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SearchThisVideo: MARVEL'S AVENGERS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080P HD 60FPS PS4 PRO] – No Commentary (FULL GAME)

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Watch video at 00:00
we see it all around us more and more
every day
people with power punching down
but the avengers weren't like that i
believed it in my core
i keep thinking this has to have
happened for a reason
maybe this is what i've been waiting for
maybe i'm
finally part of something bigger
i can see the bird job oh look
it's about time oh
these seats don't recline it's so
huh why call it the golden gate bridge
if it's not
golden there are so many other kids
i bet their stories are all amazing
competition is what makes us strong
what if they don't like my story what if
it doesn't fit in
it's got to be perfect you know
when you were born your brother said you
had googly eyes
what but i thought your eyes were the
most beautiful things i had
ever seen
we are all unique kamala you should be
proud of who you are
i love you abu i love you more
and i'm pretty sure you're gonna win
this thing
oh could you imagine i'm the winner
for best fan fiction ever is avengers
versus the evil sewer lizards by kamala
and the crowd goes wild
that's the spirit
promise me something we don't lose
oh i'll always be good abu no beta
good isn't a thing you are it's a thing
you do
that's my good folks we're approaching
the avengers west coast headquarters on
the left and will be touching down on
the chimeras
hurry up let's go right all right hold
your horses

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

whoa this is amazing
fan fiction contest here i come
and their family members are required to
check in at the registration desk
on behalf of the avengers and shields
have a wonderful day
reporting for duty cat she's such a
welcome to avengers day
hey there finalist can i get your name
kamala khan
and this is my dad yusuf the cons
great make sure to check out our comic
scavenger hunt
collect all five and get access to the
vip balcony once you've collected them
all just scan your phone at the elevator
and you're golden
have fun don't you have enough comic
but the vip balcony i
have to
it says you have to scan the barcodes to
get your vip pass
one comic at each booth i don't know
where to go first
the arcade thor's hammer well i'm going
to the ice cream store
mine chocolate chip ooh please and thank
would kill me if i brought home more
all right let's do this
all right got a comment now to find the
you see me beat the hulk smash game with
those skinny little arms
remind me not to make you angry

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

looks like i need to play if i want one
of those comic books
hit the red targets but not the greens
150 points to win
no problem
and stay down not bad kamala
not bad at all let's go
oh thorn are you okay no
i already got this comic i need the
captain america one to finish the set
wait if you get doubles wanna trade
sure cool see you later
i am iron man i am iron man
so cool
i am iron man
i am iron man yeah yeah we get it
i wonder if tony stark ever worries
about helmet hair
now this one's all out oh my gosh
repulsor gloves
oh this is so cool
ah what atrocity is this
ah apologies very small and
hard to see there is no need to cower
before a son of odin
though i understand the impulse what is
your name
oh kamala khan uh-huh and what is that
thing you are holding

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

oh it's a high-density muon beam a model
3 repulsor club it's tony stark's first
about as intimidating as the man himself
yes i am behold a true weapon
that needs no improvement
whosoever holds this hammer if he
she be worthy shall possess the power of
indeed the difference between starks
trinkets and
a god's might
i guess but every hero has to start
right yes
yes of course you are very wise for one
so young
thanks so are you
kamala khan hmm i will remember your
i can't believe i just met the god of
mind blown comic books
prize focus
gotta keep
oh no this one's all out the shield cap
used in world war ii to smash hitler in
the face
this is so cool you're in the way i'm
i'm sorry this contest showing you for
the real fans
hey what makes you think i'm not a real
i deserve to be here too you really
think that the avengers read your little
get out of here
and the mob and the press
and the whole world tell you to move
you plant yourself like a tree beside
the river of truth
and you say no you move
what you always said that
a real fan would
yeah whatever let's get out of here

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

great and they're out of comics
you know for what it's worth
i thought that was pretty brave
oh thanks
i'm guessing you're a captain marvel fan
she's off planet but she would have
liked to meet you
sorry you're captain america i'm
kamala kamala khan
khan come
your story had the evil sewer the sewer
yeah yeah yeah but we really got a kick
out of that one
said they actually had a sewer lizard
problem on asgard once
you read my story everyone submitted
that is so cool hey cap we should head
to the stage
tarleton is losing his nerve have you
seen thor he should be here by now uh i
him i i saw him yeah he was over at the
stark booth
but he's probably not there anymore
because i saw him leave
who's the kid nat allow me to introduce
one of our esteemed contestants this is
kamala khan
expert on all things evil sewer lizard
oh all right hey that thing you had me
do with the storm drain cover
pretty badass i mean it's nothing
compared to what happened between you
and me i'm hydra that was
we should head to the stage right it's
nice meeting you kamala
see you around kid i'll see you around
was captain america the black
i got to get the party started but i'll
be around after for
pictures and all that stuff are you
really worth a shot he is a dream
come on
can i try give it a go come on
so close hey almost worthy is still
pretty good
here's your comment thanks
almost done vip balcony here i come
maybe your friend's stronger than you
cool more comics

