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    we're back at the princess's castle or

    Bowser's here what is he doing

    Oh what do you think he's doing here

    obviously is here to kidnap the princess

    no no no no no this is how it all begins

    dude this is how the rivalry between

    Mario and Bowser starts attacking me

    when my back is turned huh well that's

    typical come here super coward bros

    every time you insult me and i best you

    I prove you wrong

    but I mean it's whatever did Bowser de I

    love you look at him he looks so much

    cooler in this game before he looked

    like a weird mutated Koopa but now he

    looks pretty cool he does look like

    Bowser look at the way he's like you

    know fisting up his hands well not

    anymore I guess cuz toad interrupted him

    Mario time to battle please defeat

    Bowser just like you always do I got you

    my boy don't worry about this so this is

    actually a really really sick oh my gosh

    peaches eyes are Roy or maybe that's not

    her eyes those are her hands covering

    her eyes I was gonna say her pupils are

    gone that's really really creepy all

    right feel free to check the guide if

    there's anything you want to brush up on

    no I don't think I need to guys I played

    paper jam I played dreamteam I'm

    familiar with the 3ds mario and luigi

    games here we go one duo we did it as

    you can see we got the excellent it I'm

    assuming this game is actually gonna be

    a lot easier than the other Mario and

    Luigi games that's usually how the games

    have been getting they're a lot more

    oriented towards younger kids which is

    fine I mean I'm just here for the

    adventure not really the gameplay as

    much because I played this game on the

    GBA and Virtual Console so many times

    you know I'm just sure for the remake

    wahoo that's our hero just as expected I

    mean well you should expect nothing less

    thought oh wow I gave you that one that

    was a freebie man

    Mario avoid Bowser's attacks by jumping

    pressed a button when a fireball is just

    old come on I know I know how to avoid

    his attacks Oh No

    okay maybe I got a little too cocky

    there am i bad I'm gonna listen to you

    more often - it might be all right let's

    see I want I want you to spin another

    fireball at me go ahead oh yeah what you

    would switch what you got on me Bowser

    nothing and I love how on the bottom

    screen they give you a lot of

    information on how to attack wait that

    was it Bowser are you serious it only

    took three jumps to kill you well I mean

    that's what you get for

    trying to attack me if you are giving us

    the chase just to get your silly

    princesses voice then you are idiots of

    foolishness princess peach's sweet voice

    will soon be the bread that makes the

    sandwich fqac lettuce desires and this

    battle shall be the delicious mustard on

    that bread the mustard LBO dude woman oh


    Kyra this dude's metaphor is one blast

    and knock the evil King Koopa out there

    that's unacceptable Balasore you're such

    a weakling you are a weakling next at

    the 10 of you and this is our first boss

    battle technically outside of Bowser

    with the bros we're battling fawful dude

    level 2 all right we could do this so

    you can't really do much outside of

    jumping on this guy considering we don't

    have any bro moves yet and that's it I

    mean other than that there's really

    nothing else and bad moves I'm sure

    think rats so all we can do is just

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    dodge his attacks and continue jumping

    on him but yeah he looks pretty nice in

    this game I like the read that the

    remake version of this it looks very

    very cool and just so you guys know this

    game isn't in 3d like dream-team and

    paper jam where it's all it's all good

    because I don't actually play the games

    in 3d but hey you want to touch this

    notes of texture before you taps watch

    what you said it's really carefully that

    mumbling stoppage pink rat fink rat see

    when you see red let me guess it's going

    to Luigi ha ha just kidding go to Mario

    to talk to you Mario of course he is I

    got this all enemies have a hint in

    their attacks so keep your eyes on them

    so yeah that's also another thing that

    they did to make the game easier have

    your readiness for this alright here we


    Luigi's turn dodge it very nice who's he

    talking oh they didn't even say anything

    about Mario but that was very obvious so

    you don't necessarily need to follow

    that to be to know who he's attacking

    exactly I mean it's pretty obvious oh

    now is when I ran you who's he coming

    for Oh sucka die alright so yeah he

    looks very weird without his helmet top

    was left as definitely not as

    intimidating without his helmet he's not

    even fawful without his helmet he's just

    a weird-looking being from the bean bean

    Kingdom dude alright here we go

    oh and stomp on him once again so let me

    see if what happens if I do assistance I

    don't know what

    that does oh it doesn't actually tell

    you when to click the action command

    what does it actually do

    maybe it's gonna highlight the the

    person that's gonna be attacked right

    now let's see oh it does okay I just

    wanted to see what it did you know just

    to double-check how could think cracks

    like you'd be such an awful nasty as me

    headgear you just called it back I

    thought we destroyed that thing I have

    theory well that sucks for you man don't

    mess around with the mario bros cuz

    they'll kill you huh you want out you

    want me to help you who said I'd do that

    swindler dude I told you we got scammed

    Mario Luigi are so gullible you're not

    in the Mushroom Kingdom anymore

    outsiders be gone and this is

    technically the official first battle as

    the bros with everything that we need to

    know so it's very easy battle oh wow any

    BP bro okay fine

    what does this do recovers 20 HP man

    luigi is also running pretty low on BP

    whatever it's all good you know we'll

    spend this time just uh just healing up

    ourselves why not go ahead feed yourself

    Luigi eat that syrup mmm delicious

    I could never sit up like that actually

    you know that's not true man every time

    I have pancakes I drown my pancakes in

    syrup like excessively man it's like to

    the point where it's unnecessary but you

    know I just love the taste of syrup on

    waffles on pancakes on oatmeal it's all

    good man okay let's go ahead and do this

    and boom and bam perfect - excellent

    hits not bad not bad at all but how

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    about this oh that was a scary laugh huh

    don't even jump he thinks he can trick

    me you really think you could trick me

    you fool oh I avoided him both ways okay

    a new battle guide was edged or a new

    guide was entered in the battle guide

    here we go

    another one of these one tool boom in

    the face so I don't know how much it oh

    no way you learned a new one already oh

    my gosh this is it guys we learned a new

    Broz attack we learned splash bros super

    splash bros that is the beauty man the

    more bros attacks you do

    the sooner you learn new attacks so you

    just got to keep doing them like take

    full advantage of them and then

    hopefully with Luigi we'll learn

    something as well pretty new that was it

    Wow no damage you killed him he took no

    damage at all that was pretty awesome so

    we got cosmic pants very nice

    I forgot you can switch your gear in

    this game as well which is pretty cool

    so you can increase your stats and

    whatnot now the next challenge is you

    must defeat me here we go he actually

    became a stone Goomba penguin

    thingamajig a bobber okay here we go


    Hortis all right so a couple things

    about this battle first and foremost you

    don't want to attack the pillow that

    he's under you want to attack the one

    that he's not hiding under why because

    he's eventually gonna end up hiding

    underneath that one and you want to take

    you want to catch him off guard pretty

    much when he has no pillars to hide

    under he's gonna be like see watch look

    at it okay oh yeah and then this thing

    shoots lasers my bad I didn't even know

    oh don't touch me don't touch me like

    that that's not okay

    so bros attacks should I do super splash

    I'll do super splash but Hortis level

    six here we go all right here we go one

    two three oh boy die I love that I love

    the there's nothing more satisfying than

    getting an excellent hit on an enemy it

    feels so good man so yeah you want to

    also destroy that block because also

    Hortis is going to try to hide

    underneath it as well again we'll do the

    same move why not here we go one two

    three and boom 25 damage so 50 damage so

    far oh he is angry he is like on the

    verge of exploding all right Luigi come

    on do this one too and boom

    20 damage wow that actually did it do as

    much damage as I would have thought it


    soon and he did learn super bounce bros

    oh my gosh we killed it it only took

    three hits no way and look at Luigi's

    upset every got we got some new apparel

    too which is nice so since the beginning

    of the episode we got 240 additional

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    coins added to our coins you know I just

    want to point that out

    I love coins man what can I say you have

    passed this test too now you must face

    the test of reaching the summit good

    luck to you is what I would say if I was

    a salty foods in this battle but I'm

    extremely salty so get out of here

    bye yeah guys that's it we beat Horace

    oh my gosh it's a dragon wha and the

    rock falls down the waterfall so you

    want to know how these houses all have

    craters in them it's because of that

    right there they live on a waterfall so

    sometimes the water will just flow big

    giant rocks in them and then boom Lyn in

    your house and then therefore you have a

    giant crater in the middle of your home

    well that's a shock talk about one crazy

    egg oh and it spits rocks out of its

    belly what that's crazy man and there

    goes blah planet on see you later man or

    dragon peace out so now we got to fight

    this thing this is this is the boss of

    whoo-hoo Mountain like it it did such a

    weird-looking dragon something like from

    Dragon Tales but this is a pretty easy

    boss battle you know you can easily do

    this it's not that bad I'm just gonna

    attack it straight away with bro attacks

    why not all right here we go

    one two three and then boom 27 damn it's

    not bad I'm gonna try to do take no

    damage on this oh well that literally uh

    that literally is not gonna happen I

    knew I swear to God I knew as I said it

    I was gonna take a hit I probably

    shouldn't have said it and then I would

    have ended up doing it without damage

    but the moment I put it in my head like

    that I was like yep I'm gonna screw it

    up big time all right

    boom boom seventeen and eighteen I like

    how they almost do identical damage

    because they're pretty much the same

    level next thing I got to do is just get

    a little wee Gees attack off because the

    thing is Luigi like Mario attacks and

    sometimes the enemies will attack like

    what just happened now and then Luigi

    attacks so I mean it's not like you get

    double attacks back-to-back I mean you

    do after Luigi but I'd like to get Mario

    Luigi and then the enemy attacks rather

    than Mario enemy attacks and Luigi Mario

    either way it doesn't matter it's not

    really that big of an issue but still

    like I like perfection when it comes to

    like my RPGs you know all right what's

    happening next all he's spitting out a

    rock do that just that feels like it

    would be painful dude like have you ever

    choked on something it hurts so bad

    imagine like spitting out a ginormous

    sized Rock like that alright here we go

    a face sucker boy so yeah he's almost

    dead you could tell just because of the

    fact that you know he's a glowing like

    that and there's two items here enemies

    that here we could oh gosh no I screwed

    that up wow that's not what I wanted to

    happen so what's he gonna do now what

    did he just do the rock is gone and he

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    got a little bit bigger what does that

    even mean I don't know I actually don't

    know what just happened to be honest but

    nonetheless it's still gonna be pretty

    easy to kill him boom you dead probably

    now I hope he doesn't die I want to

    finish him off with oh oh no he's dead I

    wanted the bros to both attack him it

    would have been nice to have Luigi go

    and then Mario but oh well next time we

    got a Baja badge so I think that's the

    first badge we got in the game perhaps

    the three of you could sit down over a

    tea to discuss the finger or the finer

    points of foreign policies the finger

    points what does that even mean I don't

    know man sometimes my brain reads words

    is like other words but yeah that's

    Queanbeyan so if you don't know who

    Queen bean is essentially she's like

    Fiona fused with Donkey Kong to make

    this aggressive-looking

    being Queen yes so she's actually pretty

    easy just to give you a couple of tips

    do not attack the head because

    the bros won't be able to handle the

    damage from her spikes

    I mean her tiara obvious he's royalty so

    it's made of the finest gold diamond

    whatever it may be and it's very very

    sharp so don't jump on that by accident

    but what we're gonna do here is we're

    gonna do a couple bro attacks like I

    said on the arms because once you get

    rid of the arms she becomes prone to

    I guess she becomes weak not weak but

    she becomes defenseless because I guess

    the only form of defense would be the

    tiara on your head and I don't want to

    use super bounce I want to just do

    bounce pros oh yeah let's do bounce buzz

    on the right arm might as well just get

    rid of one of the arms real quick oh

    crap I thought I was doing super balance

    my bad dang I just screwed that up but

    hey at least we killed the arm that's

    all that matters

    do I want to use this or that I'll use

    this one I'm so used to using their

    other bro attack moves that I'm actually

    confusing the tube between Luigi and

    Mario it's gonna get a little getting

    used to I guess are actually gonna do

    all she's gonna smack that and we can

    avoid it dodged the attack I'll write

    Lingus this one is BA B okay so I got to

    remember that one all right here we go

    it's gonna be B flippity backwards and

    then boom nevermind it wasn't even

    flipped backwards again I screwed it up

    but you see once your arms are back to

    normal size the TRF balls off her head

    and she is prone to being attacked on

    her face probably shouldn't attack the

    Queen like that on her face but it's all

    good you know she's not the Queen really

    right now she's not feeling herself I

    don't know what would a fixer oh oh yeah

    I forgot about this she spits out beans

    man so you guys know those beanies

    oh there's or the pair of beanies the

    ones with the wings I guess that's how

    they're created you know they're just

    spat out by Queen bean level pen all

    right here we go we're gonna do this

    attack this one's the Mario first Luigi

    then Luigi Mario very nice how is Mario

    still doing more damage dude oh never

    mind my bad I was looking at their

    defense C's they're almost the same but

    then I thought for some reason that was

    passed so yeah it makes more sense that

    look Mario's gonna be doing more damage

    all right we're gonna do this one again

    let's see how much damage we could do

    one two three all right Oh tornado in

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    her face she dead oh she is angry man

    she is about ready to

    you know going ballistic on us so she's

    gonna go ahead and start smacking

    everything cuz she's so mad this is when

    she gets scary I think she's gonna power

    up one more time so we have to be

    careful all right what's gonna be B hand

    is it dead oh come on I thought maybe we

    can one-shot it okay never mind it's not

    that bad that we didn't want shot it but

    hey at least she's not like I don't know

    why I was under the impression she did

    different attacks hmm that's weird all

    right what are we gonna do now here we


    me all right spin and then land I'm man

    perfecting these bro attacks and then

    watch now that I said that I'm gonna

    miss this one I'm gonna totally butcher

    it I'm not gonna do it on purpose I'm

    gonna try my best to actually get it

    there we go and oh man 25 come on we're

    the luckiest guys we're the luckiest oh

    yeah this is the part where oh yeah get

    back from me dude don't you dare touch

    Mario that's disgusting I don't want

    them being juice all over me so super

    splash bros it is I think this might be

    the finishing blow by the way I don't

    know if you guys noticed this but look

    at the background it's so cool I love

    the armor that they have just going on

    there it's so so nice looking like I

    love just the way they updated

    everything in this game all right what

    are we doing now we're gonna do B and a

    and then B unfortunately the Ouija is

    out of B P but it doesn't matter we

    killed Queen beam I don't think we took

    any damage from her maybe we did I don't

    remember I'll have to look at look back

    at it but we got the Queen's token and

    150 exp points so far the most exp

    points we've got and in a single battle

    was right here

    so yeah notice how they didn't even give

    me any BP wow this game is so stingy

    what there is no way okay hold on did

    you see that guys if you let the wheel

    spin we didn't have a level up game what

    well open up those ears punks I purple

    shadow thief if it filter what does that

    even mean like flinch or something of

    the world's riches bet you that I get

    that your color is FS trucky go to it

    and thus begins a boss battle between

    cookie in Papua and then you want to

    make sure that poeple doesn't hit you

    because if he does what ends up

    happening is he takes away any items

    that you have and you don't want that I

    mean who would want poeple to have our

    items so you can either attack poeple

    first or rookie personally I like

    killing poeple I'm gonna do that I'm

    gonna kill poeple first two three four

    and then BAM land on the face of poeple

    so yeah this is pretty cool man

    Bowser how dare you guys try to mess

    with the boss I love how he's called

    rookie in this to like that's just so

    insulting to Bowser like think about it

    Bowser's a rookie character I mean he

    went from being a king to a rookie I

    don't know how I would feel about that

    to be honest but what are we doing next

    super balanced bros all right Mario

    Luigi show him what you got show him

    what that foots made of why did you

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    attack rookie man you're supposed to

