Madden NFL 22 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers ​vs Washington Football Team ​- Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20it's madden nfl 22 and the question is are you ready for some football it's the butt and the football team and it's coming up next [Applause] this building holds just north of 80 000 and they have come out in very good numbers today at fedex field in landover maryland the enthusiasm for football here on the east coast always in the air these folks are ready as their guys get set to match up with the tampa bay buccaneers with charles davis i'm brandon gordon and charles some might say that football's a young man's fancy so to speak but don't tell that to these two quarterbacks because they come in here with a lot and i mean a lot of nfl experience hey i like the young turks i like the baker mayfield i like the patrick mahomes i like the lamar jacksons but i do like those grizzled veterans who know how to play the game not to run their team and know how to handle difficult situations maybe i'm just showing my age too here's the palmer bradley pinion on to get us started and we are underway from fedex field danny johnson and a returning return sets him up pretty good here right at the 30-yard line the washington offense about ready to go to work and at quarterback in his 17th season now in the nfl piloting his ninth different franchise it's ryan fitzpatrick he's one of those guys that's been around the block a few times in the nfl and at this stage in his career when he lacks a big play ability he more than makes up for it and veteran leadership a real knowledge of the game and being a terrific locker room presence a run here for jd mckissick and right away they're going to stack him up right at the line of scrimmage call it no gain on the game's first play and it's second down now he'll get only three there so it leaves him with a third and seven ahead anytime you decide to use your quarterback as a runner most of the time when you design a play you're expected to break a little bit bigger than this one because when you run him on short gains your risk reward and him taking hits i'm not sure that's the payoff they were looking for and all that nearly an opening drive int but it does fall incomplete not the way he wanted to start this ball game as it brings up fourth down and now the putter tress way as he sends this one away and that'll hit at the five and go into the end zone for a touch back time to see what this tampa bay box offense has in store they're led by the now seven-time super bowl champion the mvp of super bowl 55 charles it's tom brady after two decades in new england a change of scenery and another tremendous season culminating with a super bowl title 40 touchdown pass in the regular season the most since his record shattering 50 touchdown season of 2007 in new england he did have minor knee surgery in the off season but he said he's sticking with his plan to play beyond the age of 45 which is still two years from now look out nfl tom brady still wants to win i think defensively you're okay with that you're in the first quarter he's going to get some catches but they rallied too quickly and that's what you count on and i like what you just said first quarter can you do it all game long they catch it you tackle they go down on the spot because when you're able to do that you don't give up big chunks of yardage after the catch now you put the outfit to the position where every series they have to work hard to pick up first downs and you tend to stall them out when you do that throwing is brady on third down into a double team and it's intercepted picked off by cameron curl that he's able to get it back to the 33-yard line so that time the pressure got home just as he was releasing the football and caused the pick and what it did was it disrupted that fragile balance of the mechanics of throwing the football you know from the footwork to being able to actually throw it down field if one piece of that puzzle gets disrupted it affects the entire chance of success so they'll come up first in 10 now from the 33. [Applause] they will run it it's mckissick down to the 30 after a gain of three well they held him to a short gain on that one and it almost felt like on that first run they're trying to just throw the jab at him so how do you stop a jab get closer and smother it just as they did on that last play and he'll lose yardage brought down at the 32. [Music] that was well played there defensively two tight ends in the formation which essentially gave them seven blockers up front hard to imagine with all that size and beef that they could let a tackler through but that's exactly what happened a loss resulted [Applause] so they've been unable to capitalize on the great field position as of yet here's third and nine and it's knocked away and incomplete it was the linebacker devon white there to knock it away and hopkins kick is good and it's 3-0 washington [Applause] they got the interception but very little movement after and that forces him to settle for three and it does feel like settling when that happens doesn't it it certainly does but we gotta give a lot of credit where it's due and that's to the defense because they ran onto the field it's what we call sudden change right interception you gotta go put out the fire and they did holding them to a field goal