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SearchThisVideo: LIFE IS STRANGE 2 Walkthrough Part 1 – Intro Episode 1 Roads (Let's Play Season 2)

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all right welcome ladies and gentlemen
my name's Nick as always incompetent
revenge' and this is a let's play
walkthrough of life is strange to the
official sequel to life is strange one
they did a little bit of a prequel in
between with before the storm but yeah
this game is coming out later this week
I got can't sleep late early and posted
40 guys absolutely love the first two
seasons of the game I'm not sure if
we're gonna see max in this game at all
they have really released that
information but maybe they will who
knows no way we're gonna find out is by
playing so hopefully guys are going to
enjoy in this early look as always if
you can enjoy thumbs up are greatly
appreciated this is the PC version of
the game as you can tell by this little
cursor right here
we're not playing in all max settings
and yeah if you want my PC specs as
always you can find them in the
description box and that's enough
talking let's go get it
forty- sorry Volk alarm on that go shop
closed alley 303 god that police cam
going on so at the beginning of the game
may ask me by sacrifice or saved Arcadia
Bay officer Matthews I've got a 10-10 in
progress 1 4 5 2 Lewis Avenue I've got
any better
oh we just got Skyrim's I thought you
just got popped food are on and [ __ ] so
yeah I definitely sacrificed Arcadia Bay
at the end of it
cuz it just made sense to me
it's the ending that I wanted

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oh yeah what do you got again buddy yes
see you tonight
okay update time you heard back from Jen
yet um no I'm sure she'll reply at some
point let me take a look at the
situation hey Jen you going to the party
dude we talked about this could you have
any less game I'm no good at this oh how
about yo Jen see you at the party let me
know if I should bring God you thirsty
[ __ ]
here let Lyla the love which work her
magic okay just don't make me sound like
a loser
I said matchmaker not miracle worker hey
hold on let me check it before you send
to who eight would be awesome to see you
there what I could have texted that it's
a good start she'll text bag you'll see
you know I don't even know if I want to
go tonight oh please it's gonna be fun
you hate every party oh because they're
all the same too many people too [ __ ]
loud everybody's wasted yes Shawn you
just described a party well the suspense
is killing me
it's dad wants to know if I'm coming
home after school
geez I'm not ten-year-old he just cares
about you Shawn anyway you should be
happier dad's looking out for you
no it's Jen saying she can't wait to see
is that the party
what really yes told you I would work my
matchmaker magic hmm so so what should I
wear tonight
Oh condom oh haha paying plenty of
attention in sex ed class I see hey
lovebirds back from the loony bin shut
the [ __ ] up [ __ ] damn your neighbors
an [ __ ] yep always true to himself

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man we need to find a couch for your
yard one day
mm careful last time my dad almost
busted me out here because you were
alone your dad wouldn't bust me he loves
me so you want to hit or not I play it
clean mmm man maybe at the party
track stars aren't supposed to smoke you
know yeah sure I'll remember this when
you were begging for a spliff tonight
speaking of weed mmm I got that covered
tonight what else do we need Eric said
his parents don't move [ __ ] of the cabin
so we better make an official party list
Hey whoa what the hell are you oh you're
my human post-it note first we need
money for supplies munchies chips and
soda etc this better wash off and of
course we must not forget Zee booze I
can probably snag a six-pack from data
if he's got enough eight did you ever
think of maybe just sending a text
instead hmm all right
blankets it's gonna get so chilly
tonight you and Jen are gonna need
something that's snuggle under oh one
last thing
see Oh Andy oh stop you're out of room
is this how you see a penis to him you
should try and actually see one for real
you who don't want to go down that road
dude my chances of scoring tonight are
probably ten times yours you wish that's
a penis
oh he's [ __ ] Plains man I want to
hate them but I'll miss them so much
if I move somewhere else
should change us so fast it gets so emo
sometimes wondering what will happen to
us once we graduate will you still be my
well should ever get better than 1450 to
Lane Avenue yeah man
friends forever yeah but what happens if
we go to different colleges or you get
sick of me whatever have you heard of
the Internet no way distance can tear us
apart we're freakin fighters yeah you're
best freakin fighters forever okay it's
getting way late and I got to pick out

