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SearchThisVideo: Life Is Strange 2 – Episode 4 Faith Gameplay Walkthrough – Lis2 Episode 4

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all right ladies and gentlemen thank you
all for being patient we are finally
back it has been a long time my friends
buds welcome back to life is strange too
and we are back for episode number four
faith if you guys missed any of my
previous episode walkthrough is there's
playlists in description down below
she'd be called life was strange to walk
through playlist so where we left off
last we had the incident with Meryl
Cassidy injured Finn alive but injured
Sean injured and Big Joe wasn't there so
I'm pretty good but make sure you guys
go check that out if you guys do me a
favor let's try to go for 1500 I see you
guys are watching this after it's
uploaded greatly appreciate out for you
guys for your support and like I said
after this episode does in fact end make
sure to subscribe because i'll be
uploading episode 5 stuff theories
predictions ending cutscene of this
episode and more alright
am i alternate walkthrough is planned
for tomorrow just as a heads up for
anybody i'll be playing my alternate
walkthrough tomorrow okay alright
everyone this is episode 4 no chat
reading of any kind once it's over and
though I may take couple peeks but if
you guys enjoy this
how many playing no copyright music
actually there's copyright music good
alright I'm gonna play the copyright
music guys so no money being made on
this stream because I want to experience
this with the trennis music so
let's have a blast thank y'all let's
have a blast let's have a blast right
before I quickly click off my youtube
what's the only people were watching the
priest that was like touring people we
think y'all for waiting a Christian
school day which is good
out of my gear as we ever say it's not
popping up
to zero let's let me see I want to some
years we happen websites
I won't talk that much because obviously
I don't want to interrupt this all right
stream should be to make sure I'll go
like a retweet let me see how many
people there were a thousand I'm gonna
jump out of my seat
but we do have over a thousand I am
gonna jump over my seat right now yo
thank you everybody I didn't really jeez
thank you guys you'll appreciate who's
ready to get their feels broken oh
alright sorry to trouble my seat I
didn't even know thank you guys
okay I'm gonna shut up now once upon a

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time you know while wild world there
were two wolf brothers living in their
home lair with their Papa wolf they
lived in peace until hunters took their
dad away and they had to go on the run
that's when the Big Brother discovered
that the little one was not an ordinary
they discovered a secret hideout where
they could train day and night they were
happy but the Little Wolf got very sick
and he had to move on the brothers made
it to the home of their ancestors and
the old wolves took care of them
unfortunately Larenz even the hunters
were hot on their trail and found them
the brothers had nowhere to stay again
so they decided to keep going south they
soon entered the old forest of the
Giants where they met a pack of stray
dogs who worked in a secret farm the
brothers joined them and worked hard to
stock up on gold for the future
a wheezy uh fine it wasn't like that
against driving and everybody loved the
little wolf who was growing out fast I'm
not a kid anymore
this power was grown to the little wolf
was worn more confident
an independent it's almost got those
walking dead vibes to me the big brother
hooked up with a cool she doc oh they
had their own adventures she dog
suddenly the mean farmers who owned the
land try to hurt the brothers
the little cub was injured he
transformed into a super wolf and
destroyed everything
geez the big brother was badly wounded
you know and worse he didn't know where
the little cub was and everybody else
the hell happened everybody else
questions man what happened everybody
else have consequences
thank you yes dick so remind me that
this this episode is probably gonna have
major choices so thank you for reminding
me that literally I could get stabbed in

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the back from past choices aftermath yep
called it
this is in
wait a minute what what's where episode
one ones picnic area wait a second this
is where frickin wake up wait a minute
Oh flashback to episode one yeah
hey Sean oh [ __ ] I'm sorry I didn't mean
to it was a battery was a flashback
Danielle or even Jolene
it's all good wish I'd listened when you
try to stop me from going with Finn
uh-oh there's two Perkins hey do you
know it's a dream it's not a flashback
brother it's a dream and that's all that
[ __ ] so why don't you come get me
well this is demonic I'm alone Sean
grades I don't know what to do
you got Karen Reynolds right I'm scared
don't get so close to that edge please
gonna pretend I don't get me yes I swear
always it's just gonna stop I was [ __ ] 2
months we found these up or is this like
his first time up in two months hospital
Northern California two months after
blast at Merrill's oh [ __ ] Daniel I keep
having yesterday's letters since I came
out of the coma
I'm his cast so much I wish I could hold
her just surprise here for me I found
out we were in the same hostel in the
police after we were questioned when I
was check out a month ago so I took the
chance to write and I hope you get this
wish I could say everything I want but
you never know who's reading right if
anybody else is reading this fu I truly
hope you working after what happened is
for me I don't remember much except the
explosion at my office and we'll cover
the hospital with blunt trauma healing

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and blast lung injury cuz I could still
play guitar and sing not that I feel
like it you see learning about medicine
stuck in hospital bed I was trying my
sweet hide race tour kinda espanol huh
Hannah penny and I were released without
charges police were to bust a farm of
drug traffickers better than us gutter
Punk strolling in the field so with Finn
and you gone alright families broken
wait a minute what about Finn is he in
the huh so Cassidy's gone really they
just if she if she gets in the explosion
she just sends you a letter and they get
released without charges now we're just
a lonely tree I'll train hopping up and
down state but it feels like we're going
to loop nowhere Hannah and penny aren't
the same and we fight too much not even
sure they're together much longer a
whole new set of blues songs through I
know you're going on trial soon no crap
over the CLC she won't get justice and
freedom userview and
we finally a home hope we can swim in
the new moonlight it's a big world maybe
we'll meet again someday and always be
singing your song love and peace Cassidy
god damn oh well she is okay
confirmed alive if in the explosion Dan
that's that hits hard there's the wolf
tattoo yeah oh that's that's sucks man
ice must be my punishment I gotta take
off my notifications I can't even focus
on the page give me a second this sucks
I gotta turn up notifications so I don't
get people constantly adding me up the
butt got to do this before the stream
but Dom was in a coma for weeks blind
and [ __ ] in police custody going to
jail soon hospitals and freak me out
hate this words Daniel I'm scared March
26 2017 there's like a bunch it
oh [ __ ] looky now look with his eye
oh god it's different yeah yeah yeah
shoot he's got like ya have vision looks
weird as hell man I'm not gonna lie his
drawing hacks are gonna be screwed so
hard to focus gotta practice way more
not giving up
I guess that's an okay start but I can

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

keep going I eyes are peasant dinner I
think prescribing you guys I'm not
reading chat by the way somebody wants a
shout-out and that you can tweet me on
twitter i'm not reading chat trawl
prison bars draw a staircase tall
ah sure yeah yeah what yeah I can go
later yeah yeah staircase to where
though that's really nice wish I could
find a highway to freedom
highway 2 Friedman else did he draw yay
stupid reality shows huh
agent Flores oh that's who she is
she's a police you were I knew she
worked at the police yeah thanks for the
card agent Camarena Flores special
agency all theirs and call anytime day
or night if you want to talk oh she's
trying to bust my ass
Maria Elena Flores special agent Seattle
Division can't catch [ __ ] zero depth
perception hmm goodbye sports yeah there
goes his playing career right his
playing career is [ __ ] right that
blows this day feels like every other
Jane so am I supposed to do it's like
person so remote oh I can call I got a
what's this Mason call the nurse when
I'm done eating so what did he eat he
ain't done like freakin got that
hospital food stick terrible
I hear footsteps yeah that is terrible
[ __ ] food what is that like beans
like meatloaf and like a drink that
looks at this room drives me nuts
I'd be nuts if I was in a hospital room
for two months someone will be at least
a change is he gonna come in or no yo
what up what up I don't know your name

