Madden NFL 22 – Pittsburgh Steelers ​vs Cincinnati Bengals ​- Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20it's madden nfl 22 and we've got a showdown in the afc north it's the steelers and the bengals and it's coming up next [Applause] it is a warm and pretty picturesque late summer afternoon at paul brown stadium in the queen city in cincinnati this crowd loves their orange and black the scene just a short time ago they were in full roar as their guys burst out of the locker room we're ready for football as the bengals get set to do battle with ben roethlisberger and the pittsburgh steelers alongside charles davis i'm brandon garden cd everybody loves to see the deep ball we know that we got a couple of quarterbacks here who can really sling it ben roethlisberger of the steelers joe burrow of the bengals i like your point there partner because it is back in vogue and what i mean is taking the shots downfield because for a long time in this league it was all about precision passing the west coast offense but now we've got a couple of guys here who'll take some shots downfield and they have some receivers who can go get it on to get us started now the kicker chris boswell and we are underway from cincinnati brandon wilson to return it and a decent return out to the 27 yard line time to see this bengals offense here as they get set for their first drive and under center of course is the number one pick in the 2020 draft now in year number two joe burrell and what a rookie season he had indeed a knee injury knocked him out in week 11 at washington and while the bengals only won two of his 10 starts i think everyone around the league and anyone who watched the nfl came away and pressed 13 touchdowns just five interceptions nearly 270 yards a game passing the third most by rookie in nfl history give him three there on the first play of the game but it's second down mix another toss right and the reinforcements come in as they're gonna stop him behind the line now they're staring at a third and eight that last play backwards a yard here's burrow setting up to throw it and all that nearly an opening drive int but it does fall incomplete not the way he wanted to start this ball game as it brings up fourth down punting now is huber as he sends it away 51 yards on the punt there and the steelers will go on offense here first and tails here come the steelers now on offense let out by a man who's been at the control since 2004. six six-time pro bowler ben roethlisberger and it's not out of the question it's not out of the realm at all the wonder of this might be the final season for big ben either in a steeler uniform or in the nfl period he resigned back in march saying it's my greatest honor to be a pittsburgh steeler and give my all for the organization had a big year in 2020 and oh right away he lost the football and the bengals grab it and his guys are going to take over at the 21-yard [Applause] there are two words that we hear coaches say all of the time one starts with a b one starts with an s ball security and they preach it they they have it up in the meeting rooms right you see the signs they talk about it all the time but still when you've got defenders out there who are preaching hey we're going to take the ball away from you no matter what position you play you've got to take care of the rock mixon with a first down carry he's to the 10. and he'll take this into the end zone 21 yards for joe nixon and [Applause] just a terrific run there charles from a running back who is so compact and powerful and that strength is on display there and that in the nutshell shows you what this guy is made of i mean most guys in the nfl just can't do that he absorbed the contact refocused himself and made a break for the end zone and you can see the distance traveled there after the initial contact on the next-gen stats [Applause] evan mcpherson now for the p-a-t and he's got it to make it seven nothing bangles they got the ball in great field position one play later boom end zone [Applause] so after the made field goal here's mcpherson to send this one away this fielded right at the goal line now a hit and a loose football and the bengals grab it and they'll have the ball set up in the red zone at the 16-yard line and careless with a football there on the kick return and one thing i love about going to practices is trying to get around coaches and hear their phrases and what they really emphasize we haven't been to a single one yet this year where a guy fielding a kid you don't hear tuck it away tuck it away tuck it away and this time they turn it over security alluded and tyler boyd's one of those guys that seems to fly under the radar but he finds ways to get open and he has nice hands he's averaged right around 80 catches a year his last three seasons he's able to break through one tackle but it slowed him down enough that he could only manage getting back to the line of scrimmage extra bulk up front for second an inch and he will take it on in for a bengals touchdown joe mixon with his second touchdown in this opening corner and the bengals are off to a 13-nothing first quarter lead so two drives two touchdowns here in this first quarter and he's got both of them they're certainly setting himself up for a big game here and i think if the play caller doesn't get in his own way they should keep riding him the entire way of this game until the defense pulls they can stop him that's what i would call mcpherson down for the extra point [Applause] and it's good to make it 14-0 the drive there only spanning three plays