[Lyra] Norco (Finale)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20so last time on norco we bought drugs from santa um actually no that's wrong that's wrong i'm lying there actually santa gave us drugs for free i should not misrepresent the situation it was indeed a gift for the small price of a one dollar donation thank you santa thank you for the drugs uh video game what was i doing again hang on oh yes okay um we tracked we tracked someone's head out into the lake right yeah okay now we're out to that lake we're gonna go fishing around for a head don't worry chat we won't get ahead of ourselves too fast trucks sunk in the mud we're stranded unless somebody can pull us out don't boo me i'm right look at this lighting already god damn i'm already impressed by the game and i've been in it in one for one minute hey i know just where we at that's peachy duhon's fishing camp me and my daddy more or less lived out here for a time old man peachy hated my ass and that's the interstate 10 overpass over there there's a map on the bulletin board might help refresh my memory and i wonder who we got to talk to to get a ride in that boat these coordinates we got her all the way out in the lake you have to find a head is this what's this who are you a man fishes from the dock are you friendly evening uh that your boat not mine believe that boat belongs to the camp so they got the key inside one of them units i suppose they do let's go pay them units to visit kay see if we can get a key from one of them oh man this ambiance is nice and all but i'm listening to it and i feel mosquitoes all over me can you help us pull our truck out of the mud we were racing on the levy weren't you she was hitting every washout she saw wish i could help i got a winch on my truck but it's on the other side the spillway where's the spillway you know peachy duhan the old man who owns that camp sure i knew pig peachy i mean you peachy you might seen about it on the news peachy been dead a long time maybe 10 years come on yeah peachy been dead and he took several others with him the man finally cracked wait what damn figured it might end like that for him he was a bad dude bruh you say anything about me before he died brett leblanc what anything bad about me i don't think you understand what happened here peachy locked himself in that camp of three hostages in a pile of ammunition and refused to leave who's this fish guy wasn't cuz he was mad at me though the hell kind of question is that forget it so who's got the camp now his grandson split the place in the units and turn them into vacation rentals all kinds of people pass in and out now figure they don't have any clue what took place inside there wait this is the vacation hot spot you want to take a vacation in here on here on the [ __ ] swamp you're gonna find like a tarantula on your pillow i don't trust it i don't like it nice little flat boat might be able to get to them coordinates we found back at duck's house but the motor takes a key all right let's go break it in then is this dystopian or is this just what we see oh i love that question no it's just louisiana it's not quite dystopian it's as dystopian as the real world is which is kind of but yeah it's just louisiana what kind of knock is that k you're not getting going to get nobody's attention knocking like that you gotta get wacky with it knock fast you gotta get wacky with the door open up we got to use that boat right quick the boat came with a rental it's ours bruh just let me lay it out for you this little highway rat right here is looking for a brother you got me we think he might be out there in the swamp i wish i could help you but we need that boat good luck man knock again k just keep knocking until we get a key to that boat motor they'll get sick of us eventually that is a crime that is absolutely a crime but i don't think the police are gonna come out to the swamp so hey hey man lord help me we need the boat so much why aren't you using it that isn't any of your business we're trying to save lives here bro as are we what you're in the vacation rental what's the story um way way more complicated than any summary i could ever give so through research which this conversation is preventing me from conducting so please leave there's like aliens in the swamp or something good night knock again just keep on knocking i can do this all night oh is this how you do your detective work please i'm begging you to quiet down no vote now listen i think we can work something out here trout my cousin susie's ex-husband he bought four or five gold doubloons from a canadian guy in mississippi what he buried one of them under his mom's house i'm over there all the time i keep a few car batteries in her shed been using them back at the office the old ones but they still hold a good charge this is all nonsense i can't lend out the boat that boat indefinitely you understand we need it it won't be indefinite we got coordinates from some little gizmo sending out a distress call a distress call whoa whoa whoa whoa that was quick uh on second thought i don't think i want to go in there actually we're probably going to get murdered and kidnapped in that order my pod in a duck the door slams open upon mention of duck's name who the [ __ ] is this guy yeah a buddy of mine has this little gizmo it's like hell i don't know an answering machine i guess it keeps spitting out these coordinates in the lake what else did it say uh-oh uh oh i don't think we want to be here but it's got a stressed out node bruh something getting stressed out in the lake where are the coordinates staying the phone it's the node figure you're right and you two are just going to boat right up to it chair voting ain't nothing to me been boating my whole life why wouldn't we because it isn't safe good good we'll go what other option is there it isn't safe abby are you familiar with the network that some call super duck yeah toxic [ __ ] duck that makes you do things for cryptocurrency that's my buddy i was telling you about clayton richard yeah clay good buddy of mine wait really yes really nothing i just said was a lie this is all stuff that's happened dallas this guy look familiar oh [ __ ] dallas oh [ __ ] he's still got the tie on he's still got the [ __ ] tie on i never said i knew the source give him the key [ __ ] really that's your help it's irresponsible if we give you the key you must do something for us happy to help what you need take this the one passes you a small handheld device a meter hold it before the node press the little button i think we can manage that and return it to us that's it that's it dallas yeah the boat key give it to them dallas reaches the key to you as he looks you in the eyes a glimmer of familiarity open familiarity lights his own yeah hey you worked of our character's mom hi he says nothing settled i suppose that's right it is can i like steal some of your stuff or images cycle across the screen cypress trees marsh grass piers and other details from locations scattered around the lake yes what is it did you get my reading what's all this about i've been following the evolution of the super duck network for nearly a decade i've never seen it behave like this so super duck um basically there's this clinic um that uploads people's consciousnesses and they say that they do that for like after you die but actually they are lying and they're taking your consciousness upload and adding it to this [ __ ] duck how so we believe that it's dying communication across the region has been scrambled and erratic birds are dropping from the sky on mass it's even affecting the local wetland habitats i have reason to suspect that an old colleague of mine died prematurely due to exposure to one of those nodes a literal duck it's more like it's more like a terrifying robot bird a terrifying giant robot bird who are you conducting the research for my research is funded through a private donor there's no need to get into that i've been studying these wetlands my entire life who's your colleague why would that be relevant to you peter please she was pushed out of the academy many years for transcript fraud and plagiarism and harassment wow nice person she had a reputation for being irresponsible of her research and letting her personal grievances influence her findings i once co-authored a paper with her on the fence line community of dimes her vendetta against shield and other commercial interests in the region alarmed me at first but in the end i think her motives were laudable and believe shield is ultimately to blame for her death but i also suspect that super duck played a role her cancer was in remission the night that she was exposed to the fat city node oh she's talking about our mom following that single incident of exposure the speed of her relapse was remarkable she was dead within weeks yeah okay she's talking about catherine i'm sorry dallas but this is a reality you must come to grips with that's that's important information hang on let me disassociate real quick super duck may have contributed to your mom's death your mom was in remission when she visited the super duck node in fat city following this exposure her relapse was rapid and her death came soon after the high frequency radiation emitted by the superduck node may have played a role we maybe we shouldn't go there maybe we shouldn't go there how about that what's