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

what up hey Joey Joey what up hey my man
yes what uh looks like it might have
been food hard to tell Joey ha ha ha
never heard that before Oh somebody is
in a bad mood sorry Joey not feeling it
today mmm I don't blame you but maybe I
got something to cheer you up
pecans in chocolate oh there's that
smile thanks Joey
so how you feeling hands and chocolate
any headaches see we all need we all
need like a nurse like this no it's all
good he's already the final two it's
already the best character in this
episode mmm you know before they check
you out
check me out to juvie to jail yeah
okay let's see terrowin
Vita and Devine describing and just
stare at the light always gonna point a
light in my eye that little light thing
I've had that happen to me before nice
retinal response
okay now try to follow the light as well
as you can
come on Shawn you've been there before
good good
keep going quick response nice nice yeah
yeah remember to see objects on your
left side you gotta tell your head more
now yes yes
looking good Shawn no try to align your
pin with mine
I'll try no rush this is tough okay your
depth perception will always be affected
so you gotta try oh [ __ ] hey good job oh
you have to move it like oh let's do it
again yeah I know
oh [ __ ] this is different wait a minute
yeah that's enough
this Jesus yeah I don't realize how much
losing a nice sucks
Jesus section will always be affected oh
my god is that hinting that's something
of death perceptions gonna be in like
the final choices geez
this is gonna man I'm gonna screw it up
patient cleared patient cleared sent him
right to jail do not pass go do not
collect $200 monopoly reference I always
hated that game I like monopoly you know
it sucks for you but this time we

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

released you uh no I draw the state your
vision has improved a lot now you don't
really have severe side effects anymore
yeah that's just great I do have to tell
them the truth
but first let's clean this dress sure
you're watching the door like your phone
come on they got police officers outside
the door great Oh God Flores I finished
with my patient he looks good for now
right you ain't no doctor come back
with him oh come on I wanted more time
with Joey no I'll swing by later Shawn
stay cool damn it Joey
this freakin agents gonna be on my butt
the whole episode so how are you feeling
today mr. Diaz Oh amazing did you find
Daniel I want to go over this again what
I've been telling the same [ __ ] story
for three weeks how much longer until it
makes sense until you get it right
so silence isn't gonna help you now
listen close Shawn tomorrow you're going
to Jelena shore and you'll be arraigned
in court
[ __ ] her murder of a Seattle police
awesome I'm not though you might spend
the rest of your life in prison I didn't
do it though or you can talk to me I
mean Daniel it's like when Daniel was
the one that did it
I didn't kill anyone
the end so who did you do know it's just
I can't
was Daniel involved is that why you
can't talk no no way and you're
absolutely sure your dad didn't go after
the officer are you [ __ ] me that
officer freaked out and shot him in
front of me had Daniel just guilty of
being who knows I hear you but you're
sure you didn't get upset and go after
the officer it happens
Jesus oh look at me okay let's just jump
ahead tell me what happened in that
farming humbled the place looks like a
tornado wiped it out I've told you so
many times I have no clue why the place
was trashed
I passed out plus three seriously
wounded along with you
and a missing child nobody's a statement

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

matches with each other
Shawn throw me a bone here can't you see
I want to help so you haven't found my
brother we might have some leads you can
help by telling me the truth okay [ __ ]
what are you telling me is that Bree
whose idea was it Finn his or yours huh
depth assay Oh God well was Finn's idea
I don't want to but he could get her ow
well I mean we could say we all did I
mean I could be like nice oh damn he's
like gonna it was his idea to rip off
maro was his agency to help no I didn't
go with it I didn't go along with it no
I didn't go along with it oh did he say
that went along with it
hell no he lied I didn't want I was
against that [ __ ] I swear I didn't do
[ __ ] swear I didn't want to rob Merrill
this was gonna happen
nobody - Sean until it's too late
yeah now I know
and what about Cassidy she planned all
this with Finn no she didn't
she was against the stupid plan she had
nothing to do with it your friends are
learning the hard way
they didn't deserve it we all make
yeah well some mistakes are worse than
others by the way we contacted your
grandparents and Beavercreek Stephen and
Claire they can visit you after you're
transferred Oh might be a while but you
do have a support group we couldn't
track down your mother though sir Karen
tell me he hates her so much I said
might hold on I gotta take this call
[ __ ] did she go
sorry Finn that's just Karma for
dragging Daniel into his [ __ ] she wasn't
anything to do with this her [ __ ] eye
oh my god
Lucy Rose Jones wonder what Meryl told
the cops about the robbery look at his
[ __ ] face they all got frickin

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

Jonathan Merrill his name's Jonathan
sorry Hannah
she lost her family for this hope the
cops didn't mess with penny person would
[ __ ] him out Dean Mikhail Jonathan
Merrill she's speaking in Spanish I
think she is like the guy how am I
supposed to do just wait for can I get
out of here sorry about that no I
thought okay so what's going on with
you really have leads yes we do that's
our job the bureau put his profile out
over four states so we're the four
states so we are on the case California
Oregon you lied to me you have no leads
I don't know Shawn but you did your
brother is paying the price shut the
blank up you that's me that I could have
said that on I would say that tore to
[ __ ] you for talking to me get out of my
face I'll be back - goodbye Lena sure no
I'm not gonna be here I'm gonna get the
hell out of this hellhole I would have
just keep the
and share at her it's freaking crazy so
can I visit if in our marrow are in the
hospital and look out I have to God the
god no yeah Joey there is yes sit down
so we can get this guy's already the MVP
good more of him and less of her oh how
did you interview with Scully go I'm
free well I wish great detective Flores
I'm free to go woohoo oh this [ __ ] is
all wrong man yo he knows about three
weeks now we talk every day I can see
that you're a good person
hey my man my man he knows what's up
thanks Joey he knows what's up to the
judges I'm just saying I'll let him
serve ya hell yeah now let's check this
out the healing is coming along let me
see the eye
let me see it just got to keep it clean
for the next week or so I can kind of
see it simple that's great
seeing the shrink this morning what did

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

she say nothing I want to hear I want to
see the eye huh it's kind of hard to see
it you have to process first up I could
tell myself that [ __ ] clearly I'm no
therapist but I have nurse patients with
your injury they all turned their anger
into energy you will too
plus the glass eye Tech is pretty cool
now glass eye jail for life yeah
stuck in jail was a big change can't
wait sorry Joey I'm being a [ __ ]
just calm down
I know I do but I promise there's a
treat coming your way
oh no as for your womb yeah this is the
last time you hear this from me you have
to clean it with sterile gauze insane
solution sterile gauze this is what
that's what I have to take when I had my
wisdom Pete surgery got a gauze on my
mouth can I see the I actually want to
see it low-key coke the area using the
swab and creme swab and cream yes then
wrap it up with clean dressing and clean
dressing okay you're the [ __ ] remember
you got to do this four times a day I
won't forget I'm sorry about everything
Sean mm-hmm all right all right all
right just call me yeah okay
you saved my ass here you're the okay
all right all right helped like I love
I'm glad when I can make it oh [ __ ]
emergency I'm out
no no smoke break let's say our goodbyes
tomorrow oh sure check out that towel
got your name all over it oh it's my bus
my see him catch you later
no no Adam that your scribing we you are
her boss yeah thanks for the card agent
thank you for ham way to text you
yeah I'm texting you salvation lies
ahead salvation lies ahead are we
hinting at something
Joey's Penton Joey's the only one who
helped me get through this [ __ ] Joey is
a legend if he dies I swear I'm taking
it's a collectible
Joey's pens are collectible oh yeah we
got to have something from Joey it's a
collectible yay all right I knew it let

