Madden 22 Detroit Lions Franchise Mode Ep. 1 | Starting the Rebuild

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20welcome to the first episode of detroit lions franchise i of course am bengal i i'll be your host for the franchise series this is episode one even though we're rebuilding the lions this is not like some of my other rebuilding videos on the channel where i take the team it's one video it's one episode and i rebuild them over you know three to five seasons this is a gameplay centered franchise experience so we're going week by week there will be one big offseason episode which i usually stream on twitch slash bengal that is linked down in the description below along my twitter if you guys want to talk to me on there instagram tick tock even and my merch link as well there are so many different things in there my second channel so if you guys are interested in just more than what's on this channel number of other places you can go but that's how this franchise series will be set up week by week and then streamed off season episode which will be edited and uploaded to youtube i can promise you it's not gonna be a twitch exclusive i promise but yeah this team is not exactly in the best position in the world but they do have a bright future if they can hit on their draft picks because they have a lot of them they've taken the long-term rebuild approach which i like they know they're not quite there but they're investing in the draft in the future so i like the lions ideas and we'll see if me now as the gm slash coach can take this team to the promised land so let's go ahead and talk a lot about the roster so dan campbell is already out as lions coach and the only coach in nfl history crazier than he is gene dengus taking over it will be on all madden and it will be on simulation the sliders will be adjusted to make the gameplay more realistic as we see what that ends up being so a couple of housekeeping things are important to start off the franchise i think like you know all madden simulation and then again sliders will be adjusted but also what will happen is it might be a little bit echoey right now on my current setup this is my all department that i've recorded in for the past two years i'm moving still staying in houston and the new setup is going to be great fantastic audio quality will have absolutely no echo but that's not for a few days so if you don't like the sound of this it's a little bit echoey i get it it's going to be way better in a few days so hit that subscribe button if you want to follow along and watch all these detroit lions franchise videos and let's actually talk for the first time about the team it's hard to ignore the future nfl hall of famers i can count at least 20 of them they're great players and i think there's a misconception right and what i look at when i see this team and i see this great team i don't see failed nfl players whose dreams will come crashing down in the next few years i see a group of hungry competitors i see a great pride of 53 lions ready to feast on a herd of gazelles running through the great african savannah i see vengeance on the horizon like the mighty sun rising over the sands of nabibia there is no god here only death to our enemies we will devour the swiftly and ferociously god isn't real excuse me i uh i blacked out for a second there um i see i see a lot of potential i think a lot of a lot of good potential in this team and of course one of the big stories of the offseason was matthew stafford being traded away from the lions where he's been since he was drafted number one overall in 2009 out of georgia for the goofball himself jared goff two first-round picks would also go from the rams to the lions and i think we can see those in the i believe it's going to be in the nfl rosters area and we should be able to see all the draft picks that we have yes so we have the rams pick next year as well as this year so two first round picks that we didn't have otherwise very nice now where those picks are actually going to end up being tough to say how the rams are going to do in madden 21 simulation i think they're going to be fairly good in real life but it's tough to know how they're going to do in madden or actually 22 simulations madden 22 now so who knows what's gonna happen with that but i will say right now my plans are probably not going to include the goofball long term they're just not going to for a number of reasons he is 26 years old fine age he won't regress for a little while he's only got normal development 77 overall i'm just not sure he's our franchise guy and when you actually look at his contract as well it's not a favorable contract at all it's really really awful four years 83 mil the cap hit is only gonna get bigger like in 2021 it's not so bad in 2022 and beyond it's over 30 mil every single year that's not good now the cap penalty for just straight up releasing or get up getting rid of jared goff we can just say in any way is pretty significant it's just not an option it's not really an option i mean we could do it since we can like we can afford it right now we go to jared goff here and you can see uh the penalty for releasing him is 20 mil this year and it's going to get worse so we could just bite the bullet but i don't think i'm going to do that we need a quarterback to try and be competitive i don't know how well this series is going to go year one but honestly hopefully a lot of losses to keep it realistic but we're gonna be trying to win every game we're gonna be trying to win every game but i don't think goff is my franchise quarterback he's just not now i should have put up the deandre swift jersey in the background i've got to sign georgia one as i talked about or maybe i didn't but i do have a sign de'andre swift jersey that i won in some type of raffle i like deandre swift for the future he was one of my favorite running backs coming out of that class he looked really good he was my rb1 if i recall correctly i like deandre swift he had a kind of a rough start in detroit dropped a big touchdown that would have won the lions i think either i want to say it was week one it may have it may have not but it was early in the season and deandre swift is a really good player we can't let one incident kind of cloud our judgment of how he could be as a player this should be our franchise running back a lot of things are going to revolve and run through deandre swift the receivers it's not great and a lot of them are one-year contracts like tyrell williams won your contract rashad perriman one-year contract quintessifis is still on his rookie deal