    talk pop well that's why I let you guys

    attack him but yeah I mean like I said

    there's really no way that you have to

    do this like there's no specific way I

    mean I'm in like I said just kill pop oh

    my gosh what you doing what you doing

    Mac him get away from me oh he is angry

    he knows he's about to die soon

    well sucka I'm about to you know burst

    that bubble of yours you're not gonna

    get any more oh wow that sucks I don't

    know I keep talking smack and then I end

    up screwing myself up but you want what

    I notice is that when you like hold the

    hammer it actually has a lot more a lot

    more time that you can charge it up for

    without it because usually if you try to

    block way too early the hammer ends up

    falling off of their hands so you're not

    able to do a decent block one two come

    on why don't you attack pop oh man this

    doesn't make any sense all right what

    you're gonna do okay look at that I

    literally hold it so early this is so

    much different from the other Mario and

    Luigi games or I guess from the original

    game like it's a lot easier which is

    fine and I keep saying that but it's

    like because I'm playing this and I'm

    just now Oh get away from me dude I'm

    experiencing it as well should I just

    want to just jump on him regularly

    hopefully it kills him come on can we

    get a lucky hit or something oh we

    killed him nice and clean boss no Bowser

    it's all good man I mean you're not

    really his slave so stop pretending that

    you like him because you don't your

    the king of Koopas i need to snap you

    out of it so now Bowser's mad dude we're

    about to kill him real soon

    so I think Bowser's gonna have a couple

    different moves Oh for some reason

    fighting these guys mix my guts flare up

    something fierce

    so he's about to shoot fire so woah that

    was spicy oh gosh and what's he about to

    do just smack more hammers in our faces

    okay so what could I do I guess another

    splash Bros why not I mean this is

    working out pretty well and your face

    sucker boy literally he's licking the

    bottom of my shoe tasting it how does it

    taste Bowser no I wanted to no damage

    this man oh that sucks I had to just

    take a hit from him and it wasn't even

    like that hard to dodge because like I

    said I smack talk too much so I guess

    it's like they're showing me up alright

    one boo and why she's gonna die right

    now what did I tell you man I literally

    could have got a no damage on this guy

    oh well it doesn't really matter I mean

    it's not like I did it since the

    beginning I've been taking damage so we

    got a rookie emblem is that like a badge

    or something maybe but yeah rookie you

    blow it an idiot who took you in when

    you were dazed and lost on the mountain

    me worthless lemon I'm so ashamed

    doesn't even sound like Bowser what did

    you do to him man man I don't care see

    we're fine as long as we get the ciccolo

    reserved let's not mess with these two

    knuckleheads well scram and hurry on

    ahead yeah and I'd say they just leave

    this guy has anger problems wiggler you

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    need to just calm down dude seriously

    nobody's gonna want to be your friend if

    you're so short-tempered like this like

    why is he short-tempered somebody please

    tell him look at him what did he what

    did we do you clowns psychopath alright

    so just a little word of advice do not

    attack his head

    make sure he's calmed down first by

    getting rid of all of the the redness on

    his body and then go for an attack on

    his head because if you attack his head

    directly it's not gonna do any damage

    and you're just gonna take him off some

    more I mean he has like I said really

    bad anger problems so just avoid making

    him mad and then when he runs into you

    like this

    make sure you jump

    the right time because if you jump on

    his head it's gonna trigger his anger

    again so once we do this his anger will

    be triggered so you only get like one

    hit out of this all right here we go

    here we go here we go



    37 Wow I was expecting a lot more how

    come critical hits don't do any damage

    now like I mean they're not a thing

    anymore like what when you're finding a

    regular measly peasley enemy yeah you

    get critical hits all the time I might

    as well just do super bounce pros it's

    probably the best thing I get to live

    good body parts out of the way at once

    yeah there ya go we did it might yes yes

    we did might all right oh we did it what

    I accidentally landed on his head I

    tried to get him like the first part of

    his body but wow that sucks okay so I

    guess the best thing to do would be just

    to attack him the old-fashioned way so

    I'm not utilizing all of my BP points

    all right go ahead man you could take

    our sweet time doing this what you're

    gonna do you're gonna run at me no man I

    should always attack the ones in the

    back first that's probably the best

    thing okay fine that's how I'm gonna do

    it that's how it's gonna have to be done

    boom BAM Shazam is he gonna run at me

    please charge at me no I said charge at

    me you pleb did you not get the memo

    gosh okay fine

    double jump all right now he's back to

    normal this is good because now we're

    actually using Luigi so we can actually

    get a double jump on him that's what

    I've been waiting for my entire life


    teach this wiggle some respect what why

    did you attack the back you dummy Mario

    come on it's just common sense attack

    the head the head is what gets the

    damage done there you go

    one dead all right let's go ahead and

    attack the second part one two

    she's literally gonna have to waste like

    so many turns doing this but I mean

    overall he's very weak I don't know how

    much HP yes specifically I couldn't

    really tell you guys oh I'd rather just

    take the hit I'd rather just take the

    hit than having to go through all that

    and I should have used X but I said I

    clicked why i misclicked I was just

    there's a force of habit you know I

    don't know why it's a force of habit but

    I just panicked all right go ahead one

    dude boom oh my gosh Mario again why

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    does he do this man

    okay he's raging now he's extra mad this

    is when he's gonna kill someone okay

    come on double double the attacks I see

    alright you good good brother he's good

    alright go ahead show him what you got

    Mario so yeah I never really understood

    wigglers purpose man like you know you

    feel pity for him but then you start

    hating him when you realize how crazy of

    a person he is oh my gosh did I

    literally preached how I shouldn't jump

    on the the front parts the front limbs

    and then yeah just keep doing it man I

    don't know why what's he gonna do oh

    nice we blocked it

    alright that's probably the best thing

    to do I don't really care how much

    damage he takes to be honest this is

    like the one of the more so tedious boss

    battles but once you're over and done

    with it you don't have to worry about

    ever doing something like this again one

    dude come on boom oh my gosh Mario come

    on attack the head

    imagine if Mario kept jumping on the

    head he would have been dead that rhymes

    but he would have died a long time ago

    we got some flower pants yeah hundred

    twenty XP points not a single level up

    though okay yeah get out of here you

    stupid cry-baby except it's a real

    beating dude look at it it's an actual


    see you later rookie see you later

    poeple oh it is wonderful so wonderful

    the great soda shines oh that was not

    only the hidden sort of power that in my

    jokes have bred over over these 1000

    years now I insist you fully experience

    the texture taste in a robot Jeff Cola

    reserved Bon Appetit so why is he doing

    this I don't know at first maybe I

    thought it was fawful but it actually

    wasn't all right come on dude like I

    would have just opened my mouth and put

    it all in there but anyways this is

    Chuck Oh later all right here we go

    be all right and I'll be all right there

    we go and then oh dude I was too high in

    the air man I'm actually upset at myself

    that I missed it

    gosh dang it dude I could have done some

    serious damage on this clown he's not

    that bad guys watch I'm gonna obliterate

    him into smithereens I'm gonna make you

    look like a recycled soda can pleb go

    ahead smack me with your soda in the

    face my chopper blows time again here we

    go all right we go be right now and a

    man wait for it wait for it

    excellent baby if you break his shield

    he won't have any more defense

    mechanisms so you'd be able to do some

    serious damage on him all right here we

    go and then just land on his head there

    you go 16 16 so that is a little more

    damage than it did the first time around

    the first time around it did 15 each but

    this time it did 16 I don't necessarily

    know why maybe it's because actually why

    did it do I don't know actually I don't

    want to speculate because I'm gonna say

    something I'm gonna be wrong and then

    somebody's gonna correct me in black and

    I'll Sully that's not why it did this is

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    she broken not yet but 40 damaged a lot

    more than Luigi's oh it did break nice

    all right this is it : reserved you

    about to die a very painful death oh one

    two there you go 32 damage all right

    what's happening next Oh No

    is that it oh no he's gonna shoot his uh

    his soda beams in my face oh I thought

    he was shooting something I got thrown

    off I heard some knocking and I thought

    somebody was knocking on my door but

    nope not the case all right go ahead

    jump jump all right and look at that how

    many damage is much damage did I do 40 -

    wow that's actually not that good so

    what's the point of the shield then I

    don't get it like if the shield is

    broken and I'm still doing the same

    damage as I was before and what was the

    point of a shield then hey my powering

    up nice all right it's gonna be amazing

    we're about to totally obliterate you

    into smithereens all right Oh

    block it again chopper bros why not I

    love this attack

    be or I would say be man when I'm

    supposed to click a dozen old bleep

    that's not what it is all right we got

    one lucky hit that's all it was

    are you serious hmm nose attack dude

    nice boddah baby babble amar do we learn

    super chopper bros yay knock-back bros i

    don't know how to do this one I'm gonna

    have to practice it on my own time so I

    will do that and then come back to you

    guys once I figured it out but and this

    for me is a little weakling baby boy so

    is it the same thing

    it won't affect flying enemies let me

    practice it why not all right let's see

    if it's the same thing V all right oh oh

    oh I see so you just keep doing it this

    is actually pretty cool I'm gonna do

    this right now I think this is how we're

    gonna end off the battle all right here

    we go there you go and then B there you

    go oh yeah this is awesome I love this

    teach them a great lesson boys teach em

    never to mess with you again 73 damage

    amazing it didn't actually kill him I

    really thought it would but it didn't

    but anyways we could do knock back

    bounce bros and then boom hopefully kill

    him he's dead nice almost a perfect

    battle but not quite but I'm not gonna

    be too hard on myself cuz you know I'm I

    still I haven't be in the game yet this

    is the first time I'm playing this game

    from start to finish so I gotta cut

    myself a little bit of slack so here we


    well I mean not the actual game

    obviously the remake seriously

    somebody's gonna take what I'm saying

    out of context my gosh so you're a liar

    you said this was your favorite game I'm

    going to knock you all the way back to

    the Mushroom Kingdom and I'm gonna

    eviscerate you off this planet cackle

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    let it get ready to die alright so I got

    to pay attention so she's gonna had an

    attack with some weird black holes

    trying to suck me in I mean it doesn't

    really matter if you do get sucked in

    however you do lose a lot of HP so try

    not to get sucked in and we're gonna

    kick off this battle with the delish

    this red pepper Luigi say ah now he has

    heavy power all right we're gonna go

    ahead and knock a Colette into the dust

    all right go ahead show me what you got

    Mario Brothers 31 32 so actually the

    Ouija did a little bit more damage than

    Mario just because he is uh just because

    he he did have the pepper you know

    that's just that's why he did so I'm

    gonna do this I like this attack all

    right here we go

    mmm all right come on and boom and then

    spin all the way we got 47 maybe

    actually that was really good I like

    that that did a lot of damage a lot more

    than I expected I'm gonna start using

    knock back pros not in this episode but

    in the next episode I got to make sure

    that I know how to use it I want to

    practice it a couple times before I

    butcher it you know especially with a

    battle like this all right here we go

    what's he gonna do oh oh why doesn't she

    like attack both of them at the same

    time and like she moved her right hand

    up or her right arm up that technically

    means I'm gonna attack Mario but then

    the way to get struck by lightning it

    doesn't make sense to me that does it

    make sense all right whatever it's all

    good cuz we're ER so far doing a good

    job on this spinning like you mean in

    Mario 52 that's a lot better than a jump

    I'll tell you that all right and then

    we're just gonna do the Super bro bounce

    I love this attack with Luigi definitely

    my favorite attack we've got another 63

    damage total and what what you gonna do

    I'll see what the heck see it just it's

    random you don't really know who's going

    to attack what do I dare eating a super

    nut Mario hasn't taken any damage yet

    maybe it's not really worth it right now

    I'll probably see if I do get attacked

    again later

    then I will most likely use the super

    enough all right come on Mario show us

    what you got there you go how much

    damage 50 damage total how come I'm not

    getting that like lucky it's don't

    really do much tenacious of the boys

    aren't you I'm too busy for such games

    time for this to end

    oh wow no freaking way are you serious

    calculate I just completely skipped over

    her what how would I say this so she

    splits herself into clones and she's

    usually three different calculators and

    you have to figure out which one's the


    Caleta and there's really no way to

    figure it out I think the only way you

    can figure out is depending on if the

    first one laughs then that's the real

    one I again don't take this is true if

    it's good just I don't know I'm again

    I'm just speaking based off of my

    previous knowledge of this game so I

    skipped over this phase somehow I guess

    because we did a lot of damage and I

    know some of you guys are probably

    watching this as a guide for yours so

    I'm giving you the tip right now all

    right what's she gonna do black hole

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    time all the way she's gone all right

    whatever fine it's all good it's just

    too it's too much to focus on two people

    at once but at least Mario's back wow

    Luigi you are about to die my boy here

    have a super nut

    go ahead we'll each take 140 HP very

    nice what am I gonna do calculator you

    have to pay for this the widget did not

    deserve that kind of abuse you're gonna

    pay for right now a little girl


    I totally contradicted what I said

    earlier at the beginning of this episode

    that this was probably the hardest

    battle in the game I don't know I think

    the game got easier I actually don't

    know how could this happen

    these two numbskulls seem to like the

    old ring-a-ding-ding time to scrap again

    see why does he always say see you're

    annoying my boy

    yes boss all right let's go ahead and

    you know just move this out of the way

    look at that wha look at me I'm Bowser

    I'm an idiot that's pretty much what he

    was saying all right here we go guys the

    second time and I believe the final time

    we're gonna battle this dynamic duo

    right here all right Oh get away from me

    you thief I ain't gonna let you steal my

    delicious goods we're gonna wreck you so

    hard so you can either kill rookie first

    or Papa first last time I killed Papa

    before I killed rookie I'm gonna do the

    same exact thing you know I just can't

    afford this guy stealing my stuff I do

    not like thieves man you can suck my

    shoes that's right that's that's all I

    got for you all right and then Bowser's

    about to hit with the Hammers now you

    see in this game actually in every Mario

    Luigi game if you held the hammer

    too long eventually the actual hammer

    would fall off the stick and then you

    wouldn't be able to block in this game

    they actually got rid of that entire

    concept making the game a lot easier

    than before so I don't know it's not a

    bad thing it just you know makes it a

    little bit easier so for me I don't

    really have much of a problem holding

    back and just hold it like this starting

    from now but before you at the time

    exactly when you want it to do it all

    right what's about to do spit fire am

    you know Luigi you got burnt why would

    you get burnt right come on oh no he's

    still attacked me gosh

    Tommy Agee that's easy alright watch man

    I'm gonna kill you that's what I'm gonna

    do see alright are you ready are you

    ready are you ready that's my view I

    don't have any other good comebacks oh

    he's actually angry right now he's ready

    to die he's about to explode but too bad

    he's about to eat my mushroom I'm not

    gonna let that happen though we bout to

    do the knock back bow no I feel that it

    wow I was a little too cocky with that

    but it's all good you know let's enjoy

    this battle I'm just toying with them

    really I'm not even trying that hard I'm

    just enjoying myself cuz you know it's

    always fun to battle these guys plus I

    mean like I said oh I still miss that

    attack well you know what little mr.