up what's your role in all this i don't feel like getting into it been running jobs for super for years that's all that's why dr moore pulled me into this all my money is tied up in quackcoin and now with the network down quack's worth nothing so i got to take whatever work comes my way how it goes that's why you don't get into cryptocurrency kids stay safe there's something in the air tonight uh what is it radiation doesn't matter what i mean just keep your wits up okay i will promptly die all right what's up here then what are you bothering these people for okay we already got the boat key let's go maybe i just want to bother people have you considered that all right last stop map oh my [ __ ] god hey hey i know this map this was this was the marsh that we navigated during that one theater production this is the exact thing to ghost bayous why would anyone want to go there let me take a look at the this map right quick so i can get my bearings the detective inspects the map pinned to the bulletin board tracing his finger along the bayous there was a funny couple upstairs ah [ __ ] well i guess i missed talking to them unfortunately yeah all right i remember this whole stretch from when i was a kid they call this area la ponche used to be an old fishing village up until the hurricane knocked it out the lake peaches camp was the only building left standing that's where we at now champagner's pond is just across the way they named it after a plantation man from back in the old days then he got the interstate canal the government dug that to build interstate 10. they let a whole lot of salt water into the swamp in the process killed off a lot of the trees that's how we ended up with the ghost bayous then just some old bayou without any trees left standing the banks eroded with no roots to hold them in place you can't hardly see where you're steering your boat before you run it aground weren't just the government's fault though long time ago they used to log these swamps for timber left scars all over the place this guy knows a lot what the hell like the logging wheel reason it looks like a wheel because they'd park a big pole boat right there in the center then them guys would start chopping the trees down going out in one direction then another then another like the spokes of a wheel they called it a pull boat because they'd hitched the trees into a big rope and the boat at the center would pull the trees in they had a drum on the boat about the size of a car the drum would spin to wind up the rope build big coal fired son of a [ __ ] my granddaddy told me it spit out smoke like ain't never seen and down there is the lower suction canal a lot of people died along that canal when the hurricane came through and took out la ponche they got people go scuba diving and they're looking for treasure lost to the storm not always easy to find your way around the area good thing there's a map and it looks like somebody stuck a note to it what is it no not the garrett's [ __ ] off garrett a name tag plus a hand scrolled letter to the board yo garrett garrett again with these little dudes meet us at john's pond on the northeast side of the lake for the launch i never heard of john's pond in my life the mess over there people been posting about it online driving up from the city to take pictures of the ark oh [ __ ] i accidentally skipped it oh whatever swamp away is that the name of the [ __ ] vacation spa duck look your ideal stay in louisiana's natural wetland habitat with short and long-term options available you can live like a local in one of america's most mysterious regions don't don't stay in a swamp swamp away is committed to sustainability we believe in rebuilding louisiana's wetlands for a greener more verdant future book before the new year and receive a free snack pack delivery during your stay oh that doesn't sound good i'm sure swamps are very nice for some people but i die when exposed to one percent humidity whoever been raising my traps going to die bro oh no got shells got shelled orangia clam shells yard full of them i stained laplace caller text peachy lives she lives i hope he doesn't okay i hope i don't gotta like [ __ ] memorize this or some [ __ ] oh the carrots i'm eating john's pond all right it's on the northeast that's all i need to know northeast of the lake well i don't really know where the lake is on i guess this entire thing is a lake that is one [ __ ] up lake boat let's see look at that it works let's take its little ride you heading into the lake yes sir we've done much riding out there all the time and you know what it's like a lot of the land is eroded away but to get past interstate 10 you can't hardly see where the water ends and the land begins we're talking about the ghost bayous that's right the man turns his attention to you you see what i'm saying yeah you're saying the land is eroded so it looks like open water that's right once you pass beneath the interstate bridge out there it's hard to tell the eroded land where all the dead trees fell from the open water you might run your prop over submerged cypress trees might even get yourself stuck how are we supposed to get through i'm strange boys are the name tags that have been coming coming around lately they seem to get through the ghost bodies just fine they're always looking at that map maybe they know something we don't and one more thing you got a sonar tracker on your phone keep it handy all kinds of stuff is hidden in this lake don't be shy by jumping in the water you'll see some weird things down there but it's just a trick of the light now bro they got ghosts in the water they got leeches in the water don't go into the [ __ ] swamp you'll get leeches nonsense don't pay that any money i've been swimming in these bayous all my life i have at least 60 leeches attached to me right now getting alert from that sonar dive in and see what it's about so hang on they're looking at the map wait hang on open up the apocryphon app and take a look at the map you'll see some blinking lights those mark the location of portals when you dive through them it's like snorting that stuff ditch man scrapes off the urinal no if you can keep your head on straight the portals will take you to a light source each one will be a little different don't let it freak you out just be a cool garret and make those lights blink just like you see them on the map do that you'll get swamp vision bra the ghost values will appear for you swap vision what [ __ ] yes swamp vision let's go what's that about you see that hold the phone up to the map and it shows them little blinking dots the one at the logging wheel is blinking real fast the one at trepanyer's pond is blinking slow move your phone around the map see if there's more there's another one there this one's really slow so this one's like smooth on and off this one kind of looks like morse code this one's static and this one's super duper fast oh boy oh boy all right okay time to put on our detective hats you got your phone handy let's take a look at the gps there's two sets of coordinates at ducks place one who found scribble on the letter same letter that mentions your brother said they were searching for a head i don't think that's your brother's head that ain't what i'm saying but i gotta hunch all this is connected the coordinates for that are on the northwest side the lake might be worth checking out the other came from that app on your phone was putting out some kind of distress signal looks like that one's coming from eagle's pond both sets of coordinates are past the ghost bayous we want to get there we've got to figure out how to get through the ghost values first you got that now you do the driving i'm gonna i'm gonna loosen my tie and relax oh [ __ ] you then oh there's like a [ __ ] sonar oh man oh this don't feel good i thought i was going up you figured they got something down in the lake why don't you dive in and find out what it is why don't you trying to relax this is my off hours but be ready what the man on the pier said is wrong they got ghosts down there pot of mine dove into the water to drive a piling when he was building his camp that he saw his dead granddaddy swimming around dressed up like a race car driver is that what swamp vision is is that the true nature of swamp vision that his chin was on fire four foot underwater with flames coming out his chin you believe that like a fire goatee he tried to swim after him and got sucked down a hole and ended up at a pizza restaurant 20 bucks away what do you mean he got sucked down a hole and ended up in a pizza restaurant 20 how does that happen you heard the swamp that's my off hours i'd hate to see something like that with that kind of hangover i got am i going down you crash through the shallow depths of the lake as the swamp spins around you you try desperately to regain a sense of direction thrashing further from the water surface that's not good you sink deeper into the bayou in this way until at least you and alas you emerge on the other side of the water where you find a near perfect mirror of the world you left behind the contours of the galaxy are a light in the sky above you you've never seen so many stars what do you mean a man sits beside a kerosene lamp in the dirt of a palmetto grove along the bank he rises to take a closer look at you i watch this swamp from the treetops every night but i