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    thank you for watching and welcome back

    to another brand new episode of the

    completionist super mario RPG legend of

    the seven stars is absolutely one my

    favorite games of all time it's a game

    that taught me how to read more

    importantly it's a game I always think

    about till this day and we never got a

    sequel we're never gonna get a sequel

    unfortunately maybe I'm gonna jinx

    myself one of these days but what we did

    get was Paper Mario and the superstar

    saga series so today I've already done

    Paper Mario I thought let's take a good

    look at Mario Luigi superstar saga let's

    begin yes


    in 2003 Nintendo is probably in a pretty

    weird place with regard to where to take

    their entry in their next series of RPGs

    involving Mario thousand-year door the

    sequel to Paper Mario was still at least

    a year away and even though the brand

    spanking new GBA basically allowed them

    to develop brand-new better-looking SNES

    games on the go we still had a problem

    we never got a proper Super Mario RPG

    legend of the seven star sequel and

    already enough the whole mario RPG thing

    was a super rare occurrence the lack of

    a partnership with Squaresoft now Square

    Enix and the fact that the European

    audience probably wouldn't even know

    what the Super Mario RPG series even was

    since it never was released there

    probably didn't provide much of

    incentive for them to work together and

    develop some type of direct super mario

    RPG sequel instead it seems like they

    opted to start fresh with a brand new

    more stylized

    2d RPG series that borrowed many of the

    fun mechanics that made the original so

    unique while also cleaning them up

    giving them a whole colorful new coat of

    paint and boldly applying a custom

    Western localization to really capture

    and amp up the intended humour thus our

    topic at hand today Mario and Luigi

    superstar Saga which let me just say the

    superstar saga aspect of the game yeah

    great title except it sounds like it's a

    bunch of games in one but the other ones

    make sense so yeah I'll let you have a

    Nintendo now these changes all seem to

    have worked - this game is widely loved

    by people and even today young hipsters

    playing for their first time on their

    vintage GBA micros would probably

    consider it one of the most definitive

    games on the console as far as RPGs go

    I'm pretty excited to complete this one

    since as it's a simpler game meant for a

    wide appeal everything including the few

    side quests there are are supposed to be

    incredibly straightforward admittedly

    I've completed bowser's Inside Story for

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    the DS and it made me want to go back

    and talk about all of the others in the

    series but that doesn't necessarily mean

    that this will be

    complete breeze to give you a little

    taste there's 175 of these things called

    hidden coffee beans that I'll need to

    find all over the world to get some

    important items from Professor egad who

    apparently they were trying to make a

    thing outside Luigi's Mansion for a

    while he looks like a weird old Benjamin

    Button baby version of Jimmy Neutron

    still this might be a game I can finish

    in one super-clean playthrough and if

    that's the case hell yeah I honestly

    don't have anything else to really say

    other than that more than anything I

    just love playing good games and it's a

    rare week here on the completionist

    where I know I'm gonna be playing an

    awesome game that's also supposed to be

    pretty easy to complete so I'm excited

    to just sit back relax and for the most

    part enjoy yet I still feel unfulfilled

    I still dream of a dream in which super

    mario RPG 2 is a thing most of the team

    who worked on the original did in fact

    go on and work on the Mario Luigi series

    so if that's what it is then that's what

    it is but we can still dream can't we

    can't wait


    like many of the Mario and Luigi games

    to come after superstar saga introduces

    the bean bean Kingdom as it's unique yet

    perfectly Mario II new realm and its

    citizens the bean --is-- as its new race

    as you probably already figured out

    their thing is that they're shaped like

    these little cute neon green lima beans

    and when the game starts

    Princess Peach is receiving a gift from

    the Venus goodwill ambassador and her

    faithful assistant at the castle in the

    Mushroom Kingdom it turns out that these

    bean --is-- and voice are actually

    magical terrorists called cackle Etta

    and fawful who want to steal Princess

    Peach's beautiful voice and use it to

    control the magical bean star which is

    said to grant wishes to its owner with

    it they will be able to conquer the bean

    bean Kingdom and then eventually just

    like any other egotistical villain out

    there the world they succeed and kidnap

    the princess and as you predict in a

    Mario RPG kind of game tow it eventually

    goes to Mario and Luigi who apparently

    have that time to line dry all their

    laundry by hand I mean I guess that

    makes sense because there's no washing

    machines in the Mushroom Kingdom but

    yeah I guess that makes sense on their

    way they happen to run into Bowser who

    was also planning on kidnapping peach

    but when he realizes that and this is

    straight-up quoted from the instruction

    manual chaos reigns when she opens her

    mouth he decides the risk to his castle

    will be too great until she gets her

    voice back so Bowser agrees to help the

    pros get back her voice so then he can

    kidnap her again and just continue the

    mario cycle this is just I get it point

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    is Bowser's on your team again in this