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    Popple dude I'm gonna kill you I'm gonna

    make it hurt to imagine you getting

    whacked in the face what the hem I like

    that Oh thirty-eight damage that's it I

    could have just jumped on you man it

    would have been much better for me I

    would have been way better off jumping

    alright ah see these are always the

    easiest acts to do and then the last

    thing is just super bounce pros I guess

    that's the best thing to do

    boom Shazam BAM Kazam at least we're

    doing some damage on Bowser as well when

    are you gonna eat that mushroom my boy

    just eat it already you're freaking

    making me wait so long I just want to

    see you hey boss these two guys are

    tougher than I thought I guess we got no

    choice see use that technique so oh yeah

    I forgot in this battle they have a they

    have a couple new techniques which is

    this Oh No

    that's that I wasn't expecting it did

    you see that no I didn't see that can

    you just show

    what happen again please that was our

    bros attack yeah they got bros attacks

    as well ah I'm surprised he's not using

    the shroom man I'm seriously shocked

    that he still hasn't eaten it like you

    would think this guy would have eaten it

    by now

    but no all right how do you like that

    you dead nope he's not dead oh my gosh

    dollars like every single time I attack

    him he's shocked look what did you just

    attacked my boss you have so much

    loyalty for him I would not do this if

    my pasta treated me like garbage I would

    just have spun II I'm my own boss so

    what if I treated myself like garbage

    like what he's dead he didn't even eat

    my mushroom he just stole it for no

    reason boss no all right Bowser now it's

    your turn to die you know I was letting

    you off easy but now I'm gonna you know

    show you what's up let's have a super

    nut first go ahead mmm delicious I love

    it nothing like a good super nut all

    right let's go ahead and do this one the

    right way all right and then BOOM

    excellent it 47 damage so Bowser is

    furious he is all fired up literally

    yeah oh go ahead give me another one got

    another one another one for me and my

    boy all right I'm gonna go ahead and do

    I'm gonna do this why not I mean I love

    I love the you know the the super

    intense spin all right we got a couple

    lucky hits I believe and that was 54

    damage I love it all right we'll also do

    knock back cause I need to practice this

    a little more all right boom boom boom

    70 or 47 I wish it was 74 one day I'm


    oh wow those fire blasts are flying so

    fast man and then he's gonna do some

    hammer attacks what a cheapskate

    attacking three times you lose your boy

    you can't just admit the fact that

    you're gonna die so you have to

    cheapskate your way and attack several

    times all right now he's dead I'm sure

    please blow up just explode pop goes the

    weasel aha see you later Bowser so yeah

    this is the last time guys you will see

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    Bowser like this I mean if you're

    watching the Mario in

    Bowser's minions aspect then you'll most

    likely see Bowser in a different form I

    don't know actually you know up until

    this point I haven't even played the

    game yet so I don't know what that game

    is all about I'm saving until I beat

    this this 72 HP Mario didn't get a level

    up unfortunately not yep no words and

    thus a piranha plant busts free from the

    egg angry ready to fight so if it was

    already like that big and angry and


    I mean why was it hiding in an egg

    clearly this thing has been developed

    for quite some time so yeah let's go out

    and battle this thing I'm gonna go and

    explain to you the situation at hand so

    if you go ahead and attack the Piranha

    Plants at a level 19 right here you're

    not gonna be able to kill them because

    they will continuously spawn over and

    over again and the idea is they heal the

    mom now you could go ahead and attack it

    with a fire attack which would make

    perfect sense logically you know this is

    a plant you burn it with fire it will

    burn quick however in this game it

    actually gives them HP because piranha

    plants are known to breathe fire so you

    don't want to feed them that now if you

    go ahead and attack it with Luigi's

    Thunder it'll do a lot of damage

    critical damage actually I don't know

    why thunder is just super effective on

    them it makes sense because I think it's

    the same thing in Pokemon don't call me

    on that I'm not a pokémon enthusiasts I

    don't know anything about pokemons so

    don't ask me so we're gonna just attack

    the mom piranha plant and we'll see how

    much damage we could do and boom bada

    bing and then get ready to start how

    much damage did that do 40 okay so I

    might not be doing that next all right

    these things are angry now they're gonna

    start attacking see now they're gonna

    shoot fireballs at me and they don't

    shoot him at the same time so they kind

    of confuse you a little bit but again

    that's my fault I should have known

    better I'm gonna pay more attention

    doing it so actually no we should

    probably do hammer attacks I would make

    the most sense all right who's gonna

    attack first all right now they shot him

    at the same time very nice and then the

    mama Piranha Plants gonna attack with

    something and then guess what

    if you deflect it you could do damage on

    all of them but silly me didn't attack

    and the mama piranha plant got some HP

    back what a shame what a sad sad shame

    and I got smacked in the face alright is

    this how you guys want to do it is this

    how you want to do it well guess what

    red pepper it up go ahead eat that eat a

    Luigi show em who the real fireman is we

    about to kill you we're gonna kill you

    so hard you're gonna regret ever

    fighting me shacka lacka 39 damage wow I

    was expecting a lot more damage than

    that I don't know why it didn't do more

    damage than that and it what Mario

    alright now what's happening all the

    Piranha Plants gonna kill me this is it

    this is how I'm gonna get my first yep

    this is I'm gonna have to get my first

    my uh my first one up uh yep yep this is

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    uh this is the you know things like this

    happens sometimes


    okay we could retry the battle

    thankfully man Wow

    okay you know I was being just uh you

    know no johns I'm not gonna give you

    guys an excuse you know things happen

    that's all I gotta say so here we go

    we're gonna redo this and this time

    we're gonna do it the right way I'm

    gonna actually really try this time cuz

    that was embarrassing you know I can't

    believe I let the Piranha plant killing

    me like that but at least you know they

    didn't restart us at the beginning of

    like my last save spa that would have

    been seriously upsetting I had to do all

    that stuff over and again that was like

    well 15 minutes of just stuff that I did

    so yeah I'm gonna pay more attention I

    need to actually make sure that I

    deflect the the giant spirit ball that

    they do because that's a very crucial

    attack if you don't deflect it then

    you're gonna to get a lot of damage

    taking on you there you go yeah last

    time I don't know what I was doing I was

    just being kind of silly so we could go

    ahead and kill these little things

    actually that would probably be the best

    thing to do but then again I don't know

    I just feel like the best thing to do

    would be just to focus on the mom

    Piranha Plants once again under jump

    right there for me so that is my bad go

    ahead kill the mom point plant

    all right and then boom and then get as

    many hits as we can very nice 41 total

    not bad so I don't need any red hot

    peppers what's it gonna do there you go

    just attacking like that super not knock

    back pros alright here we go

    1 2 bouncy boom very nice

    36 damage are they gonna spit fire at

    the Piranha Plants at the mom no they

    literally spat it both at Mario like

    that's unacceptable and then right here

    the mom Piranha Plants gonna attack so

    who's she gonna slap first oh why are

    you gonna stop luigi like that twice

    like come on that's just rude that's

    very rude so I think maybe I should

    actually go ahead and kill these two

    piranha plants like this is unacceptable

    how they're just constantly replenishing

    her HP if this is what they're gonna do

    man I'm gonna have a hard time killing

    her because she's always gonna just you

    know heal from the damage that has gone

    to her there you go we got an excellent

    hit I was a little late with that but it

    still I got 40 damage on her which is

    pretty nice alright what are they doing

    I don't understand like the whole battle

    concept in this like how are they

    attacking in between like my attacks it

    doesn't really make much sense but go

    ahead and kill it critical hit it didn't

    actually kill it what all right now this

    should kill it I hope alright come on in

    man I'm so bad with that I'm really bad

    with deflecting like attacks like that

    man it sucks alright and once again

    Luigi's dead that's just the shame don't

    grab it Mario how are they still

    attacking I don't get it dude how are

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    they still doing all these attacks they

    do like several attacks at once but it's

    whatever we got 1up mushrooms for a

    reason that goes 36 HP very nice

    obviously they're gonna start attacking

    again that's just how it is alright

    don't miss the Spirit Bomb attack there

    you go

    all right so we killed the little one

    unfortunately it's gonna respond I think

    that's usually how it goes all right

    what's happening next Oh

    shooting a fireball at my face very nice

    we'll go ahead and get some super nuts

    feed me some super nuts very nice all


    now what um I guess I'll just do I don't

    know what I want to do I'll do

    knock-back blows why not all right boom

    boom boom

    40 damage that's actually way better

    than doing the attack that I was doing

    before all right what's it gonna do spit

    fire very nice we dodged it what else is

    happening come on make your decision

    gosh all right

    Oh Luigi tripped again dude this is

    unacceptable I just freaked out I like

    my brain freezes when it comes to those

    kinds of attacks I don't know why I

    shouldn't let it happen like that all

    right it's all good you know we all have

    our weaknesses when it comes to games so

    just don't judge me man boom all right

    and boom there we go dude I was clicking

    gay but yet it wasn't working see but I

    still got 38 damage which is a lot

    better than you know jumping on him for

    sure very nice

    all right I'm surprised we still haven't

    gotten any new piranha plants yet it's a

    battle the thing is if you are

    successful with killing the mom piranha

    plant then you don't have to worry about

    the baby ones because they automatically

    die as soon as the mother dies she still

    hasn't hit rage mode I'm surprised why

    okay there it is that's what I'm talking

    about that's what I've been wanting to

    see we gonna do spit of super Spirit

    Bomb at me Oh Oh Luigi Mario he tripped

    again everybody man they always got a

    trip you know it's not a slowly pause

    episode unless I fail miserably at doing

    something all right come on Mario get up

    like enough clowning around Mario come

    on get up oh my gosh see why does she

    get like double the attacks all right I

    don't get it like it doesn't make much

    sense how they kick and again what it's

    because Mario was tripped obviously

    that's what happened

    whatever it's all good we got this she's

    about to die anyways um knock-back froze

    it is alright here we go

    one two three very nice so I know what's

    it gonna do please don't give your mom

    HP seriously I know you wanna keep her

    alive for the sake of you living but

    she's gonna die soon so you might as

    well just let her die with dignity you

    know that's just the best thing for all

    of us right now boom alright and then

    boom alright and there you go how much

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    damage did that do 39 I don't know why

    I'm always late with that tak all right

    what's happening what are they doing now

    up and spinning fire at me okay

    alright knock back pros this is it I'm

    pretty sure this is gonna be the

    finishing blow finish it kill it die

    oh he learned a new technique yeah this

    is pretty nice I got it so Mario already

    had learned super his super hammer

    attack move but Luigi hadn't just

    because I hadn't been using this attack

    on him at all recently but I'm glad that

    he now learns and again too early with

    the jump all right here they come with

    another spirit ball I got to make sure

    that I deflect it there you go

    you deflected it we killed the little

    baby one finally and we're gonna do this

    super or we're gonna be chopper bros 1

    alright and boom and then here we go

    there you go how much damage 40 I guess

    it doesn't really make a difference

    because I'm always getting 39 40 so it's

    about the same amount of damage that I

    deal every time but wow that was

    definitely the hardest boss battle that

    I had to do so far in the game not bad I

    mean if I had practiced it I could have

    definitely done a lot better for sure

    but again no johns I'm not gonna use

    that as my excuse for kind of playing

    poorly I'm just disappointed with myself

    oh yeah Luigi go ahead sit on it with

    your butt very nice how cute look at

    these toads they're so scared they don't

    know what to do or something that huge

    that's impossible

    that's like us seeing the Hulk and going

    to you know fight it like that does that

    make sense

    alright the mario bros are up for it hey


    are you you're right talk about lucky

    Mario Luigi helped me and welcome guys

    to a boss battle this might actually

    take us a little while to do because I

    don't think we're as high leveled as we

    should be but I'm gonna try to do it as

    quickly as I possibly can

    so he has a couple different phases what

    you can do is just yeah I do various

    sequence of bro attacks on him there's

    really no specific way to kill him the

    only thing that I would say you have to

    pay attention to on is when he splits up

    into little itty-bitty baby parts but

    that's about it I'm gonna go ahead and

    actually use some red peppers for this

    just to ensure that you know I can kill

    them in a timely fashion I think the

    best thing to be would you know increase

    their power as high as I can alright and

    then I'm probably gonna feed Luigi one

    next but I'm gonna use Luigi's turn to

    do that for me though I'm gonna do this

    and see how much damage I could do oh

    yeah look at that so much damage

    unfortunately we're not getting any

    lucky hits you mean you're better off

    getting lucky hits and not using a fire

    pepper than you would if you did not use

    a red or a red pepper I called it a fire

    pepper I wonder what happens if you eat

    too well your attack go up again like

    just keep going up and up that'll be

    pretty cool alright so he does this to

    replenish HP you don't want to stomp on

    these gritty goombas unfortunately

    there's nothing you could do as far as

    I'm concerned and in this part of the

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    battle so you'll have to let him eat