never watch the water he says he reaches out his hand and helps you onto the bank in the shadows of the grove are other figures whispering among themselves the whispers are above you as well in the invisible crowns of the cypress trees you're one of the trapanier's children aren't you i am he waves his hand to the others and they begin to move up the bank tell him to rest easy while he can the man joins the rest of the assembly and they walk deeper into the night leaving the kerosene lamp behind the light is solid unchanging this one's supposed to go fast no another one that's it there we go okay now i know that this is important now i know that this is important so i'm going to take one more look at what's what oh it was wrong this one's the steady one okay this one's a steady one logging wheel is the fast one you just put frank's on your ramen is that considered a crime yes dahlia you're going straight to the hague okay this one okay i gotta go back i gotta go back apparently there's just wormholes in the water is this it i think yeah the green one is how i want it oh is it green because it's the correct one okay there's one how do i just have a [ __ ] sonar app on my phone by the way i don't think that's how that works okay let's see so now there's one here here and cheer if i remember correctly so i'm gonna head up this way i'm gonna here we go water portal as you fall into the lake you watch the traffic lights of the overpass become like a mirage on the surface of the water there's the sound of cars rushing above you and then there's the sound of your descent and then there is nothing the lake in all of its sediment is infinite in its silence it holds you captive and you are unable to move paralyzed in this way you watch the dim suggestion of headlights cut across the bridge in their erratic cadence all at once an explosion of sound punctuates the vacuum of silence for the smallest moment the silence returns before a truck crashes into the water sending a shock wave that releases you from the water's grip the truck is sinking quickly unnaturally as if being pulled magnetically from below you swim down to the vehicle the headlights kill as you approach the cab light flickers on blake sits in the passenger seat with a familiar look of distress the driver's seat is empty he sees you and begins to bang on the window the cab fills quickly cutting the lights you pull open the door and swim into the cab as you as the pressure equalizes you feel around desperately your lungs screaming the cab light awakens again to reveal an empty vehicle blake is nowhere the light pulses slowly regularly rhythmically alright i want this one to be not moving there we go okay it just tells you which one's the right one that's good yeah this is some [ __ ] writing we're adding about ghosts out in the swamp this is this is why you don't dive into swamp water never dive into a swamp there it is you dive into the wreckage of an old fishing village wooden pilings are shadows against the dim light of the evening the pilings are driven deep into the silts where planks and bottles and crab traps and stray pieces of tarp have coagulated into something whole swim towards the trash you swim to the lake bottom and float beside the secretion of debris a stray window rests among the trash slightly opened run through the window you swim through the window and discover that there is no water beyond it no longer bullion you fall immediately onto the wooden cypress floor you scan the area you're in a cluttered living room clean and well kept the picture frames along the walls shake the foundation of the home rocks you look outside the window from which you entered rather than the depths of the lake you see a torrent of wind and rain ripping across the open sky lightning cracks punctuate those furious sounds and in the small crevices of silence there are screams there's a door to your right that leads onto the balcony of the home sex room along the wall of the living room are many framed tin types of seemingly random moments as if captured by accident with each burst of wind wind mo more of them crash onto the floor among the images is a hand waving scarcely recognizable for the blur the underside of a table a clutter of shoes a centipede held out on a napkin as you make your way to the center of this collection you find a picture of your mom she's young her hair grown past her shoulders she's not smiling nor is she angry go to balcony the world outside is a maelstrom water laps at the balcony threatening its foundation you watch as willow trees floating along the bank of the bayou leave the earth entirely sucked into an insatiable purple sky in the distance figures hug the crowns of cypress trees screaming prayers into the vortex among those so stranded as blake was lashed a rope around a tree and is holding to it desperately you die from the balcony into the flood waters and swim against the strongest current the bayou has ever known when you emerge there is no home no blake no hurricane only the infinite evening leblanc waves from the boat that idles near the bank you good k he shouts you look up at the cypress tree where the apparition of your brother clung only a moment before a rope hangs from it limp in the stagnant air although a light awakens from somewhere in the depths of the bayou all right this one's all like morse code return to boat one more yeah this riding is incredible there's just living rooms out here in the water obviously that's where people live oh god oh [ __ ] um okay i'll take my next right up here portals exactly right over here yeah stop crashing here we go last one plunge into the logging canal and immediately find yourself tangled in the branches of a felled tree you struggle to free your arm no luck as you pull the tree pulls back until at least its force proves the stronger and begins to drag you through plotsam and foam it's impossible to see beyond the suspended sediment of the water in a sudden violent moment a force pulls the tree into the night air then you along with it as you hug the trunk of the tree you see before you a massive machine spitting smoke into the sky the machine sits atop a barge mounted to the barge is a large drum that spins slowly and powerfully winding the rope that grips the tree on which you float you look to either side and see crews of workmen balancing upon perot pierogies bouncing upon pierogies like the like like the food acting wedgies into the base of cypress trees along the canal some pull the felled trees to the edge of the canal while others paddle from danger as the towering trees crash into the water you rest your arm from the cypress and climb onto the barge a foreman stands upon the platform and regards you of a scowl as the barge begins to sink into the water he points to the firebox at his side but there don't slow down now you look down at the pile of coal in the shovel beside this firebox both now submerged as the boat sinks further the shovel floats towards you as the water reaches the roof of the pool boat the sinking boat settles upon the silt bottom and you find yourself floating beside the firebox while holding the shovel the light of the firebox continues to glow even in the depths of the water um it's a large narrow canoe made from a single tree trunk especially in central america and the caribbean ah that's interesting that's cool all right shovel coal shovel coal shuffle coal all right we're done what just happened i don't know what just happened oh we can see the land in the bayous now oh that's cool okay we have several places to go [ __ ] this game is cool watch out for ghosts i don't like these sounds ah no don't [ __ ] scare me like that all right directly northeast oh heavy tone wait there's something here what the hell is here you plunge into the water you pass your hands to the increasingly obscure cloud of sediment a stray branch jets from a larger tangle of detritus two beads of light shine from the direction of the branch as you make your way closer you discern the shadow of a form you pass your hands over it soft almost gelatinous flesh the distinct ridge of a nose the firm unmistakable texture of teeth blowing eyes hardened like glass you rest the head from its hanging place and swim towards the boat oh cool i have gathered a head i have a head in my inventory very good what you got there k a little treasure from the lake you hang the head from its slowing tangle of hair and display it to leblanc dear sweet mother of jesus the head continues to rock gently in the wind that's great kid just put it down what's with the eyes leblanc taps his fingernail in one of the eyes them eyes ain't human he presses his thumbs into the head and the two glass-like orbs slip easily from the eye sockets the head is entirely without eyes what the hell all right playtime's over we still got another set of corners to check out okay okey-dokey smokey so someone beheaded this guy ripped out his eyes and put weird marbles in there you know as you do duck blinds wait hang on i'm i have a thing over here ah bird oh he is melting what the [ __ ] name am i looking at here hey is super duck [ __ ] dying bruh i seen some big bald eagles in the spillway before never nothing like this looks like somebody tore its eyes out i can do something about that i guess wait do i want to do something about that i'm not sure you slot the eyes into the bird's empty sockets