of course he was a rookie last year but is quintesses really gonna be my best receiver in year two i sure hope not geronimo allison's in here khalif raymond i mean chad hansen can't be the guy can't be it's a really rough offense i mean our fullback is jason kabinda who is a linebacker formerly so we'll have to see how that goes now it is a bit better in the trenches taylor decker is solid jonah jackson was great as a rookie last year frank ragna is one of the best centers in the nfl penae sewell of course drafted very highly by the lions really really good player with a ton of potential i don't actually know his development trade so i guess we'll find out what that is but you talk about a young player who's massively built and hugely athletic penne sewell is a special type of potential player if he can just get better technically he's going to be a monster and in game he should end up being great now the big guy i want to get rid of is hala pulivadi vaitai hao vaitai should be gone and probably as soon as possible if you look at his contract it's really not good it's really bad four years 26 mil he's getting paid like a quality starter at the position and he's not i think tyrell crosby could actually be a lot better at right guard and he's way younger so that's the first thing i'm gonna do here in this episode is make the change to put tyrell crosby as our starting right guard he's better than hal vitae right away and i'll be honest we're still in the preseason is how vitae even going to make my team he probably isn't darren fells in here too 35 years old not gonna be the backup long term just can't be and then defensively there are some good players on this team like the team traded for michael brockers who just is not the same player he used to because he's not 300 pounds anymore he's at least it looks like he's a lot lighter than that and his big thing and his value in the nfl previously was basically he was a nose tackle even if he wasn't always playing the zero or one tech even if he slid over to three or something like that or four i he was still eating blocks however he's lighter than that he just can't do that the same way he used to and he just isn't quick or fast enough to get pressure on the quarterback brockers i don't know what his role is going to be long term i do like romeo akwara i do like his brother julian okwara long term that could be a really fun combo with those actual brothers trey flowers is probably the best defensive player in this team despite being the second highest rated he's not really rated super high i might want to move this defense around a little bit because if we have and shout out john pinassini by the way but elie mcneil is okay like deshawn hand i really like levi on zarike is pretty sick i want to get elin mcneil and levi and zarika on the field at the same time probably two of the best defensive tackles in this past draft class both rookies enzarique is more that three tech pass rushing defensive tackle that can really get after the quarterback and wreak some havoc that way and then lee mcneal is just that big nose tackle that will eat up blocks and do the michael brocker's thing so i do like lean mcneil as well he's just not really going to get pressure on the quarterback the way that a guy like levi enterica could long term so i think if we're going to stick in the 3-4 desean hand levi and zarika and ali mcneil are all going to see the field at the same time michael brockers is not the guy long term he's 30 years old as well i might trade michael brockers this season could definitely happen and it could be early could be as early as next episode let me know what you guys think in the comment section about that trey flowers i'm gonna keep he's just good even though he is 28 he's probably not going to progress too much he's the best player on the team defensively probably even overall as well dean marlowe is not particularly good we can't have him starting long term i do like tracy walker i do i think will harris is probably gonna start over dean marlowe and then with the corners it's not terrible like amani warier is a good player and i liked him coming out of penn state he has potential to get a lot better as well jeff okuda was obviously drafted really really highly top five by the lions good player was not good last year and it's corner it's a tough position to play it's a really really tough position for young players to play well that's why when you see a guy like jair alexander or dravius white and even marshawn lattimore just come into the league and be really really good right away it's something special and not everyone can do it so jeff okuda is not a bust because he had a bad rookie season that'd be ridiculous guys improve over time in the nfl if they are really committed and really have the talent jeff okuda could absolutely improve and for the sake of lions franchise i hope that he does for me jeff okuda should be really good and then the kel robbie coleman he's a nickel slot cornerback that's just what he is he's not really an outside guy and he's 29 years old we have to understand what his actual role is he's a nickel corner okuda and order warrior are going to be my boundary guys deal with mike ford we do have corn elder it's not the worst but we have a long way to go and then up the middle jamie collins alex anzaloni collins is old at this point 31 years old is not my answer here and then alex anzaloni in real life can never stay healthy what's his injury rating in the game because that will matter in a game where you're actually playing 82 up four with morale or whatever we got to be better there got to be better sean dion hamilton could really end up playing a lot just because he's a great athlete and he's young 81 speeds pretty good and jilani tavai could end up playing a decent bid as well young player pretty good athlete as well more potential than jamie collins long term i don't know what to do with him just yet we have some some interesting things to think about derrick barnes out of purdue rookie liked him quite a bit thought it was a really good mid-round pickup i think the the lions did pretty well in the mid rounds we didn't even talk about maybe their biggest pickup on offense which is of course brother of equinemeous and osiris saint brown almond ross saint brown he's not showing up so we have to go into the nfl rosters to actually show him i'm ross saint brown's gonna play quite a bit there he is 68 overall only 21 years old he's a little bit slow but amon raj is he does everything pretty well i don't know if he's ever going to be a superstar in the league but i