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Mario Sports Superstars – Part 1 | Horse Racing – Mushroom Cup!

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Abdallah competes in the Horse Racing Mushroom Cup in Part 1 of family-friendly, HD 1080p60, Gameplay of Mario Sports Superstars for Nintendo 3DS!
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Welcome to my Walkthrough of Mario Sports Superstars! I'll be covering each of the five sports within the game! If you're excited for Mario Sports Superstars and would like to see me continue the series, be sure to SMASH that LIKE button, SHARE the video, and leave a comment!

Five full-on sports—Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, and Horse Racing—bring the challenge and depth you demand to Nintendo 3DS™ systems. Take on friends and rivals in local or online multiplayer*, hone skills in training, or tackle single-player tournaments. Whether you pick Mario, Waluigi, or one of sixteen others, you're on the road to superstardom!

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This gameplay was recorded with the Elgato HD60Pro, get yours here:

The audio in this video was captured by a Blue Yeti Blackout Pro, get yours here:

The video was streamed on, rendered on, and uploaded from XSplit, Use coupon code "smash915":

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  1. Thanks for watching! This LP is a preview series based off of YOUR support! I've got all of the Mushroom Cup, in all five sports, recorded – so if you'd like me to continue on with the Flower Cup on all five sports, SMASH that LIKE button and help us reach 1000 LIKES! 🙂

  2. This game was SOLD OUT at every game stop I went to today, prob gonna download, any idea how many blocks it takes up? I only have the stock memory that came with my 3DS


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