and it all culminated in the touchdown run coming from joe mixon after the touchdown mcpherson on to kick this one away ray ray mccloud to return and all deep in his own territory he caught up the football yeah this is taken into boy these guys are off to the races charles 20 to nothing already extra point pending yeah you always hear that term they just boat race someone heck is car race motorcycle race plane ridge whatever you want right now they are sprinting past them mcpherson on for the extra point [Applause] oh they flip it to the kicker he looks like he's going to throw it and would you believe it this is called in the end zone and the fake extra point works to extend their lead and that's something you almost never see nowadays when you fake it you're at the 15-yard line on a p-80 as opposed to just going for it from the two i'm sorry i know they got it and congratulations to them but it's just not a good play i mean the risk reward is really off the charts not in your favor run your offense out there put it on the two yard line if you want to go for two but i'll be done they ended up getting that one didn't it and no chance to get away as they'll get him down at about the 17-yard line so pittsburgh retakes the field for their second offensive possession and last time not only the turnover but that turned into six now bad hit and he lost the football it's loose but it looked like the steelers were able to recover and they will indeed hold on to the ball dangerous spot for them to cough it up lucky to have recovered because the defense got it they were already within the shadow of the goal post and then you're yelling at your own defense sudden change sudden change that's not what you want to hear on your sideline that means you've got to run out there and try and stop an offense who has the ball in a very advantageous position so they keep the football but now face second and long there's roethlisberger setting up the screen this is samuels and he'll be taken down losing yardage back at the nine-yard line this will be a loss of three and now a much tougher third down lumen [Applause] now roethlisberger [Applause] he's gonna sling this deep downfield and that will be incomplete well they weren't scared to let it fly but it falls to the ground and brings up fourth down here's jordan barry now as his first punt will come from inside his own end zone taking it about the 36. it'll be a 51-yard punt that time and the bengals will take over here first and ten the scentsy offense about ready to go here on their next drive they will throw on first down with burrow looking sideline incomplete the tight end cj usama the intended receiver and now it's second down yeah that one's sailed on him you've got to make sure you give your receiver a chance to come down in bounds because they are very gifted they'll make the circus catches but they make them out of bounds that does you no good football ready for the second quarter from cincinnati it's the bengals with the football here we are in for a good one as we're through one on ea sports and he's taken down inside the 30. 12 more yards there and another first down out of the gun it's borough with slam caught by chase and he'll go down right on the edge of the red zone following a pickup of about seven or eight a good pick up there eight yards on the first down completion looking to throw again on second down borrow that is caught it's uzama and the beggars are going to be first and goal as the tackle has made it about the fire let's just call it what it is this has been a flat out struggle for this defense all game they've really had a hard time slowing them down and while i'm not big on speeches and guys jumping up and down they might need their team leader on defense to get in their face right now and light a fire under these guys they've got gotta start playing better assignment football and start getting guys on the ground [Applause] [Music] they'll give it to stop short down at the one had the broken tackle but couldn't get it all the way home a pickup of four on first down it'll be second and goal and that is caught he's got it from a bengal touchdown cj usama there to make the ground and the bengals are able to widen their lead here in his first half mcpherson on for the point after [Applause] and that'll push the lead up to 29 now so this drive spans seven plays then it's finished off with a cincinnati touchdown [Applause] so after the made field goal here's mcpherson to send this one away and not willing to risk another fumble he'll sit on this one it's a touch back now the steelers offense gets ready to get back onto the field they're still in search of an initial first down as they come up here first and ten roethlisberger he's gonna float this one deep right side [Applause] and this is dropped oh it's incomplete he had a big gainer in his sights but he could not reel it in chase claypool the intended target and that'll bring up second down now roethlisberger to throw that one into the hands of his tailback samuels and he's up ended at the 33 following a good pick up of eight now they got to get to the line quickly he's gonna wind up and air it out and unable to connect incomplete give them credit they took their shot but it's going to bring up fourth down here's jordan barry now as he'll punt it away for the second time [Applause] so a change of possession here on the punt that possession will switch hands first and ten joe mixon and the bengal offense ready to go back to work and he's found the end zone twice and now i'm guessing he's thinking hey let's