could see him being a really really quality player just because he does everything pretty well even if he's not the fastest or the most explosive or the best route runner in the world i think you want to think about a player like jarvis landry who people thought for some reason was a superstar caliber player in the past but he just does everything pretty well even if he's not the most explosive doesn't create the most separation in the world i think that's what amon ross st brown is he really has shown an ability to high point the football at times i'm ross st brown's going to end up playing a lot probably at least as much as quintesses and definitely more than chad hansen and geronimo allison and khalif raymond we're going to make some cuts for sure but we do have a lot of potential here am i missing any rookie that i really wanted to talk about ife malafonwu yes ifeatomelefonu another great athlete really really long huge arms really tall should play a lot as well so there is potential with this team i think i really talked about everyone that i wanted to like austin bryant there's really not much to say about him jean laurie's maven's on the team a d tackle we talked about a lot of those guys didn't mention long snapper don muehlbach that's someone to mention all right now that we've done that i think we're pretty much good to go so what are we gonna do in this episode didn't really talk about jamar jefferson either seventh round draft pick kind of liked him at oregon state i don't really think he's gonna play quite as well because a big thing that he was really good at was just being a really good player in the open field and as a receiver out of the backfield at oregon state and his speed played way higher than it probably will in the nfl so i'm not really sure what his value is going to be long term but he's not the worst and then like clearly tim boyle and david blau are not going to be viable options if goff gets injured so as bad as i think the goofball is he is our best option by a mile i guess another housekeeping detail as well is there will be a franchise update and a major one at that coming in september at some time we don't know for sure but i think i'm gonna guess probably later in september rather than earlier and what does that mean for the franchise i'm not gonna wait until mid to late september to start my franchise it's just not gonna happen so what we're gonna do is run through the franchise and i think you will have to restart your franchise in order to get the the scouting update however what does that mean for me who might be two seasons into the future by that time what that means is i don't really care too much about the stats carrying over i'm going to recreate the players and recreate the moves that happen in the franchise and recreate the overalls as well and the rating so it will be a complete overhaul on my part but in order to actually start the franchise on time as the game drops here we are right now in you know early to mid august august 12th as i record this and as you guys probably watched statistically it will just be you know a month and a half from now i'm gonna have to update things and i'll have to recreate the file i will have to recreate the players that we may end up drafting and i'll have to recreate the off-season moves it's going to be a bit of a hassle but i think it's going to be worth it to get these videos out early for you guys so also pre-season bye week in week four what's going on i guess kind of regardless that doesn't really uh matter too much we're not gonna be making any trades right now i do wanna go over weekly strategy and a bunch of these new interesting additions to the game that i really don't know too much about honestly so we can choose a defensive game plan focus it is just pre-season doesn't really matter too much so we can defend the d-pass now we can probably change that as well defend the outside run that's recommended to stop devin singletary that's their top threat no here's josh allen i think i think we'd probably look to defend medium passing more i mean deep passing i guess i don't know i don't really you know what actually here's what we're gonna do we're gonna defend the short pass historically that's how i've been beat in the past by madden and you know what it's it's pre-season and we're gonna figure some things out that's what pre-season's four and we can choose the intensity of the practice so i think half pads will be my usual go-to just to make sure these guys really don't get injured too often so let's do that and we hit r3 to advance so what's our offensive game plan countering jerry hughes run inside i don't know if i want to do that blitz counter our offensive line is pretty good i'm not really too worried about the bills i kind of want to run outside and use the speed of deandre swift so let's go ahead and do that hit the right stick to advance again and here's team profile the focus players we have penne sewell levion zarique and elie mcneal now i think another player to add into there that would be nice is almond ross saint brown that wouldn't be bad i do like that levi enterique and elite mcneil are there by default you know our two second round draft picks on the defensive line and we can add an extra focus player after learning that head coach talent but how do i change these focus players oh i just go over to the right i think i thought i tried that didn't happen so our weekly game plan goal is to pass for two touchdowns and then we get some staff points for doing that so we could let's go ahead i'm going to take out levion tariq because he's not starting this year and i'm going to replace him with ammunition who i think could be a really solid player for us long term so we're gonna go ahead and do that and then start training so we do get game plan boosts however we don't actually get like those those are not long-term boosts they're only for the game which i think is kind of cool actually and then we can see xp for some of these guys hopefully nobody got injured it doesn't look like anybody did acl sprain for tracy walker well that's not good that's not good at all that's that's they're starting strong safety and then for the offense hopefully no one significant injured here especially not i'm going to ross st brown we see a lot of bonus xp for like tj hawkinson is very nice no injuries to the offense now an acl sprain is is not the worst thing in the world but it also really is not good it isn't good how long is that gonna put him out for maybe a week or two okay so one week one week so that's okay tracy walker's not gonna play this week