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    yo welcome back welcome back good at

    know ladies and gentlemen it's you boy

    made me another coming to you back

    liable for another video game reaction

    today we're gonna be reacting to

    maquette Orma quit depend on our house

    burn us

    I like this maquette don't quote me on

    it it is a puzzle game I'm pretty much

    on the perspective of objects and point

    of view where if you looked at your sad

    mirrored I'll just may appear closer

    than you think

    that's sort of perspectives stuff that

    you think is so tiny that is out of your

    reach but it in a difference of

    perspective they can be it's set

    insanely large so let's go ahead and

    take a look at this puzzle game

    I'd like to introduce a game that we've

    been working on for the past few years

    called maquette the first-person puzzle

    game set and world that is nested inside

    of itself recursively the player will

    use these nested recursive worlds to

    solve a completely unique set of puzzles

    let me show you how this works here you

    can see this big castle an ornate dome

    over here and these towers the orange

    cube is blocking our way to the towers I

    can't pick it up or move it because it's

    too big and heavy but if we go inside

    this dome you'll see we have a smaller

    version of the same world you can see a

    smaller castle or an a dome towers and a

    smaller version of the cube an exact

    copy of the larger world is nested

    inside of the small world because this

    cube is much smaller we can pick it up

    and move it around and when we do that

    we can see it gets moved in the

    regular-sized world as well now that we

    have moved the large cube out of the way

    we can access that area of the game

    anything that we do in the small world

    is reflected in the regular world around

    us there are a lot of exciting

    implications to this it's running in

    real time so if we drop the cube here

    you can actually see the larger version

    moving in the regular world and if you

    look very closely in the background you

    can see another even larger cube moving

    in a larger world out there what we have

    a simulation on all these levels of

    recursion that was a simple example but

    we can do some really cool stuff and

    unexpected ways using recursion here we

    have a key that we can use to open this

    door once we get inside we see we have a

    gap to large to cross by jumping

    maquette asks you to think about new

    ways to use ordinary objects in this

    case the solution is to take this key

    which is tiny and bring it into the

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    maquette by placing it across the gap it

    can be used as a full-sized bridge in

    the regular-sized world I want it I want

    it I want it place it on the wall and

    now use it as a ramp to get out of the

    regular-sized world into even a larger

    world the game will take you to these

    worlds and beyond to a larger world

    where tiny cracks and walls become

    doorways to enter new areas these

    puzzles lead the player through a love

    story about two people growing together

    you'll explore the scale of everyday

    problems in a modern relationship where

    sometimes the smallest of issues can

    become insurmountable obstacles and

    that's maquette a totally unique puzzle

    experience we're really excited for you

    to play this on PlayStation 5 as well as

    in a station for

    I like it I like it I like it I want it

    I want it got dancing very dope concert

    they may have been games like that

    before but I have certainly have not

    seen or played them before but yo

    Deborah go check that out

    thank you for tuning in did she put me

    memo signing up you guys have a wife

    This definitely has my interest...I want to play. Follow me on Social Media Below INSTAGRAM- https://www.instagram.com/vgxmademenxmelo FACEBOOK- ...


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