find it three times and you gotta figure from the defensive perspective how has he gotten there twice what are we gonna do to keep him out for a third time how do we tighten things down because he and his and attacking off the edge that time and no team after the quarterback quite like the steelers did last season they led the nfl in sacks and quarterback pressures and there's another one right there this pittsburgh team always known as blitzburg [Applause] gotta assume this defense will be charging again here it's second and 15. pearl gonna give this to mix it and a pretty good run all things considered probably would have liked that in the first quarter instead of right now as the clock continues to run 54 yards rushing for him now with a couple of touchdown runs to boot from the gun on third down is borough he's going to air one out [Applause] and that will be incomplete well they weren't scared to let it fly but it falls to the ground and brings up fourth down here's kevin huber now as he's on to punt for cincinnati mcleod to return it that'll be put in the books as a 53-yard pun they had control of the football switching hands with very little time remaining until the half the steeler offense here about ready for their next drive and they're just going to run it here up the middle and he'll just push his way forward for a few as the clock will run not only are they in search of their first score they're in search of their first first down in this ball game as they come up first and ten so we've come to halftime after a very one-sided beginning to this one as we send you down to orlando where jonathan coachman has our ea sports halftime report coach okay brandon thanks very much we saw a strong first half from our quarterback first up though let's take a look at the next gen stats from the first half for the steelers and they will need to get this passing game in gear because they did not do much of anything in that first half and it's why the scoreline is what it is meanwhile for the bengals we check out their numbers on the ground as they'll try to keep the momentum going into the second half final adjustments being made for the second half whether they'll amount to much in a game that's already pretty well decided well that's another question nevertheless let's get you back out to brandon and charles all right coach thank you and we welcome everyone back for quarter number three [Applause] the steelers gonna get the football first here trailing on the scoreboard as we are back underway on ea sports and not willing to risk another fumble he'll sit on this one it's a touch back the steeler offense ready to get going here in this third quarter and they have a mountainous deficit looming in front of them it was really charles a disaster of a first half so where do they go from here well first thing you have to remember is that what's done is done and there's no going back and now you have to play this drive-by drive obviously come back in this spot pretty unlikely but just have to go out take pride in your work and try and put something together here in the second half now a deep ball here hauled in just past the 50. they'll take this to the other side of midfield before going out of bounds he got 29 yards at a time when i see passes like that i'm reminded of something you and i talked about yesterday big ben was a wide receiver the first three years of high school sitting behind the coach's son and then he finally got that opportunity i think he's made the most of it it's always the coach's son isn't it but you know where it helps him when he looks downfield he knows what the receivers are going to do he actually has wide receivers eyes when he's throwing the ball now roethlisberger on first down and this one is incomplete chase claypool the intended target but it's gonna be second down i like the thought process there they connected on a big play and sometimes you find the defense vulnerable so they went for the bigger shot went for it all on that one this time they were ready for it [Applause] again on second and ten it's roethlisberger and it's knocked away and incomplete right there on the coverage was the safety jesse bates so now third and ten a big play to start the drive but nothing since throwing again it's roethlisberger now he'll dump it underneath to his running back complete and he'll get this early to about 38 as they stop him a few yards shy of the line to gain well looks like they got what they wanted they got the completion but they weren't able to break any tackles or gain nearly enough yardage to pick up the first down now to be fourth in short i guess they figure they gotta start taking some chances here's a big one in this third quarter as he'll go for it on fourth down fights forward at the 20. and so close he gets it to the one out of bounds right there fourth down conversion plays you usually think one two three yards maybe ten not there what a huge pick up as the sticks make a drastic shift forward that's sort of a prime example is it not of selling out defensively on fourth and short it certainly is because what you're doing defensively is saying you're going to stop them right there in the line of scrimmage or make a play on the other side of the line of scrimmage instead they get just enough of a hole chopped and you're thin on the second and third levels then you become a chaser instead of a tackler samuels and he'll actually lose a little bit of yardage here back to the two that sends him two yards in the wrong direction and leads to second down this defense is just flat