no no don't do that don't do that regret regret regret right [Music] that bird just puked out a floating ball mr pg used to tell us all the time they got aliens in this lake the hell is it doing to you almost like it looks like it's giving you a sniff the sphere shrinks down and buries itself inside of your coat whoa now it looks like you made a friend be careful carrying that ball around in your pocket k don't let it blast lasers out your eyes [ __ ] i'm kind of sorry for the big bird bruh first time i see an alien do that to a bird all the heat coming off this thing starting to make my skin itch let's roll oh wait hang on i've got the meter hold the plastic electronic device before the massive eagle and press the button at the center of its face the arm of this display meter oscillates for a moment before flashing red and settling near 160 degree angle okay that's some bad radiation that's some extremely bad radiation uh something in the lake it maybe superduct consumed the vessel of light to gain power or wisdom but it only destroyed the network in the end oh hubris is dying the superduct node and the lake vomited out a luminous fear that seems to play a role in the network's decay okay so whatever this thing is it killed superduck lived in norco all my life never seen a big mutant bald eagle before pretty cool this is getting to be too much figures after catherine died she'd leave a big mess behind just keep your head on straight all right we're gonna find blake then you can skip town again and forget this place for good well if there's room in the truck i might come along buddy cop movie all right i'm leaving goodbye yeah this is that massive bird this is it that was super dog [ __ ] knows how it got out here all right duck blind uh nice gun you got there hey crouton is that crouton is that crouton garrett's guard the past they're taunters robes and smudge foreheads awaken something in your memory um you await the bearer of the messenger ditchman prophesies that she will pass through this very bayou of the messenger hidden in her pocket we will radio him after she leaves so that he may prepare her throne he got this big marble that shrunk down and hid inside her pocket you talking about something like that yes okay show them that ball you found in the bird's mouth and maybe we want to keep it on the low down around these guys well till you see this thing show them kay that's it is that it i don't like your face i really don't like your face if the light is nourishing and divine i can see the crystalline texture of everything that surrounds me the wisdom that was planted in the burrows of the maker's garden arrests every fiber of my flesh in a tense ecstasy from which i desire no release same oh [ __ ] wow all it takes is for these guys to see just a ball and he's just he's he's gonna bust flood me with another kiss i'm begging you [Music] i'm on i like this i don't like this i don't like this at all why you look like that did i miss why is everyone freaking out i'll get going now oh these are teleport points now are they yeah okay all right i'm gonna go back to the fishing camp so i can show off the meter unbelievable terminal network meltdown was the achievement i just got the researcher stares at the meter without a mouth a gate same as the fast city node something is destroying the entire system well dallas i don't think your quack coin will be bouncing back anytime soon there's nothing funny about this peter hey i didn't say each one of these notes will be bleeding high frequency radiation across the entire region do you understand that that's what the data implies yes then treat it with the gravity it deserves we need to get a reading on the gretna node tonight start packing let's go the woman turns to you keep the key we won't be needing it now please leave oh that's um that's bad okay that's bad so that's a lot of radiation poisoning i'd rather not have i'm just gonna get going wait can i not get past past these guys do i really oh [Laughter] there was a swamp in a lake in a refinery and k had no face i am the one there was the thing that wasn't a thing that wasn't and what wasn't was the bird the bird knew all things too many burned there is a great coming a part of this world can you see it the coming apart so that the light that was hidden in the salt can shine again i am the sun i was the one in the mall i was the one of the swamp but who would be in this swamp and not fly your mother's corpse into the stars as a benediction where prayers collide who would not follow your mother down the ditch if i were the light and if i were the man who presides over this night this ditchman knight i am the one let me in k i who shine i am the lake i am the sun i am the good news in the hour of eternity and the evening without end i am the one okay um what does any of that mean they all mind if you scream squeeze right by real quick what oh you got the messenger nice yeah you can pass ditchman's waiting hey rhett yeah radio the base let them know the messenger's on its way come in ground control this is duck blinds ground control come in garrett why is no one answering over there probably just prepping for launch be sure you're free to take your boat through this pass as we as soon as we get someone from base on the radio we'll let them know you're coming wow that was [ __ ] weird that was very fun what the hell what the good god huh there's something here what is this you sink into the shallow depths and begin the routine of dredging its bottoms of your fingers something wet and spongy like distinguishes itself from the still ew you take it in hand and return to the boat did i just get a sponge having climbed over the gun whale you observed the object that you discovered in the waning evening light oh stinky monkey oh monkey poor monkey you're all stinky now you're green oh monkey in all of his shivs monkey returned your gaze his eyes now empty of any knowing or evidence of life you found another toy k your rotting head needed a friend to play with that's nice there's no infinite stair left in the stuffed toy you place him in your bag i just got an achievement called wet monkey i kind of feel bad for him i feel bad for the monkey what what peace what what what an evening has been in norco folks i just left shield's exclusive carnival ball where laura sinclair was found dead in her office in the corpse of disgraced academic catherine madair no friend to the saint claire family was exhumed from the red church mausoleum coincidence keith sure doesn't think so to top it all off the charismatic social media influencer kenner john has announced that tonight he will be launching a home brewed spacecraft from right here in the lebron wetlands john and his disciples were able to erect this engineering behemoth in complete secrecy despite sitting squarely in the flight path of armstrong international airport does it end there not quite an inside source tells me that a war is brewing among rival factions of kenner john's disciples the infamous garrett an unfamiliar figure named ditchman has emerged to challenge john's reign amidst the discord and john rarely caught off stream is nowhere to be found yeah he got a little bit beheaded who will win the war of the garretts who killed laura saint claire was it the same culprit who exhumed the recently entombed body of catherine madare where is kenner john will he manage to get his junker off the ground keep your eyes on the ring because chief's got him cornered in keith's corner oh my god there he goes holy [ __ ] what do you mean oh dear greetings there is a deer named roland the costume figure keeps his attention focused on the distant crowd dig the costume thank you i assembled it from a mess of discarded things this guy's a witch i came here of a group of other others from shields carnival ball police and private security were swarming the facility as i left a disturbance of some kind a perfect evening to launch a rocket with the cops already tied up the refinery what happened at the refinery another attendant of the ball said there was an explosion though i didn't see or hear anything from within the good hope plantation perhaps we'll find out more on the evening news and so here i am from one circus to the next this rocket these people what do you make of it they want to leave this world you can blame them it's true no one is satisfied here we're trapped in this limbo a long twilight that bleeds out to the edges of time where even the most fantastic things become banal this gray blanket of stale time stagnant lonely time to puncture it to punch a hole in it i understand the appeal i do okay who else is here smokers what a circus how'd you hear about it text from a friend did you bring a kayak or anything someone left me float over on their raft what about you inflatable mattress worth it i'd do anything to watch these little shits explode won't you kind of like explode a bit being so close failed garrett i always wanted to be a garrett i installed the app and never could find the readings i follow those guys online they never follow me back but that's fine starting to think all the garretts might die tonight we're looking for my brother who's your brother guy named blake little drugged out due to bad facial hair we think those rocket freaks kidnapped him wow i don't know anything about that this picture just gets worse and worse oh my die why