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    Mario Sports Superstars PART 1 Soccer Match #TeamLuigi

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    Let's Play Mario Sports Superstars Walkthrough PART 1 Soccer Exhibition. The Kwings are Married couple that makes Family Friendly Nintendo videos. Thanks for watching!

    Mario Sports Superstars 3DS playlist -

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    "Thanks Wing Dings for watching our Kid Friendly Videos!" - The Kwings

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    Comment (45)

    1. the baseball game was Mario super slugger on the wii I remember the day it came out me and my friend went to game stop to buy it and we played it all day

    2. My favorite Mario Sports Video Game would have to be Mario Strikers Charged, I enjoy being able to freely tackle my opponents and send them into the electric fences. The only thing I can't figure out how to do is to launch the charge shot or w/e it's called. I can't even remember where it was that I played the game at I think it was at a Walmart using a Gamecube remote.


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