it'll be a touch back the ball brought out to the 25 as mickens will not return it tampa bay they're getting ready to set up shop here for their second drive they threw an interception the first time they had the football only gave up three points off of that so shouldn't be a difficult hole to overcome it really shouldn't as long as you're not listening to the chatter coming from the other side because when you throw a pick look i know defensive backs they have a tendency to be a little bit loud and the ball is out jones got hit and lost it and it's washington that scoops it up and he gets it back into the end zone and charles look at the big fella what a rumble that was not only to scoop it but then take it the rest of the way for the touchdown and now you know they're gonna have to hear about it from now on the defensive backs he's gonna want to run with them do their drills the whole deal he thinks he's the base setter now he doesn't matter what happens in practice this week he's smiling dustin hopkins on now to add the extra point [Applause] he's got it and now it's a 10 nothing lead here in the opening quarter so not only the cough up but then the pickup on the other side the scoop and the score the other way the fumble return for a touchdown and you can bet they're preaching two hands on the ball here is the kicks away following that fumble return [Applause] it'll be a touch back the ball brought out to the 25 as mickens will not return it and tampa bay drops out there now and in just about every game we see partner what do we do when we look at the stat sheet we go right to the turnover differential without a doubt because when we see that that pretty much tells the tale of the game and i know there's still plenty of time to go but you've got to take care of the football in order to win it and brady in the buccaneers here first and ten at their 25-yard line and he'll begin to drive with a give to jones and he's going to get a good gain of nine here up to the 34. now you're down early how do you get back in the game maybe establish the run i think they're trying to do that i'm with you on that one and what i like about the message is that there's no panic from the head coach he's already told his offensive coordinator let's run the football let's get things settled down a little bit and find our way back into this game second quarter now and it's buccaneer football as they've got it with a second and one coming up [Music] brady gives this one off to jones two yards good enough for a first i know what you're thinking out there i know a lot of you are thinking take a shot downfield it's a great spot for it i'd say maybe later in the game definitely in the second half right now i think they're just trying to get some momentum built get it first down pick it up and keep moving they try to run on first down but this defense says no dice they stop them a couple yards behind the line of scrimmage at the field they'll stay committed to running the football especially on the early downs they just haven't had a whole lot of success just [Music] [Applause] yet so the first down run lost a couple now they come up second and 12. [Applause] now brady looking for godwin and he's got him complete eight yards on the completion but now they face third down throwing now is brady and a first hook up with his all-pro tied in rob gronkowski now the ball comes loose and they're going to have another first down here as the tackles made at washington's 41-yard line we've hit the two-minute mark of the first half ten nothing our score we remind you that coming up at halftime will pay a visit to jonathan coachman he's in orlando and he'll have our ea sports halftime report brady's throw their complete yeah they'll go out of bounds after taking it a little further down inside the 40. they'll contain him to just four second down [Applause] again it's brady that's caught by the big tight end o.j howard and they're gonna have another first down here as the tackles made at washington's 20-yard line he's got his first catch here before halftime and it goes for a first down into the red zone it's brady and yet again it's howard with a catch and he is out of bounds right around the 10-yard line back-to-back receptions for him but it's another first down working from the gun it's brady godwin's got it touchdown tampa bay 10 yards on the touchdown pass and the bucks are able to make this a close game again well that's about as quick of a passing touchdown as you'll ever see right there everyone has a section in their playbook called the quick game that was a super quick game out of the hands of the thrower bam right to the receiver successfully for a touchdown how in depth is that quick game part of the playbook it's pretty in-depth because people want the ball the hands of the quarterback into the playmaker's hands downfield as fast as possible there are a lot of plays a lot of options involved with that extra point put through by sucka and the lead is down to a field goal [Applause] now opinion with a kickoff honors following the touchdown and here comes danny johnson now from his end zone johnson won't return this and the football will come out to the 25. out comes washington's offense as they get set to take over here still more than a minute to go so there is time if they want to mount something here not only time but they have three timeouts at their