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    SearchThisVideo: Magic Legends: What Are Classes And What ARE The Classes?

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    everyone colleague old here again so

    magic legends as you may or may not know

    they announced that we're finally going

    to get alpha invite starting in June so

    that's very good news for this game that

    quite a few of us have been highly

    anticipating so what I've done because

    of that announcement and everything

    that's happening we know we're getting

    closer I'm starting to go back in and

    look more deeply into the information

    that they've provided and so I've

    decided to go ahead and start again with

    a more dialed in video series for the

    game and for me that the natural choice

    is to look first at the classes three

    classes we know that we've gotten

    information for I believe two more are

    gonna be added for a total of five when

    the game launches but there's plenty of

    information here and stuff to look at

    for the three classes so gonna look at

    how the class system works to the best

    of my ability and then what is unique

    about each class as well keep in mind

    I'm working with the information they've

    given me and anything is subject to

    change and as always everything I say

    here today could be completely wrong or

    partially wrong but I'm using this as

    also just denote using this as an

    opportunity for myself in addition to

    anyone else that's kind enough to watch

    the videos and get something out of it

    it's allowing me to reinforce anything

    that I've learned so far so though when

    I do start playing the game hopefully

    it'll be a little bit easier for me to

    really get deep into it okay so let's

    get started with classes so before

    looking at what each class has to offer

    on its own which actually isn't a very

    exhaustive list but I did want to look

    at that especially from a solo and group

    play aspect from the information we have

    I wanted to look at just generally

    speaking what is a class in this game

    take a look at this picture that they

    provided and then

    went in and completely marked it up to

    the best of my ability let's let's take

    a look at how I think in what it looks

    like how classes work in this game as

    opposed to all the other abilities that

    are going to be available and we'll

    probably drill into those if it makes

    logical sense in future videos after the

    class video here so take a look at the

    screen at the highest level from what

    I'm looking at here you've got your XP

    bar over here on the Left got your


    you've got your loadout so here's your

    loadout see at the top here map a guide

    loadouts library I think the library is

    just all your spells and that's where

    you make your spell deck which is going

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    to consist of 12 so you'll have a

    library spells and then you'll make a

    deck and I think you'll be naming that

    deck you'll have a certain amount of

    deck so you can make from the 12 now

    when you create a new class you're gonna

    get some inherent spells that you can

    use that are outside of this here

    that'll the outside of the class here so

    you'll have an inherent deck that you'll

    be able to use but in the future you'll

    be making decks from your library and

    then for your loadout for your class

    you'll be picking a particular deck that

    you made decks consist of twelve spells

    okay so we've got loadouts and then

    we're in the class screen let's take a

    look at this one here the geomancer this

    is level 29 so as with other ARPGs as

    you level up you've gained some passives

    here's some real deep passives like

    another ARPGs for the geomancer whereby

    your health increases as you level up

    and in this case your spell damage

    increases as you level up so passive

    leveling boosts okay now you see over

    here on the Left I've got passives

    abilities perks and traits okay for the

    class let's take a look at these traits

    is gonna be a little bit of an outlier

    explain why in a moment it's listed on

    the page here but the big thing here are

    the passives abilities and

    perks so you've got a geomancer class

    that you picked I've got some inherent

    spells you can work with but the class

    itself has inherent things about it and

    innate things about it

    passive leveling boosts and abilities so

    you're going to have abilities for that

    particular class right here in eat

    abilities that come with your class

    think of them as encounter powers or any

    other game how you want to look at this

    these are unique to the class that you

    picked okay

    innate abilities in this case Magna fost

    magma fist volcanic fury fury asleep as

    an example here abilities this Lissa's

    outside of the spells okay outside of

    the spells that you're used to with

    Magic the Gathering

    now as you as you level up again these

    abilities now can be enhanced okay and

    that's where ability upgrades come into

    play so notice the levels these happen

    pretty early in the game increased

    potency or adds additional effects we're

    not gonna look at exactly what those are

    just know that it's here so as you level

    up passive leveling boosts occur here

    also you'll have the capability to I

    don't know if this selection or not not

    important right now

    you've got ability upgrades that occur

    as you level up level four level several

    over ten notice that this is called mag

    magma fist so it's probably increasing

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    the potency or adding an additional