    one who cares how it makes sense it's

    just pretty cool but between there in

    the final showdown for the bean star a

    bunch of other cute charming events take

    place and I don't want to risk spoiling

    me even a tiny bit of it because as

    unrelated as a lot of it is to the

    larger story superstar saga always has

    a very straightforward narrative and in

    a move that was actually kind of rare in

    RPGs at the time the large majority of

    the time you spend playing the game

    actually pushes the main plot forward

    instead of distancing you from it with

    huge grindy side quests that lasts hours

    and hours without anything but

    repetitive battle music in the first six

    seconds of the overworld theme plus in a

    step beyond even the excellent Paper

    Mario before it the characters and humor

    in this game are absolutely top-notch

    nowadays we're used to clever in jokes

    and treatable lines and our all new

    Nintendo games that come chock-full of

    cool pop-culture and means of the day

    but when superstar saga came out it was

    probably one of the first games like

    this that Nintendo ever put out and fun

    characters like thoughtful and the sheer

    amount of times Luigi gets totally

    roasted in this game make the entire

    experience worth enjoying however that's

    not to say the game doesn't look the

    part either developer alpha dream got

    the opportunity to make this because of

    how much Nintendo loved their first game

    Japanese only release tomato adventure

    and if you've even seen that game played

    a lot of what makes it special is also

    right here in superstar saga big rich

    sprites with nice fluid animations

    looking great on a tiny GBA screen we've

    got a bulky Mario themed interface that

    makes great use of the screen real

    estate as you switch between exploring

    the environments chatting with NPCs and

    fighting enemies there's also a lot of

    variety when it comes to its landscapes

    even though the game is relatively short

    and each place comes complete with its

    own little vibe going that extra little

    mile to make this admittedly ridiculous

    idea for a world feel satisfyingly

    textured and alive almost more like a

    Saturday morning cartoon than your

    average stuffy old melodramatic JRPG


    however the game isn't totally perfect

    as I sometimes found it hard to tell

    when something was hidden underground

    and that weird is a 2d or isn't camera

    angle sometimes made it harder for me to


    exactly where I was jumping but all in

    all like most first party GBA games this

    one is a treat visually and you

    shouldn't let these little NIT pics from

    me get in the way of enjoying the

    experience plus if you're one of those

    people who listens to game music and

    full blast in their car like me there's

    a pretty good mix of classic melodies

    and completely new songs here and as

    short as the game is they go a long way

    towards helping this little new Mario

    RPG series differentiate itself in tone

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    from the others I know I just said this