disposal as well so that changes everything that you're doing here without those timeouts you can only work the sidelines hoping to get out of bounds here the middle of the field still available because you can call timeout and regroup and a dangerous throw there incomplete he threw that into coverage it was nearly intercepted an incomplete pass leads to second and 10 from the 25. fitzpatrick now and that throw behind his man he missed him incomplete he's trying to get it to terry mclaurin and it's third down [ __ ] badger gonna give to gibson and he won't be close to a first down as he runs into a wall right around the line of scrimmage now a timeout called for by the defense as he'll stop it with just over a minute to go before halftime here's tressway now as he'll kick it away for the second time on the reach and all deep in his own territory he caughts up the football and it's washington that scoops it up and he gets [Applause] [Music] touchdown on his hopkins now for the extra point [Applause] it's good to make it 17-7 the scoop and score always an exciting play in football and we witnessed it there grabbing it off the ground and then rumbling it into the end zone for six so here's the kickoff now as he'll get it again following that fumble return for a score taking it about the one and he returns this to the 22. [Applause] [Music] now this offense trotting back onto the field let's turn our attention here to ronald jones he's just been looking for some space yeah i'm not going to pin it on him or the offensive line but they need to get this run game going better sometimes just have to credit the defense they came in with a plan themselves so i think now you try and mix things up a little bit get the ball in the hands of some other people find some other play makers but always let the defense believe that he's still a threat don't forget about it no don't take him totally out of the game the completion but they go in the wrong direction a loss of yards and now they're dealing with a second and long here's brady to throw got his man complete over the middle it's evans the buck's gonna go ahead and use the second of their timeouts as they'll stop it with just over 40 seconds to go in the first half brady gonna throw a check down here to jones yeah boy he is very close to a first down but from where they're spotting that football he's going to be a foot or so short of four on the plane and it'll be fourth down but it wasn't a big strike but that completion put them in really great range what do we have now fourth in inches yeah it's not more than a half a foot you know what i would do here you would always go for it i'm one of those guys so on now is the clemson man bradley pinion to pump this one away steven sim set to return it for washington we have hit halftime still two more quarters to go we'll take a time out we'll be back after this you're watching the nfl and it's on ea sports it's in the game all right brandon thanks very much we saw a strong first half from our quarterback first up though let's take a look at the next-gen stats from the first half for the bucks and they didn't get a whole lot accomplished through the air in those first two quarters of play they'll need to up their game if they want to rally all the way back meanwhile for washington we check out their numbers on the ground as they'll try to keep the momentum going into the second half both teams currently making their final adjustments we're getting ready for the second half so we'll send it back up to fedex field and hand things back over to brandon garden all right coach thank you and we welcome everyone back for quarter number three a 10-point game 17-7 to score as we get back to it on ea sports and not willing to risk another fumble he'll sit on this one it's a touch back out come the buccaneers they'll have it first to start in the third quarter and they're down on the scoreboard sort of a sloppy first half and coach davis if you were in the locker room what would the message have been i think i'd have to go with something you don't ordinarily go with in the nfl that's a fire and brimstone you've got to fire these guys up make them and he loses the football the second time and it's washington that scoops it up and he's gonna return it to the 21-yard line and they came out of the locker trailing not a good way to start the second half for their first drive can't imagine that the discussion at halftime encompassed this at all in fact i'm sure they talked about okay kind of wipe the slate clean start the second half and let's go out and play the way we know that we can that's not a great example of it they didn't envision that [Applause] they'll run with mckesson and he'll go down here at the 12-yard line give him 10 yards on the pickup and that'll make it second and a foot or so i remember a coaching friend of mine used to tell us running backs before games make sure you run and jog with your offensive line in pregame get used to the ground shaking with those big behemoths start to create space for you up front he did a pretty good job of just following those guys through there for a nice explosive run that'll be a loss of a yard and it leads to a third down they'll run with gibson and they corral them just a couple yards shy of the end zone they're able to convert on third down and that sets up a first and goal so it's pretty simple partner