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my outfit for tonight it's got me later
when you're ready hugs
talk to you soon and man this girl loves
you you don't even know
hello Friday night you use us like if a
girl wants to get laid at a party she
will get laid
100% guy hey perfect timing just the son
I wanted to see oh sure I'm a little
did you see Lila she said we can go to
the movies next week
she said bug her not me you're not
exactly her type you're lucky she puts
up with you oh geez
thanks pop I feel really supported right
now you're welcome
and now we need an objective judge that
would be you really hey lucious Court is
in session judge Diaz presiding over the
case of the last choco crisps I I have
to go get ready for a party and stuff so
well if you want to attend to a party
and stuff you have to earn it
Your Honor she Hey he swore yes I heard
please judge this be an example to the
court and society then you can go hook
up or chill or whatever
now who deserves to eat this final choco
crisp your adorable little brother who
eats about ten bags a week or your poor
suffering father who slaves over a hot
engine to provide his family with the
home and a garage
Amy come on Josh Shh let him decide
judge the verdict please mine you're
both guilty of wasting my time
he's posed what no fair dad my own flesh
and blood tosses me under the bus
he's such okay back to work I hear an
engine calling my name and you better
play nice together like you always do
yeah after the war to my room - yeah
don't hurry back
maybe that was kind of a dick okay let's
get this party list started dad flips
out if I don't pick up my stuff but
Danny leaves his [ __ ] all over the

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hypocrisy is real every Christmas dad
wants to watch The Lord of the Rings
trilogy with us that's cool let me down
with that
can't wait for the rain makes me feel
like drawing
those guys draw anime or some men is
there any more boring sport than
baseball hmm but you do you dad
geez how old is this we've had it since
I was 10
Daniel spends hundreds of hours yelling
into the mic playing Minecraft with Noah
those games so outdated it's for late
now I don't know who plays more Daniel
or dad I could just stay home and binge
Top Gear with dad and Daniel but not
what if Jen came over hmm we can build a
fire and dude stop I'm not bad into cars
but these are pretty bitching what see
dad hate sushi but he orders it anyway
for us sushi is delicious get out of
literally my favorite food if things go
should I bring Jen back here oh this guy
that won't like her or she won't like
or worse she could get along with Daniel
dude stop I'm not even dating her yet
one step at a time there hotshot put the
hot dog back in the bun better pack for
the party money
the hell's this
statistics and you this is a fake
hunt for munchies drinks a staff or a

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

bit of money find a blanket it's nice
going jogging with dad every once in a
while though he's way too chatty that's
right get bin bill God all those people
man it's good to be the judge
watch your head all right dad
where do you put the blankets can't
believe dad actually asked me to tag up
this wall
well of course you asked Daniel -
where'd you stash the hooch yeah where's
our mom dad she just self another bike
oh dear
type your subject how long is he gonna
keep all this [ __ ] how long is he gonna
keep all this [ __ ] seem like he's very
I'm guessing mom left Daniel destroyed
our old nativity scene sorry baby Jesus
thank God I don't have to take one of
Daniels I'm sure dad won't miss one
blanket for the night dad said we could
go to Mount Baker this year the trails
are insane year's skiers
that you choco thief oh it's me Daniel
cool can you tell your big brother he's
grounded tonight when you see him hey
since you're creeping around up there
can you pass me the wrench in the top
red drawer over there sure can do
there's no wrench here ah you must be
somewhere else then take a look around I
know I left it nearby it's a 16
millimeter reversible flex wrench geez
that was definitely my plan for tonight
so yeah hold on Sam came by the garage
today told me to tell you hi for him
how's this leg well you know old fossils
like us don't heal the way you do huh
remind me never to get old
okay it beats the alternative hey I got

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

it I think no I didn't one with the
black switch on it so I can change its
direction what the hell man that was the
16 millimeter wrench
that's 18
thank you
did you get your English midterm back uh
yeah I gotta be be but you were so
confident about the essay you wrote yeah
I think mrs. caloway is just prejudiced
against Vonnegut but slaughterhouse-five
is amazing hey you don't have to tell me
tell her next parent-teacher meeting
mm-hmm she's getting a piece of my mind
prejudiced against Vonnegut is that it
yes first transit took your time about
it but you did it
Oh make a grease monkey out of you yeah
yeah I'm all right just let me tighten
this so finally decided to come and join
your old man under the hood huh yeah
sure I know it's not your thing but you
got to learn a trade art athletics
engineering I don't care as long as you
put your heart into it I'm trying I just
don't know what direction to go
you're only 16 years old you've got time
to figure it out
trust me took me a while to and are you
happy with it I mean your job living
here of course I am
we're doing great maybe one day when I
retire I'll go back to Mexico to work
the Lobos but until then oh I've heard
this one before
mmm I don't even know why I'm fixing you
a sweet car for graduation day oh come
on it's wicked I'm just not used to
driving you better get used to it or
you'll be taking your date to prompt on
the number 30 bus like I'm going on tons
of dates
nothing Daniels cock-blocking me in the
whole time he's nine he doesn't even
know what cock-blocking is he looks up
to you John try
help him it's what family is for things
are kind of scary out there in this
country right now yeah oh um by the way
ha I was wondering how long it take you
need money for the party tonight right
uh just be honest with me