    a moment ago but I really love the

    cartoony vibe and how the references to

    the older games work themselves in while

    still keeping the game feeling new it

    makes the game feel cheeky rather than

    retro and whether you're hearing that

    good old underground theme or you're

    meeting the viruses from dr. Mario it's

    always in a way you'd never expect and

    even series mainstays like Bowser Webb

    presented in this unique cutesy style

    how a lot more depth to offer than they

    do in other incarnations in fact I

    sometimes find myself taking the

    characterizations I saw in the RPGs and

    applying them to games where they're

    much less fleshed out doesn't imagining

    it's the Mario & Luigi Bowser that takes

    the cat powerup in Mario 3d World

    make it all that much cuter and I know

    it's weird to say that the game really

    fits its hardware well when it's

    basically just an NES controller with

    shoulder buttons and a screen but I

    truly believe it does and though we're

    definitely gonna talk about that more in

    the next section I do want to call out

    one last thing that fits this theme

    perfectly the closest thing to a gimmick

    that the Game Boy Advance ever had was

    its weird obsession with voice acting

    instead of the beeps and Boop's you

    remembered from classic versions

    whenever a main Nintendo IP got a new

    GBA release

    they've used really compressed clips of

    voice actors from previous games for

    example furling to the past they'd use

    voices from Ocarina of Time Mario 3

    would use clips from Mario 64 it was

    kind of a weird time but with superstar

    saga they used new recordings of Charles

    Martinet that really gave Mario and

    Luigi some new character and although

    they never really spoke any real words I

    feel like this was just one of the first

    real Peaks we ever got at their true

    personalities together

    Luigi comes to life here as the butt of

    a million jokes much more than he ever

    did in Luigi's Mansion and for that you

    got to give them props

    it's pretty damn good


    while superstar Saga may seem short to

    JRPG enthusiasts

    it doesn't feel short there's a lot

    packed into this game that will keep you

    playing for hours on end at the end of

    the day Mario and Luigi is fun to try

    and talk about because on the one hand

    there's a lot that classic RPG players

    will recognize you walk around on the

    map there's basic puzzles to solve

    there's enemies to fight the fights are

    all turn-based and when you win fights

    you get a little bit stronger but now

    that I think about it I guess I could be

    talking about Mario and Luigi superstar

    saga or talking about Final Fantasy 1

    who knows the basics are pretty much the

    same but on the other hand when you

    actually look at how all these mechanics

    are implemented into the game and how

    the whole thing is kind of this

    beautiful evolution of what we started

    with in Super Mario RPG that's when this

    really starts getting awesome first of

    all you're playing as both Mario and


    I know it's obvious so while it never

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    really gets as intense as let's say

    Super Mario World or lost levels the

    actual world exploration itself does

    look and feel a lot like the platforming

    you'd see in a regular 2d Mario game

    granted you do a lot more finding of

    objects and bringing them back to people

    who ask for them in this game and you go

    to a whole separate battle screen

    whenever you jump on an enemy but it's

    still more fun than walking around

    dungeons in most RPGs and it gets to be

    doubly so when you consider the absolute

    coolest innovation this game has to

    offer the active button pressing system

    from Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario

    they took that and then split it between

    the two brothers between the a and B

    buttons you move together everywhere you

    go since there's obviously only one

    d-pad on the Gameboy Advance and while

    you can only jump at first eventually

    this also extends to things like

    swinging hammers spin jumping over big

    gaps and shooting fire and lightning out


    your hands you can switch through all

    these abilities on the fly at any given

    moment which makes it fun to explore and

    makes early areas worth coming back to

    once you have more powers but what's

    even more interesting is that all this

    also extends into battles a lot of the

    abilities you can earn transfer into

    special attacks you can use on the

    battlefield and while the mechanics are

    turn-based the mario as a luigi SB

    system applies here as well

    pushing the right button at the right

    time makes it possible to do more damage

    or even avoid taking damage from certain

    enemy attacks and you can even team up

    for short button pressing minigames as

    part of special brothers team-up combos

    and while the inputs are always simple

    to perform and easy to understand the

    game has tons of satisfying depth if

    you're willing to put in that extra

    effort and the more I think about it the

    more this makes a lot of sense on the

    one hand Mario games need to be

    appealing to a younger crowd of gamers

    who need an accessible game for their

    portable console that's still fun in

    short grind free bursts that's why you

    have simplified things like attacks and

    bro points instead of spells and MP and

    short bite-sized quests instead of well

    you know the gold chocobo


    but on the other hand hardcore gamers

    love Mario too and they're always

    looking for something to master so for

    them in a game this short

    I think perfecting these timed mechanics

    and learning all the enemy's specific

    patterns pretty much qualifies here

    other than this all there really is is

    jumping around and collecting items on a

    map and a few basic arcade style

    minigames which you can often go back

    and get an extra item or something from

    but like many RPG minigames they're more

    annoying than they are a welcome break

    from the grind and since there's almost

    no grinding necessary in this game

    anyway the payoff from this almost feels

    worth wait a second is that is that Gino

    is that really Gino right there doing

    absolutely nothing in the crappy lore

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    Kade minigame and he just teaches you