and that that really makes you prioritize depth at each position which is an interesting change because that's what you need to do in the nfl we have one upgrade right now it's for zane gonzalez our kicker and it doesn't really matter historically whether do you do power or accuracy it usually just upgrades awareness and not actually what you want but maybe it does here kick accuracy does go up by one maybe that's been adjusted or maybe it was just lucky to draw that time let's go ahead and go into preseason week one against the buffalo bills we are gonna do play the moments for the entire preseason in order to get the entire preseason in this video i think play the moments are gonna be the way to go we're just trying to get like a snapshot of how our team's gonna be not actually why is the bills player is that dawson knox why is he waiting to high five jared goff out of the tunnel maybe he's the real goofball is dawson noxious that good of a guy he's like hey man you guys have a great game instead of practicing before the game catching you know balls out of the jugs machine or from his quarterback or whatever he's just out there to high-five the lions as they come out of the tunnel but i'll tell you what you know on the african savannah you know who wins a bison or a lion it's the lion ten times out of ten see what happens at ford field big first quarter drive take the lead all right i'm gonna try and do just that also if i didn't mention the quarters are 10 minutes our game plan for this game is to run outside we're going to try and pass a little bit as well it's not just going to be completely running and historically i'm not very good at the game just not i will be complaining if you're looking for expert gameplay this is not the place to be this is way more story driven and team building oriented than actually being a monster at the game i'm sure there are a bunch of online players you can watch to be really good this unfortunately is not that place we're set up with third and two already after a couple straight passes can we run though this is an rpo and i forget do we actually have to hit triangle to get it to deandre swift i think we just hold it it does it automatically right outside run deandre swift should have the first down just narrowly gets it by about a yard and we do have a fresh set of downs also i have to get back in a commentator mode right i'm a little bit rusty haven't done football a little bit a little bit i've been focused mainly on baseball if you've watched any of my twitch streams or my mlb channel which is linked down in the description below which i'm still going to try and upload to even though football takes precedent here but i need to get back into football commentator mode and just shake off the rust a little bit as we're going to check down deandre swift here gain of about five and it is third and five i'm looking for tj hawkinson he's got plenty of space and that ball is gonna be caught diving attempt came up just short the ball does find the arms of a weighting tj hawkinson goff hits him in stride and this lions offense is moving a little bit here it's very encouraging and based on the way that this safety blitz is set up we should have some space to run with deandre swift good block by kabinda we just need 65 tyrell crosby to actually pull a lot faster than that and set up the block that would have allowed us to get maybe three or four yards easily so maybe tyrell crosby is not going to be a big time option for me at right guard i'm just not sure he's fast enough to pull but i know how vitae isn't either and that is wide open it's going to be prashad paraman former bust at a ucf ended up finding his stride a little bit with the browns i think it was okay with the bucks as well last year if nothing spectacular we're gonna roll out here make something happen can we fit that in there we can rashad perriman on back-to-back plays gets the football and now the home team quarterback is immune to pressure i like that ability quite a lot if you guys can see up at the top there and it's disappeared there are different abilities per game it's now in the bottom right the momentum legend home team accelerates slightly faster and now the home team quarterback is immune to pressure we like that quite a bit we can stand in the pocket and just unleash the football and we find deandre swift the first touchdown of 2021 is to the running back second year player out of university of georgia goff just stood tall in the pocket found his man it was too much space number of open receivers as well and deandre swift could be a very viable option coming out of the back for this year of course the lions lost kenny galladay and marvin jones in free agency the two leading receivers on the team for years previous so we could see the running back deandre swift getting a lot of action and we are back in on offense here the bills have not been able to score and we're getting the football on the one-yard line jamar jefferson is in the rookie out of oregon state boyle into the backfield as well taking snaps under center and jamar jefferson is in there [Applause] our two touchdowns of the preseason thus far go to running backs first one obviously the deandre swift a moment ago and this one to jamar jefferson won a passing touchdown this one just pounding the rock right up the middle good blocking look at bohm there holding his block love to see it jefferson just fights his way all the way into the end zone and this offense is moving defense playing quite well as well it's the second quarter nearly to half time and we've only allowed three points a lot of backups coming into play at this point as well though obviously and pressure comes and boyle fumbles the football that pressure came relentlessly they got in very very quickly and just like that the first turnover obviously was not going to wait too long if you've watched any of my videos in the past i will turn over the football i'm a giants fan i know everything about football from watching daniel jones play so i just naturally will turn over the ball on occasion we fit that in there well that was that was a poor decision a lot but was it it's caught by williams [Applause] oh my goodness i did not see that coming whatsoever i'm not sure how he high pointed that football misplayed by the buffalo secondary clearly and we are now into oh my goodness okay that's pressure we're gonna find williams again call a timeout we could score before the half he's got to stay strong not a lot of time jamal williams of course pick up from green bay this season and he was a decent receiving option there