

sugar number four over here is cannoli

vanilla gummy bears caramel sugar six is

a true and a go and seven is a cannoli

with vanilla chocolate chips chocolate

sauce and sugar number five is a churro

who's gonna get dunk because I don't

have any ready to go churro dunk number

one is a cannoli with vanilla other page

chocolate chip chocolate sauce sugar


and only pink gummies caramel sugar

enjoy your diabetes

Duncan individual churro Noli

vanilla chocolate chips chocolate sauce

sugar just serve some we're all family I

wouldn't be looking chocolate sprinkles

caramel sugar and finally number six

over here is no the chocolate next page

chocolate chips bronze metal holy crap

those cannolis nearly killed me

now knowing a little bit more what to

expect they could probably do a little

bit better but there you go man that is

uh if you've ever played cook serve

delicious and you haven't seen cooked it

served it's just three I think this is

the best one of the series I think it's

the most frantic most fun one of the big

questions of course will be you know

some people really cared about like

decorating their restaurant upgrading it

and stuff like that is this game gonna

serve you the same sort of stuff there's

certainly some food upgrades available i

oh I do have to upgrade points so I

could grab the heat lamps or things to

say fresher longer I can perhaps pack

some prep stations I could work my way

to something else a special system

analysts so shoulders not yet made when

arriving it in a stop to have five

seconds of additional patience and

that's quite cool more holding stations

or here cook time regular there's

special orders now stay in a perfect

cook phase for longer that is really

kind of interesting max serving ho - all

of our holding spot food or whatever

they're called we'd make more servings

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

at once which sounds pretty good food

truck reinforcements yeah HS stations

are reinforced preventing the destroyed

cybersecurity reinforced preventing hack

based attacks for curing

yeah gunfights kit it is opposed to

apocalyptic world things can get very

mad max in here so spoiler this does

happen we're leaving to stop all food

and Holling stations are giving bonus

freshness and serving stations that is

very interesting i think i'm gonna go

ahead and with the the heat lamps though

i think there's gonna be some good value

in just making sure some things stick

around so yeah we've got that so there's

a couple of different currencies well

you get money when you when you serve

for the day and then at the end of the

day the money it's converted into the

coins or something like that which is

what you use to say for example unlock

some new foods which i can't do from

no I think I can't do from here yeah

there you go

on the safety can I'm multiple save is

going on by the way um baklava CA you

can get the whole list of foods over

here you can see there's a lot of

different dishes most of them do have

descriptions written there some of them

will have like early access placeholder

oh there you go sort of floats for

example no no no text in there yet so it

is definitely still early access

although it's very expensive and it's

very fun to play right now really really

enjoying doing this today so that's what

I was doing on my off time it's like

I'll probably go through tris try to get

more of the gold stars and you can see

some things are locked until you do them

the ones with these arrows here those

are the ones that if you unlock it gets

you to the next next sites so yeah I

don't know exactly how much content

there is near Laxus obviously I haven't

unlocked that many things myself so far

so there's probably lots of stuff to do

that I haven't seen yet but at the same

time it probably you'll probably run

into all of things at some point that

say hey come back when the game is more

complete but so far I know I had a lot

of fun with it today and figured I'd

make a video thanks for watching see you

next time bye bye

Note: During the first mission, the game music is a bit loud -- I adjust the sounds after a few minutes. Want to see more? Make sure to Subscribe and Like!


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Comment (0)

  1. Honestly I loved the volume at first. It was the same as your voice which only Increased the frantic high speed excitement energy that was pushing out along with being kinda more immersive as the cooking sounds were as loud as you like you were there cooking.

  2. I love these types of game, So was all YESS!!! then I watched the video, had mental breakdown at the speed on chill level, and turned around and walked away going "nope, nope, nope"

  3. Game is not as hard as video suggests. Quills mistake was going in blind. Part of the game is choosing right dishes to serve. Try them out and see how complex they are and witch will be best for you. Also you get more money for harder dishes. Do you want gold medal? Are you chef enough to take harder dishes then mission minimum?

    Using mouse and ctrl is enough for a lot of dishes (even up to lvl3), so don't get scared if you can't use keyboard well. And you can rebind keys on dish by dish basis. You can set up keys so you roll "qwert" and you are done.

    My point is, this game is cool and not at all as hard (frantic) as video suggests, give it a try.

  4. Nothing says post apocalyptic disaster world more than people putting gummi bears on their cannoli, I get you're supposed to be a savage but geez man.

  5. Watching a lets play of this game is almost as stressful as playing the game because you can see all the things the player needs to do and you just… you just want them to finish the cannolis before it's too late! AHHH!


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