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

it still can be stay focused on what
our work is going to change the world
i know you don't like the pageantry but
it will be worth it
you want control profit we won't let him
this is your moment with stark's funding
and your mind
you'll be a hero to all those people
can't you see we are so close
there you are bruce
you disappeared this morning there's
always work to be done
what is it nothing but it's a
little thing just getting some strange
readings off the uh the reactor george
maybe you were right maybe we're too
hasty to put this on public display
do you think we could run over the
numbers just one more time
oh uh yeah yes certainly thank you i'm
so sorry
hey what are you doing back here uh oh
i'm um i'm lost
sure let's get you back to the main
event okay
i already have this one hold on maybe i
could trade this one with that other kid
hey i got the comic you wanted awesome
trade you
pleasure doing business with you
that's it i got them all now to get up
to that vip balcony
remember to select five huge pieces of
comics to gain access to our vip balcony
for the main event
amazing look at the size of that thing
director fury director aren't you
that your helicarrier's reactor might be
incapable of containing this
terrorism we wouldn't be moving forward
if this wasn't completely safe
the chimera delivers the safety and
protection of the avengers
and shield combined thank you
bruno is never gonna believe this
oh hey kid be careful oh
looks like magic
beta this is the elevator to your fancy
it needs your phone scan do you have
your comic books

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

open sesame comic book overlords
we're here to celebrate two amazing
than we first are we're also unveiling a
clean energy source called territory
i'm told it's quite powerful stuff and
to explain how it works
the man who discovered it
the chimera is powered by a new mineral
territory three years ago i found a
rock yes in the san francisco bay upon
further tests
it was clear this mineral would be
hello san francisco the city of fine
good food and no parking
i am working on the no parking thing
nice bag
this doesn't look good we should get out
of here come
sounds pretty big for an accident there
are no accidents
thor tony check it out at once try to
keep up
grab the quinjet net just in case on it
you're waiting
all right
you are not worthy

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

we got civilians trapped behind those
barricades understood
stay behind me i will deal with them
should be fun
thor who are we dealing with here they
did not
introduce themselves hang on those guns
are shielded shoot
i'll get commander hill on the line
are you hurt no just stuck
lucky for you i am mighty thank you thor
get to sing
is on the way
thunder god who said you could have all
the fun
admit it that was pretty impressive
oh cocky

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

hey get back here
just got confirmation a shield convoy
was hijacked this morning
this is from one of fury's morning
dreams i never read
come on tony those are important okay
yeah i know i built the damn thing
chamber now
stay behind cover all right which one of
you b-movie extras shot at me
the convoy is carrying classified shield
fury is tracking down the full manifesto
hotel fury i really love being shot at
with my old weapons
we'll keep you updated and goose is fine
didn't know you were listening to that
you'd think these idiots would be
running away by that
can't take the feeling we're playing
ketchup there's something else going on
all right whose bright idea was his
outfit shield trucks with turrets
tony all right bye
oh nothing everything's just peachy just
hoping these guys don't have
that ship's not ready for flight why is
it moving someone's initiated the
security protocols
the chimera's autopilot has taken over
you'll need backup
we're heading back negative secure the
bridge those weapons can't get into the
copy that you're up bruce

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

little guys aren't they on my way
so i was thinking today was gonna be
with fan clubs
i got eyes on him hulk bringing in the
quinjet for landing
the conventions are dangerous hey those
weapons were meant for the good guys
is that supposed to be a joke not the
time get your heads in the game
cap what's going on over there not sure
not seems like the reactor's
i'm getting strange readings on the
monitors like we're being pulled to a
heat signal in the bay

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

repeat that cap i'm having trouble here
matt do you read
steve do you read
carlton are you there we're being cut
i'll get to you as soon as i can
ah carlton
i need an update the reactor won't
the turret's molecular structure is
breaking down it into a cat
something from always feeding energy
into the reactor
it's extraordinary
doc i'll get back to you
try to get around them
if you can hear me the convoy is
transporting a highly lethal sonic
disrupter bomb
our enemies intend to detonate it within
the city
we're going down i repeat a sonic
disrupter bomb
secure the asset at once
oh sonic bomb
are you kidding me thought that you went
out loud those years ago
let's have a look shall we