    them and that's just a form of him

    replenishing his health which is fine I

    mean if we could do it they could do it

    it's all good we have to be fair there

    you go how much damage was that is 62

    damage okay that's not bad and blue is

    you're stepping on a dead bean star man

    that's not cool so let's go ahead and

    actually do it's gonna do ten I don't

    know I might as well do super knock-back

    pros I haven't done this before

    alright here we go alright there you go

    so you just got a knock back with Luigi

    and Mario constantly there you go and

    then let's see if we get there you go

    excellent hit how much damage did that

    do that did forty seven and twenty six

    and now he's a little baby so look for

    the one with the orange in his mouth I

    got my eye on you dude you're not gonna

    escape me I see you I see you okay he's

    in the one all the way in the back

    all right and then these things will

    start attacking you it's fine just to

    avoid their attacks I don't know if all

    of them will attack I would actually be

    kind of cheap yep

    this is the one that we want to attack

    the guy in the back so yeah he's back

    he's gonna move again yep so as you

    could see he has the orange in his mouth

    you have to attack him actually I don't

    know if attacking these little ones if

    it will do any damage to the overall

    monster dude come on you guys all had

    attacks like what the heck that's


    let me see I'll go ahead and just do

    this super bounce bros one two three Oh

    53 damage not bad is he gonna come back

    together nope he's moving around again

    okay I see the orange guy I see it in

    your mouth I got my eye on you my

    defense went up nice

    all right Luigi we're gonna do super

    bounce bros we're gonna get two attacks

    on these guys actually unfortunately I'm

    only gonna be able to do just enough

    damage on one of them cuz Mario's gonna

    jump on a different guy all right now

    they're back together oh he is angry is

    it the end phase so he's gonna start

    sending out his fists of anger just like

    that there you go just keep breaking

    them and you're good all right so let me

    see I don't want to do super chopper

    bros I had to practice it yet plus it

    does 10 VP as opposed to this doing six

    so at least with Luigi I could do like

    his super hammer attack because you know

    only it's two it's only 2 BP difference

    and it's a lot it's a lot better I feel

    it's worth it you know so I'm gonna go

    ahead and do it again here we go one two

    and then boom one two three four okay

    and oh yeah 18 damage so how much total

    was that 31 and 33 oh he is extra angry

    right now alright I got a make sure to

    hit both of his fists because sometimes

    he'll send them at the same time but one

    will be kind of delayed there you go so

    at least we managed to avoid that see

    done he's done attacking that's it

    there's no way this guy's really making

    this boss battle easy for me very nice

    okay here we go

    how much damage can we do 53 I was

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    expecting more I was spamming that a

    button um we'll just do super bounce

    pros we'll see how much damage this does

    one two three four twenty-nine and

    twenty-nine he blocked himself what he

    deflected hit or he blocked the cherry

    on his head well that's not cool I guess

    yeah he has two different things on his

    head like two different types of parts

    on his body so maybe not well we'll just

    focus on attacking like we'll just do

    super bounce bros all right one all

    right - or not super bounce bros but

    this what the heck that was that was a

    failed attack alright he split up again

    I see you I see the guy with the orange

    in his mouth I got you yeah he has I

    don't know how much HP he has to be

    honest but he must have Allah I mean if

    it's taking this long um I guess I'll do

    this I don't really want to spend too

    much of Luigi's BP I don't want to have

    to use like syrup jars honestly in this

    battle I know I could do it without

    having to use them all right there you

    go I see you

    he's literally Stu ended up staying in

    the same spot he didn't even move all


    oh you still want to fight what the heck

    he made me trip I thought I got the hit

    are you serious I lose you get up come

    on all right now what oh of course I got

    the hit and if he gets hit one more time

    that's it he's dead so what should I do

    that's a great question oh man I don't

    know I probably just use Luigi's turn to

    heal him up I don't want to die like I

    did with the last boss that we did oh

    very nice how much damage does that do

    54 he looks frozen like he's dead oh my

    gosh dude he's not dead he's still

    moving and how come Luigi didn't get an

    attack is it because he tripped

    oh no there it is so we'll use a super

    mushroom on my boy so he's not feeling

    like he's gonna die right now all right

    they're back together is one big unit

    and I'm still not even like close to

    killing him dude I don't know man

    honestly like how much HP he has

    like he's been kind of in this zone for

    a minute so 54 damage on the orange on

    his head she dead Oh finally he died

    okay so it took forever took us almost

    10 minutes to beat this guy that's crazy

    so far the longest boss battle we've had

    was this one but we got a couple stone

    slacks very nice and 500 exp just enough

    to push this to level 21 oh yeah 9+10 I

    was waiting for this one for a minute

    the decorations popped and it's all

    because of you if you want to cause

    trouble then you are stupid and that's

    why we fired her me the crap not because

    we went to take away his decoration it's

    because he got jealous that the

    decoration stopped

    well little hurt me the crab I gotta

    teach you a couple lessons here anyways

    this battle is a little bit different

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    from the original I believe in the

    original you had to attack both his arms

    in order to you know attack his head but

    in this game you can actually just go

    straight for the head like you don't

    have to attack the claws however I'm

    gonna do it the intended way because why

    the heck not I love doing games the way

    they're intended look at that 57 first

    look hey I told you guys we don't really

    get much lucky hits in this game

    unfortunately not well yeah there you go

    his left claw is uh it's now bandaged up

    and in the original game they made it a

    little bit harder they actually made it

    a little bit easier in this game because

    if his claw like snapped you what would

    happen is you would get poison and wow

    we did 70 damage on that bro we are

    about to of this so rate you off the

    face of this planet

    alright we're just gonna go straight for

    his head alright here we go

    alright boom one we're playing you know

    hammer ball with this you know whack

    Mario with the hammer he's just the

    perfect ball for this 19 damage how much

    did that do like 70 please please tell

    me exactly seven easy I'm good with math

    I can count and then gonna pop these

    bubbles Wow I can't believe I let that

    bubbles splash me in the face all right

    what am I gonna do I guess I could take

    this turn to heal Mario will hopefully

    snap out of it pretty soon but we have

    refreshing herbs for a reason I haven't

    used them I just find myself always

    trying to kill the boss as quickly as I

    possibly can rather than actually taking

    my time so

    gonna do that since this is the end of

    the game technically you know there's

    not really much left so essentially what

    happens is okay we're gonna make sure

    that this doesn't happen again Wow he

    didn't go in his shell okay that's weird

    usually it goes in his shell like right

    away when his hands are like broken or

    his claws why do I say hands I say the

    randomest things it's his claws

    obviously he doesn't have hands this

    crazy heard me the crab guy all right

    here we go

    one two double bounce one two scooby doo

    doo 74 damage now what yeah he hit in

    his shell and I'm gonna show you guys

    how to get him out of here you could use

    your hand attack but I'm gonna do you

    guys want even better we're gonna do

    fire Bros a move that we haven't even

    done yet all right go ahead and just

    build the ball really big in the sky

    like a giant massive spirit bomb get an

    excellent hit and then that does like

    wow 22 damage usually just the hand

    attack would only do like three damage

    or something but you can do a lot more

    doing that attack and they actually even

    changed the way the fire bros attack is

    in this game than they did in the

    original and the original it was like

    Mario would throw one fireball you'd

    have to hit it with Luigi so it's a

    little more complicated than just

    spamming a and then just hitting B once

    what are you doing with my part of the

    decorations no more stupid all right man

    I'm gonna kill you because you insulted


    you can't keep insulting me and calling

    me stupid if I was stupid I wouldn't be

    here fighting you and looking for the

    Beanstalk I would have more serious

    matters to attend to all right look at

    that he what a deceiver man okay bro

    come on pick pick a guy like you he even

    looks at the camera he's like hey watch

    next time he does it you're gonna see

    he's gonna look at the camera it's kind

    of weird I don't know why he does that

    but he does it's gonna just attack the

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    head see how much damage we could do one

    Oh Scooby OH

    57 Wow like I said you don't even need

    attack that he is angry he became Broly

    man he knows his time is almost up but

    I'm sorry man that's just how it has to

    be all right come on Luigi jump on it

    jump on his cloud my boy jump on his

    cloud my boy he's just too deceptive

    sometimes all right can we do this I

    mean obviously we can why do I ask these

    rhetorical questions when I already know

    the answers his head is his claw busted

    I once again was going to call it a hand

    I mean forgive me

    as I say the most random stuff all right

    here we go

    build the fireball real big against like

    making a spirit bomb and then boom you

    got another excellent hey we even got

    some lucky ones as well that's how you

    get 22 damage normally it doesn't give

    you that much but with him yeah we do

    what are you doing to my brick

    decoration no more he a bit so yeah as

    we could see he is very very very very

    mad that he doesn't even have pupils

    anymore that's when you know someone's

    just furious so you know the typical

    it's what they do in animes you know

    that's that's that's how you identify

    someone's anger level if it's like no

    more pupils that means they're super

    angry what the heck oh okay

    Luigi I might need to give you a

    mushroom my boy oh look at him dude what

    a crazy deceptor piece of garbage oh yes

    we did it oh man why do you got to do me

    like that dude alright fine I'm gonna

    give Luigi a super shroom and then I'm

    gonna go ahead and use Luigi's super

    what's it called super bounce bros cuz i

    can get two jumps with this I mean Luigi

    has the better attacks for sure with at

    least two jump attacks no even his

    hammer attack is way better because you

    could do multiple attacks at once I

    think the whole reason they did that in

    this game was because they expected

    Luigi to be worse than Mario you know

    it's funny too when you level up like

    Mario and Luigi it's like the game wants

    you to put stats where they want you to

    put it like the default stats for like

    they want they want the default to be

    Luigi's the tanking one and Mario is the

    stronger one which is why like even

    though luigi has really high defense and

    I go to level up like his speed for

    example which is a lot lower than

    Mario's he's only gonna get one stat

    like they'll just give me one stat

    rather than you know giving me like four

    or whatever which is weird I I thought

    it was pretty weird I was kind of upset

    about that I'm like man so this game

    really wants to lead you to be slower

    they want him to be obviously tanker but

    then again weaker than Mario that's

    unacceptable let me play the game the

    way I want to play the game alright well

    I jumped I jumped a little too early

    there you go I think I got the hang of

    this what the heck was that he just

    stopped oh he's doing it again okay bro

    you gotta just pick and choose

    when you wanna attack come on dude he's

    gonna kill me

    this is unacceptable I can't believe I'm

    about to die to her me the crab all

    right please leave me alone I'm gonna

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    eat myself one of these ultra shrooms do

    I really need 80 HP how much does that

    do 50 I'll yes I'll do 50 he's about to

    die anyways I mean let's be honest here

    he's on the verge of death right now oh

    you ran out of man I knew this was gonna

    happen - all right whatever fine we're

    gonna go ahead and use an ultra syrup

    we'll take some time off and hopefully I

    can kill him with this upcoming turn

    with Mario all right what's he gonna do

    why doesn't you do like the bubble

    attacks I like those attacks a lot more

    I mean those are a lot easier to dodge

    there you go we damaged his claw all

    right can we do it again come on Luigi

    uh uh how frustrating it is time to

    speed things up so what did that do

    actually I don't know is he increasing

    his speed by doing that I guess so

    but we're gonna go ahead and just go

    straight for the head 1 2 3

    bada bing 57 damage he's dead

    he ain't dead yet he's still alive he

    still has a little bit of a little bit

    of heart and soul left in him okay come

    on look how look how fast he's going

    like this guy is just an aggressive

    donkey right now probably not a good

    idea to attack maybe I should have

    healed because Luigi took a lot of

    damage but I have faith that we're gonna

    kill him right now nope he's still alive

    all right oh gosh oh no oh come on leave

    me alone dude you're being crazy you're

    being crazy right now

    I'm gonna bring him out or actually you

    know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna use

    that's just 65 I might as well just go

    ahead and use one alternate there you go

    it's a good thing that I leveled up a

    lot I mean honestly it is a pretty good

    thing what can I do on him as well I

    guess I'll give Mario like a syrup jar

    why not go ahead what do you want Mario

    you want a super syrup jar go ahead you

    can you deserve it buddy he's on the

    bridge of running out of BP anyways so

    you might as well just take the No

    I let him heal okay I guess that's fine

    you know I've been healing this entire

    time it's only fair to let my boy her

    and me the crab you know prolong his

    life a little bit longer go ahead bring

    him out bring the little beast out of

    his shell come out come out come out and

    play with me I got some toys that I want

    to play with you with sort of something

    all right what am I gonna do super

    bounce again why not I mean this is

    probably the best attack we've got so

    far does the most damage well not really

    technically well actually it does it

    really does all right it's gonna go

    quick there you go we damage this claw

    all right come on there you go we also

    damage this claw that's what I wanted

    that is exactly what I want it to happen

    oh you're hiding again you really think

    you're gonna escape me this time I see

    well guess what sucker boy I'm gonna

    force you out of that shell one way or

    another get out of there

    22 damage always keep getting lucky hit

    it's like the gamers program to give you

    lucky hits in specific event what are

    you doing I'm a play decorations I'm

    obviously trying to destroy them because

    I don't want you to have a good time I

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    don't want you to look pretty is what I

    would say if I didn't want him to look

    pretty but I don't care about how he

    looks oh my gosh dude um this is

    ridiculous all right he's coming back

    again oh good okay we damaged one of his

    claws now what ah dude he's taking

    forever he's been in a rage mode for

    quite some time but yet he's still alive

    man just died already please hey there

    you go finally he's dead yeah I don't

    know man he I don't know how much HP I

    know in the original game you had like

    420 HP but I don't know how much HP he

    has in this game so anyways we did it

    with 600 exp points that's pretty good

    I'll take it aha please excuse her me

    he's a little kooky I know he is you

    guys don't get to tell me genie I'm

    sorry fellas I guess we were in the

    wrong anyhoo I'm sure you two must have

    some reason for coming here yeah we

    wanted to party with you guys obviously


    came for the bean star Oh what is this

    blue I said you guys again but I found

    this treasure first it's mine see

    technically he's right it's fair and

    square belongs to him but then again

    that's royal property so we can't let

    you get out of here in one piece I mean

    we could if you just worked over the

    bean star piece but clearly he's not oh

    sure you guys are real tough teaming up

    on me don't think you can beat me just

    because I'm alone

    it's my solo debut on the battle line

    see and here we go once again battling

    Popple and this actually is probably an

    easy but a boss battle to do oh no I let

    him I let him go my hammer yep III can't

    do any get back there sucker boy he

    stole my hammer I can't believe this I

    can't believe I let him steal my ham or

    whatever it's fine I kind of want him to

    do that it makes this battle a little

    more thrilling for me to be honest my

    hammer give it back give it back to me


    I'm smashing that button back so hard it

    was crazy but we did it we got our

    hammer back I'm glad I've never seen

    this happen before this is the first

    time in this game that's a new thing

    they added as well very nice okay so I'm

    definitely not gonna let him steal

    anything else from me what's he gonna do

    all he's gonna have a bag of stuff throw

    stuff at me oh gosh no why did I do that

    why did I do that I should have just

    stayed on the ground I just tend to jump

    man I freaked out a lot let's see what

    can I use I could do I guess I could be

    chopper Bros why not here we go

    one all right two and see how much

    damage we could do we get a couple of

    hits please do 50 yep at least 50 that's

    what I wanted and then with Luigi he's

    eventually gonna snap out of that poison

    in this game they snap out of it pretty

    quickly I guess they cure themselves or

    heal from it pretty quickly unlike the

    original where you would have to like

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    use an herb but look at that he's

