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    SearchThisVideo: LOMA Systems – Measuring Success

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    aloma systems is a global supply of

    equipment for the food industry we

    supply machines to companies who want to

    check for quality of the product going

    down the production line so this is

    looking for contaminant or checking for

    the weight of product or even looking

    for real foreign body detection which we

    use our x-ray machines for so we have 10

    sites globally and four of those are

    actually design centers we use soft


    mechanical 3d CAD as well as PDM pro and

    we also now use that sort of works

    electrical for loma we felt SolidWorks

    was the best fit in terms of flexibility

    and mechanical design I think with our

    new x-ray product being able to

    visualize all the space and fit all the

    components before we actually cut any

    metal was a huge benefit to us

    SolidWorks electrical came a little

    later than the mechanical but we're

    working on integrating that in with the

    3d CAD so that we can work on routing

    and that means we can layout wiring

    looms into our mechanical designs to get

    the cable links exactly right sheet

    metal is very important for loma we do a

    huge amount of sheet metal work

    including weldments

    that's that's something that's really

    saved us a little time in our production

    base we have some computers which allow

    the production team to access design

    information and assemblies so they can

    see how the assembly is meant to go

    together they can measure from that and

    that means that they don't have to

    disturb engineers and stop the engineers

    from doing their work they can just

    answer all the questions really from the

    design data that's available on screen

    to sebacean awareness inside the cabinet

    is quite important you know for the

    x-ray generator we need space for for

    the air aeration of that let's keep it

    cool and it's much more easy to

    visualize what goes on inside the

    cabinet we have a 3d package importing

    3d models from supplies they supply the

    imaging step file and were able to

    import that so that's very useful it

    saves a lot of time we have four servers

    for CAD and they replicate data and

    people can actually share data from the

    central master PDM database so suppliers

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    can actually access through a web portal

    our PDM system and through a system of

    drawing issue and control that means

    that we can give them access to only

    approved drawings and drawing data so

    this includes models so if they need to

    have a CNC model to be able to create a

    opponent Philomath then we can produce


    we're looking at implementing a new ERP

    system and we'd like to integrate our

    new ERP with the PDM and the Bill of

    Materials in mechanical SolidWorks so

    that means we'd have a bi-directional

    link of information for Bills of

    materials previously we were on an old

    ME 10 2d CAD system and it takes a while

    to switch between a 2d and 3d because

    you have to build up your 3d data but

    once you've done that and care tech were

    very helpful during that process in

    terms of training and support engineers

    and share screens with the CAD tech

    staff they access it through the actual

    SolidWorks application itself with the

    extranet portal just log a call via

    email if they wish to and so that's

    definitely used across the world

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    This video shows how SolidWorks has helped LOMA to achieve a high standard of products. Sean Hannan will talk us through how they use both SolidWorks Mechanical & Electrical.

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