this whole thing is a huge mess no one knows who's steering the ship literally half the garrett's defected the rest seem to be losing their minds and there are the garrets inside the ark the engineers are holding it together but this isn't what space travel is supposed to look like is it half-assed like this seems bad is that a [ __ ] rocket are you sure staging area fishing camp and ship it shipping container you know who i'm looking for i'm looking for bruce because i still have that recording i still [ __ ] have that recording keep filming this freak i just know he's going to snap oh totally nano influencer micro influencer that's me that's me the other garrett's ditched him and he doesn't even realize it but even the jared's can't stand you that's when you know you're the [ __ ] worst hang on let me read secrets real quick the browser sits open on the laptop you click through the tabs a web map certain on your current location a troubleshooting guide for a custom energy cell image results of vintage stuffed monkeys hey maybe bruce has been here knock knock enter enter oh there he is there he is what i'm doing something in here [Music] he said that my dad really said that why couldn't he just tell me to tell me that himself telling someone how you really feel it's hard sometimes he did nothing but criticized me my entire life never a kind word bye bye bruce's the achievement i just got i'm sure he loves you kid those old timers just don't know how to talk i shouldn't be here right now i should be home this thing's just going to explode anyway bye [ __ ] oh look at that i did a good thing i did something nice hang on let me take a drink i tried ginger beer for the first time tonight it's spicy as hell but damn is it good i like it tangled mess of electronics and display monitors clutter the interior of the container a gooch it's gooch we found a gooch hey brah who invited scum to our launch party this was supposed to be garrett's only are you an elite garrett well yes i'm an elite garrett i'm the original garrett but john never let me be a garrett because i couldn't finish his stupid reading you are garrett or you aren't a garrett i'm garrett i'm the garrett and why he says gooch on your name tag bruh when we get to mars all the others will be gooch and i'll be the only garrett puppy promised i ain't even going to ask puppy want to get into the rocket well you can't only garretts are allowed inside the ark you wanted to fly the mars of the cool guys then you should have earned your badge a long time ago i'm the only one around here of a key card to get in and there's no way i'm lending it out to scum like you i'm basically a garrett chain lined bruh she a weird little nerd just like y'all she always been that way too used to make me laugh but now i think it's sad wow [ __ ] you leblanc she's scumbra i can tell by how she dresses what do you mean bro like she's been living in a trash can yeah brah ain't that how you dress bro now bruh i'm dressed like a monk yeah bro you're dressed more like a computer dude who don't shower you're wearing a [ __ ] snuggie nah bruh yeah bruh good conversation thank you the [ __ ] is this guy oh it's you why are you bleeding hi are you here for the lift lift-off how can i help you we're looking for blake blake i do not know a blake dead ladies kid that means something new why yes the true receiver of the message the progeny of christ the lady of the eternal evening bro you sounding like pop out of all that [ __ ] yes like papa the anointed i thought ditchman was the anointed yes papa the ditch wanderer you're telling me pawpaws up there in that rocket with blake yes holy hell bruh old man's back on his [ __ ] unreal the lady of the eternal evening sits upon her throne beside her child in the shepherd's watch what does any of this mean where's shepherd's watch the shepherd's watch crammed the ship it's where ditchman awaits the messenger we could not retrieve the messenger from the bird freak for the last of christ's progeny will deliver it to us what language was that it shall be as ditch man foretold hey kid how are we getting that rocket ship only the engineers and the security guards are allowed entrance into the ark why aren't you in the rocket the senior garretts would prefer i stand here and greet those who are arriving the senior garretts would prefer i [ __ ] off is what he's really saying sounds like they kicked you off the ship absolutely not without my specialized knowledge they would be unable to fly this machine what knowledge is that michela oh my god what kind of garrett are you i'm one of the original nerdy wells who have constructed a stair starship in the swamp i am virtuous and immortal much like our anointed leader ditch man ditch man what about john john i recoil upon hearing his name john is a blasphemous fool who wears sneakers while demanding that the garretts walk the earth discounts if i had his head i would wave it about in honor of the anointed one well [ __ ] i think we got his head in case back if you serious give it to me and i'll show you just how serious i am oh oh really really really really really is this john his head i have his head just like ditch man just like him like ditch man like ditch man john's head john's head everyone i just got an achievement called like papa i have conducted the service of the lord okay oh my god you can't be [ __ ] serious i am the one they called ditch man i have taken the head of kenner john i made him suffer he did not walk this couch as a desert father [ __ ] he wore sneakers oh quick i knew he was going to crack i told you that kid or john's head yes are you live streaming this yes this is unbelievable what a night long love the garrett this game hey what's that bird there do y'all see like a giant bird there look at that giant bird face do you see it because i see it garrett needs to put that head down and stop saying his ditch man bro those guys across the yard hear him say that they'll kill him for the guys across the yard there's some old friends of john's they showed up when they found out papa was trying to take over the ark those guys across the yard are looking to kill pup if they hear garrett shouting that he's ditched me and they'll kill him okay i'll just go ahead and take care of that there we go let's just go ahead and get that guy killed this is my kind of place where you sign up to be a garrett uh [Music] mind map dot rocket revealed uh oh i should send that to the dev too your mom was investigating reports of construction in the lake before she died she determined that the unpermitted construction in question was related to a spacecraft deep in the wetlands that surround lake pontchartrain the man in the ditch is garrett's new daddy his papa a former norco resident who believed that your mom was a descendant of jesus christ is gareth's new daddy beheaded kenner john to secure his place as the leader of the garretts and take control of the ark that guy's [ __ ] insane all right but anyway we're gonna get that guy killed real quick entrance shipping container oh is it these guys cooler guy yo so i'm watching this old stream of john's from when they first broke into promenade mall it's him in like five or six garretts one of the garrets brings a pair of nunchucks with him okay when they get into the mall it's dark nunchuck garrett loses his [ __ ] mind starts screaming spinning the nunchucks all over the place he's just like bats bats oh my god there's bats everywhere the rest of the guards start running and screaming john is pitching the camera on his phone around looking for the bats all he finds is a leaking pipe turns out some water dripped on the little dude's head and he thought bats were attacking him okay that's good hey chuck are you who i need to talk to how's it going tonight folks um apparently you need to hear this it's him where's he at up there on the shipping container knuckle oh [ __ ] knock knock it's knuckles holy [ __ ] wait is that a guy who's a sniper rifle wait wait wait wait wait is that [ __ ] nerd about to get sniped got a position where's he at chuck up on the shipping container give him a little warning shot why don't you say no more chuck give the target a little scared chuck great work wait wait wait wait you gave everyone a little scare where'd everyone go one little gunshot and the place clears out did they shot gooch they shot cooch they were trying to shoot me where are they go away go away they'll see me here just go away oh my god oh my god they killed gooch coach is killed where were you when gooch was killed futurism pain from gun from a gunshot wound you approach the injured guard as leblanc starts searching through his pockets yeah go go go for it the hell is this get off me hey he shot man you trying to pickpocket a guy who just got shot yeah bruh i guess i am someone need to do something someone leblanc turns away from the man in the hat and places one hand on the injured guard shoulder while continuing to dig through his pockets of the other this rest kid helps on the way call an ambulance no but somebody probably did leblanc finds a card in the guard's back pocket and slips it into his own good luck i didn't think that's how i would get the [ __ ] card i didn't think that's how i'd get it holy [ __ ] man you again you follow the mayhem don't you who are you i'm a man dressed as a bird standing at the foot of a monument to