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

no [ __ ] are you using this money to
buy alcohol weed yeah I'm an honest
person I never lie to people I mean yeah
probably but we'll be partying at a
house and nobody's driving home I swear
well everybody's got to get home somehow
but yeah you and Lila better not get in
any car with somebody who can't walk
straight holy [ __ ] 40 bucks
really yeah why not
you did a good job on the lawn plus I
appreciate that you didn't lie to me
thanks dad
just be careful that's all I'm asking
okay I know what kind of crazy [ __ ] kids
can get into when you were my age did
you party a lot mm-hmm
sorry what happens in Mexico stays in
Mexico now get out of here before I
change my mind about that cash and keep
an eye on Daniel while you're home
would you all right thanks dad
what a cool dad not so fast honey boy
don't you think your Bobby thaw deserves
a hug okay have fun but not too much I
won't promise bye love ya I love you too
I swear to God my dad had a pretty wild
teenager I wouldn't be [ __ ] if I had
to help dad in the shop it'll be weird
having my own car but then I could take
Jenna it if she wants Wow Wow she has a
thing for my dad
how do I respond
running the garage was dad's dream I'm
proud of him
honestly dad's had this forever I'm glad
he doesn't make us go to church thus
almost took my thumb wolf once don't

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

blame the tools blame the operator what
kind of car is this well you your heads
out there no more 4th of July fireworks
after last year damn you can open a
hardware store with all of this all
right dad used to go see them all the
can old people be cool
okay up we go we got the money we got
definitely going to need major snacks
for the party get me some beer Ted
doesn't drink that much does he keep
track haha man Daniel could live off
this crap
don't forget the non booze that no one
ever that'll do
but there's gonna be a keg at the cabin
I guess we could swap out that off the
list drinks down food to go munchies yo
cookie Dan is like a big game he gets so
hyped for Halloween gotta bring some
munchies cookies or chips cookies or
chips chips hope there's also like real
food at this party looks like I got
everything gotta back it up
what is dad baking something meat the
DEA's organization experts real funny
I can spare a few bucks for next week's
beats tonight dad tries so hard to get
on a healthy diet I can't wait for him
to be on Instagram he was so proud to
get that he should be man her dad seems

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

like such a nice guy well dad actually
take us there one day
doubt it that's why I have a bad feeling
about this
where's this plant I need to water Dan
the guy never stops working 1970 GTO
at least I don't have to help Daniel out
with math thanks dad
okay Jesus this place is a mess how many
times have I watched it not enough he
was that guy [ __ ] time to get in the
mood for tonight
well I disabled the licensed music so
that would be sick to just go that would
cut my arm off if I got a cat like that
yeah but when I turn 18 I really like
that one huh I don't totally suck his
first thing that I did when I turn 18 I
got tattoos Daniel Allah treasure this
gift always it's easier cuz my parents
went on vacation serves them right for
going on vacation during my birthday
he'll never make varsity at this rate
Lyla will survive if I take alive to
practice my drawing I should take a good
look at the subject before drawing
I've looked enough times you drawn-out
but not bad
the lighting is nice it's been a while
since I've sketched my room rough looks
cool but messy should I keep going
The Devil's in the details man whom
almost looks cool on this not an easy
good job sketchy achievement unlocked

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

I forgot the condoms Manny the condoms
damn you still have like ten books left
in the series I won't finish them till
I'm 20
oh I got there sorry
you stay get in here yeah we got these
for free during summer not sure Daniel
was ready to be an uncle yet it's gonna
make for awkward conversation when the
girl finds it you watch I think I know
what to ask for Christmas
sorry viola I'm just not a selfies kind
of goth okay don't be a stalker Shaun
ma'am this is taking forever
I want me to pay for it oh my god
the internet was a mistake
very funny Lila good thing my boss has a
sense of humor kind of Lila provides the
weed tonight I better be ready pipe my
first hangover dad laughed at me so hard
when I came back home peace pipe man I
so don't want to work this weekend just
wanna bang all the drums all day we
almost got caught by a crazy old dude
and it was such a blast okay
never date someone who gives you the
finger like 90% of the pictures did
there douchebag or [ __ ] life lesson
this was such a cool day can't wait to
go back out there with the crew
check your knee song daniel better not
use my toothbrush again
well that's gross hey Jen what's up
so try again loser
Hey you look totally hot oh my god stop
oh hey you wanna share my blanket hey
Jen do you want to hang out sometime

