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    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga | The Bros and the Beans

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    The Mario & Luigi series is one of the staples of Nintendo's portable consoles. With AlphaDream closing their doors, let's take a look back at the legacy they're leaving behind! Starting off, here's Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for GBA and Bowser's Minions for 3DS! #MarioAndLuigi #SuperstarSaga #BowsersMinions

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    Comment (43)

    1. Also a different YouTuber called Cheave gaming tried your quote easy strategy and he struggledhe told everybody that he got stuck at the final part of the game for a long time because he thought it would be easy especially cuz you were talking about the final boss which is really difficult!

    2. I finally beated this game today! HOLY JESUS the Cackletta Soul was a nightmare to me, i think i never used SO MANY save states in a game ever. So to celebrate that, i decided to watch this video.

    3. this is possibly my all-time favourite GBA game, alongside pokemon Emerald, it was my first GBA game, and I already played some mario games, but this game HIT THE SPOT! The playability felt familiar to pokemon with the added twist of having to perform the attacks and defenses (esentialy giving you the change to a complete no-damage fight) witgh skill and not luck, and the if I have to sum this franchise in words, I would say they have some of the best comedy in children videogame (since some more adult games like Bayonetta definitely make me laugh harder). And I was very astounded to find the 3DS remake flew past my radar, because when I found it, the Bowser Inside Story remake was also done, so I IMMEDIATLY bought the SS saga remake and played through it with a big goofy smile as nostalgia took over me.

      And on that note, the theme of the kingdom all based in laughing and smiling grew on me, especialy considering some references you might get such as the last level (excluding Bowser's fortress) being called JOKE'S END, as in "thats it guys, the joke has ended", explaining why the place is gloomy, and for japanese players, being an icy castle plays a pun on how in japanese, a bad joke is described as "cold".

    4. happy 17th anniversary mario & luigi:superstar saga!!! :3

      my favorite in the series along with bowser's inside story and i really wish for the remake instead of bowsers minions they brought in the scrapped nintendo cameos.

    5. Umm, major thing missed.
      Bowser always fails to kidnap peach, but one desert goomba can do it right in the Bros' faces and get away with it several times. Goombas really are great (Also that escort part is my favourite thing in the game. Trolling Peach is weirdly amusing.)

    6. I'd reccommend alternating between attack and stache, a npc actually tells you that the more times you upgrade a stat in a row the lower the numbers in the roulette become, so instead of a +1 in attack you can throw a +5 in stache and another +5 in attack the next time

    7. In the Spanish GBA version, beans were called “Judías”, which can also be interpreted as “Jews”. Yes. Jews. Sadly this was lost in the 3DS version were they use another word.

      If someone’s watching this, replay this game, and every time you see the word “bean”, replace it with “jew” and remember, that’s what the Spanish version said.

    8. the only thing I wish out of the 3ds games, is that they carry over the black borders into the more detailed sprites. Think about how bold it would look with it and without the tiny white leftover bits!

    9. I love Superstar Saga, I especially love the Battle music which was named later on as “Come On!” which was why it sucked that the remake couldn’t capture the feel of the track, I mean it still sounds fine, it just doesn’t sound right to me. It would have been nice if the remake allowed you to choose which ost you want, it would have also been nice to get remixes of newer tracks to fit the GBA soundfont, but that’s just nitpicking at this point.

    10. You mention that dumping all the extra points into POW is an “easy mode,” but I don’t think that’s necessarily the right term.

      Bosses go down faster, yes, but so do you if you don’t know how to dodge/counterattack. If anything, this “mode” requires mastery of the game (or at least has less room for error), not unlike Kingdom Hearts’ Critical Mode (or whichever mode makes both you and the enemy deal more damage. I dunno, the numbered Kingdom Hearts entries have yet to release on a Nintendo system).

      Dumping the bonuses exclusively into POW makes the game more like a “speed mode” (I don’t think its necessarily “hard,” just less forgiving if you DO mess up).

    11. Alphadream, alright we need to make a mario RPG, any ideas?
      Employee 1,a playable Luigi
      Employee 2,a guest appearance from geno
      Employee 3,timing button pressing to power up attacks
      Employee 4,mario and luigi dancing
      Employee 4,gets a promotion

    12. This Thumbnail:
      Mario: Um, Luigi, you okay?
      Luigi: Oh heaven's no brother, Ant is just…creeping me out for whatever reason.
      Antdude: Remember, I love Kirby–


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