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

me get a towel I got a probably a towel
in here
dan I just want to get out of here what
what's this how I haven't seen you in a
long time
it's his journal Oh our sketchbook I
thought it was sketchbook I see all the
freaking past wrongs he's done them
I know I [ __ ] Daniel over again and
now he's gone where would he hide out
portal Lobos by himself Haven points
Nevada right up there he might go back
to Seattle no way that'd be dumb but too
far you know where he's going
I know where he's no we're didn't go if
he tried to hook up with Claire and
Steven they'd arrest him they would have
definitely told me or the cops
wait what's that
what is that super wolf huh does that
mean it means that Daniel Daniels with
Jacob somewhere he's safe
see Holden I called it I called it I
knew it
Jacob [ __ ] - I knew it I freaking
knew it had a few tears Daniels asleep
same night every night he wants to train
more but we don't have I knew it he's
bringing him to Haven point Nevada to
meet Karen Reynolds I freaking knew it
brought a blanket and if you learn
things from your tent we'll give them
back to you when you come looking for
your wolf comic it's waiting for you
Jake I freaking knew it Jake's gonna be
in this episode then well we're gonna
have one returning character that's a
given all I gotta do is find that page
with Jacobs home which Jacobs him
Merrill Big Joe the owner Oh agent 420
give me hot dogs Cassidy and the Wild
Rose Hannah the wise
depression I everyone started their
worst memory one felt like [ __ ] got a
new haircut
tonight feel like a different person but
I like is there anything Finn can't do
hi mice werewolf ffff Daniel messed up

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

again gotta fix this [ __ ] Haven point
there I knew it
did I not just say this like two minutes
ago like they should have me write the
story they should look at me write the
story how long talk with Jacob he's from
he's a little he's like a little kid he
lived in some religious commune from
Haven Point Nevada looks fine here free
it's like he's like a freaking guru in
that picture I gotta get to him I gotta
find a way to escape tonight I told you
I knew I mean the signs were pointing
Haven point Nevada
Jacob taking Daniel Claire Reynolds
returning I'm and I might people say I'd
go with predictions I think I'm pretty
oh it's escape time I think or we're
going to jail
sacred hope Hospital and that's what
it's coming okay time to clear off now
this whole hospital is so quiet well
we're actually gonna we're actually
going wink any noise find a way to get
the hell out of here
no I don't gotta get got to get the pipe
now right Joe we could probably distract
the guard dog as a guard dog huh I can
call Joey chat
should we call Joey maybe I think Joey
can come in the clutch rig a decoy Shawn
in the bed
I'd low-key like to get Joey involved in
this but I don't want Joey to get in
trouble catch my eye really quick
alright can I actually see the eye let
me see the damn eye I can't really see
it they don't really let you see the eye
I bet you will see it later in the
episode there's the bar this one is in
screwed in let's do it
the bar hey what the hell are you doing
in there I don't want to call Joey if
Joey can get punchy injured
nice job Shawn
now the guard is awake and pissed off Oh
Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey and I got

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

a debate I can call Joey and he could
decoy the guard I don't know or I could
just go out the window I don't know if
Joey could die I don't want to risk it I
could get Joey to help me I don't want
Joey to get in trouble guys I can't do
it I can't Joey was too nice I cannot
risk Joey's I can't I can't it he's
really just hinting that Joey can get in
trouble I do not want Joey to get in
trouble hell no no Joey does not deserve
to get in trouble it's too nice to me
for Hiro to open that [ __ ] I hope my
last view of this world isn't this
window one stupid car cuz it literally
says Joey could get in trouble so maybe
it's a determinant thing where Joey
could get caught or not and I don't want
to take that risk since Joey was so nice
to me it's dead tonight
works for me it's just the car isn't
can I actually serve other way I can
I might need actually something to open
the window maybe I do have to call Joe
irregardless make fake body okay there
we go yeah see I just have a bad feeling
if I call Joey even though I want to
call Joey I have a bad feeling something
bad could happen to Joey work for a
second and I'm not taking that risk I
wish I could just walk out there's the
guard maybe I can trick him trick him I
need an aspirin
oh I don't know man I don't know my
backpack it's gotta be somewhere around
that's where yoson they've been working
on these rooms forever so [ __ ] laugh
so I could this potentially three
options I could go with Joey I can ask
her medicine probably knock his ass out
or I can go through the window let's try
this then I'm not gonna ask for the
medicine that's not a good idea I think
let's close the curtain can I have some
privacy please

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

ambush guard okay so it looks like I'm
gonna have to ambush the guard or call
Joey that's so I could call him in and
knock his ass out when the fight
occurred but who knows that's my option
I could ask him for medicine and knock
his ass out or I could ambush him behind
the curtain let's do it hey hello I need
come on in buddy come on in come the
[ __ ] in buddy it's killing me come on in
you're gonna need help if you're [ __ ]
with me oh yeah don't worry you're gonna
need all the help he nice
and Joey's not injured
I think and Joey potentially could not
get caught so I taking that I like to
see what happens though if I call Joey
in what would happened to him ray think
describing by the way all my stuff's in
sweet instantly changes within like 30
one leg and in ten seconds I'm telling
you there's got to be more of a twist
than just us knocking a guard out they
gotta have something else here like a
they say he said there's a guard dog
there's got comedy a chased by a guard
dog I'm calling it there's a guard dog
that's Finn Finn no way go bust him out
with me is he doing here oh [ __ ] he
could alert I mean
he could easily just [ __ ] alert the
[ __ ] oh he's gonna [ __ ] hate me he
knows I [ __ ] snitched on his ass
probably [ __ ] he I snitched on him
okay all right [ __ ] it
if he [ __ ] okay I will never trust Finn
I will never do anything with VIN if he
[ __ ] alerts anybody it's a final

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

goodbye where's Daniel I can't tell me
Finn I can't talk to get him back
good don't blame you for not trusting me
anymore well it's all good in here it's
all good Vince all good so stupid
question but how are you doing well you
know kinda sucks
no coconut drinks here so how bad is it
your I let's say I still got one left
Shawn I know this doesn't mean [ __ ] to
you now but I am sorry okay about
everything I appreciate that I
appreciate it
but still then it's way too late for
I don't unpitched it you're so easy oh
sorry friend you lost your eye and your
little brother what I am pissed at him
though I don't need any sorry
I'm pissed I am pissed though you know
I'm everything I'm pissed
I do care about you sure I know you do
but I'm pissed at you you can understand
this are you and I understand it's a
sorry [ __ ] world I am I feel you I
feel you Finn
but you know yeah I'm still teeny bit
mad at him still teeny bit mad I
appreciate him though don't tell me we
that's it within though and how the hell
is he he knows how to hotwire a car I
didn't know that was gonna be that harsh
but still I am a little mad I wouldn't
he say on that mad but
I don't think Ben's gonna alert anybody
if in alerts the guards uh-huh ya know
let me say goodbye to him though where's
Merrill then it's Merrill here he knows

