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    Magic: Legends – Beastcaller Class Gameplay

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    Check out 16 minutes of Beastcaller class gameplay from Magic: Legends, the upcoming Magic: The Gathering massively multiplayer online action-RPG for PC, ...


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    Comment (49)

    1. I was under the impresion that Magic:Legends was supost to be an MMORPG, not a Diablo-esc hack and slash. I find myself rather disapointed by that as I was rather looking foward to the idear of creating your own custom character in a MTG setting.

    2. Is it just me or is the voice acting kinda…bad? I'm sure it's not the actor's fault, probably the fault of the director. Especially Captain Ayani… SO much emphasis on every other syllable! "COURT marshalled for DISobeying my orders." "Yes, I am certain your EVidence is VEry conVINcing. It is unFORtunate…" Sounds really fake to me

    3. When I imagined the idea of a MMO MTG RPG. I saw a bunch of people gathering to kill a giant crater hoof behemoth, that is larger than anything you see in Shadow of the Colossus. That's how it's supposed to be…

    4. They do understand that mmo usually means multiple people in a lobby, grinding lvl, and so on right? Not mmo meaning they expect massive amount of people playing a RPG.

    5. I’m exited for this to drop. Hopefully they take their time on graphics and everything else. I miss MTG since they took the card game from PlayStation. I don’t have time to go to card shops or Friday night Magic So this will be beyond amazing.

    6. If they're trying to target the ARPG gaming audience, they gotta do better than this. Right now it LOOKS and PLAYS like a mobile game. I think this is gonna be another game that's doomed to fail within 2 months of release.

    7. This looks terrible. Why would any play this Lost Ark, Diablo or Path of Exile? Riot is also working on a hack n slay and there is no way it will be worse then this.

    8. What if this was more like Orcs Must Die? Triggered abilities are the traps, spells and summons are the weapons/trinkets, combo kills restore mana (coins), clearing waves increases mana pool. Some sort of versus king of the hill mode…

    9. If you told me this was a new class in diablo, I would believe you. I'm sad to see this is how it turned out. I was told it would be an epic MTG MMO. Not a diablo clone.

    10. I’m a huge Magic the Gathering and I was excited when they announced an MMORPG. But it seems like they changed there plans for the game. Sorry Wizard but I’m not gonna play that thing.

    11. I like it. But i really wanted an open world rpg type of game. Not this but ok, i accept it. I just dont understand how MTG keeps on failing their own franchise, MTGA was the best thing they made, EVER, so far.


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