you pick up a turnover set you up in excellent field position the last thing you want to do is go three and out in this spot yeah they would have to settle for and he fights his way into the end zone touchdown washington antonio gibson taking it in from two yards out and washington able to capitalize on the short field as they take it in for six and that's a drive that makes everyone happy on that bench because they accomplish exactly what they set out to do take care of the football eat up a little clock end up in the end zone now they've got to push it for the rest of the game they didn't just help themselves offensively to help their defense out as well [Applause] extra point goodbye hopkins and that'll make this a score game now the lead moves to 17. [Music] the touchdown dustin hopkins will kick it away and not willing to risk another fumble he'll sit on this one it's a touch back here comes the tampa bay offense now heading back out onto the field and they had the fumble last time that led to a touchdown that's a no-no we'll see what they do here let's go around a big no-no put that in capital letters turning it over the other team takes it down and scores that can be a deflator for a football team now it's up to the offense to get back out on the field and pick things up they're out there we'll see if they can pick those things back up and they get him down but not before he takes it across the 40-yard line 17 yards on the play as they try to eat into this 17-point deficit and mike evans has been the model of consistency and excellence seven years in the league he's been a yard receiver seven times the first guy in league history to do that and he makes another catch there for a first down one play has him up past the 40 already and another first and ten now brady [Applause] this is caught by evans [Applause] touchdown tampa bay [Applause] mike evans 58 yards and the bucks are able to cut in now to that deficit for as big and strong as some of these guys are especially when you see them in full pads it is sometimes hard to appreciate how truly fast they can move that was incredible that's the kind of play where you have to kind of catch your breath afterwards so just give me a second here because when he shifted into high gear he was an absolute blur out there no substitute for speed we talk about that all the time the evidence was right there and if you're wondering how fast he was going next-gen stats clocked him at close to 21 miles an hour extra point up and good by sucka and the lead is trimmed down to 10. [Applause] and following the touchdown now it's bradley pinion on to kick this one away and here comes oh and this is gonna wind up a safety and you know the man who sat in my chair the last few years he has a theory these plays and safeties are so rare maybe they should be worth more than two maybe four points i think he's got a great point i really do brandon but i would go ahead and up it to six i'm a former defender to me that's like scoring a touchdown yeah the ball is knocked out [Applause] back now comes tampa bay and for them a touchdown their last go around obviously they'll be hoping to do that again and when you start plotting for this drive when you start thinking to yourself what are we going to do you don't go away from what you did before because that worked but you have to be prepared for wrinkles and now a fumble brady loses the football and it's washington that scoops it up and they'll have a short field to work with inside the 15 at the 13-yard line we know he's got the speed to get down field charles but there's the negative side a little loose with the football that time and that's normal especially when you have his type of talents because you feel like you're into the open field and maybe you don't feel the people who are around you or closing in all quarterbacks have to do extra ball security drills with the way the game's played now because defenses they attack the football as much as they attack the runner first down fitzpatrick and it's nearly an interception but it's incomplete but a turnover really would have helped him there but not to be to throw again on second down fitzpatrick he's got it and he'll be taken down at the two-yard line fits patrick to mclaren there first down washington they'll try to run with gibson and he'll take this into the end zone touchdown washington antonio gibson his second touchdown and washington able to capitalize on this short field as they take it in for six just power football there down near the goal line give it to him he's able to push his way across yeah they went heavy there sometimes you have those big offensive linemen coming after report like they're eligible but all they're doing is getting a good stance blocking and getting their runner across the goal line hopkins with the extra point and the lead is up to 15 now scoring summary three-play drive and it's culminated by a two-yard touchdown run [Applause] [Applause] following the touchdown dustin hopkins will kick it away and not willing to risk another fumble he'll sit on this one it's a touch back and tampa bay trots out there now and the turnover last time that's sort of been symptomatic of their struggles here in this one big word i like it though because you're exactly right all came long they've struggled moving the ball turning it over on the last possession is that where to get