getting after it they have not given up much of anything in the run game case in point right there [Applause] back at the two now here's second and goal [Applause] and they'll run again and he's in touchdown steelers jalen samuels taking it in from two yards out and the steelers are able to close the gap just a bit they were able to push him backwards on first down but this time he forces his way in i wonder if he went back to the huddle and said guys just a little bit more help and i can get it done on this one maybe even overruled the play call from the sideline just feeling like he had that opportunity and he wanted to cash it in chris boswell now for the extra point and that'll cut the lead down to 22. [Applause] so the drive winds up going 75 yards in seven plays and it's culminated by a two yard touchdown run boswell now to kick it away after the touchdown wilson now on the return and they'll start this drive just across the 30. pretty nice work on the return so here are the bengals now as they get their first possession of this second half they were terrific in the first half built up a sizable lead and it's just been cut into a bit following the opening drive score on the other side but this is a unit that has to be itching to get the football again you could say that again they've got to be pretty eager because let's face it they've had to sit through halftime then sit on the sidelines and watch that drive so you can bet that they're saying let's get on with this we gotta go out there and get some more points and this is incomplete oh it looked like he had a pretty good line on that one that would have been a big play but he could not pull it in oh on second and 10. and borrow going to be hit and taken down they got him melvin ingram leading the surge there as he drops him for a loss of six well it was second long now it's third and even longer they're going in the wrong direction here because they're moving exactly the way they want to but you're exactly right definitely going the wrong direction for the offensive guys so that'll leave burrow and the bengals with a third and long after that sack we just saw burrow gonna fake to mix it and now look to throw he'll air this one out for boyd and this is dropped oh it's incomplete he had a big gainer in his sights but he could not reel it in here's kevin huber now as the drive goes backwards so he's on to punt it away here's mcleod on the return we'll call that a punt of 54 yards well struck and that will come the offense as they take over pittsburgh offense making their way back out they come in off a touchdown drive the last time they had the ball that cut down that lead now the defense has done their part got on the football back momentum started to shift a little bit when they scored the touchdown it increased when the defense got on the ball back momentum definitely in their favor that they got to keep things cranking keep it on high so they can keep cutting into that lead and he will lose yardage here back at the 23-yard line officially it's a one-yard loss that's going to bring up second at 11. i see a shake in the head as he gets up and you've got to imagine he's thinking guys you got to help me out he's hoping his team can read his thoughts because he definitely needs some assistance [Applause] after the loss to start out here's second and 11. now it's roethlisberger and he gets this one just shy of the 40 they'll mark him down at the 39. second catch for him today and it'll wind up a first down in 2020 was a strong draft for receivers and the steelers got an excellent one in the second round and chase claypool out of notre dame 11 total touchdowns last year among rookies only jonathan taylor of the colts had more a strong catch there [Music] so from the 39 now they'll come up on a first and ten out of the gun it's roethlisberger short little throw to ibra and he gets this one to midfield before he's brought down 11 more yards that go around a first down as well we've played three quarters you're watching the nfl on ea sports back now in cincinnati a lot of happy faces in the crowd at this point as their guys have a big lead here to start quarter number four from midfield now here's roethlisberger now ben hit and he lost the football it's loose [Applause] second time in this game charles the ball they scored it out from his hands luckily his teammate was there to pounce off you're right got the lucky bounce able to retain possession you know but we often talk about the combine and why do we measure quarterbacks hands is that really a big deal it's for situations like this do you have the hands big enough and strong enough to hold on to the football while being jostled second and short now following the fumble here's roethlisberger to throw under pressure and they got to him again sam hubbard making his presence fell to the backfield remember throughout my career here defensive coaches always say guys you gotta earn the right to rush the passer and they put themselves in a great spot with this big lead and they know they've got to throw the ball these pass rushers have to be salivating it is pinned your ears back time indeed [Applause] steelers on third down over three to this point they could use a conversion this will be third and five roughly burger will throw and it's going to be incomplete he was able to catch it there on the right sideline but out of bounds says the line judge and it's gonna bring up fourth down here we go it's roethlisberger on fourth down and it's gonna be batted down it will go the other way with a football mike tomlin takes