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

now that is an entrance
task master
we need to get that detonator that bomb
goes off it could liquefy everything
within a 10 mile radius
oh yeah here's one
the face of the bridge is secure
got it
hungry i'll take this
you know i was hoping to face you funny
i'm never giving you a second shot come
and get it
not so fast
doesn't matter i have this damn it
hand it over come and get
it's called photographic reflection it's

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

your dance ends now
i won't spoil the surprise
still trying to piece it together you
giving up
not a chance
so where is your investigation left you
you're not the brains behind this and
this smells like distraction
i'm done talking
coward what's the matter don't like

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

time take better notes
guess you saw that coming huh you think
you've won
what the hell are you talking about look
around romanov
the world will remember this day the day
heroes failed them
what's happening here
the city's collapsing
damn it they played us steve can you
hear me
get the hell out of there
screw this
five years ago the avengers paraded
untested technology causing damage on an
unprecedented scale
our beloved captain america was killed
during the attempted
theft of this technology thousands of
other innocent people
died and many more still bear the scars
of what has come to be known
as a day hundreds fell sick
encased in strange cocoons only to
emerge with
dangerous otherworldly powers with no
known cure
the disease has spread across the
country and while both shield and the
avengers promised to rectify the
it was dr banner's testimony that
brought about the end
of an era you so-called heroes
transformed san francisco
into an infectious gas-filled
quarantined zone
you unleash diseased powerful beings
that wreak havoc throughout our nation
many still lay dormant unidentified so i
ask you again
dr banner do the avengers pose a danger
to society
yes their activities outlawed the once
mighty heroes disbanded but out of
tragedy is born
hope after the government liquidation of
stark industries
dr george tarleton himself a victim of a
and founder of advanced idea mechanics
science is the solution to our nation's
i wish i knew what happened to captain
rogers that day
but i was nowhere near the reactor room
i don't have those answers but i can
promise you this
i will use this second chance

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

to make you safe aim
will find a cure for the inhuman disease
comforting words to those families torn
apart by the disease
but is he too confident many criticize
ames tactics
this so-called resistance army grows
stronger every day
this is phil sheldon reporting live at
the a day anniversary
can't see the revolution right under
their noses
come on where'd you guys go
there's got to be a clue here somewhere
hello there
if you get it right copy everything
we'll find you now we're talking
oh retro stark
do you have a moment to talk better yeah
uh sure
the girls are leaving for the mosque
retreat in a couple of hours it's still
not too late to meet them at the bus
it was tonight kamala we talked about
going to the retreat will be a good time
to get away from all of this
breathe some fresh air laugh nakia will
be very disappointed if you don't go
you're right
i'll think about it good
very good
there'll be ice cream oh and best of all
no boys so lots of fun
i love you beta i love you more
but you don't get it
okay where were we password
hint first love
come on you got this
oh right
come on guys

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

no way
can't be it
oh my god i'm in i mean
i can't believe it
right uh copy everything
bless your inflated ego tony stark
i know i got something
better check this out at headquarters
guess i really kicked the hornet's nest
gotta get to headquarters and check out
what's on this flash drive
flying toasters are everywhere
good tip me
gotta brace the ramp
thanks for the lift
put whatever you want on top still the
avengers tower
who needs high-tech security when only i
can make this jump
ah back to the old hq
it's a mess but it's my mess

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

laptops upstairs don't want to bump my
head jumping up like last time
looking pretty worn out wonder if they
make any for super-sized punches
oh a mirror would break at the side of
well then again my brother freaks out
over basically everything
just let somebody try to get me at range
stretchy arms for the win
i need my laptop
all right see we've got
the chimera this must be the reactor
room security footage
dr tarleton
but you're supposed to be on the command
oh cap
what's going on
no way charlton sealed him in
there's no malfunction
he killed cap oh my god he killed cap
what tiny dancer
oh no
heroes park
i don't know this could be a trap
but what if it isn't

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

someone needs to see this
just be smart kamala hand over the proof
and you're done
hello mechanics
down i go i guess
sounds like a knock on the door i'll get
in accordance with inhuman protocol
section 3 subsection 8
2 please remain still while we complete
thank you for your compliance if you
would like
see no inhumans

