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Master of Orion 2: Super-Duper Impossible – Let's Play – 1

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I set up the most difficult possible game I can imagine, and begin the grand adventure with the maximum negative picks on Impossible difficulty!

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Comment (25)

  1. Oh God please. Original game is not balanced all that well.

    I think everyone still playing MoO2 only plays with VDC (Very Difficult Choice mod). It rebalances the whole game and makes it even more fun.

  2. Hey Dave. That's another awesome gameplay.
    I have 2 questions:
    1) Why do you try offering gift to AI, and then ask for treaty. I mean, that's ok, but from my experience they never accept treaty in the same turn, no matter the gift you give. Only after a few turns, they can accept. I guess, there needs to pass few turns for AI to realize that relationship is improved.
    2) Have you tried impossible on smallest map with 8 players? Do you plan to try that? I am trying that (without saving (reloading)), and it's really hard for me. I have no doubt that you could beat that, and would like to look at your strategy.

    Best regards, and keep up the great work.

  3. How about winning a game with darlocks in impossible and pre-warp? Been trying for weeks, it seems really impossible… i had some really good starts too, but it just didnt work…

  4. I must say if he wins someone should mod in either a MORE stacked mode, or extra disadvantage point things. So we can see how far we have to go to get GETDAVED to lose.

  5. I do not think that this is the hardest build by far. The minus 3 spying pic is pretty much the best one to always choose in my opinion (along with the ground combat penalty) and the 50% research point reduction of feudal is actually mitigated due to the very fact that you already have taken the -1 science penalty.

    Hardest would be Prewarp, Dictatorship government , Repulsive and Uncreative on a small galaxy with 8 players on Impossible difficulty. Under those game parameters you will almost immediately run into computer players that instantly hate you (there is no way to improve relations with them through trading, treaties or bribing so it's a quick process of deteriorating relations) and you truly have no control over tech tree and the only way to get tech you don't have are through spying or invasion (getting tech through those means is extremely hard to do compared to simply trading it).

    Also since it's a small galaxy you basically have no time to build up your defenses or expand in any meaningful way. Larger galaxies always give you some breathing room. And Repulsive pic on a small galaxy is truly crippling as you instantly make contact with many races early. Also if you get the right leaders under the Feudal, Science penalty build you played then it can greatly reduced those penalties. There is no such luck factor in the Dictatorship, Repulsive Uncreative, Small Galaxy build.

    I have tried the Prewarp. Impossible, Dictatorship, Repulsive, Uncreative, Small galaxy build many times (even sometimes when I have gotten a gaia planet in my home system) and never come close to winning. It truly is impossible.

  6. Ambitious trial! The tactical depth of the game is impressive, I would not have thought to tell someone who play with all negative picks something about the game, but about your first introduction, of course you can win with feudalism. Even quite easy close to cheesy with the right custom. 1/3 of the ship costs is the key. Build a battleship and rush them, you can do it even before Automated factories or with heavy armor instead of automated factory.

  7. i would suggest use "uncreative" and " repulsive". Using uncreative will destroy many of your strategies. repulsive makes sure, you cannot trade out your way. Good luck! A nice adding is, that you will get less good leader too 🙂


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