    how to tilt the thing that's really all

    they're using Gino for

    breathe breathe it's not the first time

    it's not the first time he's in Smash

    I'm okay with that you can play as him

    and smash that's fine

    here's my QR code for those of you guys

    out there who want to play as my Gino

    that's cool we're good we're good

    we're good at the core of it the game is

    really fun and much more story forward

    than most RPGs especially for a portable

    which is cool it's great at making basic

    mechanics feel fresh and the two button

    AV mechanic is very clever both inside

    and outside the bow screens but while I

    feel like it was totally successful in

    battles and kind of immediately set the

    standard of the series going forward in

    that sense on the world map because of

    all the powers you get you need to

    constantly be switching from them to use

    them in the main world it can be a

    little confusing and tedious at times to

    be switching not only which characters

    in the front but also which jump to use

    while then also remembering to switch

    back to a neutral jump for both

    characters when you need them I mean

    look don't get me wrong the mechanic is

    promising and it often works great but

    overall it kind of comes off just a

    little bit clunky but then they were

    like four games after it and it just

    gets better and better each time

    so for 2003 and a Mario RPG that it

    wasn't - Mario RPG

    I'd say altogether

    that's pretty dang good honestly the

    only thing that was truly even close to

    a problem were the last couple of bosses

    because they were way harder than

    anything else in the game and it

    required me to grind for a little bit

    but compared to the amount I would grind

    out let's say in a game like foul

    fantasy 15 this was a cakewalk and after

    an hour or so I was able to beat the

    game no problem yeah plus the ending

    actually makes sense Ted what what did I

    tell you about starting flame wars in

    the comments I just think he causes an

    uproar and uprose good for business good

    for business

    how'd you even get in my office why are

    you in this episode I live here no you

    don't this is your a plot device you are

    a plot device for me to murder every now

    and then that's it that's it that's all

    you are to me Ted no that don't have

    that fake crying crap


    aside from just playing through the main

    story and doing a couple of side extra

    minigames and fetch quests to get stuff

    like rare items and extra mushrooms

    which I was able to do completely in

    about 45 extra minutes of playtime the

    only two things worthy of talking about

    in regards to completionists are

    specifically professor

    egads coffee bean search which i talked

    about briefly earlier and a short quest

    for har hauls pants I guess he's

    supposed to be based off of Andy Warhol

    which explains his love for sporting on

    shirts but want to be the version of the

    game that gets you a bean star fragment

    as part of the main story you can go

    back and do it again and again and again

    to get all the different shirt designs

    and when you do you'll get hard Hall's

    pants there's 28 different combos and I

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    know it sounds rightly like it might be