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

that a Hotwire yeah
yep he knows how to hotwire her friggin
car I don't really hate Finn that much
but I still do blame him for what
happened that's obvious but he also
could blame Daniel in his rage inducing
you know mood but and we got that
without alerting anybody okay I think
that stuff in Finn is not as bad as I
thought people were told me always gonna
lurk the garden
oh god here comes the intro yeah the
hell how he rhymes like here comes a
copyright sign I think I may be wrong
AJ think of the to appreciate that and
Rea think describing by the way he's got
a map together he's gonna pass out
don't sleep while you're driving chief
it's like pastrini big freaking up
Johnny Vegas and Charles what's up Thank
You Astra sobbing oh here comes the deep
bass music yep no bro wait play this
music for me
I love the music though I was ill to
music and when this picks up in this
game I for 3jm elders the license plate
yo thank you we got 2000 people watched
you guys enjoy make sure you hit that
like button and subscribe I'd appreciate
it top viewed livestream on this game I
appreciate everybody thank you you know
wow this is very beautiful I love the
look at the birds in the background
there Merida is life a strange - episode
4 faith
they always do like the same that
oh wow yep there had to be some time now
we're in Nevada
Wow that he what he drove fast Jesus

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

like the teaser coyotes was that a fox
there's Nevada Pacific time zone
water and a freakin map
and there's the freakin casino from the
teaser god oh geez you're making me
nervous now
they all making me nervous you see all
that oh my goodness bro
oh god this is when I oh I know what's
about to happen
[ __ ] oh yeah I know what's gonna happen
oh no he's smoking
describing saucy Taytay Tom Nick's and
Justin with the two if every youtuber
out here keep grind bro thank you for
the two and Yousef and Anthony thank you
guys alright I know what's about to
happen if I because I remember correctly
from the trailer I won't spoil but I
know I think I know what's gonna happen
guess this is my room for the night oh
god this is so we're with the one
freaking come on
did she interview everyone in that
hospital what [ __ ] my eyes itchy she
seems nice sorry I stole your car guys
one whose car that says guess I [ __ ]
up her day pretty bad damn drop off kids
Hospital check up lunch with hubby hubby
miss Scott x-ray blood test pick up kids
night [ __ ] oh she does freakin oh I feel
bad she does a double shift
her cards are collectible okay just you
guys know where card is a collectible
guess I'm kind of lucky I stole a small
crisp scar huh Shh
I will never hold into a Haven point

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

what a mess
Florida's can now at Grand Theft Auto -
my fire huh
Kranthi vato a Justin with the $10 also
first youtuber I have sent money to
let's keep this grind going hey Thank
You Justin
thank for the ten bro appreciate it
thank you for being the I'm pretty
honored that you the you know you don't
Ian I'm your first youtuber you Donnie
in - thank you
all I got to clean my eye yeah
all right careful can I see the eye now
I want to see it
they don't really let you see the I
probably too gruesome man I should have
listened to Joey this is a mess okay
there's California even 20 straight
ahead Haven point just a few more hours
drive he's that gonna make you a few
more hours that'll can fuel almost
okay now what do I do I viewed
everything she she's your sing in the
back guess I [ __ ] medical stuff for
getting bad
Oh get some sleep
I insist
one guy think that sub is a coup be Lord
what's up yeah I'm gonna get a good
night's sleep bruh
we gucci I think oh man I thought
something bad was gonna happen
begin on the road again
wait a minute dream he's dreaming again
yet this is a dream yep he's dreaming
Daniels gonna be in the car calling it
look at that yeah both eyes with me Sean
oh no zoning out
oh no no so what no I know it's not a

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

new boy not Esteban no thanks for
finishing it dad Oh for your excellent
report card oh I'm proud Sean you don't
even [ __ ] me when you need cash and
I'll try to be cool no dad jokes huh I
hope you're not too bummed out to go on
a big road trip with your lovely papito
huh he's not really cuz no subtitles
when he's talking which is weird
how could I be bummed excuse me where's
my regular emotionless son I appreciate
it I think we can hang over five days
without killing each other I'm lucky
yeah I'm looking crying on the inside on
that since I was a kid
miss it so do I been too long since we
went bother de haut against the road
wait too long I love road trips good to
by the way boy talk boy talks going on
with that Jin huh going okay you know
it's well no I don't talk about that was
like pulling teeth well I've got a week
to find out the truth
I kind of miss her so much yesterday I
don't get to see her too much I'm see
Tama exactly kind of mr. oh you are my
don't worry make sure my Lyla how it
could that be Daniel what hello
everything okay Lyla Lyla Oh Daniel bear
not be giving you any sass see hitting
I'm in a crash
safe like a grandma thanks for checking
in will buzz you when we hit the motel
God Jin says hi sounds pretty good Shawn
you think maybe seriously though how are
you really doing

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

it's too big that I miss you I miss you
too my son no but this is all part of
growing up hi jeez you get down to go
through this crap I have total faith in
you Sean era Diaz
you were born to roam and find your way
home god I love you dad Oh wish I would
have told you more you didn't have to
tell me
you showed me I'm crying on the inside
of a shoe
wake up huh
[ __ ] oh god man I crashed hard oh yeah
come on out boy who the [ __ ] is that oh
this is [ __ ] kid get out oh it okay
okay I'm coming
[ __ ] hell there they're probably
racist good now we can see you so tell
us what the [ __ ] you're doing on our
I drove for so long I had to pull over
to get some rest you know they don't
[ __ ] with it I had no idea this was your
property there's a [ __ ] sign didn't
you see it I didn't see the come on dude
he's too exhausted I guess I missed it
oh geez he's just a kid and he's hurt
look yeah look what happened to your eye
I got into an accident oh yeah
move oh you [ __ ] do what the hell
please I just want to go oh what's this
drugs yeah for my own oh yeah did you
steal them like this car Jake is back
now dude no give me this guy's nice this
guy's in holding - what the [ __ ]
don't steal all my [ __ ] so nothing good
any money [ __ ] toys man the freaking
thing from the t-series it belongs to my
brother I'll do I honest it alone [ __ ] I
don't hmm I honestly just want to go

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

bananas only it's probably a meaningless
so it's show time give me that [ __ ] whoa
you did not
that's it boy [ __ ] get up did you really
ought to [ __ ] do that okay Chad just
[ __ ] we [ __ ] with shad let him your
[ __ ] nothing dude hold on a sec Mike
do you speak Spanish Pedro
oh you're freaking racist what I knew it
well what hablas dude get off Gaudi here
Chad so professor how do you say I'm a
dirty thief
don't do this
oh you don't want to share your language
dude okay maybe you know this one
I'm a dirty thief with one eye dude
honestly this guy's gonna get it
madre what did you really say [ __ ]
huh all I want to do is learn espanol
might be our official language someday
right oh yeah I'm not a scumbag like you
so one more lesson how do you say this
is not my country oh [ __ ] off this is my
country did you hear that Oh kind of
sunder in the background look Chad
please let him go
let's go before we get soaked no we took
the country back hold on this little
thief is [ __ ] with me you're really
pissing me off you know that but I'm
willing to give you one last chance to
make things right hmm
sing something what just pass the
audition and you're free will be very
upset if you refuse
I mean I see I feel like if I sing I
will I'm okay
honest I might just have to sing because
they're gonna kick my [ __ ] ass if I
don't they're gonna kick my ass if I
don't they are gonna kick my ass if I
okay [ __ ] I want to if I had Daniel

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

would be [ __ ] dead alright I'm gonna
do it if I refuse they're just gonna
knock my a sound probably steal the car
[ __ ] you no way no no no I will not do
[ __ ] no okay
I refuse boy what do you do stop it
exactly my point doesn't have to oh my
god dude what's up dude are your [ __ ]
friends step in tune will not sing to
this [ __ ] racist [ __ ] now
look just drive straight and you'll hit
the highway for you this guy I love this
guy thank you thank you you're not
racist like your little friend here
thank you my God if I see that guy he's
hooking me up if I see you again you're
freakin a goner
and intending on oh [ __ ] bring on empty
oh no bro we're running on empty no man
didn't be got in the car and just ran
them over no I said I would have ran the
one guy over if he if that was an option
no I wouldn't the other guy the other
guy didn't do [ __ ] he was tell him to
stop he's her injured I mean that guy's
the MVP the other guy can suck one yeah
that guy makes Hank Stamper look like a
same brothers were split apart the
oldest wolf was badly hurt but nothing
could stop the wolf from following his
brother's tracks
this when his car's dead his cars
probably dead here
yep miss cars dead it's not walking now
Jesus there's the Jesus and Jesus will
save you there's a sweatshirt stopping