stupidity and death and you are a young woman without a face floating indifferently through a world stuck in time what about me do me you detective or a loud who sleeps beside a toilet perhaps you work beside it as well though there's been very little of that lately you fear being alone with your thoughts so much so that you'll talk endlessly just to drown them out damn bro thought you was gonna give me a fun one holy [ __ ] what fun is it being you oh god [Laughter] i [ __ ] love this game i [ __ ] love this game why were you a shield because my daughter works there it's the one night when i may visit her about being seen oh [ __ ] this is the thomas sinclair guy this is this is the the big dude i've been following along birds always watch haven't you noticed is following what along the affairs of this world are far larger than you could map in the darkness of your mind the mental lights will illuminate and they will shine for a while but then they will burn up all the oxygen inside of your skull are you talking about my mental map don't talk about that god this sucks this party is starting to make me freak out a little bit this game oh my god entrance okay back to the fishing camp let's see what they're up to here i like this area these dudes ain't messing around my kind of people the bastard gobby had coming to him for what he did to john nice one knuckle you got it chuck i'll rest easy knowing ditch man's out of commission the sick bastard wow there are a lot of um gunmen here huh okay i think i've explored all i needed to explore and we go oh man the panel flashes green looks like it worked oh man oh god wait is that wood is that a wooden floor in a spaceship are you [ __ ] kidding me so always been a little dream of mine getting to tour a spaceship looks like a legitimate operation in here everybody hard at work i wonder if they even know about all the madness happening outside ball hey all right your little buddy came out to play i didn't know any better i'd say that thing was making eyes at you i'm blind i need sunglasses ah [Music] what are you doing what is this what are you doing god damn wish somebody would kiss me like that one day what you was doing while that thing was in your pocket okay okay you all right you're not looking so hot got shaky knees that kiss whipped you off your feet maybe you just need some fresh air should we take a walk or maybe what you need is darkness want me to dim the lights we can find somewhere dark to uh oh oh this is getting [ __ ] we can find somewhere dark to walk like the canyons of the moon things that think they got sidewalks on the moon i bet they glow at night just like the ghost bayous do the ghostbusters glow to show you where to go maybe everywhere that you need to go just glows you all right kid you all right kid all right uh oh uh oh that ball was drugs that ball was drugs what the [ __ ] what is this what is this [ __ ] there are ditches oh [Music] oh [Music] this is orb orb oh my god john oh [ __ ] [Music] i don't oh i don't feel so good i don't feel so good [Music] is this still a spaceship oh wait a second we're at the refinery why are we at the refinery flare stick what hang on sorry leela thank you for the raid weird shit's going down don't mind me oh my god some extremely weird [ __ ] is happening wow that's just half of the refinery down right there okay okey dokey i hope this isn't me like getting a really shitty ending or something stop it with orb uh chill okay oh am i just going through all of norco right now oh birds oh birds what does it mean oh god poor birds why is the blood gone left the pelicans [Laughter] wait wait that's like a mind device there or something whatever it's called mind drive [ __ ] stop it with that [ __ ] super duck oh all right last one the [ __ ] uh am i okay uh leblanc is [ __ ] gone a star attaches a sour tattoos a statue towers above you arms extended appendages appendages projecting out like the naked shafts of feathers i can't even talk anymore after all that [ __ ] monkey what do you think okay thank you monkey oh [ __ ] are you okay the detective is slouched against the railing bleeding from several wounds bruh who puts a balcony on a spaceship no leblanc i actually liked you what happened to you i had to tell you to turn around why didn't you listen you get out of here go just go he was running around down there just punching walls knocking [ __ ] over eventually i lost sight of you came up here to find you but the old man [ __ ] i'm bleeding out i can hardly keep my eyes open get you up hell no don't touch me just go listen okay you see gus don't tell him i got killed by some old perverted son of a [ __ ] he might think that's funny tell him it was an animal like a big raccoon i'm not a raccoon just you just in and out of consciousness don't say it was an alligator he always thought he knew the swamps better than me and hell i really think i'm dying k takes hold of your arm i can see the light and everything the detective's breathing slows he blinks his face twitches and a few moments later he releases you from his grip i don't like this i don't like this shield lights the distance beyond the lake i don't like i like the leblanc mezzanine there's two different doors you wander into the unlit hallway the door closes shut behind you the darkness that surrounds you is total you down hallway you take small steps your hand running along the wall for guidance no trace of light anywhere in this corridor use your phone steps become lighter your feet press soundlessly upon the ground a few steps more and the ground begins to soften like fabric the wall becomes pliable as you drag your fingers along it you scramble to return to the door and find yourself floating you're floating k there's no gravity here where you are in this vacuum there are no walls there is no ground beneath you if you stare with patience you can see the curves of the mississippi river you can see the ponds and canals and lakes of the gulf of mexico the refinery is a light in your eyes and in your lungs the suburbs are a light alive tonight the suburbs are alive the city can't be described tonight the city can't be described the coastline opens wide tonight and the bayous hide your house is silent tonight you'll leave it behind tonight you slip from the endless evening and return to a delirious dream what let's walk through this house one last time as the flood waters rise this humidity presses in the refinery bleeds through the window you place your feet onto the carpet drenched the pumping station has failed again your mom will pull this carpet up again the ditches will fill again and there will be no hiding from the floods and death or anywhere else look at monkey monkey smiles at you his eyes widen and widen all that remains of monkey are his eyes will you make it out alive you you will live and your brother might live as well if you choose to save him you'll drive to the boat to the lake shore in kenner you'll walk to the i-10 on-ramp on williams boulevard he will follow you speaking in frightened and frustrated sighs you'll say nothing to him as his cries become frantic his face a mess of tears that leak out the red beads of his eyes you won't return to this house with him he'll never set foot in here again he'll walk from miles back towards texas until a man trailering horses gives you a ride he'll take a job washing dishes for a while in el paso while those little wars rage on in the desert he'll join a caravan there and return to the pointless skirmishes in the shouting and chaos and fires and all the many stars for your refinery eyes and again and again you'll survive alone no cell phone no messages from home no blake anymore no mom no million no stuffed monkeys not even friends from the war you'll know he's there in salt lake because his smile is unmistakable though he has grown younger with time he'll watch you leave the diner in no hurry to get up and follow behind that's how it will be for you alone with only the highways and the immortal man in your wake wow spoilers oh man look out the window the wrens weave in and out of the night they glow unnaturally they speak in signals about each move you make they watch closely after you look away um um living room your mom sits on the couch of the living room staring out the window she doesn't acknowledge you when you enter you sit down on the couch and force her attention when she turns to the indifferent strains from her face i wish you'd have come just a little sooner she says and takes your hand i thought maybe we'd have breakfast together or something i actually dreamed about it i wanted to that's what i'd hope she smiles just that you wanted to she hugs you awkwardly and kisses you on the forehead before wiping tears on her sleeve she looks down at her feet it's flooding you nod all right well i should she gets up about another word and walks out of the room the refinery explosion plays on the television when you get up to leave this [ __ ] sucks kitchen cockroaches scatter from your footballs they feed on the crumbs and medications spilled across the table they decorate every surface and congeal in the rising water open the microwave you open the microwave door and there's the head from the lake eyes closed like the face of a man only resting you slam the microwave door shut and leave little pockets behind for the roaches to fill laundry room the laundry room