a shot here but to no avail and the bengals will get the football back well their first fourth down attempt earlier was successful this one backfires for a turnover on downs i like their aggressiveness i like what they're doing they got it the first time they went for it why not a second time i don't think they'll be daunted from attempting it again if you're on the defensive side of the ball though any fourth down stop is a big momentum play burro and the bengals with a first and ten at their own 44. he'll hand it off here this is mixon and he'll get this one across midfield and down into steeler territory 62 yards rushing for him now to this point eight yards the gain on that last run here's second in a couple and he'll get this down only to about the 46. only a yard on the pickup so from a good situation on second and two it's now third and one just two minutes remaining here in the fourth quarter of what has been a one-sided affair [Applause] so the bengals in possession of the football here as we get your reset they've got a third down now as they look for one more first down to help salt this one away got a man it's chase he completes it and he's gonna have a bagels first down as they're able to get the third down conversion a third down gain of 19. that certainly has to feel good that's not all the time should get all the credit sometimes i think in the huddle the quarterback just says hey who's gonna make a play for me i just need something right here and the end result there nice first down drive keeps moving [Music] not totally home free yet but it's looking good as they come up first and ten they'll try and run some clock here as they keep it on the ground spins past him and he's brought down but not before he reaches the eight-yard line chewing up big yardage another nice gain there this one goes for 20. it carries like that that's how they're gonna continue to salt this thing away here charles in the fourth quarter yeah how about that a new set of downs clock continues to move no better way to close out a game than to tap those mastodons you have up front say guys keep pounding them let's keep the ball keep their offense on the sidelines and let's close this one out two big plays in succession not sure this d knows what hit him but now they got to get ready it's first and goal now joe mixon and he'll be stopped just outside the five at the six only a yard on the pickup there second and goal out of the shotgun they run with mixer and he'll take this into the end zone from bangladesh joe nixon a six-yard touchdown run and the vandals even though they've got this big advantage charles they are not taking their foot off the gas pedal right now well i think what we're seeing is the result of all their great preparation and great practice time during the week and even though it seems like this is a great chance to pull people back and maybe you know not try and score a few more times they don't want to do that i think they're enjoying what they're saying the collective effort and they want to play it all the way out extra point by mcpherson good the lead up to 29 now [Applause] after the touchdown mcpherson on to kick this one away [Applause] and not willing to risk another fumble he'll sit on this one it's a touch back and pittsburgh getting set to take the field let's just be frank they're playing for pride at this point that's that's all that's left because victory not a chance now and i can't wait to see how they actually go about doing it because there are a lot of people and they get to him with a pressure as burger goes down sam hubbard able to get in there for his second sack of the afternoon now the steelers use the first of their three timeouts as they'll stop him with a little over 30 ticks to go in the football game [Applause] throwing on second and long rockless burger oh that's in the double coverage it intercepted picked on by mike all smiles and high fives on that defensive sideline that interception will cap off what was truly a tremendous performance yeah if you can hold a team to seven points in the nfl that's the kind of day that you feel really good about i do know if you guys are going to think to themselves help him to seven if he'd made one more could have had our shutout cincinnati's offense coming back here onto the field they have the dream scenario you hope for coming into the game just one kneel here and this game should be over and it's always the final play of preparation each week the practicing of the kneel down formation the victory formation we've got a game in hand and that's all they're going to want to do now to put someone back deep just in case something goes haywire but all in all take the snap kneel down and shake hands yes get out of there and he gets it inside to 35 and just shy of the 30. they picked up five yards last time now they double it and get 10 here [Applause] so this one in the win column now for the cincinnati bengals and it was a game where they were off and running in the first quarter charles and never looked back you know carter after a while we always say the same thing don't we they set the tone early right they started fast so i asked a few of my horse racing press do you have a term for me that we can use to cover that and they said yeah when a horse breaks out like that you say he caught a flyer out of the gate and that's exactly what this team did today i mean they jumped out there jumped on them and were never headed [Applause]Watch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 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