    already in rage mode and then this time

    I'll stay back I'm not gonna let you

    steal from me you shadow thief no more I

    let you get away with it a couple times

    but not too

    it's unacceptable you can't steal from

    heroes 151 damaged so yeah just a little

    bit less than the than what we just did

    Luigi come on you gotta get out of this

    fever man snap out of it dude

    what are we gonna do knock back pros why

    not I like this attack boom all right

    not bad all right is he snapping out of

    it nope all right here he comes

    oh no you stole my hammer oh my gosh I'm

    gonna get ready get back I gotta steal

    it back from him well is it technically

    stealing if I if it's my hammer I don't

    think so

    anyways you are gonna burn him we're

    gonna wreak havoc on his life she's

    gonna we're never to steal from anybody

    how much damage did that dude

    66 yeah why am I not doing that all

    right Mario come on we got a tug of war

    with this guy for my hammer he passed my

    territory there you go

    so now it's my haul he learned a new

    attack yeah what is it it's probably

    super fire Bros yep we learned super

    fire bros obviously all right so we're

    gonna just take a couple seconds to I

    guess we're gonna take a turn to eat

    some super nuts

    go ahead Mario you deserve it buddy boy

    he's some nuts dude thankfully it's not

    beans all right what's he gonna do oh

    yeah get back from me not gonna let it

    happen again I'm gonna use this fire

    bros though this was pretty nice I like

    it a lot it's very easy to do and you

    could get a lot of damage done on him

    there you go

    very cool I said Gor guess what ghoul is

    it's cool and good use together

    sometimes my brain does that I don't

    know why it just mashes words together

    and I go with it you know whatever as

    you can see there he is you're like hey

    I just woke up I'm hungry oh yeah this

    fruit is delicious yummy in my tummy I

    love you so much

    hey what do you want boy are you trying

    to fight me I'm hungry

    you look like Kiwi to me and thus begins

    the battle a boss battle against the

    Piranha plant so yeah he's very easy

    it's called piranha bean I'm just gonna

    go ahead and you know just you know

    critical hit him you know he doesn't

    like that what is he gonna do actually I

    don't remember is that oh he's gonna

    spit stuff at it oh wow look at him dude

    you see what's happening it's a little

    baby guy obviously it's a little man

    it's not ant man I'll tell you that it's

    someone else someone we know and love

    and we're familiar with someone who owes

    us a lot of money I must say oh gosh I

    might actually die here I might just use

    an ultra mushroom to recover my HP I

    didn't realize how weak Luigi was

    without Mario here all right here we go

    go ahead spit spit at me your game this

    is all you got it's all you've got maybe

    I shouldn't be taunting him like that

    cuz that's usually what ends up causing

    me to die anyways alright we go when a

    Electrify you again what's he gonna do

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    now oh no oh no that's pretty good

    I can use three attacks though that's

    not fair so yeah I don't know how many

    hits it'll take before he's actually

    dead let's just hope he's pretty oh wow

    that's that's not cool I actually took

    the hit all right here we go is he dead

    yeah he's dead lots of coins and we got

    a piranha suing 250 exp points very nice

    yep there she is

    some weird demonic looking zombie thing

    dressed like a woman I don't know what

    this is man but this is creepy are you

    done working for the day then please sit

    back and relax

    uh-uh well done now take good care of

    our honorable guests and by that they

    mean let's kill Mario and Luigi what

    wait what did they do to deserve this I

    don't know but that's just how they're

    gonna be treated in this episode but

    yeah go ahead and knock her back and get

    rid of her so um you can't actually I

    don't know I don't remember if you can

    kill Jota

    I called her home for days it's been

    hoorah that's how you said in Spanish at


    I don't know how it would be pronounced

    in English but you can go ahead and

    attack her frame whatever it is and then

    she uh Horace is gonna hold its gonna

    get mad and then I guess that's it you

    know just they're gonna heal each other

    124 damage not bad watch you'll never

    touch a lady without her permission and

    alright what you gonna do about a fool

    oh he's gonna freeze us to death that's

    why you gotta jump spin what the heck

    dude are you serious

    I was spamming like that button like no

    tomorrow oh my gosh I even hit him man

    stupid game dude just not giving me the

    credit that I deserve it's ridiculous

    alright whatever that's fine we're gonna

    go ahead and just attack chuckle is so

    right now with this attack probably a

    very good attack to use because you do a

    lot of damage what you need to do though

    now okay I'm gonna I just I'm gonna spam

    this like no tomorrow there you go

    that's how you get out of that and

    unfortunately they're gonna keep healing

    each other alright and oh come on Luigi

    you're supposed to dodge it fine we're

    gonna do this again we just need to get

    we need to get rid of her hold on

    because as long as he's on the stage

    he's gonna make this battle kind of

    tough he's always gonna keep healing

    Chuck Lissa see I watch that's not how

    you hit a lady now don't you ever hit a

    lady like that no no there you go bring

    out of it see again so now we just got

    to make sure we hit him with the hammer

    oh my gosh yep it's gonna be tough to

    get him out of the stage but it's

    whatever I'm determined to do this I'm

    gonna do it I'm gonna do it guys don't

    worry about it

    alright what's he gonna do oh he's gonna

    freeze us again alright we're gonna just

    spam the A's and B button Mario

    obviously took some damage and they're

    healing each other right now alright and

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    there you go deflect that is she gonna

    attack me I hope she just attacked me

    with because the thing is as soon as you

    get rid of a hold on we can start doing

    this but the only way you could do is by

    hitting them like directly with a hammer


    give me the opportunity I won't fail you

    Oh once again this is how you want to

    play I'll play nice and dirty like that

    okay fine

    keep healing each other dude okay this

    is it and oh there you go

    you knock away her stupid one you stupid

    creep oh now we have a little bit of you

    know freedom here I could breathe a

    little bit this is gonna be easy now

    just go ahead and boom bang she sang 139

    damage God that mustache guy does he

    like me no stop now he will why do you

    look like the Joker

    this is creepy okay fine we're gonna

    burn that smug looking face off of your


    Bing 123 our first lucky hit in a minute

    and my pal one up just because you know

    I'm getting these excellent hits I'm

    actually not gonna do anything except

    use an ultra nut because I want to make

    sure Mario and Luigi have enough HP to

    survive this battle what's it gonna do

    now oh it's gonna attack one of us and

    oh come on I forgot I had this stupid G

    effect on me that's what happens dude

    when you uh you get hit by a blizzard

    you somehow the gravity just affects you

    differently I don't know how that even

    makes sense but it does in this game oh

    and it's back surprisingly it came back

    pretty quick I was expecting it to be

    gone a lot longer but never mind so now

    what we're gonna have to repeat history

    I guess so

    maybe we can actually kill it before

    it's able to do anything all right right

    even mash these buttons there you go we

    broke out of it what's it gonna do

    hammer attack nope it's gonna do again

    the stupid love thing oh come on why why

    man it sucks I'm literally out of BP

    with Mario this is like my worst

    nightmare to be out of BP in battle all

    right go ahead spam that how much damage

    can we do right here 92 damage very nice

    okay once you kill Chuck Alyssa and the

    battle is actually over so that's all we

    got to focus on right now

    just killing chuckle is huh all right

    yep 40 HP go ahead regenerate it and

    then there you go what the heck dude how

    long did it really take like I didn't

    even give me a second to do this I had

    to just do it right away

    all right boom bang now what

    again more blizzard attacks fine I got

    you I got you I could see through your

    stupid game keep healing I'm 40 HP oh

    the checklist is trying to snowball into

    us and we're not gonna let that happen

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    oh man I'm out of literally everything

    dude I guess splash bro it up my not

    boom boom we haven't done this move in a


    65 damage doesn't really do much damage

    considering like you know it's one of

    our weaker bro attacks and it doesn't

    really require much BP but oh my gosh

    you got a chill there you go knock it

    away now I got some more chill time well

    we just finally done he snapped out of

    it but I don't know what to do like

    whether or not to heal them I guess I

    might as well just use the ultra nah go

    ahead replenish that HP what's it gonna

    do it's gonna try to love me there you

    go it's just different the effect that's

    on Mario he's heavy G or light G just

    you have to look at the bottom screen to

    figure out which one it is um I'm gonna

    just use an ultra syrup jar why not I

    would use a super syrup jar but again

    how much BP would that really give me I

    don't think it would be enough to kill

    her we're gonna use and don't use any

    Thunder attacks because if you do that

    it's gonna gonna just replenish HP

    everything in this game has are I guess

    in this area would take critical damage

    from Thunder attacks but not these guys

    they actually drive off of that alright

    and oh yeah see I could do it easily

    when I don't have any status affect on

    me I'm just gonna do chopper Bros I like

    how much damage this one did and it

    feels good you know with every hammer

    swing you make oh yeah it feels very

    nice 89 damage pretty good

    and doesn't require as much BPO no your


    gosh dang it I was hoping you would be

    dead but no you have to be the party


    there you go Oh what you gonna do

    Blizzard time I guess that's what she's

    gonna do but he's gonna do more Blizzard

    stay away all right now what oh it's

    gonna try to love me again I'll stay

    back okay

    yep we're gonna do chopper Bros again

    here we go and here we go there we go

    very nice 89 damage is that it nope

    she's still alive I'm surprised she's

    been raging for quite some time and yet

    she's still alive I don't understand

    this alright are we gonna yes oh come on

    dude they literally give you like less

    than a second to act react to that I

    just I don't know I just as soon as I

    wait to see her wand flicked at me

    that's when I like react to it but

    apparently it's never enough time

    alright come on Mario Brothers break


    they keep reeling dude it's not cool

    alright and boom knock her back ah can

    we kill her please just let her die

    already boom bang and Qi lang 93 damage

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    I hope this is enough blow up yes

    finally dude okay this was the toughest

    boss battle so far that I encountered in

    the game just because I slipped up a lot

    that's the only reason it's actually a

    very easy boss battle if you know what

    you're doing just get rid of Jolla by

    flicking the one out of the battle and

    then she'll go looking for her stupid

    one and then just attack whichever one

    of the girls you chose or whichever one

    of the friends that you pick what did

    you joke do to my friend how dare you

    you're so uncool we killed them now

    they're gonna be a ghost like you

    forever stuck in this place I hope

    you're happy I wouldn't find me a rookie

    here one that'll take you dad for me see

    darling what's all the rocky

    it's Berto dude Berto was with us at the

    beginning of the game pretending to be

    the fake peach and now it's against us I

    don't know why this is unacceptable but

    for this Berto you're going to pig why

    must they be here why can't we be alone

    darling speaking the language of love

    who are you calling darling now is not

    the time to be doing this see this is a

    dame past my audition perfectly see

    she's my all-new bigger and badder

    rookie Berto gone

    don't call me bird Oh call me birdy I

    don't care about names see ha ha I'll

    show you you hear you'll be all

    bamboozled see with my rookies new power

    you'll see what I mean ok Berta you're

    being weird

    quiet stop freaking me out I don't care

    what kind of power it is any kind will

    do I will destroy you see destroy oh

    yeah here comes destruction a couple of

    knuckleheads and thus begins the final

    battle against my boy Papa so he's going

    to go ahead and start off with them what

    what was that what was that my boy for

    real I don't get it

    it was just uh just a smack in the face

    so you can go attack Berto you could

    talk pop well I'm just gonna go for a

    pop oh he's usually the best one to kill

    first because honestly he is the most

    annoying actually this is not the attack

    that I meant to do to be honest but this

    is working out pretty nicely I like it

    alright go ahead and just keep doing it

    let's see if we get an excellent I'm

    pretty sure we can there you go

    excellent ninety-six damage what ok

    that's pretty nice and then Berto is

    gonna go ahead and spit some grenades at

    you unfortunately she's still faster

    than the we Jonna understand how so we

    could go ahead and attack with super

    Thunder Bros or Thunder Bros to lower

    the defense of both of these guys I

    don't actually know if it will Oh

    Roberto's defense but I'm gonna just go

    ahead and do this on pop well why not

    let's get ham down to is weak as we can

    possibly get him well as defenses

    lowered man as you can see he's about to

    die and oh yes stay back I will not

    tolerate this anymore you stupid shadow

    thief I'm gonna go ahead and actually do

    this move again I'd really like what I

    was doing with this there you go and


    well we're doing like 28 damage dude

    this is amazing

    oh my gosh this is gonna be like over a

    hundred for sure he's going to dive very

    very quick a hundred fifty damage my

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    gosh she's already in rage mode

    all right Berta is gonna go ahead and

    spit some grenades at us again just go

    ahead and jump and avoid them with you

    I'm gonna go ahead and also do this same

    exact thunder attack why not I mean it's

    been working out pretty nice although I

    dare click that instead of be my bad all

    right he's gonna go ahead and oh no you

    stole my hammer

    you stole a mushroom I became Maxie

    whatever fine you deserve it dude I feel

    I pity you anyway so go ahead do what

    you gotta do my boy and boom he should

    actually be dead I hope by the end of

    this attack we're doing a lot of damage

    as you could see like this is the

    equivalent of doing two different bro

    attacks on him how much a hundred and

    sixty almost that is insane all right

    Berto should usually rage up depending

    on like how much damage we do on him but

    surprisingly she's not um I'm gonna do

    super knock-back rose I like this attack

    why not go ahead and boom boom and smack

    in the face whoa oh yeah dude this is

    gonna I don't know is he dead for real

    oh no he's not he's dead that was so

    easy we really killed him that quickly

    now what are you gonna rage Berto as

    well we got to pop a batch AAA oh you

    may have defeated my gnarling but that's

    as far as you go she is angry alright oh

    crap I totally forgot that's what she

    did she absorbs you replenishes our HP

    and you know there you go that's that's

    what happens should I do the same thing

    that I did I want to do this again I

    really like this attack surprisingly I

    don't really do this kind of attack but

    now that I'm actually doing it I

    understand how come like why it's so

    nice alright and how much damage did

    that do it did 114 oh my gosh to be

    obliterated her

    alright Luigi what you got for us should

    I just go for Super Thunder Bros let's

    actually see how much damage this does

    I'm not expecting much if I could just

    lower the defense that would be pretty


    oh my gosh it did was that the POW oh I

    guess it didn't really have a status

    effect there you go back away I'm not

    gonna let the same mistake happen again

    alright anyways same thing again whoo

    and right from underneath no I

    accidentally hit him while he was in

    midair my bad

    super bounce bros let's go ahead and try

    something different right now one two

    boom bada bing 43 36 79 damage still not

    as quite as strong as Mario's attack but

    right now she's gonna go ahead and spit

    some grenades in an aggressive manner

    makes sense she's obviously extra angry

    it's time I'm gonna redeem myself with

    this attack I'm not gonna let us screw

    up which you gotta come down pretty

    quickly there you go oh yeah and how

    much damage do you think this will do

    like a hundred I think so eighty not

    quite a hundred but still that's pretty

    good um what else can I do

    I guess I'll just do thunder bows see

    how much damage this does and 21 that is

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    garbage but at least that was the