as boyle just completely misses him we should see a lot of almond ross saint brown in the second half but we need to convert and we're going to check down and khalif raymond drops the football and it's pre-season in buffalo territory we're not going to punt we are going to try and convert here 11 seconds to go in the half i doubt the bills are gonna have enough time to score and once again trying to check down to the same area but that is jumped by levi wallace and intercepted i don't know how he went through uh my receiver there but he did doesn't end up mattering very much whatsoever but it is fourth and fourth they said they're going for it they're not they're not going for it but the bills are trying to tie things up here at 14 late into the third quarter and they are gonna fake it read it fairly well and that's intercepted by mike ford did it just tell us basically that they were gonna fake that would have said they were going for it okay defense needs help again trying to keep them out of the end zone still like quite a lot of starters in alex anzaloni we're gonna be using over the middle and he's gonna roll out and roll right into a sack and he breaks it he breaks another it's mitchell trubisky the best quarterback on the buffalo bills probably dude he was playing like it right there what were those broken broken tackles what is this offense right now honestly third and three keep buffalo out of the end zone and rolling into a sack this time it's julian akwara bringing down trubisky and it seems like buffalo will end up just tying it here they probably could have tied it earlier but they decided to fake the field goal for some reason maybe they thought it was too deep maybe it's pre-season they don't care they're trying some things out but things are finally tied 14-14 as we're gonna be in the fourth quarter we have a chance to score and take the lead nope they're not going to give me an option not going to give me an opportunity and down cos trubisky it's williams up the middle he flew in there and that will be a buffalo punt we will have a shot to return this former dolphins franchise legend matt hawk will be the punter dolphins frank was it dolphins franchise yeah i think it was dolphins franchise where he was a monster yep dolphins franchise if you guys watched my madden 20 dolphins franchise series matt hawk was our punter and we have two minutes and 37 seconds as we're gonna check down again this time successfully it's basically like a a two-minute drill here three interceptions for uh for boyle there thankfully only one of them was my fault and it was a weird animation but we have two and a half minutes to try and score and win don't need a touchdown just need a field goal we're gonna run him up the field and take what we can get there's boyle sliding first down let's call hurry up should have one more play before the two minute warning safety's dropping back and i mean my main receiver there got bumped we will actually have one more play i need to get amen ross st brown on the field he's so buried on the depth chart and that's someone i want to play quite a bit we go deep here it's gonna be intercepted feel like nothing was getting open i mean these guys do suck to be fair but i definitely forced that one and now momentum was leaning buffalo's way it seems like it's moved slightly back in our favor somehow first and ten looks like it's gonna be a handoff trying to collapse on that with nickel roby coleman look that looks like about a first down from zack moss and now momentum really going in favor of the buffalo bills they're probably just gonna set up for a field goal i can't i can't shed there finally do it to vibe but moss gets five what an angle what an angle by more there just give them the touchdown just give them the touchdown all the way they are maxed out or they were from momentum for a second way defense can see primary routes via coach cam i don't know what the cpu can do with those running it outside with jamal williams we can still tie this okay what's going on things are shaking i don't like that i don't like things shaking why is that happening is that the momentum towards buffalo that's open hit him let's go geronimo allison we're gonna call a timeout still have two remaining i usually historically have just let the cpu or all madden pick my play to make it seem like it's a defensive or an offensive coordinator calling it is we're gonna air it out and boyle is going to miss an open hanson who probably would have had a touchdown on that we are shaking here high pressure situation and that's open and that is air mailed for geronimo allison through that probably touched late we might just air it out for ammunition brown he's gonna be basically running a clear out here but he's our best option go up and get it amen ross saint brown touchdown saint brown the rookie at a usc goes up and gets it i know it's only pre-season but almond ross st brown gives us hope for the future oh my goodness 86 spectacular catch really playing up there and how many times if you watch him at usc did amon ross st brown go up completely suspend himself in the air and make a play like that a million times and it's 21-21 and that's the game gamer app error fantastic at least we weren't in some type of high pressure situation there no big moments just happening that aren't going to be saved now okay it's saved there are some issues with this is still like ea play early access the game doesn't really come out for like a week but it is 21-21 and you know what this just gives us an excuse to go for it it's pre-season why not let's make a play okay they've stacked completely stacked the defensive line here this box is super stacked we're gonna throw quickly and that's got to be past interference it just has to be that just has to be so clearly had to get rid of the football or we were going to get sacked maybe could have checked down there wasn't really looking for it honestly wasn't looking for it but that could have been a good option i went with st brown i mean i clearly we have some space underneath here so that's what i was looking for and um the ball obviously was not exactly where i thought it would be i guess we got it out too late and then i mean i guess not even past interference because look who it was didn't think that's who it was thought it was a bill but completely gets in the way of making that play i'm in ross st brown would have scored a two-point conversion here would have gotten to that instead gets their tick too late because he collides with the tight end and that is a pretty lying way to lose a game but it's only the