symptomatic yeah i like that your analysis symptomatic of the success of this broadcast what i like is that you gave me the word i just kept using it they throw right away that's complete out on the right side the completion but they go in the wrong direction the loss of yards and now they're dealing with a second and long [Applause] [Applause] brady and that's incomplete we've gotta give out a little applause on that play it has to go to the defense more good work by them they've taken away the passing lanes [Applause] [Music] and those two just have been in sync thus far they've done a nice job against him but still with his talent you would expect him to have more completions to him in this game [Applause] we'll call that a pun of 54 yards well struck and it will be washington football now with the first and ten a look at washington as they come onto the field this is sort of what you would call the put away drive as they score here especially a touchdown it's almost out of reach it certainly feels that way and i think that they're going to call their plays accordingly because what you really want to do even though you know the scoreboard is still up there and the game's going to go on he's got it he got it and they finally get him down but not before he reaches the 34. [Applause] yeah boys cd it's one thing to watch a great run but when it's a great run with broken contact it's like a cherry on top that was a nice play yeah this defense has had its share of problems getting guys to the ground and here's another example they never should have allowed this play to gain as many yards as it did before tackling early in the play led to big yardage after the fact and the next gen stats shows us the tale of how much yardage he was able to pick up after the initial contact and that is gonna do it for this third quarter of action you are watching the nfl audie sports back now at fedex field it's washington with the football and the lead as we start the fourth so the big play changes the complexion of things here's first and ten just outside the 30. dancing to his left space to run past the 20. no one there to help out downfield but no problem scrambling for 22 to first partner it's often that man coverage is easier for a quarterback to run against you get your receivers going downfield those guys are staying with them and oftentimes they have their back to the quarterback which opens up a lot of space in room and they don't even know that he's taking off with it what a big time pick up on that play from down at the 12 it's first and 10. [Applause] they'll try and run some clock here as they keep it on the ground and this play goes nowhere losing yardage back to the 15. it's a loss of four there bringing up second down brandon it's clearly a running situation when you're up in the fourth quarter they're gonna have to stack the box and make it difficult for them to move the ball made it very difficult right there now they need to repeat that effort yeah bring seven eight nine whatever it's gonna take to slow him down it looks like a pickup of six that leaves him with seven yards to go on third down from the gun fitzpatrick [Applause] yeah that one's gonna be knocked away and incomplete jordan whitehead there defensively hopkins kick is good and that will make this now an 18-point ball game [Music] so that almost certainly the final piece to this puzzle a three-score lead i don't think there's any coming back from there well you know normally i'd get on you for giving up on the game right here but i do think you're right in this case this late in the game two scores is tough enough three i'm with you that seems out of the question and not willing to risk another fumble he'll sit on this one it's a touch back now the buccaneer offense gets set to take over and on the last go around they really couldn't get anything going they had to punt from deep inside their own territory which means they're going to lose the field position battle as a general rule what they're looking for now is a little more consistency move the ball at least a few times on offense get a couple of first downs and hopefully flip the field just something to build off of that's what they're looking for here and he's going to be drop following a pick up at 7. past the 30 to the 32 seven yards to pick up there that's just his second catch of the game they wanted to keep him silent they have kept him silent defensive football 101. don't let the best player on offense beat you take him out of the game they've done a great job of doing that they'll operate from the 32-yard line here second and three to throw it's brady on the screen bernard [Applause] and he'll get it out near the 40 to the 39. that one a first down pickup of eight to throw is brady now a desperation throw deep down field and this is dropped oh it's incomplete he had a big gainer in his sights but he could not reel it in so line of scrimmage still at 39 on second and 10. [Applause] now brady [Applause] wide open gronkowski yeah he's going to be out of bounds but not before he takes it inside the 40. 