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

his back right
even have water
fell walking on my own now
larry's fire okay exit 1:7 still a few
hours away from Haven pointment actually
he'll star out over here let me see it
let me does it actually walk let me walk
all the way well I can walk wherever I
please tell me it was like an area I
can't can I actually just go all the way
back here [ __ ] I need a break
might be some shade of the next
billboard how far can I go back and
police are looking for me
gotta keep moving forward yeah said
that's the casino sign two pairs casino
there it is ready drove past one I
wonder if we're actually gonna go to
that casino they don't stop can't run
for miles in this heat there see what
I'm trying to see here is if there's
like a collectible like in one of the
corners probably not though honestly if
I can go yeah there's the casino from
the t's reckon maybe interact with a
bird - whoa this is the road yeah okay
that's a good sign I should not stray
off the road there's snakes oh jeez what
is it gonna be a he's gonna pass out
next billboard and then I can rest a
little right hey Haven anymore
yeah every - every time he stops he goes
slower I noticed it's a tire there -
hope I'm not running into a trap or
something I already just got jumped dude
why would there be another yes shade
poker blackjack spaghetti 22 miles ahead
oh man my feet are killing me
you scribing Justin feels like hiking in

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

I've never drew a desert before huh it's
so empty and quiet let's go to Larry's
fireworks why not okay
just draw now don't think about anything
else yeah my voice was too loud sorry I
I think I hadn't follow him up too loud
sorry bout dat alright I got that make
sure you want to complete all these
drawings need to get drawing in the
Billboard this is beautiful though I
might take a screenshot you can't see
much depth anymore this is pretty
beautiful I need to observe even more
life is strange is in your chat really
are they oh my strange YouTube isn't
that at least I won't miss it for once
if they are man yo that's lit guys
conscious that's a start if they are and
I'm not going I'm not reading chat that
much cuz I'm trying to play but if they
are man awesome awesome awesome sauce
it's a beautiful drawing only with one
eye so it spice things up a bit make the
whole thing funnier draw he'll draw
Oasis Oasis I could try adding details
now oh they are here ah awesome
yo give some love to life is strange in
the chat everybody alright alright give
them some love palm trees and we all
appreciate you man my eye always starts
hurting when I focus for too long was a
beautiful drawing dude made screenshot
this I want to screenshot this I want to
post this on my Twitter but I don't
think I'm Aldo really do it really from
that the desert just goes on forever
[ __ ] my throat feels like sand just take
one little sip
yeah you know this is you know this is
gonna get good when life the strains is
actually here yeah hell yeah all right

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

I'm gonna yeah we're pretty good know
everything time to start walking again
to the next billboard we go
wonder if Loki can I actually like go up
the billboard can I actually better be
okay no just like I haven't seen him in
years of course I miss everything about
him even his whining yeah you couldn't
wait to get out on your own now you are
Oh Shh there's the cows that was it huh
well Henley's that got company
wonderful okay I can follow it I don't
really want to though was it dead animal
rap [ __ ] this place is freaking me out
this is demonic said I said a coyote or
a fox I couldn't really tell
it's a skull collectible I think haha
hello fellow traveler what is that like
a freaking lizard skull can do mic dig
this is small I'm down find another
collectible let's go I've got all the
collectables this far who I may actually
be able to get them all without having
to like freaking watch tutorial on
YouTube hmm yeah so X is three Boylan
okay not bad not bad not bad usually
when I see a dead animal it's on the
road I'm gonna get run over by a
freaking car it's usually like a
squirrel or a raccoon or something don't
worry about you're not a frickin bunny I
don't usually see no she's dead bunnies
pass out Sipho strange leaving alright
y'all like the strange [ __ ] there's at
right we're gonna go continue make sure
everyone's able to access and drive
alright thank you so much life is
strange you guys have a great one
I appreciate you guys watching it means
a lot of thank you
stop honking at me he's topping oh yes
I've got help cool I just yo but thank
you guys life is strange we love you
appreciate you guys have a great one
yeah someone screenshot that they were
in the chat please I want to tweet this
when I'm done okay shruggers can't be
cops right I don't like this

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

no cheats been deleted yeah someone
tweet me that they were here okay I'm
gonna retweet her like tweet out when
I'm done this guy gonna be friendly
it's his license plate say can't really
view it
locates Jacob Jacob my brother just get
ready to run
cheese hey need a lift
damn hard to be walking oh [ __ ]
okay now it's the decision now I know I
have to my god oh no bro
this could be some trout
I mean this guy seems like a nice guy
but it this just it just has the feeling
of a trap
I can't can't I can't I have a bad
feeling DOM is trusting his gut here I
have a bad freaking feeling nah I'm just
gonna walk all right kid I have a bad
there I have a bad feeling I'll be fine
I just have a bad feeling I'm going my
gut I got a bad feeling
okay-y he's following me back to square
maybe I should have trusted that guy I
don't trust me I'm going with my gut I'm
going my gut if I'm wrong so be it
I'd rather I'd rather I'd rather be
wrong and have empanada here or you know
imagine I get in his car he drives me as
someone who knows where my feet are
gonna fall off
maybe I'm a doesn't want Kanchana you
know all right that you're on the
tweeting me up life is changing the to
that was frickin awesome dude
you know arrowhead think your scribing
by the way I'm go my gut go my gut
I trust my I trust I trust it because
who knows that guy could be bad I don't
know it's hard to trust people on this
game when you don't know them really

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

there it is
see who knows if he if I I made it
though and podcasting your son by the
way - this is it Haven point Nevada I
think I think I made a very good
cuz I made it here regardless and I
didn't pass out who knows that guy could
have known who I was taking me to the
God who knows I made it safe and sound
for sure Claire wouldn't approve
not a lot of cars for a place in the
middle of nowhere
yep there's the church Easter dinner
he is Rosanna forgot about Easter it's
Easter oh I completely lost track of
time hope those people are caring
Christians like our grandparents help
please help me you okay now
is it man in the white shirt I think is
that the man good
scoot back inside now oh no the man in
the white shirt hello there is
everything all right
this is evidence you cannot trust don't
worry you here for the service
not really looking for summer don't be
shy everybody's welcome here are you
sure about that you are or where you're
from in his eyes we are all equal plus
the religion spread after the service
stay as long as you want okay but this
isn't the guy in the white shirt isn't
don't thank me
I'm just a vessel for our Reverend Karen
Reynolds her looks like you're here to
see our new miracle rites Daniel it's
I knew it what miracle huh you haven't
heard of him
Daniel then I won't spoil it for you
it's Daniel he'll be here any minute
no just come inside and see for yourself
praise the Lord
I'll you who you praise the Lord praise
Lord Jesus Alex we're getting the
religion throwing up our butts now that