    finishing blow we got a lucky ribbon

    batch and an additional 1200 exp points

    from that so we're definitely gonna

    level up a couple more times before we

    take on the final boss of the game you

    look at you pathetic useless see you

    you're fired

    well Bowser couldn't even beat us so you

    didn't fire him for the first time he

    lost are you saying that this was all my


    Oh shocking shocking I say go ahead just

    smack him out of here see you later pop

    well that's what you deserve man clearly

    this is a test for me yes the power that

    be wanted me to go out on my own once I

    overcome my hardships I shall be one

    step closer to superstardom whatever if

    you say so I can't believe I lost to you

    see you later Berto this is the first

    Koopalings room oh yeah right off the

    bat it's iggy what's up iggy so every

    Koopaling has a little gimmick with bet

    they do before the battle actually

    begins it's pretty cool

    all of them are alright like they're fun

    to play through the only one that I

    absolutely hate I'm not gonna spoil it

    yeah I'll just save it until we get to

    that part

    I don't want to I don't want to ruin

    this for you guys

    anyways so he made us dizzy in order to

    get to him you have to use the control

    pad or the circles pad go left to go

    right and go up to go down down to go up

    right to go left pretty much that easy

    simple it's pretty nice it's not that

    hard at all actually so right now I'm

    going up and then I'm clicking right on

    the d-pad and then I'm clicking down and

    boom bada bing we made it to anggee all

    right here we go the very first

    Koopaling battle haha prepare to be a

    royally clobbered okay that's what he's

    gonna do and he's going to jumble up our

    stats that's right so I switched her

    strength punks Baha thank me later so as

    you can see on the touchscreen our stats

    look really wacky right now Luigi

    doesn't have any power his defense is

    insanely high Mario's power is somewhat

    higher than normal his defense is

    garbage he's gonna keep doing that in

    between turns but that's fine we got to

    work with it and I would say he is

    probably one of the easiest of the

    Koopalings I actually don't remember the

    other ones like all of them so I

    couldn't really tell you but he's gonna

    do this attack where he spins around you

    so you want to make sure that you hit

    him at least three times otherwise he

    will make one of you guys dizzy and like

    I said in between phases

    he will jumble up your stats so right

    now he's jumbling up but again Mario's

    power is 55 and now he is angry is that

    really it he's about to die that quick

    all right fine I got you Iggy we're

    gonna kill you first and Luigi gets the

    extra attack Wow

    you've been with Luigi 138 POW he only

    did like that much damage that's pretty

    bad I could use a red pepper but I don't

    know if it's gonna be worth it here we

    go and land on his head

    41 damage and that's off a 55 pow Mario

    is just a beast in this game all right

    he's gonna do it again he's gonna spin

    around us and oh there we go I was

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    scared that we weren't gonna make it but

    we did thankfully so jumble up the stats

    again let's see what we get oh you

    lowered the defense again and made more

    Luigi's power 55 it's the same thing

    sometimes he'll make your Pollock super

    super good and then you can kill him

    like right away but I guess not today

    he's making it a little tough for me

    because he knows I'm about to kill him

    and we did very

    nice see you later Aggie so yeah that

    was the first coupling battle pretty

    nice and easy I'm let's say I don't know

    how many I'm gonna do in this episode I

    just know that I want to split them up I

    might do like three and then save the

    last four for the next episode just

    because I want to also battle the

    enemies here why not go ahead and give a

    live with you some stash and increase it

    to 88 maybe we could get it up to 90 by

    the end of this episode that would

    actually be pretty nice dude Maureen

    sucks I'm gonna now I'm not gonna lie to

    you guys Morton's actually pretty tough

    I remember struggling on him he gives me

    a hard time so I'm gonna try my back

    here now all right more and fine I'm

    coming to you brother

    bravi oh and he jumps as I jump too bad

    I couldn't get it like a first hit on

    him but we are attacking first which is

    the good thing so I'm gonna go ahead and

    do I would I don't know I feel like this

    just the jumping attacks are the best

    attacks that I could do right now let me

    see how much damage this one does that

    did 74 so I think I'm gonna just stick

    to doing that and then he's going to

    attack by ground-pounding so it's not

    that he ground pounce that makes the

    battle tough it's actually that he

    ground pounds at an angle which makes

    the battle tough because you have to

    jump with Mario or Luigi first depending

    on which side of the arena he decides to

    ground pound that and for me it just

    throws me off man it's like when you

    play the whole game accustomed to using

    both the bros as block attacks at once

    which is a bad thing don't do that I for

    some reason always tend to do that it's

    just like you don't really know how to

    register one bro form another you just

    want to click a and B at the same time

    so right now it's gonna be Luigi Mario

    Luigi Mario C and they trip

    unfortunately they trip like that and

    then they take a lot of damage so we're

    just gonna go ahead and use a super

    enough I don't want to risk getting my

    HP really low just always keep it as

    high as I possibly can if he's anything

    as easy as a key you should be able to

    die pretty quickly see raging he's not

    raging yet oh yeah this parts actually

    pretty easy so you could go ahead and

    just deflect fireballs back at him it

    doesn't really do much damage back but

    still it's a little something something

    extra for you so

    doesn't really hurt to do it and if the

    fireballs do hit you it does take a lot

    of damage so don't let that happen there

    you go 49 he's ridged yet he's raged

    this is it this is where he starts being

    a cycle all right go ahead one Oh

    thankfully just single fireballs I'm not

    a fan of the dual ones and another

    single one for single fireball attacks

    very nice okay actually I think we might

    be able to beat him pretty soon we might

    not even let him attack us again if oh I

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    forgot he's gonna attack right now

    what's he gonna do always he attacks

    never mind maybe more in is much slower

    than us okay that's pretty good it makes

    sense he's a big fella dude do you think

    this guy is speedy

    heck no and Mario Kart 8 though they

    made him very fast Oh more fireballs I

    love it oh gosh that was not cool all


    there you go Mario for some reason took

    the hit oh my gosh dude that's throwing

    me off it's like for some reason Mario's

    fireball doesn't get hit back but yet

    Luigi's fireballs for some reason gets

    hit it doesn't make any sense to me okay

    is this it can we kill you right now I

    hope so Oh bang she's a forty and thirty

    nine is he dead he's not dead yet

    hi this is duck this is the tough part

    right now where he ground pounds there

    you go

    just got to avoid it oh I'm glad I

    avoided that one dude how did it hit me

    I probably would have been dead by now

    honestly dude you should see the amount

    of damage it does when he's raging like

    that it does a lot but I think it's

    easier to do what when he's like facing

    on Mario's side of the screen honestly

    come on just die already

    I can't afford to waste no more time on

    you more in boom is he dead 65 he's

    still not dead I'm shocked how is he not

    dead yep yep what what did I literally

    say man I literally said this as soon as

    he Clips you you like impossible to

    start getting that jump what the heck

    so I think he's almost dead now actually

    this was a little bit easier to do the

    second time now that I had

    little bit of practice with him and you

    know when you're not commentating you're

    fully focused just on the battle so

    honestly like let's playing it makes

    video gaming very tough because your

    focus on doing two things at once but

    honestly like when I do like

    walkthroughs and stuff it's so much

    easier because we just focus literally

    on the gameplay not using that as a John

    or anything but for real though I'm just

    saying what it is the truth and that's

    what all that's that's all I'm trying to

    convey here but yeah we went ahead and

    killed more in you're not going oh yeah

    he spins around you that's what he does

    illusionist so he stopped I believe I

    want to say this one nope it was wrong

    one it was one on the right okay so you

    got to watch how he spins and then the

    one where he starts splitting up is the

    word is the one that you want to okay so

    it was this one right here the right one

    very nice

    maybe it's always the right one that's

    the one that's always gonna be I don't

    know man but what's up let me so he's an

    illusionist he's gonna go ahead and

    create four different Lemmy's and spin

    around you got to keep your eye on the

    real one he's actually not that bad as

    far as I can remember I don't remember

    really struggling much on him back in

    the day and then they start shooting


    they actually collectively build one up

    and what the heck I literally let myself

    get hit by it because I was looking at

    lemme dude I was distracted making sure

    that he doesn't slip away from my eyes

    all right here we go one-third

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    eighty-five damage not bad

    alright he's spinning around again I see

    you I got my eye on you alright he's

    literally in the same exact spot and

    then with Luigi will do I guess super

    bounce pros honestly I feel like these

    are the two best pros attacks to do in

    this area just because I don't want to

    risk giving them extra HP by using fire

    or even thunder sometimes you don't know

    if thunder will do it or not and I don't

    think thunder will lower their defense

    they're too advanced for that alright

    what are they doing now they're gonna go

    ahead and shoot some fireballs okay very

    nice but I still see let me he's the guy

    in the back he literally doesn't move I

    don't know maybe he's scared of moving

    from that spot he's just hiding in the

    back and the ones in the front are his

    bodyguards doesn't want to expose

    himself to real

    well you know what man you're gonna have

    a hard time in life doing that all right

    I see you he's the one in the front Wow

    speak speaking of that you know I was

    literally saying he was hiding in the

    back and now he's like I'm gonna show

    you that I'm not scared of nothing

    spell and he's raged so he's gonna go

    ahead and get rid of the other ones and

    then bring them back that's the thing

    dude they all know some magic okay I see

    you I see you I got my eye on you there

    you go

    oh they're gonna build a big one this

    time I'm gonna go ahead what the heck

    again I let it hit me dude it's because

    I keep getting distracted I'm always

    scared lemmy's gonna move and get out of

    sight but even if he does it doesn't

    matter it's rather it's better to tell

    it that happened and take a hit from him

    I can't keep letting him do fireball

    attacks on me there you go I see him

    he's in the front all right super bounce

    bro here we go and one two skippity do

    very nice is he dead nope he's not dead

    he's doing it again how come he keeps

    killing him off and then bringing him

    back does he think it's gonna really

    elude me I see you he's in the back

    again okay what are they doing they're

    shooting fireballs

    all right 102 all right three very nice

    see these fireballs are pretty easy to

    dodge okay I think Lemmy is on the verge

    of death right now he is like absolutely

    raging and this could be the finishing

    blow eighty-five damage it was not okay

    I got you I got my eye on you he's in

    the front he literally keeps moving

    around to the same exact spots it's like

    he doesn't have anything different to do

    I wish you Mario could get the first

    jump but then again it's the Wii geez

    bro attack so does it make sense that he

    would and we killed him not bad so yeah

    definitely a lot easier than more him so

    we did three Koopalings in this episode

    I think I'm gonna end off the episode

    here my friends I'll probably get to the

    next Koopalings room actually in this

    episode just to save some time because

    there's gonna be four coupons that we

    take on in the next one so I might as

    well get a head start right now

    so yeah that's 147 defense still not

    good enough at least not as good as I

    would have wanted

    to be without further ado let's go ahead

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    and battle my boy Ludwig von Koopa

    what's up dawg ha what a bother

    alright so I actually I really suck at

    this part right here when it comes to

    like dodging cio over-jumped Oh see I

    did it again I need it okay what the

    heck man oh gosh all right I'm gonna

    just meet you guys when I get the good

    attempt I like I suck at this part so

    bad I don't know why but I just do

    all right we did it so like I said I

    don't know why I don't know how to do

    that but it just it sucks I I'm just

    really bad with specific very easy

    things in this game but anyways we're

    gonna go ahead and battle Ludwig and I

    guess I gotta say he is probably my

    least favorite Koopaling in the game and

    just in general I never really liked him

    he's been always a pain in the butt

    whenever we had to fight him in any of

    the Mario Bros games or I mean like in

    any Mario game in general even in like

    New Super Mario Bros games he's kind of

    tough it showed up no not more than you

    can handle I'm going all out right from

    the start it's max power Ludwig time

    baby so he's not even joking about this

    he's going literally all-out with max

    power from the very beginning of this

    battle so what you want to do oh gosh I

    forgot that's what you need to do okay

    so okay so it doesn't really matter you

    can let Luigi die it's probably easiest

    done with just one of the bros to be

    honest all you really need to do here is

    just you know evade that spirit bomb

    that's coming down at us with the great

    force oh no it's the breach didn't mean

    and it kills you like instantly look at

    that it does toppled damage because I

    got the mush match AAA odd alright well

    you know now I know I haven't played

    this in a long time so and by a long

    time I mean like almost three weeks I

    would say you should have known more

    than you can handle all right let's go

    ahead and do this Redemption time I'm

    not gonna let you do this again

    you're not gonna humiliate me loot the

    big alright one two just you know whack

    these things real quick there you go

    gotta make sure oh gosh Luigi why'd you

    get hit dude it's because these the it

    throws me off dude how the beams are

    coming in at different paces you know

    alright and then the final ones coming

    in and then when is it really both of

    the bros to do it man are you for reals

    leaves yes we try

    there you go I did it with both of the

    bros surviving I don't know why but

    apparently one bro can't do it by

    himself I mean I filled out it a couple

    of times thinking that maybe if I just

    focused with one bro it would probably

    be better but no and that's it that's

    the Lord we battle for you pretty simple

    and easy once you actually know exactly

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    what you're doing but other than that