preseason i'm sure i'm going to end up losing even worse than that in the regular season but that was like that was kind of fun tracy walker is back to play love to see that and we do actually have 10 staff points available so what do i want to do here let's go to the head coach and i think i want to end up getting more players with xp gains via practice but that is not for a very long time okay well let's go ahead and start for it let's go player personnel talents cost 10 percent less like to see that that will be our first staff point upgrade so the coordinators did actually come with talents already i'm not sure if i like them or not you know they're not like amazing or anything what about player personnel nothing for that just yet okay staff management is interesting but that is not the focus right now that won't go away the little red dot believe me i've tried let's go in a weekly strategy facing off against these steelers and the legend that is big ben and they say legends never die but if he plays for much longer he probably will die on the field honestly let's let's get into offensive game plan i think we're just going to keep it as is with the blitz counter and then i want to keep aman ross saint brown in there our weekly game plan goal is to allow less than two passing touchdowns i think that's doable i think that's doable we'll go ahead and start training here and hopefully no one gets injured in practice it's the pre-season and no injuries so far i do like to see the bonus xp like michael brocker's even getting quite a bit there so did we go full there we might have gone full quad strain for nikkel roby coleman it's not too significant honestly and then offensively i just want to see almond ross saint brown a lot hit pointer for victor bolden jr didn't even realize he was on the team and that is the only injury so i'm going to go into the depth chart and move aman ross name brown up clearly clearly clearly has earned it steelers are going for it on fourth down fourth and two from the 19 we need to hold them to less than two passing touchdowns this game so keeping them out of the end zone and stopping them from getting this first down is going to be super important naji harris is their running back in iform pitch goes to harris and that is just great tackling now i did go way too outside with jelani to buy there i needed to just count on the outside players to force him back inside and really hold the edge there but uh i i over commit a little bit and it's just a good tackle i don't know where to go with the football great use of playmaker and tyrell williams has the first down i love to use playmaker 27 yard gain for tyrell williams former las vegas raider was he ever an oakland raider you know i don't think so he was with the chargers before then was he ever a san diego charger as he catches another one on the outside receiver one showing up big time here okay so interesting tyro williams was on the san diego chargers for a couple years and then of course the la chargers was on the oakland raiders for a year but didn't actually play last year for the las vegas raiders but was on the team he's now on the detroit lions as you guys know oh my oh my that's not good don't want to be taking hits with our quarterback in pre-season games oh and look at deandre swift the burst in acceleration to the outside swift breaks the tackle is down at the three i thought that could have been a touchdown there for a second the acceleration of deandre swift was crazy there however he didn't have the long speed to finish off the play with a touchdown can we get it here good block swift breaks a tackle crosby did his job there we just couldn't get into the end zone it looked like deandre swift was holding his wrist there but he's still in the game no problem we're gonna try and pound this thing in good blocking up the middle and deandre swift has a walk in touchdown pressure and that could have been intercepted by jeff okuda didn't really take a good route to that that duck that big ben tossed up in the air after getting hit and they're gonna fake it and that one is gonna be out of the reach of is that mitchell schwartz did they sign him i guess the steelers in madden 22 signed mitchell schwartz to play right tackle i don't blame them he's currently a free agent still in real life it is first and ten they got the football back and we're playing pretty good defense that's locked up in the air and orawarier plays decent enough coverage tried to intercept that did not animate feel like i'm playing good coverage ben just gonna throw it away third and two i would love to just check it down here to swift or hawk hawkinson was open and we're just gonna throw it to him gotta hit the big tight end into the red zone now 40 seconds before the half we're just going to hit hawk i mean you don't take a tight end top ten to not use them first and goal oh i really wanted tyra williams on that i should have checked down quintesses was not the read there it didn't work out i think we had was it circle maybe the flat coming over the middle i guess i mean more of a crosser really and we should have a touchdown here lobbed it over them we couldn't third and goal i'm gonna slant tyrell williams i think he's open touchdown tyrell williams big field goal kick the ball or keep the drive alive well it's fourth and 16. we're gonna try for the field goal it is kind of deep but i think we nailed it my first field goal i believe of madden 22 is a success i probably wouldn't have bet on that honestly fourth and two for pittsburgh benny snell is the tailback and he will get it and get the first down another fourth down and that is a broken tackle and he's still going oh my goodness looking like naji harris there but it's kalyn bellage another dolphins franchise hero check down wide open jamal williams would have been nice to break that tackle i need to get it tom and rossain brown we could run out the clock but it's pre-season oh well that was not open uh circle was open that's what i wanted i don't know what shapes are oh he's just going to sling it up there melafonwu gets mossed james washington just made the rookie ifeyatu melofanwu his son that's what happened there and we get a big time at sac derrick barnes on dwayne haskins former first round pick playing in the fourth quarter this is not fair this is not fair dwayne haskins has a touchdown i hope their other touchdown with a rushing touchdown i hope it was i do not want to allow that second touchdown and haskins goes down again this time it's the rookie levi anza rike the defense is getting after it these rookies came to