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    SearchThisVideo: Live, Work, Die, Repeat – Let's Play Industries of Titan Update 8 Part 1

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    everyone and welcome to a new let's play

    for industries of titan

    this is update number eight and it's


    live work die repeat basically it's the

    population update for the game

    so it's going to change a lot of the

    mechanics in regards to the

    citizens that are living in the city so

    with that said let's get into this

    i'll be playing on the titan difficulty

    on survival mode

    this is the hardest difficulty in the

    game that's just what i like to do

    and we'll confirm the

    settings here we'll be doing the same

    settings that i

    did in the previous playthroughs

    we'll be activating hardcoding hardcode

    hardcore mode my god hardcode


    so let's just get into this basically

    i'm hoping

    that they improved a lot of the gameplay

    here especially

    with the ships like i've had problems

    with the ships in update five

    and six i didn't play update 7

    but hopefully between those updates

    let's hope they actually made it



    and here's the intro again it's very

    short intro so i just won't bother

    skipping it


    the council


    hope you'll live is to our expectations

    and i hope you live up to mine

    but yeah even though it's early access i

    expect a lot of bugs i just don't expect

    like game breaking bugs anyway



    okay hotkeys v to survey these buildings

    so i pretty much have to try and

    remember all the hotkeys here

    all the nuances in this game

    now how do i speed this up

    it's not the number keys and it's not

    the f3 keys what is it shift

    three okay

    for games like this they always have a

    different way of speeding up and slowing

    down the game

    it's like some games use one to four

    some games use

    f1 to f4 some games like this one use

    the shift plus the number keys

    all right so let's see what can we

    salvage who i want this one

    try to get as many resources as possible

    with as little waste as possible


    now we don't necessarily need red art

    facts just yet i just want as many

    of the minerals and isotopes as possible

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    i'll eventually need like two red

    artifacts in order to unlock the space


    but for the time being i absolutely need



    now let's see i need the storage



    there we go

    okay next we will build fuel fab

    i believe wait

    okay the generator goes in this corner

    over here it's

    i believe it's three times okay so it

    fits like this

    and then the generator yeah this is it

    and then i will have a

    fuel tank small fuel tank over here

    industrial outlet here and a relay

    small relay there and battery here

    and then i will have storage container

    okay so i'll set this to minerals only

    and i'll set the medium

    over here to isotopes only

    there we go and then this small

    container can just stay as is

    and then here's some waste

    all right so we need a energy pylon oh

    you're still gathering all the resources

    in the meantime what else can we survey

    okay we can survey these

    okay i'm having trouble seeing that

    orange outline

    that shows what i can do or the radius

    of this hq

    okay so we can survey up to here it

    looks like

    i don't want to survey too many

    buildings at this time because i want my


    like building stuff not surveying

    okay this is done um we need the energy


    put this right here oh i should probably


    our z thing so there is zethane

    on top area over here and at the bottom

    so we could put our smoke stacks like

    near the council hall

    and we can start building our

    residential areas

    like or maybe

    wait yeah residential areas over here

    uh pollution or smoke stacks over here

    and z stain over here

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    and then we'll build our start building

    our factories over here

    oh i can barely see anything

    wait is there a day night cycle now

    like what's going on why is it so dark


    oh it's because of this the population

    and work information

    i don't know how i turned that on but


    just keep this going and i'll take seven

    minerals for free

    uh six waste

    you know i'll take this

    hmm all right let's get the red

    artifacts here

    just we can unlock the spaceport

    and then we'll start building our

    residential areas

    and relay a large industrial outlet and

    then monetization stations

    just some basic stuff for the time being

    now i should also get another generator

    up and running over here

    okay uh what other resources can i get


    like i want large amounts of minerals


    less waste

    okay that's a lot of minerals but that's

    also a lot of waste

    i think we'll deal with that later

    when we can burn the trash

    maybe i will take this we do need

    isotopes as well

    large amounts of them

    okay 12 isotopes and oh should take this

    as well

    why is it dark hey maybe there is a date

    night cycle

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    maybe probably should have read the