    he's my least favorite Koopaling because

    personally in my opinion I feel like

    he's the toughest one of all seven of

    the Koopalings in this game the rest for

    me should be a breeze I would say

    because you know now I'm like obviously

    pretty strong you know not to brag or

    anything like that but Mario and Luigi

    are pretty beefed up but can we just

    talk about how awesome this music is in

    Bowser's Castle like it is so nice man

    and actually has the best looking

    environment in my opinion it just looks

    super clean but yes it is Roy Koopa it's

    time to battle him except he's gonna run

    away what's up Roy yep he ran away

    that's what all the Koopalings do this

    is like they contemplate whether or not

    they should battle me and then they're

    like okay let's do it let's battle him

    they tricked me man so what I want to

    know is now that I've played Bowser's

    minions all the way through is what

    happens like how do they like how are

    the Koopalings battling them if they

    were with like you know the Goomba I

    don't get it

    I feel like you know that doesn't

    explain this part of the story maybe I

    haven't reached it yet in the game

    because I slap yet to be the final level

    of Bowser's minions as of the time of

    the recording this video so I don't know

    but we got a timer and it has nine turns

    before we can actually get out of here

    okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm just

    gonna do some Rose attacks obviously man

    I haven't done this in a while so I

    actually don't know if I'm gonna be able

    to once I get the little bit I'll be

    Booch there you go that's 210 damage

    pretty nice I also got to make sure like

    I said that I made being attacked by him

    we're gonna do let me see I guess will

    do man I don't know this is tough I'll

    get some super bounce pros why not

    alright so we're gonna go ahead and

    bounce like that boom bada bing 1

    through 124 and 148 damage 206 damage

    total alright let you go hit him back in

    his face

    oh no that's a 32 damage there you go

    smack it back at you oh he is now fierce

    I told you this is gonna go by pretty

    quick so actually I remembered now he's

    he's pretty easy the next Koopaling that

    we're about to take on I think it's

    either Wendy or Larry or Lemmy well I

    don't know which one specifically like I

    said it's been a while since I've played

    this oh gosh there you go alright who's

    it oh yeah there you go

    one more oh yeah suck on that Roy how

    does it feel get a taste of your own

    medicine then you'll stop spitting fire

    at us it's not fun is it dude oh there

    you go lucky hits got 182 damage and we

    killed him Wow only took a couple turns

    so the bomb usually goes down to like

    two cuz trust me when I recorded this

    part for my second channel I didn't have

    any of the equipment that I have now and

    I was a lot like lower level I was just

    like basic level you know just beating

    all the enemies in the game and that's

    pretty much it they don't really do

    anything more than that and I struggled

    I really did it was super hard and then

    at that moment I realized I should have

    you know grind it a little bit and I

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    knew that I needed to get like these

    specific items you know in every Mario

    and Luigi game they have them oh I think

    this is Wendy's room is it

    I think it's Wendy's room it is Wendy's

    room okay now I'm gonna be honest Wendy

    is my second least favorite Koopaling

    and it's funny because she actually my

    second least favorite Koopaling in the

    entire game or in any in the entire

    Mario series and you're gonna find out

    why maybe not it's probably not gonna be

    as bad in this attempt but who knows so

    first and foremost you want to separate

    the bros you want to switch the hammer

    like that

    I switch to hammer I mean and then

    you're gonna do the same thing from


    and then prepare to attack so you switch

    with why okay

    just prepare all right there you go and

    then there you go ahead or both and the

    pipes cuz if you don't hit her quick

    enough what happens is to like escape

    and you have to redo it again but there

    you go we battle Wendy the second crew

    playing and obviously or the the second

    cooling in this episode obviously as you

    could see there's seven rounds before

    this match ends so this is what she does

    she spins around constantly she splits

    up and that's my least favorite thing

    because it's confusing if she splits

    herself into six it's actually

    impossible to figure out which one's the

    real windy wow that I don't know why I

    let that happen that's just that's not

    okay alright so what I'm gonna do is I'm

    gonna just do I guess I'll just do fire

    bros and attack this one there you go

    all right just make one big fireball

    there you go and then oh yeah 124 damage

    and attacked all the other Koopalings as

    well so you can go ahead and kill these

    Koopalings one by one but that's

    actually not what you want to do so for

    her specifically you should probably

    just stick to doing jump attacks there

    you go I could see her you can't pull me

    Wendy alright and then I'm gonna do

    super bounce bro so as long as you're

    not attacking any of the other

    Koopalings like the fake ones she'll

    never have to you know oh gosh okay well

    that was not the one that I should have


    okay thankfully she still hasn't you

    know gotten all crazy yet so she'll

    stick around to doing this for sure

    alright and now what you're gonna do oh

    my gosh I forgot about this alright

    there you go Louise II took some hits

    man this is not cool I'm gonna need to

    use some nuts here ABB's

    have ultra notes just go ahead guys eat

    those ultra notes alright so for Luigi I

    guess we'll just stick to doing what's

    an attack that only does one I guess

    knock back pros okay let me just finish

    hammering Mario become Minnie all right

    yeah I'll just do knock back pros that's

    actually probably the best thing to do

    whoa 220 damage there you go is she

    raging oh she's raging dude

    all right she's going really fast but

    she's only three that's all that I need

    alright what you doing now oh she's

    gonna do her onion rings again

    right oh oh there you go wow I almost

    managed to escape it now she's gonna

    make six of them dude this is what makes

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    it tough when she has six of these

    things Wow

    oh my gosh I can't see her I think I

    found out which one she is hopefully she

    doesn't spin again

    if she doesn't spend again I definitely

    think I could do this right now I could

    kill her we can end this battle

    I just forgot how it was to be honest so

    it kind of like threw me off but I might

    have to restart it maybe unless I can

    kill the real one okay I see it I see it

    I see it I think she's the one on the

    furthest like the far left maybe I don't

    know I don't know man knock back Bros I

    think it's gonna be that one I could

    very well be wrong hopefully I'm not oh

    please be the right one

    I think I'll uh Oh see it was the fake

    one that's the problem all right but I

    think this is gonna eliminate some of

    them there you go did we hit the real

    one we didn't so that was the real one

    now she's gonna split up again so you

    can make it to where you don't actually

    have to endure this part of the battle

    oh man this sucks I might actually have

    to restart this battle guys if I can't

    beat this in the next four turns I'm

    gonna have to restart it but this time I

    know exactly what not to do keep all the

    imposters alive at the beginning of this

    so you never have to do this yep that

    was also a fake how are you supposed to

    tell which one's the real one um I guess

    I'll just do this because I attacked all

    of them hopefully I'll have a better

    chance doing this there you go there you

    go and boom excellent it at least we got

    the one in the back oh no that's fake

    that's fake and she's the real one okay

    I gotta pay attention watch it's

    impossible to figure out which one it is

    oh my gosh what am I supposed to know

    alright so I'm restarting the battle and

    this time around I know exactly what I'm

    not gonna do now see as you can see at

    the beginning she's moving very slow and

    there's only four of them four of them

    so there's three Impostors and obviously

    the real one

    she's the one in the back all the way so

    ok she's moving it a little bit but

    fine that's whatever I'll take the hit I

    don't actually want to kill any of the

    imposters so now what I'm gonna do is

    I'm gonna make sure that I don't hit

    anyone except the real windy because if

    you do that then she'll never actually

    split up into like six because he'll

    still have all three of her imposters

    the only reason she splits up like that

    it's because of the fact that you kill

    her imposter Wendy's so with that we're

    just gonna go ahead and do knock back

    bros and then attack them the real one

    there you go

    and boom bada bing two hundred and

    twenty damage very nice so now she's

    angry so we can easily finish this

    battle real quick see how fast she's

    moving now but it's gonna be easy don't

    worry I'm actually gonna just take the

    hit probably best for me to take the hit

    all right what's happening next I guess

    I gotta use Luigi I mean I could

    probably kill her right now I could risk

    it and do it but I don't know if I want

    to oh man I don't know dude I don't know

    what should I do I'm gonna use an ocean

    uh it's probably the best thing for me

    play it safe play it safe all right

    and then Luigi just do knock back pros

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    on her all right there you go be be boom

    bada bing 220 damage all right what

    happens she's dead nope she's not a lot

    she's she's still alive I mean I see her

    she's hiding right there oh my gosh dude

    if it's gonna land on Mario

    oh gosh dude she's gonna split up dude

    that's the thing I screwed up

    I shouldn't have hit it back I knew that

    all right so I could either take a guess

    and try to figure out which one's the

    real one usually it's one of these two

    I'm gonna go with this one if it's the

    real one then I got this in the bag if

    not then most likely we'll have to

    restart this there you go 204 damage did

    it do it nope it was an impostor all

    right so I guess we can go ahead and do

    Thunder Bros that'll attack all of them

    do a decent amount of damage I would

    hope there you go B P and B all right

    did it kill the real one oh it did Wow

    nevermind I was actually on the verge of

    restarting this battle again but

    thankfully we were able to get past it

    like I said wendy is just so tedious

    because you can't really tell which

    one's the real one and it's unfortunate


    at least we did it that's all that

    matters it's Larry hey greenie time to

    get plum old so what you got to do here

    is you got to play a nice game of a

    fighter ball with him just keep hitting

    it back and eventually he'll get mad

    that you you know he couldn't dodge it

    because he sucks were better player at

    tennis than he is I guess that would be

    like the equivalent of playing tennis

    you know all right Mario Luigi

    very nice all right this is it guys the

    final Koopaling is upon us and I don't

    think this guy has any gimmicks or maybe

    he does I don't remember let's see what

    you got fer gimmicks my dude show me oh

    five turns Wow I mean he's really

    putting me on a time crunch right now

    all right go ahead and just do a couple

    of these attacks and we should be able

    to kill him right off the bat excellent

    142 damage not really what I expected I

    was actually thinking a little bit more

    but I think I guess that's fine at least

    with this attack will be able to get

    double the damage and boom bada bing

    actually that really didn't do as much

    as I thought it would either I don't

    know why there you go so right now he's

    playing a game of fireball again with me

    you want to just keep whack walk

    whacking it back smack and get back oh

    there you go how do you like that

    oh he's angry he doesn't like that I hit

    him with his own fireball like that

    well I'm sorry dude oh you're gonna play

    it with Mario too

    what the heck dude well that's fine I

    took the hit I saved myself the trouble

    of having you know to go through this

    game with you again so I guess I'll go

    ahead and do like I guess I could do

    knock back pros or super knock back

    balls let's try this we could get a lot

    of damage there you go there you go

    actually I'm gonna do this this is

    probably gonna kill him a lot better I

    mean it slowly does lesser and lesser

    damage but excellent hits and obviously

    you get lucky hits does a lot more

    damage 278 Wow

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    that is awesome alright who's he gonna

    attack me all right I'm gonna make sure

    oh my gosh what the heck dude Mario

    you're dead that's the problem with

    having like the badges that I have

    you just died instantly you know you get

    touched by the slightest bit of of

    whatever and your daddy all right 1 2 3

    come on kill him boom this should be it

    he should be dead right now he shouldn't

    live this he's alive

    are you serious how is he oh he really

    wants to fight Mario he really wants to

    play this stupid tennis ball game ok

    fine what the heck dude I'm really bad

    with dodging I must say that I'm I will

    admit that I'm bad at this like for real

    there you go 132 I took all the good

    stuff offs like their patter their HP is

    just really garbage alright you know

    what man if this is what you want I'm

    gonna give you the biggest fireball

    you've ever seen in your life go ahead

    hit this with your tennis racket dude I

    want to see you evade this sucka

    excellent hit 124 damage and it killed

    him very nice so I'm definitely gonna

    need to practice the final boss with

    these two badges before I record it so

    I'm not like sucking at it so badly it's

    just like I said you know you can't as

    having it in my head knowing that I

    can't take any damage makes me panic and

    then I end up taking damage that's my

    issue right here fawful the dramatic

    king himself the guy with the grand

    entrance there he is

    and that weird-looking fawful pot of his

    I have fury last my entrance with drama

    finally now is a time where my true

    might shines like many angry sunbeams of


    standing in the spa has such a gallop

    spectacularly my nerves are nervous but

    now that I am thinking calculators

    revival was all thanks to my quite nasty

    efforts which means that all this time I

    am Farkle who is just a toady such

    working for all others and that means

    the true meaning of our panel gives me

    fear and confusion

    I need no lock speaker for this battle

    which will now be mighty snack on my

    wrath feet grads all right so we're

    gonna snack on his wrath he's gonna

    snack on our wrath we're gonna both be

    snacking in some way shape or form so

    for those of you who don't know this

    battle is actually pretty easy

    especially if you have the great force

    and the two badges that I have equipped

    it the mush aaaa and then the mush badge

    obviously that we have with Luigi Mario

    was definitely the stronger one here but

    it doesn't really matter because I'm I'm

    gonna I'm gonna do this with no damage

    trust me I got this so as you can see

    he's gonna go ahead and choose some

    beams out of his his little goggles

    right here he's pretty easy I have to

    say though between this game and the

    original game they actually made these

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    battles a little bit stronger especially

    Baloo duh and if I like make a

    comparison video which I do intend on

    doing with comparison video I like once

    I'm completely done with this game I'll

    do a comparison video of all the bosses

    and you'll be able to see like how they

    nerfed some of the bosses actually a lot

    of the bosses in this game and then how

    for this castle they made like all the

    Koopalings much stronger and then they

    made ballad or like super strong and

    then they also nerfed like I said the

    two badges as well as the great forest

    anyway for the same image there's two

    badges that they nerfed in this game the

    wait for cells the same thing but what

    you need to do here is you need to

    attack the shell and he'll eventually

    end up you know exposing himself but

    until then you're pretty much you know

    just at a dead end you have nothing much

    to do but attack the shell he's gonna

    keep trying to do some attacks on you to

    try to confuse you get you do some

    damage or something if you long if you

    hit these green walls before you know

    they eventually hit you you're good

    you're not gonna take it out chop next

    it is the oh my head well don't stay in

    there too long weep and now that he


    exposed himself not exploded that's not

    even a word


    host himself we can go ahead and attack

    him 190 damage if you watch like that

    look at that he's already raging man and

    the first like three battles that we did

    with the Koopalings I was doing like

    little to no damage and that was because

    I was just barely like you know the

    level that I needed to be coming into

    this castle but now I have like I said

    all the badges the great forest and I

    leveled up to like over 40 I am

    definitely prepared to do this so my

    history repeats itself all we need to do

    is once again just go ahead and smack

    his shell until he eventually comes out

    of this yes we're gonna keep hitting you

    fawful and the results will not be the

    same they'll always be different we got

    this in the bag

    go ahead Luigi show him what it's like

    dude so you know fight like a real man

    there you go he's coming out okay so

    this is actually a little bit tricky to

    dodge you have to use and oh we did it

    haha sucker boy 70 damage and he went

    back in his shell it's like he just

    comes out to cool her off for a couple

    seconds and then he goes right back in

    cuz he's that much of a coward my gosh

    waffle I'm gonna kill you so hard I'm

    gonna kill you twice I'm gonna bring you

    back with the 1up mushroom just to kill

    you again technically I don't actually

    kill him you know we just knock him out

    I mean for a guy who literally tried

    destroying the bean bean castle I think

    they should execute him they should have

    left it like let him live because he

    went on to do just way more destruction

    but in the Mushroom Kingdom

    look at that oh no we got hit by

    unfortunately okay I think that's where

    it stops oh it goes around for I was

    gonna go around for a whole new circle

    as well well there you go father you

    think you would have learned from the

    first time this happened to you he's so

    persistent that's his problem you know

    his machine has flaws

    but I think this is it guys we did it I

    didn't know damage it you know we took a

    couple hits but hey you know at least

    Platteville put up a good fight with us

    that's me laughing at you hey oh she is

    you've done well to make it here I

    should have expected as much from the

    superstars of the Mushroom Kingdom

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    unfortunately for you those who desire