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

stop stop number her mighty thirsty so
what there's the well it's not my turn
to do the laundry okay we'll check on
these all
dude come on open up
because okay what are you doing in there
dr. Frankenstein
you ate my chocolate Chris don't be
pissed you always see the whole box
what's with the scissors you'll see but
not now so don't come in man damn sounds
pretty serious should I call an
ambulance now before it's too late
maybe all I can say is watch out for my
costume in three days this Halloween is
going to be awesome
are you going to the party tonight at
Eric's house well I will be there yes
yes yes and you can't go teenagers only
I bet Lila would let me do she's way
nicer to me than you did she ask about
me yes she wants to be Mary shut up I
don't even care if I can't go because
because I have secret stuff to do alone
of course you do
dang it's gonna gank me of those
scissors Daniels always up to something
wonder what's next okey-dokey that's
finally ready to go time to finally now
can Skype with Lila
time to get this party started my desk
or on the phone sure we'll see ya don't

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

want to use that data Paul our boy just
give me a minute
gee where do I put the mmm
hold on okay hi did you get everything
on your hand list it's all in my
backpack yeah dad hooked me up with some
cash so we're set for the night in case
we need anything else you and Jen need
anything else oh okay serious talk what
are you gonna say to Jen tonight well I
don't know
played cool talk about the gig last week
get to know her tastes oh my god you did
rehearse your moves for tonight you're
totally into her so what I don't have
any game these are uncharted territories
for me you're super cute just be
that's why she's into you Shawn I'm
going look I made zombie blood it's some
corn syrup and food coloring Hey hi Lyla
get out of my room Daniel just come on
man just just bugging the [ __ ] out of me
again after I told you to knock yeah I
anyway dick what's your problem but I
want to see zombie blood if you don't
Sorry Sorry
I'll make it up to him he knows I can be
a dick I'm just stressed out about
tonight please we're gonna have so much
fun maybe tonight tonight don't jinx me
jinx I'm your lucky charm [ __ ] okay so
when are you coming over I just have to
hit up the momster for the car keys and
hope she doesn't make me fly too much
about the party
I'm already in trouble from last time
this time don't get caught let me see
that drawing this might be my
masterpiece well yeah it's my portrait
oh [ __ ] gender outfit for tonight
what on her wall you should check it up
it might get your attention all right
done that not taking a look at her
picture yes Sean that's totally [ __ ]
obnoxious fine fine whoa her hair oh ho

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

indeed I told you she was super into you
man what's her profile picture you got
to do with me huh you will see
Oh what do I do these are the life
choices of a teenager I see you Sean
should we set the wedding date now hey
come on it's just a heart I'd like her
hair okay no big deal sure hold on okay
something's going on outside what do you
mean hey look at my shirt [ __ ]
it's don't ever touch my brother
you hear me Brett [ __ ] you Diaz he got
his fake blood [ __ ] all over my shirt
look I told you it was an accident
better leave us alone oh yeah
go hide your dad's garage [ __ ] you
think you own the block
dude did you get that pot on him uh it
was it was an accident I swear he's a
[ __ ] [ __ ]
see what happens when you don't listen
dad told you to stay in the yard I know
I know Sean I was just acting like a
zombie and I forgot I swear I swear when
take the little baby back to his crib
come on Daniel we're done yeah go back
to Daddy
[ __ ] no wonder your mom bailed on you
whoa get in sight now you're dead meat
[ __ ] [ __ ] family you're going to
losers Daniel get over here okay okay
step away now calm down officer up and
step back on the ground now
hey wait this guy was wrong now hands
behind your head this is [ __ ]
[ __ ]
oh no Shawn what's happening that we
didn't do it on any quite I swear I'm
shy I'm sorry dad baby why they're good
kids up don't know I'm sure they didn't

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

do any don't move it's gonna be all
right the globe [ __ ] knew it I
[ __ ] knew it
Oh [ __ ] trigger-happy cops
oh [ __ ] no way
Daniel come on
you got it go now

LIFE IS STRANGE 2 Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of LIFE IS STRANGE 2 with Live Gameplay and Commentary in 4K high definition.


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  1. The way things go down on this game, was so unrealistic and cringe. A cop wouldn't shot at the same time whilst saying ''on the ground now''.
    Calling him amateur cop also is a bad excuse imo. Come on man, this guy wouldn't even pass the field training to become a cop if he's THAT amateur.


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