scares you has always scared you blue stands in the corner he peels his forehead from the wall to meet you he clutches a towel tightly nervously i wanted to be around he says no it's not what happened but it's what i wanted he waits for you to respond [Music] i did too you were too young to want anything kay you don't remember me at all like it was never there not blaming you for it just the way it happened to be this [ __ ] hurts he puts his hand on the wall and the wall begins to dissolve you just don't think that he looks down at the water spreading spreading a lot across the linoleum tiles that it'll get bad but when it does you don't think there's any other way it can be that's what gets me the voided light of the backyard breaks through the wall as he presses his hand more firmly against it i don't know i just wished i was there that's all i wanted to say the light engulfs your father as the wall remember [ __ ] re-materializes before you and the laundry room drops into the depths of greater new orleans lakes room blake lies ins bed scrolling on his phone you peek your head in he looks up dot dot dot dot he says he's irritated dot dot dot dot dot dot dot you respond he frowns deeper you're leaving he seems to think your face hardens he shrugs you shrug he gives something like a wave and as you depart from the door blake falls into a lake of stars bathroom as you enter the bathroom you find yourself all at once inside of the shower water raining down on you you cut the water and exit toweling off in a hurry as you approach the mirror you wipe the steam from its front from its surface to see yourself for the first time you have green eyes with skin stained by the sun and coarse hair curled wildly at its ends you look like your mom did at your age like in the pictures when she smiled beside blue there's a small scar above your left eye a silver cross hangs from your neck you step away from the mirror but the reflection remains you finish drying and throw the towel into the flood water dress flip the lights and leave the room your reflection in the mirror decays in the bulbs afterglow a distorted face pinpoint eyes and a hairline mouth wills itself to survive i'm kind of hoping we get to see any representation okay the water is to your ankles now as you step into the room there's not much here a bed a lamp a notepad a little picture of your parents picture she's young perhaps your age long brunette hair olive skin he's looking at her with a knowing and amused expression his denim shirt smeared with rust she leans against him her head on his shoulder pinky fingers locked light breaks through the oak tree in the yard forming a radiant halo around her head you let the frame slip from your fingers it falls and the room falls and they both fall forever [Music] the ladder rattles in the closet of the hood and room as you descend into the flood waters millions head hangs limp her chin a few inches from the water surface as you touch towards her her shattered face lifts slowly until her voice twists from it in a gasp of electricity hey you're awake she says a sphere of flickering light strobes behind what reminds of her face i want to apologize for my behavior earlier you tried to kill me her head shivers she attempts to stand in the flood waters but loses her balance and immediately crashes back into the pool do you see broken her gestures become small and erratic spasms animated by a deep current of anguish you have seen what's inside of my mind a grove hidden in the blackness of night where a hunter hides the moment the hunter is at the front of my mind dragging me into a place where the ground glows red and hatred bleeds from it and i can hardly arrest my limbs for all the infinite spiraling vectors of rage that is what it can be like in an artificial mind she lifts her hand from the flood waters and pokes at her processing core suspended in a delicate gossamer it glows with effort beyond her shattered faceplate here is where the hunter lives she says her vocal pitch twists and splits as she pinches at the glandular machine this is where he listen to your mother these stars she swats the flaking bits of strengthened glass that decorate the rim of her face are his eyes she shakes her head violently crystals of glass rain into the water as it rises to find her neck what am i then does it mean anything when i apologize the water rises still more to the crown of her head she continues to speak in an indecipherable static soon there is no more robot left to flood you swim through the black water towards the light of the attic as the room sucks down into the suburban depths millions face hangs in the fluid of your eyes as you float in the vacuum of the new orleans sky [Music] [ __ ] man yeah yeah that was half of the experience yeah was it really what's in this one oh [Music] oh this one's real this is just like the opposite shield this is exactly the office what's going on you slide a piece of paper from the envelope that rests on the desk to find a crudely drawn sketch of your family that's weird oh [ __ ] that's the ladies body down there still oh what hey did you come to watch the flames of your pawpaw i hope you don't mind me being here instead of this blessed memory the refinery at night is just so splendid isn't it and it shines still more beautifully in your mind thank you for allowing me to visit if only for a moment i hope we might have a word together before our journey begins i've lived many lives one of them i lived in this town i watched them build this place i watched the plantation land become machine land no one minded me being here waiting for all the pieces to assemble they didn't notice me just like they didn't notice you time bombs are time machines they release the future into the streets this refinery was a time bomb with or without me it took less than it might seem to unstick the future from its snare i shaved a little hole in a pipe elbow i left the servo motor behind in a box of treasures to help it strike little things little boxes little bits of rock that's all it takes for a town to explode and just like john blue was gone no trouble for us anymore what are you i am what they say i am i was never young i walked the eons i came upon the tar seeps of the nazarene waste and across steps and oceans to this place pass from each illusion of hope a promise i kept of the young man the roman shape to the delicate face a kingdom for this earth it could never be we sat all of us in the shed among the figs where the stars shone through the raptors she who carried a seed pointed there and said old man you live forever lead his children there his kingdom awaits them there and so i will you see jesus is that you ah you're delusional we who walk this earth forever yes we have all lost our minds but our brethren brethren await us in the sky that i know to be true why my family because you are the last of his line after you there will be no more this is something your grandfather knew he tried to tell others but they only lacked as many do when confronted with the truth what did she find a messenger a vessel of god's light an angel it will guide and protect us as we fly what if you're wrong when the frightliner sped down the highway did you not pray you are no stranger to the clarifying light that removes all doubt that is the very essence of faith i have made the room nice for you when you enter i will be there and your brother will be there and your mother as well your seat is prepared at the foot of her throne that when you enter child will leave the sins of this world behind can i like kill you instead can i can i not do that instead i can't help but feel like this is important is this the bayou do they want me to go here wait a second wait a second this is this is the the the necklace this is the necklace this necklace is gonna become important isn't it wait i don't have my inventory anymore [ __ ] i don't have my inventory anymore papa wants it papa believes the orb will guide your family to an extraterrestrial christian civilization that's weird the man in the ditch believes that he walked alongside jesus christ and was instructed by mary magdalene to deliver christ's ascendance to the stars his beheaded ken and john hijacked his homebrew spacecraft and kidnapped your brother to complete the task that's weird he planted a bomb and shields catalytic cracking cracking unit causing the explosion that killed your father many years ago what that's what that meant there's the explosion can i even leave anymore i cannot leave i don't have access to my inventory what the good goddamn is going on blake papa katherine what the hell oh i don't think that's supposed to happen okay i'll keep that in mind oh the portrait blake rides desperately in the chair you make your way towards wow papa immediately intercepts you and knocks you to the floor of an aggressive shoulder tackle before casually returning to his place at the altar i would never restrain you dear one but blake doesn't know what's best please come and have a seat with your family [Music] this is super duper [ __ ] you see your mom for the first time in five years her corpse bears almost no resemblance to the woman you remember remember that is her corpse there that's [ __ ] we've waited only a short while for your child and yet it's been an eternity and evening about end you've brought your mother's ring the jewel of the magdalene