    to disrupt my plans have very short

    futures after conquering the bean bin

    Kingdom I attend to make the Mushroom

    Kingdom mine as well my new country has

    no need for old superstars it will do

    just fine with only one the great bow

    Letta I mean I don't think you're

    technically a superstar in order to be a

    superstar you'd have to be good you'd

    have to fight for justice which you

    don't you're a supervillain that would

    that would work a lot better but I I

    don't think she wants to admit that

    she's evil you know she thinks what

    she's doing is right for whatever reason

    I don't know so this is a to battle face

    this is the first space that we're doing

    right now

    very easy phase especially like I said

    if you have like the you know the great

    force and much badges on both of the

    bros because we do so much damage but

    like once you beat this phase we move on

    to the harder phase which is actually

    pretty similar to like all the other

    bosses that you take on in Mario and

    Luigi games I like how they did that

    though like they took like a very good

    final boss and then they used it in the

    other Mario and Luigi games so she's

    gonna go ahead and spit out these rocks

    that actually replenish your HP you

    could go ahead and I believe and attack

    them but you did it doesn't really

    matter I mean we're doing so much damage

    as it is and look at her she is now

    black and gold dude this just shows that

    she's ready to die I mean this is pretty

    awesome we almost are done with the

    first phase go ahead a hundred damage

    now I wonder what she's gonna do

    oh no she's gonna send out some shooting

    stars at us no and then we got to knock

    them back so the shooting starts out a

    red and green obviously you know green

    as Luigi red is Mario there you go and

    it back oh yeah there you go very nice

    and then the red one pretty awesome and

    then the yellow ones I believe just

    don't even hit anybody like they just

    come down and they go in the back or the

    front of the screen but it's easy as

    done when you use both of the balls at

    the same time you know that's actually

    how I've always done all of my commands

    it's not a good thing though however

    because you guys remember when I

    Ludwig and he was before the battle

    actually began and Ludwig was going back

    and forth trying to like hit me I would

    always just have you know the impulse of

    jumping with both of the bros at the

    same time which was very bad because if

    he was going through you know I would

    end up jumping with both of the bros and

    then by the time he would land whichever

    one of the bros would land

    Ludwig would hit you and then I'd have

    to restart it over again and that's

    because I take the lazy rule and I just

    tried to dodge with you know both of the

    balls at the same time not a good thing

    Wow 300 damage dude oh my gosh we did it

    we defeated Bal Letta no cast Mario Bros

    not again what are you gonna do this

    time whose body are you all gosh nope

    that Wow yup now let always had this

    plan fools under you guys down even with

    all your fancy attacks you can't beat me

    she knew this farewell you two losers

    it's time you took a nice relaxing break

    in my belly look at this a nice tribute

    to bowser's Inside Story they says how

    bowser's Inside Story really began you

    know Bowser had a little bit of taste in

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    the Mario Bros and he ended up liking it

    and I don't get this look at this

    there's a full-fledged castle inside of

    Bowser this is not how I remember it are

    you still conscious yes we are hey

    what's up it's the soul of BAU letter oh

    my gosh look at that very creepy but

    they made it look so awesome in this

    game I saw they're supposed to be

    quickly than eat you for lunch so how

    does that work you're within Bowser's

    belly are you gonna eat at us and we're

    gonna be within your belly that's pretty

    crazy so as you can see she has two arms

    a fire arm and an ice arm you go out and

    attack the right arm with this attack

    and you can actually do a lot of damage

    on it because I'm pretty sure it's made

    of ice and then her right arm has made a

    fire look at that critical damage

    oh we had 330 damage what the heck her

    arm is got that's what she did so let's

    go ahead and actually replenish our HP

    we don't want to risk dying max that

    time go ahead and Mario

    delicious 132 HP not that high I mean

    because we got rid of the badges that

    gave us like insanely high you know HP

    and all that other stuff so it's still

    pretty good I must say it's not too bad

    or maybe it's actually I don't remember

    maybe I'm thinking of like I'm thinking

    of something else actually I don't know

    but what you're gonna do now oh she's

    gonna attack you with her arm you can go

    ahead and just smack it with your hammer

    pretty easy

    she guys like different phases like it's

    gonna get tougher for sure but with fire

    I guess actually I don't know what I

    want to do should i do Super Thunder

    Bros or should I go I think I think

    using electricity on the arm does pretty

    well like the firearm cuz usually that's

    how it works it count yeah there you go

    90 okay so I felt that attack

    unfortunately but you know she's gonna

    continuously replenish her HP you know

    but that's fine because we end up doing

    way more damage than you know all guys

    then we end up oh no and she ends up

    taking back for herself

    no we did we dodged very nice - keep it

    up dude come on

    how long does this fire last alright so

    you want to just keep doing bro attacks

    I know I don't have all the bro attacks

    unlocked there's one bro attack move

    which is like the tornado spin that you

    do with Mario and Luigi I don't know how

    to unlock that I wanted to unlock it

    before the end of the game because I

    know it does like so much damage but I

    don't have it yet maybe I'll have it by

    the end of the game you know I mean by

    the end of like the let's play because

    there's still a giant post game that I

    have yet to do it by Gaia I mean like a

    couple episodes not a whole lot left

    there you go 160 and 136 dude I think I

    think I think the badge that I have

    equipted the more mushrooms you have the

    higher chance you have at getting a

    lucky hit so this is definitely working

    out for me oh gosh what's wrong with you

    what are you doing oh no she froze us oh

    that's good nobody else got hurt okay

    that's what she does so if you have to

    pay attention to how her eyes are her

    eyes down and up that means that those

    are the directions of the beams so you

    have to make sure you dodge accordingly

    to how she moves your eyes

    all right luckily we managed to not get

    hit by that attack we'll go ahead and

    just attack the heart right away see how


    we can do directly on her chest 204

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    damage that is awesome

    alright Luigi what you got in store for

    us I gotta say man I really like how

    they made kak Letta in this game like

    they made her much stronger truly feels

    like final boss worthy you know in the

    original game if you have like the

    badges that I showed you in the great

    force you could literally defeat bow

    lettuce first face within two jumps I'm

    not even joking look it up on YouTube

    I've seen people do it it's ridiculous

    but they made it harder I believe

    because you know they realized how much

    of a joke it was but it's funny because

    that entire game was actually pretty it

    wasn't it was pretty tough for me as a

    child but then the final boss turned out

    to be pretty easy alright we need to go

    ahead and use some of these delicious

    max nuts you know replenish both of the

    bros HP cuz why the heck not I don't

    want him to die

    alright her chest is exposed again so we

    can go ahead and attack her but she's

    gonna do an attack oh no oh yeah there

    you go all crap you gotta keep

    deflecting this thing oh man dude that's

    the thing I don't know how long it

    usually lasts but it's kind of a relief

    to just be done with that dang it she

    smacked me on my head who does she think

    she is Master Hand alright we're gonna

    go ahead and just do fire bro on the ice

    arm there you go and oh

    critical damage 330 I guess it's

    according to how many fireballs I send

    every fireball does 30 damage so meaning

    I sent out the same amount of fireballs

    as I did the first time and that's how

    you get an excellent you know that's how

    you know you capped it out how many

    fireballs you can send out so go ahead

    and replenish your HP I mean if we could

    do what you can - why the heck not let's

    see let's go ahead and do super bounce

    bros 1 166 damage phenomenal I'm kind of

    intrigued to like you know like how much

    damage I would have done had I just

    battled her the way I was before

    leveling up and before getting like the

    great force and all that happened this

    prior would have been like super tough

    to do axe

    oh look at that 144 on the head all

    right what's next it's just literally a

    body and an arm all right there you go

    oh gosh what the heck dude you know

    what's crazy to looking at calculator

    soul it doesn't even look anything like

    kak Leto like even when like fawful had

    calculate a soul in the vacuum of his

    and then you know they possessed Bowser

    that looked a lot like Calcutta it

    doesn't look anything like it does now

    that's kind of weird so now the heart is

    very exposed at this point so one more

    bros attack oh I don't think one more

    bros attack will do the trick but it

    will definitely do you know a lot of

    damage on it oh look at that she's

    raging this is it guys the final stretch

    we're almost ready so now as you can see

    she's all red oh gosh she's sitting out

    thoughtful soul what oh man this is

    pretty awesome I totally forgot about

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    this she can send out fawful soul but

    then again if Apple's know like it's

    just like a memory of fawful is what I'm

    assuming coz fawful is like not here

    he's not dead either so he's still alive

    somewhere and her heart's green that's

    because it's toxic it's poisonous

    anything she touches dies nobody could

    ever love her dude I'm sorry but that's

    just the truth

    all right what's next oh no she's both

    both of them looking down all right

    and oh everybody jumped at the same time

    haha all right what's next stars nope

    the arms he's charged no no it's the

    fire okay you got to stay alive with

    Mario I think one of these fires will

    actually kill me if I let it oh no you

    got to stay alive Mario you can't use a

    1-up mushroom you have to do this very

    nice all right I'm not a bro attack or I

    mean BP so I could go ahead and actually

    use a syrup jar I mean I might as well I

    have like sold many of these things that

    one recovers all I actually bought some

    as well let me see what does gold Ashim

    do oh that actually protects a lot

    better you know to do then you see I

    wish there was like an item like the nut

    where you can you know feed both of the

    bros BP at the same time

    like you could do with HP but Louise is

    the same thing there's not really much

    she can do I got tsuki just jump you

    know I don't want to waste too many

    turns like we're punishing their HP

    Mario hopefully should be able to do the

    trick Oh oh no there you go that's

    pretty easy what's next Oh waffles

    coming at us there you go aha we killed


    Oh what's next the arms again oh no dang


    Luigi tripped meaning that I can't do

    bro attacks unless he gets up somehow

    there you go would you stay alive no

    Ritchie you do stay alive oh my gosh I

    might die Goodrich you might actually

    even wanna punch them okay you survived

    thankfully who so I could either attack

    or I could do a BP or I could do I mean

    a bro attack

    I mean replenish Luigi's health dude I

    think the best thing to do would

    probably be attack maybe right arm man I

    don't know I guess I guess we have to

    see what we could do how much damage we

    could take about it being 160 the

    heart's not even there so I can't even

    attack it yet all right what are you

    gonna do now okay so I definitely need

    to like use something for Luigi probably

    a golden shroom you know get him back to

    full HP and then obviously you know full

    BP 69 dude that's garbage

    dude that's the best that's the downfall

    about using much badges whoa oh gosh

    this is my least favorite attack ever I

    always have a hard time dodging it you

    know it's the same thing that Ludwig dig

    oh I cannot die here so this is where it

    gets really critical because as you

    could see Luigi has to carry Mario and

    then if he gets hit then obviously he

    takes damage a lot of it - no way I'm

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

    alive all right I need to bring you back

    Mario we can't live without you

    go ahead feed him a 1-up super this is

    like the best most finest exquisite

    toads you will find and all of the

    Mushroom Kingdom

    all right so the best thing is to just

    attack them directly just so that way we

    can you know do as much damage as we

    can and then I think after this I can go

    ahead and either kilo easier attack

    let's see just what happens next 188 oh

    wow what now what oh not this again all

    are we just gonna die I'm calling him

    right now oh boy

    okay we got to feed him we got to bring

    him back dude there's no way I can you

    know do it without you

    but yeah at least this is good because

    they both have full BP and they have

    full HP now so I think this is fine and

    it's defense one table well that's

    pretty nice so we can go ahead and just

    attack it worked out pretty nicely I

    must say you know like I said that's the

    only downfall about using like the mush

    badge as you take double damage so you

    know obviously if I wasn't using this I

    wouldn't be doing as much damage unless

    I was like much higher level but at the

    same time I would I would have a lot

    more you know HP and I want to be taking

    as much damage okay there you go oh

    there you go the spirit bomb is getting

    bigger more fierce it looks like a Sun

    oh we killed it that's pretty awesome

    dude come on kak letter you get so many

    hits I guess it's just cheap this is

    unfair oh my gosh okay I took some hits

    oh no I took another hit gotta stay

    alive Mario please you can do it as long

    as I could keep him alive dude and then

    I could just attack the hearts exposed

    you know there's no time to waste you

    just got to go for the heart man I'm

    only like one level higher than her so

    I'm actually you know doing pretty good

    there you go 204 damage alright oh we

    did it dude oh yeah that's how it is see

    you later calculator so that's what you

    get for defying me look at that you know

    reaching out for the stars okay hey you

    know the Mario Brothers because they're

    the superstars that's right




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    On this episode of Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions: We battle all the bosses!

    Bowser - 00:00:00
    Fawful - 02:17:00
    Tolstar - 04:49:00
    Hoohooros - 07:02:00
    Dragohoho - 09:23:00
    Queen Bean - 12:28:00
    Popple & Rookie 1st Encounter - 16:58:00
    Wiggler - 21:00:00
    Chuckolator - 25:59:00
    Cackletta - 29:59:00
    Popple & Rookie 2nd Encounter - 33:48:00
    Mom Piranha - 39:25:00
    Trunkle - 49:28:00
    Hermie III - 56:37:00
    Popple 3rd Encounter - 1:07:05
    Piranha Bean - 1:10:52
    Jojora & Chucklissa - 1:12:29
    Popple & Birdo Final Encounter - 1:21:38
    The Koopalings - 1:27:50
    Fawful Final Encounter - 1:55:31
    Bowletta - 1:59:58

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    1. Bowser – 0:00
      Fawful – 2:17
      Tolstar – 4:49
      Hoohooros – 7:02
      Dragohoho – 9:23
      Queen Bean – 12:28
      Popple & Rookie 1st Encounter – 16:58
      Wiggler – 21:00
      Chuckolator – 25:59
      Cackletta – 29:59
      Popple & Rookie 2nd Encounter – 33:48
      Mom Piranha – 39:25
      Trunkle – 49:28
      Hermie III – 56:37
      Popple 3rd Encounter – 1:07:05
      Piranha Bean – 1:10:52
      Jojora & Chucklissa – 1:12:29
      Popple & Birdo Final Encounter – 1:21:38
      The Koopalings – 1:27:50
      Fawful Final Encounter – 1:55:31
      Bowletta – 1:59:58
      Cackletta Soul 2:02:59


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