play kind of a long field goal not super long but kinda long especially at heinz field where the wind blows pretty crazy but the steelers do tie it up that sucks we just lob it up to ammon ross st brown again they're double covering him i mean we can't really throw anything here didn't matter no time oh it's a tie no overtime in pre-season that's not a rule i don't think we did a lot less than two passing touchdowns though love to see that upgrades for deandre swift that's nice what are we going to do with that i'd love for him to get 90 90 for speed and change direction trucking really isn't too bad but it's going to be elusive back and at some point i just really hope we can get some type of speed upgrade just because i think it will make a difference agility by one carrying by two that's okay julian o'quard just keep him good at what he's good at up to a 69 overall nice plus two finesse moves get that up to 75 and the last one that matters is of course the legendary long snapper don muellback so we will do a we'll do blocking for him like it matters he's the long snapper returning from injury nikhil roby-coleman and victor bolden jr and we have a message about wide receiver mentorship a veteran wide receiver wants to help your team no not about quintus start calling him tyrell jr tyrone williams has a god complex if he thinks that quintus should really be looking up to him you can learn a lot from me okay um you want to improve in getting open so give them some route running pointers let's do let's do medium routes so that should be medium route running up by like three maybe is that a thing plus two release plus two medium route running okay quintes imagine quintesses becomes a god for me i mean he's learning from one of the best ever tyrone williams so i guess it's possible give me stop moving i'm in ross st brown in the depth chart is our weekly game plan goal always going to be pass for two touchdown passes i can do that let me just make sure that that the training isn't going crazy i i guess i didn't do that hopefully it's just still set up to be half pads we have an injury every week which i guess is like pretty realistic how is levi enterique not getting more oh i took him out that's why lee mcneil is getting more okay i see focus xp is plus 300 that's big no injuries for the defense what about for the offense we're probably due for an injury offensively i love focus xp this is cool like this actually uh makes me want to do training because it you know there's a direct correlation of players getting better like our punter jack fox for example we'll be up to the 80s so we're gonna do power for him give me plus one power we're actually gonna kick accuracy by three i told you it didn't do anything it's random so we have the colts final preseason game and the final thing that we're gonna do in this episode probably we'll see if we can beat the colts in the preseason defense needs help that sounds about right for them honestly so we'll see what we can do jamie collins andrew luck under center no it's gonna be carson wentz and of course yeah the best running back ever in madden franchise history marlon mack if you saw any of jag's franchise last year turns out he's amazing again first touch is a touchdown it doesn't matter if he's out of my division marlon mack still finds a way to haunt me and we have a question mark so he's confused offensive player can be incorrect that's that's really bad for me who does not pay attention enough the play art was not correct at all jamie collins i felt like i read that perfectly max still got two that was that was a good stop we have to do it again though it's third and two carson wentz marlon mack in the backfield type of gun offset there we're gonna try and and take this away force the throw away well done and they're gonna go for it oh don't please because if marlon matt gets the football again i'm really not convinced we can stop him quick throw and incomplete great coverage on the outside there jumping in on third down it's got to be tyro williams as the primary guy here i love that i love that slant over the middle tyrell williams big time gain oh the next moment is kick a field goal well that sucks we got it at least oh this is a great moment set me up on the one yard line that is gonna be safety good block at least decent enough cut cutback from swift we throw that goofball nope rolling out again i mean can we throw that we should be able to right somehow it's an interception felt like we had the angle kenny moore one of the best slot corners in football makes us pay i don't know how that happened make a play uh all right whoa whoa t white hilton touchdown he's gonna make a pick and then make a play to make him pay not good and now i don't know i think it's i'm running a slip screen here despite that the goofball is an actual idiot doesn't know what play we're calling there we go okay that was that was something [Applause] step up all right play action oh just forced it again uh on the bright side nobody was open but man this is gonna be quite a year i'm actually having fun and maybe it's just because it's a new game but uh yeah it's gonna be quite a year the receivers just aren't good enough to get any type of space i think and this is good information because it's the preseason right but i think the strategy is gonna have to be as i ran right past that that's cool it's gonna be just play short and run through deandre swift because anytime we have to force the ball along down the field bad things are gonna happen all right we got seasickness camera back what's going on i feel like we need like old-timey like pirate uh music going on like i don't even know what it would be but it's like you know pretty unsettling that's wide open though do we not get it i don't know if we got it oh i don't i don't like anything about that play action on fourth and inches they're fooled man darren fells looked like an offensive lineman there he is huge can we throw that goofball man i mean it definitely was open it definitely was you can't convince me otherwise i'm just launching pics like yeah we threw it on the run there but yeah that was open listen i don't take responsibility i complain but he did he ran the route better than 83 did third and one am i running here jared goff has no idea what the play is that's open tyro williams would have been nice if he changed that to a streak that he realized he was wide open how next level would that be because that's what happens in real life like receivers will notice that there's no help at all and they'll just change it to a streak wide open on the run hawk first