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

poor little girl a cough sounds real bad
her fault
yeah very young her father wasn't really
just called Alex I think we're going in
we're going into the religious cult
people I think they're there they're a
cult or they're a religious group I
don't know they're a cult that means
they're bad
Oh feel that cold air why are they
talking about my father I thank God for
AC the Blatt 'yes we saw a miracle child
of Jesus today in Reverend Fisher Church
thank you ah there it is I knew it I
knew it this is a [ __ ] cult and they
think Daniel is the Messiah or some [ __ ]
I knew it did I not say this before I've
said this yes I don't believe us I saw
noise Daniel's Indian angel sent down
docilely I [ __ ] knew it they're
treating Daniel like he's the Messiah or
some angel from God
did I not say this did I not say this
Thank You Holy Spirit for eight in the
angel Daniel he has arrived to clean the
filter and sinners in this world bless
his soul he's the freaking angel /
Messiah the Reverend Mother is truly an
instrument of the Lord amen
I gotta get Daniel the [ __ ] out of here
now I'm assuming caramels is not gonna
be a good person then wonder if Clarence
Steven would like this place because
they're freaking daughters the one
giving the speech a picnic with Daniel
what's going on Reverend Fisher maybe it
wait Fisher wait Karen Reynold no no
it's Renee it's yeah the code name does
she have a code name Reverend Fisher
that's not Karen Reynolds unless that's
she has a code name oh Claire had pretty
much the same ones cute I mean that's
not caramels his name maybe it's a new
maybe it isn't caramels maybe they threw
us with a curveball
wonder how donations can pay for all
this should I donate nice picture what
wonder if they'll let me in that's is
that the Reverend that's not Karen
Reynolds wait oh no way the angel [ __ ]
oh god the power of the Lord within our
own child in church reverend Elizabeth
Fisher invites you to witness the power
of the Lord within Arlo Jesus [ __ ] this
is not going to end out well I can just
tell how the bathroom really quick I
need a bathroom quick well go on in a
second I need a van just want to see

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

I'll wash my face right can I yeah I
won't wash my face really quick hit her
clean up first so I don't scare Daniel
wash your face really quick need some
fresh water
this is not good man I'm just telling
you this has got to be a cult I'm
convinced that's better than nothing I
guess all right we ready boys
all right we're going in
take a pen I get to get pen let's
collect hey it's for charity me
collectible all right chat should we
donate I have a feeling this is a bad
religious group so I don't know if I
should donate should we donate I'm the
band if I want to donate I don't think
we should go to church with I don't
think we should donate I don't think we
all right
Father Son Holy Spirit come on go in no
[ __ ]
I will draw too much attention Oh better
try upstairs he's he thinks he's gonna
get like exposed faith there it is a
word my brothers and sisters oh no
that's not Karen Reynolds what you think
that's not Karen Reynolds remember lose
1824 men what is impossible for men
that's not Karen for God what maybe that
is comes the salvation of your that's
not Karen Reynolds she had blonde hair
can you cross his Carol's even here
to be saved brothers and sisters oh yes
you are not like all these sinners out
there so I never asked me how that could
be Karen still then he he spoke to me
and told me that I was doing right and
to reward our great faith the Lord sent

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

me the ultimate gift and for you child
who's Jacob God the miracle we have all
been praying for waiting for can I get a
hallelujah hallelujah yep
now give me now show me yes do you have
spaces in Oh God
I might think about this
oh my god his hair with the [ __ ]
he's Daniel he's been converted to the
he's been converted but God if I got
brainwashed Daniel so he could do his
work Daniel was probably been
brainwashed by these that's him that's
the man in the white shirt that's the
[ __ ] that's him that's him
there's the man in the white shirt
that's the man in the white shirt
see when I speak
oh my god
I don't like the haircut jeez this
Cole's gonna go I knew it was a cult
they're friggin crazy
like jumping out of their damn seats
this is not good man this is not good
Stormin king the guys for the subs
no offense I've been to church before
this is now how church is least when I
go to church it's not what everyone's
freaking jumping out of their seats
going bananas they have to be a cold

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

you must man in the white shirt has to
be the leader
she's the Reverend he's the leader and
he's like brainwashing Daniel and son
this man I've got my eyes on you dude
I'm nervous about you good thing I
didn't donate oh good thing I didn't
donate I got to get him out of a coat
now he's like [ __ ] this is this is
definitely a cold at this point I'm
convinced they're and they are not
Catholic Christian whatever you want to
say well these Daniels alive and he
didn't even get any injuries so I'm the
one that gets freaking he's fine I'm
gonna recognize me I really like spike
we almost had a thousand likes
oh girl I saw you out in that parking
lot earlier yep that was me I like to be
here too you can see the whole room and
it's where a reverend mother teaches us
classes are you okay you okay need some
no I'm just kind of sick oh that sucks
that's Jacob sister that's that's got to
be I just realized it he had a younger
that's gotta be that's that's his sister
I think don't quote me I may be wrong
that's his that means the guy with her
dad is Jacob's father Sarah oh yes
that's her sister yes did you get that I
was right Jacob back when he was in
California for more Jacob is I was with
him that's how we met really okay don't
tell anybody not to Wow
yes I'm Daniel's brother but I need some
help there Reverend Mother says we
always have to help our neighbor what do
you need
who's your Reverend who is this Reverend
you don't know her that's her mother
Lisbon she was blessed by the hand of
God when she was my age she can't ever
sin the Lord guides her what is this

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

place this is our home our church and
the Reverend Mother says we were all
chosen by God okay
this is a cult this is a cult they have
all been brainwashed you can just I mean
honestly I am I am a religious person
but I am NOT brainwashed the point where
it's like consume my life these people
are brainwashed they are brainwashed I
they are brainwashed and I don't think
I'm gonna be able to convince them one
way or the other that they are what is
Daniel doing here oh you have a question
yeah oh you got a crush on them but no
no this is - this is - hunky-dory we
need to get the hell out of here so can
you take me to Daniel you have drank too
much of the day in kool-aid
price stop drinking the kool-aid please
there's honestly some kind of kool-aid I
don't know the man the white shirts
gonna trust me go quick Daniel you're
the living proof of their faith and mine
I know you understand she sees me yes
pay attention I knew it hell yeah I'm
you've grown up at nine oh do I look
older his hair what what happened to
your eye
don't worry it's okay because of me I'm
so sorry oh I'm sorry it's over Daniel
you just got to walk on does it hurt no
not as much as your haircut uh-huh yes
haircut could use some work I kind of
like it
Sean I didn't want to leave you there
nothing I could do I was so scared I
even thought you were dead
they just ran and it's okay took him
we're together now yes so are you gonna
stay with us now huh Oh God he's been
converted you need to go to portal Louis
but he's converted know like one step at
a time
Daniel give Sean a chance to process

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

this I'm sure this is all so
he's been converted my name is Lizabeth
Fisher we all prayed for your safe
Sean you must be a believer now in our
Lord too
this is a this is kind of like I'll play
along with it along with that how you
got here but first I need Sara Lee and
Daniel to grab the medicine kit we have
to take care of our new guest this is a
place of healing let's do it later I
want to talk to me Daniel huh now okay
control him whoa whoa hold on
well shelter people it's a pleasure to
meet you she's got surfaces nothing
today you were away from Daniel for
quite a while - mine was in a coma
of course I wasn't judging you so what
is your plan Sean this is a blessed
family and it would be good for Daniel
to have you by his side you should know
that the Lord has big plans for him oh
geez right 19:54 likes guys we go like
spike we're almost at 1k I would
appreciate we could try to hit it and
they grew sobbing storm king serpent and
toxic God or you stay here for a while I
honestly we cannot stay here but I don't
know what if I like if I tell them I
want to go to Mexico they'll be like man
God or you god of course
this isn't Daniels home that's where I'm
taking him in Mexico that sounds very
selfish he has all he needs right here
so it's more selfish to try and keep
your main attraction judge not lest ye
be judged
Daniel will be staying here whether you
like it Oh God sounds more like a
prisoner than a guest it saddens me that
you see things that way after everything
I've done I don't know what you've done
know why your skin I wasn't even [ __ ]
here lady
because your hearts full of sins I know
about that poor man you beat down back
in Washington de Shon this is a terrible
thing I did until you make penance for
it I can't accept you here what are you
serious she's gonna kick me out sorry my
son I'm not your son
and Daniel isn't gonna be your golden
cow Daniel come on I don't we asked him

Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

what he wants to do not touch me Oh what
the [ __ ] what did you do nothing enough
you spilled blood hmm in the Lord's Oh
No what happened your brother
I came in here impure and acting like a
what's what he can be saved that was
dramatic as [ __ ] you didn't you just
freakin he's right what I'll pray for
you oh no not him no when you're ready
we can't she's trying to manipulate you
let me leave Oh Daniel come on true
light that never goes out I want to be
your friend
you're crazy let's get out of here do
and Daniels being stubborn again damn it
no Daniel just go don't be stuck in
there Sean we're together again huh so
we can go all right come on head off
what the [ __ ] what
Daniel let me go [ __ ] Daniel they're
not your family stop it
you just need to have oh god their coats
[ __ ] these [ __ ] Daniel and he's are
you're doing anything you go satisfied
what kind of coke what kind of religious
group does this
come on kid don't make me do this you're
not gonna win so what the [ __ ]
really Daniel Daniel you're pissing me
see what kind of religious person has a
gun I have a legal right to stop any
intruders like you hi
what kind of religious person has a gun
near a church my brother but really
doesn't want you he was brought here and
this is where he's staying next time I
will not hesitate to use yeah because
you're so religious man you just want to
kill people because get out of here
scumbag I'm gonna cure ass wait what you
won't get him her hair look this let's
whoa what you popped out of nowhere
Hensley just said what the [ __ ] what the

Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

hell her hair is so much different than
the picture
Karen Reynolds we finally have met
now you gotta explain me all this [ __ ]
she's gonna help me get the hem the hell
out of here okay lot different than I
anticipated happen to your eye why the
hell are you here Oh how did you find me
well um I got a letter from Jacob oh he
said I'm missing and the Daniel needed
help I believed him hmm
so you finally decided to check on him
you know Shawn sooner or later we're
gonna have to talk yeah we could talk
about Gavin power tell me if I have a
power going I already have a hotel
you're gonna need to rest and clean that
oh my goodness Karen Reynolds Karen
Reynolds baby Oh shoots well I mean that
was kind of obvious that it caramels was
gonna be in this episode wasn't that
wasn't a hard one to predict didn't have
to be a rocket engineer to figure that
one out
I take y'all for 1k likes greatly
appreciate y'all thank you and thank you
for subscribing my you TIFF you guys do
sub or follow your name should pop up I
appreciate you thank you so here in
Reynolds her hair I didn't expect it to
be so short in the picture her hair was
like it was long and she liked her
outfits kind of the same though oh sure
oh my god his body he's got a bunch of
bruises damn damn sandwich otaku change
sod and guys for subbing I realized his
body was covered in bruises
all right you didn't clean the pain away

Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

but that felt good
Karen seems to be on the move quite
often so she's not part of this
religious group or is she I haven't
found out yet damn you look bad
got to change that dressing soon I'll
have my medicine though Jackson and I
are you think you're subbing I don't
have any frickin
wonder how long Karen has been here did
you see one of those countries just 22
kans always into low-tech she's got a
flippin think it's the one she had back
then yeah mobile kind of like almost a
flip phone this thing is killing my back
I got bruises on my bruises oh it's a
letter careful that you were an old safe
and awake to Wisconsin unconscionable
County we're allowed to visit you in the
hospital we want you to recover a set
the doctor sit you woke up from a coma
stronger than before in that coma
stronger than before this part thing now
is to find Daniel we're helping the
police any way we can that we want to
help him find him showing up with this
reflects while doing your trial we know
this must be hard for you have
everything you and your brother have
gone through our thoughts in present day
and I remember you were a family we love
you Oh Clarence Stephen Kristin sister a
little note is touch this letter he
doesn't know Daniel is missing oh it's
Chris Hashanah Dan I hope you're okay
I'm fine but I miss both you a lot when
you coming back dad has been better
lately he says hello we were fishing now
summarize here we did allow us to hotel
the snow is gone should come back to
Beaver Creek without the snow I'll be
waiting for you
Chris captain Spirit we need to say
Buick from swamp bugs that's Cassidy's
is there any other
this Brody's old letter right yeah
that's Brody's old letter right
universal uprising Church it's to more

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

we've come a long long yes so there was
Chris referenced and there was Stephen
and Claire and Cassidy so I wonder what
that's different if Cassidy freaking you
know isn't be right back
we'll find out popped out for supplies
of grabbed some food in case you want to
eat new socks and shirts in the bathroom
all yours as they fit my pick a ton of
contact Jacob his number is on the
letter he sent be right back jeez
it only took Super Mom eight years to
give a [ __ ]
dear Miss Diaz my name is Jacob and I
work with your son Sean and Daniel on a
farm in California there were some
problems and Sean went missing I'm with
Daniel now in Haven Point Nevada he gave
me this p.o box address so if you get
I think Daniel might be in danger even
Jacob frickin knows that this he's part
of this [ __ ] and he knows it's a bunch
of baloney needs help to get out of here
I can tell you more if you contact me at
this number
even he freaking knew it's remember it's
a it's a teenager room don't don't don't
start that stuff like yesterday don't
say the words teenager room to me after
yesterday no toaster and Jackson guys
prescribing by the way this is why Jacob
lost his faith because these people are
freaking insane in the brain
casino token over by the casino that's
the fifth all right I must collect all
the collectibles already this wasn't
that hard to find them call Jacob is a
Bible I'm gonna call Jacob Bible I
really should finish reading this
someday I read the letter of Cassidy's
earlier if you want to see so Karen did
check it out
wonder if she saw Daniel in action kind
of pretty wonder if she made it an
immediate Evan they gots describing I
know I shouldn't peek but whatever damn
Karen does like to capture the world
around her tracing close every round my
heart goes she writes poems I remember
from episode 2 I remember another
feeling there was no fighting back then
being trained apart early morning blues
coffee red eyes truckers sampans bad
eggs fault she's quick hurried one
probably ending a long night shift tag
says Clementine 22 ish red eyed brunette
eyebrows the skin tone don't lie I was
just sent owner stars me Mahoney's vague
polite smile busy mind of course they
have to say Clementine and Clemmy young
cook called her Clemmy
how does when the orders are late and
she's the only getting rose to do mom

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

and dad know you're dating on the job
Clemmy yeah my sing up Laura come on son
she's right now African poem about this
is what Rachel's called Clementine Oh My
Darling Clementine
Karen did her own road trip to get e so
she went to Mahoney's where this where
she was being served by this waitress
called Clementine
tip not included condoms glad to know
she learned the lesson whoa she learned
a lesson all right time to call Jacob
huh this isn't her tablet
this is what Claire hey technology
she came prepared Universal uprising
Church Haven point now we can learn more
about this church
Giada than your scribing therefore go
and make disciples of all nations
baptizing them the name of the Father
Son the Holy Spirit and teaching them to
obey everything I have commanded you and
surely I am with you always until the
very end Matthew 28:19 20 the ending
achievement of this episode I hope you
guys know is a Bible verse so yay
Haven Point Nevada is a living Oasis
where individuals and families can live
out their faith a community dedicated
the teachings of Christ so it's like a
little religious community that's a cult
I'm pretty sure all we share our faith
are welcome to join us in that's exactly
what you call a faith a group of people
that excludes themselves from anyone
else and that only allows people of a
certain of their certain beliefs to join
them this is exactly what a call is
that's exactly what it is well as people
thing there's much of Bible orestes as
the pastor the Holy Church I have
devoted my life to the teaching the
gospel my lord I was blessed since
childhood to be given this calling I
opposed to spread the word and sad over
this living rice community haven't look
forward to meeting each and every one
everyone who seeks our humble refuge
till they will begin the journey of a
new life guided by the Spirit of the
Lord and Savior geez Reverend Mother
doesn't look too humble so I thought
Claire can't rounds was gonna be the
Reverend but no she's not
I'm Fisher just wants to share the
blessings of the system so the main
villain I think when I think about it is
the Reverend and I guess the guy in or

Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

the guy in the white shirts her like
Lackey yeah looks like a roach motel
sand snake motel but beds are super
uncomfortable but it's cheap nice pool
but dusty is [ __ ] nicer it's a motel
cool staff still gave it 3 out of like
Jacob's letter jihad are you looking
only took Super Mom eight years let's go
all right Jacob
Eli jungle gamer Vasek skinny Roo kill
and Giada is describing right Jacob
let's talk Jacob it's me Sean yeah smell
the tea Jacob you're good tail still
Jacobs a good character I think I trust
a motel wait Daniel how's he doing Jacob
damn he couldn't really talk yeah I
think that sub all this is so messed up
wait for Karen let's take a nice little
nap let's just rest while I wait for her
if she comes back and then I passed out
again hey sorry it took so long [ __ ]
store was packed how you feeling
nothing broken mm-hmm
altar boys don't fight fair yeah I'm
okay double cheese no onion oh right she
got me a burger mmm-hmm
I need to eat after this battle dude I'm
got you some gauze and oh she got me
mines medical supplies hey here I
appreciate it appreciate it
hey don't will fat down or at least take
a breath like you care

Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

Oh Sean all right we got to talk about
the past I need to know more come on
Karen don't act all hurt it's too late
where were you when I broke my leg when
I was 13 hmm not with me when Daniel got
a bad flu a couple years ago he didn't
sleep next to him every night where were
you where were you explain fair enough
so let's talk because we do have to get
your brother out of a cult I'm listening
yeah I knew it is see she even she says
cold this is a [ __ ] cold the road yes
dad taught me responsibility he always
wanted us to know how to take care of
each other
now it's a cult now you guys can say
it's a cult cuz she just said it echoed
the word cold has been brought up now I
don't have to answer your questions
right you're right so tell me what you
want from me Sean nothing Karen I mean
what do you want from me a [ __ ] hug
Hey I just want you to know what I did
and why what did you hear tell me so ask
me anything
all right why did you leave why did you
bail on us I wasn't meant to be a wife
or a mother I thought I was supposed to
I tried to pretend for many years but I
wasn't happy and the urge to leave just
became unbearable I had no other choice
are you serious
you chose this life you fell in love you
made your own choices right making your
own choices doesn't mean you can never
fool yourself
Sean after I had Daniel you were about 8
and Esteban's garage was getting busy
there was so much going on around me
somehow I just felt that my own life was
just slipping away I felt like an empty
shell Sean it was the hardest decision I
ever made I knew I might never see you
all again but I took that responsibility
did dad know about all of this I was
honest with your father we did family
therapy but it wasn't about him it was
me he was heartbroken he was better than
you he was heartbroken for months after
you left years I was - I was in love
with your father he was the best person

Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

I ever met but just not enough for you
something was missing from the equation
yeah I was so what exactly are you doing
in Nevada you live around here
no I'm Way out in Arizona Arizona Shan I
told you maybe she's gonna drive us to
her home Jacob wrote my P o box and said
Daniel was in trouble that's it
Arizona so we're going to Arizona
that's just lizards and rocks yes I
found in heeds New York didn't really do
me good
so yeah shots looking at New York think
I've heard enough I didn't have a choice
Sean we only have one life and I didn't
want mine to be spent in regrets for
years I fooled myself thinking I'd find
satisfaction into what society expected
me to be and that was my mistake I hope
someday you can understand that what
society expected you but I never stopped
caring about you for what it's worth I
am sorry for hurting you and Daniel and
yeah this is just some family drama at
its finest I'm not I'm not really a real
family without you well Mr Bond was
meant to be a father I knew he would
take care of you the way you deserve you
really not giving me good reason we said
no one you say you don't want to be a
mother then why freaking get pregnant in
the first place
let's go on the pork we gon' the pool I
like a little swim
find out smother mother's son Zachary
you want to say to me this is the time
let's just get it all out me open see
what happens
does she know about Daniels power she
probably does nothing I mean I get you
wanted to leave and stuff okay but why
would you ghost us like that not even a
[ __ ] birthday card I just I thought
if i banished you would all move on but
I want to thank you guys so many times I

Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

almost did
good thing you didn't we definitely
needed to move on yeah that was the idea
what did you do when you left where did
you go I pursued some dreams and failed
learnt the lessons
I guess all this time I tried to find
out what really matters which doesn't
involve a husband and two kids it does
to film and I totally respect room just
not totally [ __ ] I wasn't good at
medians which is what most of modern
life was about right school job
marriage asked my mom and dad they
wanted me to follow their rules their
faith I tried but I wanted to find my
own way they need just be a security
blanket family religion social norms
it's just all about security after all
but it all just looked like a sweet
golden jail to me I tried to escape that
yeah hope it was worth it it was
for now I've found my place in the world
with like-minded people I'm at peace
with my fuck-ups and my decision well
when you make mistakes you got to be at
peace with it I I guess so but that's so
inspiring I know that's hard to
understand I think people should know
who they are not fake it for anybody so
did you ever actually miss us or dad of
course Sean I do miss your father
so you didn't so really all she said why
I left you guys is because I didn't want
to be a mother he could brighten up a
rainy day he's super power well Daniels
super power does she even know about
that see how you saw the world
I missed sharing these moments with you
we used to do so much stuff like when
you taught me to write because dad
sucked oh when we went camping near
Vancouver just me and you you always
loved night skies I did star gaze along
when I was in California trust me
further south you go better it gets huh

Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

you sound so careless it's like you
can't even realize how much pain you've
caused I do care that's why I'm here to
help you and your brother so I didn't
step up to help him now I couldn't live
with myself
she giving me she's smoking
want to smoke with mom
no man
Esteban hated when I smoked don't do
anything you don't want me to die early
[ __ ] life can be so cynical sometimes I
remember he would smoke sometimes I'll
talk with her guys smoke we didn't fight
much but when we did I would go out on
the porch and light out so I could calm
Esteban would come over and ask for a
drag now we just look up at the sky and
watch the stars for the planes I do miss
that I used to do the same my best
friend like I was sitting on the porch
just letting tango that's when you know
someone is good to you when you can just
sit together shut the hell up and watch
the universe do its own thing
sans take Motel bride like I said this
is this to me
this is my honest opinion this is the
calm before the storm I think I think
shits about to go down if you all didn't
feel me I think it's gonna go down very
shortly this is really nice to view
though I just have a feeling this is the
calm before the storm we should go back
inside I got to change this dressing
the calm before the storm
you guys drone this to make sure you
smack a like button subscribe but
appreciating golf for a 1000 likes
already I appreciate it and they yelled
for people that subscribed I appreciate
your eyes as well Sean I know I can't
change the past I swear every character
says past you can't change the past I
wonder where I heard that vision I hear
that last episode you can't change the

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I know it's still hard but yes we have
to be a team to rescue Daniel we c