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

first time heading to the park this way
uh forward i guess
tarleton's lying about the command deck
who knows what else he'd be lying about
what was i thinking
not graceful but made it
okay get to the cat statue
fellow heroes park been a while
my parents used to bring me here all the
time when i was a kid
ames tearing this place down to build
their new clinic
such a waste
everybody's a critic slash vandal
all inhumans all missing
this is what abu's really worried about
the first person they called inhuman wow
it's really been four years
should be a good place to stake out
cap's statue up ahead
need a hand big guy

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

cap it's been too long
tiny dancer
hey hey where are you going
we're not home really
we just got here hey want a drink
yeah no thanks what
are you paying your respects i'm just
taking a shortcut that's awful
shortcut come on get out of there
right cool later
so we want them back huh so they can
kill more of us
what no no no no what is it then
hmm and you must get you going come on
are you okay candle kid's got a
zach check out her bag what
what the hell is wrong with you people i
just want to go home okay
what are you doing my kid brother was
there on a day
he wrote some dumb stuff about captain
america it wasn't
cap's fault it's all their fault he
turned off freakish and purple
and then they took them away hey take it
she's one of them don't let her touch
we gotta go dude are you okay
come on let's go don't touch me what
you're tiny dancer right what do i do
with this what are you talking about
please just let me go
gotta move if they catch me it'll be my
picture they're putting on that wall

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

damn it they're everywhere
do they know who i am
roger that's right your friend wants
your help
me tiny dancer she said stupid stupid
they won't find you
lizards here i come
oh no this is way more
about to have newer

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

pushing dumpsters is not how i imagine
to stay ending
aim's got humans looking for me too who
can teleport
looks clear
this can't be our moment
oh good you're awake
i'm so sorry those syntholids were only
following their security protocols
stealing private information is a
serious offense monica
give her a moment
hey what's going on
where are you people taking me somewhere
ah forgive me
i know i don't quite compare to my
holographic counterpart
but it's a nice trick for the
dr tarleton
in the flesh why did you hack our
i didn't steal anything then what were
you looking for
the cure perhaps
kamala aim only wants to free us from
being at the mercy of the powerful
you know subjectivity unlimited power
that's dangerous
it's lethal a day was a prime example
you are lucky to be alive
but with technology

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

we can right their wrongs we can give
you back
your normal life
look i i just guessed a password okay i
didn't think i'd actually get in
she is clearly violent her infection
must be getting worse
what i didn't mean to hurt anyone
of course not but what happens when you
lose control again
what happens when you hurt someone that
you love
even the avengers had to suffer for
their hubris
hey were you there i mean
when cap died
were you there
yes luckily
monica found me on the command deck her
regenerative formula saved my life
come on kamala let's do this yes
let aim help you
i'll take my chances damn it george
get the girl now
hold on kamala you just outed yourself
as an inhuman
stupid what were you thinking huh
join the resistance become some kind of
i can't go home i'll make a boo they'll
punish them for hiding me
i really messed up
utah the old shield base
resistance has to know what to do
i have to get out of town
what stop running

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

come on stop
sticking around to find out
i guess i gotta fight my way out of town
let's do this come on
you want to see powers there we go
are those grenades
come on
reinforcements engaged why don't we give
our new friends
great my favorite
stop trying to kill me
for this

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

cover for me say i went on the retreat
with you
bye jersey
subject 1102 can clone herself
almost perfectly with the exception of a
color variation in the eyes the cells
are splitting down the center creating
two separate
individuals uh it's it's like the
planarian flatworm
only human exactly and can retain
all the memories of the original subject
0925 can create powerful bursts of
and there's at least a half a dozen with
fire based abilities
we're building an arsenal programmable
under our control no more heroes
no more mistakes it's time for another
i feel fine you're in a coma for six
earlier you could barely contain your
few more doses of my regenerative
and your treatment will be complete
they still light candles at the base of
that statue
if not for that hammer i'd have torn the
thing down leave it
why have the public thinking you're
still worried about the avengers
let my people handle it we have a
daptoid to launch
you're right this version may be a bit
potent is it stabilized
this is incredible

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

you have reached yusuf khan please leave
a message and i will return your call
hey abu so i took your advice
i'm with nakia and the others on the
can you believe there's no cell service
out here i
i'd hike all the way up to this pay
phone to make this phone call
anyway um you're right we're having a
oh i'll be home late sunday
promise i'll be good
love you more
all the conspiracy theories online point
to this canyon as a resistance home base
they're the only chance i've got
at least i know someone's been out here
just like me to travel across the
country chasing rumors
all i got
ames out here too i have to hurry
finally something not made of rock