down and that's a touchdown tj hawkinson we need one more of those even if we lose i don't care i want the xp third and five need to stop we're not actually out of the game yet even though our team's crazy confused despite being the home team it was wide open up the seam i'm switching on dean marlowe and he's just all over him he's all over him i'm trying to go for the ball and he's just like what about a hug great timing idiot they get the ball in the one that's uh okay and we're in on fourth and three well that's no good he's blitzing nothing was open with the blitz oh my goodness they just keep jumping me in on fourth down i'm doing the best i can this was a game where we really just got crushed i don't think anything's open like what i don't know what to do tim boyle's oh for ten that was the first time i've used him it was 0 for 9 before that i guess bad quarterbacks really play really bad this year which is nice that is an excellent change in simulation if it's actually true finally something i can throw to open boyle to hanson touchdown second passing touchdown of the game we get the staff points for it i'm in so that is the game i'm actually having a lot of fun right now i'm really really excited for this franchise to start so if you guys are as well make sure you're subscribed did a lot of experimenting in this video i've learned that if tim boyle or david blau have to come into the game the game's over that's just how it's going to be so we really need jared goofball to stay healthy we need that to happen man boyle was sick it wasn't even all me it mostly wasn't tyrell crosby with an upgrade what is his speed 65 that's really not too bad he's going to power he's up to a 76 overall right guard that's way better than anything that hal vitae offers evan bone with an upgrade as well so we will do that 18 staff points but you know what i think i think we're going to use those in week one potentially and actually you know what preseason first episode we gotta cut guys it's not gonna be legendary long snapper dom mule back it's just not going to be we really don't need this many running backs we don't victor bolden is not making the team we don't need to carry this many receivers imagine cutting amonroz st brown but i don't i don't really see geronimo allison being impactful i'm gonna cut him i know that's a weird one but it saves some cap space and he's definitely not good khalif raymond is at least a good returner tom kennedy we don't need and you know what i don't think we need chad hansen either i don't think we need chad hanson either we honestly could cut even one more receiver but i think i'm gonna keep i'm gonna keep them and we don't need nearly this amount of tight ends brock right gone darren fells honestly should not be here he's 35 he's six seven two seven he had sick he's not even that great of a run blocker though that but he's decent we'll keep him dan skipper's terrible like he's not even a good backup to have we're going to cut him how vitae is getting cut he's getting cut kevin's strong really bad goodbye joel heath i really can't see his value especially with levion's enrique i mean obviously john penicini is not going anywhere except for uh in to the backfield when we need him to be in there you know if he wants to quit being limp out there and actually stay stiff on the d line and and get some of that good edge bend if we want to move them over a defensive end penicini is going to is going to stay bruce hector eh i don't know about all that i think we're fine at left outside linebacker we honestly don't need all these middle linebackers but i think they're fine fine depth charles harris is on the lines now former first round pick from the dolphins not good austin bryant i'm going to keep we're we're going to cut a lot of corners maybe not a lot but like jerry jacobs i don't know why he would be on the team i don't know why alex brown would be on the team we'll keep the rest there's really no need to keep multiple kickers fat randy i'm sorry we're going with zayn gonzalez they want us to cut dean marlowe i mean no i i don't want to cut cleef raymond i might they want i don't cut tyro williams what do you mean what are these recommendations you know i will cut i mean dedrick mills it doesn't make sense to i'm going to cut damien ratly we'll keep kalief raymond because of the speed and return value but those are our receivers you know what we're going to cut charlie oh tama pao just because i'm not going to be able to pronounce that evan brown i really don't see his value honestly bruce hector he'll be cut as well we can always move another guy over to d tackle we need to make three more cuts you know it's going to be jalen reeves maven he's kind of the odd man out i think and elijah holder's gone i mean there's no reason to keep him and you know i watched tim boyle he was really awful david blough is somehow worse david blau's getting cut i'm not gonna carry three quarterbacks and that will be the episode very eventful episode one hopefully you guys enjoyed it it was definitely a lot of fun to make and hopefully it only gets more fun as we go next game week one against the san francisco 49ers they're very good we are not so it could be quite a game hit the subscribe button if you guys are not subscribed already and make sure you are scroll down hit the subscribe button make sure you're subscribed and i'll see in the next one take it easy my life like a game nintendo playing with the best let them know get off the track the trains coming [Music] goodWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00Watch at: 10:00 / 10:20Watch at: 10:20 / 10:40Watch at: 10:40 / 11:00Watch at: 11:00 / 11:20Watch at: 11:20 / 11:40Watch at: 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  1. Somehow this got recommended to me, as an adult man, who hasn’t thought about Madden since the last time I played it… in the 1990’s, and now here I am, totally invested in what’s going to happen in episode 2. What is my life? My wife might divorce me if she finds out how I’m spending my free time today…

  2. Me and my roommate are doing a little thing where we take awful teams to the super bowl, and the Lions are the urgent project. We already got two 16-1 seasons on the Jaguars, and we sadly lost the Lions opener on the final play. Currently sitting at 7-1, and best of all, we managed to trade Jared Goff and 2 draft picks for Baker Mayfield, and it’s worked like a charm. The lions are fun because they have a lot you can do with them. They’re very malleable and fun to experiment with


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