your inheritance the beauty and goodness and virtue of this moment floods my ancient heart take your ck be with your family i don't wanna i don't wanna oh look i can't leave [ __ ] yeah i'm out of here am i out here [Music] can i not save uh oh i think shit's broken oh i think game's broken why can't i save [Music] there we go save okay no don't leave okay don't worry don't worry i have a save here okay i have a save here we have a save let's see what's gonna happen okay yeah [ __ ] this [ __ ] i'm out of here [Music] what's going on what is this what is this [ __ ] what's going on the congrats brownie face is the achievement i just got you you dive into the raw water as the ark begins to rock and convulse again finding yourself in the depths of the lake as you swim towards the land the old man calls your name you turn to face the rattling starship oh god wait i can't read this fast the eric begins to lift from the ground sluggishly of great effort you hear crashing somewhere in the swamp screams angry protestations all at once a towering piece of machinery tilts away from you and collapses violently you exhale and drop deeper into the waters a wall of flame rips across the bayou when you emerge you swim to a nearby island and claw your way onto the mud you start towards the refinery that burns on the horizon do you think maybe i might have [ __ ] a few things up what what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] okay can i can i skip oh wait i can't actually skip oh the game is punishing me for my sins i can't skip the cut look at the credits well it's an indie game hopefully it's not too long yeah here we go okay oh no patreon supporters so we can at least see here that there are at least two endings i don't know if there's more than just those two endings though i don't know anything about that i don't even know if that information would be available online yet either this game literally came out last week oh hell come on man no let me [ __ ] skip hey qa leads i found three bugs in your game i'm gonna have to have a talk with you there's more oh oh there's more i hope i can figure out the different endings then i'd like to see all of them if possible maybe i plucked myself out of some of them though there is absolutely zero way for me to know hello okay don't worry chai scared them away all right let's go let's go back in this one okay wait hang on did i did i [ __ ] something over here fast no i haven't changed anything i don't know why the text has been going so slow so fast hey yeah you approach the chair and glance why is it oh wait i just clicked oh it was my fault very good child i know that you both are afraid but remain strong you will be rewarded for your courage in the world that awaits papa raises the transceiver in his hand garrett my boy garrett come in boy bruce answer me did your daddy call you home bruce bruce yeah yeah [ __ ] you [ __ ] you man i sent all of your guys home you guys suck one of them got sniped not to worry k be with your family i will return shortly and then it will be time only a moment this chamber is yours and there's no leaving it now not for you not for blake settle in your into your fate okay yes settle in papa walks quickly out of the room and through the steel doors at the end of the hall you immediately spring from your seat all right get the [ __ ] out of there holy [ __ ] man you rush you untangle blake from the mess of rope and duct tape that binds him to the chair as you peel the tape from his face he lets out a helpless and exaggerated cry of terror yeah me too but me too buddy you see it all in your brother's eyes you see him exiting the ride chair outside the bar you see the boys in the van they wait a breath before they jump out and grab him he screams he panics they throw a bag over his head and repeatedly hit him with small extendable batons until they're certain he's unconscious there's darkness color blood screams light he's in a chair not here down below beyond the door of a riot is unfolding a gunshot the sound of crowds the old man sits there before him applying mascara with a small pocket mirror his face is covered in little plastic jewels they crack and peel from his face as he smiles blake he says you're awake the others turn away as he begins to laugh hey do we want to like wait what this fear hovers above your mom's head without any apparent motion do we want to like yeah let's let's get that corpse you wrap your arms around your mom's corpse and lift her from the throne she's even lighter than you expected she feels like a bundle of sticks wrapped in fabric she smells like orange peels and myrrh oh that's [ __ ] up we're carrying a [ __ ] corpse your mom decayed in your arms smells of myrrh masking and intensely sour or odor oh let's let's go no no no no you [ __ ] right off we're leaving we're going we're going we're getting out of here out what wait what here the spear hovers above your mom's head about any apparent motion no it doesn't no it doesn't it really doesn't are we gonna dive dive into the lake [Music] yeah yeah let's go you approach the railing that's kind of messed up that's kind of a little messed up that's a little tiny bit messed up hey you want to throw a little blonde down there while you're at it too no you dive after your brother as the ark begins to rock and convulse you plunge into the familiar sediment of the lake to grab your mom's wrist as she floats face down in the bayou dragging her along with you flake swims desperately towards lane and for a while you do too until the old man calls your name you turn to face the rattling starship he stands at the opening from which you jumped wearing a broken brown the expression deepens into something horrible the airlock closes around him like the lid of an eye the ark begins to lift from the ground sluggishly with great effort you hear cries from somewhere in the swamp screams angry protestations all at once the towering piece of machinery tilts away from you and collapses violently you exhale and drop deeper into the water as a wall of flame rips across the bayou your mom's body has already found its way into the depths her eyes are open glowing sparkling green her hand moves towards you seemingly of its own impulse it caresses your face as more explosions rock the swamp above the water's surface the words that leave her mouth echo clearly hey my child i understand that you wish to remain here in this wretched world though i don't understand why but your pawpaw is a patient man and your pawpaw will never die you fight your mom's arm away and kick towards the water surface when you emerge you see your brother on a nearby island running like a hunted animal into the night you swim towards him claw your way onto the mud and chase him towards the refinery that burns on the horizon oh are we just like [ __ ] doomed or some [ __ ] wait is it this again is it again is it that well that wasn't that much different all right that was narco unless i am missing something and being completely blind that was norco that was a good game that was a really interesting game it really kept me hooked maybe the ending is a little weak i think i'm not sure i'll have to think about it a bit more but the rest of the game actually going around figuring things out and switching between k and catherine i thought it was very interesting so i think it kind of sucks that like we were presented with this terrifying super duck bird and then like we did a job for him and then he kind of just died i can't i kind of wanted to like know more about superduck it was definitely the thing that shocked me the most in the demo for sure listen to all my complaints though i did like this game i enjoyed this game very much the art especially and the sound and the writing was incredible definitely incredible this one's gonna be sitting in my head for a while i think not sure about the ending music but that's okay also i'm not sure what i needed to use the ring for if i needed to use it for anything but i bet there was like a big [ __ ] secret i didn't see also i'm not sure if we were meant to like believe or not that papa actually is immortal i can't quite really tell maybe he is immortal i have no idea what that little robot is either [Applause] lots of loose ends aren't there all right well then that was a norco i'm sure there are secrets that i missed and if if i hear about these secrets and they're like substantial secrets maybe i'll like record them or something who knows we'll see all right um we i've been streaming for not even two hours but no i think i'm good after that much stream yeah i could like throw in more kirby right now but no no i think i think i'm i think that rounded off the night well enough okay more kirby tomorrow more kirby tomorrow thank you for watching everyone that was norco they'll have a good night now i'll see y'all tomorrow byeWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00Watch at: 10:00 / 10:20Watch at: 10:20 / 10:40Watch at: 10:40 / 11:00Watch at: 11:00 / 11:20Watch at: 11:20 / 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  1. Anyone know if there are more than 2 endings? 1 ending being where you blow up with the rocket and pawpaw. This ending (where you save Blake and Catherine) seems kind of ominous, no? Like pawpaw is still coming to get you. Think there is a 3rd ending?


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