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    SearchThisVideo: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions – Nintendo 3DS Launch Trailer

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    Watch video at 00:00

    Mario and Luigi superstar saga plus

    Bowser's minions one day some important

    looking citizens from the bean bean

    Kingdom came to visit Princess Peach

    everything seemed cool totally wasn't it

    was the witch cat Letta

    she stole peaches voice and then I left

    her like this

    oh man even Bowser wants Mario to bring

    back your voice come on green guy let's



    in this adventure both of these growths

    have hero stuff to do so guide them both

    at the same time by pressing the a

    button for Mario in the B button for

    Luigi time their jumps hammer roadblocks

    and team them up to do impossible

    looking stuff that's the power of

    brothers actions no gap is too great no

    hole is too small and no rock is too on

    fire not for these handy bros wow look

    at all the sense it's making awesome run

    into a bad guy like this beanie and it's

    battle time when enemies attack watch

    for hints and time your button presses

    to dodge or counter BAM you can even

    combine their powers to unleash super

    strong brothers attacks impossible

    brotherly love powers go take that

    hammer at you bro fire at your pro

    player action throw hammer at your bro I

    can't tell if any of this is bad or like

    good but he's probably helping your next

    witch oh yeah don't forget there's a

    whole other game in this game it's the

    untold story of Bowser's minions in the

    role they play in the adventure when

    Mario Luigi and Bowser joined forces to

    save peach there's some kind of freak

    accident and Bowser goes missing to save

    Lord Bowser alone Goomba is pretty much

    like then I got to do something

    but hordes of minions are all confused

    and they're looking for a fight battles

    are 8 on 8 strategic drops just take out

    the enemy captain to win

    there are three unit types melee ranged

    and flying in each one has an advantage

    over another

    rock-paper-scissors style so basically a

    range type has an advantage over a

    flying type and so on the key to victory

    knowing your enemies they're the better

    team and savor your benefits while

    you're fighting if you see this mark use

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    that minions special skill time your

    button presses to bust out a powerful

    move that no other minion type content

    special minions such as our Goomba

    friend a shy guy a boo and a Koopa

    Troopa be calmed captains these born

    leader types can spend points to use

    captain commands which can cancel out

    enemies special skills and cause other

    effects that may score one for your team

    in battle Mumm Mumm

    Leigha mario and luigi may be superstars

    but no one is ready for a quest quite

    like this can captain Goomba lead an

    army of minions to victory in the name

    of Lord Bowser two adventures await

    Mario and Luigi superstar saga +

    Bowser's minions

    A beloved classic returns with the addition of a brand-new game! Help Mario and Luigi tackle their toughest foes yet in Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, and discover the story behind Bowser’s disappearance in Bowser’s Minions. Available now for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems!

    Learn more about Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions! https://goo.gl/Xu5wBX

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