    a little tedious but in the end the

    whole thing took me like 15 minutes so I

    really don't have that much to worry


    even the beans of which you needed to

    collect 175 of all different varieties

    to please professor egad and get some

    items including his creepy Gameboy

    horror SB it was all pretty simple once

    I unlocked the surfing game island to

    grind for the beans and even if I'm over

    guessing it probably only took me at

    most two hours total out of the 15 took

    me to beat the game and yeah maybe I

    didn't have exactly huge amounts of fun

    actually earning the items but the items

    themselves are awesome and are actually

    impactful on the gameplay by giving you

    things like a floating jump with an

    excites Pring or the ability to get rare

    items every time with the Gameboy horror

    it's as if the awesome game designers at

    alpha dream read a list of features that

    every classic RPG has and then

    redesigned it from the ground up to have

    as much polish and fun as possible and

    yeah maybe it's because I am the

    completionist but more than anything

    shattering the idea that a good RPG has

    to be super long was the best of a game

    that was excellent at every turn in my

    completionist playthrough of Mario Luigi

    superstar saga there were twenty eight

    bosses defeated 70 collectable whoo

    beans 35 whoo beans 35 hee beans 35

    chuckle beans 7 blends 4 egad to taste

    for seven special prizes

    zero deaths a total playtime of 15 hours

    four minutes and 35 seconds and dozens

    and dozens of great moments with fawful

    the offal falafel this game was just a

    peaceful relaxing time like a lazy river

    at a water park you know except without

    the P o people p at water parks Ted just

    quick quick sidebar from the episode

    you've got to the end you know just I'm

    glad you're here it's just so we can

    have this this little mini interview for

    a second why do you keep showing the

    up in these videos for no reason

    like what what is inspiring you just a

    freaking appeared of no reason in my

    videos Ted I thought you could use a

    celebrity feature on the episode yes so

    you out get out of my office

    a celebrity feature what do you do Ted

    I'm a big member in the podcast and I

    stream on Twitch I'm pretty big and and

    end of the video Mario and Luigi

    superstar saga is a wonderful game that

    I cannot recommend enough to anyone who

    is trying to play a game on the go if

    you have a Game Boy Advance SP or a Game

    Boy Advance or you have a Wii U you can

    download the game digitally you have to

    play this game at some point it is a

    must play it's not very big but it's big

    enough to keep you going for quite a

    while in regards to completing the game

    it's not that difficult and yeah you

    don't really get anything for it but

    RPGs are the kind of game that aren't

    about necessarily going to the end to

    get the 100% thing so much as the

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    journey itself and the cast and

    characters in this game

    just kind of bring everything together

    to kind of make you enjoy the experience

    from start to finish so but that of my

    guys I give this game my completionist

    rating of complete it

    completers that's all coming over today

    guys so please as always let me know you

    thought about today's episode somewhere

    on the Internet

    a little bird told me recently that

    thumbing ups comments and videos and

    stuff like that is actually important

    again so if you like the show you like

    what you saw you enjoy what you do here

    on the channel do me a favor hit the

    thumbs up comment below what gain wanna

    see me do next

    in the a Mario RPG franchise do want me

    to go on the Paper Mario another one or

    maybe dip back into Mario Luigi let me

    know in the comments below if you're new

    here and you like to saw hit that

    subscribe button to make sure the Bell

    is on to get all your notifications and

    if you missed last week's video you can

    check it out right below the little box

    that I'm in oh man was last week's

    episode let me what was someone lego

    pirates internet dinner at dinner 9 10

    10 antenna

    I liked the fifth movie it was pretty

    good the fourth was still bad the fifth

    was on as good as the first three but

    it's a step in the right direction see

    you guys next week if you're still here

    thank you I'll see you guys next week


    Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is a joy to review. The way they portray characters in gameplay and dialogue fleshes them out way more than the average Mario game.

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    About The Game:
    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is a role-playing video game developed by AlphaDream and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. The game is the first in the Mario & Luigi RPG series. The game was later re-released for the Wii U Virtual Console on the Nintendo eShop in 2014.

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    Comment (45)

    1. I honestly don‘t get what people that demand a „proper“ Super Mario RPG sequel (as if Paper Mario wasn‘t that) want from it that they didn’t get from the Paper Mario and Mario&Luigi series.

    2. I really enjoyed this game (or more precisely: the remake) right up until the final boss, which made me rage so hard that I broke my 3DS. I mean, what a scumbag move, to just let you easily coast along for 99% of the game and to then throw a super-hard boss at you that you‘re in no way prepared for. This really soured me on the game as a whole because it‘s just so unnecessary.

    3. I played this game this year for the first time and it might be the Mario game I had most fun with, it reminded me of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Zelda Minish Cap

    4. The only good thing about Bowser's Minions and Bowser Jr's Journey is that they fleshed out the characters more. The revelation that Fawful had his Mechs from Bowser's Inside Story in Superstar Saga but never used them against the Bros. as he was building them in Secret while planning to overthrow Cackletta was interesting. Fawful would have succeeded in his goals in Bowser's Inside Story if he didn't make one Fatal Mistake, He got to Greedy and because of that, he ended up making himself into Dark Bowser's only weak point. Dark Bowser would have been Invincible if Fawful hadn't drained some of the Dark Star's Energy into himself.

    5. 5:27 I like the implication that Mario & Luigi don't live to far from Peach's Castle as you can see it in the background. It explains how they start their adventures close on Bowser's Tail after he kidnaps Peach.

    6. It takes MONTHS to get 999 of every stat because you have to do so much grinding for beans with the surf board. And I did that on the 3DS version where it was faster. It must be even more slow and torturous to do that for the GBA version.

    7. What if Peach is really just having an affair with Bowser, and Mario is just so stupid he thinks he needs to keep rescuing Peach. Like Peach tells Bowser "Don't worry, he's an idiot. Just say you kidnapped me." and then Bowsers like "Yeah, let me just throw some turtles at him, fly around in my boss copter, and let him win." Poor Mario.


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