    change log

    but i guess i'll figure everything out

    as we go along

    okay let's do relay

    right here and uh fuel fab over here

    okay let's unlock this you know what

    let's take the resources

    we don't necessarily take the waste from

    the spaceport

    i guess we can unlock the council as


    let's just get that additional uh

    influence going

    still waiting on people

    oh that's a large amount of people i

    don't think i've seen it this high


    but anyway


    okay you're still bringing resources

    into storage

    i do need an extra energy pylon

    i want it like right here

    i want two energy pylons next to the hq

    that way if one goes down

    uh the other can still continue to

    power everything basically i don't want

    a narcosis pylon

    and we do need to save up for a defense




    oh i do need more isotopes how many are

    in here 12.

    okay i guess this is fine for the time


    we can get a defense turret

    i'm just waiting for a drop ship to

    appear that has like

    four people or less that's all i can

    support at this point in time

    this is still going on

    i also need to focus on increasing the

    number of employees i have just so

    this stuff can go faster

    oh come on really enough living space

    all right we can get a defense turret



    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    i'll put you over here

    okay it is getting brighter a little bit

    so i guess there is a day night cycle

    i don't really see a time here this is

    the game time

    on the bottom right corner of the screen

    so i don't know when dusk or dawn is

    okay this is still going on i still need

    to upgrade this energy pylon

    upgrade this now

    so this is going to take a while oh here

    we go

    let's get one person in here

    that way we have at least some cash


    all right so this is almost done i have

    a lot of influence now so maybe i should

    just start claiming

    more of these buildings

    get something resource rich

    or maybe at least survey these buildings

    just so we know more of what's in here

    okay upgrade this one more time

    you know what i'll take this 32 minerals

    see 36 minerals and 5 isotopes i'll take


    then 15 minerals

    so for these resources in the game

    minerals is used to build new stuff

    the izotopes are used to upgrade stuff

    that's the way i see it and then the

    waste just takes up space

    it needs to be burned

    oh let's turn this off

    so while we're waiting let's get another

    generator going

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    let's also get some batteries in here

    gonna put another generator in here as


    and then residential let's add some more

    habitat pods

    that's upgraded

    so as soon as this stuff is done being

    constructed i'll be able to

    harvest all of these

    you know i wish this game would go


    like 3 x is the fastest speed

    even then it still looks really slow

    oh there we go

    excuse me

    okay i have six

    now oh wait wait wait wait i forgot

    this needs to be powered up

    there we go that should power up

    everything except

    a monetization station down there

    here we go next attack

    okay let's get this this is 14 minerals

    two isotopes

    like we're eventually going to need to

    deal with the waste

    i should probably upgrade this turret

    okay i can also upgrade this energy

    pylon as well

    without disabling anything


    and here we go oh geez there's not

    enough space in the spaceport

    all right let's go

    give me some more people so i can make

    some more money

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    let's see these people in here and then

    they all just go to sleep

    wait why is no one working

    what's going on here

    let's disable this first


    okay why are these guys not working

    i need another generator in here


    probably won't have enough fuel to run

    all of these generators

    i do want this available for the attack

    okay how much does it cost to borrow


    150 credits okay so they rebalanced it

    so this is going to cost less now

    it used to be 100 credits per building

    but it looks like

    one two three four

    maybe it's like 25 credits plus 50


    it's my guess anyway

    so everything's working now now let's

    just shut this down for now just so we

    have that fuel available for later

    so we'll just stockpile fuel

    and then we'll have more than enough

    power for this attack

    okay so you're taking stuff from the

    space port

    and okay here comes the attack

    okay i will burrow and then call to arms

    once i see it on the mini map down here

    there we go

    here we go here we go

    okay repair all

    there we go

    held the attack

    okay next we are going to build another

    factory this will be used for the

    conversion pods

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    and while that's happening i will also