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

huh is this a good sign or a bad one
resistance this is where they are
it's gotta be
this was their base but where are they
they got away before
no some must have escaped they have to
be around here somewhere
better keep looking
just need to get up high and see where
i'm at
don't get mad abu i'm just stretching my
i can't believe i just
did that
my parents would freak if they saw me
out here
i mean i'm freaking out
no way chimera
i found them
i can't believe i found them

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

here we go
dang it did you see that
oh man
the resistance has to be here
lights somebody's home
uh oops almost the reactor room
up's probably the way to go
holy crap i must be close
holy crap the command deck
where is everyone
this is it this is the resistance
how long ago did those aim drones
outside scare everyone away

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

kind of dusty
no they're here somewhere
uh hello
maybe they hid in the crew quarters and
got locked out thanks to the flaky power
gotta get the power back on
maybe there's a breaker or something i
could flip
there i think i can reach it
okay just focus
ah wow
nice one kamala
hello something else scared everyone
away that
sounds like this old thing's falling
wow is that what i think it is
how is this still here
it's so light
you were right cap terrigen was powerful

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

who's there
oh no
wait don't hurt me
can we talk about this i need your help
all right what are you doing
don't kill me
i gotta get out of here

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

no wonder the resistance bailed on this
hulk should have transformed back to dr
banner by now
how could pushing a red button possibly
if hulk comes back i'm close
this was the hangar bay
almost there
be cool kamala just need to get to the
top deck without getting my head ripped
hmm i wonder if those buttons still work
push buttons move platforms right
i could get used to this
just keep going up
gotta find a way to get that junction
box working
something's missing i wonder if there's
anything around that could help

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

yes found the handle for that junction
and voila now that button has power i
can get out of here
so there's my way out
no sign of the resistance anywhere hulk
must have scared him away
better find a way off this thing
what am i supposed to do with this
footage now
did you follow me here that is so creepy
oh great needle hands
i'm not afraid of you
you're not taking me anywhere

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

try to stop me
this is new i'm giants
hey what are you doing oh
take it easy it's okay just making sure
that you don't die on me
okay you can't just go around drawing
people's blind i know i know
under normal circumstances no but
these aren't normal circumstances
holy crap dr banner
oh no um

Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

i weigh 900 20 miles away
then you probably could just do s
sorry talking about
i've spent a lot of time
um as the
as the big guy so
how long have you been here
uh a few
years yeah
that's remarkable yeah
so i've been told so
this is why aimbots chase a kid into the
not exactly
i kind of stole something
off of aim's server huh what
why why i know i know i know okay
i just i think you should see for
it's tarleton yeah
why are you shutting down the security
did he just right right
that's what i thought he totally locked
cap in the reactor
and then he tried to jack the chimera
a bit of a stretch we know the reactor
was malfunctioning so
it's possible cap asked him to shut down
the security protocols and then lock the
door we've heard the ada testimony tons
of times tarleton and monica
were on the command deck when the
explosion happened and that's why they
barely survived
but this proves that tarleton was
nowhere near the commanding when the
explosion happened
this proves he was lying
so where's the rest of it
got bumped off the rest of the footage
got corrupted
look what if the avengers were set up
okay tarleton aim
this so-called cure it's just not lining
up but
there's something wrong and i can feel
don't you
here i thought you were just some nosy
little thief trying to make up a cap

Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

so i was thinking
couldn't mr stark help us with this i
mean the whole mainframe was built on
his technology if anyone could get us in
it could be him right
there is a bus stop off highway nine
you're gonna keep heading west and then
when you do it'll take you some old
who can help maria's good people tell
her i
sent you and uh just show her all of
but you saw the video you know
something's not right i'm sorry
i can't help you
i wish i could but i can't
but you're dr bruce banner you're one of
the greatest minds of our time
greatest minds
look you look at what we did
you have no idea how dangerous it is
tarleton calls people like me inhuman
he claims we're sick violent
he says our disease will kill us in the
well i don't believe it
guess i'll find mr stark myself
wait just
you'll need a ride really
tony stashed most of his stuff here when

Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

stark industries went under
and if anyone knows where tony is it's
this trail should take us to the archive
secret entrance
cool well it's a nice day for hike
yeah that's the spirit are you wearing
that communications butt i gave you
yeah practically invisible so why did
you go back to the chimera
well i didn't he did so
did he scare away the resistance you
know honestly kamala i
don't remember anyone being there now
the big guy had to run in with a few
shield agents but after that
nothing oh right
i think i found something
bit of tight squeeze yeah watch your
here let me help
there's a clearing just ahead the
entrance should be there cool
so what does jarvis actually look like
like an outdated hard drive from 1998.
okay new question what does a 1998 hard
drive look like
oh god wow
you don't see places like this in jersey
city it's nice
peaceful yeah it's been a while tony
used to let me come here
give me space to calm down or
break things
this means we're close
oh wait
that's what it should
send dr banner what do i do

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

this is bad this is bad
crawling all over the crap
what's going on
i hope you brought a change of clothes
oh i can tell by your silence that you
are not amused
it's okay i don't think bruce likes my
jokes either no
bruce okay okay
i won't mention the guy with the glasses

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

this doesn't look temporary
i think i can hear you
hey uh
we good
okay we're cool
i guess oh man didn't just arrive
they've set up shop we've gotta find
jarvis and get us
oh guess aim took over the place
still think mr stark's here
i could head through the vents and take
a look
yeah that works
games everywhere
you distract them i'll find a way in
they've got guards all over the place
this might be a bad idea
crap we're closing it all down
i'm in these vents are huge
looks like am built around the original

Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

that was close they almost saw me
now big group of guys
reserve conductors

Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

i know you can hear me please
you can fight him i don't want to hurt
room this isn't you this monster isn't
doctors destroyed
he needs it
i can help you yeah right

Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

let me help you bruce
i'm in something called a genesis lab
what is this
you made it
they were keeping the inhumans in here
what happened this is where they hurt
hulk i need you
to destroy this lab smash
restrain the hulk you saw the truth
you were the only one
we're fixing the damage the avengers did
what we did
there is a chance for all those humans
to have
a better life we can still save the
inhumans from your fate
they want to cure

Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

but you're weak
if you can't stop the hulk then i will
i have to
oh get out of there run
no way the archive
this has to be the way in hulk i think i
found mr stark's archive
i'm gonna try to get it open okay
right the switches get on it kamala

Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

i guess they know i'm uh-oh now
you've got
generators online keep flipping switches
to get the power on
please activate secondary systems

Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

that door should open now
please be here jarvis maybe he's
hiding somewhere in this super cool pile
of avengers stuff
i think this belonged to thor maybe it's
a secret lever
oh no it's just a cup
why display pyrite when you can afford
the real thing
i should keep looking
the mark won did he plan to come back
for all this someday
from pepper to tony i know i shouldn't
be freaking out right now but i'm
freaking out tony stark's guitar
caps for shield this was on display at a
you don't open a secret passageway do

Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

worth a try
what's over here
looking sharp guys
no way
now to find hulk and get out of here
what you got there cricket
why don't you let me have that
i don't think so
all units find the girl and stay out of
my way
there's something wrong with you
something different
there he is
now stuck somewhere in between

Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

maybe you're not an ape after all
your kind of word for a test thing like
i found the archive schematic i think i
can find my way to you
can't wait
this is where i evolved
is it dead
where are we anyway
right talking to myself
okay show me your secrets
p705 according to our lead scientists
we have successfully reverse engineered
terrigen gas
what wait please

Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

calm down in a moment this will all be
administer the cure what does that mean
you're hurting him
please please please stop
where am i a promising result
case 705 has made a remarkable recovery
and will be monitored for the next 24
congratulations you've been cured
we should get out of here it isn't safe
yeah sure
uh well you can feel free to make it a
homey thanks
you good i'm not used to you being this
uh oh yeah it's nothing
okay okay good so
yeah what if it's real
oh sorry what was that
the cure what if it's real i mean
i mean it looks real but what if i could
be normal again
it uh didn't work like that
i mean you saw them
it looks like it really hurts but
but maybe that's worth it kamala
i never really fit in before
i mean superheroes were my world
and i figured if i could just
i could just win that fan fiction
competition you know then everything
would just be
it doesn't matter
now look at me i'm a freak
you're not
what you did back there

Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

what you did back there took a lot of
stupid it still took guts
and not a lot of people could
you know do that
good isn't it thing you are
what it's nothing
um thank you this room is really great
or it will be okay look at it yeah it's
kind of fun um
good yeah thanks okay i'll go
do other things okay
all right
good job that wasn't awkward at all
but now i have my own room on the
is this really happening

Marvel's Avengers Game Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Marvel's Avengers Gameplay on PS4 Pro. This Marvel's Avengers ...


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