    effect for for this particular ability

    so so that takes care of passive

    leveling boosts we've got innate

    abilities that are available at the

    beginning depending on the class you

    pick and then as you level up you're

    going to increase the potency or add

    additional effects to those abilities in

    the ability upgrades what's next what's

    an extra class perks again unique to the

    class okay more passive boosts as you

    level up even higher notice these perks

    which give you particular boosts and you

    can look at you'll be able to probably

    click these and look over what those

    effects are

    those take place a little bit later

    notice level 15 level 22 so more passive

    boosts as you level up okay so there

    that takes care of passives abilities

    and perks for your class one last thing

    on this page for at least for now for

    this class is the trait now the unique

    thing about the trade is that for that

    class that you picked when you reach max

    level you unlock a trait for that class

    the thing about it is though is that

    that trait is laudable so this trade

    here at max level may be called heart of

    iron and it belongs it may be the trait

    that unlocks for the geomancer but it's

    slaw double so it's global you could

    create another class after you've maxed

    this one and now you will have a class

    trait available to pick to slot into

    here again this is going to be one of

    those things to make it to where it's

    going to be to your advantage to level

    up and max out every class right and I

    think there's some other things that are

    gonna help in that area as well

    especially when it comes to artifacts

    okay so just for the classes here you're

    gonna for your class good idea to might

    take your class that you've chosen to

    max level to unlock the trait which is

    going to be slaughter bull into any

    future class that you picked okay see

    you do we miss anything else here we got

    that covered that covered that covered

    this is done this is done spell deck

    separate from this artifacts and traits

    are separate so notice here your loadout

    we were on the class page for the

    loadout your deck is going to be the 12

    spells you're gonna pick artifacts

    another system we'll talk about which

    again global stuff I think it's gonna be

    where another advanced to running all

    classes to max level I got a look at

    that again but we'll cover that in

    another video we'll dig I'll keep

    dialing in on this stuff okay and then

    traits we just talked about traits okay

    next is going to be about the individual

    classes now that we have so far

    what what is unique about those from

    just a gameplay experience for solo play


    what we already talked about and from a

    group play dynamic

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    the geomancer geomancer's derived if

    you're an MTG Magic the Gathering lore

    fan derived from COFF geomancers

    described as a durable earthen melee

    character and attributed to the red red

    mana has a molten style gameplay

    credible strength high level of mobility

    they have a shield that can be used to

    boost their outgoing damage or use it to

    mitigate incoming damage the geomancer

    is considered a defensive tank and a

    support class as well you can deal high

    levels of damage but also add

    survivability to the party so that as I

    was saying earlier I'm I'm interested in

    these classes at this point now beyond

    just what they do solo I'm interested in

    the multiplayer dynamics I believe you

    can go three people in a party and I we

    want to see in the future if there's

    gonna be like in-game dungeons that's

    party based and what is it you can do

    for your party and yourself when going

    in with a group so I'm at this point I'm

    really interested in the group dynamic

    and what a class brings to the group I

    know for myself I like playing support

    classes of a certain type so I think

    each class has some support capabilities

    now I want to choose what capability I

    want to use or since you can bring in

    spells from all over the place

    maybe I want to just build my deck out

    of out of support spells based on what

    my other party members are using so I I

    don't know if your base class is going

    to be that critical from a party play


    that'll be as we say part of the

    discovery process once we start playing

    the game

    the mind mage derived from Jay speller

    in an MTG lore mine mage is seen as

    having psychic powers telepathy

    telekinesis illusions and manipulation

    fully attributed to the blue mana mine

    mage is a capable damage dealer as well

    as an expert manipulator ability to

    prevent incoming damage and stop enemies

    from hitting back

    I'm gonna read verbatim now from the dev

    blog solo and group play solo players

    will be able to lock swarms of enemies

    down and create distance with their

    class abilities they can then utilize

    summons and sorceries to quickly

    dispatch of those who oppose them in the

    group dynamic a mind mage can utilize

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    debuffs and control effects to

    significantly reduce the damage enemies

    are able to deal to their team all the

    while they're able to maintain a medium

    distance with their primary attack and

    deal solid damage so we have the

    geomancer which is considered a tank see

    I'm looking for these MMO roles here

    geomancer potential tank mine mage

    potential control the beasts collar

    derived from guru quiet speaker and knee

    so Riven Greenmount tribution here for

    this particular class the beasts collar

    as its name describes the beasts collar

    works in tandem with the summoned


    they've augmented let me read again

    since they did such a great job let me

    read directly from the dev blog for the

    most part here during solo play the

    beasts collar summons their creatures

    and makes them more efficient with

    tactical buffs buffing your own

    creatures when not summoning or buffing

    the beasts collar Cleaves away at their

    foes with powerful axe swipes and

    decimates enemies with damaging

    sorceries that leverage the strength of

    their current summons in the group play

    dynamic they can provide some healing to

    their teammates

    while still dealing certain significant

    damage to their foes so that's the beast

    caller so that's what I have so far for

    how the class dynamic works in magic

    legends and we covered the three that we

    know like said earlier on there will be

    two more that apparently going to come

    with the game so five at launch

    potentially so they'll be plenty to do

    in this game even from a solo

    perspective they'll be plenty to do then

    so that'll take care of the classes that

    I know so far I think in the next video

    here I'm gonna go through the blogs and

    see what it is I want to drill into next

    possibly the artifacts and realms and

    stuff like that not sure yet or the

    spells themselves maybe the spells is

    next I don't know yeah maybe the spells

    so that'll be it for today's video and

    then let you guys know the Alpha

    starting next month if I do get invited

    of course and anyone else you'll be

    under NDA non-disclosure agreement so we

    any videos that I make or during alpha

    can only come from publicly disclosed

    information by the company or their

    media partners anything that's in the

    Alpha cannot be disclosed just let you

    know okay thank you guys see you next


    In this video I attempt to take a deeper look into the class system and the initial classes that are available. Picking a starting class is ONLY the beginning of your ...


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    Comment (4)

    1. Picking a starting class is ONLY the beginning of your progression. Classes have innate abilities. The Spell system however, allows you to add huge capabilities from across the Magic universe by being able to combine up to two of ANY color in your spell deck.

    2. I hope I’m wrong but from what I’ve seen, I can’t see this game being worth playing. It looks visually, very cartoony, a bit like Torchlight but not anywhere near as good. It looks like a mobile game and that includes what is show here in the class abilities and progression. It looks like it lacks depth. The limit of 3 players in a party is a put off too. It’s built for console players, not for pc. It just doesn’t look like a serious arpg to me, more like a casual play when you feel like it game.


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