    upgrade this building

    also need to continue getting stuff from


    oh we will need the red artifacts now

    try to get as many of the red artifacts

    as possible that doesn't ha

    has like the lowest amount of resources


    all right let's put some conversion pods

    in here

    get some more workers

    the industrial outlet here

    a couple more conversion capsules i


    all right so more resources more


    all right can we get some more workers

    right now or

    you're still working on that we got


    red artifacts ready to go seven workers

    you can find more you want

    sure let's take this and

    hmm yeah let's take this

    start getting more of these workers

    since i only have three conversion

    capsules i can only

    convert three at a time and then as

    these are completed

    i'll be able to do more at a time

    basically now i have more workers

    okay i will need to upgrade our power

    over here

    same thing with our headquarters

    i need to upgrade our range

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    yeah for that i need more isotopes

    oh this has a lot of artifacts

    and this has the same amount of

    resources for three artifacts so i'll

    get the resources here

    and i'll get the artifacts here

    and we'll get the resources

    now here a battery drain


    let me think here i need to do something

    about power but i also need to do

    something about

    fuel where's where's like the best place

    to get

    fuel i need to check this map

    uh we need to build start building


    you start requesting stuff here no

    we need to keep our influence

    oh we are we are actually money starved

    like why are they not working what's

    going on

    oh citizens now have a schedule let me

    slow down the game first so i can read



    okay can i set the schedule here


    i might as well take this oh there is

    nothing in here that allows me to set

    the schedule

    as far as i can tell

    but they work from 8 am to 4 pm

    and this tells me how much money they


    oh resources are full i need to spend


    okay um


    i guess another factory

    let's make this into a storage factory

    and again we do need to do something

    about this power

    i'm just going to upgrade the hq because

    this is the only

    building in the game as far as i can

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    tell that you can upgrade it

    and still everything in there will be



    you just can't go into it but everything

    is still available

    and then we will build some storage in


    all right so let's convert

    more people

    except we can't can we

    build to pay employees on last

    what i have to pay employees now

    what the hell i mean i guess it makes

    sense but


    it wasn't like that in the last update

    so okay

    this is how the dynamics of this game is

    going to change we need

    more people watching ads in order to pay

    these guys

    i'll just take the resources here like i

    need more people

    making money

    okay this will be for trash


    isotopes you know four of these will be

    for minerals because we don't actually

    get that many isotopes

    and let's just speed up this game

    and then three of these will be for


    To begin this let's play of Industries of Titan Update 8, I notice that Employees now need to be paid, among other changes relating to Credits. I setup my initial ...


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    Comment (1)

    1. 01:10 You didn't play update 7, you missed nothing. It was a mess not worth playing, with ships taking up 100 gigabytes of RAM for one of them and similar pre-alpha nonsense.

      About IoT, I really like the idea, but its execution is really lacking in quality. The VISUAL quality is probably the best of any 2020 city-builder, but the CODE quality could well be the worst, as there's little besides visual/sound effects that couldn't run within 640k of RAM we used to have in 1990 (but to be fair, would slow down to a slideshow on that old hardware).

      Still, I hope that they get their act together and rewrite the buggy stuff (there's little hope that they could fix that kind of code, see "Programming by permutation").

      06:30 That's one of the worst aspects of buggy games: each time something goes wrong, you think, "is that another bug?" even if it's not. And that KILLS enjoyment.

      So, because this game has a troubled dev cycle, any and all youtubers should keep the Task Manager running in the background: if it stutters or even crashes, there will be a RAM fever chart to analyze. Earlier upgrades used to crash a lot with ships, kill ship crew almost randomly, had crew refuse to repair ship components for no clear reason, had crewmembers stuck in a running state without getting anywhere, and even crash because the user tried to upgrade certain buildings to level 3 because a dev was too lazy to issue an "upgrade to level 3 not implemented yet" message in that situation.

      Yes, this is a beautiful game, but playing it tends to get ugly. And my guess is that at least two of the issues mentioned above are still unresolved.

      Just my experience with this game, which looks so promising, on YT so far.


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