23 yards the pickup there well i can put my defensive cap on right now and i know they're saying don't give up any big plays now they've controlled this game throughout and all they want to do is see it through to the end i think they let their guard down a little bit with that last completion sometimes when you're trying not to give up bigger plays you don't react as fast as you should on other throws [Applause] so here's a first and ten at the 38. here's brady a quick pass here to godwin seven yards to pick up there they're gonna need to get up and set in a hurry [Applause] he completes it to evans and he's out of bounds almost gets to the 10. that one a gain of 20 in a first down clock management definitely critical here if they want to get back in this game absolutely agree they have to up the tempo in this case down a couple of scores want to make sure they have a chance to win this ball game now we're first and 10 at the 11. shotgun now for brady quickly to gronkowski that's khan [Applause] lucky there they keep possession inside the five second time he's fumbled in this game fortunate for him this one goes out of bounds and the key for him now is how much equity have you built up with your coaching staff how much equity have you built up with your team to continue to get opportunities fortunate that one went out of bounds saved him from a turnover second in short now following the fumble now brady again and in for the buccaneers touchdown tom brady hooking up with mike evans there and the buccaneers have got it back to a two-score game here in the fourth and yeah that touchdown counts for their team but i think it counts more for the fantasy guys doesn't it yeah it's just something maybe positive to look at on film but this one's over let's be honest yeah i agree with you totally on that one [Applause] and now it appears that the referee's been buzzed and we'll get a review and this being inside two minutes of play everything coming from up above [Applause] did he keep those feet in bounds that's the question they've got to decide and i gotta say watching it in real time it was awfully close yeah certainly looked like a heck of a catch because he didn't appear to bobble it which could complicate things but even with the benefit of replay that's pretty tight well here's the call so the folks in new york just going to wind up confirming what the officials saw as this play will stand as is [Applause] extra point put through by sucka and that'll make this now an 11-point deficit [Applause] so two scores down time definitely not an ally but here comes the onside kick and this will be recovered by washington and that should just about do it they knew they needed a miracle they had to have that onside kick they didn't get it well as we knew even before they put the the toads of the leather on that one their chances of getting that done slim and none and i do believe we saw slim just leave the door didn't we we did indeed i think we're down to none now the washington offense heading out and a few kneel down should just about do it now defensively they do have all three timeouts but very little reason to use them at this point [Applause] [Music] on first and ten it's gibson room here to run and he's going to get this one down to the edge of the red zone let's go now the buck's going to use the first of their timeouts as they get the stoppage with a little over 50 seconds left to go in the game running jet sweep here humphreys he's dropped just inside the 20 a little second effort there but couldn't find a whole lot of space here's second and nine shotgun hand off to gibson shreds the tackle and he's going to push his way down to about the 12. the box forced to use their third and final timeout as they'll stop it with just over 40 seconds to go in the game [Applause] they'll go again with gibson and gibson looking for some kind of opening but he has none they rally up to stop him short of the marker he needed two he got one and that's going to leave him with fourth down and a yard well they picked up a portion of it but not all that they needed now that leads to a decision on fourth and one let's see what they decide to do [Music] and ron rivera he's going to keep the offense on the field they're going for it now fitzpatrick to the right side and complete to thomas and he will have the first down before he's brought down at the three this game has been a lesson a clinic in how to throw the football i mean even with a big lead they're not turning off the engine they're not getting off the gas at all they plan to keep going adam and it's working for them so a victory here for the washington football team and i think you'd have to label this an upset yes they were at home but still an upset they got the job done yeah even being at home was not enough for people to think they were going to pull this one off but give them credit for playing not just a smart football game but one where they were going to be physical about the whole thing they put up their fist and said let's fight and show their crowd that they were into this one then that's the thing the crowd responded they were really good in this game yeah they were not going to be pushed around they were not going to be intimidated they refused to back down and came away with a victoryWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch 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at: 37:00 / 37:20Watch at: 37:20 / 37:40Watch at: 37:40 / 38:00Watch at: 38:00 / 38:20Watch at: 38:20 / 38:40Watch at: 38:40 / 39:00Watch at: 39:00 / 39:20Watch at: 39:20 / 39:40Watch at: 39:40 / 40:00Watch at: 40:00 / 40:20Watch at: 40:20 / 40:40

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